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Why 50% Indians will be happy to have some Neanderthal DNA. Hint: It has to do with Covid

Researchers in Germany, Japan find that nearly half the Indian population has inherited a DNA sequence from Neanderthals that is believed to reduce risk of severe disease due to Covid. 

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New Delhi: An estimated 50 per cent of the Indian population is less susceptible to severe Covid-19, and it’s probably because Neanderthals and modern humans got naughty with each other tens of thousands of years ago. Or so claims a group of researchers from Japan and Germany. 

According to researchers behind a study published in PNAS last week, nearly half the Indian population has inherited a 75,000-character-long DNA sequence from Neanderthals that is believed to reduce the risk of severe disease due to Covid-19. 

Conducted by researchers from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) in Japan and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany, the study sought to examine a gene variant that was linked to a 22 per cent reduced risk of severe Covid-19 and ICU admissions in another study conducted in December. It found the variant identical to one found in three different Neanderthal specimens.

This is not the first piece of research to find a link between Neanderthals, a species of ancient humans that became extinct 40,000 years ago, and Covid susceptibility in modern human beings. 

In July last year, a study by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology found that a piece of the human genome that increases the risk of severe illness from Covid-19 was inherited from Neanderthals over 60,000 years ago. An estimated 30 per cent of South Asians are believed to carry this gene sequence. 

“It’s quite amazing that despite Neanderthals becoming extinct around 40,000 years ago, their immune system still influences us in both positive and negative ways today,” Svante Pääbo of OIST said in a statement released with the study. 

Hugo Zeberg, one of the authors of the study, told ThePrint that nearly 50 per cent of Indians carry this DNA sequence. The frequency of this gene variant is 49.5 per cent in Gujaratis, and 48 per cent in the Telugu population, he added.

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Through thousands of years

Neanderthals evolved in western Eurasia about half a million years ago. However, their genes continue to have a biological impact on the physiology of modern humans, since they mingled with human populations during the last tens of thousands of years of their existence. 

The Neanderthals adapted to environments outside Africa over the hundreds of thousands of years they lived there. During this time, they also likely adapted to infectious diseases.

Interbreeding between Neanderthals and modern humans — who are believed to trace their roots to Africa — is said to have led to the exposure of each species to novel viruses, and exchange of adaptive gene variants that provided resistance against these viruses.

For example, two gene variants that decrease the susceptibility to Helicobacter pylori — infectious bacteria that cause stomach inflammation and some types of stomach cancer — are believed to have been inherited from Neanderthals. 

The aforementioned July 2020 study said a gene variant in a region on chromosome 3, inherited from the Neanderthals, increased the risk of becoming critically ill upon infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. 

Chromosomes are thread-like structures located inside the nucleus of cells. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each chromosome is made of protein and a single molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

DNA contains the specific instructions or genetic code that makes each individual unique.

In December, a team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that gene variants located on chromosome 12 reduce the risk that an individual will require intensive care after infection by about 22 per cent. 

The study published in PNAS last week shows that this variant is almost identical to those found in three Neanderthals — a 50,000-year-old Neanderthal from Croatia, and two from southern Siberia, one dating back 70,000 years and the other, 120,000 years.

Chromosome 12 spans almost 134 million DNA building blocks (base pairs) and represents between 4 and 4.5 per cent of the total DNA in cells.

The gene variant sequence mentioned in this paper is about 75,000 base pairs. 

Three genes in the sequence of 75,000 base pairs code for enzymes that are produced upon viral infection and, in turn, activate other enzymes that degrade viral genomes in infected cells. Simply put, three genes help the body kickstart the biological process that attacks the virus when it infects cells.

“It seems that the enzymes encoded by the Neanderthal variant are more efficient, reducing the chance of severe consequences to SARS-CoV-2 infections,” Pääbo said.

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  2. This article on science reeks of racism however subtle it might seem.
    There clearly are flaws in the article that need to be flossed.
    Clearly, there is no demarcation mentioned with respect to other races.
    Just to give a perspective.
    Do the following question appear racist to you?
    What percentage of a europeans’ gene is similarity to the neanderthal or a chimpanzee in the 3.2 billion base pairs?
    How similar are Sino-Japanese DNA inherit a 75,000-character-long DNA sequence in 3 billion from Simians?
    You get the point, don’t you.

    There’s enough research to be done on the gene sequence for vaccines and less on those like these, which aren’t even worth the ignobel.

  3. Hahaha lol What an anti-infia research Paid media paid article We are Dna of Sanatan,
    All rubbish is from west.

  4. Indian population is diverse and there are genetic variations across Indians geographically speaking. There was a study by BHU scientists on ACE2 expression variation between population s of different regions in India. Can the Print please give an analysis of the BHU study.

  5. Neanderthals existed in Europe, not in South Asia. Is there any study that says South Asians have more Neanderthal genes? It is hard to believe these Neanderthal gene factors for Covid susceptibility protect South Asians more than Europeans. More research from our own Indian scientists is needed if the conclusions from these studies are worth proving or disproving.

    • yes I agree.
      I am actually shock modern scientist still bothers with ANY old racist ideologies. Its wasted time and money. In the end; this research does not stop covid-19; imagine if they spent their time solving real issues instead of boosting old ideologies. There were times i was adamant something was stolen from me…. and the glaring truth was right in-front of my eyes; The item.
      Action is conscious :
      something tells me exhausted scientist skip over the gene that solves every illness (lol) in search of some covid connection; notice this is the 2nd finding from the same research company in a pandemic setting.

  6. Yes I too agree that our poverty and un hygienic conditions provided natural resistance by default and it helps us to protect ourselves natur from the deceases.

  7. All rubbish. all unnecessary research about Indian disease resistance.. it’s actually the large population living in natural not too clean environment that has developed our bodies defensive mechanism.. the large population too helped us with herd immunity instead of locking ourselves up.

    Look at all those poor farmer protesters in New Delhi… thousands upon thousands living in close proximity in cold biting winter.. look at Dharavi where hundreds of thousands live in close quarters.. as per western approach all of them should have got the disease and millions should have perished..

    All this is the hype of the big pharmas and medical field for mega profits.

  8. All yabba dabba gabba doo… all unnecessary research about Indian disease resistance.. it’s actually the large population living in natural not too clean environment that has developed our bodies defensive mechanism.. the large population too helped us with herd immunity instead of locking ourselves up.

    Look at all those poor farmer protesters in New Delhi… thousands upon thousands living in close proximity in cold biting winter.. look at Dharavi where hundreds of thousands live in close quarters.. as per western approach all of them should have got the disease and millions should have perished..

    All this is the hype of the big pharmas and medical field for mega profits.

  9. The print I think every employee of your media were anti india… Thats why you posting such this thing… I you have any guts to be neutral media than Make A DNA test from gulf country… To check their ancestoral breed.

  10. You just ended up confuse your readers. Please proof check your article. In one statement you say that the neanderthal gene makes us more susceptible to severe COVID, which I have read when it came out and was done on Northern Europeans, not Indians as far as I can remember.
    In another statement you say [without differentiating whether the 2 genes are different], that the Neanderthal gene protects 50% Indians from severe COVID.
    In addition, the mortality is very high among Gujaratis and Marathis while both mortality & infection rates have been low among Telugu & Tamil populations.
    So, both the studies do not prove anything.

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