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Uncle, please sit. Jaggi Vasudev needs to shut up on things he has no clue about

Much like science and the Citizenship Amendment Act, feminism is also a topic Sadhguru has no knowledge of but absolutely loves to talk about.

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A clip from a 2017 video of Jaggi Vasudev a.k.a Sadhguru, the ‘spiritual baba’ of the WhatsApp-taught wonderkids, has resurfaced on social media as a reminder for Indians: choose your public figures wisely. Varnishing his superstitions under the garb of good vocabulary and Western accent, Jaggi Vasudev has been able to create a mirage — of being any different from other ‘dhongi babas’ on TV.

Be it science, Citizenship Amendment Act, or feminism, Sadhguru has no knowledge of any topic but he absolutely loves to talk about all of them.

In the clip shared on Twitter, Sadhguru is applauding the female body for its ‘intelligence’, presenting his ground-breaking theory on the consistency of breast milk. “If a woman… delivers twins – one male and one female – one breast will ooze certain type of milk, another breast will ooze another kind of milk.” By now it’s sufficiently clear that if it’s Sadhguru’s words, then there are going to be little signs of intelligent life in it.

Earlier this year, he lambasted people protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)  – after having declared at the start of his lecture that he hadn’t read the Act. But even if he hadn’t acknowledged that, his half-baked arguments were enough to make it evident.

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Misogynist baba

To put it lightly, Sadhguru isn’t big on feminism. Much like typical men’s rights activists, Sadhguru’s take on feminism is, “Women should have rights, I don’t like that. Everyone should’ve rights.” He explained to young women students of Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru: “Most of the feminists, they didn’t live well, it’s because they talked and talked and talked.” He went on to add that “it isn’t the lack of men that made their lives empty, it’s their choice of living in constant ‘reactionary’ mode.” Whatever that means.

At the same event, he told three young girls that it is actually the greed for money that has led to the rise of patriarchy and ended up giving men a higher position in society. Because, of course, it’s the men who earn money so they’ll obviously have an upper hand.

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Taking science for a ride

It isn’t only through his comments on ‘intelligence of body’ that Sadhguru has made a complete fool of… science. He often confuses poetry with science and claims that water has memory. Speaking at a conference at IIT Madras (of all places), Sadhguru claimed that without changing the chemical composition of water, one can rearrange its molecules. “So much so that if I take a glass of water in my hands, and look at it in a certain way for a while, well-being will come to you,” Sadhguru observed while adding that the scientific community is in agreement with him, and that it’s not a superstition anymore.

Even Isha Foundation’s ‘Rally For River’ project has invited a lot of flak from the scientific community. The project, close to Sadhguru’s heart because of the relationship he shares with the rivers, aims to solve all the problems that the rivers’ face by planting trees along their stretches. Don’t get me wrong, his heart seems to be in the right place with this one. But his project doesn’t consider things like damming up, removing pollutants and diversion.

The issues associated with Rally For River project forced environmental experts to write a letter to actor Leonardo Di Caprio, urging him to withdraw his support to Isha Foundation. One of the major concerns raised in the letter was the Isha Foundation’s myopic view of the problem that seeks to oversimplify a complicated issue.

Instead of writing the letter, perhaps all that Environment Support Group needed to do was send a link of Jaggi Vasudev’s YouTube page to Di Caprio. That would have done the job.

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  1. If environmental scientist really concerned about pollution, then there are lot of places to work on. Let him do what’s he wants to do, results will decides who is in right mind.
    Look at the past how things have been, scientist are only interested in exploring, Business are interested in only making money. ……….and status of planet is not hidden from anyone.

    • Being a godman is a business. Only fools think it is about spirituality, environment etc. It is for godman’s good, his cronies good, not public good.

      jaggi can save all the environment he wants using his own money, or Isha’s money.

      It’s a Rs 10, 626 crore scam, maybe he wants his own island. High court called him out.

  2. “[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists.
    yuri bezmenov

    • Facts:
      Rocks cannot be enchanted. In fact, nothing can be enchanted.
      Dead cannot be be made alive with spells.
      The bead trick is done using the ideomotor effect.
      You cannot poison or bless water with thoughts.
      Water Memory is pseudoscience.

      Do you hate these facts? If so, you are a leftist propagandist, according to you.

  3. “[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists.

  4. Oh wait. I was wrong that he never apologized. Look I correct myself.
    He just did apologize, only 10 days ago, probably for the first time, but only because of the backlash.
    Now he is doing damage control with a planted question and a “oh that little thing? yeah, I heard about it” acting.
    It was just a mischievous edit apparently. Nityananda said the same thing about his Ranjita video. He was really just having a spiritual discourse with her. Sure buddy.

  5. Well I just have one thing to say forget about jaggi,
    You are assuming scientific facts as absolutes , science is never perfect , the damn earth was flat till we found it was not , but the ancient indians knew when an eclipse was going to happen and not to leave their house till it finishes , all the festivals all the celebrations preparations are based on science but Indian science that is spirituality , he says water has a memory and some research has been done on that , you say water has no memory some people have proved it wrong , in this situation you are not different from what you’re accusing him of , everyone turned against Copernicus but he was right , Nicola Tesla was dealt a bad hand but he was right , you could be wrong or he could be wrong or in some cases you both could be right , there’s no way to know , so this is an incomplete argument.

    • Nice distraction strategy. Why would anyone forget about this jackass in the comments of an article that is calling out how clueless he is? This is going to be only about him, not Copernicus or Tesla. Comparing with them is like comparing dirt with diamonds. In case you are still confused, jaggi is the dirt, a glass imitation for fools at best. Don’t insult legendary scientists by comparing them with a fraud who sells magic beads and magic rocks to shallow people.

      Your comparison between me and him also makes no sense. I am nothing like this idiot.

      I know who the real scientists are. It’s not that hard to tell these days. I know what science journals are serious and which ones are bogus. I don’t confuse some pure fraud with a fake degree to be a scientist. I don’t believe some stupid whatsapp message glorifying a faker and think I am the expert. I know how to fact check. I don’t sell a fake image that I am enlightened and that I magically know what is true and false. I am not constantly looking to show that I am better than every top scientific expert even though I did not study any of those subjects. Most importantly, I have not lost common sense like jaggi and his gang.

      When Jaggi is tricking his foolish followers into buying his magic beads, there is 0% chance he is right. He is using a cheap trick used by spiritual frauds all over the world that has been exposed a long time ago. Don’t try to pretend like anyone can be right tomorrow. If anyone can be right, there is no need for him to quack. Any random person will do. His whole game is trying to convince you that he is a rare gem who is always right, not occasionally, but always. No one may say he made a blunder and he makes lots of them. And he and his Internet gang makes it a point to mock anyone who doubts or questions him on anything. So why can’t he be mocked for such foolishness? If people can criticize the author of this article for listing facts, then Jaggi can be mocked even more for being such a self-important jackass.

      We all mock self-important godmen, all of us here mock at least one. But people get upset when their own godman is mocked. Because they think their master is perfect no matter how many foolish things he says. Grow up. Don’t be such babies.

      • You are right he is just a buisnessman with a PhD in enchanting people , like edison was just a buisnessman not an actual scientist , you have all the facts right to mock him , like if i was truly enlightened whatever that means I don’t think I would claim to change the world that is destined to get f***Ed up , or expand my business to overseas claiming the same , he’s constantly suggesting people to visit the nearest isha yoga center and sign up for a program , sure some thoughts make sense but not applicable to everyone , but claiming that you know the real scientists and the real facts and somehow you’re smarter than everyone here also makes you the same , he is right about one thing though , accepting that we don’t know does open up unlimited possibilities , we still have a lot to explore , science still has many questions , I would put my money on time rather than concluding something as the ultimate truth.

        • Every godman has an unofficial PhD in enchanting fools. That’s a requirement for this business.

          He does not accept that he does not know until you ask him hard questions. He is constantly talking bullshit with 200% confidence. He never admits he is wrong at anything. For example, he talked some crap about planetary phases and Astronomical Society of India shut him up. Did he admit he was wrong? No. If you correct me and show me a proper reference, I will agree with you. How am I like him? I am reasonable. Jackass jaggi is an arrogant ignorant. He thinks spells make the dead come back alive. He thinks snakes are magical. That’s what being a JackAss is. He thinks he can poison or bless water with just his thoughts. That’s a mental hospital mind.

          He and his followers should accept that they are foolish, superstitious and ignorant people with useless education good only for degrees, who need to learn and open their mind. Instead, they close their mind to science and keep repeating that science is confused and they are wiser. All they are good for is stupid WhatsApp forwards. I am smarter than everyone here, but that’s only because almost everyone here is an idiot.

          It’s not that hard to know who the actual scientists are and what scientific facts are. All you have to do is read the few top scientific journals regularly. Knowing facts is not some mysterious ability. You get it with reading not crap. But people here are too stupid to even understand that water memory is pseudoscience.

          • Well, as you have so much against him , i hope that one day you get to expose him for good , but still it’s hard to change people’s minds here in India , we welcome everything with open hands not realising the reality until it’s too late , it’s a curse and a boon for us.

  6. Leftist crap as always , so print has great association with NDTV , and promotes leftist view creating Hindu phobic write ups , all the hindu gurus are frauds , but they have never come up with anything against the Islam guru like Zakir Naik who talk shit all the time , answer is simple , the foolish hindu people will fall for this crap and think Sadhguru is conman , by the way there is research going on water memory and it has been proven too , so before claiming your super intelligent views do your homework and also feminism is a choice its not about man bashing which it has become in recent time , get your facts clear and listen to what he said dont just hear and draw your stupid conclusions

    • Dear fake princess, I will enlighten you about the fake science of water memory. Whenever a godman talks science, it is without fail, fake science.

      Water memory first came into spotlight when a french researcher called Jacques Benveniste said he found proof of it. A top science journal, Nature, published the paper with a cautionary note, but they didn’t believe it because it is impossible from what science knows. The editor , the legendary Sir Maddox, came with a team and asked him to show it in front of him. The researcher failed. It turned out that the researcher did not even know how to take basic precautions. There was also a failed attempt to tamper with the sealed envelope containing results. The researcher lost face, lost funding and it was the end of his whole reputation and career.

      Next guy these fakers talk about is Masaru Emoto, who they say is a famous Japanese scientist who discovered that mind had an effect on water crystals. But the truth is that he was a complete fraud and was not a scientist. Masaru never even studied science. But he tried to make money trying to sell a fake vibration device that he said can diagnose all kinds of diseases. Then he bought a fake degree from India actually and started calling himself Dr. Emoto. He just took photos of nice looking crystals and just lied that it was because he had happy thoughts. He made money selling books about those fake experiments.

      Meanwhile, homeopaths who sell magic water with no material in it, liked this noise and started publishing fake experiments. All scientists consider water memory to be pseudoscience. But if you are bad in understanding science (almost all of India including big degree holders) and you type water memory into Google Scholar, you will find water memory papers and you will think its science and it is proven. That’s because you have no idea what are good studies and what are fake studies. Internet today is full of fake studies and fake science journals trying to fool you.

      Water Memory is a belief for fools. Jackass jaggi goes to IIT and argues with a professor that it is real. Professor can’t say much and has to stop. In our country, education carries no power, only money, power and connections do. Jaggi may be a jackass, but he has all of the later. So he can say whatever he wants.

      As for Zakir Naik, true, he is as much a misogynist as our jackass jaggi. But why would anyone write about him anymore? He already ran away from India and govt is trying to get him back to throw him in jail. Meanwhile clown jaggi gets padma awards for spirituality just because he can talk cool and market magic rocks.

  7. All dhongi babas are narcissists, this one included.

    All of us made mistakes. We thought something was true. We said it confidently. Later, it turned out we did not have facts. What do we do? We apologize and correct ourselves.

    We say, yeah, sorry about that, I was wrong. This does prove me wrong, at least on this topic. I will try to get facts better next time.

    An extreme narcissist will never admit that. He is never wrong. It doesn’t matter what proof others bring.

    Jaggi will never admit that water does not have memory.
    Jaggi will never admit that dead cannot come back to life with magic.
    Jaggi will never admit that he really cannot see through clothes.
    Jaggi will never admit that you cannot determine the nature of food by some garland or make it more nutritious by prayer.
    I already listed a lot of nonsense he says below.

    Some of these, he already knows are not true, like seeing through clothes. Other things, he may be ignorant, but he will never admit they are false, no matter how much proof you provide.

    It does not matter how much you explain that water memory is a total pseudoscience nonsense and that it is also impossible to look at water and transfer your thoughts into it, channeling them into whoever drinks it, he will argue that he knows better. He is always right, according to him. I don’t know who is worse, he or his silly followers who say yes for everything without thought.

    Such stubborn narcissists are the opposite of spiritual. Spiritual people don’t dress in fashion clothes. Spiritual people don’t have big egos. They don’t showboat on expensive rides. You won’t find any spirituality at his club. It only breeds ego, anger and hatred.

    There were hardly any spiritual responses in the last one year, because that is the true nature of these commercial, shallow, fake spirituality clubs of these dhongi babas. It was just reactionary anger and hatred. You are the very inverted vessels you think others are.

    • Truth is eternal. Hindus pursue knowledge and understanding of the Truth: the very essence of the universe and the only Reality.

      • Truth is eternal. That’s by definition. It’s like saying 1 is singular or zero is nothing or infinity is uncountable. It’s the definition. Arguing on that is tautological.

        When someone won’t stop talking utter nonsense, stop looking for Truth from him.
        How long does it take for people to realize you won’t get truth from an ignorant commercial narcissist? You are not very good at identifying Truth vs. Fraud.

        There are many excellent places to understand Truth, but not from some fraud who sells magic rocks and magic beads. That’s superstition, not “Truth”.

        People who try to find Truth from mass babas (or mass mullahs or mass pastors) are shallow, ignorant and easily manipulated. They have herd mentality. You can see it below. They will argue against Truth. They will never appreciate it when given to them. They just want the comfort of belief, not truth. It takes courage and wisdom to accept bitter truths.

        People who purely “pursue knowledge and understanding of the Truth” don’t give themselves labels.

  8. Troll dimension is trying to come through, or someone with anger issues here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Here are some anger issues.

      “you can agree to him or disagree with him, you have no right to tell him shut up. You MF….”
      “u r showing hate is unfathomable”
      “‘doesn’t even have the courage show her face in her profile”
      “author is suffering from ignorance caused by superiority complex.”
      “IRRATIONAL ARTICLE…. But not ur fault… Seemingly u don’t have intellect to understand his reasons”
      “Thanks for using democracy to puke up your hatred for and ignorance”
      “the writer is filled with spite and hate towards sadhguru ji she lost it bcoz of hatred . Sadhguru will not shut if anyone need to shut up its this useless writer . shut up you filth !!”
      “I feel disgusted at this article”

      That is just a fraction. Talk about triggered. I just adopted a language to match this tone.

      One thing that dhongi baba followers lack is self awareness. They never think if what they are accusing others of, applies to them. For example, he can post videos about shutting other people up and his followers will gloat about it, but other people cannot tell him to shut up apparently.

      These fake spiritual seekers just boil with hate as soon as anyone points to faults in their nonsense. You guys are so far removed from any possibility of spirituality. You can’t even pretend to suppress your emotions. Your fake master also can’t. Its easy to get him angry too.

  9. One who doesn’t have the intention of knowing arguments will not bring her closer to truth. Maybe Sadhguru is commercial, but certain aspects of experiential reality can not be spoken about and understood by the inexperienced. Experiential truths are commonly misconstrued. The writer is inexperienced in this effect. She uses science like a blind man walking with a stick banging everything. It’s a way to travel. Her way. Don’t mock her. She is too strongly identified with her sex and that has become her existential reality.Let her be. I just want to look at her in her 70’s after she has had her fill with worldly distractions and ask her if she feels the same way.After all sankarcjarya did say” bhaja govindam muddhmate, samprapte sannihitakale nahi nahi rakshati dukrn karane”.

    • Maybe? All he is is commercial. Do you know how many ads he buys to promote his fake spirituality business? Do you understand what a plush life he demands? He is a pure materialist for his luxuries. Spirituality is for you to empty your pockets to him. How many gold bars did that Kalki guy have? This is just a typical godman scam that is so common in our country, he just did much better advertising. You will agree with me that all other guys are scammers but you are blind to the guy who tricked you.

      The author was not talking “experiential truths”. She was observing the clear fact that he is obviously clueless about objective things but won’t shut up about things he has no clue about. If he only talked about “experiential truths”, no one will care. Who am I to care about what happens in your imagination?

      But when he starts bullshitting about physics, chemistry, astronomy, psychology, obstetrics, water management, vaccines, you name it, then you know he is just a bullshitter. It is obvious that he is a dumbass banging his stick on everything because you followers are so foolish.

      If you follow any of these scammers, your spirituality is not authentic. Don’t lose common sense in the name of spirituality.

      • Brother your very last sentence pretty much sums up everything and I really liked it! “Don’t lose common sense in the name of spirituality”!

  10. One who doesn’t have the intention of knowing arguments will not bring her closer to truth. Maybe Sadhguru is commercial, but certain aspects of experiential reality can not be spoken about and understood by the inexperienced. Experiential truths are commonly misconstrued. The writer is inexperienced in this effect. She uses science like a blind man walking with a stick banging everything. It’s a way to travel. Her way. Don’t mock her. She is too strongly identified with her sex and that has become her existential reality.Let her be. I just want to look at her in her 70’s after she has had her fill with worldly distractions and ask her if she feels the same way.After all sankarcjarya did say” bhaja govindam muddhmate, samprapte sannihitakale nahi nahi rakshati dukrn karane”.

  11. One who doesn’t have the intention of knowing arguments will not bring her closer to truth. Maybe Sadhguru is commercial, but certain aspects of experiential reality can not be spoken about and understood by the inexperienced. Experiential truths are commonly misconstrued. The writer is inexperienced in this effect. She uses science like a blind man walking with a stick banging everything. It’s a way to travel. Her way. Don’t mock her. She is too strongly identified with her sex and that has become her existential reality.Let her be. I just want to look at her in her 70’s after she has had her fill with worldly distractions and ask her if she feels the same way.After all sankarcjarya did say” bhaja govindam muddhmate, samprapte sannihitakale nahi nahi rakshati dukrn karane”.

  12. Damn! Toxic Feminism at its finest.

    A lot of scientists much more educated than you, humble up and listen when Sadhguru is speaking, I thought, thePrint was an organization that had people with a minimal level of maturity. Alas I was wrong.

    I am a scientist with a few degrees more than you. His ideas rub me the wrong way too, but never have I thought about insulting him in a way like this.

    • You are a scientist?!!!!! Ahahahahaha.

      Every real scientist who was put on stage with Jackass Jaggi regretted it.

      He went to IIT Chennai and bullshitted about water memory in front of chemistry professors.
      He went to UN and bullshitted about vaccines and autism in front of Soumya Swaminathan.
      He went to some Gynaecology conference and bullshitted about left breast and right breast.

      There must be a longer list.

      He is a bullshitter who bullshits straight in front of scientists and they don’t know what to do with a confident fool.

      Sure, say you have 30 degrees, why just a few? Your don’t have to prove anything. You are also bullshitting just like him. Your whole Isha is full of people like you.

  13. Water can help your brain work it can act like oil in a machinery without oil machine can wear and tear but that dosent mean oil itself is machine like water has memory

    Unfortunately I am a victim of his Videos and yes this thing has made people completely clueless he make people loose hi common sense turn them into mere morons and more appropriate a robot

    Which I am going through and trying to recover

    He is nothing If I am not wrong we all are fascinated by the love of Shiva we all have in our heart by the way he has presented songs and given a modern touch to bhakti songs with new age singer and modern instruments

    He has given a well presentation and that where we lost our self to him ( Not him but Lord Shiva ) and started following him

    Those following him good but follow with your brains but don’t even dare to play with your chit ( you will become a fool )

    You can do yoga and all but don’t dare disturb your chit what has been given by God is best at its ownself and human can only destroy or reshape what God has given

    Spread the word #daredisturbchit

  14. Wether he is good or bad, but JAJA has gone insanely mad. He has so much time to reply to everyone.

    Also your body is made of 70% water, which is also major component of brain which has functionality of storing data as well that’s called memory so why cant water has this ? Well he might be using some tricks as well but you are kind of person who may not even consider the importance of belly button.

    • Yeah, the person who is talking common sense and science is insane.

      And the person whose ability to think goes like this is not insane.
      a.) body is 70% water
      b.) brain has water
      Therefore, we must conclude that water has memory. Great. Great

      So how about?
      a.) Sand is silicon
      b.) Silicon is used to make computer memory
      Therefore, sand has memory. Great, great. You are really enlightened man. Here is some candy. Anku is so smart.

      You should only be thinking about your belly and belly button. Nothing more complicated.
      Science and logical thinking is just too complicated for you.

      Water memory pseudoscience was very well studied and completely debunked. But for you youtube baba and his whatsapp bhakts like you, all nonsense is wisdom.

      In the land of the insane and ignorant, the sane are considered insane. You people will take the most insane person and call him the wisest.

  15. Hi, I really liked your spirit behind this article.
    However, I am a researcher and it seems that you haven’t researched well about what you have been preaching.
    I will just talk science as I don’t know Sadhguru but he seems on point with his science argument.
    The “water has memory” and “the breast milk” argument has been proven by the scientific community. You can take a look at scientific journals that you can find on Google Scholar.
    Can we please expect a journalist to speak objectively rather than putting subjective feelings? 🙂

      • The only disappointment is how uneducated you bhakts are.
        You guys look for the slightest justification to believe that your halfwit baba is always right, without any thinking whatsoever.
        When someone says, I am a researcher and you just believe it. Any graduate student can call themselves a researcher. Doesn’t mean anything. Her education is a joke if she thinks water has memory. That was disproved almost 30 years ago.

        • Your blog is just shaking my head. You’re one of the lowest humans I’ve ever come across. Happy to tell you that many females don’t agree with your feminism and there are concrete reasons for that…which you’d prolly never understand by the attitude you carry everywhere. Sorry🙏🏻

          • Oh, you haven’t come across people who say their wife mysteriously did mahasamadhi?
            Or hypocrits who take over tribal land and paint themselves as nature protectors?
            Or hypocrits who sell magic junk and say they are actually quite rational?
            I have come across much, much lower humans. Don’t get triggered by mild feminism. You need to learn meditation, maybe from a different place.

    • Oh you are are a researcher? You mean in Whatsapp University?
      You mean you discovered Google and you think you have become a researcher?

      Water memory has been disproved as complete nonsense by the scientific community. It is so well debunked that when you ask researchers today to give a few example of a pseudoscience, they list water memory.

      Villavicencio, Marcos. “Four Examples of Pseudoscience.” (2020).

      If you still think that water has memory today, you cannot even be called a student of science, just a WhatsApp graduate.

      The papers in Google Scholar are by homoeopaths, which are pseudoscience. They are all fake journals. To do research, you should also have the capacity to know what is a real journal and what is a fake journal. Every journal in Google Scholar is not a real scientific journal. You must also have the capacity to understand what is a science and what is a pseudoscience.

      Show me the paper which says right breast and left breast have different milk in case of twin birth. Not the paper you read about on Whatsapp that talks about slight difference on average between pregnancies with single male or female child in a very small study. How would the mother know which breast to feed the baby with? That statement does not make even common sense, let alone science. Dhongi Jaggi didn’t even use common sense. He read some nonsense on whatsapp and wanted to brag he knows things too. Same with you.

      This is the problem with students today, very low quality, but everyone thinks they know, and these dhongi babas are laughing all the way to the bank.

  16. Baffled at the ignorance of this journalist. Haven’t done any research before criticizing the scientific claims. Writing few fancy English words does not turn your stupid opinion into facts. Did not expect this from the print.

    • Do you think dhongi baba will popular at all without his fancy English?

      And you think he is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C? How? He does not know science any more than doing drama with WhatsApp forwards.

      Right breast and Left breast theory for twins is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      Mercury is safe is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      Water memory is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      Depression is just negative thoughts is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      Rudraksha detecting bad water is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      Lunar Eclipse accelerating food degradation is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      His rocks having special energies is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      His wife’s “mahasadhi” is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      Earth entering special phase during eclipse is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?
      His stupid cobra psychology is S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C?

      Just because this dhongi said it in his fake English accent does not turn his stupid opinion into S-C-I-E-N-T-I-F-I-C facts!!!!! What science did he study? Physics? Biology? Chemistry? NOTHING!!

      I did expect this from his crazy mindless drones. Next you will be arguing how science needs to learn from him and how all foreign scientists and governments are actually learning science from him because he shows up everywhere.

      • Be quiet dude. You are unnecessarily wasting lots of energy and embarassing yourself. Don’t enforce your opinions on others.

        • Tell that to brainless jaggi followers who came screaming here because they think nobody has a right to say their godman is ever wrong.
          I have lots of energy. Don’t worry about me.

        • Also don’t forget to tell jaggi not to embarrass himself anymore.
          Any time he opens his mouth about anything smart, only bullshit comes out.
          Too bad that his followers can’t tell the difference.
          Best strategy for him is to be silent.

          He shouldn’t enforce his superstitions on others with no brain. Dead bodies wake up because of magic? haha. Can anyone be so stupid?

          And you guys want us to believe you are “scientists”? hahaha. Cooked food should not be kept during eclipse? My grand mother used to believe that. But she didn’t finish schooling. And you guys think you are scientists and still think like her? haha. Are you guys and girls printing your own degrees?

  17. Who writes this shit by the way i dont follow sadgurus all opinions but this article is slander and enethical something that a teenage dilengant would write.. in fact i have research this group and all they post is pure garbage even a child has more heart and knowledge these guys should be sacked

  18. Good journalism costs money?
    As much as this is true, do try to do it sometimes! It’ll do a world of good for your Print!!
    This article is certainly a pure hatered spreading bullshit and nothing more. And you definitely has gotten that typical westernised FEMINIST working for you is just shameful.
    Well, this is all I needed to know about ‘theprint’s great work!!

    • Ravi, Ravi, Ravi, your entire dhongi baba’s spirituality is bullshit only – Magic rocks, magic spells, magic amulets, magic yantras, magic buildings and magic pendulums. Cunning Youtube marketing. Lots of it. Ads, ads and more ads. Your dhongi is just a Youtube baba with lots political connections.

      And a lot of stupid talks that sound philosophical to only stupid people.

      This is what journalism looks like. It tells you uncomfortable facts. You don’t want it. What you want is boot licking propaganda, not news.

  19. The person behind this article clearly doesnt have the sense, patience, intelligence or life to understand what sadhguru ji has said. This is exactly what he meant by reactionary mode, even if they dont understand they will react. Trying to make villains out of everyone and playing the victim card isnt going to work anymore. Learn to respect people and take time and effort to understand thier views or else ignore. He is a respectable being, dont try to mess with him.

    • That is exactly what you Jaggi bums are doing. You are in full reaction mode, without actually considering what the author is saying and understanding his views and making him a villain. These are the same comments in any forum where this dhongi baba is criticized, and then you all play the victim card like this. This isn’t going to work any more. Learn to respect journalists and articles like this. They are just talking sense and science.

      Jaggi can post videos about “shutting people up”, but people can’t criticize his top-tier ignorance? There is a lot written about how this dhongi is just as ignorant as all other dhongis.

      A person who burned his wife’s body before her father got there and called it mahasamadhi don’t need to be respected. People who occupy land don’t need to be respected. People who constantly talk like a fool don’t need to be respected.

  20. LOL!!!!! This author Mishra is the perfect example of the SHHH feminist whom sadhguru was referring to. No wonder she got triggered…. Look at the arguments…so low level, cheap logics….. Author was referring to sadhguru’s usage of english language….Authoe of this article needs to know that, His words are more wiser that u will never understand in this life because of the education u went through….Author is definitely admirer of shashi tharoor, they just know the Language known as English…but the brain is empty as rotten nutshell when it comes to the in-depth topics of life, Human body…..people can also see the arguements made by fans of this page LOL….THese guys will love zakir naiks wisdom definitely. their level of intellectual u can understand….. Three main dangers to this planet Communism, Feminism and the other one, i dont need to say……

    • But this dhongi is our Zakir Naik. What difference is there? Both say all their superstitions are true. There is no difference between you and Zakir Naik followers.

      Just because someone can talk smoothly to foolish people does not mean they have a clue about what they talk about.
      Both are misogynists and so are you.

      Cheap logic is all you find with them and their brainless followers like you (see above: brain has water, brain has memory, so water has memory, is the perfect example of the cheap logic of dhongi baba followers).
      I am here to answer you triggered followers who can’t stand the fact that a lady who can smell BS pointed out that your supposedly enlightened dhongi does not have a clue.

      Your wise guy thinks if you say some spells, dead can be brought back to life. That is how wise he is and that is the wisdom you brainless followers have. All you have are rotten superstitions, literally about dead bodies.

      What in-depth knowledge do any of you have? You and your dhongi do not even have superficial knowledge.
      Zakir Naik says he passed MBBS, but he thinks evolution is just a theory and not true.
      Your dhongi thinks eclipse accelerates food decomposition and you all come up and say yes, I have seen it happen. He has no concept of what an eclipse is and makes up his own astronomy “facts”. You have no brain to check facts or what evidence means.

      These guys are crap and you are just flies attracted to them. No educator can fix ignorance at this level. Your education after 18 years, assuming you have a degree, is completely useless. You might as well tend to livestock. Wisdom? Don’t make me laugh. You guys are just overgrown kindergarden kids. No better reasoning skills.

    • A self-proclaimed gyani who uses magic tricks, wants luxuries not even affordable to richest 0.0001% of people, promotes superstitions and says stupid things all the time is either no longer a gyani or never was one.

  21. There is something mentally wrong with all the fanatics of this dhongi baba. They all talk almost exactly the same, as if their personality was destroyed and they are trained to repeat the same phrases over and over.

    I don’t know if this is real damage to their brains or if these are just the dhongi baba’s chamchas working off a training script. But this is what they all do.

    @ they all say, believe or don’t believe him, but I am yet to meet one who then told me something they didn’t believe about what the dhongi said.

    @ they have a problem when anyone says he should shut up, but all the videos they post are titled about their dhongi shutting people up. They are obsessed with the word “shut up”, but they miss the irony when the article does the same to him. Someone should also write an article that is titled as giving a “tight slap” to Jaggi Vasudev, just to drive these idiots crazy. That’s another of their favorite bum talk.

    @ if they specifically say, I am not a supporter of Sadguru, you can be sure that they are in fact a rabid fanatic of this idiot.

    @ a whole gang descends whenever anyone writes about the stupid things he says. There have been many articles describing how the things he says are stupid. There is nothing special about this. Press has to criticize when a public figure talks stupid. That is an essential duty of the press. But this gang starts calling press leftists, communists, haters and so on.

    @ many of them love to start off by saying “you have wasted my time” to disparage both articles and anyone who points out the errors in their comments.

    @ when that might not work, they say “don’t waste your time commenting”. One bum, Raj, already did this to me.

    @ whatever their stupid godman says is “his right under freedom of expression”. Of course it is. But so it is the right of everyone else to write about how stupid he is. These idiots cannot understand that. Telling someone to shut up for being stupid, that isn’t a violation of their rights, its also a freedom of expression, as are your stupid comments here.

  22. A magician called Rajesh Kumar discussed this common Ideomotor effect, a common trick used by spiritual frauds.

    “Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Rudraksha experiment reality exposed”

    He had to disable comments after Jaggi Vasudev’s brainless herd started abusing him. The same thing happens whenever anyone lists his idiot wisdom.

    On top of that his bum followers come and argue that people with an actual brain have to shut up. No you bums, if you never heard of ideomotor effect, just shut up and let those of us who know do the talking. Seeking “truth” is not for you.

  23. I know there are lot of people who are jobless, brainless but seems there is another category- people who have jobs , have money, have lot of free time on their hands but absolute no idea what to do with it. Then they find a guru and start bashing him/her. If you are so much interested in finding the truth then invest a month or so of your useless life to do something useful.

    Do not worry why so many people are following a particular guru. If you cannot understand their sense , be assured they are not waiting for your wisdom.
    So lift your bum from the plush sofa and do something useful in life!

    • There actually need to be a lot more in the category that bash the rogues that murder their wives and convince the brainless that it is mahasamadhi, or that their kept woman is actually their adopted daughter.

      But what we instead have is a lot of people with jobs, but half-brains who think some hallucinating fool who says he sees into the past and to the future is some wise great guru. A fraud who lies he can through see people’s clothes is thought to be an enlightened man.

      The half-brains have the whole world’s truth to explore but end up surrendering their thought to a bum who tells them eclipse makes food go bad and argue that’s wisdom.

      Rather than do something useful with their lives, the half-wits rather keep their bums in chair and keep watching a youtube idiot who claims he can cast magic spells and enchant rocks or a fool who says he delayed sunrise for his convenience.

      When any author exposes that the so called wise-man is actually a clueless fool, the half-brains all queue up to denounce the author than consider the facts presented.

  24. I just would like to add my own 2 cents: Jaggi travels on Singapore Airline Suite which is above 1st class at US$17,000 round trip to USA. How much is that in Indian rupees? How many poor people in India who were hit by Covid 19 can be fed with these money?. As a renunciate, is it logical for him to use the hard earned money of his followers to travel this lavish? Can anyone justify this bullshit?. When you put yourself in the world stage and call yourself as a Satguru…everything that you say and do becomes an example for others to follow…because they…the followers think that everything that you say and do is for their good…even if it is total bull crap…that’s how blind faith works. Open your eyes and smell the crap, people.

    • To put that in context for people who don’t fly, I know even US based doctors who make great money, but fly economy class at one-tenth of that round trip cost.

      Rule 1 of these hypocrite godmen parasites: Royal Luxury for me, poverty vows for you.

      Jaggi Vasudev shows off designer clothes, fancy and expensive motorbikes, helicopters and lavish wedding for his daughter. According to his idiot followers, he is just doing this to promote Indian fashion (I think he himself said this at one point) and his personal expenditure is just from his money from his chicken farming days.

      Ram Rahim’s hyper luxury lifestyle is known to everyone now.

      Nityananda can buy a private island.

      The worst part is having to listen to his idiot followers inventing silly excuses for all this.

  25. How dhongi is dhongi Jaggi Vasudev?

    He uses a psychology manipulation trick called Ideomotor Effect to makes fools of his idiot followers. He tells them that rudrakshas in his shop have special powers that will spin differently when held over different food.

    This trick was exposed a long time ago after a lot of dhongi babas used it.
    But since the followers of all these godmen are such fools that they will argue endlessly even when everything is explained to them.

    Every single person in Isha is an idiot.
    WhatsApp University.

    They have no common sense and completely closed minded because they want to fantasize they are spiritual. When people explain the scam, they just repeat a few stupid attacks over and over again like people with most of the brain disabled.

    Dhongi Nityananda fools people with third-eye blind-fold reading trick when the kids are obviously just peeking below the blind-fold.

    Dhongi Jaggi Vasudev makes the followers fool themselves with a bead pendulum. No one else needs to put up a performance. At least dhongi Nityananda puts an effort. Dhongi Jaggi followers are much more stupid, just give them a hint and they can fool themselves all by themselves. Just tell them they are Undercover Yogis. Pathetic.

  26. I completely agree…. For those who don’t understand word’s of wisdom from Sadhguru… Nothing can help them in the world.

    Are you guys paid to publish such fake news of Sadhguru. Wonder how this works.

    • I completely agree… that you guys are unpaid Isha idiots though.

      But why blame this beard man specially? You guys have go after one fake guru or the other.

      When Shirdi Baba pulled necklaces taped from under awards, your brain does not work.
      When Jaggi Vasudev says he can make water sweet by meditation, your brain does not work.
      When Nityananda says he delayed sunrise with meditation, your brain does not work.

      What to do? Brainless idiots have a need to feel spiritual and wise like everyone else. Nothing in the world can help you when you have no brain and cannot have common sense. If it is not this fake baba, you will find another fake baba.

    • Yes, looking at the similarity of all the comments, I think it is safe to assume that somebody is paid to write it,

  27. I’m surprised. A lot of of people here talk like as if they have better wisdom than Sadhguru himself-particularly the author. Those who don’t understand or don’t seem to grasp some sense about Sadhguru’s teachings are probably idiots

    • Oh really?
      So you are so sure you are a non-idiot who can explain his “wisdom” for us. Please go ahead and enlighten us, don’t go silent now.

      A woman has a twin pregnancy. Non-identical twins. One is male, one is female.
      According to this joker, each twin gets a specific breast. Is it the right or left?
      How does the mother know which one?
      Where did he get this information from? Remember, he was talking about 2 twins with 2 genders specifically.
      So what happens in case of triplets? Does one breast alternate? What if they are 2 male and 1 female? How does that work out? Hmmm?

      To any one with common sense, this looks like a common idiot uncle.

      • Leaving Sadhguru out of the conversation.
        In terms of my experience, being female and having breastfed and done my own research.. Depending on the gender and whether or not the child is well the breast milk will change in composition. There is something called feedback when a child feeds from the breast. The body then reacts to that and adjusts the milk accordingly. My daughter preferred one breast over the other. One breast does’nt make milk the same as the other and thats from my own experience.
        Think what you will.

        • Oh please stop acting. You are just lying. I doubt that you are a mother and had twins.

          Even if you had, one birth does not make “research”. You have no clue what a study is and what research is. You can’t just say the body adjusts. That needs to be supported by actual tests on milk composition across several mothers. First you need to prove that milk across breasts is different across breasts in twin births. Then you need to prove that each gender child somehow always finds out which breast is producing which milk. And this needs to be done without mothers knowing the research results in between or they will start leading one child to one breast.

          If some one says that they have done their own research, it means they are an idiot and don’t know what research is.

          “That’s my experience” means you don’t understand science. You will have one “experience”. Somebody else will have opposite “experience”.

      • very similar intelligence was shown when someone told the earth is not flat but round. If you do not know something at least u can keep your mouth shut.

        • LOL. Jaggi Vasudev followers are like idiot flat earth believers. When science tells you that water memory is pseudoscience, the least you can do is keep your mouth shut, if you can’t understand the experiments. It does not become true because your idiot dhongi baba said it.

          Want to talk about your dhongi baba’s rudraksha scam?

  28. Another thing I notice is Jaggi Vasudev’s team uses a lot of mocking emoticons 🤣 😂.
    This is cover up the fact that the actual posts have no real argument against the substance of the article.

  29. Enlightenment: JackAss Edition

    Magic JackAss
    @ He can see through clothes.
    @ Water becomes sweet when he concentrates on it.
    @ the molecular structure of water can be changed with just thought.
    @ No need to read and learn, he just directly perceives reality.
    @ If I take a glass of water in my hand and just look at it in a certain way and give it to you, well being will come to you … This is no more superstition. This is science.

    Cosmic JackAss
    @ Earth’s magnetic field influences blood because it has iron (no idea about the concept of ferromagnetism).
    @ Solar system revolves around Super Sun (no, the black hole in the center of the milky way isn’t a sun).
    @ Food spoils during eclipse.

    Medical JackAss
    @ When having twins with different genders, one breast caters to one gender and the other to the other gender.
    @ Mercury in herbal medicine is not poisonous, its just heavy that’s all.
    @ A rudraksh moves clockwise when food or water is safe and anti-clockwise when they aren’t.
    @ says he knows better than scientists about vaccine side effects because he had a chat with a few foolish anti-vaxx parents one day.
    @ if you bow to food, it becomes more nutritious.

    @ Mahashivratri is not a religious festival. It has something to do with the astronomical phase of the planet.

    All this sounds smart to only JackAss Whatsapp University graduates.

    • I don’t know about sadhguru or what his works are. I’m wondering what keeps you so excited and motivated to mock him?

      • “I don’t know about sadhguru or what his works are” ….
        “I don’t follow sadhguru but” …….

        are usual lines by jaggi followers, possibly directly from Isha. They are so standard lines that you wonder if Isha is actually training them to respond like this. Its like fixed call center responses. So cheap.

        They never address the points being raised but try to shift the topic to the questioner instead.

        He is being mocked because he is an ignorant superstitious fool who is pretending to be enlightened for money.

  30. To understand Jaggi Vasudev, you need to understand Jim Jones and The People’s Temple.
    To understand the whatsapp idiots posting below, you need to cult psychology.
    They think they are spiritual seekers. But in reality, they are vacant minds who imagine some godman they saw on Youtube to be their “guru”.

  31. So Ms. Mishra is very sure that whoever follows Sadhguru is whatsapp raised and fools. Well. That was very rude. Most of his followers are very well educated. Maybe better than you. And they are all doing wonderful jobs. Think before making these judgements.

    • You can be doing wonderful jobs and still be a whatsapp idiot. I know quite a few.
      Very narrow knowledge. Good skills in some specific job. No common sense beyond that.

  32. Lol I agree he’s actually just another wannabe who spews bullshit on things he knows nothing about. People who are mad clearly follow the same narrow-mindedness with baseless facts that can’t be proven 🥳

    • Like people who were criticised for saying earth is round.
      BTW, some says the moon is affecting the oceans on earth and creating tides. have you written something about them too?

      • If you understand why flat earth believers today are called stupid, you will also understand why Jaggi Vasudev believers are stupid.

        You can show flat earth believers any evidence, they will deny it, just like Jaggi Vasudev believers deny mercury toxicity, ideomotor effect and water pseudoscience debunking.

  33. I started to read this article because I was so curious to see another point of view, different than his. But after reading a while… This is definitely crap. No point of view and no scientific background. A lot of nonsense and I just feel sorry for losing 7 min of my life

    • “I wasted my life reading this”, is a very common cookie-cutter response from Jaggi Vasudev’s team to respond to any of the critical articles or videos.
      “Emma” has to be one of the profiles of his onsite team with very clear packaged responses.

      Most of the criticisms crying about the article have no substance – just the usual, you must be paid media, attracting clicks etc. No answers to the obvious trash Jaggi Vasudev talks.

        • If I was, I would not have gone so easy on him. A few hours search can provide a dozen times more of his stupid quotes, with video proof of him saying stupid nonsense.

  34. Mishra, a real bad job!! Really!! Not your fault!! Print used you to drive traffic. They are good at identifying scapegoats. My advise …. Stop writing so people may suspect that you are intellectually challenged rather than write a lot and leave no doubts. I will encourage you to explore other avenues.

  35. Ah! what a cheap idea to bring traffic to your news portal. How poor an effort could be.

  36. What nonsense is this article? I don’t even feel like writing something in defense or as clarification for each point you have given here. Because each point you have given is silly and seems like it was written by some hater who never listened to him, never knows anything about him, and so desperate to discredit Sadhguru that just wrote some negative things, and pulled some random lines from his speeches to support your negative points. It doesn’t even make sense.
    I also think that you have to go through 100s or 1000s of Sadhguru’s speeches to find fault, yes, you can find some real fault in what he said, and you could have come up with a better criticism article. But you didn’t even do that homework, it looks like you just took some 15 minutes put down some negative points and some words from his speeches, and filled all the paragraphs with some nonsense. And you expect people to buy this nonsense?

  37. I believe that those who do not wish to listen to him can very easily ignore him. I do like to listening to his ideas to get a new perspective on things. Can’t we just agree to disagree on some topics? It is a free country, nobody is forcing anyone to do anything.

  38. Jaggi is little fraud and certainly dangerous …when he claims he has seen the god. This for me enough to say good bye. This is no brain deal breaker…I found his tone also un acceptable for guroo, his tone harsh and little belligerant.

    • Try to turn inward, start practising some authentic yogic kriya (for sure not any one which is taught by him), if you can progress and improve your perception just by 1 percent than what you are today, you too will start seeing, feeling and experiencing God. In fact no way you would be able to ignore God.
      But dear in order to reach to that state you need some sort of strive.

      Its not that only Sadhguru has seen it.
      There were/are thousands of famous, infamous, known, unknown spiritual seekers and common people from all over the world has done so.

      But before anything else, you need to brush up your idea of God a little. Thousands of book has been written on it and most with a significant amount of research. Hope it helps. You are not doing any good or bad to him by your nonsense. But if you strive to know the inner dimensions of your life it will do amazing things to you. Just send Sadhguru to hell and do it for you.
      All the best.

  39. Thanks for this article, dear author. I can see that the isha foundation has unleashed its trolls on you. But, the tragedy is that many who are not its members would also do the same. Such is the hold of pseudo science on us. Faith is used to exploit us into supporting one guru’s lifestyle while we shirk away from adopting a poor family living next door for even a month. There is hope yet for India if news media allows criticism of charlatans.

    • Those who follows him, quite a very few might believe him. But the rest don’t believe him at all. They could experience something but no way it is any kind of belief business. Spiritual process is not a belief system. It is completely experiential.
      Either strive for the experience or simply ignore him. Rather send him to hell. But please stop saying anything from your own nonsense.
      !!! Blessings !!!

    • Oh god these people…..THey just know the english language…Brain is like empty nutshell….they just talk….meaningless talk….

  40. I m reading responses to this article… N i can see people r not blind to believe any kind of shit of publish… Hope u exist🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  41. Jaggi is the biggest conman… Just look at the comments… People here telling that there is freedom of speech for jaggi and yet abusing the author… Matlab kuch bhi. .. Freedom of speech matlab yeh nahi ki tu unscientific things bolo… This looser has a criminal record… I hate people supporting this asshole… Guys go and study read lots of books by authotmrs who are specialist in IT. Will you go a gynacologist to get your heart treated. That’s basic knowledge. Going to this asshole to get advice makes me feel sorry for you. If you feel depressed go and see a professional psychiatrist. Jaggi is a conman. I rest my case

  42. Whatever you have written comes from very constipated piece of brain, if u are unable to understand the sadguru, it doesn’t necessarily means that you need to be bad about him. If u understand his concepts, go follow him, if u dont, no need to follow him, let the public decide whether his knowledge have intellect or not, and weather his stand on feminism is right or wrong! You don’t like him, dont follow him, that’s it! Don’t vomit out your constipated mind about anyone!

  43. This gives sight about selective discrimination of The Print. You can see their article praising Zakir Naik and criticising Indian culture supporters.

  44. The very title of this article shows your arrogance. I was so annoyed with you shubhangi for wasting my precious 30min reading this shit of yours that I couldn’t stop posting my comment here. But as I scrolled down through the comments all my agitation vanished and now I feel so pathetic for you cos I thought that u must be so wounded by all these comments already and need some time to heal. Listen to more of Sadhguru’s videos gal, the healing process will be easier.

    • You know whats arrogant?
      This fool of a baba lecturing top scientists what to do about vaccines and water memory.
      He is not fit to touch their feet.

      I know you are a isha idiot. Only they keep saying “for wasting my precious 30min” comments. Your time is worth nothing. You are all idiots.

  45. I hope u have not studied journalism before u started this article. Because that would have been wasted time f ur life as u don’t seem to have learnt much out of it. While it’s ur view once published it comes out as biased view. I have wasted 30 minutes of my time reading ur content.
    I hope u do ur research next time around, corroborate with facts than possibilities. Sorry author long road ahead for u before be oming a trusted expert in ur chosen field.

  46. We cannot expect anything more than this from the person who runs media just for money. Now a days, media people are just giving their opinion, not the news / content. journalism become slavery for political parties and just working to provoke people. There wont be any violence if we remove all these medias, including social medias.

    please remember the objective of Journalism before you publish any article.

  47. He was right about Feminism and Women constantly talking and talking, look at you, you’re still talking.
    Whatever he says, has a scientific backing and you can get enough research about this if you scroll away from lusting over Kunal Kamra’s Shitty Videos.
    He says certain things that can be understood by people of Wisdom, not people of the Modern World.
    You need to hold your attention and understand things through wisdom and not intellect.
    You, my friend don’t hold the courage to shut him up, because you are just an employee working for this shit-ass company for Money! If you want answers, talk to him directly, don’t try to turn people against him.

  48. Shubhangi u need a psychiatrist……i feel pity for your parents and others in your family for having to raise such a human. Hope u rnot married othwerise ur venomous ignorance will destroy few more lives

    • Woa calm down i used to like sadguru but he really has a bad temper and is condescending with his constant “hello” and the yes or no ? u can visually see when he is angry so controlling his emotions is not in his control…also he never went to school …he was kicked out of many many schools …after ur dead ur body dehydrates which makes ur nails and beard look longer …that is all that happens but he says it actually grows. …Oh my God …so much anger in him and bullshit

  49. This article because he spoke against the anti caa
    protestors,so you want to point fingers at him
    This clarifies who you are and show your true colours.
    pseudo journalism…..

  50. Hello shubhangi,
    This was a cringeworthy read, to say the least. You can’t be writing such baseless garbage with the attitude of a best-selling author. This article is a clear window into your frame of mind, and it doesn’t look even basically nourished. The testimony to this is the point that you cannot see things with an ounce of clarity. And whatever little you see seems to be contorted more than what human wonder is capable of. And people believe that’s limitless.

    If you you’re going to continue writing and that too with the intent of being incisive and sharp ( which you’re so visibly lying to yourself about ) , you approach needs a lot more work. This doesn’t even cut it. Sorry to say.

    Hope to see better articles from you in the future. The print is a great media outlet. Try not to relegate their reputation which has been build with years of hardwork.

    And also, keep real journalism alive.

  51. Reading this just makes me want to find out more about Sadhguru and gain from his amazing insights into life, society and the human condition. Thanks Shubhangi !

  52. some creatures if they have no talent, no passion, no love, no compassion, no sweet emotions, no attitude in everything, they become violent and aggressive full of angry jealousy, envy, full of low emotions. Maybe creatures never been loved by anybody, besides, who could love such an amount of rubbish? So to avoid their shits, unconsciously they become critics in order to destroy in others human beings what nature has them denied. The first signal of ignorance, frustration and blindness is that they ask certifications and degrees as if to write a poetry you must have a degree, please read more literature. Violent words with the only purpose to hurt and to punish, we wander who punished you? Is it a revenge? Please do not confuse your goal. Please read Yama and nyama by Patanjelij. The attempt to appear clever and to awake consciousness in a way like a soldier is rather pathetic. I suppose you do not like yourself if you full your head with poison and if you spend your precious time criticizing the others. There are so many beautiful things to think about! How to use our brain, our emotions, our energy, our creativity. Have you haver been kissed by somebody? Have you ever kissed somebody? Please turn your frustration’s gun towards you and try to think less because your brain is bitter like a spinster it needs some sugar.

  53. Show us your face and state your full legal name, your credentials, including your highest level of education. Name all the schools you’ve attended and completed for transparency reasons. Please include percentages beside your credits. We need to review your degree if any and personal accomplishments to see if you qualify to be an online journalist with a license to make any scientific claims. List all your credits related to paid employment and volunteer work in chronological order to show us your professional evolution and credibility.
    Most people I deal with have professional ressumes that are minimum four pages long and double sided.
    I find this article unsubstantiated, biased and poorly written. It gives an impression that the writer of this article has a lot of misdirected frustration and made an unsuccessful attempt to appear intelligent and important. Yet another unqualified platform used to spread hate and discrimination.
    I give it a zero out of five stars.
    To summarize, it is pathetic and irrelevant at best.
    If you wish to be a critic, begin with yourself.
    Try to earn your own importance based on your personal merit and not by using a successful name like Sadhguru to get attention. Trashing someone else to make yourself look better has exactly the opposite effect.
    Sadhguru has millions of supporters worldwide.
    Tell us how many followers you have? We would love to investigate the legitimacy behind every single name and number.
    There is no shame in being a nobody if you do it gracefully without publicly displaying your inadequacy. You shouldn’t feel pressured to use your thumbs for writing just because you have them. Leave writing for intelligent, enlightened and evolved people who actually know what they are doing and have the ability to make a difference in this world.

  54. Do not talk without knowing sadguru properly. People these days r so impatient that they look at everything on the surface and judge. I’m a 17 year old girl. Despite that I’m a follower of sadguru, bcoz I have learnt a lot from him at such a young age itself. It’s a shame that despite being an adult ur so narrow minded compared to youth like me

  55. I used to love the time when Print published we’ll researched, clearly articulated articles with convincing arguments. This reads like an instagram post!

  56. In the misogynist/feminism part of the article, the author has not explained how what he said is unscientific. It is written as merely a report, except that she has written “Much like typical men’s rights activists”, so it seems like she just has a prejudice and disagreement with men’s rights activists who are advocating for gender equality for men and resolving the issues faced by men. But she has not clarified why she has this attitude towards them.

  57. In the misogynist/feminism part of the article, the author has not explained how what he said is unscientific. It is written as merely a report, except that she has written “Much like typical men’s rights activists”, so it seems like she just has a prejudice and disagreement with men’s rights activists who are advocating for gender equality for men and resolving the issues faced by men. But she has not clarified why she has this attitude towards them.

  58. Way more to go girl before you prove that you worth a job as writer/journalist or whatever.
    Your article sounds more like anger than an article LOL 😂

  59. Sit with sadhguru some day, please, even for few minutes, he will leave you transformed. Believe me we need many like him….Enlightened beings like him leave this world a better place..They have brought many out of misery, given joy to many , provided bliss to many…They have taught many of us to find happiness by our own nature.
    Also dont discount his philanthropic initiatives, cauvery calling, isha vidya, rally for river, save trees are few of many. Poor or rich he is bringing many out of their survival instincts of hatred, depression, ill health, frustration etc.
    This world will become a better place if we have many like him.

  60. This article is for cheap publicity by finding nonexistent faults with an achiever, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

  61. This article is for cheap publicity by finding nonexistent faults with an achiever, Sadhguru.

  62. Whether water has memory or not is an on going research. An inverted vessel can’t gather any water, that’s a known thing.

  63. Wow! Am I reading this for real ? The writer is ignorant and immature, and it seems like s/he has been living under a rock.
    Why are people who have never worked on learning about the world beyond textbooks, and rely heavily commercially-motivated and sponsored ‘scientific’ researches allowed to mislead the masses ?
    I’m sad because only raising collective consciousness will save the earth, and I don’t see it happening in a long time.
    I am no Jaggi Vasudev fan and neither do I follow him, but calling him out on the specific issues you quoted in the article only shows how ignorant you are.
    The world has been awakening to these facts in the past few years, where have you been ? Wake up! You are more.

    • “The world has been awakening to these facts in the past few years”. Vow, great to know. Btw, what “facts” are these that the world as you say is awakening to? I think the only people who get impressed by his “lectures” are those who are too scared to think for themselves and who are scared to put in the hard work to understand the nature around them. This way, any person with good speaking skills can fool you. Just imagine if J. K. Rowling, instead of selling Harry Potter as a child-fantasy series, had instead put on a mystical costume, learned to speak in deep sounding words which are otherwise empty of reason or logic or honesty, and demonstrated how certain “wands” can distinguish stale food from fresh ones and what not (remember something).

      • To begin with, intermittent fasting is prevalent only because of the research that warranted a Nobel prize.
        The whole yogic culture and almost every culture around the world lays down the points and reasons to fast. ( Sadhguru ofcourse does since this has to do with the human body and simply upgrade it, and that’s what the whole yogic domain is about ) .

        Water memory, is ongoing research. Guess whose leading the research? The same person who won the Nobel prize for discovering HIV ( luc montagnier, check him out there are a lot of scientific videos on youtube )
        Ongoing research means, the possibility is being explored.
        But you seem to know a lot more about what is and is not possible so I’ll get Me. Luc to come speak with you.

        • Luc Montagnier went full idiot after he won his Nobel prize. No one thinks of him as a scientist now. Scientists are angry with him constantly saying stupid things because he now thinks he can say whatever he feels like without showing proof.

          The top journal Science wrote this 9 years ago and filed it under “Snake Oil”

          Luc Montagnier Is Not Losing It. Luc Montagnier Has Lost It.
          By Derek Lowe 29 May, 2012

          Water Memory is not ongoing research, its pseudoscience.

          The Nobel Research was Autophagy, not Intermittent Fasting. Apparently, Intermittent Fasting fans linked the two, the Nobel Laureate didn’t.

  64. Ignorance to another level. Completely blinded journalist. I pray for you and wish you a speedy recovery.

    You should probably Google and search for all the medically proven facts that support his theory. Good luck! You need it.

  65. Negative journalism is print, wire etc…they only print articles which are against BJP..they don’t go to edit or check the authenticity of the article… anything anti BJP, anti modi they get a place in print…print is yellow Journalism..

  66. Chill people. Harvard and Oxford are inviting Sadhguru and appreciating him. Some amateur journalists who are not appriciated by anyone are telling something. Some people stay amateur for a long long time 🙂

    • And yet, not a mention of him on Harvard or Oxford web sites.
      Someone should tell them what he did to his wife.

      • Come on man! If you just go to Harvard website and search “Sadhguru”, you’ll infact find many articles there.
        Now my question is why did you not try it before commenting here ?

        • There are 55 results. Out of which, only 2 actually have anything to do with him. Harvard should fix their web search.

          1 is a list of speeches of a lot of Indian babas.
          Other 1 is a desi doctor in Boston with a simple survey study to see if patients had better mood after 4 day isha program. Its a silly study. If he sends you on a 4 day vacation, you will also say your mood got better. Just sit in a park and watch birds, your mood will improve, even more than listening to this baba’s bragging sessions.

  67. With a limited knowledge that u have ,source of your knowledge being high school books, not attempting to research or experiment and the great confidence in your ignorance, you will never understand or even attempt to understand what sadhguru or even for that matter anybody else wants to tell things out. People like you will believe in things which you think to be in favourable to your likes. What sadhguru says is way beyond your attempts to your thoughts or knowledge. If you don’t understand anything, I think it’s better you keep your mouth shut, atleast don’t show how ugly and least you know or you analyse things. Don’t show up your stinky side of your brain.

    And “The Print” don’t you guys have a check on the article that are posted on? This so brings down your prestige of having a good site to read from.. Just look at the comment section how many of them are agreeing and disagreeing to the article. Please increase your quality of your quality check. I assure you, I would not get on to this site again what-so-ever to refer. Like me I don’t know how many would have come to this decision.

  68. When we do not have the capability to understand beyond our limited capacity we utter ugly things.

    It’s completely ok.
    Who can understand and perceive will keep on doing so.

    It is just the matter of time.
    Wish you wisdom.

  69. Look at the language and tone. The print has become a yellow journalism. Did the article go through any editing at all? Puke worthy.

  70. Sadhguru’s claim of changes in breast milk is not actually unscientific.,-Sadhguru's-claim-of-child-gender-based-changes-in-breast-milk-is-not-unscientific

    Sadhguru’s views on feminism and women empowerment have largely been misinterpreted for no reason whatsoever.

    Water Memory and Molecular Structure is still an ongoing debate in the scientific community.

    About the Ngo s going against Cauvery Calling, Isha Foundation itself has officially responded to the matter.

    Cauvery Calling has also been officially accredited by UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification)

    I thought the author had done some research on the topics. Well, you proved me wrong.

    I know it is under the opinions page and I understand maybe some misinformation or misleading articles might have driven the author. It is totally fine but I request the author to look into the topics. We need more courageous journalists like you for sure but you must also have clarity on the matters you are discussing. And let me tell you I don’t support the CAA. I also think it is discriminatory in nature and against the nature of our country. Sadhguru has his opinion on it. If you think what he is talking is right you accept it( maybe do some research too and accept it) if you don’t, it’s okay, you may protest. That’s all your choice. Just like that, it is Sadhguru’s choice too whether support or protest against something. Please respect that. That is where real freedom prevails.

    • Water memory is a completely discredited pseudoscience. One of the articles you cited are arguing why this pseudoscience should not be given further space. Other one you cited has no relation to water memory. Looks like you did not understand what you read.

      Jaggi Vasudev was criticized for saying left breast and right breast give different milk, not for saying milk may differ in case of single child. Even that research is questionable. It is a small study from Africa not verified further.

      Jaggi Vasudev is your standard commercial unenlightened baba for unenlightened followers who want to think they are enlightened. He thinks he can see through clothes and claims he has supernatural powers.

  71. You just have stopped with your high school science and thought you knew everything… All that you mentioned , water having memory etc is being discovered in higher level modern science…

  72. To the Writer Subhangi,
    You have No Idea what you talking about.You talk Shit and just trying to get Limelight.Stop it!

  73. @Shubhangi Misra – The next you write an article on anything please do your homeowrk right. You have no knowledge of science which qualifies you to write if water has memory or not. Please do a yourself a favour and google about the water experiment by Dr Masaru Emoto – japanese scientist. Stop fooling yourself.

  74. You people are the barrier for the development of our society.we all know that what Sadhguru is doing for our society.For your clarification watch RJ RAUNAC youtube video on sadhguru

  75. I heard Sadhguru in person in Wellington in late nineties. He impressed me with his mystic outlook and I started following the Motor Cycle Baba’s evolution over the years. In one instance he candidly confessed that at one stage he was hesitant to build an organisation around his name, as it inevitably leads to compromises with the powers that be and one generally ends up diverging from one’s original purpose. The organisation takes over and forces one to expand and grow at a cost. Lately, he appears to have fallen prey to his own prediction. Very sad and disappointing.

    • Not in the case of twins, which is what he was specifically claiming.
      He was saying that one breast will give one type of milk and another, another type, for a different twin of different gender.
      Do they come labelled? Obviously not.

    • This is the typical gang who writes in the print, the quint, ndtv as they select only those who bashes BJP, modi, anything hindu for their survival, and cry intolerance from roof top without realizing their childish remarks have been tolerated, and about breast milk it is read in many articles about mothers milk adjusting to itself and these third rate writers who only knows to bash to get their orgasms without verification, let them have it and be ignorant, live in their own cocoon.

  76. Subhangi Misraaa get some life , utleast that man has done sooo Many things for the country, Water has memory ,if u don’t believe that u you’re another dumb feminist, even females these days say they aren’t feminist,
    Just tell me what the heck have u done for this country, you’re just another keyboard warrior, so buzzoff

  77. While the generation has certainly needed a Sadguru like him for way too many aspects ..We certainly need these noob journalist’s for sure.That is the critical balance between misinformations over another! Even as to acknowledge mere one perspective of the author ranting loosely.I don’t prefer believing every thing the old man has to say either 😉

  78. Have you noticed how the left eco system include the wire, the print and all the Nehruvian supporters are now attacking Sadhguru in one voice? Almost on a daily basis an article pops up about Sadhguru who they love to call ‘Jagii Vasudev’ in their tweets to disrespect him. The eco system hates Indias indigenous culture and anything to do with Hindus. Shameful attempt to misalign a man who has done much greater good to the community to the planet through his saving river and planting tree initiatives than all of this 2 paisa so called journalist combined.

    • He should stick to his area of business. Wire, Print and the like are critical of him, as he ranks on areas in which his knowledge is sub zero. He can’t walk away with his misinformation just because of his language command.. also he is politically partisan, you know which side he is in and perhaps that’s the reason you support him..

  79. This is what we called pseudo liberal, the way you misinterpreted his talk shows your level of understanding, things which are beyond your understanding and not set in the frame of Western science book doesn’t mean not exist. One thing I noticed by the movement he exposed left wing PRINT started attacking personally which shows print ideological inclination.

  80. Wah. After a long time I am reading something worthy. Once upon a time I was a big fan of his discourse. Heard and heard and read few books also. But at the end he didn’t come upto my expectations. Great orrator of the time!!!

  81. Good article. Most of Sadhguru’s comments and video bites are puke worthy.
    If the young hindu population in India (men and women) are looking for an ideal, mentor to support a hindu revival, they can do way better than a lowly marketeer like Sadhguru. First be a true renaissance person by introspecting, evaluating and discarding the bad practices in hinduism that are out of sync with 21st century and scientific thinking.

    • Hello shubhangi,
      This was a cringeworthy read, to say the least. You can’t be writing such baseless garbage with the attitude of a best-selling author. This article is a clear window into your frame of mind, and it doesn’t look even basically nourished. The testimony to this is the point that you cannot see things with an ounce of clarity. And whatever little you see seems to be contorted more than what human wonder is capable of. And people believe that’s limitless.

      If you you’re going to continue writing and that too with the intent of being incisive and sharp ( which you’re so visibly lying to yourself about ) , you approach needs a lot more work. This doesn’t even cut it. Sorry to say.

      Hope to see better articles from you in the future. The print is a great media outlet. Try not to relegate their reputation which has been build with years of hardwork.

      And also, keep real journalism alive.

  82. As a Indian I feel disgusted at this article. I feel like all my learning is waste. How can a sage Baba be wrong? This article is definately a move from Pakistan who can’t bear our happiness. Our country doesn’t need progress we are happy as it is. Modi ji is doing everything for us. Corona virus cannot harm us as we have sacred cow dung and gaumutra. We need more Babas to promote about our invulnerable culture and it should start from early childhood. Sadhguru is God and we should not only respect him but promote him. Shame on you

  83. I know it is under the opinions page and I understand maybe some misinformation or misleading articles might have driven the author. It is totally fine but I request the author to look into the topics. We need more courageous journalists like you for sure but you must also have clarity on the matters you are discussing. And let me tell you I don’t support the CAA. I also think it is discriminatory in nature and against the nature of our country. Sadhguru has his opinion on it. If you think what he is talking is right you accept it( maybe do some research too and accept it) if you don’t, it’s okay, you may protest. That’s all your choice. Just like that, it is Sadhguru’s choice too whether support or protest against something. Please respect that. That is where real freedom prevails.

  84. You Hate Hindus & People Who SPEAK For it, Go Get Yourself Some Doctors i would love to read articles on SHARIA & How Sharia Killed So many innocent Women worldwide, I would love articles on no democracy in saudi arabia, i would love articles on how saudi is funding terrorism in weak democracy, i want you to have some shame because you bigots are cowards or salves to the west or middle east who are selling their selves this not media this is fcking propaganda so go fck yourself

    • Why is it always when someone writes something about a Hindu Baba, the reaction is write something about Muslims and middle East? The writer is Hindu, the website is owned by a hindu what did Muslims do in this? Please do not make it about religion. Please.

  85. the writer is filled with spite and hate towards sadhguru ji she lost it bcoz of hatred . Sadhguru will not shut if anyone need to shut up its this useless writer . shut up you filth !!

      • You please do some research and then come here and tell it doesn’t. Am sure if you have spent some time doing some bloody research. There are enough studies made on it to prove it as well and the other way around also. So please you tell us.

  86. He should not be invited to any public function to speak or even attend to expose his stupidity. Once shown is enough. Last week one of my friends, who stays in old age colony in Coimbatore, told me that he has violated many environmental rules and norms while constructing his Ashram and he talks on environment!!!

    • That is where dear, you show your stupidity. You believed one of your friends and he believed a fake and planned propaganda of The Wire against Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.
      You talk of him not knowing still speaking.. what about you dear???
      First go see everything then speak.

  87. Dear writer, exercise your right. Don’t tell others to shut up. That is not democratice. None is perfect. None is omniscient. Does it mean that you should shut him up on topics about which he speaks sensibly, though it is opposed to the left-liberal discourse.

  88. Whatever Sadguru says is his right under freedom of expression. If anyone disagrees he has a right too to do so. When it comes to Spirituality, you cant logically see things as seen in the case of Sciences, so stop creating a fuss against the Sadguru. When Sadguru says Not only women but all must have rights, it simply means that he believes in humanity and thinks all equal without any kind of discrimination including that of the gender. It is also true that feminists choose to live in constant ‘reactionary’ mode.”.
    Words and actions have tremendous effect on human beings that is why we console each other in the events of stress and grief. So our words soothe other person and help him. Likewise when a Guru or revered person given water after blowing it or chanting some verses over it, it works to benefit the person it is given because of his belief in it. Spiritual things are wonderful and still out of the grasp of most logic and material science.

    • What he is being criticized for is not spiritual talk, but for lacking basic understanding of clear cut science.
      Spirituality has nothing to do with science.
      Why do babas always claims they know science even though it is clear they never studied it.
      Why do they think they get cosmic understanding by just meditating. You don’t and he constantly proves that.

      It is he who has no grasp of most logic and material science.
      On spirituality he can say whatever he wants because it is all fiction anyway.

      You think women in India live in a fair society? Feminists are only reactionary? You really need to start thinking about the enormous unfairness women have in India and the Middle East.

  89. Ms Shubhangi Misra,

    Thanks for using democracy to puke up your hatred for and ignorance about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

    If all your allegations are assumed to be true, there’s no logical explanation to why top level scientists, UN members, various other knowledgeable people, entrepreneurs like Dr. Mazumdar Shaw are seeking his guidance or even willing to sit with him for any discussion.

    So, it would be a sensible thing for your to keep your prejudice and hatred aside and if you can’t support him in his humanitarian work, at least don’t puke out venom. Use your brain a bit!

    To remind, now that the whole world wants to praise Swami Vivekananda, in his times, people like you had only condemned him.

    May sense dawn upon you! Try attending one of Sadhguru’s inner engineering course. Some sense may creep in.


    • I’ve attended his courses, and I agree with Shubhangi. When someone is wrong you accept it, that’s the basic necessity of being an “enlightened” human being. Besides Swami Vivekananda, wasn’t faff. Just saying!

  90. Nice article. I was sick of this guy speaking on every subjects. It’s clear that there are people who don’t like his blabber.

  91. There are a lot of these people , who like doing what most of us like doing , talk .While ordinary people like us do not get the opportunity , these guys get it and use it to their full leverage to show themselves as the fools they are . All in all it is nice entertainment .

  92. IRRATIONAL ARTICLE…. But not ur fault… Seemingly u don’t have intellect to understand his reasons…. All enlightened( more than normal ) beings are there to tell us THE TRUTH … Which most of us don’t want to know or can’t understand… DO FOCUS MORE ON HIS EXPLANATIONS…

  93. Well, you can rearrange the molecules without changing water’s chemical composition. Water can be vaporized giving it a gaseous form and also made to ice which is solid. Molecules are more closely packed in solids and the chemical formula of ice is “voila” H2O.

    To talk about “greed for money that has led to the rise of patriarchy and ended up giving men a higher position in society.” Isn’t it true? Though more and more women are getting leadership positions, we just cannot look the other way and say that women are not overlooked when competing against a man. Unfortunately that is how our society is.

    Now for my thoughts, it is a poorly written article much like a post one writes on facebook where they rant about how the other person is incorrect and how we are correct. I do not know how come such articles find their way on the web on a website which has a credible name “Shekhar Gupta” behind it.

  94. His latest is collecting “Donations” in USD for planting tree seeds and teaching his version of Yoga. A sucker is born every minute indeed.

  95. SHUBHANGI MISRA who doesn’t even have the courage show her face in her profile comes out with all sorts of nonsensical arguments against Jaggi Vasudev. This author thinks that Jaggi doesn’t understand CAA but anti-CAA protesters do even if they can’t spell the CAA. Isn’t Jaggi entitled for his views as this author does? Many scientists themselves want to hear Jaggi. It looks this author is suffering from ignorance caused by superiority complex.

  96. All that I know of Mr Vasudev is limited to what I heard him speak on his videos that I watched on the net. He speaks well, with a south Indian accent and an occasional American twang. He appears to be able to answer questions on mysteries of life, generally, with a logical reasoning. That, perhaps, attracts the educated middle class when compared to other self-employed God-men or women who offer over-the-counter divine solutions for bread and butter issues of daily life. The lower Indian middle class needs a quick fix, so there is a huge market (and ever growing one!!) out there for these self-employed guys. With no licensing requirements, and there being absolutely no need for initial seed capital, you’re ready to launch with minimum investment; a set of clothes with a particular colour!

    Mr Vasudev is a successful businessman; how his Isha Foundation products are priced in various markets should prove to be a case study on pricing strategies.

    • Hello Dharamsen
      I agree with your response – which is closer to the truth of what JV is. He is logical, and talks mostly sense, except sometimes things which one tends to disbelieve in or not in agreement with. I feel that he should desist from the exhibitionism that he is engaged in at the moment and his too much brushing with money matters. Rajaneesh has fallen for his 99 Rolls royces and JV would for his multicrore religious projects. Does he need all this? Let him be more simple and unassuming. Truth shines in simplicity.

  97. Dear Print
    Even though I am not a supporter of Sadguru.but the u r showing hate is unfathomable.please don’t hate that much anyone.reagarding him,he say his views,opinions and everyone should not agree on it.u can disagree his opinions but by adding somany adjectives/hate vocubalary clearly showing u r biased journalism.regarding Rivers could u please tell or write an article how to save it.atleast could u read his action plan.he even meantioned what he is doing is not sufficient.btw he is making farmers to plant commercial viable for them in that way benefitting both.Regarding feminism please watch other lectures at Western audience.even they also accepted his opinions&I think they are educated,high profile women also there&they are not dumb.

  98. Bro, He is great person you can agree to him or disagree with him, you have no right to tell him shut up. You MF….

  99. Since you are supposed to be all knowing, and that presently there are Anti-CAA protests going on, what clauses of the CAA are these people objecting against? We have seen many videos were people are even struggling to give the full form of CAA and yet they are protesting.
    So, kindly give piece of your wisdom

    • Article on research by German scientists 2018 on water has memory.
      From physics : even black hole has memory. Please read advances in this area post hawking.

      • Any idiot can call himself a scientist these days. Some did on this very page.

        That was who Masaru Emoto was, an idiot with a fake PhD degree from a scam university from our own country.
        And other idiots decided that “a Japanese scientist discovered that water has memory”.
        He didn’t and anyone who believed that was a fool.

        Now you guys started with “German scientists” crap. I googled it and it turns out that all these web sites that declare that, are stupid web sites and they don’t say who these “german scientists” are. That’s not how science is announced.

        This is the reason why you guys follow godmen. You are just easy to fool. Not because you are spiritual, which you are not.

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