Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

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India’s textbooks were written with Nehru in mind. It rejected the past

In ‘The Great Hindu Civilisation’, former diplomat and Rajya Sabha MP Pavan Varma writes that India’s history books made little mention of great Hindu kings like Krishnadevaraya or of Raja Chola I.

Only 7% Indians do yoga daily, 62% Hindus don’t practise it all, Pew survey says

According to a survey by Pew Research Center, Jains and Sikhs are more likely to practise yoga than those from other religious groups, including Hindus.

Did Modi give Hindus closure? A PIL against the Places of Worship Act will decide the answer

The SC has asked the Modi govt to submit its response to a PIL challenging the Places of Worship Act. That answer can change the landscape of India.

After 1857 rebellion, Delhi properties of ‘disloyal’ Indians were confiscated

In ‘The (Un)governable City’, Raghav Kishore writes about the transformation of Delhi into a cantonment in the aftermath of the Great Rebellion of 1857.

Plan to use mercury in tadka to kill 2 jailed in Tihar for Delhi riots foiled, police say

A Muslim convict allegedly planned to murder 2 Hindu men lodged in Tihar for 'killing' Muslims in the 2020 riots. Delhi Police foiled the plan & arrested the conspirators.

Nageswara Rao, the retired IPS officer who believes Hinduism is the only marker of India

Nageswara Rao, who briefly headed CBI, has found a new avatar, particularly on social media. His vision is of a ‘Civilisational India’ and his mission is ‘Equal rights for Hindus’.

A Hindu lives with the resolve that everyone on this earth should prosper, says former CAG

Speaking at the launch of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s book, the former home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi said he is ‘fortunate’ that he got an opportunity to understand Bhagwat’s viewpoint.

That Muslims enslaved Hindus for last 1000 yrs is historically unacceptable: Romila Thapar

The book ‘Inquilab: A Decade of Protest’ chronicles some of the most powerful speeches and articles by Kavita Krishnan, Romila Thapar, Kanhaiya Kumar, Mahua Maitra, and others.

Jharkhand resolution allowing tribals to identify as non-Hindus a conspiracy — RSS affiliate

RSS affiliate Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram is meeting tribal communities, running awareness programmes emphasising they are an integral part of Hindu samaj.

Why highly placed Muslims became ‘Krishna bhaktas’ in the Mughal period

In ‘Voices of Dissent’, Romila Thapar writes that Rajput-Mughal joint patronage helped make Vrindavan the focus of Krishna bhakti.

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Don’t leave regulation in hands of social media platforms. Govt must re-evaluate its role

It can hardly be expected of social media platforms to design self-regulatory mechanisms that encourage them being held liable and penalised for their decisions.
Illustration by Soham Sen

Keep calm and carry on: Unlike wheat, rice isn’t hot yet

The world is worried that India might restrict exports of rice after wheat, pushing prices higher and worsening global food security.


Indian Naval Air Squadron INAS 324 commissioned at Visakhapatnam | Twitter | @PBNS_India

India’s Eastern Seaboard gets its first naval air squadron INAS 324

With INAS 324, the Indian Navy's Eastern Seaboard will now operate a naval air squadron with HAL’s indigenously built Advanced Light Helicopter.

Moral, political & ideological questions on Maharashtra: 1st is simplest to answer, 3rd trickiest

What is Shiv Sena’s ideology? We might say it’s been a convenient mix of extreme ethnic chauvinism & unforgiving Hindutva. Within the second, the party retained space to manoeuvre.