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Subramanian Swamy was right. Modi’s lateral entry plan will make reservations irrelevant

There are three ways Modi government is likely to undermine constitutionally guaranteed reservation policy for SC/STs in his second term.

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About two years ago, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy had categorically rejected all talks about Narendra Modi government ending caste-based reservation policy. “Lekin hamari sarkaar aarakshan ko us star par pahuncha degi jahaan uska hona ya nahin hona barabar hoga (Our government will make reservation so irrelevant that it wouldn’t matter whether the quota system exists or not),” Swamy had said in his speech at the Jodhpur Literature Festival.

Swamy’s statement comes to mind now, when the Modi government in its second term has embarked on an ambitious plan of bringing experts from outside the Indian civil services into the Indian bureaucracy through a system called ‘lateral entry’. As many as 40 lateral entrants are going to join the IAS-dominated bureaucracy of the government.

What’s behind Modi govt’s design

The stated position of both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is that they will not kill the reservation policy, introduced by Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar in the Indian Constitution as a guarantee for marginalised groups’ representation. But there are three counts on which the Modi government should be held under scrutiny.

Lateral entry in the bureaucracy: Even though it is the current BJP government under Narendra Modi that has started this practice, it is not the first time that an outsider has been brought into the structure of IAS-dominated bureaucracy. But the Modi government is doing it at a much bigger scale than ever done before and in an institutional manner. Even as the Lok Sabha elections were on, nine professionals were selected as joint secretaries, which was billed as the “biggest lateral induction into government service.”

This system of lateral entry dents the reservation policy. Responding to an RTI query of The Indian Express correspondent Shyam Lal Yadav, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) stated: “In a single cadre post, reservation does not apply. Since each post to be filled under this scheme is a Single Post, reservation is not applicable.” The nine candidates who were selected in April and will likely join the Modi government as joint secretaries soon are: Amber Dubey, Rajeev Saksena, Sujit Kumar Bajpayee, Saurabh Mishra, Dinesh Dayanand Jagdale, Kakoli Ghosh, Bhushan Kumar, Arun Goel, and Suman Prasad Singh.

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In its response to the journalist’s query about the applications received from different social categories before the nine candidates were selected, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) refused to provide the information.

Several dozen are now set to enter. The government’s think tank Niti Aayog has identified 54 of the total 516 positions it told the Modi government can be filled with domain experts through lateral entry. The nine recruitment for joint secretaries in April and the 40 more for deputy secretary and director level positions are part of this grand plan of the Modi government to fill bureaucratic positions with outsiders. If this becomes a norm, and it appears it most likely will, then the reservation policy will be severely undermined without any formal obituary – as Swamy predicted.

UPSC recruitment: The recruitment by the UPSC is anyway decreasing at a fast pace, as reported by Sanya Dhingra of ThePrint. “The number of recruits has fallen from 1,236 in 2014 to 759 in 2018.” This, coupled with the lateral entry initiative, clearly shows where the Modi government is headed as far as the reservation policy is concerned.

Privatisation of public sector undertakings (PSUs): Although there is merit in the argument that PSUs are inefficient and drain the state exchequer, they remain a prominent source of employment as well. PSUs are mandated to follow the reservation rules, which will be scuttled if the PSUs are privatised. Modi government’s Niti Aayog plans to privatise or shut 42 PSUs, its vice chairman Rajiv Kumar had said in an interview last month. As Indian corporates do not follow the kind of affirmative action policies in the US and many other European countries, private sector here severely lack diversity.

Professors Sukhadeo Thorat and Paul Attewell had conducted a study on recruitment biases in the corporate sector in the National Capital Region (NCR). The study is based on a field experiment where both the researchers responded to advertisements in major English newspapers for jobs in private sector. They sent three applications using upper caste Hindu, Dalit and Muslim names for each advertisement – but kept other details in the resumes identical. The result? For every 100 upper caste Hindu names, only 60 Dalits and 30 Muslims received call for an interview. This happens at the first level of elimination process and tells a lot about the invisible but insidious biases at work in the private sector.

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Despite such studies, J. J. Irani committee, in its report submitted to then PM Manmohan Singh in 2006, rejected the idea of job quota in private sector, instead suggesting that corporates will participate in skill development and educational programmes meant for the deprived sections of the society. Nothing is known about whether the promises made in that report were kept or not. The Modi government had made its position known during its previous tenure: there is no consensus among the stakeholders on the issue of job quota in private sector.

The constitutional shield

May be the reservation policy will eventually become something that remains on paper as a wall flower in the Constitution. And so it’s important to list the provisions related to the reservation policy.

1. Article 15 (4) – Nothing in this article or in clause (2) of Article 29 shall prevent the State from making any special provision for the advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes of citizens or for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

2. Article 16 (4) – Nothing in this article shall prevent the State from making any provision for the reservation of appointments or posts in favour of any backward class of citizens which, in the opinion of the State, is not adequately represented in the services under the State.

3. Article 46 – Promotion of educational and economic interests of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections. The State shall promote with special care the educational and economic interests of the weaker sections of the people, and, in particular, of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, and shall protect them from social injustice and all forms of exploitation.

4. Article 335 – Claims of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to services and posts The claims of the members of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes shall be taken into consideration, consistently with the maintenance of efficiency of administration, in the making of appointments to services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or of a State.

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Articles 15 and 16 have been since amended to make provisions for reservation to Economically Backward Class (EWS) – those sections of the society (the upper castes) who were not covered under any reservation scheme until now. The constitutionality of that amendment is under judicial scrutiny of the Supreme Court and the Union government has argued that it does not violate the basic structure of the Constitution.

Indian Constitution, like many other constitutions of modern democracies, accepted the equality principles, and made special provisions for the deprived sections at the same time. Retired judge of the Supreme Court justice P.B. Sawant explains, “The right to equality without the capacity and the means to avail of the benefits equally is a cruel joke on the deprived sections of the society…The exceptions enable the state to make the deprived capable of availing of the benefits which otherwise they would not be able to.”

The bigger picture

If one puts together the scenario of shrinking government jobs with the present policy of lateral entry of officers without introducing the reservation criteria, one can say that reservations may still remain, but their version will be pale.

The problem is that there is already an under representation of the SC, ST officers at the higher bureaucracy. In 2017, the government had informed that “out of 747 officers in the ranks of Director and above, which include 85 Secretaries, 70 Additional Secretaries, 293 Joint Secretaries and 299 Directors, only 60 officers (about eight per cent) are from the SC and 24 (about three per cent) from the STs.”

Lateral entry will further reduce their number.

The author is a senior journalist. Views are personal.

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  1. Reservation can be removed on removal of hidden discrimination and caste systems fron India and all Certificates., needy people’s may be given financial support on income level.

  2. Well, first the reason the number of SC/St candidates who are at higher posts above directors are so less because, the number of SC/ST getting recruited as IAS is less. Second, the difference in the rank of a SC/ST candidate and that of a general candidate is very huge. I want my country to be run and supported by intellects and not some affirmative action person. This is real world and the country needs people who can really handle the job. It’s not fair for a 8000 ranked general candidate to be unemployed when a 40000 ranked SC/ST candidate enjoys a seat in the best medical colleges. Just remember, that candidate will hold the scalpel in the future and at that time when your life will be at stake, this reservation will not matter. All that will matter is the job well done.

  3. Reservation is not constitutionally guaranteed. Constitution provided only 10 year for reservation. It is used by politicians for vote bank and to divert peoples attention from real issues. India today has a capitalist economic system and capitalism has only cast that is capital or money. Old religious dogma are useless.

  4. Very informative article. Really like articles that provide the context of government policies and actions that the common man would often ignore.

  5. In school every is same dress same colour. Everybody share their tiffin with each other. All are same. But after class 12 caste come . Everybody use to ask each other “do you have Caste certificate ? ” There is a big difference in the society. because of reservation everybody dislike each other. This mentality is not developing as a whole.

  6. After 69years of Passing our Indian Constitution ,the fate of Reservation Policies have been the lowest TQM in all aspects.
    We Indian must disallow all these Reservation Provisions and promote maximum TQM by selecting and protecting Merit and Efficiency Based systems in India. For backward classes separate Special Coaching and Awakening programme be started but only after their achieving Merits and Efficiency levels jobs or other benefits be given to them.In India, Reservation policies have been enabling provisions and cannot be claimed as legal or fundamental rights over other unreserved classes.Even in leadership such provisions are not for true soul of Democracy.

    • I am glad if you genuinely want to improve competence of administration. But
      1. How often do we talk of eradicating caste system, promoting inter caste marriage as compared to eradicating reservations.
      2. The reservations are a sham anyway, most SC/ST dont get any special attention after recruitment to improve competence. From colleges to anywhere else. Is there any effort to improve competence of SC/ST and OBC students? Later you blame them again when they under perform.
      3. Now I didnt see self immolations over 10% EWS, I dont think you as a doctor are EWS, but you were not going to set yourself on fire either even during Mandal. It was the weak less educated in upper caste who would do that.
      4. There is rise of class and caste collaboration. Lower caste/tribals, few get immense benefits from reservations, get sanskritised, hide their caste/tribe and act as modern men except when filing for jobs. So, elites in all castes try to act similar and want weaker in their caste groups to represent them on road while they act sophisticated.

      I am a jaat, OBC from Rajasthan. I can sustain without reservations, but I know enough kids of SC whose parents dont even know what good is education and only government school teachers go to their houses force those kids to education, who barely pass exams to keep results decent.

      I also come under EWS by the way, and I never thought my family is poor because others are worse off than us. in the community . As white men blamed Africans for their backwardness, so do upper castes in India. How similar is this reservation and national interest debate to White Man’s burden benevolence.

  7. It’s been 75 long years since India became independent. They said it is just for 10 years. But it’s still going on. You take the cream, they are leaving India for many reasons – 1. Your score is far better than your fellow srudent who just scores 30. Yet you don’t enter an IIT whereas he does. 2. You study hard and become an IAS. Even a top IAS brain is helpless when it comes to get things done from his staff esp from these communities for the fear of getting booked under SC/ST atrocity. 3. India’s bloody politicians will never make it happen…will never make India grow. They keep this reservation system going even after 70 years. Then why should anyone who has brains should stay here?

    It’s good atleast now Modi is trying to do something in the nation’s interest. Stop spreading venom and start applauding his efforts.

  8. Good meritocracy exist in sc and St… But they are put on crutches.. Hence the Merit works against them… Remove reservation and see them getting Nobel… And till now only upper caste have received Nobel Prizes… Of course the Scandinavian does not believe in anything but merit… Let the government and those well off put on crutches think over… Show your mettle by winning Nobel

  9. The concept of reservation in Indian constitution is a flawed tool to empower the people who were unable to get the fruit of social empowerment. It eclipses the Right to Equality given by Constitution as a fundamental right.It classify the Indian people in various classes in the name of social empowerment, compromising with the the merit, so where is the equality among the citizen ?

    In fact, it is a british legacy to divide the Indian society on the basis of caste and compromising with the natural merit.

    It is said that, a certain strata of society was exploited by another and made them inaccessible to certain knowledge and wisdom. In this line of argument, it can also be said that in historical past and during muslim rule, the same lower number people were also exploited, even mass murdered, so to do justice with them, provide them privilege in modern democratic independent India, sidelining the right to Equality, and making the right to Equality as a joke.

    Yes, there are a large number of people who are under privileged socially, but there are other ways to uplift them socially, without harming the Right to Equality and compromising with merit in a modern democratic independent state like engaging them in social schemes and uplifting their talent to make them competent, and not just giving them peanuts to appease them for vote bank politics and compromise with right to equality among citizens in democratic state and compromising with the merit in the name of social injustice.

    Country will only make progress if people are identified with merit and not with their caste in democratic society and now it has been recognised.

    • Where was merit when upper castes earned living without contributing in economy. By chanting mantras. and ripping off agricultural workers, living off Kings’ taxes again on the middle class Shudras.
      So Shudras are good at agricultural ancestorally, bring any Brahmin to field and I will show you, but there is no respect for that merit in modern world and none other is seriously provided. Lowest investments in education and total ignorance, since dominant communities moved to private schools.

  10. None of the PSI is headed by the SC/ST. Why PSUS are not being run properly when meritorious Upper castes are at the helm of affairs? Why the private sector industry failed to repay huge e5 bank loans when said industry is owned by meritorious upper castes? Why the Modi Government headed by a OBC candidate not giving a chance to SC/ST/OBC to run some of the PSU ? Let them prove their mettle. Do the BJP and RSS want to reduce the SC/ST/OBCS to slavery? If that is the plan mind that the population of these under privileged is 85% They definitely would revolt and throw these so called meritorious minorities. The time has changed now everyone has tested liberty that Constitution has promised and no body wants to loose it. This Bharat belongs to this majority and not to Uresians.

    • Urasians anolgy is falwed. The upper castes came much before and so may additions to our culture since from greeks to shakas.
      Nonethelss, right points made. Revolution is needed but with education. SC/OBC/ST are too weakened to hold placard attracting sympathies. It was one Ambedkar, most respected for his talent, reduced to arm chair in India. Monopoly over intellect is very deeply engrained in Indian society.
      And it hurts everyone. The brahmins are no good other than chanting mantras to befool OBC (SC are not even worthy of chants it appears). PSUs and Indian Administration today is a proof of that. Most positions by upper caste people some do good and everyone takes pride. Arre most of you know nothing but caste system, despite all resources. Tagore won Nobel, he would disown your blind casteism converting to racial theories in a smile.

  11. 7 decades is too long a period. If things are not allowed to improve in such a long period, it will never improve. Rather the people who are already on board will not allow others to come on stage. High time to call off all reservations forthwith.

  12. Mr. Modi please a humble request if u could really discard this away of policy of reservation everywhere… Why can’t v all give only economic help to the underprivileged n let them then compete with the rest of the country kids. Give them equal opportunities to study n till 12 the standard. This way u have given them a stronger base to develop their career n let them face the competition, as the rest r facing. How do u expect a 40 or 50 percent guy to become an efficient doctor, engineer or in any other profession. Please really do something or otherwise within no span of time the country will loose young generation either by switching abroad or getting into criminal activities.

    • Very good, but reservations in premier education institutes were opposed so badly as late as 2004. How is that undesirable?
      See, even lower castes are monopolised by some set of families doing better than others, so they perpetuate their slight edge over others in SC/ST. But government is very happy with co-optation of SC/ST elites this way. They dont want to empower the weak, they just want to appear to be.
      Even with reservations, barely any IAS makes to secretariat at centre who isnt upper caste. So reservations are a sham anyway. It was for 10 years, but it was hoped casteism would end in 10 years. Both of those things will be best for India. But how? Just giving money as beggary wont do, Help the weak through empowerment not sympathy.

  13. The lateral entry numbers are extremely tiny compared to the total number of officers. As a percentage, probably less than 0.1%. Hence, this entire article is baseless rhetoric. and fear-mongering

    The main issue is whether we love our country as a democratic or not, whether we want to give a flouris freedom to our children or not. Our children s happiness is only in the freedom of every form, equality of every form, justice of everyform. And we can give all this happy future to over children only in democracy. And that is why all the great mind of freedom fighter choose India to be a socialist secular democratic republic to secure to all is citizen equality -of social political and economical, freedom of all sort, justice-of social political and economical, with an accepted principle of positive discrimination to achieve all this . India is a democratic country and in any democratic country no intelligent nation loving Desh Bhakt citizen can afford to trust anyone or any government who have power, which is a proeven and fully accepted rule among social scientist all over the world. That is why no indian Citizen desh bhkt can trust any government in any type of democracy, world history has always proved that trust in any democracy is like giving slow poison to our children because trust in any government will result in disastrous irreversible future of our children. Our freedom fighters,nation makers had known these facts of history and trust, and it’s a very common sense that we never know what’s in side others mind. What is a system which guarantee that our children and nation will be happy even after 100 or 1000 or 100000 years when we will not be alive? what is the way to make sure the happiness of our children next generation and whole nation forever is? Because any educated logical intellectual nation lover desk bhkt who care for their child must not be such a fool to trust any government, because governt has power and history says intelligent people do not/must not trust the power. So what was the cleaver way our visionary forefather intelligent freedom fighter and nation maker found to make sure happiness of our chindren without a need to blindly trust any government is the autonomous institution with required duty to perform unbiasly only according to constituon to make sure justice equality freedom and fraternity to our belived nation. That is how we get UPSC. And every year upsc selects the most intelligent unbiased people among the millions of applicants. And they who are unable to clear UPSC or STATE PSC or OTHER GOVERNT EXAM Joins private sector. We can not be such a big fools to trust any one as a public servant. We can not ever be such a big fool trust any government the name of talent or any other excuse to be biased. That is way media the forth piller of democracy all over the world always keeps questining the elected government only. When media starts praising government policy no matter how good it is and stops hard questioning government steps is the indicator that domocracy is in decline citizen is being cheated and future of nation will be very bad. So the only way to all this chaos and to sure happy future of our children and nation is that we must trust UPSC, and ask upsc to train their humans of LBSNAA in sector specialization, any specialization will take maximum of 2 years ever Ph.D. can be done in 3 years, our UPSC Officers are the most intelligent people of India they can learn get special knowledge and experience in any field in no time 2 years time is more then enough. We can wait for 2 years of nation development until our HEROES of UPSC get Specialization because the nation will last forever and 2years time is nothing compared to the surety of happiness of our chind, compared to the surety of justice liberty equality fraternity of nation. UPSC AND LBSNAA MUST START GIVING SECTOR SPECIALIZATION TO INDIANS CIVIL SERVENTS, SO THAT IN CASE OF ABY FUTURE GOVERNMENT ASK FOR SPECIALIZATION, UPSC WILL BE ABLE TO SUPPLY ENOUGH CANDIDATE.

  15. I just want to ask in how many years,not years it’s a centuries , these so called upper cast study the sastra and all facilities of learning ,what the talent they have beside to born in a special caste with silver spoon baby how many facilities both the child got ones mother are eating iron full diets and other are not eating pure water this is just a one example of one generation and my dear scholars you all know about the human devlopment is not possible in a single generation why pandit son is always good in study kshatriya son good in aggression ,same as baniye son is doing good business it’s all about dna and genes and you are aspecting in a single beneficial generation will able to fight you even when they even are cheated by such higher caste in the name of darma
    Whatever the government either congress or BJP they all are belong to same upper caste .
    Reservation partial recommendation acepected in 1991 since than only one generation of obc even not completed and their cut of is near by general candidate and due to this you all upper caste got the 10 percent reservation with in one month and ask yourself if know in how many year obc reservation take part .
    Now come to the point of corruption who start the corruption in the gov departments
    Till 1991 as per mandal commision report 80 percent of goverment department clerical and so called babu are upper caste either you all know every well might be know if
    Now there sons or third generation double or triple the money and doing the pvt business and all that pvt businessman are changing
    The policies of government by demolished the basic structure of education by increasing the price of education by stoping the scholarship reducing the education budget

  16. Everyone is behind reservations. Do any one read the history of India where so called and self named upper caste consisting of only 15 percent of population have humiliated 85 percent of population . They were deprived of education and restricted them from entering public places . One who faces this humiliation will know the pain. We can do one thing. now divide all the properties you own and weaker sections own equally among all and stop reservations. There should not be any caste humiliations later and stop marrying from same caste . If you expect change start doing this.

  17. Yes let us remove Reservations from this country. Let us treat everyone equally, let us not have few land owners on one side holding major chunk of land and on the other side majority of the people living as lobourers without any land.Let us distribute all the lands, industries,judiciary(which are in the hands of few people) etc to all equally.let there be no lower class, middle class, upper class, no castes. Education for all, National wealth distributed equally to everyone. No Reservations as to who have to become priests, Demolish the huts and bungalows and construct same type houses and let every citizen live in same type of house, let there not be slums and layouts seperately , let everyone live in same place. Let the children of Rich and poor go to same government school where free education is provided. Let there be equal REPRESENTATIONS and not RESERVATIONS for all sections of people.

  18. Did B R Ambedkar lacked farsightedness? Were his actions more motivated by personal vengeance and enmity for Gandhi than the unity and integrity of Indian society? What course would have the Indian society and India as a nation taken if our Constitution had not legitimise class division? Was/is it appropriate to extend reservation policy to entire India based on the social division existed in a few Indian states? What were the compulsions before the successive Congress governments to go for repeat extensions of reservation policy? What were the actual motives of VP Singh to introduce reservation for OBCs in 1990?

    These questions are never discussed in any media panel, does not find place in any political party’s manifesto, no articles are written in newspapers, judicial activism cannot dare to touch its perimeter.

    • Bhrata, reservations are Gandhian in origin. It was in Poona pact, when Gandhiji went on hunger strike to co-opt SCs within seats foe Hindus. that such system was accepted Ambedkar wanted separate eletcorate., like Muslims You dont know history, and here you are.
      And why did your comment not “discuss the question of EWS reservations?”
      Now I also know, you would leave no moment in trivializing Gandhiji too after knowing this. RSS is the way for you dont give arguments just Jai Mata Di.

  19. There may be truth to interviewing/selection bias ,in hiring people in private sector. But even there a few SC/ST and muslims do get hired. So they can definitely try. And its a worthwhile experiment for a few years to see and track how many SC/ST or muslims do get hired in lateral entry before we draw conclusions.
    There is SC/ST quota in public sector industries, in universities, etc. So things are overall not so bleak for SC/ST/muslim candidates as the article may claim to think.

  20. If this is the case…then this would be the best thing that can happen to India…finally people having merit and capability of handling such responsibility will work in various important sectors that needs utmost attention….

  21. The ultimate aim of reservations is to ensure representation, which everyone fails to understand. It doesnt matter whether an officer’s daughter gets it or a daily wage labourer’s. Majority of indians still have a castiest mindset and reduce a person’s identity just to its caste, its this mindset that needs to be eradicated which will allow judging on merit and not their immediate caste. Do you sincerely expect that the upper castes will justly advocate the demands and aspirations of dalits and marginalised groups. There’s nothing wrong in lateral entry but the evidence speaks for itself. The classic example is the judiciary where in the name of merit it has become an elite club of upper caste appointees who are all well connected and barely appoint an outsider.

  22. Worst thing in India is people prefer to enjoy reservation by one name or the other. Deserved people never get reservations but only rich people take the fruits of reservation. Print has not changed even after loss of congress. People believe in modi and that will not go so easily.

  23. BIMARUs given mandate to Brahmin and Baniyas to undermine the constitution. I don’t know where is the poor chowkitars and fake nationalists now. Give reservation to undeserving prople and deprive the same to really required. It’s the constitution of medieval forces with new merit face.

  24. The article appears to be biased. Basically the entry is at a higher level where reservation does not apply. Also the number of entries is not even 10%. As India wants to become a global power it is difficult to compete at world level without experts. The selection is based on merit only and not on caste basis.
    In this new world order the best talent survives. Other wise India will become another Pakistan. See a country like Bangladesh is prospering better. In the interest of the country best talent should be taken at key positions.
    The author has a paranoid view and does not think of the country or he wants this country to perish

  25. This article is against the integrity of our nation. Such kind of articles should be thrown in the dust bin. Google should not promote such kind of article.

  26. Writer of this article appears to be of negative mentality . Such kind of negative articles should not be promoted by the Google . Right place of such article is dustbin . In modern India reversation should be completely abolished for the progress of our country. Jay Hind Jay Bharat.

    • The article is written by a bias minded writer. He himself writes that the representation of SCs and STs at higher bureaucracy is about 11%. Still he views it as a negative thing.

  27. Just for gaining publicity , the author is simply killing every bodies time, ..jst i want to ask the so called ….legends….how much time still they need….. enjoying in the nane of RESERVATION…. Hence, it should be abolished…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. ….Coming gerations will never pardon us…..Talents should be encouraged in every stream..irrespective of class,colour,creed.

  28. I guess Raghuram Rajan was also a lateral entery. Lateral entry is not new govt. Companies have been appointing ppl through lateral entry. As far as PSU are concerned please also provide the information on how many PSUs are under loss and how many have shut operations, which is zero jobs, zero earnings, and many have been sold in pieces for real estate companies. Privatisation will bring job immaterial of cast, creed, or color. Plus privatisation is being done for loss making PSUs. You people are running a propoganda and not showing the other side of the coin. I bet people who talk about PSUs talk sitting in AC rooms wearing a Rado or swiss watch rather then a loss HMT, have Airtel connection ratger than BSNL, travel by private airlines rather than Air India or Indian railways, drive a gas guzzling SUVs rather than govt transport etc. Its better for a worker to have a salary paying job rather than not paying PSUs. Please understand even these workers havevfamily to feed, children need to be sent to schools, rents need to be paid, elders need to be taken care of. Please dont just misguide people.

  29. I sincerely believe that reservations must demain but with a caveat. One who has already enjoyed the fruits of reservation and has attached a certain standard of living comparable with other upper section s of society , he and his children should not be given reservation. For the simple reason that unaffordability and deprivation is no longer with the one who have taken the benefit of reservation. Instead those amongst SC ST &OBC who did / could not avail benefits of reservation should be provided. Affirmative action in essence means this only and not giving benefits to those who have been enjoying perennially at the cost of others.

  30. Ambedkar actually argued in favour of reservation in election of MP/MLA. That too was only for 10 years. Ambedkar himself argued in favour of administrative and judicial efficiency. All the articles quoted by Dileep jee are the amendments made in the constitution in the later stage by vicious politicians NOT Ambedkar.

  31. So what’s wrong in it??? When will India learn to stand up on Merit?? If the talent is available in the open Market, why not to grab it before they move to US and we just keep on shouting like a cheer leader, Hey look, the CEO of Pepsi is Indian, Clap Clap!!! Sundar Pichai is an Indian, Proud to be an Indian, Clap Clap..Correct???? We have done enough of Clapping. Now we want our kids to have COMMAND OVER THE REINS. I had never thought in this angle before this article. And if actually this is the case then I will Vote for Modi the Third Time. The Change is Coming. Fasten your seat belts

  32. This is just a hit piece. The govt. Is bringing in talent and if that talent is from upper class why is it a bad thing? Should we put the country in the back burner for some perceived injustice? Shame on u n upsc should not entertain u at all.

  33. This is a biased article which wants to undermine the initiative of the PM.. BJP govt to take our country to newer self reliant powerful and DEVELOPED NATION. To take the country forward and take a leap we need minds and brain storming of experts and not get bound by silly Reservations and by NOT who they aren’t.

  34. A heavily biased article, we should not waste time reading.
    Tha authour has not discussed pro and cons in a realistic and unbiased manner. Not worth reading.

  35. Very interesting and informative article.It gives the insight of govt policies and how systematically legally change essence of Constitution.This is RSS agenda ,

  36. Even after 6 decades of Independence, if the so-called backward classes have not been uplifted and enabled to join the main stream society, who is responsible for that state of affairs. This whole caste system was devised by Nehru and passed on to the dynasty. Monies set aside for the benefit of the poor and downtrodden were eaten away by politicians and middlemen. Any employment should be based on the individual’s merit and not his caste or religion. How can you employ a driver merely because he belongs to particular caste ? Is it not essential that he can also drive you around safely? Which attribute gains priority here? Competent to do the job or caste? Enough of the pseudo secularism and Muslim appeasement. The so-called minorities should first learn to see themselves as part of the whole and not seek distincion in one way or the other.

  37. Everyone needs reservation ..I mean people should be ashamed to ask for it …
    Writer seems to be biased totally against PM Modi

    The writers thinks that only IAS and IPS and other civil services and PSU have Jobs for reserved class and he missed the reservation in group B,C,D jobs in state and central government.

    I request you not to underestimate the readers who cant understand your designs.

    Plz contribute unbiased articles and work for the nation building

  38. Yes, dear author and about time. Ambedkar hoped — and wrote this into the Constitution– that reservations should not continue for more than 10 years. This has now been extended every ten years for 70 years!
    Why need reservations at higher levels of bureaucracy?

    Reservations blunt lack of equal opportunity at entry stage maybe makes sense….BUT can this writer explain why you need crutches all your life??

    And generation after generation– the children of same IAS officers gaining undue benefit — what deprivation or discrimination does a 3rd generation civil servant face?

    If my father, fore father managed to get jnto the premier civil services… i need reservations still to get entry, and also promotions??

    Solution is in same top quality govt funded education and health for all.

    Which Nehru and his dynasty and the Khan Market pseuds and our so-callec intellectuals and policy makers never really believed for all these 70 years .

    And that is the tragedy — that is the indirect attempt to perperuate hold of upper classes (and most of our pseuds belong to this class).

    Author should ponder over this — why India of all other countries failed to give basic education to all.

  39. Of late we have done extremely well in upsc, jee, iims etc. But the stigma that is attached will persist forever. We do not require reservations. We require social equality but will that happen, I doubt it. People like swamy only project their upper caste hegemonic mindset. Just tell me ,how many of the reserved caste who are extremely talented have been recognised and given opportunity to work in higher govt. Offices. You will find nothing much to tell. That’s because you are marginalised because of your caste. Swamy
    Vivekanada said until the downtrodden are not given political power to rule this country , we will never see India advance.

  40. What about India’s 170 million Muslims who have very little representation in proportion to the population. If such a large part of Indian society is completely ignored then they will be rooting for another Pakistan.
    It is just a matter of time when this huge population awakes and no longer tolerates the situation.
    I see very troubled times ahead and we must revert back to equal society for everybody.

    • Who stopped you to go already form Pakistan? Please this country and keep production of jihadis there

    • @Majid Khan If Muslims threaten another Pakistan then the 800 million Hindus aren’t going to sit quiet either. I see very troubled times for Muslims if they adopt this strategy. Hindus are no longer the same as they were 70 years ago. We know how to fight back: be it in a competitive environment like education/jobs or be it in the battlefield.

      You have had 70 years to fix your issues. Your leaders had enough representation for 70 years. If you could not fix it all these decades then don’t expect anything to happen in the coming decades as well. If you really want change, then you will have to make do with other representative who will work for society “equally” and not favour any particular community over the other.

  41. Please do tell the benefits of the lateral entries , I have heard Prashant Kishore the vice president of JDU saying that in Modi’s last tenure just after the few months of election results he left Modi because he wanted Lateral entries in the bureaucracy to bring drastic change in the country , his argument was today some one is a director in mining department and tomorrow he is handing agriculture it is not possible for one person to hold the expert label knowledge about everything and so the progress of that particular department suffers which in turn slows the development of the country and people do not get the benefits from the schemes that government launches . Many times I have seen people say I wish India was as developed as America well to do so Americans hire top level experts from India China and where from the world to provide their citizens a better life if we can not do that than may be we should not think about competing with countries like America and UK . I would request the author to be non biased and tell people about the pros and cons of the policy number n full detail otherwise people will just see the picture that you want them to see

  42. The Author does not state CLEARLY that he is against Reservations. Reservations should have Ensured Prosperity. But in India every body wants to get into the reserved Category. Reservation in Private Companies will make Investors Go Somewhere else. 70 Years of Reservations have changed India’s Mindset. These days In india Jobs means a Nice / Not Performing / Secured Govt. / Semi Govt. Job.

  43. Sc/st / obcs should pressure the opposition parties to take up this issue and make it bahujan 85% vs savarna 15 % struggle only then they can defeat the evil Brahmin/bania janta party.

  44. More such studies and articles are going to be there in next 2 decades, but becomes more irrelevant as the days goes by. India’s deprived class need to be helped. Opportunities are not just in jobs in public and private sectors. They are there everywhere and only can be tapped with proper education and training. Focus should be make them feel that they are independent and environment to be created for new ideas to be on their own. This model works. Think about the situation way back in 90s. Most of the dream of freshly graduated IT professionals were only f getting employed in dozen IT companies. Today, the breed is totally different. The beginning of 2000s seen lot of millennials going for entrepreneurship. They are from different castes and religions and there is no class separation for them. Coupled with environment of new funding opportunities, there are good number of job creators than job seekers. India has to grow and cannot depend on “someone to start” and everyone join them. Which environment changes, the reservation system become non-existent and die natural death for good. It will be beneficial for all. Long way to go, but somewhere something has to start.

    • this is a biased article of a fake news website which spreads hate speech related to religions. Do you know any one benefit of reservations. The writer of this article is bigot about hindu religious views.

  45. Good article. But I am unable to understand why this is a bad thing? WE need capable people to get things done — in other words people selected for what they do NOT who they are!

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