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Yogi Adityanath was given BJP’s third-most important position. And the results are in

The BJP’s brazen intolerance and majoritarianism only work when combined with welfare schemes. UP CM Adityanath forgot that.

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Three years into his tenure, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has emerged as the surprise Bharatiya Janata Party gamble that isn’t paying off. Less-than-effective as an administrator, lacklustre as the chief minister, a mediocre communicator with limited people-connect and a failure as Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s ‘star’ campaigner — Yogi Adityanath is hardly the shining star his party hoped he would be.

Adityanath’s redeeming factor in Uttar Pradesh is that the opposition continues to remain fragmented, something that may help him in the 2022 assembly polls. The message that Yogi Adityanath has sent out in the last three years is not of good governance — his party’s favourite catchword – it is of hate, intolerance and a culture of undemocratic values.

None of these is a negative for the BJP, in fact, far from it. But the party’s toxicity and brazen majoritarianism work only when combined with welfare schemes and administrative seriousness — the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo being the classic example. Yogi Adityanath’s train, however, has run largely on only one set of wheels – hate.

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Dismal CM record

Yogi Adityanath as UP chief minister was a surprise pick in 2017 by the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh combine.

There is little doubt that the BJP’s massive 312 of the 403 assembly seats mandate back then was entirely thanks to Modi’s unwavering popularity and some smart caste math by the party. But for the saffron-clad, Hindutva brandishing Yogi Adityanath, it was a slick opportunity to make a mark as a serious politician and administrator.

Neither has happened.

Look at what Yogi Adityanath has achieved as CM. His big-ticket initiative so far has been the February 2018 investors summit. Two years since, the Adityanath government has nothing to show on this front — no real estimate of the extent of investment that came in and how much employment it generated. The Adityanath government recently admitted to unemployment going up in the state by about 12 lakh in the last two years, providing the opposition with the perfect fodder to question the summit.

Adityanath also has no big project, no tangible, visible infrastructure creation to show for himself. His predecessors — Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati and Samajwadi Party’s Akhilesh Yadav — had made sure they left some legacy behind. From the Yamuna Expressway and the Agra-Lucknow Expressway to big parks and the Gomti riverfront. Their tenures may have had other problems — centralised corruption and inaccessibility under Mayawati and complete breakdown of law and order under Akhilesh Yadav — but they knew the importance of showing the voter their ‘work’.

BJP leaders privately admit Adityanath’s record is a major concern, and he needs to capture the imagination of the masses. No surprise then, that both Adityanath and the rest of his party are eagerly awaiting the grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, hopefully before the 2022 polls. There are big projects in the works — from the Jewar airport to Bundelkhand and Gorakhpur Link Expressways, but none have progressed enough to be touted as achievements.

In law and order, Yogi Adityanath seems a tad better than the previous government only because of how completely terrible and defined by goondagardi was the Samajwadi Party tenure. But rapes and crimes against women — particularly high-profile ones like the Unnao case — have been frequent and much in news.

Initiatives like the anti-Romeo squad, the police encounters and brutal action against anti-Citizenship Act protesters reek more of undemocratic moral policing than actual policing. As CM, he openly talks of “revenge” against anti-CAA protesters.

The worst blot in Yogi Adityanath’s three-year stint — the tragic death of infants due to an oxygen supply shortage in his home turf Gorakhpur.

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Lack-lustre politician

If Yogi Adityanath has little to show as CM, he has even less to boast about as a politician. When I travelled through UP in the run-up to the 2017 polls, the huge wave of support for Modi and people eager to let him take control was clear as day. Despite Adityanath being their CM for three years now, he does not seem to have emerged out of Modi’s shadow.

Akhilesh Yadav lost the 2017 polls in an embarrassing manner and does not seem to have recovered since then, but even at the height of Modi’s popularity in UP, Yadav junior remained a much-liked leader. His personal image and goodwill were visible on the ground.

Compared to that, Adityanath has hardly been able to establish a personal rapport with voters across the spectrum. After a dismal show at the hustings in the bypolls, the BJP did exceedingly well in the state in the 2019 Lok Sabha election. This was entirely due to a combination of Modi’s popularity and Shah’s crafty electoral strategy. Adityanath’s only contribution perhaps was to not ruin it for the BJP.

The BJP won the 2017 polls also because it managed to stitch together a clever caste patchwork arrangement — beyond its Brahmin-Baniya base to even non-Yadav OBCs and a significant extent, Dalits. In three years, Adityanath has done little to keep that together, being accused of Thakur dominance (his own caste).

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When Adityanath was picked as UP CM, many thought he would turn out to be the next Narendra Modi — a hardline Hindutva face who manages to expand his appeal beyond the immediate realm. He has only achieved one of those things.

Despite his attention-seeking, noxious Hindutva comments as well as the crowds he manages to gather, Adityanath has been a failure as a BJP campaigner. From Delhi to Telangana to Karnataka, Yogi’s campaign finds little takers and negligible traction among voters.

The BJP knows the importance of appealing to the voter beyond the Hindu-Muslim binary (why else does Modi talk so much welfare, cleanliness, women and more), and are no fools to not have realised Adityanath is not managing this precarious balance.

It’s now been three years since he was catapulted into perhaps the third biggest responsibility his party can give a leader after PM-ship and party president.

The results are coming in, and the BJP should start worrying.

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  1. Next term pe bhi yogi he aaiga, lets see kab tak aise biased news articles likhne walon ko paisa aata rahega, 500₹ mai news chapne wale bike hue news portal zada time tak ni bach sakte…..

  2. The whole community says that he is the best CM. But these intellectuals have different opinions.

    • These are not intellectuals. These are the paid article writer. In my opinion these are the dumbest people of country only because of them our country is in miserable position

  3. Articles like this, by hack authors like Ruhi Tewari, are why no one trusts media anymore. Worthless!!!

  4. Yogiji will be our future PM and India grow faster and become stronger country under his leadership

  5. Apparently there was a bhakt-attack … Ajay Bhisht’s extra-judicial actions makes him a criminal. point.

  6. You barely seems to have information from the ground level. We live in UP ask us how good the governance is. Atleast thief’s are not ruling nowdays and police is being police now.

  7. And this is what you write when you sit on
    bench during your entire professional life. People in UP feel more secured than ever since Yogi ji became CM.
    These writers are no less than paid whores. As a citizen people expect to read real news and not some biased news.

  8. Article biased and stupid
    will prefer The Print to select more erudite people for their write-up.
    this one borders on being if not disgusting full of hateful disregard for facts.

  9. The emblem of UP, the ‘Coat of Arms’, adopted in 1918, owes its origin to the Royal Society, UK. This emblem is a combination of, a pair of fish, a bow and arrow, embellished with three waves and it stresses upon ‘unity in diversity’. The ‘bow and arrow’ identify Lord Ram, the pair of fish symbolizes the Muslim rulers of Awadh, while the three waves mark the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. This emblem currently adorns all UP government files, letterhead, vehicles and all UP government stationery and publications. It is a vivid representation of geographical, historical and cultural integrity of UP, that was initially named, ‘North Western Provinces’ in 1835. After 1856, when the nawab of Awadh was deposed, in 1902, it became, ‘United Provinces of Agra and Oudh’ and then in 1935, again renamed, ‘United Provinces’, before being finally renamed, ‘Uttar Pradesh’ after independence.
    Yogi Adityanathji, who uses this ‘coat of arms’, as an emblem of UP, is a ‘de facto’ and not a ‘de jure’ executive head and he should be wise enough to appreciate the sanctity of this logo, and revere the rich cultural and historic diversity that it symbolizes and work towards upholding the vibrant spirit of this great state. UP, is bubbling with the energy and greatness of Lord Ram, not just for nothing. Lord Ram is an epitome of inclusiveness, humbleness and forgiveness. He was inclusive in honoring the will of ‘Mata Kekayi’, humble in accepting the berries of ‘mata Shabri’ and was forgiving so much so that, even having comprehensively defeated Ravana, Lord Ram chose to pardon him. UP is great, India is great because of this greatness of Lord Ram, the ‘Maryada Purushottam’ par excellence. Anyone who acquires the highest administrative seat in UP, to be great, should not overlook these symbolisms of this great province. Jai Hind.
    (Md. Israil)

  10. The writer has never attended yogijis janta darbar where the poor and weak have a say.yogiji is a leader who is accessible to masses .Honest simple and a man committed to bring change in UP.His message is society should come forward and adminstration should follow later.

  11. This is a biased report by a person who does not know ground reality.yogiji is the only bjp leader who has a mass base ,excellent oratory skills and unmatched honesty and simplicity.APerson who still sleeps on a wooden cot and without ac. In 3yrs he has changed the face of up schools ,up hospitals and no of houses given to poor is a record in any state.His schemes for girls and women have given boost to women education .from a bimaru state up in his 3yrs has got extensive infra development and results will be seen soon.By building stadiums he is encouraging up sportsperson also. He is the only leader who can be called accessible.From a landless labour to poor widow to any distressed parent anyone can meet in janta darbar. His leadership brought 62seats to bjp despite sp bsp mahagadbandhan.From terminating to suspending 500 corrupt officers he has brought fear in minds of corrupt. India today rated him best cm with 18percent votes and even kejrival was distant second with11percent. Yogijis charisma honesty and effeciency will get bjp 350seats.

  12. Yogi ji is number one politician in the history of India. No words can define his work! Writer should be checked in any reputed hospital.

  13. Totally false and malicious news written by writer to spoil the spirit and efforts of Yogiji. He is able administrator who has managed a place like UP very well. You wouldn’t have imagined in your dreams handling UP which was left
    Corrupt, administration totally spoilt. See now the change he brought now. Great job by Yogiji.

    • Yogi Ji is a Poor Administrator, has low intelligence and is a Useless Orator ? Well itc sutlre appears that the Author has had too much Cannabis on Holi, effects of which are still lingering. Maybe payment is Good can be traced to Pak or Saudi. Maybe Prefers a Caliphate of UP. The Author is poorly adjusted in the new reality. Maybe more comfortable with the efficient, clean administration of BSP or excellent Law and Order during SP Rule or Corruption Raj of Congress.

  14. Madam have you ever heard of purwanchal expressway, have you ever heard of ganga expressway have you ever heard of Bundelkhand expressway, have you ever heard of Gorakhpur link expressway, I think answer is no. Please come out of cosy comfort of your air conditioned room and look around. All these projects are either in initial phases or under process or semi finished. Please stop motivated writing.

  15. Modi’s choice of Yogi was a concious decision of starting the pilot project of Hindu Rashtra. A fragmented opposition and timely Ram Mandir Nirman proving to be even a steeper climb for the opposition.Doesn’t look good for country as a whole.

    • It appears that maybe an Islamic Caliphate is acceptable to you. It is only because of a Hindu Majority that you can stipl throw around big words like Constitution, Secularism, Democracy, Freedom of Speexh, Human Values, Human Rights etc. Do not undermine our Ancient Roots and Culture. Hindutva is deliberately maligned whereas the truth ls that due to Hindutva it is that louspeakers blaring out 24 hrs is tolerated. Whic Community has continuously and increasingly tried to assert hagemony, terror, establish dominance over last 25 – 30 years is well known. Everyone who has some sense and observation knows that all too well. Loudspeakers blaring from Minarets, all night long religious sermons, early morning and late night noisy, nuisance bikers gangs. All that is happening now is just a reaction that was a long time coming and too late. Cant blame the resurgence. The thankless will neither admit, be gratefull or realize. Only after living in another Country specially a Muslim one do people realize hoelw much undue, mote than necessary or desirable and surplus freedom is enjoyed in this Country at the cost of the silent Majority.

  16. This article is totally wrong. It is written without any proper research. Yogiji is very good administrator. As of now he is even considered as the next PM candidate after Modiji. The print journalists need to educate themselves.

  17. Yogi ji doing excellent job in the state. He is controlling a big state in a effective manner .The above cited post is totally biased .The article doesn’t show the real picture of Yogi ji .He is the future of India.

  18. Yogi G is a learned person not only in field of spirituality but he is good administrator also, no riots broke in state due anti CAA protest, the article is totally biased n in future I am thinking to avoid wasting time in reading such articles by the print.

    • Yeah, no riots broke out and almost all of 30 people killed in riots were from UP state. Stop watching Zee News

    • Yeah, no riots broke out and almost all of 30 people killed in riots were from UP state. Stop watching Modia News

      • Your terrorixt brother MOHAMMED SHAHRUKH KHAN came to UP.. and we all know what is the consequence !
        If you have your eyes with you and if you have a clear sight through them, then try to see the efficiency of POLICE under Yogi ji, which you will never try.. afterall, you are a libtard !!

  19. For the people who are saying article and The Print is biased,
    This is an Op-Ed or Opinion article, not from The Print but published in The Print.
    If you want to read The Print’s article then read their editorials. There is a difference between them.
    Many a times even Ministers write Op-Ed articles, its mostly based on opinions of the writers, that’s why they are called opinions (mentioned in the very beginning)

  20. Yogi G is a learned person not only in field of spirituality but he is good administrator also, no riots broke in state due anti CAA protest, the article is totally biased n in future I am thinking to avoid wasting time in reading such articles by the print.

  21. The writer and editor are biased, possibly leftists and have lost their all perks and payments from previous governments.

  22. Yogi is not a politician he is a religious fundamentalist.
    This kind of politics should be stopped by BJP rt,now.

  23. Let us call him by his real name – Bisht. Bisht is the worse CM ever and his extra-judicial actions against protestors is passing all limits.

  24. totally biased article.the writer dont qualify to be a journalist.She should join some party instead of writing this shit. any article should be balanced if the writer is neutral.

  25. WOW! Shocking pack of BS in this article. Print is clearly biased but what a bunch of jokers its junior columnists are.

  26. Juhi you need to do an unbiased and deep study about Yogi ji.The article doesn’t present the ground reality about the mass appeal and charm Yogi ji having as a CM. we people also have sense to feel what is going on.

  27. Article doesn’t show the real picture and charm of Yogi ji .you need to do unbiased and deep study about Yogi ji. He is the real leader who have a mass appeal among poor,youth and general public.

  28. So building parks is an achievement?yamuna expressway had cost overruns and was mired in corruption. All the white elephant projects were built without providing basic facilities to the masses. Yogi has initiated the construction of expressways, airports, provided health cards, electricity connection,built toilets,gas connection,student loans and the list goes on. Do you research before writing your propaganda.

    • Yogi ji gave away one lakh solar pumps to farmer last year, more than five lakh this year , 24 hour electricity is being provided in all district HQ – roads are much better, Govt recruitment is much more fairer :; Exams of class 12 and 10 are more rigorously conducted ; measures like these are essentially for long term health of the society. The article writer has been fed on Farex instead of mothers milk

  29. Are you high? So building parks is an achievement? The Agra expressway had massive cost overruns and was mirred in corruption. At present new expressways are being built. The previous administrations built all white elephant projects without providing basic facilities to the masses. Yogi is providing with affordable housing, electricity connections and gas connections. Health cards have also been issued which covers health expenses. There are more welfare schemes. Do your research properly before blabbering your propaganda.

  30. In UP, bureaucratic corruption has grown manifold. Its main cause is the administrative inefficiency of Yogi. Another factor against Yogi is the marauding abandoned cattle. Apart from these two factors Yogi-Modi combine enjoy great support.

  31. Ruhi I think you and your family have had a major setback due to policies of yogi ji . Your shops of blackmailing have stopped and your love for rioters has landed your family members in soup .I believe even your shops of extortion are down along with dacoity . Now you show us your poker face to gain sympathy . If you have guts do reply and post your picture with the article like yogi ji does to fools like you .

    • True. He’s managing the biggest state better than Mullahyam, Mariyamwathi.

      First thing Yogi ji did in UP was stopping eveteasing, love jihad, attacks on Hindus by Muslims. 1000s of Hindus who lost their homes and hopes in SP, BSP rule have came back yo their places and restarted their lives.

      As you commie pseudo journalists are loosing money, from ISIS, Jihad supporters because their anti national activities are being stopped, you are resetless, intolerant for BJP and patriots of this country.

  32. I think the post writer belongs to BSP or SP go hell with ur observation no one is intrested in reading ur article…….rubbish

  33. RUHI TIWARY,everyone is aware of your frustration towards BJP….
    but remember, yogi is CM of the people by the people for the people

  34. All those disqualifications given in the first sentence are wrong. Not only wrong but absurd. Look what the state was under red capped Yadav family (totally lawless) and look today, it has been pulled out disorder. Who cannot like him unless of course people like the author of the lead article who have nothing else but criticism.

    • Ha ha ha.

      Yogi is one of the strongest leaders in BJP.
      As he is not in central politica it might give that wrong impression to you.

      Don’t worry. He is the tallest leader in BJP UP the biggest and largest populated state in Hindustan.

  35. If the BJP had 100 leaders in the state in March 2017, Mr Ajay Bisht should have been # 101 on the list of potential CMs. I have great affection and regard for Akhileshbabu. It is for him to rework a coalition with other secular parties and reclaim the state from arguably its worst CM to date.

  36. Maharashtra mein Investors’ summits ke baad zero investment aaya, toh Uttar Pradesh mein kya hone wala hai.

  37. Yeah right. CM of 5th largest country in the world happens to be UP, a northern Indian state. Aside from making India ashamed , it causes too many problems for the country financially too. Jai Sri Ram…..,

    • @ Ruhi tewai ,we understand that you too have to comply with shitty ideology of the print to spit on government. I am from Up and have seen it through and through and without exception his deeds are the best. Also look into your conscience before using words like brazen intolerance.

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