Wednesday, 6 July, 2022
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As India’s soldiers secure borders, ICMR is protecting Indian lives inside them

ICMR’s Covid programme has proved to be a flag-bearer of Atmanirbhar Bharat as we have worked in close coordination with the domestic healthcare industry to make India self-sufficient in testing.

Lucknow-Mumbai express not just a special train but lifeline for migrants heading back to work

The Pushpak Express has transported over a 1,000 passengers since 1 June, including migrant and white-collar workers who were waiting to get back to work amid the lockdown.

Don’t wait for the perfect database. Modi govt can do cash transfers now

It isn’t as hard to find jobless workers in the lockdown as the finance ministry claims it is. There is a way out, if the Centre has the will.

Indian Army’s only cavalry unit set to replace its horses with tanks

The Jaipur-based 61st Cavalry is set to say goodbye to its horses, as the government is said to have approved a proposal to equip it with T-72 tanks.

With few biscuit packets and no map, Mahesh cycled 1,700 km in 7 days to get home in Odisha

Mahesh Jena, a 20-year-old worker in Sangli, Maharashtra, chose a perilous journey home over uncertainty & confusion that's gripped the migrant community.

India has done very well to fight Covid-19, but it’s not time to lift the lockdown

India's challenge is now to sustain the benefits of the lockdown and the added immunity that the population enjoys due to the microbial load.

4 reasons why I see light at the end of India’s coronavirus tunnel

We, as doctors, know emergency areas of our hospitals are not getting flooded with patients with upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia and deaths.

Indians seem to have genetic and regional advantages in fight against coronavirus

Epidemiological data indicates Indians may have better chance at fighting coronavirus. But it’s important to keep viral loads in check & below threshold.

DRDO confirms Chinese ship India stopped was carrying nuclear-capable equipment to Pakistan

According to DRDO officials, it is now up to India’s national security planners to expose the nuclear proliferation nexus between Beijing and Islamabad.

Balakot airstrike ensured no Pakistan-sponsored attack in India a year since

By leaving a gaping hole in the nuclear shield behind which Pakistan pursues terrorist agenda, Balakot sent a chilling message to Pakistani generals.

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Illustration by Soham Sen

Keep calm and carry on: Unlike wheat, rice isn’t hot yet

The world is worried that India might restrict exports of rice after wheat, pushing prices higher and worsening global food security.


File photo of a defence personnel armed with a SiG 716 rifle near the Line of Control | Photo: Snehesh Alex Philip | ThePrint

Army puts out tender for 30k ‘night sights’ so its US-made assault rifles can aim better in dark

While an open tender has been issued for procurement of the optical instruments, Bengaluru-based firm Tonbo Imaging, whose services the Army has previously used, is a frontrunner.

Moral, political & ideological questions on Maharashtra: 1st is simplest to answer, 3rd trickiest

What is Shiv Sena’s ideology? We might say it’s been a convenient mix of extreme ethnic chauvinism & unforgiving Hindutva. Within the second, the party retained space to manoeuvre.