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Why don’t elephants get cancer? New book delves into fascinating tales from animal kingdom

Janaki Lenin's book 'Every Creature Has A Story' published by Harper Collins India, will be released on 13 August on SoftCover, ThePrint’s e-venue to launch select non-fiction books.
A pregnant elephant's dead body surrounded by the herd in Chhattisgarh's Surajpur on 9 June. | Photo: Special arrangement

Activists suspect Chhattisgarh elephant deaths result of poaching, want shorter probe time

After 3 cow elephants were found dead last week on consecutive days, activists allege this could either be a case of poaching or intentional killing.
The elephant that died at Mannarkad | Facebook

Pregnant elephant may have accidentally eaten cracker-filled fruit: Environment Ministry

The Environment Ministry also noted that locals often resort to an illegal act of planting explosive-filled fruits to repel wild boars from entering plantation farms.
The elephant that died at Mannarkad | Facebook

Pregnant elephant hadn’t eaten for 2 weeks due to major oral wound, says post-mortem report

Preliminary report stated that drowning followed by inhalation of water and then lung failure was the immediate cause of death of the wild elephant in Kerala.
Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Varun Gandhi on understanding God, Sachin Pilot beats the safa challenge & Hogwarts letter

The most politically correct and incorrect tweets of the day from across the political spectrum.
The pregnant elephant died after eating a cracker-filled fruit in Kerala's Palakkad last week (representational image) | ANI

One arrested in pregnant wild elephant killing case in Kerala

A 15-year-old pregnant elephant died last month after it allegedly consumed a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers.
Elephants crossing a road |Representational image |Commons

Elephant blame-game in Aaj Tak, ABP & Navika Kumar claims victory over Lutyens lobby

A quick take on what prime time TV news talked about.
A herd of elephants | Commons

Elephants are lightweights and can get drunk on rotten fruit

Anecdotes about wild animals seemingly getting drunk after eating rotting fruit are widespread. There may be some truth to it after all.
One-horned rhinos seen moving to an elevated area following floods due to incessant monsoon rainfall in Kaziranga National Park | PTI

Human beings are pushing larger animals like rhinos & elephants to extinction faster

The future belongs to smaller, faster, more fecund, more generalist and preferentially insect-eating species.

Study shows saving elephants helps us fight climate change

What elephants eat and how they eat contribute significantly to forest biomass, research has shown.

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Shaktikanta Das

Inflation in India well above benign level, but RBI is not uncomfortable yet: Manpreet Badal

Should India go back to Keynes and start spending? Sadly, Modi govt does not have sufficient fiscal space to propel a strong enough multiplier.
A woman in a marketplace deserted due to lockdown in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh | Photo: ANI

India isn’t facing up to the true financial cost of Covid

Truth is currently as scarce as capital in India. The govt doesn’t have the appetite for large-scale socialisation of private losses, lest the opposition accuse PM Modi of cronyism.


Women recruits at the Corps of Military Police Centre and School in Bengaluru

Army begins process to recruit second batch of 100 women soldiers for military police

Army intends to induct 1,700 women recruits in the military police by 2036, increasing the percentage of women in the cadre to 20 over 17 years.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi redefined secularism with Ram Mandir as Hindu voters were fed up of Sonia-Left version

Assumptions that Indian secularism died with Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan are bunk. It is enshrined in the Constitution, and is worth preserving.