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Yes, Yogi Adityanath is withdrawing a criminal case against himself. So what?

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Some call this move cheating, others call it the death of democracy. I call this ‘a blessing in disguise’.

Yes, Yogi Adityanath is withdrawing a criminal case against himself. So what?

Not even a week has passed since the 2G and Adarsh verdicts came out, and liberals in our country have already started blaming the government. They are now angry over the new bill being tabled in the Uttar Pradesh assembly, which seeks to withdraw over 20,000 cases against various politicians, including CM Adityanath.

Focusing on negative news has become a big pastime for some people in our country. Be it the children dying in Gorakhpur, or some Union minister boasting about how BJP is here to change the Constitution of our country, the Baba-bhakts going on the rampage in Haryana, MLAs threatening to behead Bollywood actors, multiple train derailments or lynchings.

This year has seen almost an endless supply of negative news against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government.

Every coin has two sides. Even a lotus blooming in marsh has some thorns of positivity, so does this new decision by Adityanath to withdraw the case against himself.

Some call this cheating; others call it the death of democracy. I call this ‘a blessing in disguise’. Once again, anti-government trolls fail to see the real purpose. This move is originally meant to provide hopes to 20,000 people in Uttar Pradesh.

It is said that justice delayed is justice denied. We all are aware of the state of judiciary in our country, with lakhs of pending cases, and people being denied justice. Amid all this, one brave man decides to help fix our broken judiciary by putting an end to 20,000 criminal cases at one go. This is probably what is called ‘fast-track’ justice. It won’t be long before one begins to receive WhatsApp messages that spins this as a much-needed judicial reform.

Adityanath has become the first chief minister in India to withdraw a case against himself. This is what makes the new order nothing less than a nationalistic masterstroke, pretty much like demonetisation.

A negative-minded, liberal-hater may question the moral implications of this move. But put a hand on your heart, close your eyes and ask yourself with a open, clean mind:

“Do you really believe a saint like Yogi Adityanath is guilty of any crime?”

It doesn’t take a lawyer to know the answer.

Fake cases were slapped on him by opposition parties. So why waste 22 years and the time of our courts to come to this expected conclusion? He is being exclusively targeted because he dares to wear saffron-coloured clothes.

How else would you explain the lack of outrage in the following cases? What about Akhilesh Yadav withdrawing cases against Azam Khan? What about Mulayam withdrawing cases filed by Mayawati? What about Nitish withdrawing cases against Lalu when they became allies? What about Badals withdrawing cases against Amarinder Singh?

Liberals would at this point criticise me for indulging in whataboutery. But it was whataboutery that the erstwhile Soviet Union used vigorously. The positive thinkers and the nationalists will also use this as a tool to shape a New India.

For now, let UP chief minister implement the Swachh Bharat in his state — by cleaning up police and court files.

Dhruv Rathee is an activist and YouTuber

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  1. Shameful for that sofrone cloth and for they religion for having a wolf with a safrone cloth . He is the real model for they religion .

  2. Yogi is a Saint! So was Asharam and Ramrahim. BTW were you sitting in his lap the whole period that you know he is innocent and false cases are slapped against him?
    Last it takes AJudge and NOT a Lawyer to decide if he is guilty.

  3. what a masterpiece.
    now some partitionist (s i call it) is ready to say…dhruv is ‘our’ guy…..

    no one will ever say dhruv is the one..
    But you are… go on man..

  4. Wow, according to me this article gives Sarcasm a new level. The consistency and insistence is so appealing. More power to you Dhruv.

  5. BJP wants to show that those associated with their political party is pure and pious but the reality is they are the ones who are spreading communal violence,hatred and insensitive remarks on various people but remember power is a loan that can be taken back anytime.

  6. Its good to see someone with no brains at all.. feed these criminals.. and support hindutva .. you guys are the real anti nationals..

  7. Yes, I agree with the writer but at the same time urge the Ceñtral Government to change the Cr.P.C and IPC to bring Laws to mandatorily punish the person’s who complains, files or lodges false cases including the Police and not in a separate proceeding but in the same case itself and whenever found. Even the Lawyers should be imposed a Duty by Law to complain only about a true fact on behalf of his clients failing which he shall also be punished. Unless, false cases are stopped at the very outset, the number of cases will never go down and Courts are not in a position to finish them of faster more for procedural reasons apart from the Police not serving the summons or the Police unable to execute the warrants or by sheer lethargy.

  8. Good one Dhruv, Awesome piece of Satire. And for some among the readers who are a bit extra sensitive (for or agains) the government and our netas, please put your brains and appreciate the style of a writer at least, if not his/her views. Criticisms (with a pinch of humour in it) is a much desired peneshia which our society and ‘RIGHT TO DESCENT’ is in dire need of.

  9. All are naked in one toilet. Our leaders are so narrow minded that they distribute public in religious and cast chambers. They feel that no body can snatch their power. Mind that who (ALMIGHTY) gave them power is also authority to snatch power from them also. No human being live 1000 years are forever, every creature of ALMIGHTY is created for the purpose of demise. Also mind that total assets are soil, from where it has come will go return.

  10. why do then judiciary and police department exist change the constitution as some minister says
    waste of time for criminals and money of tax payer
    replace democracy to mobocracy instant justice

  11. Either you are kidding or you are born an idiot, either way i apologise for you being so. Such a move is 100% proving that he is guilty

  12. Ha ha ha bhakt
    Ask your self “Do you really believe a saint like Yogi Adityanath is guilty of any crime?”
    Isn’t he human???

  13. Seriously? Politics and political affiliations aside, this is just unconstitutional. What’s the point of law and order if people can just wave their hands and make it all go away? I’m not for any political party or any one in power doing this!

  14. This sounds like a song of devotion to the holy adityanath. it sure does makes some sense when he talks about ‘justice being delayed’. but a person withdrawing a case against himself can be anything other than justice- it goes against the very idea of justice and also appears to be a highly corrupted action from a dictator one would read about..

  15. I thought this is a news article and would get some facts but this turned out to be an amateur blog which is greatly influenced by BJPs and is nothing but a biased opinion. The only thing the country needs to clean in the name of Swatch Bharat is politicians with criminal charges. Please try & be true to your nation and yourself. Do not mislead or misguide people.

  16. Amazing solution dude, ask government to pass a bill to end the all crores of cases to give relief to common man.

  17. Brave people live their life with brave styles and CM/PM live their lives very significant ways. cm of UP has nothing to fear as he believes he is the carnation of one of the few Hindu gods and our PM believes he is the master of the universe and second to none .He went to Pakistan with style and toured globe with style.india has become a super power and remain as such till our PM remains.No country dares to contact eye to our eyes. Both of them are blessed to be upon the top of the whole Galaxy. We are lucky enough to have these greaest of great people around and among us.Jai ho.

  18. This is highly biased towards Yogi. Try to put in more meaningful information as to how withdrawal of criminal cases. Can be good. Wouldn’t the people who filed them be wronged.

  19. The writer is not in complete sense while writing this. This way any thing can be justified. There is no point in publishing such articles.

  20. A very good skit made out in the Article. Perhaps, it seeks to withdraw all criminal cases pending in courts for long because “justice delayed is justice denied.” But, simultaneously just like Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law, the persons against whom criminal cases are withdrawn should be barred from elections or having public office for at least ten years. ELECTION Commission should also have proactive role in the matter.

  21. You are perhaps the only media house that tends to seek the positive implications of this step, never mind you would have to go miles away and work harder against the malicious Alliance of THE LEFT AND SICKULAR MEDIA! JAI HIND!!

  22. Yogi Adityanath is withdrawing a criminal case against himself & Withdraw over 20,000 cases against various politicians what the Great Job he is doing ….. Stupid Bhakt don’t you see he is clearly misusing his Power why don’t he wants to withdraw case against local public for cleaning( Swach Bharat) police & Court files

    “Your Question : Put a hand on your heart, close your eyes and ask yourself with a open, clean mind

    “Do you really believe a saint like Yogi Adityanath is guilty of any crime?”

    And My Answer:: Ofcourse I believe he is guilty for the crimes which has been charge against him

    Because If You think saint are not criminals and that’s why he is Not guilty for any crime then Saint like Ram Rahim & Asaram Bapu are the biggest example here they are saints & also criminals & that’s why I believe he is also guilty for crimes which has been charge against him in Past

    And this shows how stupid & fool bhakts you are who is appreciating him for misusing his Power for his own benefit….

    And how corrupt media is in this country……

  23. Totally right dicision
    I admire yogi
    Previous administrations politically motivated cases.
    Undue cases on his views.

  24. is this a sarcasm? if it is, i would like to tell you that it was a really good. really cracked me up…!! just ignore if it isn’t

  25. Judgement is based in facts not feelings
    And if that is to be taken into account then it should be same with baba ram Rahim since he also was known as a “saint” am not saying this on the base of religion but a secular Indian

  26. Wow modiji wow. Wow yogi wow. U people are digging your own graves…. Time will teach u people a lesson. Aap log kya Samjke Ranka hey?? Ye desh applog ki jaagir nahi hey, Ak din pachthavoogi zaroor… now the people of our country are coming to know about u people’s jumla and fake ideas… I can tell in full confidence that u people will not win a single election from 2018.. countdown starts from Karnataka, watch and see….

  27. Ethical standards of the political class have nosedived. Corruption and nepotism have become their ornaments. Both, Government and Supreme court should take cognizance and weed out legislators with criminal antecedents.

  28. Extremely biased report. The CM exonerating himself from criminal cases is a travesty of justice. Law should follow its own course. Can a common man facing criminal case will be satisfied with this provision? Highly deplorable act.

  29. With all due respect Mr Dhruv, the statement of justice denied is justice delayed doesn’t even state that the one’s in power can be exempted from being tried or even charged under the law.
    Such a bizarre action and unprecedented support from the people of this generation will set a negative example to all politicians in the country who are in power to overturn cases against them and their relatives under the very same statement you have mentioned.
    Then I don’t think that gradually we will ever need a judiciary system in place after that.
    And a constructive solution to the difficulty you have raised (which you have used as a justification for this act) regarding the pendency of cases and many were against these politicians , is as ordered by the honourable Supreme Court for the setting up of fast track separate Courts for politicians.
    Doing away with the cases is never a solution.

  30. What a joker he is? All the IT and CBI raids and filing cases against opposition leaders are fake and will meet similar fate as that of Aditya nath in the days to come. And what’s the need for filing the cases in the first place? Unnecessary waste of public money and waste of time of so many people as well.?

  31. Arey bhaiya Dhruv Rathee nai likha hai yeh, tabhi mai sochu itni saralta se aaina kaun dikha sakta hai Indian media mai, kaide se dho diya..Log toh compliment hi samjhenge comment ko…

  32. Very well said and analysed. The courts are clogged with irrelevant cases filed more under politically than rationally. It was an attitude of ‘ see what I will do to you attitude’. Removal of these cases all over India would save money and time not only of the courts but alsI that of the police. They can now concentrate on rapes and security for citizens. There will be a lot opposition from the supposed to be intellectuals who will now lose one more area to hold placards and jabber irrelevantly on TV. The only losers will be the media who will have to survive a couple of days discussing this and this will pass on.

  33. To the point. Critics won’t have any answers for the withdrawal of cases by Akileh, Mulayam and others. They, including some spokespersons through media foolishly think that they could shout down or deride anything by chorus. This has to be put down . The article exactly does that

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