Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Wednesday has just begun and Narendra Modi has cried three times already

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Even in May 2014, Narendra Modi choked with emotion after being elected leader of the BJP parliamentary party and wept.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke down while addressing BJP MPs at the parliamentary party meeting Wednesday, the first after the ruling party won a sixth straight term in Gujarat after a bitterly-fought assembly election.

Sources told ThePrint that uttering ‘Gujarat’ brought tears to Modi’s eyes, not once but three times as he recounted his journey from his home state to the PM’s office.

This is the second time in three years that Modi broke down in Parliament. In May 2014, Modi choked with emotion after being elected leader of the BJP parliamentary party and wept.

Modi recalled how former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee patted him on his back many times after the BJP won a majority in Gujarat in the 1990s.

“Vajpayee patted me on my back and praised me for the number we secured,” BJP sources quoted Modi as saying at the meeting Wednesday.

The PM reminded his MPs that the Gujarat victory had not come easily. “It was not an easy win. No one should be under the illusion that it was an easy one,” he said.

Modi said the Gujarat BJP had lost two strong leaders, Keshubhai Patel and Shankersinh Vaghela, in recent times.

“Both are from strong communities. Yet we managed to win. This proves that…people will support you if you work with dedication,” the Prime Minister told the MPs.

Modi became emotional while saying that none of his predecessors in the PMO had managed to secure victory in so many states in the three years after assuming office.

“I finished my tour of Gujarat on 12 December and I attended all party meetings as well. I toured so many states in between. I invite you all to do the same. You can tag along but should know that you will have to work like me,” Modi was quoted as saying by the sources.

The PM asked the leaders to reach out to the grassroots level and work hard.

“Even the tallest leader feels the joy of victory if secured with hard work,” Modi was quoted as saying.

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  1. I’m proud of Modi ji because Modi ji love Vikash. I’m Happy Today we discuss all about Vikash all type vikash like bullet train,make in india, Ram Mandir, dmonitization, GST etc. we have manny thing to say what can do modi ji last 3 years.
    Today I’m happy because we don’t discuss any spam like 2g spam, 3g spam , koyla ghotal, and all about ghotala party .
    Today I’m Happy because we have a Brand Leader modi ji I told Him “Vikash PURUSH”
    I’m AAM Aadmi Not Aaam Aaadmi Party…..

  2. Its high time he gives up Navtanki n starts honest development for the poor marginal farmers n unemployed youth of the country.. except for Demo n Gst which were an utter farce all his schemes Swatch toilet skill India make in India etc have not taken off. As yet n Black money is not come back to India.

  3. “We Rule 19 States, Even Indira Gandhi Had 18”
    Hardcore Liar Modi at Bharat jalao party Meet.
    But fact is we did not have Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Telengana etc. Jumlebaaz modi has 19 out of 29 (bjp alone is in 14 states and in alliance in 5 states)
    Iron Lady Smt. Indira Gandhi alone had 18 out of 23.

    19 out of 29 is 65% and 18 out of 23 is 78%.
    In childhood Modi was selling tea at Vadnagar railway station. So he didn’t get time to study basic mathematics!!!!

  4. Now Rahul and his fallowed are claiming a maral victory.May it be so.No complaint.But is he and congress are so thankless that no one has heared a single word about the contribution of Hardik and Rahul’s moral victory.It is not out of place to mention carrot he threw -RESERVATION. Also . Why no one talks about Himachal? Is that not Rahul’s concern?Is that not a state of India? Please do not underestimate the phenomenon called MODI. Akhilesh.Lalu,Kejriwal and supporters like seetalawad etc. won’t work. It will be better to support Ram Mandar at Ayodhya,that may win him votes.Good luck next time.Mean while get matchured as a politician.

  5. Its ‘ok’ for a man to get emotional and cry.
    If he dosent win elections, how can he serve?what governing power will he have? Person asking him to serve the country without winning the elections is a big idiot. Not the pm.

  6. He is not just modi, he isin PM Of nation 132 crore people. whatever he do will be the concern of all. lets try to maintain the dignity of post and nation.

  7. I appreciate the work done by our PM
    He can easily get people ‘s favour by just highlighting his accomplishments instead of blaming the opposition especially congress
    By naming them in all his speeches he is perhaps giving undue importance to them
    The lower category workers are behaving so rudely that if they don’t change their attitude we may lose an efficient PM

  8. I entirely agree that in democracy a strong opposition is also needed
    When you expect cooperation from opposition
    Who can forget that the same ruling party had opposed GST and Aadhar card
    And now the same people are asking for cooperation in the development of the country
    Is it not strange?

  9. How can he serve peoole if the Center-State connection is not achieved ?

    Therefore he has to win more states for BJP.

  10. Poor Modiji is working 24/7 without having any food or water for the development of the Nation .
    I also started crying after watching Modiji cry , and i have not eaten anything since morning because i became very emotional . In just 3 years , Modiji has single handedly transformed the Indian economy and we are only 5 years away from becoming a fully developed nation . But SICKular media never gives him any credit.

  11. He is a respectable person and we proud on him that he think for Akhand Bharat not on divide rule. It took 30year to make Gujrat person in line not like them divide our country or state in caste one for Dalit , other for Patel etc…. we all want growth of our nation so we stay like family. Support him because Our present PM ‘ Modiji’ is good for us … we & our generation will grow …. His emotion come out because he know only it take time to unite the person , once the poison of caste division occurred…. so he is feeling pain for the same …. like when family breaks what happen at that same things is happening with him because he make us feel we INDIAN are his family. So Plse respect his emotion do not abuse.

  12. Usse kaho yeh rona dhona bandh kare aur kam pe laage…uski term poore hone wala hai phir bhi kam suru bhi nahi hua…yeh rona dhona abhi boring ho chuka hai..kuch naya dekhne ka intezar hai !!

  13. Vikas alone will be the deciding factor this nation. Emotions come only when you are the only person (along with 120 crore Indians) working for it.

  14. He is a third class person and it is an iron y that we the people take him seriously just analyze how much trouble and hardships his govt. has imposed on us in last 4 years.It only proves that we are a
    hopless and a laughable bunch of people.

  15. I don’t like the BJP ideology or their empowered hate groups. But I tremendously respect the office of our PM and Shri Modi, who has been working with a vision. Did he do everything right? Nope. But should I speak evil of him, esp. when he publicly breaks down, just because I disagree with the affects of his leadwrship? No. Rather, in his tears, I see a human side, just like I have, and man worthy of respect. My differences or disappointments have nothing to do in showing him respect for his position and person.
    I hope we as Indians can show true growth in being cultured and civil, much like our forefathers, who laurels we love to boast about than to emulate their greatness.

  16. Sir, please stop crying and making us cry. There is a 230 percent increase in cease fire violations, the maximum number of security forces have died in 3 years compared to the last 10 years, ex-servicemen sat in protest first time in the history of India after the 1857 mutiny, No-Functional Upgradation (NFU) has been denied to serving Defence Forces officers and Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) has been denied to Defence Forces doctors… what is the use working 19 hours?

  17. In today’s scenario, just managing five years without any riots and terrorist-attack,, itself is VIKAS. Mr Modi is the PM who does not work for his own fame, name or wealth. The right intentions making him run the Govt corruption-free would make the country progress. This is a truth beyond any doubt. Hardik and Alpeshbhai would realize this and once would join Modi in his efforts. I have no hopes from Sh Jignesh Mevani who has emerged as leader by tragedy. His filthy language against the PM-Of-India indicates that he is no better than Mani Shankar who had bagged to Pakistan to remove Modi. Heights of lowlessness.

  18. Stories connected Mr Modi has got how he was infatuated with crocodiles in his childhood. Maybe he got this habit from there.

  19. It is absolutely wrong to sensationalise the emotional moment for someone let alone the prime minister of the country. You should be ashamed of such type of coverage.

  20. Modi perhaps qualifies to be nominated for Dada Saheb Phalke Award for lifetime achievement through acting!

  21. Narendra Modi is RULING 19 States. A very arrogant statement. When will NaMo start the good governance? Gaining power on anti-Congress sloganeering and ‘Congress-Mukt’ Bharat is one thing. Gaining power based on policies and positive vote is another.

    The elections in Gujarat is just a case in point – comeon, does it require him to accuse his predecessor (Dr Manmohan Singh) of treason to Country to grab votes? Was he and his BJP so bereft of ideas? He may not be a neech aadmi, but he showed the neech side of his thinking. The fact is, RaGa has done a good job in Gujarat. Whether BJP acknowledges it or not, that is a fact.

    Barring Demonitisation and GST, the government has nothing else to talk. Where are the jobs that he so much promised? Where is the black money of volcanic proportions that he said he will get back from foreign banks? We are yet to hear a rupee coming back from those supposedly ill-money stashed everywhere in the world.

    NaMo must realise that BJP is gaining control of states based on anti-incumbency and negative vote. It is time BJP got out of its acquired arrogance. Stop RaGa bashing. Stop comparing what Congress has done all these 70 years to pass off their actions as being worthy. The Country has punished and thrown out Congress out of power for all the ills. BJP is being another Congress by just putting the opposition off. Now let BJP and NaMo talk about Vikas, Development, fulfill promises they made in 2013-14.

    The Nation is slowly realising that NaMo is no more than any cheap politician that India has seen in the recent decades. The only thing that distinguishes him is his fashion clothing and communication abilities. The sad fact is that in India today, there is no alternative to Modi. I voted for NaMo in 2014. It is going to be NOTA vote in 2019.

    • What was the reason for meeting between Rahul, Priyanka, Robert with Chinese ambassador in April,2017 and then Doklam happened. So don’t write length essays and think you have become honest. Problem is we are not immoral thug like you to sell the country.

      • You are uttering total nonsense ! Meeting Chinese ambassador as an opposition party is immoral thug ? Get the ISI inside country is patriotism ? What a person you are !

    • Kudos to unbiased analysis of NAMO character and that of his party. Anil is right on the dot to say ” show what have you done other than singing like a parrot of what congress had done – going past the fact the very reason they have been thrown out’.
      Now after the CBI court this morning has freed all the accused in G-2 scam. the much ado and screaming of the BJP not only when they had been in the opposition then and in power now, big set back to their drumming on the highest corruption of Rs 1, 76000 Cr. The fact remains that they have widely capitalized on the congress well designed policies – be it ADHAAR 0r direct delivery of subsidy to the accounts, or even the much rolled out GST in the parliament. Finally – what has BJP doe other than the theatricals of NAMO?

  22. Hardik patel & jignaesh mewani are the terrorists and criminals they should not allowed in other states anti hindus

  23. It is good for the country that the progressive looking BJP deeply interested in developing India as a strong nation, economically and militarily, has won the Gujarat battle, though with thinner majority For a strong democracy it is good if the opposition is equally strong but should be dedicated to the country’s interest and should co operate with the Govt. in implementing measures to promote peoples’ interest and upliftment. and shouldn’t oppose every move by obstructing parliamentary proceedings on flimsy issues, which are of no consequence for developement.

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