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File photo of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee having a discussion with then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi | Arvind Yadav /Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Modi speaks of the world as one family, Vajpayee showed us what it truly meant

With his peace overtures to Pakistan and refusal to send troops to Iraq, Vajpayee showed compassion that few men are capable of.

I’m politically aware, but apolitical: John Abraham

John Abraham says his latest Pokhran nuclear tests-based ‘Parmanu’ has not been made for the BJP.
A file photo of Narasimha Rao | Photo by Reuter Raymond/Sygma via Getty Images

Pokhran anniversary: Why Narasimha Rao decided not to conduct tests in 1995

This was less than six months before elections were due, and I believe his analysis was that sanctions following the tests would be vicious.
tal Bihari Vajpayee and missile-man A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Pokhran anniversary: How India pulled a fast one on the Americans

What exactly happened in 1995 when Narasimha Rao had made advanced preparations for testing at Pokhran? How did the Americans find out? Was there a mole?
File photo of missile-man Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam with former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and other leaders | Getty

Pokhran anniversary: How we built the nuclear bomb

India’s march to Pokhran 1998 involved hundreds of secret steps & actions. And even if one had been betrayed, the whole operation would have been compromised.
Illustration by ThePrint Team

20 years after Pokhran nuclear test, is India safer?

On 11 May, 1998 the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government successfully conducted surprise nuclear tests in Pokhran, Rajasthan. Twenty years later, experts weigh in.
Jaswant Singh

When the US envoy protested about the nuclear test, my father Jaswant Singh gifted a toy for his son

His early breakfast, departure for work on a government holiday, and cryptic calls on the RAX line, were all tell tale signs that my father Jaswant Singh was an aware and active participant.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Pokhran anniv: Vajpayee’s secretary recalls moment of tension & tears on nuclear test day

A day before the Pokhran test, 5 Race Course Road was converted into a secure space with direct telecommunications links with Pokhran.

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Can Indian politics recover from the toxicity of the 2019 Lok Sabha election campaign?

From PM Narendra Modi saying former PM Rajiv Gandhi died as "corrupt number 1", to Mayawati dragging Modi’s wife into her speech, 2019 has seen it all.


After 10-year wait, defence ministry to grant ex-servicemen status to military nurses

Military nurses had been seeking to be treated at par with other military officers, including doctors.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

If Pragya Thakur wins this Thursday, Modi is in for an embarrassing 5 years

Never has one constituency had such a bearing on Indian nationalism and the pretence of a Gandhian polity. So what if PM Modi doesn’t forgive her in his heart?