PM Modi speaking at a rally in Kathua, Kashmir
PM Modi speaking at a rally in Kathua, Kashmir | ANI Twitter
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Kathua: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday slammed the Abdullahs and Muftis, saying two families “ruined” three generations of Jammu and Kashmir and he will not allow them to “divide” India.

The prime minister was referring to NC leader Omar Abdullah’s demand for a separate prime minister for Jammu and Kashmir.

He also targeted the Congress for the migration of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley and said his government was committed to settle the displaced community in their native places and that work has started in this direction.

The Prime Minister also hit out at Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh for skipping Saturday’s event to pay respect to martyrs of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

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On doubts raised by some opposition leaders on the Balakot air strikes, Modi said Congress has never trusted valour of Indian armed forces.

He said the wave in favour of the BJP was stronger this time than in 2014.

According to opinion polls and surveys, the BJP will get thrice the seats that Congress will win, he said.

By coming out to vote in large numbers in Baramulla and Jammu, voters have given a befitting reply to terrorist leaders and opportunists, he added.

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  1. No one will allow Narendra Modi either, to divide India, with Hindus of the Hindi belt as first class citizens, and everyone else as the second class.

  2. Kathua brings to mind the angelic face of Asifa, her large, luminous eyes. After Jyoti Singh, have never felt so moved. The fact that people could come out onto the streets in support of her violators / murderers, waving the national flag, defiling it beyond redemption, was a revelation.


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