Thursday, 18 August, 2022

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Cool NRI cousins were once the gateway to the world. Now they’re chanting Mera Hinduism Mahan

An Indian-origin influencer went viral on social media recently for decrying hate against unfair treatment of Hindus and being bullied for wearing a bindi.

With 60% increase, Indians largest diaspora to get Australian citizenship in 2019-20

Out of the over 200,000 people who became Australian citizens in 2019-2020, 38,209 were Indians, followed by 25,011 Britishers, 14,764 Chinese and 8,821 Pakistanis.

What pandemic? For some Indians, Unlock 1.0 means Covid crisis is over

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, some in India are less worried than two months ago. The masks have come off.

India plans to expand repatriation from 15 May to bring back citizens from more countries

As part of the second phase of repatriation, Indians stuck in Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, among others, will be brought back.

Indians bottomed up 40 days of social distancing. Now states count on them to fill coffers

The violation of social distancing norms across India during liquor sale shows the challenges Modi govt has to face ahead once the economy opens up more.

Indians seem to have genetic and regional advantages in fight against coronavirus

Epidemiological data indicates Indians may have better chance at fighting coronavirus. But it’s important to keep viral loads in check & below threshold.

Coronavirus or not, Indians still can’t respect personal space

It has been a week since coronavirus has been making headlines but people travelling in Delhi Metro continue to 'share' a fifth of a seat.

56% Indians have confidence in Donald Trump, but 48% disapprove of his trade policies: Study

According to a study by Pew Research Center, a significant proportion of Indians feel Donald Trump will do 'the right thing regarding world affairs'.

Manuals for European women, satires, paintings: How British Raj depicted Indian workers

European women residing in India wrote several ‘housewives’ manuals for newcomers. One section specifically focussed on the dos and don’ts with regard to ‘servants’.

Indians most optimistic about technology, but believe robots could take away their jobs

Despite India's current economic slowdown and job crisis, global survey finds only 17% respondents think it will be 'somewhat difficult' to find employment.

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Farmers plant paddy saplings in a field | PTI Photo

Good news from the farm as India’s FY22 foodgrain production estimated at record 316 mn tonnes

Wheat production estimate sees marginal upward revision to 106.8 million tons, though current rate lowest in 3 years.


Su-57, the Russian 5th generation fighter aircraft Photo by Snehesh Alex Philip

Russia wants to build next generation tanks, submarines with India

As the second regiment of the S-400 Triumf air defence system starts getting delivered, Russia said it expects the serial production of AK 203 rifles in Amethi to begin in late 2022-early 2023.
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Tiranga vs Tiranga: Gloves are off as Kejriwal joins the ‘nationalism’ battle with Modi

Kejriwal’s maun vrat on Modi has ended. This is an important turn in Indian politics. In some ways rivalling the dramatic turn in Bihar.