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Bendre joins a growing tribe of celebrities who are shunning layers of secrecy and speaking out about their illnesses | Kamal Singh/PTI

Rishi Kapoor to Sharad Pawar: Why Bollywood wants to talk about cancer and politicians don’t

Indians don't seem particularly keen on politicians who wear their vulnerabilities on their starched kurta sleeves.
File Photo | Rajnath Singh, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in New Delhi | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Between 2014 & 2019 polls, all parliamentarians got richer but BJP MPs especially so

If JMM’s Champai Soren managed to double his wealth between 2014 and 2019, BJP’s Arjun Munda quadrupled his riches during the same period.
A view of Parliament building, New Delhi | Bloomberg News

Study shows Indian politicians are spending less and less time in legislative assemblies

Politicians in India are expected to help their voters in practical matters by negotiating with the local administrative bureaucracy, attending local social functions, and networking with influential people.
File photo of PM Narendra Modi in Gujarat | PIB

Why just Indira and Priyanka Gandhi, media must psychoanalyse Narendra Modi too

Several political commentators have compared 'Indira Gandhi’s authoritarianism' with Modi’s 'autocratic and decisive style'.
Latest news on Anil Swarup

An ex-IAS officer on how politicians (mis)use civil servants—and the way out

The damage political crossfire does to governance is phenomenal, especially if honest IAS officers are implicated.
Human Rights

What is the greatest challenge to the future of human rights? We the people are

The thing most likely to stall human rights progress is people around the world simply not considering them to be important
Manohar Parrikar

Indian politicians should stop going abroad for medical treatment

Manohar Parrikar, Pinayari Vijayan, Sonia Gandhi, Anant Kumar have all gone abroad to seek treatment.

Good the Supreme Court hasn’t disrupted democratic process

The 50-word Edit — ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.
Arvind Kejriwal

10 IAS, IFS and other civil servants who made it big in politics

Chhattisgarh IAS officer O.P. Choudhary joins a long list of those who made the switch. He signed up with the BJP at CM Raman Singh’s behest.
Sunil Agarwal Ajit Ninan | Times of India

Last Laughs: ‘Jugaad’ quotient, BJP’s premature celebrations, and criminal politicians

The best Indian cartoons of the day, chosen by editors at ThePrint.

On Camera

File photo of Smriti Irani | Facebook

Smriti Irani’s makeover: From being most disliked Modi minister to dynasty slayer in Amethi

After causing the biggest upset in 2019 elections, Smriti Irani has ensured she can no longer be ignored by PM Modi and Amit Shah.

Does Congress have a future in India after 2019 Lok Sabha election results?

The Congress party faced a crushing defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections at the hands of Narendra Modi-led BJP.


Ministry of Defence building

On new govt’s defence agenda — 4 key projects to boost India’s military prowess

Indian Air Force and Indian Navy are in dire need of fighter jets, helicopters and submarines, and the new government has to ensure that they get them.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi in 2014 | Commons

Pracharak Modi: The mask you see, is the man you get

India has its first leader who is unapologetic about belonging to the social and political Right. This is how Shekhar Gupta foresaw Modi’s five years in this National Interest within three months of his victory in 2014.