Sunday, 22 May, 2022

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Trading platform META Exchange protect users, offers low-risk returns

META Exchange empowers people to not be marginalised by governments and financial institutions.

Al Jazeera claims FB ran ‘surrogate ads’ to help BJP in 2019. Jio-funded news site denies link

Facebook has refuted the allegations, stating that there are teams focused on taking down such ads, and that its policies are applied uniformly, irrespective of political positions.

Facebook parent Meta set for $195 bn wipeout, among worst in market history

Meta shares plunged 22% in early US trading on the back of poor earnings results. At current levels, that’s the biggest collapse in market value for any US company.

Meta identifies 6 firms, including India’s BellTroX, for ‘indiscriminate’ surveillance

Meta says these companies spied on users in 100 countries. Those targeted included journalists, dissidents, critics of authoritarian regimes, and families of opposition & rights activists.

English India’s most used social media language, but it’s shutting out rural women: Meta paper

According to insight from Meta, 91% Indian women use English for online communications. Hindi is used by just 6%, while Bengali is used by 1%.

Meta’s new safety measures to prevent spread of non-consensual intimate images

Meta has introduced for users in India, which is used to stop non-consensual intimate images from being shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook doesn’t need to change its name, it should change its algorithms

The metaverse is still very much an idea for the future, and Facebook is trying to use it to put out a forest fire in the present.

Leaked photo reveals Meta planned competitor to Apple Watch

Meta (earlier Facebook) has been planning to launch its first watch in 2022, but a final decision on timing hasn’t been made yet.

Prashant Kishor is right—underestimate Modi and you shall remain out of power

ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.

Goodbye, Facebook; Hello, Meta — Why name change reflects poor judgement by Zuckerberg

Whether Meta can separate itself from the problems brought to light by whistleblower Frances Haugen needs to be seen. There is no guarantee the final result won’t be a car crash.

On Camera


Title scene of Taarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah.

Dear Taarak Mehta, you were our peak comfort content for 14 years. Now it’s time to retire

Just like the Truman Show, all Taarak Mehta plots somehow feel the same for the past few years. It's fine to accept that ideas can go stale.
An attendant refills a two-wheeler with fuel at a petrol pump in New Delhi Saturday | ANI

Under fire for spiraling inflation, Modi govt announces excise duty cut on fuels, LPG subsidy

It has also decided to enhance the fertiliser subsidy for farmers, and reduce import duty on some raw materials. ‘It is always people first for us!’ tweets prime minister.


File photo of a defence personnel armed with a SiG 716 rifle near the Line of Control | Photo: Snehesh Alex Philip | ThePrint

India to ink ‘repeat order’ deal for 73,000 SiG 716 rifles from the US

In February 2019, 72,400 SiG 716 rifles of 7.62 x 51mm calibre were contracted from SIG Sauer Inc, USA, under government's 'Buy (Global) category', through fast track procedure.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.