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School children leaving for school amid heavy smog in New Delhi | Burhaan Kinu/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Rising air pollution harms children’s growing brains

The WHO says more than 93% of the world’s 1.8 billion children are exposed to toxic air pollution, including 630 million under the age of five.
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Online life is causing people to invest less in memories & long-term sense of satisfaction

It is now far easier to pursue immediate happiness, compared to the available options in, say, 1986.

Children spending more time staring at TV, phone, iPad screens could be at risk

More screen time means a higher likelihood of your child developing obesity, low physical fitness, anxiety and depression.
Tamil Nad Chief Minister Palamiswami

Tamil Nadu govt launches doorstep Aadhaar enrolment for kids below 5 years

Chief Minister K Palaniswami started the scheme by giving away seven Aadhaar kits containing the machines to officials of the Social Welfare Department.

Being a mom could mean choosing between heart diseases and cancer

Researchers have found that women who have children are at a higher risk of developing a heart disease, strokes and heart failure. But there is an upside.
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India has learnt to live with a bomb, now it must be open to gene editing too

India must not get derailed by Western outrage over gene-edited babies.
School children leaving for school amid heavy smog in New Delhi | Burhaan Kinu/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

India’s poisonous air is harming children — both born and unborn

Two-hour cracker burning window and knee-jerk policies are not going to save our children from air pollution.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with children during Independence Day celebrations, August 2018 | PTI

When future of children is at stake, Modi must learn to share stage than hog limelight

The all-powerful Narendra Modi cannot undertake the task of helping India's children alone. He must involve others.

Under fire, country’s central adoption agency seeks to increase senior cadre strength 

Agency seeks over four times more Group A officers, wants integrated finance division. 
Surendra Singh

Hindus should have at least 5 children, else will become minority: BJP MLA

Surendra Singh had earlier said that rape cannot be curbed even if Lord Ram lands on earth.

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How, and why, we learned to stop worrying and love the electoral bonds

Modi government’s electoral bonds scheme has several benefits that its critics ignore. But even their criticisms are without merit.
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Google, Apple stop TikTok downloads: Is HC order quashing small town India’s creative joy?

Google and Apple have blocked downloads of the video-sharing app TikTok in India in compliance with the Madras High Court order.


Satellite images suggest that China is testing and weaponising its naval platforms for space denial

China is now testing laser ASAT weapons from its naval ships

China has already tested missile & EMP anti-satellite weapons from the ground. Now it’s using icebreaker ships in the Yellow Sea/Bohai Sea area.
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Imran Khan’s ‘support’ for Modi shows BJP has walked into its own Pakistan trap

Modi & the BJP hope to return to power by exploiting the fear of Pakistan. Imran Khan has turned the tables and become a factor dividing Indian public opinion.