Friday, 7 October, 2022
TopicINS Vikrant

Topic: INS Vikrant

How Cholas, Mings dominated Indian Ocean before INS Vikrant

The idea of dominating the Indian Ocean is not new. Naval interactions between South India and Sri Lanka date back to the 11th century.

After INS Vikrant, India’s next steps should be new carrier, submarines

The aircraft carrier and the submarine are the prime platforms of India’s naval power. But their developmental history is full of delays in decision-making.

Our take on INS Vikrant, Gorbachev’s death, and Eidgah grounds controversy — in 50 words

ThePrint view on the most important issues this week.

4 capability deficits — what the PLA media thinks of India’s INS Vikrant

A selection of the best news reports, analysis and opinions published by ThePrint this week.

3 cheers for INS Vikrant & 3 questions for India’s leadership on naval doctrine

INS Vikrant is reason to celebrate. But does India need aircraft carriers? What kind & how many? What kind of firepower should India field & where will it come from?

Twitter’s edit option raises many questions. But too many imponderables even now

ThePrint view on the most important issues.

Floating airfield — PM Modi commissions INS Vikrant, India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier

New INS Vikrant can sail from India to Brazil in one go without stopping to refuel. It has a hospital, fitness centre, kitchen and laundry on board.

BrahMos, INS Vikrant have immense capability but also expose India’s short-sightedness

BrahMos units like the one involved in the accidental firing into Pakistan continue to be stationed on the west when such assets should be deployed against China.

Ahead of INS Vikrant launch, PLA media pushes propaganda. Calls it ‘serving with sickness’

PLA’s official website mentions 4 capability deficits that INS Vikrant still faces. Meanwhile, India-China tensions rise in Sri Lanka.

PM to commission 1st indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant on 2 Sept, India joins select club

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do the honours next week; The Vice Chief of Naval Staff says Vikrant will be essential for India’s ambitions as Blue Water Navy.

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A woman walks past the logo of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), at its headquarters in Mumbai, India | Reuters

SEBI orders Indian credit agency Brickwork Ratings to shut down

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) cancelled the certificate of registration of the credit rating agency due to repeated lapses in the functioning.


Rescue operation underway after an army aviation Cheetah helicopter flying in the forward area near Tawang crashed during a routine sortie Wednesday | ANI

Multiple military & civilian chopper crashes in past years highlight a disturbing trend for India

An Indian Army Aviation Cheetah helicopter crashed Wednesday. Several such crashes over past few yrs have jolted the military. Non-military sphere, too, has encountered many crashes.

India’s hijab supporters will lose even if they win SC battle. Because the real war is political

In a highly polarised time, cornered minorities tend to lean back and protect the roots and fundamentals of what is so dear to them. Politically, it can often be a bad trap.