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Modi government wants IB to prepare and submit detailed reports on the “mood of voters” ahead of the 2019 general elections.

New Delhi: Hassled top functionaries in the Modi government called an urgent meeting of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) Tuesday, following the BJP’s defeat in the assembly elections and urged the agency to begin work on “gauging the mood of voters” for 2019, ThePrint has learnt.

According to sources, the IB has now been asked to prepare and submit regular and detailed reports to the government on the issues that could determine which way the 2019 general elections will go.

The sources said the top government functionaries have also been asked to analyse previous inputs by the IB to see where they went wrong and build up case studies for the upcoming elections.

“The government now wants to prepare for the upcoming 2019 elections and it does not want to take any risk. This has been conveyed to all party members,” a source said. “Old reports are being dug out and are being analysed and a new strategy is being planned.”

While campaigning was on in the five states, the IB had submitted reports to the Modi government that the unpopularity of outgoing chief minister Vasundhara Raje may go against the BJP in Rajasthan, while in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, anti-incumbency could play a part.

The report had also mentioned that rural distress and unemployment in Chhattisgarh were likely to go against the government.

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‘Part of party introsepction’

A BJP leader, who did not want to be named, said this is part of the party’s introspection following the defeats in the five seats.

“There have been several reasons for the defeat, anti-incumbency being the primary one, but one needs to accept defeat and work towards the next goal which is 2019,” a BJP party member said. “We have already started charting out a strategy with Prime Minister Modi as the central character.”

The leader also argued that losing the elections did not mean that the Modi wave had died down.

“The margins with which we have lost are very minimal, both in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, and that too explains a lot,” he said.

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  1. हे आर्टिकल कोणत्या माहितीवर आधारित आहे? IB ही संस्था जो काही तपास करते त्याची माहिती सामान्य लोकांना किंवा कुणाही पत्रकाराला एवढ्या सहजपणे उपलब्ध होत असेल तर IB करीत असलेल्या तपासाची गोपनीयता कशी काय विश्र्वसनीय असू शकते वा गोपनीय राहू शकते? मला तरी हे आर्टिकल फेक, प्रचारकी थाटाचे वाटते.

  2. So now, the prestigious institution, the IB, funded by taxpayer money is being diverted to being poll pundits to advise BJP on their election strategy? Why should IB be working for the BJP?

  3. Just like the NSG was raised to fight urban terrorism but is now mostly used to provide security services to VVIPs similarly IB, R&AW are also being misused for decades. Both the Congress & BJP uses IB and R&AW personels to monitor activities of their opponents. No wonder then that Pakistan takes full advantage of this situation. Pakistanis realize fully well that India doesn’t have enough intelligence gathering resources to spare in order to keep track of Pakistan.

  4. This Govt must go.
    The most currupt govt. Corporate slave. Did nothing for country. Harassed people, Stayed away from truth. Attempted to change the history, statistics to defame the earlier Govt just to project themselves better, though they only harmed the country.

    • There is lot of changes with present govt, Confidentiality has totally eaten away this country. Pl as Sonia Maino or Raol Vincy foreigner invaded India n sifoned off Indian wealth to Italian with help Pchudambaram, MMS n all currupt. Show one scam in present govt. Am not Modi bhakt but True India. If again confused comes in 2019 by 2030 PM will Zakir Naik n donate all your wealth n Ur ladies to him

  5. If Niti Aayog was doing its job professionally and well, its inputs could have been equally valuable. What has buttressed rural distress is urban angst. Urban areas, traditionally strongholds, are also crumbling. More than the Ram mandir, it is the dismal state of the economy that is leading to consolidation of votes.


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