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Vendor with potato sacks. | ANI

Coronavirus pandemic is ominous news for India’s rabi crops and farm-to-food chain

During the coronavirus crisis, income support platforms must be utilised by both state and the Centre. Social distancing should be a norm in wheat procurement mandis.
Farmers in Karnataka

Indian policymakers get it wrong because farmers’ lack of market access is not the problem

Farmers are the only producers who don't get to declare the price of their produce in market. And this is highly unfavourable.
A farmer in Sirsa, Haryana | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

Budget 2020 pays little more than lip service to farmers and agri sector. Just like last year

Nirmala Sitharaman's Budget has missed the opportunity to give farm sector the much-required thrust. And by reducing food & fertiliser subsidy, it has made matters worse.
Farmers in Mundiya Kheda village, Rae Bareli district, Uttar Pradesh

Modi wants to double farmers’ income by 2022. But it is only their debt that’s growing

Across Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, farmers say central schemes like PM-Kisan are a mockery, and that they no longer have MGNREGA as a safety net.
File image of food grains | Photo: Bloomberg

High time Indian farmers are freed from shackles imposed by 1960s’ food-shortage mindset

India no longer has a shortage of cereals, but legacy of mid-1960s droughts has shaped the food economy. India doesn’t trust agricultural markets to work.
Representational image | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

Maharashtra plans radio channel for farmers to help them deal with climate change

The Maharashtra State Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices is aiming to set up the station by year-end which an expert panel will discuss farming issues related to climate change.
Representational image | Photo- Pixabay

A ‘smart’ device will test rice quality now as govt says manual system promotes corruption

In 7 states, FCI will use the portable AnnadarpanSMART device to determine the quality of rice at 3 stages — procurement, storage and distribution.

Onion export ban: Is it smart to always protect interest of the consumer over the farmer?

The Narendra Modi government has banned the export of onions with immediate effect to lower rising prices and provide relief to consumers.
Representational image | Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

This season’s heavy rains & cash handouts to farmers can revive demand, says BNP Paribas

BNP’s outlook also relies on the RBI’s consumer confidence survey that indicated consumers are looking to reduce non-essential spending.
Farmers plant paddy saplings as monsoon rains fill their fields, at a village in West Bengal | PTI

Modi govt’s Zero Budget Natural Farming still in trial mode, scientists say not viable

The low-cost method uses a cowdung-based mixture called ‘jeevamrut’ instead of chemicals. Scientists say it could lead to decline in farmers’ income.

On Camera

Arnab Goswami | YouTube screengrab

Tablighi Jamaat brought out Republic, Zee and Times Now’s fangs that Covid-19 had withdrawn

The unity of TV channels against coronavirus was too good to be true. The Tablighi Jamaat gave most of them the chance to show their true colours.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Is there a risk of Modi govt using Covid-19 to curb media and freedoms or is it necessary?

Surveillance is becoming a key concern during the Covid-19 crisis. The Supreme Court has also directed media to publish the official version of the developments.


Representational image | Getty Images

Coronavirus doesn’t stop Indian Army from carrying out its annual cyber security exercise

Army had earlier issued advisory claiming India's adversaries were launching coronavirus-themed campaigns to infect official or personal IT assets of defence personnel.  

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.