Monday, January 30, 2023
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Social activist Anna Hazare waves a tri-colour during his indefinite hunger strike in New Delhi | PTI

The Aam Anna Aadmi

The HMT advantage

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Pakistani rupee sees highest 1-day fall in 20 years

Pakistan’s plight isn’t solely because its elite are corrupt. Their values...

Stop blaming the world for Pakistan’s problems. You cannot hate the West and also supplicate it for bailouts or apply for immigration. We are authors of our own misfortune.

Kidnapped for ransom, 26/11 survivor Gautam Adani faces his biggest challenge...

New Delhi, Jan 29 (PTI) He was kidnapped by bandits in 1998 for ransom and when terrorists attacked Mumbai almost 11 years later,...


British Parliament | Representational image | Commons

UK’s House of Commons defence panel calls for expansion of AUKUS...

Suggestion by chair of House of Commons defence select committee reflects evolving dynamics of Indo-Pacific and global security. India & Japan are part of QUAD with US, Australia.

Return of the Muslim: From Modi ‘sermon’ to Pathaan to Bharat...

Most key Hindutva/RSS objectives have been achieved, and Modi & BJP now need social calm, at least till summer of 2024. A de-escalation of some sort is on.