The agitation will highlight the suffering of the people in the state and the chaos which unfolded in the aftermath of Jayalalithaa’s death.

As part of its sustained endeavour to make inroads into South India, the BJP has decided to launch a major agitation in Tamil Nadu. The agitation would be led by the party’s youth wing.

In the aftermath of the AIADMK Jayalalitha’s untimely death last year, Tamil Nadu has been in a state of utter chaos, and the BJP feels that the time is ripe to tap into the vacuum left by her death.

“(Jayalalitha’s death) caused unfolding of political drama in the state. Because of this factionalising drama the people of Tamil Nadu are suffering. Tamil farmers are protesting at Jantar Mantar. No one is bothered about Tamil Nadu. There is so much chaos,” said Poonam Mahajan, president of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

Meant to highlight the disarray in the state, the march scheduled for 7 August would be a huge success with the youth attending it in large numbers, she said. It would send out a message to Tamil Nadu that the BJP is now ready to engage with the people.

Underscoring her party’s keenness to spread its influence in the South, Mahajan said, “We have built a strong cadre base despite unfavourable conditions. Similarly, we would be visiting Karnataka soon”.

The Yuva Morcha could transform the nation if its potential is brought out creatively, the MP added.

Weighing in on the recent Karnataka flag controversy, she said, “The rift is politically motivated. We have to see the timing. Just six months to (go for) the elections, and suddenly he (Chief Minister Siddaramaiah) started raking up this language and flag issues”.



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