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30% South Asians have Neanderthal gene that increases risk of severe Covid-19: Study

The study by Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology shows the gene was present in a Neanderthal who lived in Croatia 50,000 years ago.
A worker in a protective suit checks the temperature of a man in Beijing. WHO has declared coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency.

Canadian start-up predicted Coronavirus outbreak in China back in December

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Human evolution gallery at Indian Museum in Kolkata

There’s a new problem ⁠— the term ‘modern humans’ doesn’t cut it any more

Scientists are pondering whether to differentiate our ancestors as neanderthals, denisovans, etc, or just call them all 'people' as genetics show modern humans aren't that diverse.

Himalayan fossil of adolescent’s jaw may explain how Tibetans, Sherpas master mountains

The new finding is the first Denisovan specimen found outside of the Denisova cave in Siberia and is dated at 1.6 lakh years old.

The Neanderthal gift that’s serving us humans well

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Neanderthals were no brutes. They were precise workers capable of caring for the weak

New evidence reveals that the Neanderthals were more similar to modern humans in their physical expression than previously thought.
Nat Geo

This 73,000-year-old piece of art is changing what it means to be human

A new discovery is changing the belief that symbolic art is an expression only human beings are capable of.
Representational image | archaeology.wiki

The story of a very special 90,000-year-old girl

The fossil of a 13-year-old found in Siberia reinforces the theory that different subspecies of human predecessors courted each other and interbred often.

On Camera

File image of External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Photo: ANI

Jaishankar’s moment to help Modi reset ties with Bangladesh, bury Shah’s ‘termite’ episode

Modi realises the India-Bangladesh relationship is special and wants to refurbish the bond that has been fraying since Amit Shah described illegal Bangladeshis as 'termites'.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) logo | Vivek Prakash | Bloomberg

MPC appointments delay is unusual, but vacancies at the top of RBI & banks almost a norm

In the last few years, delay in appointments has resulted in several posts in regulatory bodies and public sector banks lying vacant for months.


File photo of Army Chief General M.M. Naravane at Leh to review security situation and operational preparedness along the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh | Photo: Twitter/@adgpi

Indian Army equips troops with American assault rifles amid stand-off with China in Ladakh

The Defence Acquisition Council Tuesday accorded approval for procurement of additional 72,400 SIG 716 rifles at an estimated cost of Rs 780 crore.
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah | File photo: T. Narayan | Bloomberg

Partners dispensable in Modi-Shah construct if they do not bring additional votes

In the Modi-Shah construct, if partners do not bring additional votes, they are dispensable. However old or loyal, either they become supplicants, or die.