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This Ramazan, don’t force fasting or eating. Quran says there is no compulsion in religion

Roza, namaz are all private choices and not enforceable. But countries Pakistan and Bangladesh don’t seem to get the message.

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In this month of Ramazan, we must remember that the Quran says, “la ikraha fiddeen”, meaning there is no compulsion in religion. If one were to adhere to this verse with all diligence, it would possibly ensure world peace. Islamic scholars usually explain this ayat as: “Islam has nothing to do with coercion, force, persecution or other such destructive behaviours.” So, Allah’s true believers should abide by His counsel and not force others to fast during Ramazan.

In Oman, the law makes it punishable to eat or drink in public during Ramazan fasting hours. Anyone found doing so, including non-Muslims, will be jailed for up to three months. Even eating inside a car is punishable. In Kuwait, fast-breaking in public during fasting hours is an offence punishable by one month in prison or a fine of 100 dinars. In Pakistan, a fine of Rs 500 will be imposed on people caught eating in public along with three months in jail. In many Muslim countries, eating in public is considered a crime during Ramazan. In Bangladesh, the restaurants are forcibly kept shut during the day and if anyone is found flouting the rule, the fasting mob arrives and vandalises their restaurants. Those not fasting remain in constant anxiety.

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Many who fast believe that someone eating or drinking anything in front of them is an insult to them. I used to eat my fill sitting right in front of my fasting mother and she used to be happy seeing me content. I also never felt that she loved me any less because I had refused to fast. My mother was a very honest and pious woman, she knew how to respect one’s choice of not fasting.

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, despite not being a Muslim herself, prays namaz and observes roza. Many say that she does not do this sincerely, that she does everything for Muslim votes, but even then, I don’t believe anyone should attempt to stop her from doing these things. She has the right to practice any religion she wants to. Just like we have the right to forsake religion if we wish to, we also have the right to practice more than one if we want.

The ones who fast expect to be in Allah’s good graces at the time of ‘Judgement’. Is it not enough? Why do fasting Muslims demand respect from the ones who do not fast? Isn’t respect supposed to be mutual? Respect can be accorded only if it is reciprocated.

In Bangladesh, people start shouting when they wake up for sehri, creating quite a fuss. The chaos usually wakes everyone up, even the ones who are not interested in sehri. The same can be said about the azaan as well. Back in the day, when there were no alarm clocks or mobile phones, perhaps the shouts and cries of the local boys used to be pretty useful to those who needed some help to wake up for sehri. In this age of technological advancement, such excesses are completely unnecessary. I’m sure everyone knows how to set an alarm on their mobile phones.

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In my childhood, there was never any compulsion at home about praying, roza or fasting during Ramazan. Before going to bed at night, Ma used to ask which one of us wanted to fast the day after. Those who wished to would tell her. Anyone who woke up for the pre-dawn meal had to be careful not to disturb the ones who were asleep. It was the same with namaz as well. Those who wished to pray, did, and those who did not want to, did not have to.

The ones who wish to fast have the right to do so; the ones who don’t should have the right to choose not to. Every human being has the right to be a believer or a non-believer. Not just that, the religious also have the right to be critical of those who do not believe in religion. But non-believers apparently don’t have the right to say anything critical of believers – if they do so, it results in harassment, legal trouble, jail time, exile or even murder. Religion is a personal matter. Anyone who wishes to practise a particular religion should be allowed to do so just as anyone who does not wish to should also be allowed to do as they please.

How can any nation, state or society force someone to practice a religion? The nation is for everyone, believers and non-believers. It is the duty of the government to treat everyone as equal. We must be careful to remember one thing – in the eyes of the state, a person who believes in a particular religion and a person who does not believe in any are both equally important, they are entitled to the same rights.

On the other hand, the government of China has forbidden the observance of roza in the Muslim neighbourhoods of the country. This prohibition, however, applies only to government officers and workers, leaders and workers of the Communist Party and students. I understand that students should not fast, or be made to, for the safety of their health. But not all government officers and workers are atheists. If they wish to fast, why should they not be allowed to do so? Perhaps the government wishes to convey that fasting results in fatigue and can disrupt office work. I strongly condemn this move by the Chinese government.

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China has also decreed that no cafes and restaurants will be shut during Ramazan. That, at least, is the right decision I believe. On the other hand, the Muslim nations have gone the opposite route of China when it comes to Ramazan and banned the consumption of food or drink, even if someone is not fasting.

If Islam does not become more liberal, then it is the Muslims who stand to lose the most. Numerous people around the world today are against Muslims. Muslims are no longer trusted – most fear them or recoil at the mention of their name. Because of a handful of terrorist organisations, Muslims in general are coming to be identified as an intolerant and orthodox group. It’s Muslims themselves who must take up the onus of ensuring Islam becomes more liberal.

The author is a celebrated writer and commentator. Views are personal.

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  1. May Allah give you brain , your mother has kept a choice in religion you say. Read the noble Quran it says if your parents stand in the way of Allah then do not listen to them because on the day when you and all your blood relations would be running from each other there will be no help except from the one the supreme the lord of alamin Allah (swt) . Read chapt 2 verse -183,185 fasting is an obligation and not a choice if you don’t have knowledge of your own religion then you are not supposed to make it up . Don’t change Allah’s swt word lest you may be punished in the same way as the zalimun .
    Allah has gifted you Islam. May he gift you with hidayath as well

  2. I’m confident you lack the full knowledge of the verse you quoted. In addition, a religion isn’t just your choices and that’s it, religions have certain requirements that are to be met, Fasting and performing Salat are 2 of the basic 5 pillars of Islam. A true muslim has to comply with these. In addition, the act exhibited by your mom is all but correct, muslim parents are to encourage their children to perform Salat right from the age of 7, not give them choices to stray from Islam.
    I’d advice you go in depth with your research next time or stick to some other field of your expertise.

  3. Idiot , stupid , ignorant, atheist paid author and I am surprised she has written too much of these kind of garbage articles and all of them are published by The Print. What a stupid women is this.

  4. Taslima is simply ignorant. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, neem hskim khatra e jaan neem mullah khatra e imaan clearly defines taslima arguments.h Every religion has some basic requirement. Has taslina the courage to say in public the story about jesus in talmud the holy book of jews?
    One God Namaz fasting hajj zakat are the basic pillars of islam. Namaz will be the first question on the day of judgement. Taslima you will be highly welcome to raise your voice there. Dont tey to create confusion with your satanic intentions and ket muslims practice theur religion according to the islamic code. And please dont misinterpret quran with malintention.

  5. Fasting in Ramdhan is one of the pillars of Islam, how you say it is not, however, there are some exceptions for certain persons . Overall, you are showing your ignorance and spreading the darkness. You will be well off writing on some other subject of your expertise.

  6. Taslima dear, there is no need for you to quote the Koran. It is a book made up by Muhammad.

  7. You are acting like you have more knowledge and understanding then ALL combined Muslim around the world. You take ayat from quran to make your point ignoring reason and explanation why the ayat was revealed and it what regards. May Allah guide you and help ummat from such evil thoughts. Aamin

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