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You did not elect a leader to make stunning speeches: NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar

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In this excerpt from his book ‘The Free Voice’, NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar explains why a dissenting citizen is the real strength of a democracy. 

In recent times a new trend has emerged among citizens. Putting their unqualified trust in the leader they submerge themselves and their aspirations in him completely. This is not a good thing. When a voter merges in the leader, he is no longer the people, or even a voter. He is merely the dust swept up by a windstorm.

The power that resides in the people must not be frittered away. Be a film star’s fan, or cricketer’s, but never be a politician’s fan. Respect him, but don’t be so hypnotized by his words that you forget to evaluate his work and hold him to the promises he makes. You did not elect him or her to make stunning speeches. Your mandate was for social and economic well-being. Your loyalty, on a personal level, can be towards any leader and any political party. There is also no problem at all if you are a party worker. But as long as you consider yourself a citizen of the country, your conduct should be that of a citizen’s. The task of demanding answers, with impartiality and without prejudice, is yours, and overrides any obligation to an organization. If you behave like the agent of a political party or a religious or cultural organization, you will destroy this democracy. It is your responsibility that after you vote a party into power, you step back and become impartial once more. If you think something is right, and good, call it so; and if something is wrong, call it wrong, too.

We are already suffering the consequences that follow the erosion of our status as citizens, for which we, too, must share the blame. We are living in a perpetual state of uncertainty, wondering about the safe limits within which we can air our differences with authority, without ‘becoming’ or being branded a dissenter. It has become a pattern that the person one is talking to is invariably at pains to clarify, no, I am not a dissenter. My response to that is, so what if you are? I understand if you say you are not krodhi (resentful), I respect that, but why feel ashamed of calling yourself a virodhi (dissenter)? Is it written anywhere in our shastras that having an opposing point of view is prohibited? Truth be told, if you say you are not an objector, you are ranged against democracy. If you have a different point of view, say you are a dissenter. Post ten things on Facebook daily and say openly, ‘Yes, I have a difference of opinion.’ Being an objector is no crime.

If we are not vigilant about our rights in a democracy, it does not matter how much Bournvita and Chyavanprash we consume. It is time to stop looking for all sorts of excuses for our ‘lack of strength’, or powerlessness, and face the reality that this enfeeblement of citizens has come about because we have abandoned dissent and turned to supplication. There’s a world of difference between the two. The process of supplication is quite similar to the act of propitiation typical of a bhakt, a devotee—the gods are angry, they need to be placated; they are bound to hear us eventually, all we have to do is draw their attention towards us.

Take the trader-business fraternity of Surat which kept up its demonstrations against demonetization and GST for almost six months in 2017, suffering considerable economic losses in the process. I observed them quite closely. Whenever and wherever they came out to demonstrate, their numbers were impressive. However, and this is the interesting bit, instead of protesting, they were adopting a posture of entreaty. The Surat traders were putting forward their demands as devotees sing Sai bhajans, in full rhyme. Nowhere were any slogans raised. Cries of ‘zindabad’, ‘murdabad’, ‘ho barbaad’ are so commonplace in a democracy that they are hurled at politicians all the time, without a moment’s hesitation. But no such slogans were heard in the markets and streets of Surat. Only the number of bodies suggested there was a kind of protest going on. When we no longer remain the people, we are reduced to being just numbers. The movement had no impact whatsoever.

The way the traders saw it, their movement failed because the Union finance minister did not pay heed to their demands. In reality, their inability to see themselves as citizens was the sole reason for their campaign’s failure.

Some time ago in Delhi I received a phone call from a lady who told me that alarmed by the rising levels of pollution in the city she had been spurred into action. Now she wanted me to highlight the issue of pollution in my show and mention her work as well. She was convinced that if ten or fifteen television news channels highlighted her endeavour, which involved school children as well, it would have an impact. I pointed out to her that the serious problem of pollution was receiving steady coverage already. If her efforts were not having the desired impact, she needed to re-examine her approach. The lady thought I was a pessimist. I urged her to continue her efforts and never give up, to which she said, ‘We are protesting so hard. All I want is to draw the attention of the prime minister.’

So there it was again—entreaty; supplication. Sing bhajans at the supreme leader’s door till he turns his attention to you, if at all, and deigns to solve your problem, if he can at all. Approach the prime minister as a citizen, I wanted to tell her. If it is a bhakt you want to be, there is an elaborate system of crores of gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion. If perchance you are unable to locate the nearest deity, worship a tree. Hinduism can be liberal that way.

Excerpt from ‘The Free Voice’ has been published with permission from Speaking Tiger.

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  1. Ravish kumar is just another anti national who is trying to garner support of all other Traitors to defame our beloved PM.
    1 advice for rascal ravish is to focus on his journalism rather than pulling Modi on every trivial issue because it shows your perochial mindset

  2. mr. ravish have u ever raise voice aginst who tells bharat tere tukde honge or the problem of kashmeeri pandits, security forces who also comes from poor family and are not landlords why killed by maoist. its my advice mr Ravishyou should shun all anti national activities and criticize all killing irrespective of cast and relogion atleast that much
    brain you may be having
    so plz dont think we indian people sitting as a duck.

  3. Joining of one of my relative was long pending. Thanks to Ravish Sir for highlighting agonies of unemployed youths.

  4. He talks on everything under sun. Why not talk about Cong MLA’s thrashing of a citizen for no reason in Bangalore. He has so much sympathy to Judge loya why no word about stabbing of Locations judge in Bangalore yesterday. Because karnataka is run by his party. Stupid clown. Whom is he fooling by so called intelligent talk. Does he support mounibaba remote controlled by Italian lady. Sick of this rubbish kumar

    • BJP looted the whole country, and because of Modi’s wrong decision like demonizing 100 people died who is accountable for this and you are talking about one man

  5. U must see him in the corner – 2019
    And that is the only beauty of loktantra
    U sir is the only true 4th pillar
    Ur daring attitude is inspiration to all of us

  6. Its interesting,but onething i just want to add is that if your policies are robbery in the name of development,without doing ground work on micro levels,all your good work will be eaten by big fish.All intelectuals ,salary holders do not know ground situation so they will support till they are losing job.

  7. I agree. A leader is neither elected for self praise and self glorification using public money and forcing media to do so.

  8. To all those who have spoken against the writer here: There is dissent within you. The only issue is, it’s misdirected. A day will come when you will realize this. You’ll not score any brownie points here.
    Modi is not an act of God. He is human like you and me. Point out his good and more importantly, his bad qualities. That’s how he will become a better leader. A person who opposes positive criticism is self inflicting isolation.
    Let me offer a simple hypothetical scenario. Let Modi ji allow an interview with Ravish ji. All your questions, apprehensions, frustrations will be put to rest.

  9. Great Ravish sir you are really awakening the people of India, nobody has courage and boldness as you, this quality makes you distinguished let bhakts speak.

  10. The difference between sheep and humans is humans don’t follow idiocy blindly. The difference between fans and worshippers (bhakt) is a fan will hold his hero accountable for every stupidity he commits, and ensure that the devotion he throws on the hero is not confused for license to be a jerk. Politicians, cricketers, film stars – understand this. Your fans are not here to tolerate your idiotic behaviour. They are here to keep you on the straight and narrow. Bhakts have no rules, they pretty much act like sheep at best of times, and other low IQ animals at worst.

  11. Ramesh. . Do you still want to continue as a journalist after seeing these comments. Nowadays nobody trust media people like you. Gone were the days we had level-headed journalist in the media houses.

  12. Looking at the comments,. realized how smart and intelligent indians are. This is why India is amongst the most developed countries

  13. If common man of pre independence had not merged in Leader like Gandhi India would not have achieved freedom.The energy of youth India looks up to leaders like Modi who has a new vision for India and when they believe and merge with the country leadership the New Super India may emerge.We in India suffer from the crab culture in all walks of life and the media has taken in the cudgels of becoming Advisors and Judges whereas their job is to report without any prejudice or bias.

  14. Ravish sir thanks again for opening the eyes of crowd. Public likes masaala which Mr. Modiji has in plenty. Public has different different interest from govt you cannot fullfil. You are doing your duty that’s all. My Son always listen you and became topper in political science in his college.

  15. what was this asshole doing when congress was destroying India everyday and people voted the gandhi family for not working but because of their family.Why didnt this moron speak then

  16. Currently we hv no other option. Mr Ravish pl form a party and fight election or nobody will hear your voices

  17. True reflection of what is happening.!!!
    Everything is planned including the TV debates in most of the channels to divert the people attention from real people issues. Lets see how long this will continue. Only People’s rejection in election in the only answer by not falling into divide and rule politics.

  18. Ha…ha….ha…Look who is commenting. I think u are no less than the Britishers/Europeans who thought the white man can do wrong and are full of grey matters qualifying them to comment on each and everything. Please respect the peoples opinion…why do u think that u are a saint. If u want people not to follow their leaders blindly….u first raise slogans against NDTV for foreign exchange “Heraferi”. It is interesting to note that soon after NDTV was raided for foreign exchange violation u became hyper and revolutionary ????

  19. Ravish..the infamous Konsa jaat hai re Thu guy was a pathological Modi RSS hater and his veins are full with Con/naxal/commie bias…..He didn’t had the spine to tell his mastarani who ruled from MMSs backdrop…He don’t have spine when Hindus are butchered by commies..he don’t have spine when women were raped by the do called peacefuls…really appalling

  20. Raveesh is a known Modihater as Modi has made all his AKAs meaningless.
    Best thing is to TOTALLY ignore him…like one should totally ignore Leftism

  21. Rightly said. Blind followers outnumber sane thinkers. The educated populace must reflect more rationally. We need people to question governance. Marching to poll booths must be vindicative and not just another chore. We need original intelligence and not artificial intelligence. God save India.

  22. People of this country have become hypocrite, complacent and naive, and supremely selfish. As blind followers of the ruling establishment and like the ruling establishment they put the blame of all ills at the doorsteps of the Congress. But which one ill of the past regime has Modi’s govt put in system? They are unable to spell out. A guy from Tripura has not spelt out a single instance of wrong he has suffered at the communist party, but he has a vacuous grudge. These blind bhakts don’t see through the “deceit” of the Modi govt.The way Modi is doing nothing for the poor, but is letting the looters loot the country with the help of the Judiciary. Judiciary didn’t allow a probe into Modi’s personal corruption case in the Sahara diaries and Aditya Birlas case! Judiciary didn’t go deep into the matter of Corruption in Asthana’s appointment!nor in CVC’s appointment! They don’t want the death of Judge Loya’s death case to be investigated. Bhakts don’t know the implications of these injustices in the long run for democracy. They don’t know what is democracy and the role of a system in it!

  23. Mr. Ravish so much hate Mr Modi that in doing so he starts hate to our democracy and nation. He try to show in his programs and speeches that after bjp/ modi govt things started bad. I m 61 yrs old n have seen all the govt be it cong or third front or bjp. The present tenure of Modi govt in my opinion is the best and as PM also Modi is the best. But Ravish has another view. Its ok.
    He never talks of NPA of cong regime, never talks of rss workers murders in kerala wb n tripura, never talks of benefits of aadhar, always speak anti modi. Speak in favour of Gauri, Kanhaiya, jignesh, Khalid, Hardik etc. But never in favour of Bhagwat, Tipani, Manohar Lal or even for Indian army. This is his mindset. He always think he is a great philospher and he is always right. Seems he want to enter in politics.

  24. Designer journalist, full of hatrate, sadistic, fault finder, but never talked against Lalu, Chidu, Kanhaia, Khalid or any scamgress.Passing time on TV. Earning a lot.. with no accountability. Wrong thing indoctrinated in his childhood. Nothing can be done. We have to see him ,we have to listen him, we have to read him.

  25. Supreme court ke judges kehrahe hai democracy khatre Mai history Mai pehli Baar huva.mujhe samajhmai aata ke ab India Mai sirf tanashahi jaisa mahool cha Gaya.election Mai haar ya Jeet jati waad ka hissa Bankar rehgaya.har taraf logo Mai nafrat failai jarahi hai.india Mai Shanti bachi he nahi.insani Jaan ki koi kimat nahi rahi.desh Mai bade bade ghotale hote hui bhi log chup hai.banko se public ka paisa cheenliya jata kya horaha hai aur aage kya honga.

  26. I think you were with NDTV for many years.We have not seen you in such a wild form ever.I think you are simply misusing the freedom of speech.I have doubt in your mental health.Don’t taunt the common people as bhakt.NDTV please maintain standard don’t depute drama actor in your prime time.

  27. How subjective Ravish! A journalist needs to bring out facts and options available and then leave it to the public to make sure demonization ide/exercise. But, you have been going personal, forgetting journalists’ dharma. People do see through you and they are losing the kind of respect they had for you. What you are saying may be right. But, why always against Modi? What opinion do you have for others like Lalu and leaders you like. Why don’t you analyze other leaders and bring out the best to you lead the country. You are trying to bring in negativity in the society. Don’t lose balance.

  28. It’s clear that in this article RavishKumar is being systematic trolled by BJP cadres. The barrage of 98% negative comments against the article is not representative of Modi’s popularity and smells of a systematic approach to shout down Mr Ravish Kumar.
    And since when did ‘secular’ become a bad word? Sad. Very sad.
    Ravish Kumar has merely asked the electorate not to be blinded and swayed by Mr. Modi’s oratory, but to objectively evaluate his successes and failures, promises kept and promises where he failed to deliver. Let us not forget that the ‘presstitutes’ (what an ugly, cheap and horriblly disgusting term, coined by BJP’s press advisors),have always brought the Congress’s sins of omission, commission (and some of even fabrication), to the fore in the past. It was precicely because of the press that the congress was shown the door and our PATRIOTIC leader ( incidentally, Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, or have you never heard that phrase?) was allowed to take over office. Why shouldn’t Mr. Modi be subject to the same level of questioning and scrutiny that the Congress government was? Has he been given some divine protection that you people feel so offended if some one questions him? And why doesn’t he ever answer to the questions posed to him, instead of jumping into an airplane and rushing to the first country that will have him?
    Mr. Ravish Kumar is merely asking you to question, to demand answers, to not let the PM forget his promises. To play the great game of democracy to the hilt and not just roll over and get your bellies scratched with nice sounding sound bytes and clever word play.

  29. Idiotic and schychotic are two coins you are heading since Modi come to power. Don’t think people always think what you wish to do. They seen more than 60 years of gandhi family CONgress misrule in India as nation. Nobody except your Jnu brigade and commies and NDtv adhere your advice and provocation.

  30. The irony today is not the politicians the irony today is your cadrevof Journalists who have made a mockery of democracy. Freedom of speech can’t be disguised with abusive talks which you have also got indulged in to. Problem is from being a journalist you and your cadrevof of people have started thinking as Judges and lawmakers of the country as if what you say is only right. I think the results from NE are standing example to which side the wind is blowing…..needless to mention the day you will start presenting news with facts instead if your biassed judgement things will improve for sure in this country. Because of you we are ashamed of our country in foreign land

  31. Right advice but it’s an expartee one, please do your job honestly don’t give up,I think you are a coward one but telling be bravo is not correct,row your boat in this sea of corruption lying in system and netas, evaluate them.jai Bharat and Jai Ram ji.

  32. It is very easy to criticise. Ravish you should once compare the era of left and lala with today’s modi era. And pls tell the conclusion on our TV program. I am from Bihar and I know that what is contribution of lalu era in making bihari as an abuse. You also felt in your time but u can’t say it since u got earning from leftist.

  33. In this age of paid journalism you are really an exception. Our motherland require such brave man to save democracy. Please keep it up
    May god bless you.

  34. ravish ikumar is the same product of anglicized Indians He has preaching in Hindi and writing the book in English because englicised people has a phobia against any goodness of India,Hence no will take care of his writing except those are dogales..Most= of the commentators are of the same category

  35. An intellectual terrorist out of stock now making a foolish claim? I mean Indian vote for speech and go hungry? Comeon wake up talk about the truth otherwise, you will be jobless soon as you wrote earlier lettet to pm for trolling on your vendetta

  36. Ravishkumar has now only realized that people should protest against Shri Narendra Midi, PM of this great nation. He is not able to digest the way NaMo is conducting the programmes of the Govt and the last nail on his head was given by Tripura people. His ideology backed by Congress is not winning the election. So just to vent his frustration he is writing all nonsense which have no takers.

  37. Yes, great write up. We are too passive. In a land of no absolutes,we are taught to tolerate. This is unacceptable. Why should I accept the rubbish or inefficiency or untruth. Yes we can be patient and be a caring dissident..we too have ideas and suggestions..we need to be heard. Citizens ought to be watchdogs of political system and call them to be accountable.

  38. Your personal attack on Modi is nothing new. Your problem is you think citizen of India (as for you mostly Hindus) are foolish and they have no understanding of politics and failed to diffreciat. You are doing your job not on facts but on narratives. For i. e at the time of Bihar elections as per you everything was very fine in Bihar (education is best) and whenever Nitish Kumar switched off to NDA every thing become ugly.

  39. So, contrary to the impression Ravish creates on his show, his book as the title shows, there is space and scope for “Free Voice”, it’s just that “we” lack courage or conviction or both or may be merit to make our voice heard. Why does he and a few others like him then go on tom tomming that it’s because of intolerance and suppression of freedom of speech. He anyway looks morose and complaining all the time that nothing ever seems to be going right in this country, particularly under Modi.. Sorry, but he should stop confusing ranting and whining with “Free Voice”..

  40. So, basically Ravish wants us to protest and demonstrate. That is what you are good at Ravish. Putting ghee in the havan is this journalist’s main job. He wants the public at large to come on the streets and protest against Modi.
    Why not he joins any Anti Modi party instead?

  41. One more leftist hypocrite crying because his boss is out of business…he never uttered a word during congress regime…nor is he talking about Karti karnama…it is not Ravish but the leftist idealogy we nees to defeat.

  42. From full frontal attacks on the PM to being on the defensive and now to blaming the public for not picking up cudgels and being submissive..
    This has been the transition that has happened in the life and times of Ravish since May 2014..
    From his own narration of the two incidents – traders of Surat and the lady in Delhi – it is clear that people may be facing hardships, but among the available options they trust only one who can help them tide over..
    The situation is turning similar to what it was in pre independence era when whatever Gandhi ji said, however absurd it may seem was always right..
    So Ravish need not be alarmed..
    As far as his personal battle is concerned the only salvation is to shun the microphone, don the neta hat and try his luck in the elections .
    Its not a wild suggestion, look at Yogendra Yadav, Ashutosh..
    So Ravish go for it – the final showdown..

  43. ravish kumar beta you brave man putting your voice so high and asking people to be brave and come farward and ask the leaders to work far the country with honesty. jai hind

  44. Funny fellow ! Talks of democracy and people having a choice, but if people do not create a ruckus and talk of Muradabad etc, out of their own free choice, this joker is disappointed. So much for being a “democrat”. A professional rabble rouser and part of hold-India-back brigade leftist with deep Congress looting DNA.

  45. Dont advice us on whom to elect or to vote for. Do ur job as a journalist. Seems mr ravish has turned advisor to people too.

  46. I don’t know if my comment will leave any impact or not. But then again as Mr Ravish has suggested we should voice our opinion, so here i’m leaving a comment. Mr Ravish, you gave a nice example of the lady trying to get the attention of the PM, and the excerpt you wrote after that was nice too. But do you know, what the funny thing is, i have been trying to get your attention for a long time to have an one on one conversation, but you don’t reply either. Then again who am i to judge you, after all you are the most knowledgeable scholar of the modern time (all puns intended).
    I agree with you on many aspects, and i respect that you advocate for freedom of speech. So let me ask you something, have you ever lived under a communist regime? I think not, i don’t think you ever set foot in Tripura (thats where i’m from by the way).
    You hate the PM for some reason, i don’t know. But its your choice completely to love or to hate someone. But in hating the PM you are doing exactly the things that you advocate against. You are so deep in your hatred that you seem to forget that the PM is not Harry Potter but only a human, and he came to power after a party ruled by one family ravaged this country for 6 decades. And you expect him to somehow magically vanish all the problems. You are so deep in hatred for him that keep on forgetting the fact that the leftist ideology that you so much believe is nothing but an illusion. You criticize the steps taken by the govt, and that is a good thing, and criticism is necessary else we would have anarchy but at the same time you keep on forgetting the positive wirk that the government is doing. I don’t know why this keep on happening to you. I would recommend you read the newspaper every morning, that should help you.
    “I would request the The Print to get this message to Ravish Kumar”.

  47. As expected bhaktas rushed to abuse the writer. This slave mind set is the strength of modi. Why do North Indians blindly support mode that i donnot understand.

  48. Sirji, kabhi to khul ke bolo apane boss mr. Roy ke bare me. Janta ko acha lagega. Batao retalyion kya hai roy, ndtv aur left me.
    I was a great fan of you once. But, aur nahi.
    Main khush hoon ki aap mauj le rahe hai.

  49. Armchair critics like Ravish kumar conveniently forget, it is one thing to sit cozily and comment and a different thing altogether to govern a nation.People will ultimately answer which is good or bad for them and are not fools to be swayed by irrelevant things said in media.
    The very fact day in and day out a personality is a subject matter for negative propaganda in itself is enough to conclude the nervousness of all who are happy with status quo and jittery about changes that are seen and which are going to be seen in future.
    Those who profess change are themselves afraid and confused about the impending change……

  50. Wow, all this great wisdom arose in Mr. Ravish Kumar’s brilliant brain just now? I don’t know how old he is but then by 2014, I presume he was an adult and wonder why “there was nothing inside”!

  51. Great work ravish sir… Your words really inspires. The unbiased and most fearless person in media industry. May all citizens of our country understand this .

  52. we know whom we have elected and what is happening we dont need your unsolicited speak on behalf of entire electorate country has seen several such oversmart jounalists t v anchors


  54. This presstitute seems to say that Modi was elected ONLY because he speaks well, and further implying the previous Government did work and didn’t loot and ruin the country, which is ok for this writer???? !!!!

  55. Mr. Ravish Kumar can get himself elected and and join public life. It is very easy to criticize from outside. He is conveniently silent about the rot imposed on the country in the last 70 years. In 1947, on economic parameters, China and India were at par. See the difference now. The great Ravish would say India has got democracy. But does India have real democracy? We are having dynastocracy. Otherwise the poster boy of Ravish would not have said in USA that India runs on dynasty. So Mr. Ravish, stop pontificating.

    • You are right, if BJP Sending people like malaya, Lalit Modi, neerav Modi, and spoiled the Nation with big time corruption, no one should ask question or raise voice against BJP, What happened to Modi’s promise 2 crore rozgar, 15Lakh in account, swatch Bharat, he is a big time lier

  56. Like every journalist with ethics, Ravish is right in questioning the government. For a journalist, it has to be the government in place that has to be examined, held accountable and more stress has to be added in doing so. The government at the center certainly needs to get the center stage and most questions should be pointed at it. What’s the point in questioning the opposition or ridiculing them when they have little or no say in any policies that are brought or implemented during the tenure of the current government. It can never be called a biased viewpoint unless the writing endorses a particular party, person or ideology. Ravish is by far, one of the best journalists India has got who analyze stories that are issue based and not biased.

  57. Are you talking about dynasty be it national or regional party. Where were you all these years when India was ruled by dynasty. What about in Media. Dont say media is all fine.

  58. When you calls lvotersers who voted bjp as bhakts in derogatory manner, you lose the right to approach them as a genuine journalist you have alienated yourself from bjp voters and lost your credibility

  59. Ravish on one hand you seem to be saying voice of protest n dissent is being muzzled and at the same time you are protesting and dissenting but your voice is audible loud and clear without being muzzled. So think what you r writing do not contradict yourself..You are a man of high intellect

  60. This typical born leftist talks only of rights.Never ever educate people that rights does not come from vacuum-onefirst perform his duties before expecting any right.

  61. Salute to Ravish Kumar for his Honest hard hitting article on how weak and helpless we all including me have become
    Even the most well read intelligent educated people are still Idolising a man who has not kept asingle promise since 4 years of absolute majority to do GREAT FOR INDIANS AND INDIA
    Alas if we don’t wake up now it will be too late to SAVE BHARAT MAATA from fundamentalists

    • Obviously you have not grasped the facts or the obvious insinuation that the corrupt congress was better, in his opinion, than an honest hard-working capable PATRIOTIC nationalist! Plus he implies that we the voters are fools!

      • That you will see soon in 2019. Lets see how Modi’s chance of reelecting or coming with reduced seats and form collation Govt with Telugu Desam, Shiv Sena, Akali to blackmail and pull the next government down. Down fall of BJP is imminent. Modi was never better than Atal ji. When Atal ji failed to get second term for his government. Lets wait and watch for this Government.

  62. Dont select TV anchor who is always oppose good happening in india.and their work is to oppose only.

  63. Very well wrtten. I personally feel that citizens shouldn’t become workers of one party. But was the writer of this article sleeping for last 5 decades when the illitrate politians fooled people. Where was he then. I hope this guy isnt a newbee to politics. Show us 1 article against those and explain us the who should be given chance next if this is the worst govt we have ever had.

  64. This seems to have been written with the sole aim of discrediting anyone who may have reposed his faith in one individual.
    The writer should conversely also think, just because he belongs to a different ideology, his sole is to criticize. In a democracy one should also have decency to appreciate an opponent or his sincerity. Opposing for opposing sake smacks of ulterior motives borne out of allegiance to a group of Media’s ideology.

  65. This NDTV communist stooge should stop pontification. He was running scared like a wet hen fearing for his life. These paid agents or aptly called presstitutes should leave it to the voters who are more honest amd wise.
    All his talent comes to a naught because of his cunning crooked thinking. He should stand for election and if he can save his deposit I will consider him worthy. He thinks public are fools because a few pseudos support him.

  66. A biased and narrow minded article purely critical of a regime which has sidelined power hungry media personalities.

    You are case of a great reporter turned ……………..

  67. Courageous and admirable views. But right person at wrong place. Ravish has gone yenond journalism and has graduated to become an activist. He should be reassigned and seated in the exalted ranks of P. Chidambaram, MJ Akbar, chandan Mitra, Ramchandra Guha, Brinda Karat and Tista Setalvad. Not in the least that these persons are any less human beings – on the contrary, they have done stellar work in their fields of whom we are very proud. But as a journalist, I need to be ‘informed’ of the all sides of the issue. I do not need to be ‘brainwashed’ day-in-and-day-out against one way of politics – however so bad in his eyes it may be. I am sure the opposition parties will take care of their constitutional obligation to do it. Ravish’s line of reporting has now assimilated with those of Derek O Brien and Mani Shanker Aiyyar. His negative ‘agenda-ism’ has now become irritating, reading him is a waste of time. I need a ‘samikshak’ (critic) not a ‘nindak’ (condemner) in the anchorman’s guise. He should gracefully retire from this job and join politics.

  68. Ravish is right
    . We should elect that person to become the President of the Party so that he can make silly, pointless, Ridiculous remarks like Rahul

    • Ha ha ha! Yes! America had a dunce, N Korea has a dunce, South Africa has a dunce why can’t we also have a dunce? 😉

  69. Same applies for more than 60 years of Congress fan following and continues even today.
    Why were you silent then???

  70. I agree to what Ravish Kumar says but equally astonished that a person who as a reporter has put professional ethics on hold and acting and behaving as an agent and spokesperson of Congress and dynasty, should be the first person to follow what he is preaching, he never asked such questions to Congress and it’s premier political dynasty of all the evils they done to country and society, he should through his primetime broadcast first ask this question to Congress and dynasty. To even take a moral high ground. But he will not.
    I am no BJP spokesperson or supporter of any party. So let he not label me so as per his convinience.

    • Completely agree with you Ketan, I use to follow Ravish’s well research shows for ages…..and then he sold his soul to the dynasty. Pity.

      • Till Ravish was highlighting similar issue when Congress was in power and he was bringing the scams to forefront, you were following his show for ages and when he used the same yardstick but instead of scams he is highlighting other issues you feel he is favouring the Congress.

        This is exactly what he highlighted in this article and what he is following. Question who ever is in power when you feel wrong. What is wrong for you might not be wrong for another and what is wrong for another might not be wrong for you but every single person has the right to question when he or she feels wrong without being labelled pro or anti or whatever and that is what he is highlighting in this article.

    • How long will we accuse Congress ,we should them the EXIT door 4 years ago
      question is IS THIS GOVERTNMENT any better in the same parameters that we judge Congress?
      please pause pray n then respond

    • Well said! He is implying that BJP came to power because PM MODI speaks well, not because he is honest, nationalistic, or capable. He also ignores the elephant in the room called CORRUPTION because it suits his obvious bias towards the congress LOOTERS!

      • As if CORRUPTION is not happened in last four years. So you are okay with Modi Government’s corruption but not with Congress. If so why don’t you get an honest man Arvind Kejriwal to rule another state or give fight for full governance for the Delhi government and get the Center stooge the Lt Governor ???? Give him a chance. You won’t do that because you folks are the BHAKT of BJP.

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