Sunday, 22 July, 2018

Topic: Mohammad Ali JInnah

A man walks with a Pakistan National flag | Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Top court seeks Centre’s response to Shia Waqf Board’s plea against ‘un-Islamic flags’...

Petitioner has claimed that green flags with a crescent and a star are "un-Islamic" and resemble the flag of a Pakistani political party.

Pakistanis blame everyone but themselves for their problems

In his new book ‘Re-imagining Pakistan’, Husain Haqqani rightly points out that the blame for what ails the country is rarely put on Pakistanis themse...

Partition 1947 – A lesson for 2017

Gurinder Chaddha’s film on partition has no real victors – all characters are taken over by a sense of defeat and betrayal. And just as well. Sanya Dhingra

#TalkPoint: Should we relegate Partition to history books?

Should India consider Partition a history project or does its legacy continue to impact the country today? We ask the experts.