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PM Narendra Modi addresses a rally ahead of Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, in Rewa | PTI
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Addressing a rally in Rewa, Modi said he has a relation with the land of Vindhya which belongs to white tigers and Tansen’s musical notes.

Rewa: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday narrated the association of Gujarat’s Vadnagar, his birthplace, with legendary musician Tansen, who is known to have spent a considerable part of his life in the royal court of Rewa.

Addressing a poll rally in Rewa, Modi said, “I have a relation with the land of Vindhya. This land belongs to white tigers, Tansen’s musical notes and Birbal’s extempore replies, which are found in the lives of the people here.”

“Because of Tansen, I also have a link with Rewa. Once he had rendered Raag Deepak, which was so powerful that it not only lit lamps (Deepak) but also set aflame his body from inside,” Modi told the gathering.

“Tansen was very much troubled. Later someone told him about Vadnagar, where I was born, and also about two girls, Tana and Riri, of a Nagar family who were experts in singing Raag Malhar. When the duo sang Raag Malhar, it resulted in rains which drenched Tansen and calmed him,” he added.-PTI

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