Wednesday, 14 November, 2018

Topic: Economy

A man holds a Rs 2000 banknote | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Liberals hated the colours of Modi’s new notes but never understood their politics

The currency note was a prop, the ATM queues an exercise in behavioural psychology.

Govt being foolhardy in expecting bonanza from RBI

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Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Urjit Patel | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Undermining autonomy of RBI is the opposite of Modi’s promise of good governance

The Modi-RBI tussle flies in the face of minimum government and maximum governance slogan.

RBI isn’t alone. Populist leaders around the world are squeezing central banks

The flood of recent govt-central banks spats in India, the US & Europe underscores the fundamental danger of populism
A girl in rural India | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

How a dangerously low poverty line is causing India more harm

A low poverty line results in diminished economic growth and flawed policies like demonetisation.

Modi govt underplays rift with RBI after Viral Acharya’s fiery speech

Finance ministry officials say it's a healthy sign that the government and RBI are not on the same page. 
Dr. Viral V Acharya | @SIBMBengaluru/Twitter

Govt undermining the independence of the central bank can induce policy myopia in the economy: RBI Dy governor

Dr. Viral V Acharya, deputy governor of Reserve Bank of India during a lecture said direct intervention and interference by the government in operational mandate of the central bank negates its autonomy.
Imran Khan | Asad Zaidi/Bloomberg

Imran Khan got Saudi loan for ignoring Khashoggi murder, but he still can’t woo investors

One thing was clear during Imran Khan’s trip to Saudi Arabia—that he was clueless about Pakistan’s economy
Representational image | Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

The world just can’t get enough chocolate

The global chocolate market shows no sign of slowing down with the three main cocoa processing regions reporting a rise in cocoa demand in the third quarter from a year earlier.
Representational image | Taylor Weidman/Bloomberg

Become a democracy, achieve 20% higher GDP growth: New study

Study by MIT, Columbia, Boston University and University of Chicago researchers shows that democracy outscores China’s authoritarian capitalism.

SC panel wants non-CNG vehicles banned on Delhi’s smog days: Practical or knee-jerk idea?

The environment pollution prevention and control authority (EPCA) appointed by the Supreme Court has suggested a ban on all non-CNG vehicles on Delhi roads on d...