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File image of Justice Deepak Gupta | Photo: Chhattisgarh High Court

Right to dissent most important, majoritarianism is antithesis of democracy: SC judge Gupta

Supreme Court judge Deepak Gupta says dissent today is seen as anti-national, but govt and country are two different things; calls for judiciary to be impartial in decision-making.
Police personnel baton charge on the students of Jamila Millia Islamia University as they started pelting stones

Why electorally secure Modi govt cracked down on CAA protesters so brutally

Total number of anti-CAA protesters won't be more than 10 lakh. By contrast, BJP had 22.9 crore voters come out in its support during 2019 Lok Sabha election.
Union Minister of Finance Arun Jaitley during a press conference

Arun Jaitley’s close friends working to revive OPIUM — to ‘discuss, disagree, debate’ again

Arun Jaitley was a prominent member of OPIUM, an informal group of 60-odd old DU students who are now trying to revive it as a ‘homage’ to their friend.
Bombay High Court | Commons

Bombay HC judge stands up for students’ right to dissent amid widespread protests

Bombay High Court judge Gautam Patel says any govt that claims to be dedicated to the Constitution, democracy, has nothing to fear from giving its institutions autonomy.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint Team

In Modi’s opposition-mukt India, JNU must remain the Eternal Protester

JNU is more than Kanhaiya or Shehla. But the university, which stood for diversity and democracy, has been unmade, in TV debates, in toxic tweets and casual chatter.
File photo of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Narendra Modi | Jack/Twitter

Twitter emerges as a top threat to democracy in India and across the world

The case of Sanjay Hegde is a turning point, making it clear that Twitter is aligning with authoritarian regimes that target dissenters.
The Google Inc. logo at the company's exhibition stand at the Noah Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany | BloombergThe Google Inc. logo at the company's exhibition stand at the Noah Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany

Google accused of creating spy tool to crush dissent among its workers

Google employees claim they discovered a tool that can be used to monitor workers’ attempts to organise protests and discuss labour rights.
File photo of Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan says governments should not suppress criticism, gets trolled

Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan argued for tolerance in India, saying people in authority should not stamp out dissent.
A Pakistani soldier stands guard on a street in Karachi (Representational image)

From Jinnah’s family to Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan thinks everyone is a foreign agent

Those who differ with the state in Pakistan aren’t people with opposing viewpoints but foreign agents.

Election Commission can learn from Supreme Court on what to do when there’s dissent within

The content of Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa’s dissent note against PM Modi is less important than making it part of public records.

On Camera

File image of Chinese military band (Representational image) | PTI

Despite Covid, China will spend more on defence in 2020 than it did last year

Actual Chinese military spending may be much higher. In 2019, China reported an official defence budget of just under $178 billion, but is estimated to have spent $261 billion.

Does Trump help or harm India’s interests when he offers to mediate with China, Pakistan?

US President Donald Trump Wednesday offered to mediate between India and China over the "raging border dispute".


Indian and Chinese soldiers jointly celebrate the New Year 2019 at Bumla along the Indo-China border, Arunachal Pradesh

Chinese aggression in Ladakh also a message for domestic and external audience: Experts

International experts say the timing is troubling as it comes at ‘a critical phase in India's internal difficulties with the Covid-19 pandemic’.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

PM, CM, DM: India’s 3 big power centres have been exposed by one disaster

The prime minister, chief minister and district magistrate are the three engines of India’s governance, but their handling of the coronavirus pandemic is going awry.