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File image of US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (for representation) | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint |

India needs policy ‘predictability’ to be an alternative to China: US-India trade body

Mukesh Aghi, president & CEO of US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, says India should make some things easier for companies, like Vietnam & Cambodia do.
Employees test mobile phones on an assembly line in the mobile phone plant of Rising Stars Mobile India Pvt., a unit of Foxconn Technology Co., in Tamil Nadu | Karen Dias/Bloomberg

Lost in the data localisation debate: Does India have full power to exploit its own data?

The debate on data localisation is now not only a political one, but also a geopolitical one, and a key aspect of trade talks.
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Global digital economy will take off without India if New Delhi can’t make up its mind

India must identify partnerships and coalitions that can help it achieve its core interests.
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Privacy is dead. So, it’s time to turn data into a bargaining chip

Tech firms offer services in exchange, but the government will argue it needs your data for national security. Why not trade it then.
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India, the biggest open data market, has a chance to lead the world on data arbitration

No other country enjoys the structural advantages that India possesses. So, it can create a multilateral platform for inter-governmental data mediation.
Fibre optic cables connect data servers | Representational image | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

India’s policy on data must focus on access, not physical location

To address strategic concerns, Narendra Modi government can create a whitelist of countries that can be trusted to store and process Indian data.
Representational image| Amazon Inc. fulfillment center in Bengaluru, India | Ruhani Kaur | Bloomberg

India was about to align its e-commerce market with global rules, then it lost trust

Global economy is under a new industrial transformation, with digital technology leading the change but India wants to address its own rising aspirations.
An office in Gurgaon, Haryana | Representational image | Udit Kulshrestha/Bloomberg

Can our water, power woes hit data localisation plans? New BJP or Congress govt must answer

Locating data on Indian soil may not necessarily give the government jurisdiction over it.
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Indian worker may lose 11% of monthly salary if data localisation becomes law, study says

European think tank study has predicted that if data localisation is enforced, India’s projected growth could be affected by 20%.
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India’s data localisation may not protect privacy but could damage businesses

Those interested in India’s economic future need to be careful about tying it down with yesterday’s restrictions.

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Representational image | Beef steak | Pixabay

Meat-lover who wants to save the planet? 3D printed steaks are your solution

It can take up to 15,000 litres of water to produce a single kilogram of beef. But there is now a growing amount of interest in meat alternatives.
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This is what Modi govt wants 3 loss-making insurance firms to do to turn profitable

The Modi govt has attached conditions for its capital infusion into OlCL, NICL and UIICL, focussing on profitability and improving customer service.


An Arad rifle | www. iwi.net

Two new Israeli assault rifles Arad and Carmel now set to be manufactured in India

The assault rifles will be manufactured under Make in India initiative in Madhya Pradesh by joint venture PLR Systems, which is already producing arms like Tavor.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Uttar Pradesh is India’s broken heartland, break it into 4 or 5 states

Uttar Pradesh, our largest state by population and most powerful, is also the worst governed. A state with 1-in-6 Indians has no hope because of its size.