Sunday, 2 October, 2022

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CCP sets date to ‘elect’ Xi Jinping for third term. And Chinese bloggers congratulate India

Beijing is offering New Delhi pantomime tropes like 'Asia for Asians' and 'Asian century'. China clearly misunderstands India’s interests.

Hu Chunhua has a chance at Chinese premiership and why it will have implications for India

Hu’s prominent role in Communist Youth League puts him squarely against the type of personalities and friends Xi has promoted.

1 in 5 Chinese youth unemployed. And the smart ones are going for CCP bureaucracy jobs

India-China relations are strained, but Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar’s recent remarks about the ‘Asian century’ were appreciated by the Chinese.

India prepares for late-night military talks with China, and Beijing glams up Galwan survivor

While Xi Jinping is feeling confident about the CCP's work in Xinjiang, Beijing's geopolitical game in the Pacific is slowly unfolding.

Is Li coming out of Xi’s shadow? His assertiveness is visible

Li has pledged support for the platform economy and digital sector. Significant, given Xi’s crackdown on the sector for ‘disorderly expansion of capital’.

Communist Youth League—that’s where Xi sees a political challenge coming from. He’s taming it

Despite Xi’s attempts to eliminate the league faction's influence, the CYL remains a dynamic organisation which will continue to influence Chinese politics.

Covid rising in China, but Xi busy colluding with Russia against US—and looking at Taiwan

Premier Li Keqiang stepped down, Shanghai and Jilin are going under lockdown due to the Covid surge, but Xi has other issues on his mind.

British MP & Padma Shri recipient Barry Gardiner received funds from ‘Chinese spy’, MI5 claims

Gardiner, who represents Brent North and enjoys the support of a huge Indian diaspora, allegedly received over £5 lakh over six years from ‘Chinese spy’ Christine Lee and her law firm.

2022 Winter Olympics less than a month away, China’s zero-Covid policy is being tested

A journalist's diary documenting her lockdown experiences in Xi'an city was swiftly censored by China after people began comparing it to a diary on Wuhan lockdown.

A new white paper insists China is a democracy. It wants you to forget Tiananmen

Rather than explaining clearly why China should qualify as a democracy, the strategy Beijing adopts is to point at failures of the US democracy.

On Camera


Wild elephants monitored under thermal UAVs in Maharashtra | RESQ Charitable Trust

We monitored wild elephants, leopards in villages with thermal drones first time in Maharashtra

Whether it's monitoring wildlife, mitigating conflict, capturing of wildlife on field, UAVs are effective tools to complement existing on-ground efforts.
A man counts Indian currency notes inside a shop in Mumbai, India | Reuters/Francis Mascarenhas

RBI tells state refiners to reduce dollar buying in spot market, contain sharp fall in rupee

RBI has ensured that $9 billion has been made available at overseas branches of some Indian banks for the country's three state-run refiners to tap, according to sources.


File photo of former Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria after flying a MiG-21 of 51 Squadron at the Srinagar airbase | ANI

Famed IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman’s MiG-21 Squadron bows out from Srinagar today

Known as the ‘Sword Arms’, number-plating of the squadron was done Friday. It has made way for MiG-29s to be the new 'guardian of the Valley'.

India’s hijab supporters will lose even if they win SC battle. Because the real war is political

In a highly polarised time, cornered minorities tend to lean back and protect the roots and fundamentals of what is so dear to them. Politically, it can often be a bad trap.