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Rhea Chakraborty’s media trial shows Indians confuse drug addicts with criminals

To read a giant mastermind in the WhatsApp chats of an emerging actor like Rhea Chakraborty is just plain ignorance. Who do we blame?

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It’s being alleged that Rhea Chakraborty is part of an international drug mafia, and has close links with Dawood Ibrahim. We know all this because, according to her now public chat history, she allegedly enquired about MDMA and marijuana. If you go by that logic, probably half of India has Dawood Ibrahim’s number on speed dial.

Of course, nothing in India is high crime, if it doesn’t involve Dawood Ibrahim. ABP News anchor said: “You saw drugs, you saw Dubai, now it is Dawood.” Yes, they were going for the three Ds of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Apparently, the late actor had gotten hold of Dawood Ibrahim’s secrets.

And his partner Rhea was the drug kingpin of Rajput’s life.

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Media: the fourth probe agency

While Rhea Chakraborty has been accused of practicing black magic, being a control freak and painted as the real-life Komolika, the character assassination of the Bollywood actor over the alleged use of drugs was led by Times Now’s Navika Kumar, based on some messages whose context, she thought, needn’t be provided.

Select portions from Chakraborty’s private chats, some dating back to 2017—when she wasn’t even in a relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput—were used to prove that she was ‘administering’ drugs to the late actor and boyfriend, in a well laid out plan to ultimately murder him.

Rajput, if you believe the news channels, was a genius, extremely intelligent astronomer engineer but also a naive, dumb eight-year-old boy, who was completely bewitched by Chakraborty, and did as she said without hesitation.

The misogyny directed at Chakraborty, especially by female anchors, is a new low even for India. I wonder if Navika Kumar would enter the newsroom with a jhola full of WhatsApp chats if Chakraborty’s allegations that Rajput was a regular marijuana user are proven tomorrow. This is Bollywood, you will hear tales of party drugs everywhere. Just get on with the programme. This is a no-brainer. But to read a giant mastermind in the WhatsApp chats of an emerging actor like Rhea is just plain ignorance. Who do we blame? Sources who hand out such trumped-up and wild conjectures masquerading as truth? Or journalists who just lap it all up unquestioningly and arrive at the studio with bagfull of so-called secret documents?

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Marijuana consumption is common 

But first, our TV channels don’t know much about celebrity lives, youth or drugs.

Times Now’s knowledge of today’s youth can be deciphered from their brilliant understanding of millennial lingo. They think ‘Imma bounce’ (I’ll leave now) has something to do with a bounced cheque.

So, if someone told them that marijuana consumption has been a part of our culture since vedic times, and that Delhi and Mumbai are among the top 10 cities with the highest consumption of cannabis, indicating its prevalence, or if they go through Vice India’s website, they might die of culture shock.

Cinema, they say, is the mirror of society. Filmmakers these days show their protagonists enjoying the occasional joint, pointing to its increasingly common use in India. Movies and shows  such as Made in HeavenGully BoyGo Goa Gone (a stoner comedy), Raman Raghav and Gangs of Wasseypur have shown characters from different demographics, consuming weed as casually as drinking whiskey. And yes, who can forget Zeenat Amaan erasing all her problems in Dum Maaro Dum?

There’s also a chat made public by the media, between Rhea Chakraborty and Talent Manager Jaya Shah, which hints at a conspiracy to mix CBD oil in someone’s chai (Rajput’s name doesn’t overtly appear). But how do we know she didn’t have Rajput’s consent before having this conversation, or when they finally took CBD oil? Also, why is CBD being portrayed as the most lethal drug on the planet? It isn’t even psychotropic. It is used for many purposes such as treating anxiety and depression. CBD does not get you high. It’s the THC content in marijuana that’s responsible for it. Here’s a link to buy this fully legal ‘lethal’ drug, in case you have been having troubles sleeping lately or have been feeling anxious. That of course comes with the rider that you have your doctor’s prescription.

CBD is also used as an alternative therapy to get anxiety and depression under control, which is what Rajput was seeking as revealed by Chakraborty. But inflammatory conspiracy theories are better for news business compared to a nuanced discussion on the late actor’s mental health or other important issues of gripping the country. So, anchors will obviously rubbish even the slightest possibility of Rajput being mentally ill.

If Rhea did possess, use or buy narcotics such as MDMA, she must be investigated and tried. If the Narcotics Control Bureau is able to get leads of names involved in a drug nexus and busts it, even better. But saying that Chakraborty was part of a syndicate for allegedly using drugs is preposterous.

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Vilification of drug users 

Traditionally, use of drugs and drinks brings the ‘loose character’ tag. All spoilt brats in Saavdhan India and Gumrah are into drugs and eventually commit murders. Even in films and shows you’ll find that the villain is usually an alcohol-consuming, meat-eating ‘devil’ while the ‘hero’ is a saatvik brahmin-baniya.

Drug users are treated like criminals by our media and under the law. However, addicts, too, are like other people but with an illness. If someone consumes drugs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad natured. In fact, some people are more inclined to drug abuse and addiction due to a function of past trauma and genetics, among other things. Elton John is a popular example of a recovered drug addict who found solace in always being high because he had a disturbed childhood.

Addiction is also a physical illness and doesn’t mean lack of conviction at all. Drugs supply your body with the happy hormone, dopamine. Once the brain starts functioning on higher dopamine levels, it views it as a necessity and gets addicted to it. Giving up drugs like Meth, Cocaine, opium, heroin usually requires external help because the withdrawal symptoms are violent. In the early days of lockdown, many alcoholics died by suicide because they couldn’t deal with withdrawals. You don’t usually overcome addiction with sheer ‘willpower’ alone.

While addicts require society’s support to get over their illness, society isolates them, further pushing them down the addiction path by stigmatising their problem.

The United Nations and World Health Organization have also called upon countries to consider decriminalisation of certain drugs. Countries such as Portugal have seen death rates due to overdose decline after decriminalisation. Experts have called upon successive governments to stop treating drug users like criminals, and help in their rehabilitation.

But our TV channels, at least, are just busy looking for Dawood anywhere and everywhere, and refuse to start a sensible debate. I don’t know what Bhubaneswar Gold is, but would really like to know what’s keeping our news channels high. Probably banning them from telecasting such content would help society recover from their ‘breaking news’ overdose.

Views are personal.

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  1. The number of negative comments here is overwhelming. The author is actually on point. Anybody who knows about student culture in any metro city knows how common drugs are. Such people also know what weed/hash costs. To say that Rhea was making money selling weed to SSR… Even going by the price of joints in Amsterdam (5 EUR = 400 Rs) per joint, it is indeed preposterous to think she does it for a living. India should learn from European countries and decriminalise drug use. SSR was clearly a user as are most people in the Bollywood industry and indeed many in the affluent metro city student community. This media trial is shameful.

  2. The villain is a meat eating alcoholic and the hero is a satvik bania. In which film???
    Right from the 70s there are so many films . The way you have glamorized and casualized consumption of drugs speaks volumes about your intellectual incapability also proves you are a third grade paid media house.

  3. I fail to understand how on earth can any sane person justify someone who is “An active member of a drug syndicate” ; Accepted that everyone deserves a fair shot at justice including a convict but I ask you did Rhea not get a chance to present her views…she has been called upon so many times by the investigative agencies..everytime she resorts to lying , twisting of facts and slandering a dead man whom she claims to have loved..and now that she has been arrested on such grave charges do you expect the media and the people to worship her or treat her as a war your eyes 👀 the media just wanted to ask her some pertinent questions and she conveniently evaded all of that because she had no stop victimizing her..she is not this sweet little girl but a 28 year old sly conniving woman.

  4. The article clearly describes how drug addicts are seen as criminal in the eyes of Indian media. Nobody wants to be a drug addict unless the situation arises. This is the reason why in judiciary they have seperate rehabilitation centres and not jails.Further I don’t think SSR was so weak that he was being forced to have drugs without his consent. CBI is investigating the case until then we should respect the judiciary and wait for the final verdict rather than blaming others without any trials.

  5. The article clearly describes how drug addicts are seen as criminal in the eyes of Indian media. Nobody wants to be a drug addict unless the situation arises. This is the reason why in judiciary they have seperate rehabilitation centres and not jails.Further I don’t think SSR was so weak that he was being forced to have drugs without his consent. CBI is investigating the case until then we should respect the judiciary and wait for the final verdict rather than blaming others without any trials.

  6. Let me get this straight.. Are you actually supporting an illegal activity.. It may be harmless, common place but it is illegal. You can start a petition to legalize or set worthwhile arguments in place. But by saying that those who defy law with evidence should be let go is going to set a dangerous precedent for society. Consuming substance is against the law till there is any change in the law. Period.

  7. There’s no confusion. Drug addicts are criminals and as per the law buying and selling drugs or consuming them is a crime so addicts are criminals technically.
    It’s high time the common people should stop wasting their hard earned money on Bollywood thash they dish out in the name of cinema.
    And it’s high time people need to understand they don’t need these fakes to tell them what to buy, eat or drink as they don’t even personally use the products they endorsed. These guys only use imported things and drive imported brands and advertise Indian brands. It’s high time people wake up and stop being gullible. We should not be supporting movies which have suspicious funding and any one who works with people involved in illegal activity.

  8. This article is confounding trend with ligality.

    Just because many people are doing it makes it legal?

    This writer is out of his senses. Does it ring a bell why he/she wants to peddle desensitizing drug use? You guessed it right.

  9. You are sick in mind and ofcourse that must have effected your body too. If SSR case cannot make you see truth nothing will – Print is sold anti india group – you are fast becoming irrelevant- or maybe already are.

  10. The very heading “ Indians…. is racist !! While condemning misogyny, you ended up being a racist bigot yourself. Drugs in any form or any purpose are not legalized in India. Anyone who sells it or consumes it is a criminal in the eyes of law. The article is in poor taste, it’s non factual and biased. Everyone is entitled to his/ her opinion but when you have journalists who possess such limited knowledge and no acumen for investigation or facts it’s worrisome. Please hire better journalists, irrespective of the opinion!

  11. The very heading “ Indians…. is racist !! While condemning misogyny, you ended up being a racist bigot yourself. Drugs in any form or any purpose are not legalized in India. Anyone who sells it or consumes it is a criminal in the eyes of law. The article is in poor taste, it’s non factual and biased. Everyone is entitled to his/ her opinion but when you have journalists who possess such limited knowledge and no acumen for investigation or facts it’s worrisome. Please hire better journalists, irrespective of the opinion!

  12. Sold out media house to Rhea’s PR. Just go and read Selling, buying, possessing, consuming … etc etc of Notified Drugs — whether it is done for commercial gain or out of addiction or for mere fun, is a ‘crime’.

  13. Paid writer . ….go and tell your this bullshit story to NCB ….HUGE LAW BODIES LIKE ED and NCB booked the case againts rhea …and here what kind of story are you selling and making drugs dealing or consjmption so common are you in your sane before publishing this post?.

  14. Selling, buying, possessing, consuming … etc etc of Notified Drugs — whether it is done for commercial gain or out of addiction or for mere fun, is a ‘crime’; hence, person committing such acts is a ‘criminal’.
    Tracing, through such a person, the source(s) of these drugs is a Duty of the concerned Investigating & Enforcement Agencies. However, such possession etc must be ‘proved’, and such person’s body etc must be searched in the presence of a Gazetted Officer (unless this statutory right is voluntarily waived) and, moreso, ‘self-incriminating statements’ (whether obtained on camera — after 3rd-degree Custodial Torture, or through Narco-Analysis etc etc) are Constitutionally barred as ‘admissible evidence’; but other ‘evidence’ — discovered on the basis of such statements is admissible.
    Similarly, statements recorded by Police (whether of Witnesses or of Accused) cannot be used by ‘Defence Lawyer’ unless it is first relied upon by the ‘Prosecution Lawyer’ — hence, leakage of such portions of Police Investigation to the Media is unlawful; and ‘Leading Questions’ etc cannot be asked while recording of Evidence during the Trial … etc etc. Thus, there are many more ‘procedural protections’ contained in the Constitution of India, Code of Criminal Procedure, etc. But ‘Media-Trial’ wrongfully throws all these protections out of the window. Hence, Media-Trial must be barred.
    IF Media does find any evidence, it must submit it to the Court and ‘prove’ the same under the Law of Evidence.

  15. I really want to recommend you to a doctor. A brain specialist. You know why? Your brain, your thoughts stink. I hope you don’t call yourself a Journalist.

    Views are personal too 🙂

  16. What a crap and nonsense article. They are generalising drugs as it is a everyday consumption commodity among normal people.Why they haven’t given the name of author? A paid article by a corrupt journalism group.

  17. Print standards going down.
    Irrelevant article
    Irrelevant analogies.
    Unsubscribing all my print accounts

  18. This article is a perfect example of how to stoop to another level of low. I didn’t even read it full. You guys have provided the link as well to buy it and justifying the drug usage too. Were you guys born without brains?? This is pathetic piece of journalism.

  19. To ruin someone from forcing drugs confining them and using their money is a crime. One has to think if it happened in their family what would they do! How will India become better when platforms are given to those who have engaged in criminal activity/destruction of human life.

  20. Drugs are illigal in this country, last time i know doing illigal things makes you criminal, so your heading doesnt make sense.

  21. You are right media is full of bevakoof Mishra’s ,Gupta’s ,Roy’s , dutts , kumars and Desai’s who want to bring Cocainia vinchi to power

  22. Crime is crime
    If a group of people are doing it and you are doing it too that doesn’t give you the license to do crime
    They are criminals and should be arrested including you..

  23. While you are busy calling out the “new low” for other Indian journalists, you do realise that you are highly condescending in saying that “indians confuse drug addicts with criminals”. Indians don’t. You think we do. Because you think you are the only brilliant ones. journalists play at both ends of the spectrum, not the general public. And going by the last few elections it is clear you journalists have no idea what indians think or how they think. Assuming by your article that you are liberal and so show some tolerance for other people’s work on the media as well.

  24. I fully support the author, yes media is filled with the bekar guptas , the pannalal roy’s , the dehd dimmag Desai’s etc whose agenda is to destabilize india if there bosses are not in power. All they want is to bring there looter half national drug edict bosses to power and get Padma awards or rajya sabha seats as return gift.

  25. A message for Subhangi Misra: Do not insult the intelligence of Indians. A message for Print: You expect us to pay for this kind of PR-paid rubbish journalism? I’d much rather feed street canines and bovines than pay for your bullcrap. #IAmSushant

  26. Oh my God!! The print you could come up with something better, and not about saving an obvious criminal. Rhea has been lying from day 1. First she wants CBI and when there was news CBI might take over, she stated she will not co operate with CBI. And now When CBI is investigating she’s going crazy and its evident enough.. its more than eye meet. So please stop covering up the criminals and illegal activities.

  27. This useless crap articles by the print will not divert justice for SSR. Boycott such nonsense articles

  28. Definitely, Mr. Rajput wasn’t an eight year old naive person to rope himself up in a room, thinking that that should be his end to living. He was intelligent enough to sense the intricacies of the art industry when he decided to give it a shot. But, in personal life when “people are put around”, or drugged or poisoned, or are killed and tied nothing helps. Because, nobody is an MI6 agent or RAW agent loaded with intelligence and defensive skills as depicted in James Bond movies, because the drugs mafia has more coverage, purchasing ability and best of the brains to buy ” What they want including luring the politicians “, by offering sorties for making their inroads into destinations.
    One knows, not the person exactly to pin point, but definitely if a thing is done by the European drug mafia or the Women Trafficking gangs of Vijayawada, and a vague understanding of who is the politician drawing faida out of one’s downfall being instigated by the foreign intelligence, and who are the (distant / blood) relatives or members of shameless communities, corrupt police lending their support causing the downfall of the targeted family and why they are being thrown out of life, or living – personal and professional, making them vulnerable,putting in “items” for sham marriage”s”..fake fellows addressing the targeted woman as prostitute,beating her to death,cutting off societal interaction, bad mouthing,projecting as mentally insane, forcing sale of properties or creating a need to save them on cutting off the basic job career status of the Target,deliberately cutting marks in exams and cross checking if the targeted person has “felt it” or now luring the head of the Institute to trickle down “theories” tarnishing the target……. That is mafia instigated… For trafficking, or/ and the drugs mafia trying to control the family “for their desired” selfish output with the support of “the power”.

  29. I am surprised at people when they say drugs in India is not common thing. Well, so untrue!
    Charas, Hasis & weeds.. On various trips from Gokarna to Goa, Manali to Kasol, I came across these words from soooo many guys very often. Forget about entertainment industry, many (not all) working class youngsters often go to ANY tourist destination in India for these illegal substances!
    And what does it mean, why she deleted those chats! No one keeps these sort of chats to show anyone proudly! Come on, stupidity!
    Rhea is new “dartboard with face” in India so she is in trouble to be true! Yeah, but illegal means illegal.

  30. Thank you for being the voice of rationality . Ignore the comments targeting you , they are mostly ignorant comments from people who are brainwashed by the media and they think its too late to accept they are being fooled .

  31. Oh! So drugs,drug addict people and drug dealers are innocent people. What a great point of view i must say 👏👏. People / institutions having Mindset like this are promoting these bad habits and bad culture.

  32. The article has such a “doing drugs is ok” subliminal message. Governments across the world have strict anti drug laws obviously there is something not good about consumption of drugs. For an international reader this write up conveys that mostly Indian youth is doing drugs and for a little dopamine high and feel good why such prudish standards of judgement are being held up.There is this cacophony about paid interviews being shown to help Rhea this is seems to be a paid online write up.

  33. Very sad to read that a meduim like print is justifying drug usage…however common it’s among the youth / celebrities…what is the author trying to proove…? Such articles which show drug usage as something normal or cool should not be published…in my opinion the above article is unenthical journalism .

  34. Come on guys, thought you were smarter than this crap. You completely exposed yourselves to show how paid articles are articulated.

  35. Thank you for the article. Everybody is villifying Rhea but truth is his sisters were informed about it and knew about medications from the beginning. His 4th sister even put up a post in 2011 about them losing their mom to brain hemorrhage and depression for a long time. It is genetical with sushant, however not everyone may acquire it and one can come out of it with right treatment. His 2 other sisters as well were whatsapped about the medicines and doctors involved – it looks like they r denying it bcz they are after his money now he s no more.

  36. Doobie is therapeutic? MD is therapeutic? The author has tried to justify drugs… and you really think we are bunch of ignorant fools who don’t know what goes on???? Almost everyone is doing coke or some drug or the other in the industry.. and EVERYONE KNOWS!!!! It’s easier to get drugs middle of the night than alcohol… how do you people even come up with such crap articles is beyond my comprehension. Is she a psychiatrist that she was giving him CBD? Is she authorised to give? Did she tell the parents? The family? Did she have a prescription? Where is the evidence that his parents and family knew? Where is the evidence that she had a prescription to administer CBD? Don’t write shit for the sake of writing.

  37. Dear print,
    Don’t generalise “Indians” and ” media”,
    Nor bania/ Brahman.
    You are creating a deadly atmosphere for us.
    You are comrades ,why are you making things worse for our qaum.

    • Where are you writing these things. Look at comments, BA paas fools are commenting here. People hate women in this country

  38. Another point to be taken into account is as per Rhea’s version SSR was addicted to smoking Marijuana, a banned substance. If it is true, did she share this information with his doctors, when she accompanied him for consultation? In fact, it seems that she encouraged this habit by procuring it and providing it to SSR. Did this habit aggravate his mental depression?There is no evidence that she shared this information with SSR’s family, more particular his father, when he enquire about his son’s health with Rhea. Why?

    • SSR was a grown man, even if he was/was not depressed and looking for some solution in grass/ medication. Rhea had no legal obligation to say anything to the father. The family should have stayed an intervention and make bed in with their son months ago if they were so worried about his fragile state and this evil girl.

    • You are sick yourself. Please go and treat yourself with same marijuana and CBD oil which you can procure easily. Pseudo feminists.

  39. The moot point is whether procuring banned drugs and providing them to a person with or without his consent or knowledge is a crime or not. Consuming drug is not a crime but peddling in drugs is definitely yes. Was Rhea procuring drugs and providing them to SSR with or without his consent? If yes, it is definitely a criminal act.

    • And timesnow’s “journalists” don’t get paid? Some of the content up on their home page is not just irresponsible, it’s disgusting and dangerous. Why can’t we let some decent in till police finish their work.

    • Well you have blind faith in state and national media then it’s upto you , I guess there are plenty of important topics to be discussed in this vast country , and I don’t think they should stop SSR coverage completely but shouldn’t make baseless claims regarding it , our country economy has been it’s all time low in thos pandemic , and this should get the coverage that they are giving to SSR death and their so called alleged urban naxals . ( National Media shouldn’t label itself as Drama channel Caz these are representative of 130 crore Indian voices )

    • Agreed. He/She is deviating from the main topic and just doing a “cover-up”. The whole world knows now that Rhea have changed stands and statements many times now. How can one forget the CBI incident

  40. If you think Rhea gave SSR drugs in his coffee or tea with his consent then why did she deleted her chat? FIY all the chats can be retrieved… you should have done some home work about it. Stop writing about that SSR had mental issues. Rhea was the one who drugged him and made him like an eight year old(as you mentioned ) child and wrapped him around her fingers… cut all the ties from his family and made him drug addict… most of the time SSR slept because of the drugs and if he complained about how he felt Rhea told him that he is depressed and took him to the psychiatric.

  41. The Print continues to be adamant in writing completely nonsensical articles. I would like to know, does Rhea Chakraborty pay you directly or through her equally corrupt lawyer? You must understand that,that money too must be belonging to deceased Sushant. Be an upright Indian, and before that ,be a human. Criminals like Rhea Chakraborty are abusing the pious motto of “Satyameva Jayate”. Don’t jump on the bandwagon and further corrupt this beautiful slogan. Be a responsible Indian. Empathise with the deceased’s bereft family. Above all, don’t forget humanity. We need it the most in today’s world.

  42. It is illegal to buy/sell/consume drugs. However useless and lengthy article you write, it remain illegal.

  43. Every one is passing their own judgements. Based on some WhatsApp messsages. Why can’t these news channels allow cbi ncb to investigate the case. Courts are ultimate destination for justice. Such witch hunt of an accused is wrong. Even accused have legal and fundamental rights. There is due process of law in this country. Let the courts decide it. The evidence which appears on tv channels are selected ones. First of all, how can an evidence be leaked to media? Unfortunately every body had become an investigator now. Such stupid mindless vilification is not at all acceptable. Yes, we want justice for Sushant, but we are not the people who to decide whether it’s a murder or suicide. We are living in a post truth world# JUSTICE FOR TRUTH

    • Truth has a way of coming out. This time it chose the media. Don’t shoot the messenger. But, for this media expose the mumbai police would have closed it as suicide. If the whatsapp messages were not Rhea s then she would have gone to court filing a defamation digger!

  44. Rhea Chakraborty is being unfairly hounded by the media especially certain TV channels. She was not with Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) for 7 days before his death, Rajput’s sister was. Ask her what happened in thise 7 days.
    SSR was a brilliant actor but it is believed he was battling depression.
    It is clear, Rhea is not responsible for SSR’s death.

    • Ha ha ha 😂😂😂, that’s why she has taken the help of most luxury lawyer and giving paid interviews…. People like you are the problem of our society which has no brain

  45. People having a hard time to accept that Sushant Singh Rajput is secondary, firstly how can the assumption be made that it is a suicide when neither the police not the forensic investigators have seen the body while it was hanging? Yet you have the home minister of Maharashtra declaring it to be a suicide within a few hours. Mumbai police had destroyed the crime scene and removed vital evidences. Even Supreme Court agrees that Mumbai police has conducted the investigation poorly. Maharashtra government had serious qualms when the case was being handed over to CBI, why so? Why did Rhea Chakraborty file a plea to transfer case from Patna to Mumbai, how does that really matter except that Mumbai police was actively involved in disguising the case as suicide from the start.
    And as for your whole narrative about how drug addicts are seen as criminals, that is not even the full picture. Rhea Chakraborty denied ever touching or doing any drugs in her life. Yet there are clear evidences against this statement. Liars, especially in a case involving possible murder, will definitely be seen as possible criminals.
    And for all this fuss about a media trial, had Mumbai police done its job properly this would not have been necessary. Thanks to the media people are seeing the obvious loopholes in the case.

    • Calling someone witch and speculating that she is black magic kanya is not “seeing the obvious loopholes in the case”. I think you should go back to Bihar where others think like you – as in 500 years backward!

  46. So, the Print only got active when now Rhea is getting caught in very heinous crime and it is all set to blame us Indians. They have no sympathy for the family who lost its man , but they are trying to save a criminal. Why ? What’s your purpose in it? Is this really a political connection.
    You are no different from other news portal trying to police the public. The common public need not be taught by you guys what’s wrong and right.
    Better be in your shell. Dumbass !!

  47. The print needs to get it’s priorities straight.. are you anti India or are you proving to be young and cool ? Drugs are illegal.. anything illegal is due to a reason..

  48. One question to the writer of this article. If she is consuming drugs or involved in any kind if activity which is related to drug isent it a crime ? When was drug legalised in India and if it’s freely used by today’s young generation then it should not be illegal or what ? Do you want to say that it’s okay if she is having drugs .. why to make such an issue out of this!!! Decriminilizing drug users will solve the problem and people would stop using it ??

  49. Those were the chats of 2019 right after she came in living relationship with sushant and also everything is so fishy in this case and also I believe it was a murder not at all a suicide. #arrestrhea

  50. Its absurd to say so loosely that using drugs is not a crime. Do you even know the ramifications of drug usage? Today it is so easily available and even young school going children are the target of the drug mafia. I do not subscribe to the view that people find solace in drugs because of childhood problems. By this logic half of India should be addicted to drug!. It’s only the bloody spoilt brats like Rhea who find it easy to lead a life without any hardworking. Tag along with rich and powerful and enjoy the highlife. All nonsense. This kind of journalism is doing disservice to the nation. People can read through the intent.

  51. What the hell man. Smoking weed is a crime, don’t you get it? Is it that hard to understand? Nobody gives a damn about what you think should be done with the law.

    • Where, not here in US and Canada, who’s, mobile internet and everything else you use. Bhag is also weed in a different form. jao panchar banao Bihar main

  52. If the system is so dysfunctional and desperate to push it to a theory of “suicide due to depression”and shut the case ,then somebody has to represent the voice of common people including his family-the media is doing just that.with such a trash autopsy report (no mention of time of death),dual face of Rhea Chakraborty (at one time she wanted cbi investigation next moment she goes to sc to stop it) and then Bihar ips officer gets quarantined and soo on…. It does raise eyebrows of people….and then when cbi took over the case … Three FIR is lodged against this woman. And this Mumbai police was busy doing inquest..crime scene never sealed.. giving free pass to’s not about times now bringing bags of whatsapp msgs …(which was recovered from Rhea Chakraborty’s deleted chats)… It’s what, now the media is finding out(from sources) and the Mumbai police just did inquest for 60days … May be Rhea Chakraborty won’t be arrested for drug peddling … But what about giving antidepressants along with narcotic drugs to ssr?and it’s lethal consequences?… And now when media is bringing out few things from sources (which never came under light before)mumbai police is busy escorting Rhea Chakraborty to and fro from cbi drdo guesthouse every day…..what a democracy 👏👏

  53. You wrote in this article many times calling it as Indians…Indians….etc. So my question is who the f. U are. Ru not an Indian?

  54. Watch Richard Jewel, you will realise it is a human problem, journalism is nothing more than gossip with cameras

  55. Drug money sponsor many other Crimes for ex terrorism, tax evasion etc. If drugs are so good make it part of daily meal for all and all will have fun lol

  56. The article leaves one wondering if governments across the world are fools to put in place anti drug laws and pay millions to have agencies to keep a check…..Low on dopamine ….have some drugs is being “peddled”…..,childhood problems have some drugs….Indian youth is steeped in it and it’s India’s truth …What’s this big deal in consuming and peddling a little hash…. What is this article all about ??????Is it being funded by Dawood or the friendly neighbourhood peddler sending some free dope to go around your office for a little “good press”

  57. Media is business, pretty ruthless one at that. A 28-year old modern woman is pitted against middle class Indian morals. Freeloaders amongst the Indian middle class may have enough appetite for such stores. The media know that and are milking it with selective leak of juicy stories and private messages.

    I’ve no clue what led to Sushant Rajput’s death, who clearly had a mental health condition. But to vilify a woman for that based on some conjectures, rather outrageous ones, is pretty disgusting.

    Dealing in drugs is a crime, but I’m not too sure its consumption can lead to punishment. But the late insertion of the drug angle in to the equation cannot justify this public humiliation of a woman. This is the online or on air equivalent of stoning a woman in Afghanistan.

    This must stop.

  58. This write-up is another piece of crap by these sold-out media channels. We know who their inconspicuous financiars are, their pretenses otherwise notwithstanding.. The writer jumps to the conclusion of one extreme (Rhea innocent) and blames those who propagate the other extreme (Rhea guilty), thereby essentially practising the same politically biased journalism that he blames the others. At least the other extreme substantiate their point with apparently valid WhatsApp chat. But he has nothing except some blabbering about marijuana being taken by Indians since Vedic Age and half of young Indians are into it already. The latter is a huge insult to 80% of Indian youth who come from low and middle income strata and are either struggling to survive or is a hard working lot trying to make a future for themselves, who clearly have no time or spare money to indulge into drugs which is a luxury that the rich and ‘successful’ Bollywoody types can afford.

    • The next time you’re at a traffic stop look at the child beggar’s eyes. Actually look. They’re all high on glue and some even on Xerox liquid. Are they criminals?
      And: certainly marijuana should not be legalised. It contains hallucinogenic component that can precipitate psychotic cognition and behaviour. And yet it’s present in Ayurvedic remedies now classified under AYUSH? It goes es by some other Sanskrit name. Did you know that?

  59. Being a regular reader and viewer of the so called liberal channels, I have lost faith in them after they tried to malingn Sushant’s image and white wash Rheas criminal activities. Having an agenda in coverage of political matters is understood, but forcing an agenda in case of a genuinely talented actor’s murder is really not needed. These media houses have done more harm to themselves than benefiting from covering the matter from Rhea’s angle.

  60. Dear Print,

    You’ve lost whatever little respect I’d for you as a publication. Such a horrible and ill-researched piece as far as this case is concerned. First, it looks like your reporter is promoting drugs as a fashion. Second, from this case perspective, SSR was absolutely fine and meeting his friends before the Europe trip. SSR being a drug addict revelation only came from Rhea’s circle or those planted blind articles. Nobody apart from Rhea, his family, and perhaps planted new servants saw him consuming drugs. So, why everything started when Rhea came into SSR’s life? Who was planting these blind articles? Was it Rhea? or Someone Else? At least do an objective analysis. or are you being funded by Rhea’s team? No wonder, news media like yours will continue to be in a crisis and nobody can fix it unfortunately!

  61. This is the second article I’m reading on this site and it once again refers to caste-based and regional stereotypes. Is there a reverse bias at work here? TV channels may not know about ‘celebrity lives’ or today’s lingo, but you guys are cool enough to have figured it out. Wow! But do not normalise soliciting or consuming drugs.

  62. authors foolishness and corruption are evident. by defending a criminal you are destroying your own career. we will remeber subhangi and never forget

  63. I found this article a bit misleading. Its like you are normalising drug usuage by saying that its a common culture since vedic time period. Your article will be read by many people and it may impact and brainwash young brains. Journalists should be aware of what they are writing as they influence minds.

  64. How easily are you normalizing Marijuana intake. No, it’s not normal. If a person is taking drugs of any kind that are banned in the country, he or she is a criminal be it a bloody star from Bollywood or a guy lying on the road. Until it’s de criminalized, it is a crime and it’s not Normal, doesn’t matter if WHO or any other damn association asked it to do so. And promoting drug addiction or in case drug consumption is a crime too. This article is an utter shit and might have been written under an influence of one such drug. The print giving hint.

  65. Worst article ever. I’m a millennial and don’t think casual consumption of marijuana is laudatory. Even though not a high crime it is also gateway to other higher form of drugs. I have taken but would never encourage or advise others to take as it can destroy your conscience and perspectives on rheality. To openly say that it was just marijuana and Hindus are associated with smoking it another slander against Hindus as well. Worst kind of journalism.

  66. Half of US jails are full of people who were caught with marijuana, till it became re-creational drug in some states. Sadly for Indians, a crime is a crime when you kill someone. Cross a red light traffic signal is also a crime and you play for it. Unfortunately this author is a breed of Indians who think their version of understanding of constitution, law and order is right. So sad, if this is how an educated person in India thinks then yes running over sleeping people on footpath is not a crime, footpath is not for sleeping.

  67. And just where does the writer think she’s from? England? Distancing herself from the rest of the prolls with that pathetic header.

  68. Sir I’m not enough knowledgeable to bring out what’s right or wrong but I do know that these drugs, marijuana and MDMA are illegal in India. Trade of illegal things is a crime firstly and secondly, The people who know Sushant for more than 3-4 years and those who’ve lived with him know that he can never commit suicide. Okay maybe he was in depression, according to you guys(although as a fan of him since 2016 I know he couldn’t be but still lets assume) but it could never have had this fatal ending like a suicide. HE CANNOT COMMIT SUICIDE AND HIS FANS, TRUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY KNOW THIS. I agree that Media is exaggerating the issue but it doesn’t mean that Sushant was mentally ill. I’ve a huge respect for mental warriors and this talk on an individual’s mental health should never stop in future but using it to claim Sushant as a bipolar and other false things is not right.

  69. Such a crazy article. Wish this personal opinion of the writer was kept to themselves. What nonsense, print should first learn the meaning of journalism before asking for support.

  70. India doesnt believe in the “wire”d Prints! Keep the biased thought with yourself. Never trusted this anti Indian media and will NEVER trust.

  71. It’s not just drugs, there are multiple allegations against her. She was buying drugs regularly in large quantities which half of the country does do obviously. Please do not promote these sort of articles. Be a human.

  72. What else could have been expected from s third rated publication Print. You guys are mentally sick. Why your publication always supports offenders.

  73. Highly condemnable article. Misleading and erroneous. Justifying drug usage to support a prime accused in a criminal conspiracy. We do not support this journalism. Aah… this is not journalism, this is PR.

  74. Again paid media bahar aya Aaj Aaj tak and The Print are paid media for sure u did nothing to dig anything about uncovering the truth now coming like some judge to take on media helping to uncover the case you accept what an accused says don’t you… If your views are personal please keep it to yourself if you have a platform don’t… Down it by taking money from accused at last
    I want to ask kitne mile?? Kisse mile??

  75. Obviously thePrint needs to be educated on how harmful the illegal activities of drugs can be..and have no knowledge of the drug mafia dealers…someone educate ThePrint please…or the afraid India is cleaning up of western filth?

  76. These certain sections of media keep hitting new low in India!!

    This is an absolute outrageous article. They are basically trying to normlise the substance consumption. Such a disgrace!

    One of the subtopic is ‘Use of Marijuana is common’ – possibly yes. BUT IT’S ILLEGAL. END OF STORY.

    • The next time you’re at a traffic stop look at the child beggar’s eyes. Actually look. They’re all high on glue and some even on Xerox liquid. Are they criminals?
      And: certainly marijuana should not be legalised in.this country. It contains hallucinogenic component that can precipitate psychotic cognition and behaviour. And yet it’s present in Ayurvedic remedies now classified under AYUSH? It goes by some other Sanskrit name in those. Did you know that?

  77. Wtf. It is clearly an article showing support to the accused, also nothing justifies the use of drugs, as the article represents to be a common state of affairs for our country’s youth, it is utterly misleading.

  78. Marijuana should be legalized and which was banned in India only in 1985 due to pressure from UN convention. India opposed the banning in UN but finally had to pass the NDPS act after 25 years of grace period. BTW Bhang a marijuana product still not banned in India.

  79. Yes.. as expected, along with India Today, even u got a share by Rehea PR.. although good try to white wash.

  80. Firstly this is flawed argument….would you like your policeman, watchman, maid or politician to be marihuana smoker though recreational use may be harmful say even less harmful than alcohol. Though I am not into Bollywood news but Sridevi death it was in tub and was fishy to say the least. Increasingly Bollywood has been behaving in jerky, partisan and holier than thou way. This is just culmination of people curiosity aroused by above factors. Problem with holier than thou is people want to understand where you actually stand and hence all the curiosity.

  81. The opinion of the author that drug-addicts cannot be treated as criminals is not fully correct for these reasons:
    1. A drug-addict is more vulnerable to lose his mental balance and very slowly loses the power of discretion. The fact that these drugs played a major role in forcing Sushant Singh to commit suicide proves that. It seemed Sushant Singh Rajput, his so-called friends (including Rhea) were using drugs. Sushant Singh being the star and also richer than others couldn’t be told by his friends to that it’s deteriorating his mental balance. Only Rhea had the power to control this, but she seemed to a very selfish girl who went along with it. The fact that this author also tries to justify that taking drugs is OKAY, how can Rhea or his hapless friends could realize that.
    2. Nobody is happy in this world and is constantly seeking happiness. Many old people (both men and women) try to use drugs to free themselves from worldly problems. The youth use it to get more sensual pleasures, like in the Punjab, or in Bollywood. I guess this makes the author think that it’s normal to take drugs, but the majority think that taking drugs daily slowly sends a human being to the subhuman. Forget about drugs, people even think about alcohol in the same way. Alcohol has less impact compared what drug does and so many guys never think that alcohol is bad.

  82. According to some of ” THE CHHAPPAI ” journalists DRUG ADDICTS , Jihadists , RIOTERS, PROSELYTIZING RELIGIOUS BIGOTS are all what INDIA needs to protect to be classified as


  83. The author of this article, in her attempt to criticise the media channels that have been providing leads on Rhea’s sordid role in the SSR death case, betrays her own ignorance and bias. It is very unfortunate that The Print should be providing a platform for such confused writers. I had a healthy respect for The Print and its judgement and sense of fair play; however, such publications undermine that opinion and make one wonder if subscribing to The Print makes sense.

  84. Possessing and consuming narcotic drug is a crime by Indian law. You are criminal even if you have consumed once. You cannot justify that it is common in parties, seen in movies. And yes right she has jhola full of Narco chats , it is very obvious that she is a regular consumer.

  85. I think u did not see the complete News coverage where ther were 2019 chats as well that had been put out which had similar conversation and seeking guidance on administring the same. If you selectively want to see news and write articles its is your choice but please don’t call it journalism. And i am a women and i would not appreciate anyone playing the ‘I am a Women’ card and show crocodile tears to gain sympathy. Just because Navika is a women she shouldn’t be reporting a illegal activity just because done my a women (what kind of logic is that)

  86. Is this article written by a all subjects failing child? You don’t know the meaning of empowering women, you don’t know the meaning of feminism, just throwing words to make a big impact. You are supporting drugs, like really? Whoever wrote this article must be immediately fired from the job. @ThePrint how could you hire this person? Shame.

  87. Wonderful, the writer doesn’t understand the law that buying something which is banned is against the law, it is equivalent to illegal possession of arms and ammunition or buying exotic endangered animals. Also please understand that supply works when there is a demand , this is extensively studied in Economics but just like this blind article I highly doubt whether u wld understand the supply demand chain. The buyer is as guilty as the seller because u r highly aware that it’s illegal and yet u r committing a crime, Rhea was not a baby that she didn’t know drugs are illegal, she is an adult who very well knows these are banned drugs which are unavailable in the open so she has to indulge in searching for them on the dark web which also provides contract killers. This article has actually justified substance abuse, the possession of banned drugs and indirectly has justified the possession of arms without licence and the procurement of exotic and endangered animals. Anyway The Print is a gutter media who don’t do research properly but after all, the new age in India is to be a pseudo intellectual using fancy language which The Print religiously follows. U r another blind article writing media maybe u should collaborate with Rajeev Masand

  88. Half of India is on marijuana according to the writer. Sorry to say truth hurts, probably you consume it too which is why you don’t find anything wrong in this. End of the day it’s illegal, just as you are saying you cannot connect Rhea to dawood, well neither can you disprove. Absolute useless piece of writeup

  89. Buying or consuming illegal drugs is criminal offence & thus they are criminals. No body is deducing drug addicts are killers but under drug influence or addiction crime rate is very high everywhere there is no denying.

    Article is shit show, writer seems to be supporting Rhea & addicts without any logical proof of innocence. People are not blaming them you are blaming people.

  90. English aati hai isliye galat dimakh chalana jaroori nahi hain.
    Better know that Rhea had got Sushant murdered.

  91. Pretty clear this is the “friendly media” that is supporting Rhea, the PR machinery trying their best to fool the Indians.
    What the author is not specifying that where was Rhea getting all the money to buy drugs. She clearly stole money from SSR and that is a crime.
    By writing such articles, the author proves time and again, that people will go to any extent for money.
    Have some shame Shubhangi .

  92. Wow so buyung/selling or dealing with drug peddlers and consuming drugs is no longer a criminal activity according to THE PRINT. Mr. Gupta wake up and smell some coffee. Please do not allow such articles or another like someone’s cousin taking life for exam pressure.

  93. Just stop writing such blatantly desperate trash. Just stop it. Contraband drug addicts and peddlers are severely punished in many countries and should be, because they DESTROY lives. Got it? It IS a crime to deal in drugs. Which bloody planet are you from? At least try and write smarter stuff if you have been pait shitloads of money by a certain group of people. You are doing even THEM a disservice by being so unbelievably asinine!

  94. Subhangi Mishra it is quite evident from your article that you are an ardent admirer of Rhea Chakraborty and hard drugs.Well we don’t know till now if she had ever consumed drug or she had any thing to do with his murder…..The agencies will take care of that….. but one thing that haunts me is Sushant Singh Rajput’s transformation after Rhea entered his life….so many of his friends and family members just can’t lie…….. because the Right to lie has been procured by Rhea Chakraborty….In every platform be it Supreme Court, Media or CBI she is consistantly telling lies.And little does she knows that she is being framed by her protector which is even worse than character assasination by public or media.

  95. Well Reha was
    1. A Drug addict.
    2. She was living of Sushant’s money.
    3. She is very much aware of the plot to murder Shushant.

  96. The media, a large portion of it at least, is attempting to take India to its doom. The politics in our “democracy” keeps it alive with the hope that it will be the “dope” to power. We may as well redefine the meaning of drug.
    I feel the print and TV media are becoming irrelevant in this world. If not, we the people of India have the power (drug?) to make it. The online media will sustain as in most cases the public can express their views on news items. This will definitely bring in some equanimity in the media – informing will become the norm rather than influencing. I fervently hope that the TV news channels become extinct in a couple of years. Increasingly, they are becoming a threat to the Nation by spreading misinformation with agenda based programs..

  97. Irresponsible journalism! This lady says marijuana was being consumed from Vedic times but possession or consumption of marijuana is illegal today.

    These journalists remember Vedic India only in support of beef eating, illicit adulterous behaviour and narcotics! Vedic India is an encyclopaedia. You get everything there. Why not take the good things?

  98. What an attempt to make everything look so normal and naive. If something is illegal in your country, then doing it is a crime. Don’t put justification to your actions, like this everything is justified by some or the other way. Please stop misleading and try to bring facts and not perspectives.

  99. What?? All drugs increase Dopamine? Such an ignorant piece of writing. Is the writer high herself?. Did she even go to school?. Sympathising with criminals make you one.

  100. Your attempt to whitewash her neck deep involvement in drug consumption or dealing or both are extremely feeble. Your article heading itself is in poor light “Indians confuse drug addicts with criminals.” Stop concealing your regressive mindset by trying to sound cool and giving a clean chit to the use or sale of illegal drugs in India.

  101. At last, we have other side of the story, very well told. It is said that, all the deleted whatsapp chats were retrieved by the investigative agencies to help the investigation. How all these chats are freely available to our TV Channels? From where the TV channels got these chats ? And what is the authenticity?

    Another interesting point is, everyday the investigative agencies are calling the persons, including Rhea Chakravarty, for questioning (our TV channels would say “grilling”). Withing few hours, all the TV channels are flashing the news that what questions were asked and to whom? How is that possible? Why our investigative agencies do not make their position clear on this, if the questions circulated by TV news channels are not necessarily the questions they actually asked?

  102. The person who wrote the article should have some empathy, EQ that is emotional quotient. It is not blaming rhea using drug. A child will eat as much chocolates if we continuosly give him because it is sweet and it gives happiness. But will the mother give as because it makes him happy. The same way something which gives us addiction is continuously administered for intentionally making him ill sleepy vegetable state to take control of money isolating him making him believe he is I’ll.Think wise before you write something.

  103. So you are saying everybody knows it and everybody does drugs so it is OK.

    Dumb writer. It is illegal. That’s it. Go read NDPS Act for details.

    People can have morals or be immoral as they like.
    They can’t indulge in illegal activities.

  104. Thank you for this! It’s the most sensible article I’ve ever read on the matter. And beyond right and wrong with regard to this joke of a “case” they’re apparently investigating, the way the media, and thanks to them the public, is treating another human being is just deplorable. Even if she’s legally absolved, which is probably will be on all major crimes, the damage this character assassination has done is irreparable. Sad.

  105. The print here with some fancy word play to distort the truth. An opinion piece which says that drug addicts are not criminals.
    Since drug addiction is not considered a criminal offence by law they get plausible deniability.
    Very cheap journalism. I feel that many tabloids report news better.

  106. I’m gonna bookmark this and show people the peak of “journalism”

    Drugs are new norms according to the author

    Thanks you Print , you opened up my mind, if I take drugs and support criminals and terrorist by the money I gave them , I would not feel like shit .. you see , I too can feel depressed after reading the print.

  107. Completely baseless article. Please do not insult our journalists except for some journalists who are anti nationals. This murder of Sushanth was a well planned murder by some politicians and some Bollywood actors. Finally the chats and constant grilling of the CBI will finally lead to the murderers. We know what is happening in our country better than you. Don’t write rubbish articles which benefits the accused.!!!!!!

  108. Print be like – So what if she left him high and dry in the midst of depression? So what if she accused a dead man of doing things he can’t defend? So what if she used to take MDMA? So what if she used him for her benefit? So what if she gave him drugs? So what if she Switched off her phone? So what if she’s lying through her teeth? So what if she’s the prime accused? So what if she’s doing practiced PR interviews? So what if Siddharth Pithani is being broiled equally by the media as is Sandip singh? She’s a women give her a free pass coz else we will use the M word Mysoginy !!! Lol !! How about sticking to reporting and keeping your opinions to yourself ! Also how about some little bit of sympathy for Kangana who was clearly a minor and got used? Nah let’s be paid media taking sides!

  109. SHUBHANGI MISRA faithfully follows the Theprint’s thinking that the people are fool and any rubbish can be served to them as intellectual work. This is ThePrint standard.

    • I agree with you, everyone deserves a fair trial. Indian media and most of stupid gullible Indians have already declared her the killer and don’t want her to be given a chance to prove if she is innocent by any chance. Corrupt Indian media which has corrupted minds of gullible Indian population. Just look at the comments here, no conscience or sense left in India.

  110. I am not a law man however it is a crime to deal in drugs if the drug is illegal and yes buying/ selling illegal substance is a crime in a civilized world.

    • Marijuana doesn’t count as a class A drug. And several countries, including India, have begun legalizing types of cannabis. So to club that into the same argument is incorrect. I have a cannabis clinic 250 metres from my house. In Bangalore. That’s the civilized world.

    • Obviously ThePrint needs to be educated on the Drug Mafia and how dangerous it can be. are they even aware of how criminal it can be….Or are the afraid that India will cleanse herself of the western garbage?

    • Well written for the unbiased.
      That would make SSR as guilty as the person procuring it.
      Ouch did I offend half of India and the “pop” channels??

  111. One unanswered question is how did the CBI get hold of deleted whats app chats ? Whats app servers cannot be decrypted even by Facebook , who owns whatts app. Is that a laudable coup by our sleuths ?

    • Exactly! I know bit about e2e enc-dec and how whatsapp follows that. It’s beautiful & amazing mathematics.
      Anyway, If law agencies can retrieve months old chats, then it’s violation of what Whatsapp has been saying since inception.

    • Modi government bought spyware from the NSO of Israel to hack into every Indian citizens phone. Hence the ease of accessing our private conversations. It was all over the news a few months back.

  112. I’m a feminist male, feminism should never be used in support of crime or evil. After reading this nonsense, and assuming such nonsense will often find a space here – I will never support ThePrint. I just had added it to my browser after reading anotger Print article and before reading this Rhea article – mistake. Journalism should be supporting the right and be against the wrong, as a fundamental principle.

  113. Highly erroneous article, aloof, misrepresented, untruthful, degrading & ignorant. How can the writers mind be so ignorant, sick & corrupt. Ah.. Its the Print. Doesnt have anything to do with journalism. It’s all about peddling falsehoods for a price.

    • Tu idhar udhar ki na baat kar. One, SSR was not murdered, certainly not by RC. Second, if it was suicide, she had left one week earlier. More the domain of psychiatrists than cops. Widen the scope of the investigation, go on a fishing expedition, smear the woman in the worst way possible. Charming naïveté to talk about probing substance abuse in Bollywood.

  114. Justification of usages of any forms drugs should be treated as part of drug syndicate. This is very unfortunate that the writer is ignorant to compare India with Portugal a very small country as examples. He dare not quote US and western countries or even Muslim countries.

    • It’s marijuana. “western countries” have legalized it long ago! Certain cannabis has beeb legalized in India as well. The logic in the article is sound. It’s awareness and closed mindedness of this country that’s a problem.

    • Lol Canada’s and many states in the U.S, weed is even legal. You should travel a little more or atleast read a few more books.

    • Just because Marijuana consumption has become common in today’s India and party drugs are common in Bollywood, the law agencies can’t be expected to “get on with the programme”. Are you seriously trying to convince your readers that it’s no big deal to be regularly consuming and dealing in marijuana and party drugs like MDMA and cocaine because it’s “common”. First of all, common doesn’t make it legal and purchasing class A drugs is a crime. Don’t try to make all this “casual” and “hip”. I suggest you start taking the laws of the land seriously and “get with the programme” instead of trying to defend criminals (buying class a drugs is a crime that she has admitted to). And please do us all women a favour and not bring in misogyny and patriarchy into this. Don’t play that victim card. And bashing Republic Tv and Times Now for not knowing the millenial lingo when they are trying to aid a criminal investigation (well, in effect they are the ones doing the investigation for Mumbai police since Mumbai Police was very complacent calling this a suicide). Seriously!!!!! Where do you come off? And if you really mean everything you have written in this article and it isn’t a paid on by Rhea, please go and tell Sushant’s dad to “get with the programme” because all this so common that he shouldn’t have any problems with Rhea and she shouldn’t be held accountable for anything.

      • Then let’s arrest more than half of Indians because they are all criminals for smoking pot.

        Please get some education.

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