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Medical workers attend to a suspected coronavirus patient as he is shifted to the isolation ward of Gandhi Hospital, in Hyderabad

Coronavirus, Chernobyl, Katrina no accident, were predicted but not averted

US agency CDC had predicted COVID-19. Ebola, SARs were nature’s alarm bells. Yet, human greed and narrow parochial goals suppressed those warnings.
Passengers wearing masks walk outside the Shanghai railway station in Shanghai, China

Why Wuhan coronavirus crisis isn’t China’s Chernobyl

The coronavirus epidemic is a crisis for public health, economy and even for China’s upper ranks. But that doesn’t make it a catalyst in the mould of Chernobyl.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Ukranian Airlines plane crash won’t be Iran’s ‘Chernobyl’ moment

Tehran’s responses to the incident was similar to that of Moscow’s after Cherbnobyl — denial, grudging acknowledgment and an apology. But Ali Khamenei is not Mikhail Gorbachev.
Three Mile Island nuclear power plant

Three Mile Island, site of America’s nuclear power blunder, set to close-down in few weeks

The partial meltdown and release of radiation in 1979 at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is an enduring symbol of all that can go wrong with American nuclear energy.

Ukraine has Chernobyl under control: Leonid Bershidsky

Ukraine has grossly mismanaged Chernobyl in the last quarter of a century, but it has been honest about its condition and needs.
Decaying personal items sit on the floor of a house abandoned following the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown | Photographer: Vincent Mundy | Bloomberg

Chernobyl lessons unlearned: Russia hides another nuclear leak

On 26 July, a large group of experts published a paper attributing a radiation cloud that spread over Europe in 2017 to an undeclared accident in Russia.

33 years after nuclear explosion, Chernobyl has become a wildlife paradise

The biodiversity in the Chernobyl exclusion zone shows wildlife is more resistant to radiation than previously thought.

On Camera

Living in CBI-NIA’s shadows for long, NCB now enjoying newfound spotlight

Thanks to some Bollywood A-listers and their WhatsApp chats, the Narcotics Control Bureau now occupies the centre stage of many evening news shows.
A Harley Davidson dealership (Representational Image ) | Photographer: David Paul Morris | Bloomberg

Harley-Davidson riding away reflects poorly on both US icon and Modi’s ‘Make in India’

Modi’s ambitious plans to ‘Make in India’ could have been helped by a symbolic gesture to hold on to Harley, a premium manufacturer with an outsize brand.


Representational image | ANI

India, China working on Ladakh peace formula — alternate week patrolling, after disengagement

Patrolling in alternate weeks has been the established practice in the Northeast, and has worked well, barring the occasional face-off.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

If Modi is a true reformer, he’ll bury Vodafone ghost and campaign on reforms in Bihar

No politician sees economic reform as a vote-catcher; it’s the old, povertarian economy that gets votes. Can Modi bring farm and labour reforms centre-stage?