Saturday, 19 January, 2019

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Activists of Bajrang Dal during a bike rally

Can India be a Hindu Rashtra—and Hindus a minority—at the same time?

There is a conscious attempt to envisage the powerlessness of Hindus.
Minister Anupriya Patel | AnupriyaSPatel/Facebook

Modi’s youngest minister Anupriya Patel has a dilemma ahead of elections

Being a minister in the BJP government has muted Anupriya Patel, a fiery leader.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an event organised by Dawoodi Bohras | @BJP4India/Twitter

BJP is more interested in Sachar Report on Muslims than Congress now

Once a Congress project, Sachar Report is now a tool for BJP to beat it with.
Representational image of Indian Muslims

From Rajiv Gandhi to Modi, nobody defines ‘Muslim appeasement’ but all use it for votes

The idea of ‘Muslim appeasement’ has haunted Indian politics for nearly three decades.
Surendra Singh

Hindus should have at least 5 children, else will become minority: BJP MLA

Surendra Singh had earlier said that rape cannot be curbed even if Lord Ram lands on earth.
Ankit Saxena's father Yashpal Saxena (middle)

This Ramzan, let us learn from Ankit Saxena’s father

The time has come to actively try and write the next chapter of history in the tone of amity, and not strife.
Gagandeep Singh

Why a Sikh cop saving a Muslim man from a Hindu mob shouldn’t make us this happy

Police officer Gagandeep Singh is a man from a minority saving another from a majority mob. We’ve allowed the binaries to blunt our perceptions to an extent where we need images like these to jolt us.
Israeli policemen detain Palestinians in Israel

As it draws closer to Israel, India shouldn’t ignore the plight of minority Arabs there

Palestinian cause is not restricted to the occupied territories, but also concerns the life of Arab minorities and their shrinking status in a Jewish state.
Mohan Bhagwat

Mohan Bhagwat: RTE exemption to minority schools making them richer

RSS chief tells ABVP mouthpiece that law should be same for all educational institutions; says saffronisation can instill a sense of national pride among students.

Karnataka crisis: Can horse-trading be checked or should it be accepted as part of politics?

The Karnataka Congress called a legislature party meeting Friday to address the issue of horse trading in the state and put up a show of strength. The Congress ...