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Pehlu Khan died of a heart attack. Perhaps he had it coming with all that beef he ate

Pehlu Khan committed many faults in getting lynched by gau rakshaks. But his biggest sin was that he couldn’t make Indians sympathise with him.

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Pehlu Khan died of a heart attack.

Perhaps he had it coming with all that beef he ate. Had he not consumed the holy meat, the 55-year-old would have been much more equipped to take the beatings from the sticks and steel rods of the cow vigilantes in Rajasthan’s Alwar in April 2017. Beef causes cholesterol. Cholesterol causes heart attacks. And with the track record of cow-related lynchings, I am willing to believe that beef curses its consumer to death.

With the current atmosphere in India and the discourse on mob violence hitting rock bottom, dystopian thoughts plague my mind. How could a man who was murdered in broad daylight, the crime recorded and consumed by the public on social media, not receive justice?

Victims must be deserving of humiliation

I try to convince myself that Pehlu Khan was wrong. Pehlu deserved a humiliating death, just like Rakbar Khan, Mohammad Akhlaq and so many others, for not having a name that seemed unlikely to harm a cow. Although Pehlu Khan carried the documents to prove he had purchased the cows from a cattle-fair in Jaipur, I want to convince myself that he did not carry the right intentions. Who knows what he would have done to the cows? Carved them in the dead of night? Curried or barbecued them? And the so-called gau rakshaks, the cow protectors who always travel as a group, saw right through it. They are on a righteous mission, after all, guided by divine intentions.

How else can the gau rakshaks constantly be on the winning side? It’s the divine light shining upon them, saving them every time for doing the right thing by killing people who harmed the holy cow. Did you hear about the chants outside the courtroom when the six accused gau rakshaks were acquitted? “Bharat Mata Ki Jai!” Long live India and its justice system.

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Pehlu Khan’s series of faults 

But justice isn’t blind. Justice is simply stuck in paperwork. My sympathies lie with India’s justice system, not Pehlu Khan. What if he had staged his own murder? A grim wish of a psychopath!

But even if he didn’t, Pehlu Khan certainly left “room for doubt” by being an old, forgetful man. Didn’t the defence lawyer successfully argue that Pehlu Khan failed to name his attackers in his initial statement to the police. So what if he was in shock after a broken wrist and a few broken ribs that were filling his punctured lungs with water? Should that matter?

Pehlu Khan’s dying testimony, in which he did name his murderers, was not good enough either. Behror station house officer (SHO) Ramesh Sinsinwar had recorded his dying declaration without obtaining the doctor’s written consent that Pehlu Khan was fit to give his statement. Pehlu Khan’s failure to ensure the officer followed the procedure made his testimony useless in the court.

Even the video of his murder, with the perpetrators in plain sight, became inadmissible because Pehlu Khan couldn’t get it verified by the forensic science laboratory. This was the job of the investigating officers who somehow couldn’t get it done in two years. Am I surprised? No. It’s called procedure, which apparently rarely gets followed. Deal with it. Plus, who knows, maybe Pehlu Khan’s family had time to edit the video? That possibility can never be disregarded.

In fact, a part of me feels that Pehlu Khan didn’t even die the right way. He left the doctors confused. While his autopsy said he died of his injuries, one of the government doctors who tended to him said his death “was due to a cardiac arrest”. This doctor also believed that Khan’s injuries were a result of “the tussle with the cows” while loading them onto the truck. The conundrum!

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What Pehlu Khans will never get

Perhaps, Pehlu Khan’s biggest sin was that he couldn’t make Indians sympathise with his situation. There was just something about him that couldn’t make even one of the 44 witnesses testify for him in court. The man who took his video, a constable of the Delhi police, turned hostile. A sting operation by NDTV news channel showing one of the accused boasting about leading the murderous mob was also not good enough. These journalists are the anti-national #NegativityGang. We mustn’t believe them.

Pehlu Khan’s was one of the first publicised lynchings that everyone saw. Exclusive footage for “primetime”. Everyone watched it in horror. Social paradigms shifted. We once tuned in to ‘Crime Patrol’ to watch justice being served. Now we see actual murders on primetime TV to see how the law is flouted. The sadist within us had been fed. Now it is being overfed. Lynchings are a dime a dozen nowadays. Did you watch Tabrez’s? It was brutal but he was out there to steal! The mob served justice. Quick and absolute.

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Pehlu Khan’s politics

And then Pehlu Khan also let the issue of mob lynchings get politicised – only to the benefit of the politicians. Votes were asked in his name to end the hate; justice was never a part of this bargain. What’s most amusing is the anti-lynching law that the Congress-led government in Rajasthan has now introduced. The BJP vehemently opposed this law during the discussion in the state assembly. They said this law “appeased” the community. Some admission, at least. They realise this is about a particular community.

But in spite of this law, the six accused in Pehlu Khan’s murder have been acquitted. So, the question that begs to be asked is: What good is a law when investigations are done to obfuscate the truth? The truth is that cow fetches bigger political points than justice.

Forget Pehlu Khan, right?

Pehlu Khan’s fault was that he was in the wrong business. Dairy farming is not for Muslims. Anything to do with the holy cow should have nothing to do with Muslims. And to think he went to Jaipur to buy cattle so he could have surplus milk to sell during Ramadan was just so foolhardy of him. Why was he aiming for the stars? Ease of Doing Business does not translate to Ease of Doing Cow-related Business. So, while there could be one case against the accused who murdered Pehlu Khan, there would be six against him and his sons for alleged illegal transportation of bovine.

It is better that Pehlu Khan is not only forgotten but also turned into a fabricated story once told in India to rake up anti-national sentiments – that the justice system is lousy and our moral compass is broken.

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. so the cow meat is not allowed to be consumed due to cow being a holy animal but then india is the 5th biggest exporter of beef in the world so then it is not holy anymore to slaughter it and sell it ?
    Do you see the dounle standard?
    i am not just making it up, read the following international trade report :

    so that shows that the cow meat is just propaganda, the actual motive is that BJP and RSS’s fascist ideology is to remove Muslims ,christians and other minorities from India or convert them to Hinduism by lynchings and killings.

  2. That our justice system is third rate , deserving of third world nation , is a known’ fact’. The present ignominy of daylight murder and not a single conviction is not it usual thrid rateness , it is something much more sinister , i feel ashamed of being a citizen of this country , though nothing can decrease the pain of the aggrieved , I as an individual apologize for this grave misfortune of loss of both life and faith and dignity for humanity as a whole .

    • The fact that you say India is bad because it is a third world country shows how less you know. First world countries are countries which supported the US in the Cold War. Second world countries are countries which supported the Soviet Union. Third world countries are countries which stayed neutral.

  3. Well written, Sikander. Your sarcasm will offend a lot of Hindus, but a normally written article will have no effect. Given the current conditions in the country, even this sarcasm will have little effect.

  4. Spare the victim, Mr.Author,who is no more there to collar you and perhaps take you to court for saying what you have said. Don’t lose you balance of mind in order to be a bhakt of the present dispensation.

  5. Wrong to portray this doomsday scenario, in India, and to blame it on Indians (read all Hindus).
    Are Muslims in our next door “Islamic republic” living better ? By your disgusting jokes on cows and Hindus, you only strengthen the hatred.
    Pehlu Khan and all others lynched in streets deserve justice, and your dark humor is not helping. It’s mocking them and trying to make fun of this brutal mob lunching phenomenon.

  6. I am a Hindu and absolutely don’t agree with lynching. I also believe if one eats beef its up to him. I am also outraged by the unjust in the case. But, the sarcasm in this article is vial and communal. It mocks every non-muslims and even those who believe that justice is not served for Pehlu Khan. The articles like this that make even those who want to support the cause back out because even when we support we are mocked. That is also the reason why Muslims are not losing support from other communities. When everyone who have no power in the case but still support are not respected then what is the use. Then it becomes the fight of the community and not the nation. It create a communal separation. Not everyone is conspiring against the muslims.

  7. Dear Ms Sikander,
    The whole nation is aghast at the verdict. Not one citizen supports this. This was purely due to a shoddy and botched up investigation by Police. Kindly do not make it communal. There is still the HIGH COURT.
    Please do not mislead people by your communal rants.

    • Dear RK
      While I lean towards agreeing with you, I am somehow not convinced about your optimism on whether this case will be taken forward and then tried fairly. I hope that does happen. In my view this deserved the same level of outrage as we saw in case of Nirbhaya and Jessica Lal where the public outcry forced the hand of justice. But in this case all I can say is by quoting Ghalib..
      Hum Ne Mana Ki Taghaful Na Karoge Lekin; Khaak Ho Jayenge Hum Tumko Khabar Hone Tak (I agree you may not remain indifferent forever but I would have turned into dust by the time you become aware of me)
      I hope the media and the public don’t let this one be.

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