Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

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Chandrababu Naidu

Not to be left behind, Chandrababu Naidu makes it easy to acquire land in Andhra too

The Andhra Pradesh amendment simplifies the land acquisition process into a singular agreement with the district collector.
Chandrababu Naidu, Narendra Modii

Chandrababu Naidu accuses PM of arrogance, dashing Andhra’s hope

Naidu said that the state suffered heavily because of the bifurcation in 2014.

Who is Jayadev Galla, the Andhra politician with an American accent?

Galla, who initiated the no-confidence motion against Modi govt, is a battery baron and Telugu actor Mahesh Babu's brother-in-law.
Parliament House

Defying whip, TDP’s Diwakar Reddy to stay away from no-confidence motion in Parliament

Diwakar Reddy says TDP whip to attend Parliament just 'routine', adds govt not going to fall anyway.
K. Chandrasekhar Rao

KCR cozies up to BJP and Naidu to Congress, Third Front takes a back seat

Things have come a long way in the last few months since KCR was trying to spearhead a non-Congress, non-BJP front, and Naidu was a member of the NDA.
IPS Officer Rema Rajeshwari addresses villagers at a public awareness programme for fake news via social media apps in Balgera village

Telangana female cop’s fight against fake news is saving lives in more than 400 villages

Police officer Rema Rajeshwari has a local antidote, an education campaign, to fight fake news.
Amit Shah and Narendra Modi

High on Karnataka confidence, BJP may fight it alone in Andhra

BJP unlikely to tie-up with Jagan Reddy's YSR Congress, believes it should build on Narendra Modi's popularity for growth and expansion.
Chandrababu Naidu

Regional parties will oust BJP in 2019: Chandrababu Naidu throws weight behind coalition plan

Two TDP MPs said the party would rather be a ‘kingmaker’ than the king, ruling out Naidu’s projection as a potential prime ministerial candidate for the proposed alliance.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Tirupati controversy: Should large temples be run by government trusts or traditional owners?

Experts weigh in on the allegations made by AV Ramana Dikshitulu, the former head priest of India's richest temple, Tirupati. He has accused the state-run trust of corruption and demanded an open audit of the temple's riches.

Karnataka state polls turned out to be a ‘money guzzler’ exercise: Survey

Expenditure of several political parties and candidates in the Karnataka polls were more than twice spent during the last assembly poll in 2013. 

Modi’s I-Day speech: Should ISRO focus on human spaceflight or refine robotic missions?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech announced a manned mission to space by 2022. This comes over half a century after Americans, Russian...