Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in New York | File photo | Demetrius Freeman/Bloomberg
Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in New York | File photo | Demetrius Freeman | Bloomberg
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As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, the words ‘Boomer Remover’ featured prominently in Twitter trends the past couple of days. It is, of course, a mean yet on-point joke about how the majority of the COVID-19 pandemic’s death toll are the elderly.

What is the reason for this pushback and anger against Boomers across the world, and in particular, against uncles in India? ‘OK Boomer’ and ‘Uncle, please sit’ are now popular catchphrases to signal that young people have had enough of the policies and politics that have got us to this point. Boomers have handed younger generations a broken economy, an ailing planet, and nuclear weapons – but won’t stop with the lectures.

And as many pointed out, the Boomers’ response to the admittedly off-colour joke has been far more proactive than their response to all the actual problems for which younger generations blame them: their political choices that have now led to lack of jobs for the current generations around the world and their inability to buy a house, a growing climate crisis, rising depression and anxiety among young people, poor healthcare facilities, rampant gun violence in schools and even their ostrich-like response to coronavirus. Many Boomer-run offices can easily allow employees to work from home in the gig economy until this pandemic is over, but they simply won’t.

Young people are now telling them that their time, more specifically, the time of their ideas, is over, and they should stop trying to run the world.

But first, who exactly is a Boomer? Technically, Baby Boomers are the post- World War II generation, born between 1946 to 1964 and named for its contribution to baby-making and regenerating a world that was ravaged by war. The generation was defined by post-war hope, stability, and conspicuous-consumption prosperity. But today, it has come to mean business-as-usual status quoists.

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Don’t dismiss young people, Boomers 

The use of the term as a pejorative, though, has less to do with age and more to do with a certain mindset that most people above a certain age are unwilling to change. The typical Boomer, for example, is generally dismissive of anyone under the age of 40 as a clueless and entitled “millennial”. Never mind the fact that a millennial is technically someone born anywhere between the early 1980s and the mid-90s, after which come at least two more generations. But then, since when does a Boomer, especially a man, care about that? To him, everyone and everything that came after him is young, naïve, not as good. All he has to do is wave his hand dismissively at you when you argue, and lecture you about how the world works because he knows best. Been there, ruined that.

Young people respond to this dismissiveness in the way they know best — through memes, like Ok Boomer, which mimics that same dismissiveness and throws it right back at the Boomer. It calls out the older generation’s unwillingness to see that the world has changed and that not all the old rules still apply. Because of Boomers’ lifestyle and political cjoices, young people are now saddled with a job and real-estate market they didn’t ask for, with a dying planet and an authoritarian rightward political swing. They are simply doing their best to salvage what they can. Be it on the streets, through Instagram fund-raisers for the bushfires in Australia, organising donation drives of sanitary pads, food and medicines to areas in Delhi affected by communal riots, or fighting to save trees, glaciers, birds and polar bears, they are doing their best. They are tired of the Boomers standing in the way. Yes, creating prosperity mattered to the Boomers, but the young insist on sustainable prosperity and if the Boomers can’t find it in them to support these efforts, they could at least not actively diss them.

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Why are Boomers so dismissive?

Boomers diss these efforts because they’re afraid of them. They diss them because they’re afraid of their own growing irrelevance. When Greta Thunberg repeatedly thundered “How dare you?” at world leaders, what irked many Boomers was that she was reminding them to think beyond themselves, to think about future generations. Most world leaders are from the Boomer generation, both in terms of age and mindset, and they will soon be irrelevant and eventually, gone, a fact they hate to be reminded of. But their children and grandchildren will be left behind, picking up the pieces of the world they ruined because of their denial of change and crisis, their ostrich-like unwillingness to engage with a new world because it terrifies them. That’s why Boomers hate Greta Thunberg.

Closer home, in India, when finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman blamed “millennials” for the automobile industry slowdown, it once again threw into stark relief that the Boomers just don’t get it. Young people are blamed for everything from an economic downturn to the breakdown of marriage (an institution that needs a massive overhaul anyway). The young and their new ideas are even being blamed for the rise of the Right-Wing around the world. Frankly, the backlash against this blame was a long time coming.

And now that coronavirus has reared its ugly head, we are once again seeing the generational rift between Boomers and “millennials”. It’s no secret that COVID-19 most likely moved from bats to pangolins to humans. And why are bats coming closer and closer to human habitation? Because of deforestation. Something that young people around the world have rallied against, in climate strikes that Boomers dissed “as useless millennial activism.”

So, when young people call the pandemic a Boomer Remover, is it unkind? Of course. Is it on point? Yes.

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  1. omg….talk about a generalization!!! My turn to say “how dare you?” I am a Boomer. I love Greta. I have protested all my life and tried hard to fight the greedy corporations and those who insist on oil and coal and turn a blind eye to the plight of the planet. Just as all the Millennials are not “entitled”, neither are all the Boomers dismissive of Millennials. All of this started with our parents generation; who went into an appalling denial of the horrors of the war; did not talk about emotions and began to build the world back with a particular philosophy. You are not the only generation who inherited shit. As a seven year old, I went into the basement with a war siren, terrified of being bombed during the Cuban Crisis…..and our childhood was filled with the reality for the first time, that the world could be completely annhilated by just three nuclear bombs. We did not know we were ruining the planet as we grew up. True, about thirty years ago, the information started to become clear….that we had a fucked up planet and we needed to change. It was not just our generation that created it…..it was also your grandparents and the Industrial Revolution started before that. It has been an evolution with a very wrong approach. The last thirty years have been the years that we all can be most critical of….that change should have occurred immediately. But it has not….in part, greed, denial, ignorance…..all aspects of humans that are present in all the generations. I have personally tried as much as I can to make change in my own ability. I absolutely adore Greta. I am willing to do anything to make things better, and I appreciate your generation. Unfortunately, you view us as obsolete and I think that is a huge mistake. We do, believe it or not, have some understanding of life that comes with years, even if you don’t like the outcome that the planet is now experiencing. Most importantly, we are all human beings. Period.

  2. Millennials have been made lazy by technology, and therefore readily accept whatever their professors , media, and pop culture tells them. Tide pod challenge- sure, socialism- ok, white guilt- why not. They refuse to question why they are tearing down historical statues because they have video games to play. They run up college debt with no concept of having to pay it back, so they back any socialist who promises to drop it. They hate their grandparents who loved them because their favorite rapper told them they were evil racists. They carry libraries of information in one hand, but they are the most ignorant generation ever.

    • Oh yes, and I knew this about them before I even finished middle school. I am a millennial, but I get where you are coming from. Millennials are snobbish in nature, the school system ‘blue pilled’ them and told them it was a red pill. In other words, they think that they know better, but they’re doomed to make even worse choices as time goes on. Look at the state of politics now, it is going to be absolutely horrible to be an American when millennials and zoomers hit age 50. All of their ideas are bent towards communism or socialism (which both are the same thing in comparison to the free market). When these generations of people turn 50, we’ll be living in a dull and savage land of bigotry, with the only money we produce going to other countries and organizations outside of our reach. They plan to use and abuse the people with high taxation which results in minimal wage normalization.

      As for zoomers, they ARE THE WORST. You will roll in your grave when you get to see what kind of fantastic gifts they will bring the USA. They are perhaps the most brainwashed delusional generation yet.

    • The government these ignoramus Boomers brought to power is bloated with opportunist, corrupt, machiavellian types, that literally produce nothing, FEED off of the public purse like parasites, whilst at the same time as broadcast this pathetic corporate charade on television to keep you dumbed down , mindcontrolled and subserviant. Wake up

  3. I am a white male boomer and frankly, everything about my demographic disgusts me. The lame excuses and accusations they make to”defend” themselves are worse than pathetic. The climate denialism, excuses, and projection disgust me. The boomers took everything for themselves and give nothing back but a dying world to their children and grandchildren. Sociopathic, delusional and extremely selfish, these snowflakes do nothing but whine while they attack the victims of their greed, while taking zero responsibility for their actions. Thanks to these sorry excuse for men and women we have politicians like Donald Trump in office, as the Amazon and Australia go up in flames. It seems like they are doing everything in their power to leave nothing in their wake but a collapsed civilization and a Mass extinction event. Being a boomer makes me feel ashamed though I have little to do with the attitudes and stupidity that define my generation.

    • You do know that the Australian Brush goes up in flames every year? They even have people who are payed by their government to burn it, as it is a normal part of the crop cycle. Wildfires may not seem normal, but they’re actually critical for the well-being of many areas of our planet. I want to also ask you this, because it seems to be on the minds of people these days. Why do you think spending money is going to prevent natural catastrophes? If the answer is global warming prevention and awareness, then how is money going to stop global warming? Banning the coal industry does hardly nothing. This is a global issue, and on top of that, there are many countries like China and India who don’t care about global warming, and they prove it time and time against by polluting the air and water almost deliberately. Especially in China, if you look at a thermals of the Earth’s warming you will see where the vast majority of this pollution is coming out of. A vast majority is coming from pollution into the waters, which is flooding north into the arctics and melting away the ice caps. I dare to use the word funny but funny enough it is greatly coming from China and Russia together. But you see, there is nothing you can do about it. You could throw our entire economy at it and there would be nothing achieved because it isn’t US. This as stated, is a global campaign that cannot be won. If we can’t deal with China and this Coronavirus, then they’re simply not going to give a shit about anything else. They only care about money, but I think it would be foolish to think that paying them would be doing anything good. They have a reputation for lying and sabotaging diplomatic affairs.

  4. As much as I argued over the years with my, Baby Boomer aged parents, there is no denying their generation accomplished more than any generation since. By far. Were there some bad decisions made? Was everything not good in the long term? Yeah, hindsight being 20/20 and all, at least they did more than the current generation who actually is stupid enough to think “liking” something on Facebook is somehow an accomplishment.

    When your hero is some child puppet who cries about her childhood being stolen while being whisked back and forth across the Atlantic on a professional racing yacht, to hang out with Hollywood celebrities just because some adults propped her up in front of a microphone…you’re probably a moron.

  5. Good news,! Covid-19 causes fertility problems to males… Millennial males. 😀
    And you, dear Samira Sood, where would you be if it wasn’t for the boomers who hired you? And aren’t your parents boomers? 😀
    Well, most boomers are indeed annoying, but most millennials are just narcissisit pricks.
    Humans are useless, we’re all doomed.

  6. thje attitude of the currnet entitled young is abysmal. the people they wish to now sacrifice paid of the tremendous social and econimoci costs of two world wars a nd a few expensive lesser ones, as well as the great depression. This attitude is a result of not teaching REAL history. It is this same Boomer generation that enabled thesde entitled complainers to have the dubious perhaps education they have and the hedonistic lifestyle they crave and are not willing to lose. We did not have this lifestyle. My childhood and youth was very austere. grow up chilrern!

  7. Well here’s a real go getter (aka real bitch) for her age!
    Another one speaking through her ass!

    Be careful the virus is coming for you!

  8. Boomer in the US inherited a foreign war where 18 year olds were being sent overseas to die (a thing called the Vietnam War.) Boomer grew up in an era when it was ok for parents to beat their kids up. Boomer grew up with race riots , people killing each other black vs. white. Home financing had double digit interest rates when Boomer was 20-something. Sound like fun? No doubt there’s more than enough societal failure to go around, however the axis of failure is more likely the private sector vs. public sector, not generational. If you’re under 40 your problems aren’t Boomer – they’re people you’re own age working for the govt. Trillions of dollars on the military, funding for government pensions (give govt employees what everybody else gets at age 22 – a 401k account with $0 in it.) Those 2 items alone are going to suck your paycheck dry long after Boomer is gone.

  9. Asa boomer I laugh at GenY/Z. They should both be called the Narcissist geeration, they are so fullof themselves and entitled. They live in a fantasy world of social media and mobiel phones. Worst fo all , they cant speak, write, or communicate properly, one only has to listen to the illitereate , uninformed dribble that comes out their mouth as they desperately man their soapboxes pretending the world (of social media) cares what they have to say.

    • “they cant speak, write, or communicate properly”…ok lets see how literate the sociopath walking corpses are:
      1. “Asa” – “As a”?
      2.”geeration” – “generation”?
      3. “fullof” – “full of”?
      4. “mobiel phones” – mobile phones?
      5. “worst fo all” – “worst of all”?
      6. “one only has to listen” – ??? (grammatically incomplete, consequence if trying to sound more eloquent than you are…)
      7. “illitereate” – “illiterate” (is misspelling illiterate while accusing others of being illiterate – sit down, Uncle)
      8. “that comes out their mouth” – “that comes out of their mouth”?

      OK boomer, I’m glad you’re laughing at us, ’cause we sure are laughing at you! Can you people just die already so we can start fixing the mess that is your only legacy?!

  10. This article doesn’t seem to recognize the failings of the liberal millennials they talk about. They believe all the crap that boomer liberals politicians tell them, not thinking for themselves. They take the info that made them angry and spew it everywhere without thought as to WHY it made them angry and how it was spun to make them angry – then looking at it objectively. They are nothing more than a mob of angry sheep. No wish to see other views, no doing meaningful research and total rejection of those who do research. They won’t discuss or debate, you are wrong and nothing will change their mind… might as well try to convince a religious nut that evolution is real since no amount of evidence matters.

    Like even boomers do, they trust our news, not realizing it’s opinion designed to trigger them, play to their emotions so they’ll click and pass on the articles and propaganda from one of the major parties. As a result, we have tons of idiots constantly angry, even beating up people who support our idiot-n-chief, absolutely dancing to someone else’s fiddle. No sense in what is true and brainwashed to the last one.

    If you think republicans are racist or they all believe women should not be able to have an abortion when their life is in danger or after being raped… then you are no less brainwashed then those who think poor and unskilled immigrants shouldn’t be let in because they will be nothing but moochers and steal jobs without creating more and drive down wages. Democrats aren’t actually trying to improve the life of minorities or immigrants any more than they have to (can’t lose that voting base!) and Republicans are generally pro big government even if it is in different ways than Democrats. Both (yes both) of the national parties support the rich. Note that State & local parties sometimes actually support what the party says they do… tho not always ( see Oregon DINOs gentrifying the entire state).

    TLDR: The type of Millennials the article talks about are nothing more than sheep who don’t realize their movements are fueled by politicians.

    If Millennials are really tired of boomers, they’ll start a new political party and new sources of info that can actually be called objective journalism.

  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-52126029https://www.businessinsider.com.au

    The weblink to “Boomers” – nursing and doctors – willing to help patients fight against the corona virus, and put themselves at risk, and sometimes die, are numerous.
    When all of you dismissing an entire older generation with the term “ok boomer” are willing to come to the hospitals and volunteer then you can use that term. I’ll show you how a person with corona virus can drown in their own lung secretions. I’m off to the Infectious diseases ward now. I’ll still nurse you and try and save your life even if you have tried to dismiss my opinions with the term – “ok boomer.” Are you going to volunteer?………

  12. As a so-called Boomer, I will defend your right to say “OK Boomer” or call Covid 19 the “Boomer Remover.” The reason is because I am the daughter and niece of people who fought for years to protect Human Rights. I grew up listening to the stories about WWII and what really happened. If you are an 18 year old female, would you be brave enough to defuse an unexploded bomb as my mother did? If you are a 20 year old male, would you be able to evade enemy soldiers in the jungle or survive a Japanese Prisoner of War camp like one of my Uncles did? They did all this so you could be here today living in a country where you can say what you like without being arrested or killed. I will defend your right to say things that I think are awful because I know what sacrifices people made for you.

      • Not all so called “Boomers” are the same:

        Are We Perpetuating an Unsustainable Lifestyle?

        Capitalism for the purpose of providing the needs of its citizenry has gone the way of the VCR and the single ticket baseball doubleheader in today’s America, where Capitalism has devolved into Consumerism, a perversion of Capitalism induced by a cabal of government, corporations and the media, wherein voracious wants are never satisfied. A more sensible and prescient model–which undoubtedly will be considered quaint in our current zeitgeist of Gordon Gekko-like bravado run amok–was laid out by President Eisenhower’s economic adviser Kenneth Boulding in ‘The Economics of Peace’: “The profit motive should not be confused with the profit system…In a profit system there is nothing to prevent anyone acting on altruistic lines; there is no law that says a businessman must maximize his profits. If a businessman chose to operate with outputs, prices, and wages that yielded him a smaller profit than the maximum, but which he felt were socially more desirable, there is nothing in the profit system that would prevent him from doing this.”

        What of economic inequality and the accumulation of wealth by the so-called one percent? When we examine this soberly, we can deduce that the unequal distribution of wealth is not an existential threat, however, the amount of consumption is. The vast capital that the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett donate to various causes through ‘The Giving Pledge’ does not exist in a vacuum–it’s accrued through an extractive economy which cannot be sustained. Thus, are we not all overpaid? Would it not be wiser to leave some of the capital-building non-renewable resources untouched in the first instance? Altruism does not mitigate their carbon footprint which is off the charts into Sasquatch and Yeti territory.

        Given that the underlying causes of Global Warming, the Climate Emergency, the Sixth Great Extinction and Emerging Diseases are unchecked economic, and equally, population growth, (the elephant and mastodon in the room, if you will, as the media and politicians are cowered into ignoring them–however, kudos to the Center for Biological Diversity for engaging via their Pop X newsletter and Endangered Species condoms) it’s curious that more than half of our local newspaper the Asbury Park Press’s daily lifestyle sections touch on excessive consumption, including Luxury Living and Indulge.

        Again quoting Mr. Boulding: “Anyone who believes in indefinite growth in anything physical, on a physically finite planet, is either mad–or an economist.” If you were to ask a contemporary economist what the end game is for a system that does not include the laws of nature into its calculations, they simply will not have an answer. They who embrace every new citizen added to the census as another potential consumer, a soldier in the battle with the Chinese for economic supremacy, a passenger on the train that keeps the GDP chugging along.

        And Albert Einstein: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction.” Asbury Park Press: Are you courageous? Perhaps Luxury Living and Indulge can become Sustainable Living and Conserve.

        And what if continuation of the current path leads to a segmented world of totalitarian societies that have managed to maintain livable environments with intact biodiversity and dystopian free ones beset by all that an environmental catastrophe brings? Which then would one choose to live in? When contemplating this it should be noted that clean air, clean water and access to unspoiled wilderness areas are the birthrights of all and we’re all citizens of the planet. Hypothetical questions both, like the one Michael Bloomberg (the adult in the room, if you will) and the Big Gulp saga begs: If one does not want a nanny state, should one consider not acting like a juvenile?

        (The irony of Mr. Bloomberg being in the same relative income bracket as Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett is acknowledged but the endorsement stands: Michael Bloomberg is the pragmatic and unifying leader the country needs at this time.)

        And what of the rallying cries “Save the Planet” and “Save the Earth”? Are they appropriate? As astrophysicists theorize, Earth will continue to exist for another seven or eight billion years until the sun collapses and dies. It has already survived as a livable planet after five mass extinctions, the last one occurring sixty six million years ago. The fundamental concern here then is whether to preserve the biological diversity and human friendly ecological conditions that have evolved since that event. So, perhaps not. Perhaps “Save Biodiversity” would be more suitable.

        The solution? The Green New Deal? Fossil fuels are a one off resource formed over hundreds of millions of years by geological processes that cannot be duplicated (see ‘Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question’ – Myth #3: Renewable Energy Can Replace Fossil Fuels). So, no, not unless consumption and procreation are reduced to sustainable levels. A daunting proposition. Perhaps Google has an algorithm.

        Stephen Facciola,
        Toms River, and elsewhere,
        On this magnificent planet

        Bio: Has a low carbon footprint: no car, no children, no pets; used a bicycle as transportation for 35 years; lived on $10,000 or less for most of adult life; collects knowledge and experiences rather than material goods; caretaker for mother with dementia; voted for Michael Bloomberg in 2012 and 2016; supports E.O. Wilson’s Half-Earth Project; Edible Plants of the World researcher and author.

        • Okay idiot, why don’t you get that money cannot save us from natural catastrophes? No amount of money, NONE. Carbon emissions from cars do not matter, in fact there is evidence that they help plants and fruits grow. According a thermal map of the Earth’s warming. The real source of pollution is water pollution, coming from China. The great source of air pollution is coming from Russia. Global Warming? Global warming is a world affair, this isn’t something we can fix on our own without making deals, and deals cannot be made because it costs economies more money than you would ever imagine. And guess what, you can’t fix what is already broken. If things are going to melt, they’re going to melt. What are you thinking of? putting a $300 trillion dollar icecube in the polar caps? If we can’t even stop the Earth from having Hurricanes, Viruses, Tornadoes, Astronomical catastrophes… even with all of our resources dedicated to solving them. What the hell do you think money will buy when it comes to preventing HEAT, of all things. The Earth will warm and cool down, there is nothing you can do about it so stop whining and trying to sell our economy out.

    • Millennial is a definition that comprehends Gen-Ys, Gen-Zs and the youngest Gen-Xs. So yes, she’s a millennial. Poor kid.

  13. Each person has merits and demerits, Boomer or Youth. The art of living is to co-exist wisely, or perish one by one. The present Corona crisis can affect all, sooner or later. Only coexistence, sanity and serenity can see us through.

  14. I’m a boomer, and for decades I have been saddened by how we gave up fighting the fight that began in the sixties. I remember the first Earth Day in 1970 — I was 14 years old and it was a school day, and we were all really excited about cleaning up the planet and helping poor people to have clean living spaces, and helping other species by protecting habitat. Our science class had special projects going outdoors, it was a beautiful day, and we were filled with hope. Lots of people were hippies back then, mainly people a few years older than me. They talked about “changing the system.”

    Then the 70s came, and people lost the drive to really do the hard work of changing things. After that came the 80s, and so many people I knew rushed off to get MBAs or law degrees and work for corporations, make money, and become consumers. People became obsessed with high-end wines, expensive niche food, coach bags, luxury travel, and their social status via their careers.

    I remember in the 90s trying to get other mothers to carpool with me when there was a kids’ party, so we wouldn’t each be driving huge SUVs to ferry kids to social events. They would look at me as if I were crazy, or a commie. I would ask our sons to bring home their plastic sandwhich bags so I could clean and re-use them, and the other kids at school thought we were really poor because we couldn’t afford plastic bags. Their parents were deeply in to throw-away culture. Everything I did I mostly did alone, because even the liberals in my community were heavily invested in the consensus reality which has been so destructive to our world.

    All of which is to say I understand the frustration and even the fury of the young. And as a member of the older generation I accept that there is a collective responsibility that all of us must carry. On the other hand, I don’t think the author of this article grasps the fact that the young must now take their turn at the helm, and look ahead, and not get bogged down in hating older people and complaining about the hand they’ve been dealt. It simply won’t do any good. It is time for all of us, the young and the old, to roll up our sleeves and get to the work of healing ourselves, our culture, and the biosystems that support us all on this planet. Instead of saying “OK, boomer,” it would be better if they argued their point of disagreement in a constructive fashion. Some of us are listening.

          • It IS about age. Many of the comments here from “boomers” are being dismissed BECAUSE they are older. The content of the comments are not being legitimately addressed. Stop attacking the person. You are consumed by your own anger. Debate the comments

    • The author understands. The point of this article is to explain to your peers who don’t understand what you just wrote. Although it’s ironic that you’d respond with the claim you’re listening when you missed the central theme of this post, doubly so since your point was the same as this article’s.

  15. This article is filled with hatred and Agism!! Seriously whoever wrote this load of **** needs to introspect themselves. One day the generations younger than us will start rejecting us and then we will understand what it feels like. Please dont talk like as if you understand everything in this world. Have some amount of humility! You just need to know. This world was by the last few generations before us and you need to respect them.

    • I see so many comments about agism…. Truth hurts. Fact is so many things the Boomer Generation has done and said could easily be used as a perfect example of agism. I am almost 40 and I am STILL dismissed by boomers who really are out of touch with the world NOW, get over it the world has changed and you no longer have the answers!

        • Who says anything can be done? All we can do is make sure you aren’t remembered as anything other than self-absorbed entitled monsters who squandered the peace, poisoned the planet and stripped the future generations of decent wages, housing and infrastructure.. I guess eventually we can cancel social security and kick you asses out to the curb like they did to the mentally ill.

          • Read your your history. Educate yourself. Stop talking in generalisations. “Boomers” also stood up for civil rights, environmentalism, equal pay, the rights of workers. etc etc etc. They were just people of a different era. Are you going to kick you grandparents and parents out onto the streets too?

  16. You wish death upon a whole generation of people? You call yourself a journalist? I have other words to describe you.

  17. Youd be Josef Mengele, if you were a doctor. Opinions can still be hate propaganda.
    I have a suggestion- every boomer donate every last penny of their enormous estates to the charity of their choice. That should help save the world.

  18. This article is a rant, not a piece of well researched journalism. It is full of generalisations, stereotypes and ageism. If I aimed such a piece against Indian people Samira, you would accuse me of blatant racism. All you are doing is setting one group of people against another. Of course boomers (as you so succinctly call people of my age) can be blind to the problems of the world, and they can also be activists for the environment and for a better planet. So can people of any generation. Time is a slow transition from one generation to the next, not an abrupt one, so we are all responsible for the state of the world. Bear in mind you are young now, but as each year passes you will get older, and you will become old. In 30-40 years time you might well read an ageist article again people of your own generation. I wish you well.

  19. Boomers are scared shitless of death because they never lived!
    Obey the system was the game, consume, build, spend, save, work, work, consume.
    They lived for this ruining everything they touched on the way, thinking they are entitled to it, they are right.
    Disrecpect for the young, hate for change because it my take something away.
    Tell ya what, old farts, youl die, and this world will be for the young, just please young people forgett traditon and the system, dont make those mistakes again!!!! Keep your eyes opne and minds allert, live your ideal not your purses, money comes and goes, values change, people come and go, nothing stayes the same, love this planet its our only home!!!!

    • Chris – slow down and learn to coherently state a position instead of articulating idiocy. Good luck in the new age without Boomers. By the way, have you moved out of your parents’s basement yet?

      • Guess what I am a boomer, but what my generation has dome makes me sick!
        I have kids and I am wooried about their future, why? because I love them dearly!

  20. Gen X thinks Boomers are too uptight and Millennials are a bunch of whiney bitches. We came home to an empty house, made our own dinner, and did our damn homework while cranking Ozzie to piss off our parents. Then we grew up and made a shitload of money because we learned to do it all ourselves.
    We are the ones that will change the world next go ’round.

  21. Its plain wicked to casually wish death on a group of strangers because of their age.
    how is this helping the crisis that we are all in together.
    Do I point out the obvious the young will be old one day.

  22. At least boomer’s aren’t stupid enough to remove themselves with radical sexually deviant activism…and it isn’t “boomers” that “got us where we are”, it was big gov’t…ever-expanding, ever-more-expensive, ever-less-caring (except about themselves) gov’t and millennial’s are stupid enough to think that more of it is the answer…they’ve bought into the lie of marxism without ever having actually experienced a marxist gov’t…you get to mouth off about things you don’t like at present while enjoying your exotic flavor of starbucks & texting out your little “boomer remover” meme’s, all the while bitching about how horrific your lives are…you imbeciles need to actually put your boots on the ground in Venezuela, or communist China or communist Cuba or communist Vietnam before you get so sold on the lies burnie tells you…at least boomers can do math and the math of marxism doesn’t add up anywhere it’s ever been tried…you don’t even consider it’s under-reported body count from the 20th century so good luck with your “boomer-remover” because it’s actually not what you think it is and now we know exactly how you think about us, we know to never let you have the keys to the kingdom…thanks morons!

    • Marx was an anarchist communist.

      An, as in no
      archy, as in, let’s say heiarchy.

      As in no government, as in the idea the people, governed themselves, within their own commune.

      If you have an authoritarian dictator, you are very obviously not a communist nation, regardless of the label you put on the box.

      And if you still cant figure it out….

      Dont worry about it. Reading basic factual information instead of blindly swallowing what you already want to hear is hard, and a waste of time. And you dont have much time left! That means you have to hoard as much as you possibly can now!

      I have a jug labeled Corona virus cure to sell you.

      You can tell it’s the cure to Corona Virus because it says it right on the label.

      Better buy it now, it’s a hot commodity, life in a jug, supplies wont last!

      No refunds.




    • Sure, but the Earth will also shake YOU off, lol. A boomer has more possibilities to die of natural death… But you, o young snowflakes, are less likely to reach old age.. 🙂 Oh, and Coronavirus killed some millennials too… HEALTHY millennials.

  24. Funny the complaining about boomers being dismissive but what is ok boomer, or boomer remover, except dismissive. Ageism is a sad pastime of younger people, and arrogance of elders. You really can’t put a whole generation of people into one category as we are all individuals just like any other generation, with hopes, dreams, problems and gifts. Some abused the environment, some worked to save it. Some worked for human rights, some worked against them. Some fought in wars and came back broken, some started wars. Some are giving, some are selfish. We couldn’t control what year we were born but we are just like every other generation, living one day at a time, loving life, and doing the best we can with what we have.

  25. This is the biggest piece of trash article I’ve read in months. Get your head on straight.

    You’re trying unsuccessfully to justify wishing death upon a generation. Grow up.

    • I am a pre boomer and have sympathy for the younger generation with everything on this planet disappearing before our eyes and am disgusted with the current happenings. But in reality, I agree with the younger generation and think it is criminal that this is being tolerated by our governments. But in reality, the real blame for this lies with the 99% whose greed is paying those in charge to keep pushing for profits. On the other hand, yes we have much to be thankful for as we have many important things that we have gained, but at the same time our gains are also leading to the demise of the planet, what good is it to have all the comforts of life only to cause the destruction of the only home we have? I agree with Greta and wish we could defeat the current administrations and work towards saving the planet for the next generation. So all you naysayers get your heads out of the sand and accept the reality.

  26. This is, without a doubt, the stupidest pile of trash I’ve read in a very long time.

    Try getting your facts straight, and looking at this from more than a child’s vantage point.

  27. “Boomers have handed younger generations a broken economy, an ailing planet, and nuclear weapons – but won’t stop with the lectures.”

    Those same “boomers” who developed the technology and platforms you’re using right now, along with ensuring that we still have the freedom to call people names? Yeah, what have they ever done for us eh?!

    • Dipshit, I am 30 and am ashamed you think boomers invented the nuke in 1943-1945? Dipshit

      The great depression started econ downturns and there have been many caused by every gen. Idiot…

  28. Though I agree that there is a disproportionate amount of older people that have the power/money and they tend to be slower/conservative/anti-change/harbour outdated opinions/etc. That doesn’t give us the right to promote ageism, however logically.

    Throughout history, this has been the case. If we have the right to call ourselves better and more civilized, we need to start by not falling to similar generalizations and stereotypes that birthed racism/sexism. The older generation is not going anywhere anytime soon. Once we accept that and realise that whether you like it or not, they’ve birthed us and seeded many of the ideas that even they disagree with! Think about it… Even they have evolved dramatically from the previous generation as we have. There is no easy way to go about it as the right way is always the toughest.

  29. Very disappointed with this piece, it’s more of style than any substance.Its ridiculous how deforestation is brought in to blame for the present crisis, although it’s now strongly suspended that it started in a wet market.This type of casual blame game and cynical rant is more befitting in the social media than in a piece for a quality media outlet.Ironically it ends up patronizing the very millennials who it claims to represent.I think by and large the millennials have understood that these outbreaks are quite complex and no single group or country can be held responsible, not can solve in isolation .let’s not pull apart now.

  30. No.

    Does the younger generation understand the underlying principles that have informed a number of the standards of the older generation formulated.?

    A question, not an accusation!

    Do they study history and try to prevent and formulate responses to the mistakes?

    Does anyone? (Hint: US/Uk school curriculum).

    How can the younger generation plow in and help rise up against current dire inequities?

    How can the boomers help with their experience?

    It’s not generational: we’re all human and need to help each other combat the big issues. Please help.

  31. Wow, Samira! Good grief. Read some history and get some context for crying out loud. You’re living the best life people have ever lived in human history and you’re complaining about it. You want a broken economy, research the 1970’s (a cake walk compared to the 1930’s). You want a broken climate, research the Little Ice Age. You want a hard knock life, research the Europeans and Asians during WWII. If a Boomer gave you a bag of gold you’d complain it was too heavy to carry.

  32. I have never used the term millennial in describing a person under 40. Nor have I ever dismissed them for being young . I celebrate it as a fresh eye on old problems . Until recently , I had always thought of young people as the only hope we have.. This kind of treatment is sad proof that they are no better than the “boomers” they cant wait to watch die.

  33. I wish they would reinstate the DRAFT. Then the different generations would have a little respect for each other . I t isn’t all sunshine lollypops and roses out in the real international world. Someday the author will come to find out that the boomers and ALL previous generations were the people who have improved the living conditions for this and most other nations in the world. If you think that the whole world will come together under your generations leadership you are sadly mistaken. Wars have been started over the kind of crap that you espouse. Love, A Boomer

  34. Boomers hate Greta because all she does is complain without offering any solutions. That’s how the world works. If you don’t want to be ignored, stop complaining that “somebody” should do something. Come up with a suggestion, or, shut your pie hole. If you don’t have any ideas, you are just another complainer.

    • Greta is a 16 year old girl taken out of school by here boomer parents to support an NGO that thrives off of cap and trade money. This whole millennial/ boomer nonsense is fake news. When have you ever heard these terms used in IRL conversations pejoratively that were not about online content… never Ill presume.

      Climate change is a ponzI scheme. Whether it is actually happening or not how do we solve things by forcing Companies that produce things we need to pay for people writing papers about windmills. It is nonsense. Why do they state CO2 levels are rising. Do you know? I mean the experiment that supposedly proved it. Who ever talks about it? Why does CO2 from coal, gas and oil and cow farts matter but CO2 manufactured for Soda pop or resulting from baking bread or fermenting alcohol not matter. It is millions of metric tons of CO2 a year but not one word from anyone, not even a how dare you from Greta. Tsk Tsk

      PS the studies were done in Antarctica, coring the ice samples by year, melting it in a vacuum chamber and measuring output. They did them in Greenland to but the experiments disagreed. They state factoring in calcium carbonate from volcanism explains this.

      However the coldest temp in the South Pole is -88C and the range is -4 to -81C on average annually. This is colder than -78C, the temp at which CO2 condenses to a solid. Greenland coldest temp is -60C. The papers I read in 2006 that promoted CO2 increase from 285 to 365 ppm (parts per million) never addressed this fact or why it did or did not affect the experiment. I have never heard any answer to this question other than to be accused of being anti science no matter who I have asked. It does not matter what the answer is because between cap n trade in the EU and taxes in the US the amount transferred to quasi government green initiatives is one trillion annually. Who cares if it’s real, it generates money?

      Don’t be swayed by this article it is political nonsense. Note how the millennials, all of them supposedly are angry only over left wing talking points. Notice how no millennial is seemingly angry that the SSA fund was dumped into the general fund leaving the youth to pay Grandpas Social security before it collapses to bankruptcies. Hmmm……

      The article is political brainwashing propaganda. I am not sure if the author is aware of that or not but the people feeding him or her those talking points sure are……..

  35. FTFA: ‘And why are bats coming closer and closer to human habitation? Because of deforestation.’
    Well, yes, especially those from deserts and grasslands, but not those from the caves … *wait* …
    Remembering what used to be an answer on /.: ‘You, Sir, are an idiot’.

  36. I hope the author realizes that the petri dishes that are unregulated wet markets are the reason why nCov-X exist. We learned this with SARS and hence COVID19 was inevitable given the situation in certain parts of Asia. Blame the people who want to eat exotic meats. They may be boomers. Not everything is about deforestation, per se. And to be clear deforestation as it relates to food has a lot to do with sustenance agriculture and population growth. Getting ‘rid of boomers’ isn’t going to solve these problems necessarily. And made up understanding of cause and effect don’t help either.

  37. You’re a very poor writer who sounds bitter and frustrated.. Maybe quit blaming others and go do something. Cue the whinging…

  38. I am a millennial and follow this media house closely because I like the balance of opinion that it presents. This article, on the other hand, is just without any class, substance or relevance. The author seems to be social media expert who lives in her own bubble of elite left and pseudo liberal friends.

    While there is something to be said of the ways of the generation that holds the keys to power across the world these days, this is not the way to address the issue. Such gratuitous name calling is best reserved for young adults in liberal arts colleges. I can’t help but think of SG’s response to Jim O’Neill’s uncalled for remark about India a few days ago – this article is in a similar vein but much worse.

    Come on, Print Team! Stick to the quality of journalism that has got you a loyal fan base and eschew such juvenile behaviour (unless of course, the intention is give everyone a platform irrespective of merits).

  39. There might be just a sweeping generalization about coronavirus casualties and psychological effects on people, in this article. Firstly, it assumes that Covid 19 has most harshly affected older generation. When in fact people of younger age group have higher exposure to carriers of COVID 19, due to international travel , tourism and lifestyle. Secondly, it combines any responsible adult, who knows and worries about the planet,with the younger people calling this pandemic boomer remover, and assuming they’re one and same people; that logic is flawed. Activism is not the same as making an effective change . Experience is still required to know how to change the ropes of this world . Any young people who are making a change are also aware that they need to work across generations to be effective. This article’s main purpose seems to be to justify the term “boomer remover”, when the much more important issue is (and a very a valid issue it bring up) is about younger generations issues, that aren’t clearly understood by many.

  40. Such a sh&tty article.
    There are a lot of people who have angst against their fathers, very few have it on their grandfather’s.
    Plus, importing a totally foreign thing, and trying to fit it in Indian context, for apparently no reason, when we have everything better than our Grandfather’s ever had, this is a highly misleading article.

    Dismissing young people’s opinion is a very human nature.
    Likewise thinking of previous generations’ thinkings as of the age of dinosaurs is also very much human nature.

    But, none of these wish death upon the other.


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