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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Don’t be shocked by Kejriwal anymore, his new game is to be ‘aam’ Bharatiya Janata Party

By staying on the sidelines during Delhi riots and sanctioning Kanhaiya’s prosecution, Arvind Kejriwal and AAP are playing BJP's game in BJP's market.
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh during the Budget session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha in Chandigarh last week

Punjab assembly seeks to make Punjabi compulsory first language in all schools

Resolution states functioning of courts & govt offices should be done in Punjabi & that laws will be brought in to punish those ‘working against Punjabi language’.
Toxi smog engulfed Delhi Thursday | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Three ways by which Delhi’s Kejriwal govt can fulfil its promise to curb air pollution

On Delhi air pollution, the AAP government shouldn't throw its hands up but formulate a concrete plan.
Finance minister Arun Jaitley | Jeremy Piper/Bloomberg

Today, even atheists in India will proudly wear religion on their sleeve: Arun Jaitley

‘New India’, a collection of Arun Jaitley’s writings, provides an insight into the mind of the former finance minister, what he thought of Modi, Rahul Gandhi and AAP.
Arvind Kejriwal

There is no such thing as ‘soft Hindutva’

Indian liberals who equate Hindu and Hindutva are only helping the BJP-RSS Hindutva project.
Arvind Kejriwal at the oath-taking ceremony Sunday | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Blessings from Modi, body language — the symbolism and message of Kejriwal’s 2020 speech

Arvind Kejriwal's speech was conciliatory towards Modi & BJP, which ran a vitriolic campaign against him. Also made no mention of full statehood & Jan Lokpal bill, the pet themes in 2015.
One-year-old Avyaan Tomar dressed as Arvind Kejriwal at the swearing-in ceremony. Tomar's photos went viral on counting day when he was dressed in the same attire | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

In pictures: Arvind Kejriwal takes oath as CM of Delhi for third time

Kejriwal took oath amid a raucous gathering of AAP supporters at the national capital's Ramlila Maidan.
Kejriwal celebrates his party's victory in the assembly elections : Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

The transformation of Arvind Kejriwal from an ‘anarchist’ to a smart, successful politician

In the run-up to the Delhi elections, Kejriwal underwent quite an image makeover — from an anti-corruption activist who preferred ‘anarchism’ into a leader and an effective administrator.
Supporters of AAP at party headquarters | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

AAP’s gamble on Congress defectors pays off, 5 out of 6 win Delhi elections

AAP had inducted and fielded some high-profile Congress leaders such as five-time MLA Shoaib Iqbal and Vinay Mishra, son of ex-MP Mahabal Mishra.  

AAP members celebrate Delhi victory with Manoj Tiwari’s ‘Rinkiya ke papa’

In a viral video, AAP workers can be seen dancing to their version of 'Rinkiya ke Papa', taking a dig at Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, who has rendered the song. 

On Camera

Pakistan PM Imran Khan with Narendra Modi

Few things tie Modi’s India and Imran’s Pakistan like their love-hate for foreign invasion

Be it Hindutva ideologues condemning the wicked foreign invader or Imran Khan hailing Turkish imperial rule, both want to reinforce that going forward means going backward.

Harsh Vardhan questions Delhi govt: Is Arvind Kejriwal failing in handling Covid-19 crisis?

Union health minister Harsh Vardhan Thursday raised concerns about rising Covid cases and low testing levels in Delhi.


Indian and Chinese soldiers during a military exercise in Meghalaya last year | Representational image | ANI

‘April status quo’ discussed as India, China generals hold 7-hour meeting over Ladakh

The formal meeting between the top military officers of India and China started around 11.30 am and is believed to have lasted until the evening.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Why Modi doesn’t feature in a list of India’s reformist prime ministers

Despite big ideas, Modi comes off poorly as a reformer, because his bureaucrats lack the motivation to push reforms and are beginning to enjoy unbridled power.