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AstraZeneca vaccine safe, effective in kids, finds Lancet study. WHO still says for adults only

The vaccine, marketed as Covishield in India, induced antibody concentrations in children similar to those associated with high efficacy in adults, says study by UK researchers.

Covishield shows increased antibody response to Omicron after 3rd dose: AstraZeneca

Preliminary data released by AstraZeneca shows Vaxzevaria vaccine, administered in India as Covishield, increased immune response to Beta, Delta, Alpha, Gamma variants after third dose.

AstraZeneca’s antibody cocktail gets US nod for Covid prevention in those with low immunity

According to company Evusheld 'neutralises all previous SARs-CoV-2 variants to date'. AstraZeneca now intends to apply for approval in India.

Booster dose of 6 Covid vaccines is safe, increases immunity, shows study in Lancet

The study looked at safety, immune response and side-effects of seven vaccines — Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Novavax, Janssen, Moderna, Valneva and Curevac.

AstraZeneca vaccine has no adverse impact on pregnancy or fertility, study in Lancet says

In the study spanning UK, Brazil and South Africa, the rate of miscarriage was roughly the same between vaccine and placebo groups, & no still births or neonatal deaths were recorded.

AstraZeneca antibody cocktail prevents Covid in high-risk groups, study finds

AstraZeneca said it is preparing to submit the data to regulators for potential emergency-use authorisation. Its findings may also salvage a deal with the US to purchase the drug.

AstraZeneca to apply for Covid vaccine approval in US later this year

The vaccine, which is being produced as Covishield in India, is approved for use by the UK and European medicines regulators but is pending USFDA application.

Animal trials suggest intranasal version of AstraZeneca shot may prevent Covid transmission

Currently tested on animals, researchers now intend to test the effectiveness of intranasal vaccines, in both preventing infection and lowering viral shedding in humans.

Countries using AstraZeneca, Chinese vaccines are considering boosters for Delta protection

Growing concern that Covid-19 vaccines being deployed across much of the developing world aren’t capable of thwarting the delta variant is prompting some countries...

Mixing Astra and Pfizer shots creates strong immune response, Oxford study shows

A mixed schedule of the Pfizer shot followed by Astra vaccine, and vice versa, resulted in high concentrations of antibodies against Covid when given 4 weeks apart, researchers said.

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