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Emotions run high at Congress meet as Rahul Gandhi says non-Gandhi can succeed him

Rahul Gandhi's sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra advises him that now's not the time to quit after Congress chief insists on resigning from post.

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New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has taken full responsibility for the party’s poor showing in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, telling senior leaders at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting Saturday that anyone could replace him — that the successor didn’t have to be from “one family”.

At least eight Congress leaders present at the meeting told ThePrint that the proceedings turned emotional as Gandhi offered to resign as president of a party that has been led by four generations of his family.

Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who was brought into the campaign as general secretary in charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh in a last-minute gambit, told him that it was not the right time to resign.

“You come up with any proposal you deem fit and we will accept that to restructure the party and strengthen it,” Priyanka was quoted as saying. “You may have reasons to feel the way you do but now is not the time [to resign].”

Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram is said to have made a particularly impassioned appeal against Gandhi’s resignation.

“Twelve crore people have voted for you, South India believes in you,” one of the leaders quoted Chidambaram as having said. “How can you say you don’t want to remain president?”

The Congress has won just eight more seats this election than its 2014 tally of 44 — of these 52, at least 28 come from South India, 15 from Kerala alone.

According to one of the senior party leaders who spoke to ThePrint, Gandhi’s offer appeared “genuine and serious”.

“Anyone could replace me and doesn’t have to be from one family,” the leader quoted Gandhi as saying.

The party ultimately unanimously rejected Gandhi’s resignation and, instead, authorised him to restructure the party.

The CWC, which met to discuss the party’s future, passed a resolution calling on his “leadership and guidance in these challenging times”.

However, the sources said the Congress president was still adamant on stepping down.

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Sanction to restructure Congress

According to the sources, heads would roll soon with the CWC authorising the Congress president to restructure the party.

“Many state unit chiefs and general secretaries at the state level could face the heat as the party will fix responsibility for poor performance in their respective states,” said one of the leaders.

Gandhi, the sources added, was upset about the fact that while he had been aggressive on a number of issues and had taken it to people, other senior leaders failed to do that.

“He said if the party takes a stand on an issue, then everyone should follow that, but it was not done so,” one of the sources said.

“At the same time, he also expressed his displeasure over the fact that senior leaders wasted the party’s time and their own energy in getting tickets for their kin,” the source added. “Their own self-interest overrode the party’s interest, Rahul Gandhiji said.”

The Congress, the sources said, was looking at several options to restructure the party, including introducing the concept of working president, but any plan was yet to take final shape.

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Why Congress lost

The CWC meeting also involved introspection by leaders to get to the root of the party’s rout.

Among the factors discussed was the rise of nationalistic sentiment, with leaders said to have pointed out how it had overridden even caste calculations. This, they discussed, had been a setback to not just the Congress, but also the SP-BSP-RLD gathbandhan.

The leaders, the sources said, also discussed how the media was controlled by the Modi government and was “forced to show what they wanted” — another factor they believed had affected the Co’s prospects too.

Many leaders also questioned the functioning of the Election Commission. “In some states where the party couldn’t even win a single seat, the role of the EVM was also discussed,” said a source.

Ire was also directed at the party’s publicity campaign, with many leaders questioning the delay in its launch.

A poor communication strategy that didn’t reach the grassroots was blamed for the failure of the Congress’ flagship minimum income support scheme NYAY.

Most leaders, however, applauded the work done by Gandhi and his leadership in running the 2019 campaign.

The issue of the upcoming assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra was also discussed.

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  1. Reason for defeat is simple, just someone save this Grand Old Party from the clutches of that one family. But after that, it would be of immense hardship and hard work to rebuild INC even as an effective opposition. Democracy do need alternatives.

  2. Congress party please note first rule is never get Emotions while taking decisions. Your internal emotions won’t get you votes.
    The Gandhi family will not gets votes any longer. This is new India which has risen above caste and dynastic politics. It will be difficult for Rahul Gandhi to contest from Amethi again as he has been convincingly shown the exit door.
    Taking solace of good performance in Kerala and Punjab is foolish as these are swing states.
    You are competing for attention with a professionally led Democratic Party which gives equal opportunity for each of its member rise to the highest post purely based on merit.
    At Independence there were only 2 organisations that had grass root connections – one the Congress and second the RSS. Congress suppressed the RSS for decades to remain relevant but lost its grass root connect but RSS has grown strong. BJP gets full support of the RSS machinery in election campaign and decision making.
    Congress over the years has made a grave mistake of alienating the majority by its pseudo-secular stance. Some slogans like Saffron terror were totally inconceived and unpopular. Now that space of nationalism is fully and eternally taken over by the BJP. Your leaders will never be able to dent it by making visits at temples, rivers, etc. So please don’t waste time on it.
    The best way possible for the Congress would be to restart getting connected to the grassroots and work tirelessly for the people and the nation and groom genuine leadership from below.

  3. This was an election when voters chose not to be merely swayed by words (as in past elections) but weighed the words thrown at them against facts and truth. How could “Chowkidar CHOR hai” resonate NOW with them when they had enough intelligence and memory of the 10 years of UPA rule, when the then “Chowkidar”, working for the very same plaintiff, and monitored from a ‘remote’ control room, ‘allowed’ scams and scandals galore? How could voters , flocking to rallies expecting to hear what the new ‘Messiah’ was going to promise them to make their lives better than the here and now, listen and grasp the wild and unsubstantiated allegations of a LOOT in some strange and complicated thing called “Rafale”, repeated ad nauseam, for over six months? How could anyone believe that Modi had “STOLEN”, 30,000 CRORES (!) of THEIR money, and simply given it away to Anil Ambani, when they KNEW that, whatever he may be, Modi was as much a “Pillar of Integrity” as was Manmohan Singh? What was this “NYAY” thing which they could not even begin to understand, when under Modi, money was already pouring into their Bank accounts, while what the Congress ( and Rahul) was saying seemed unrealistic? ( Kahan se aayega paisa?) Why is Rahul Baba constantly only making FUN of Modiji and ridiculing him when he is not a bad man, and is NOT talking to US about what we are expecting from the Congress if we vote for them? “Aur yeh Priyankaji bhi aisa hi bol rahin hain? Koi nayi baat nahin”. Why are they asking Modi for proof of Balakot when everyone KNOWS that our Air Force has bombed buildings INSIDE Pakistan, something that we did NOT see or hear of before now? Why are they saying that Modi ‘allowed’ Mallya and Nirav to flee India when we can see that ONLY Modi’s government is doing everything to get these accused persons and others back to India? WHY ARE THEY ALL LYING ??? THESE and other questions, asked by the voters were not only NOT answered, but more calumnies were being heaped by the day on Modi, BJP, NDA and their party candidates. Where was the “Communication” between Congress and the voters? It was all, a one sided charge sheet all the time, without any evidence nor proof, and piled on with abuse, ridicule, cheap acronyms which common voters could not make head or tail of, and just WORDS, WORDS and WORDS. HOW could they NOT LOSE ???

  4. Rahul gandhi won the wainad seat congratulation to himselve.regreted for congress party can not be give good performance in 2019 election but ensure give rise good job in loksabha session for humanity corruption, unemployement cosipreacy.especialy i aspect to mr rahul gandhi he will become a nice gye and sustain themselve at loksabha session.

  5. Greetings, Congress failed to highlight major issues of demonization, gst, uffering of common man, they should have left the mudslinging to others and should have concentrated on explaining manifesto to common public.Secondly could have experimented to again project manmohan singh as pm candidate, uncorrupt, economist finance wizard,intellectualas opposition lacked a pm face against mr modi, they had nothing to loose looking at what is the result..public had no leadership face as alternative.thirdly rahul should have been inducted in ministry by mms govt in upa 2, alsp priyanka should have been brought in earlier as 2014 itself, lastly things cannot be taken for granted, maharaja culture does not work…we are all in que, if we dont take advantage the other in que will.wish all Indians peace and happiness

  6. Rahul Gandhi worked hard but if congress will keep president from Gandhi family every election will be fought dynasty vs poor naamdaar vs kaamdaar .I think both brother sister shoul work like Nehru communicating with masses .Let some other CEO like person run party later on after working on ground they can try for top post

  7. Lack of maturity, favouritism with in organisations, not concern on real issues, no trust bonding with public. Clear strategy on policy with nation interest first need to adopt.. Which is too far from Mr Gandhi and present Congress.

  8. Nobody shed tears over the assured/expected humiliating defeat of the Congress under the immature and certified incompetent Rahul Baba to lead the nation wide political organisation. It is beyond an iota of doubt that Rahul could invigorate Congress with his sophomore style and unending hegemony of the Gandhi family. Rank and file and voters would dither gradually. It won’t be a surprise if Rahul Baba stops accusing Modiji with manufacturing lies and levelling concocted allegations.that too putting foot in month.

    • What is manufactured lies? Modi favored Anil Ambani is a fact.. only thing is that voters are blindly following their leader, what anyone can do??

  9. How foolish congress people are….!!!
    Youbare commiting same mistake again and again. You are trying to make donkey, a lion.
    Hows that possible? Donkey is donkey and lion is lion. Both have different roles. I dont condemn donkey. With all due respect to this poor creature, I want to say that, How can a donkey exhibit the qualities of lion?
    You should find another lion.
    You are keeping family above the party and country. People are fried out with family. They dont want family they want quality. However introspection you do that is not useful when it is not honest. Introspection should be honest and unbiased. You have fooled the people. But one cannot fool the people perpetually. If you really change your attitude of ruling with selfless service and show it in your actions then people will accept you. Till now you (congress) have only thought about yourself and your family, then how can you expect people will keep you anymore on the throne. It is said that the history repeats. Time and again when the rulers have misused their powers and underestimated the power of people, they have ruined themselves.
    Congress should rise above family politics and such emotional drama, and give a chance to serve to those qualified and selfless people, irrespective of whatever background they come from. This is only antidote of the poison which party has teaken by betraying expectations of people.
    Only one power exists in this world and that presides over every other power is the power of selflessness. One who is truely selfless can shake the world, what to speak of a country!

  10. Rhis is a 5 year ritual farce by a party that is sinking like the titanic. Its footprint has diminished so much that its laughable to even call it a national party!
    It is said that the first step to solving a priblem is to realize that there is a problem- however cong loss after loss finds out some funny explanations for loss like nationalism, press, evm etc. They dont have the guts to say that “the emperor is without clothes!”… And the longer they take to find their courage and this farce of “offer to resign” and then a Bollywood-isque schmaltz of a story where “emotions” run high and then all is well- karan johar movie ending happens, the more this farce of a party gets pushed into oblivion… Next elections congress will be relegated into political history books if the sycophants of family keep appeasement for a family at this rate… They someone strong and tough who will rquse his/ her hand up and say I will lead this party and let the Gandhi’s be out of this. That is the only hope they have…Only if they have the GUTS to look at real issue. Otherwise- it happy cruising for BJP in 2024 too

  11. Rahul bhai mind it 100 crore hindu
    Don’t say ‘SECULAR, COMMUNAL’ again and again ,we are very tired to listen it,
    You don’t take very serious aboutRobert Vadra issue, nobody take very serious to Priyanka Gandhi because she is wife
    Of Vadera, and priyanka Gandhi’s attitude
    Showing ‘HOLE INDIA IS HER FATHERS PROPERTY’ why she engaged her son ,daughter and husband in her campaign,
    Rahul bhai first you have to take action
    Against your own family, stop priyanka and
    Her shashural out of business,

  12. According to me reasons for congress failure in 2019 elections are as under:-
    1. The BJP has already converted Parliament Elections to a presidential form of election. Opposition including UPA had not presented a alternative candidate to PM Narendra Modi. UPA constituent NCP and even congress leaders aired views that Rahul Gandhi may not be the natural choice for PM.
    2. BJP succeded in deciding the election narrative. Congress failed to counter it. Congress failed to highlight hundreds of soldiers died during the Modi Era, failed to highlight its past records of strong action against terrorists and neighbours hostile countries, creation of Bangladesh, hanging of Terrorists etc.,
    3. Failed to highlight that the country will be strong and secure under Congress Rule compared to BJP rule.
    4. Failed to assure the country that Congress Govt will ensure to purchase all 126 Rafale Fighter Jets and take steps to strengthen the military to protect the boarders.
    5. Failed to highlight the high petroleum price affecting large section of the middle class;
    6. NYAY scheme was flawed scheme, went against congress prospects. It would have created a country of lazy people and lack of work force for agriculture and small businesses. Instead minimum support income should have been offered to old aged persons, farmers under distress, government subsidy for wages paid to labourers in Farms and small businesses. This would have created workers and spurred the economy.
    7. Lack of booth workers. It is necessary to strengthen Congress at booth level. Every booth should have minimum 100 committed congress workers.
    8. Strengthen NSUI, Youth Congress, Mahila Congress, Seva Dal workers, Trade Union etc
    9. Do not fight with RSS. Have an alternate with Seva Dal workers in every booth touching the life of common people and helping and assisting them in all their difficulties. All leaders of other frontal organizations of congress should be part and parcel of Seva Dal.
    10. Assist Senior Citizens with higher rate of interest and life support. Have a separate wing of Congress for Senior Citizen in every ward ir booth.

  13. Congress party is the oldest party of India and it’s original glory should again be established in order to provide a balanced and alternate to BJP. Also having a strong alternate will enable to bury all the caste and religion based parties from this sub-continent once for all. To do this, it’s essential that the party is not held by any one family or becomes a family property at any time. So, the only solution is that the party should be handed over to young, sincere and honest leaders within like Scindia or pilot or Milind with one being the party president and the other leader in parliament with regular elections. There will be commotions within like it happened when the party split in late sixties and such oldies and corrupt ones sould be shown the door. The present ruling family can enjoy from behind as they have amazed enough wealth. The new leadership should weed out all corrupt and bring in a party discipline. With this, Congress will be able to get the support of its voters definitely in the future elections by strengthening its cadres at every level across the country. This would also help BJP to correct their mistakes.

  14. Rahul gandhi himself has not takeN forward his slogan as it appears, Bec he himself has lost in amethi. Is his family not concentrating on bringing their family members as party top brass and to contest elections. Is Congress party their family property ?

  15. For once Rahul has talked sense. The dead woods of the Congress, in the likes of Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh who will not be able to get their own votes, is not ready to listen to him. Both the points of looking beyond one family for leadership and Congress leaders seeking to place personal interest in the front and relegating party interest and national interest to the back are real introspection, which have not been deliberated in the meet. But his efforts pan India should be appreciated.

  16. This offer of resignation and its rejection by CWC is a stupid drama. What else can be expected from CWC that is loyal to the Gandhi family ? If he is a responsible leader, the wise thing to do is to resign and go just like what the party leaders to in other mature democracies like Australia. Once he is out, other capable leaders will come up. Bill Shorten in Australia did not wait to get the party to accept his resignation when he lost the election. Congress party in India has a long way to go to make it a responsible Democratic Party. Until they do so, this party stands as an obstacle in making India a great and mature democratic country.

  17. You can’t find a genuine candidates in Congress. Find a person from BJP . Hand over to him . Future fight will be BJP 1 vs BJP 2

  18. Rahul Gandhi has been the star campaigner for the BJP with his Rafael rant. He proved his idiocity each time he spoke. He also does not represnt the majority community. Lost the election to the biggest slayer Smriti irani. I think he should commit suicide then only the Congress has some chance.

  19. Whatever reason behind the set back occured in terms of election performance by congress party, the presence of both ms.priyanka and mr. Rahul could create a wave among the voters that a new goverment will come in to reign in centre. The ruling BJP even feared the chance of losing ground in power. However the tactics spplied by bjp at the 7th phase had made them to win the game. But the wave created by congress gave them a thrust to strengthen their campaign more effective to win the seats. Therefore taking in to consideration the effort of the part the leadership of the party by Gandhi family has strengthen the party ever more to win more seats .Therefore it relevant that the congress leadership should be in the hands of mr.Gandhi to be a figurative to the party at this hour.

  20. Neither defeat is permanent nor victory is eternal. Defeated is one who don’t have the courage to stand up after falling down. Its up to Congress if they have courage to stand up after falling down.

  21. 12 Crore Votes for the Cong??? and you guys are happy???? BJP’s registered memers number 11crore. BJP is an election winning machine…. For fsake. Cong is still in glory mode. To complicate things further…there is a tectonic shift of the voters towards hindutva above caste lines. This however may not last if the next 5 years doesn’t see development on other critical factors. We Hindus are BuddhiJeevis … We are an objective lot. Nobody likes the current faces in Cong. It’s unfair… but that’s the general sentiment. Completely different team to be projected. Rahul can be in the team but he must not be projected in a leadership position. Cong has to get into offensive mode for full 5 years not just 1 year before elections. Messaging cannot start just before elections.
    1. Massive membership drive… At least 15-20crore foot soldiers
    2. Fund raising
    3. Training and evangelization for entire 5 years.
    4. Media and personality management for entire 5 years
    5. Upcoming assembly elections strategy.
    5. Gag the idiot old farts. Create new noise voices.
    5. 2024 …. BJP wont have a strong Modi factor. He is visibly tired and may not be the X factor. Cong has a good chance to project strong alternative leadership by then.
    6. BJP will do all the right messaging, and national pride circus. Sattelites, Man on moon …all the right publicity.
    6. Sonia Gandhi must Retire.
    7. Priyanka must move to state politics. Work under Capt Amrinder and serve in his govt as a minister.

  22. Whatever or whose wave may be, but for sure it is an unrepairable situation for the Congress, if some body feels still some hope is left to for this party to come back, presently which is on VENTILATOR, let somebody take the leadership ( apart from FAMILY), so can survive without position

  23. FIRST RAGA should come clean in all cases against the GANDHI and VADRA family.A govt servant is punished without any promotion in case they have a case against him or her.In the same way RAGA should quit all posts till all cases are cleared.
    All old Guards who are interested in Grooming their sons should be chucked out of the party.
    All congress leaders if they have a charge should not be given any charge should not be given any post.
    He should have quit instead of offer I g to quit.
    Dissent should be allowed within the party meeting and solution is to given by the person dissenting.
    Real inner party democracy to be introduced at all levels.

  24. 12 cr people did not Vote out of love for Gandhy family. They didn’t have a choice. Perhaps more people would have voted Congress if Rahul Gandhy was not leading.

  25. Sir, I can feel what Mr. Rahul Gandhi going through. But I don’t like Mr. Chitambarm what he has said to console him like ” South India ” is with him. Is this the right way to uplift sprit of Rahul Gandhi. In this situation also their mind set is not changed, always thinking about how to dived and rule policy mind set. In this way they divided Andhra Pradesh also, the newer teach lesson from their faults. ” Jai Hind”

  26. Being a Congress supporter I am extremely disappointed with the results. The grand party lost because they under estimated the might of Modi. They were focussing on only trying to belittle Modi and find flaws with him. They were stuck up on GST which has indeed proved a success after a rocky start. They were again focusing on demeaning digital India. Technology which is the next best thing. Whether we like it or not it is coming and we need to embrace it. Digital India coupled with opening bank accounts only empowers the poor as they have more access to banking and can save their money in banks which not only earns them interest but also enables them to get loans at lower rates from these banks thus restructuring their modes of finance and less reliance on money lenders who charge exorbitantly in turn making these farmers fall in a debt trap. This was something that Congress:more so somebody educated like MMS should have done but he was unfortunately only a puppet. They demeaned Demonitization which again was a good move but planned badly. They focussed ONLY on the Rafale scam which is absurd as it is just one scam that the Modi government has been held accountable for unlike the dozens that Congress has been. People were tired heating about the same thing time and again. Rahul should have spent sometime developing Amethi which has only progressed now and that is evident from verdict of results as they have seen the difference which is viable easily if one goes and sees. As an Indian first (than a Congress supporter) I value progress more than just faces and promises and that was what happened which cost Rahul. His sister comes out as his ace card who is otherwise not involved in the business at all ONLY during elections time. C’mon we are not fools. Don’t show us somebody who only looks and dresses like Indira. Well she can only look like, dress like and talk like Indiraji but she isn’t and more so her arrogance of response –Who is she when asked her about Smriti Irani has cost them heavily. The river Ganga has been cleaned, much more than before, more insurgents have been killed in J&K and more countries have allowed Indians to visit them with visas on arrival. More IIT and IIMs and more FDI has come in, more nationalism and more electrification of villages. All these are realities and the result of hard work of Modi. These have reaped results and again I say, as an Indian that is what I want first and I respect those who do things than only talk. Just talking about Hindutva and taking up issues over minorities being insecure is not going to help when you can see in Varanasi, Patna, Delhi and other bastions where Muslims have voted for Modi as they see ground level growth. Congress is just a family party and now I think it’s time to hand over reins to somebody who can do some real work over somebody who will just talk and that too talk nonsense half the time. That is not who I support that’s not what I voted for. I voted for them basis on faith I had on them to do things than just talk and they should have done that atleast in states they were in power. Doling out money isn’t going to work all the time. Modesto your article states how Media is controlled by Modi. Well if Media was controlled by Modi then wouldn’t he want to give interviews, press conferences as they would tilt the questions only to suit him which is clearly visible when a talk show on NDTV is on and the way somebody like Sambit Patra is treated over a Randeep Sujrewala and media like India Today, The Quint, Mumbai Mirror, CNN IBN- even Mukesh Ambani endorsed Congress over BJP as well as Alt News and The Hindu. I used to get immense pleasure reading and watching these channels relentlessly targeting Modi but it was his focus on work than focussing attention on these petty details that won me over and that’s a leader I wish to see Rahul as and not the one he is now.

  27. Mr. Rahul Gandhi should show maturity by sticking to his decision of stepping down as a mark of respect to the party, the people who voted him and the country.
    He will make himself a laughing stock and truly a Pappu if he succumbed to glib tongue of the sycophants.
    Decency demands that he should hand over the charge to CWC and free himself from any party post.

    By remaining as president he is providing sustenance to Modimaniacs. They are engaged full-time in defaming and diminishing him by bringing all kinds allegations.
    After his British citizenship row they found out that he was a Catholic Christian. They
    are unearthing his forgotten past.
    In view of this he should recede into background rather keep stealing the limelight for all wrong reasons.

    He made a matured statement that the party be led by someone from outside of the family.

    Mr. Rahul should know that the family is used by a handful of evil minded people in furthering their business.

  28. Pay it for bifurcating the state of Andhra Pradesh for your political reasons.All Ap people are enjoying your failure

  29. Resign and handover to new president all the money collected as party fund. Do not interfere thereafter. Only this will enable the congress to rise again.

  30. There is a variety of Indian electoral process and fulfilment that mist be followed by party at the center , Congress had been forefront in Indian independence movement and its overall development but now it’s time is paused and this humiliation defeat may help it rise back from ashes.

    As Jndia is land of opportunities since the last millennia and congress needs to reinvent and retrospect and gets it best foot forward before taking any new decision but it’s policy of divide and rule must come to end once and for all, this is must and should, if it again follows this principle for any state or central elections that may be death knell for it.

    First Nd foremost learning it has to by hearth.

    Gone r times of British , European we r back to ground zero we were always a hub of opportunities for countries and we r ourselves knowledgeable to get ourselves best deals.

  31. As a common man from south ,except RAHUL other senior leaders never indulged in making strengthening the party .it was open and transparent in Karnataka . RAHUL tried His best but His subordinates played a low key .the. discipline was missing . In Tamil nasi alone DMK had took Congress on it’s shoulders especially in Karur The Duo Jothi Mani and DMK’s Aravakurichi by election candidate for state assembly SENTHIL BALAJI did the wonder to oust ADMK’s strong Man Thambi Durai .kudos to Jothi and SENTHIL BALAJI.

  32. Ruhul ghandhi is good person and sincere.. But we need strong leader.. Who can connect with indian public

  33. Rahul Gandhi Did the best to ensure Form a goverment no regret all the seat had neck to neck fight congress have Ample of votes a big majority
    a billion people voted for congress count the votes if you can .No regret for his campain
    People should have given one chance to Rahul gandhi as Pm

    • I completely agree.Till a large percentage don’t like modi .He is a good statesman but he is very divisive during election campaign

  34. I have no ill feelings towards voters. As usual, they followed leaders who explained the situation best to them.

    I feel betrayed by my candidates who have proved to be selfish, greedy, lazy and arrogant. They took their position for granted. They thought that this time also, as usual, by spending money the can buy votes and win election after election. They showed no respect for the intelligence and thinking capacity of voters. And they showed absolutely no concern for the country and people.

    My candidates are far more petty minded, silly, stupid and uneducated than the average Indian. Through many years in power and privilege, their arrogance has de-schooled them. They did not understand that this election was to save the soul of the country and give security and identity to every indian citizen.

    I am not saying this because I am a Christian or Muslim or Dalit or Adivasi. I am not saying this because I am poor or rural. Any change in the nature of our country or character of our people will negatively impact EVERY ONE OF US. The rich and the majority may not understand this now. That is why these matters need to be discussed an debated during election campaigns.

    It is not a “Modi wave” that made them lose. Of course the BJP campaigned — they were not in the contest to have fun. Of course they created a Modi wave. Just like everyone else created a Bhenji wave and Didi wave.
    Why didn’t my candidates create a “Congress wave”?

    They lost because they did not go out and EDUCATE the people on the bigger issues. Not a single one of them explained that this election was to choose the kind of country/society we want to live in. My candidates did not place a clear choice before the voters. Not a single one of them explained the Manifesto. I seriously doubt if they themselves studied the Manifesto.

    A national election is not about local problems, caste or community. It is not to settle personal enmities. Voters are not fools. They know how to see these issues separately.

    My candidates did not put the nation/people first. They projected only themselves — how great they are in their own eyes. Voters saw how silly they were, and rejected them. That’s all. Plain and simple.

    For them, “Booth management” was just making sure that their “bribes” to voters reach properly.

    This is because they didn’t care. They knew that even if the nation/people suffer, nothing will happen to them, personally. Their wealth and their distance from day to day living will protect them.
    They are wrong. Such protection through living in ivory towers is only temporary. Only whe EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN is free from fear and insecurity can each individual be safe.

    I feel betrayed by my candidates.

    • I can feel that Congress workers have been letdown by their leaders. But Congress workers should also ask themselves why they accept a leader imposed on them. Why not put pressure for change of leadership at top as BJP workers had done in case of Modi taking over from Advani. Think about it why Congress workers can’t agree on a name to replace Rahul Gandhi. Problems are everywhere in Congress. Each one is blaming the other. Some one has to take lead like Modi had done in BJP.

    • You say you don’t belong to any cadre or class or section, but still glorify the Congress party. Can the party at this stage be a viable alternative?

    • I totally agree with you Mr. Ram, also I would like to add on to the point why the South India won the majority for Congress. We have been traditionally under the mindset of Congress, Communist and AIADMK, plus our main focus was on development. The people of South India we always dejected by the Central government and the coming of Mr. Rahul Gandhi has been a clear indication that he understands and acknowledges the fact that this disparity needs to be resolved.

      Now as part of the campaigns, I personally observed that the PM Mr. Modi and his team has been very unprofessional and unethical in his campaign as he has been targeting the Gandhi Family which by far has been portraying a literally downgraded in front of the International community. Mr. Rahul Gandhi on the other hand always took the matter in a more professional perspective. This is a clear sign that Mr. Rahul Gandhi has indeed grown up a lot. Dear Mr. Rahul, the whole of South India acknowledges your growth, and we also understand that you have gained a lot of experience in developing a professional political views.

      It indeed is difficult to learn such an unprofessional method of politics which the current ruling party has adopted, however know this, sometimes when one aspires for victory, it may not be attained just immediately. It does take a lot of time and effort is uniting the whole of the Congress Party members and bringing then under one focus. But WE can assure you that one day the nation will respect and acknowledge your leadership. Yes you may be right by saying that the Congress President may not be from a Gandhi Family, but I think its time that you bring in the Gandhi Legacy of Leadership into action to unite the whole of India and take them to Glory!”

  35. Just stop fooling people. Shame on Rahul Gandhi,his family and Congress who always script drama of resignation after election debacle of 2014 and 2019 . It’s a family business for Gandhi to cling to the power and befooling the party cadre and public. Rahul Gandhi and family are shameless only focus on scams . It’s a shame that Congress doesn’t have another leader out of this dynasty. Of course leader should not be like ManMohan Singh who has left the party with legacy of series of scams and highly ineffective governance.

  36. The ritual farce that is enacted is so depressing and predictable. Surprised media pays so much attention to this stale drama.

  37. Congress seems to be not looking beyond one family. They have been carefully planned not to have an independent organization structure without this family. Even the so called Harvard’s and IIT’ians are slaves to this system. When they cannot change themselves how can they do for the country. Second most important point which came to limelight during this campaign is their attitude towards countrymen. They think they are Lords and all others are poor. Only when a new generation people without this family background and one who take pride in our culture, can make change.

  38. People are watching with interest how Congress reacts to its very poor performance in 2019 election and Rahul Gandhi’s repeated failure to become matured politician who would have sensed not to attach Modi with manufactured corruption in Rafale and specifically the repetition of Chokidar Chor Hai . Rahul Gandhi has still not assured Indian people that he is a responsible leader who wants to dedicate himself to the cause of India. Rahul Gandhi leaving politics if it can happen, would be a boon to Congress for reinventing itself. If Rahul Gandhi continues to lead, Congress future may remain bleak for unknown period to come.

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