Monday, 3 October, 2022

Topic: inequality

Covid-induced migration ‘was a shock’, economist blames ‘failure to understand inequality’

In a new book ‘Dynamics of difference', put together over a period of four years, economist Narendra Pani attempts to spell out the different levels of inequality in rural India.

‘Running Boy’ Pradeep Mehra’s overnight fame shows India’s obsession with merit and success

Feeding the idea ‘hard work will give rewards’, in a country where ‘a chaiwala can become a PM’, helps stave off questions about inequality.

Dear Oxfam, stop looking for inequality in India, go back to distributing blankets

Oxfam India's 2022 report titled makes sweeping recommendations to fight 'extreme inequality', including reintroducing a ‘wealth tax’. Oxfam, leave economics alone.

Global inequalities don’t have easy solutions. But altering trade policy can be a start

A new vision for the global trading system must encompass equitable access to the benefits of trade for all of society.

Jadeja to Swamy to Sikka, Indian celebs flaunting caste identities normalise inequalities

Melbourne University scholars write about routine brandishing of 'upper caste' culture, which reproduces inequalities and makes them dominant representation of a national culture.

Has India fulfilled its moral responsibility? The answers to this question are troubling

India has moved its gaze away from equality as one of the central pillars of the project of nation-building. It could put our democracy in peril.

India is less poor & more fed, but nearly as unequal as last year, Niti Aayog report shows

Niti Aayog has released its latest sustainable development goals index. Here’s a look at what that reveals about poverty, hunger and inequality.

SC-ST creamy layer is insignificant, inequalities still glaring: Dalit chamber of commerce

Draft report prepared by Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry on the progress made by SC/ST population in 7 decades provides roadmap for welfare of the communities.

Covid exposed global fragility. We need a new social contract: UN Chief

United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, writes about how Covid can be a catalyst for change to ensure a more sustainable & equitable world.

India could afford to overlook economic inequality until now. Covid has changed that

For two decades, I had maintained that unlike the developed West, India should not be overly concerned about inequalities because our economy was in the growth phase.

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Over 38% inmates in Indian jails are OBCs, 10% increase in a decade, study finds

Religious minorities, specifically Muslims and Sikhs, have been overrepresented among prison inmates for years now, but there have been some shifts in the last decade, NCRB data shows.
A man counts Indian currency notes inside a shop in Mumbai, India | Reuters/Francis Mascarenhas

RBI tells state refiners to reduce dollar buying in spot market, contain sharp fall in rupee

RBI has ensured that $9 billion has been made available at overseas branches of some Indian banks for the country's three state-run refiners to tap, according to sources.


Naval Group & IIT Goa signing agreement to extend partnership on 28 September | Twitter @navalgroup

France’s Naval Group, IIT Goa extend R&D deal for underwater surveillance, submarine imaging

Agreement will act as catalyst for improving analysis of data collected by underwater sensors through application of neural systems & AI.

India’s hijab supporters will lose even if they win SC battle. Because the real war is political

In a highly polarised time, cornered minorities tend to lean back and protect the roots and fundamentals of what is so dear to them. Politically, it can often be a bad trap.