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Kartarpur corridor

Pakistan’s Kartarpur peace initiative doesn’t come from a position of weakness

Does Pakistan want to rekindle the Khalistan issue or use the Kartarpur corridor as a geopolitical tool? The answer to both is yes.
PM Narendra Modi with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Hyderabad house | Praveen Jain

Saudi Arabia can’t help solve Kashmir issue because it now lacks legitimacy in Muslim world

Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman can snub Imran Khan and court Narendra Modi, but he won't sideline his military ties with the Pakistan armed forces.
Rahul Gandhi

BJP & media’s continuing obsession with Rahul Gandhi only shows that he is still relevant

We ignore him back home, but resurrect him when he flies out, as happened with his Cambodia retreat. This begs the question: are Indians missing Rahul Gandhi?
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn | Wikipedia Commons

Congress’ overseas wing meets with UK leader Corbyn over Kashmir, BJP demands explanation

The BJP and Congress in India got into a war of words after British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted about his discussion on Kashmir with UK members of Congress.
Chinese President Xi Jinping meets Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Beijing, China | Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images

China assures Pakistan of ‘rock solid’ friendship, says it is observing Kashmir situation

President Xi Jinping, who will visit India soon, told Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan that he hoped for peaceful dialogue among 'relevant parties'.
Srinagar, Kashmir

Times Now did not stop at Howdy Modi!, it went on to claim Kashmir’s Hindu homes ‘wiped’

Last week was not all about Modi’s Houston speech. India Today and Times Now had ‘world exclusives’ on Kashmir because just an ‘exclusive’ is never enough.
Mahmood Madani

Kashmir & NRC aren’t the Muslim issues of our time. But Mahmood Madani wants to make them

Mahmood Madani’s presence as a visible Muslim alim justifies the misleading perception that all Muslims are deeply religious, and that he represents their views.
File photo | Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hands with BJP president Amit Shah in New Delhi. | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

The idea of Kashmiriyat is dead. So is India’s secular consensus

Idea of Kashmiriyat rested on asserting Kashmir’s uniqueness, and emerged out of Kashmiri nationalism’s close relationship to Indian nationalism in early 20th century.

Pakistan’s India policy set to get more rigid as General Bajwa gets expected extension

Pakistani PM Imran Khan has appointed Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa as army chief for another 3 years after his current tenure ends in November 2019.

On Camera

Economist, Soros: Has Hindu nationalism increased global criticism of India or bad economy?

The Economist criticised the Modi govt in its latest cover story titled ‘Intolerant India’ while billionaire George Soros said Modi was creating a 'Hindu nationalist state' at Davos.


Mi-17 V5 chopper | Wikimedia commons

Pilots of IAF chopper shot down in friendly fire in Budgam awarded gallantry medals

Four other IAF personnel on board the chopper have been awarded ‘Mention-in-Despatches’ posthumously by the President.

The world has a message for Modi: Brand India is severely damaged

India’s image — and by extension Modi’s — has been damaged by a combination of identity politics and economic decline. But the world isn’t writing us off, not yet.