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A logo sits at AstraZeneca Plc's facilities in Sodertalje, Sweden

AstraZeneca-Oxford Covid vaccine produces strong immune response in older adults

The Astra-Oxford vaccine candidate is one of several front-runners in the race for protection against the virus.
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There are over 175 coronavirus vaccines in the race. But what happens if we don’t get one

A vaccine could provide a way to end the pandemic, but with no prospect of natural herd immunity we could well be facing the threat of Covid-19 for a long time to come.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s a honeybee—How insects survive without antibodies

In ‘Every Creature Has A Story’, Janaki Lenin writes about how hard-working bees avoid disease while living in densely-populated hives.
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92% of June medicine bills were immunity-boosters containing tulsi, honey, amla, says survey

According to the survey by a firm, Pronto Consult, immunity boosters are now an increasing trend across categories not only in medicines, but also food-related products.

T Cells – the unsung immune warriors that takeover after coronavirus antibodies wane

T cells, unlike antibodies, are able to kill virus-infected cells, remember past diseases for decades, and rouse fresh antibody soldiers long after the first have left.

Karnataka postmen to now home deliver Ayurvedic concoction for ‘Covid immunity’

Herbs, roots and spices to make the kashaaya will be delivered at people’s doorsteps via India Post from next week. One packet will weigh around 3 kg and cost Rs 600.

Reader View: ‘I am recovering from Covid, no immunity-boosting products have helped’

YourTurn is our new weekly feature in which ThePrint's readers share their views or opinions in response to the question of the week.
Representational image for Ayurveda | Photo: piqsels.com

Tulsi drops, amla & flaxseeds to Chyawanprash, immunity boosters are flavour of the season

Wellness product companies are cashing in on this demand with increased production of old favourites as well as a host of new products.
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Are people who have had Covid-19 immune? Perhaps not

What needs to happen now is a series of studies to determine whether the presence of antibodies is associated with protection against re-infection with SARS-CoV-2.
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If I had Covid-19 am I immune? This is what scientists know so far

Based on research so far, it’s reasonable to assume that most people who’ve had Covid-19 are less likely to be re-infected, and less likely to get a severe case if they do.

On Camera

If Joe Biden wins US presidential election — prepare for an epic policy hangover

As pleasant as it might be to have a president who isn’t actively destroying the country, there are many areas where Biden will need a better plan & political will to make progress.
President Xi Jinping (centre) with other leaders of the Communist Party of China | Representational image: Reuters via ANI

China to reveal how it plans to steer economic growth through the 2030s

China’s Communist Party is expected to release two policy blueprints at the end of 4 days of meetings -- Their 5-year plan & a longer strategy document that stretches until 2035.


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressing the biannual Army Commanders Conference in New Delhi Wednesday | Indian Army

China lacks ‘honest intent’, be prepared for any eventuality, Rajnath Singh tells Army

Speaking in Delhi, the Defence Minister told military commanders that the government will strongly back reforms in the armed forces including setting up of theatre commands.
Illustration: Soham Sen/ThePrint

Trump or Biden? Doesn’t matter to India-US ties as they’re in a full, strategic embrace

Pompeo & Esper’s visit to India for the 2+2 talks is proof that old hypocrisies are history, and supreme national interest has again driven a strategic choice.