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Not fair to cut defence pay, pensions and inject funds in airlines, banks

The armed forces community refused to grasp the consequences of a slowing economy. OROP was made into an emotive issue.

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We must do something. This is something. Therefore, we must do this.”

This logical fallacy, derisively labelled as the politician’s syllogism, accurately explains the recent attempts to contain defence expenditure in the wake of Covid-19. Striking a balance between development and defence priorities is a tough act even in the best of times. But the unprecedented economic aftermath of Covid-19 has meant that a range of solutions — symbolic, radical, and ill-advised — are all now on the table.

First came the Tour of Duty (ToD) proposal in May, which would allow entry of young persons in the armed forces for short tenures, following which they will be released without any post-retirement benefits. In October, news reports suggested that measures like doing away with Army Day parades and Canteen Stores Department (CSD) for units in peace stations were being considered. Recently, another trial balloon went up — apparently, the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) wants to increase the retirement age of military personnel, along with a simultaneous reduction in pensions for those seeking premature retirement.

As expected, all these solutions have come under heavy fire from the armed forces community, and mostly for good reasons. This tug-of-war between the civilian and military stakeholders masks the fact that India’s defence expenditure problem cannot be solved by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) alone; it requires a whole-of-government approach in which both civil and military stakeholders need to eschew their stubbornness.

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How did we get here?

Creating enough fiscal space for the defence of a developing country is an unenvious task. Judging by the government’s expenditure preferences over the last two decades, two things seem clear.

One, despite growing geopolitical challenges, defence ranks low on the priority list. We say this because defence expenditure, as a proportion of both Union government expenditure and GDP, has decreased in the last 10 years. In 2009-10, defence expenditure was 2.8 per cent of the GDP and 17.6 per cent of the Union government expenditure, which has decreased to 2 per cent and 15.5 per cent respectively, in 2019-20.

Two, the defence expenditure has been skewed towards personnel rather than modernisation. The capital outlay as a percentage of defence expenditure has declined over the last 10 years from 32 per cent in FY11 to 24 per cent in FY21 (Budget Estimates). The main reason is the Narendra Modi government’s decision to implement the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme. In 2015-16, before the OROP was introduced, defence pension expenditure was at Rs 54,000 crore. By FY21, it had more than doubled to Rs 1,33,825 crore, rising at a nominal CAGR, or compound annual growth rate of ~22 per cent, much higher than Indian economy (13 per cent) and the MoD’s own expenditure (12 per cent).

On the other side of the aisle, the armed forces community refused to grasp the consequences of a slowing economy. OROP was made into an emotive issue and all economic arguments were dismissed. The idea behind OROP — that veterans retiring in the same rank with the same length of service should get the same pension irrespective of when they retire — committed the government to a perpetually growing liability regardless of its earnings. Moreover, this came at the direct expense of an equivalent drop in expenditure on modernisation and stores.

Economists Renuka Sane and Ajay Shah estimate that the implicit pension debt (expressed in terms of Net Present Value of all future pension disbursements) may be nearly 50 per cent of the GDP. Despite its apparent unsustainability, the OROP issue has become a matter of faith. The long-term solution of moving all incoming armed forces personnel to the National Pension System (NPS) is not even on the table.

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What can be done now?

There is an immediate need to bridge the trust deficit between the two stakeholder communities. The Chief of Defence Staff’s position is well-placed to bring the two sides (government and the defence community) to the table. Once that is done, the contours of a solution that doesn’t compromise India’s key national interests can be worked out.

First, the government must acknowledge that the MoD cannot solve the problem on its own. All MoD’s reforms — sale of unutilised assets, moving cantonments, or switching to NPS in the future — will accrue savings in the long run, but cannot address the short-term problem posed by a slowing economy.

Second, the short-term solution lies in a whole-of-government approach. The government must commit to prioritise defence expenditure in line with future threat projections, even if it means that government expenditure in other areas needs to be rolled back. Defence is the first item under the Union List in the Constitution’s seventh schedule and perhaps the most important responsibility. The inability of successive governments to provide sufficient funds for this function needs to be corrected immediately.

It’s not as if an increase in defence expenditure can only come at the expense of health, education, and infrastructure. All governments’ spending combined is nearly 26 per cent of India’s GDP. Of which, ~2.1 per cent of GDP is allocated towards MoD, ~1.4 per cent is public health expenditure, and ~4.6 per cent is the total expenditure on education. That’s a total of 8.1%. It’s the remaining expenditure, ~18 per cent of GDP, which needs more scrutiny. Reducing fertiliser subsidies, better directing food subsidies, and strategic disinvestment — all need to be fast-tracked. It is unconscionable to cut defence pay and pensions while injecting funds in airline companies and banks.

Third, the unsustainable pension burden and inadequate budget allotment need to be addressed to improve India’s military effectiveness and defence preparedness. Both demand long-term solutions and not short-term fixes. A unique and practical solution of inversely rotating manpower between the military and other agencies of the government, especially the central and state police forces or other agencies of government, was recommended by the Standing Committee on Defence in 2017. We have previously proposed a way to operationalise this recommendation. Whether it’s the rotation of manpower or moving incoming personnel to NPS, these are long-term solutions requiring action and approval today.

The predicament of the MoD is a national security issue that requires intervention at the level of the National Security Council and the Cabinet Committee on Security. The current strategic myopia is intolerable at a time when the enemy is already at our gates.

Pranay Kotasthane is Fellow and Faculty at the Takshashila Institution. Lt Gen Prakash Menon is Director, Strategic Studies Programme, Takshashila Institution, Bangalore. Views are personal.

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  1. on retirement all armed forces personel be reemployment in civil stream this will save the defence from expenditure on the pension exchequer and solve allied problems defence forces provide trained and disciplined men power to the country and shoul be utilised I think if the government takes this bold decision the problem will be solved

  2. Absobe hundred percent retiring personnel of Armed in civil govt posts as per ones qualification. Armed Forces can provide from Doctors,Enginers,Teachers ,Administrators Clarks and whatever you imagine. The complete taskforce is trained and disciplined. It saves OROP and allied problems. Can the union govt dare go to take a bold decision on the subject.

  3. We should have separate budget for civilian staff working in Armd Forces & it should not be counted to Defence Budget, may sound little awkward but factual position will be known to everyone.

  4. Why there is need to cut defence persononel pension or payment, they serve in areas where a normal person cannot think to survive,cut payment of pers living in comfortable situations like Delhi and do nothing for country.

  5. I think government while recruiting /selection of officers and jawan should clearly spelout what benefits he will get on serving at start and publish the same in news papers and media,then you will find the real patriot. This service of 24 hours with Army act hanging on your head like a sword and sacrificing his family and personal life is only due to the real benefit of pension ,for pension only he sacrifices his youthful for country.

  6. Central government, Min of Def should
    immediately implement OROP, increase of pension, CSD facilities, other benefits and absorbing them in central/ state government services. Today, real hero is all pensioners of Army Navy and Air force. Stop the pension of politicians, MP, MLA and corporators which is the burden on taxpayer. Save the nation and save the soldiers.

  7. I agree with govt to cut pension But what about soldier future
    Either provide them with another job option like design a bank run by military retired staff give them the clerk salary rather than giving them pension. It will create financial benefit to govt in long run.
    It will help govt as well as the soldier . Who is in search for his second Life.
    No one wants to leave his 20yrs seniority there is something the soldier leave he wants to live his life .
    Without pension what he can think of

  8. Its not good for our nation and brave shoulders ,shame on this decision , Pension is a only way to survive the whole life with their family how can they cut the pension ration . If PM and president are not able to give pension to a shoulders its really a shame decision .

  9. Why discuss any thing much, Can’t afford Forces, How about Police or civil servants mandatory on border. Similarly Defence guys on aging, shift them to civil side. No OROP, give them NFU and normal pension on a attaining 60.Similarly all politicians fm MLA to MP compulsory on Galwan valley for 6 months when they hv winter break.
    Produce more, stop subsidizing , unauthorize political loan Maffis , no Haaz subsidy etc Or else, Don’t dream to be Super power.
    Can’t afford Army, be ready to hv ” Reeducation camp for Journalist Uighur style” under China, Already Sheikh Saab wants to go under China, Mom n Son already hv MOU with Xi, U want Veterans to understand economy. Ask how much, Sekhar (ur editor in chief carries home n how much Army guys carry home.
    U still want donations for Print like any other ( fashion now days) but u want Army not Tobe emotive abt OROP.
    Before u want cut down Army expenses, find out loads of unnecessary expenditure can be cut down, advice how to get more people on Tax nets, how to increase economy, China got independence after India where is China now economy wise, n where r U. Find real reasons rather than trying easy solutions .Stop calling Army when Admn fails at drop of hat like flood, riot, Cyclone, accidents etc etc, the list is endless. Pay peanuts, u get Monkeys. Don’t go for Raphael or any high Tkt equipment if u can’t afford Pilots. Don’t expect 747 pilots to paid Bus driver’s pay.

  10. People think that soldiers r doing duty only n also the govt…. It needs n early discussion beside to roll out leaving them. First priority should be given to defence as security is the main door of a country to invade as we as proudness.

  11. Defence persons retired in very young age.They are not setteled in civil life.Their children are not getting proper higher education.So how to compare a civil and military retired personal. There is no job guarantee also. So if pension policy revised no one come to join Armed Forces. God will save our country.

  12. ‘Unsustainable Pension’ is not understood. The bureaucracy always knows how much is going to be spent on pension every year?!! If it has become’ unsustainable’ only they are to be blamed, not the pensioners.

  13. China is waitimg for MORALE of Armed to COLLAPSE to grab more Indian Territory…Nation is already paying the Price for non – implementation of OROP……Demoralised Army resulted in CAPTRURE of GALWAN VALLEY in Ladakh by Chinese…..Pakisthan has caprured POK….China has caprured Tibbet, Akshai Chin in 1962 under Nehru, Galwan in 2020 under Modi….Now with LOWER PENSION, MORALE of ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE will COLLAPSE…

  14. Civil Defence employees work for a long time till to the age of 55-60 years, he don’t have any tension to resettlement, but soldier join the service at young age ( yearly 2 times leave) wanted to premature retirement and struggle the second wave of life with small scope like security related jobs because his working condition not supported to reading books and competition with the new new generation of students is very critical to having a job in government (either in Central or state), retirement benefits and pension is the main source for SOLDIERS…. Government have a problem with defense budget think about civil Defence personnel, and MOSTLY ONE THING IF possible after soldier retirement he may be recruited as a civil Defence personnel as per his capability and work through interview. For example Dockyards civil employees recruited with retirement sailors is the best option to RISE the NAVY very well with good work, because every sailor know complete organisation/ nature of work of Dockyard, shipyard. Thanq…

  15. Govt should first stop pensions to politicians of all hues at every level, right from corporator to MLA to MP, then talk about any measures to prune defence pensions. It takes a min of 15 years for a combatant to earn his pension that after a hard life and tooany sacrifices compared to his civilian counterpart, but a politician gets multiple pensions for each of their election whether for 1 year or 5 years. They are the bandicoots of the nation and should be confiscated with all the wealth they amassed by looting the innocent public

  16. Pension and the little safety it provides is a motivating factor in the unwritten contract of the soldier with the Nation, in which s(he) shows readiness to face a bullet to safeguard its sovereignty and ensure peace.
    Here is a distorted arithmetic.The pension of all Central Government employees comes from the fathomless central pool (not budgeted) of which the public is unaware and hence not discussed. (By design or default is a moot point). Defence pensions form part of the Defence Budget – It is known and in the open and should be provided for in addition to other requirements of modernization of Defence. Even so, the statistics misses (avoids?) the vital part. Only 55% of Defence pension outlay goes to 78% of Armed Forces Veterans (ESM under MOD). 45% of Defence pension’s outlay is consumed by 22% of Defence Civilians under MOD.
    A soldier including a veteran will be the first person who will always be willing to serve the Nation even in adverse conditions, as they have been, are and will do, whatever. But is it right to expect them to modernize the Military withe part of their pension?

  17. In PSUs, other govt.undertakings the employees after serving 35-40 yrs are getting fixed pension starting from retirement till the death. No revision. Moreover their widows as survivors are getting fixed Rs5000/ as pension. The political leaders assume it to be sufficient for them to remain alive without food and medicine. Most bloody government increases their own salary and pension whenever they wish. In such case no objection is raised by any opposition. How funny 😅 they don’t feel ashamed to enjoy this high value pension even after serving only for a few months or days. This is in addition to unlimited perks, free canteen facilities etc…etc. STOP THESE FIRST.

  18. One can understand the defence life only when he is into it..otherwise it is very difficult to make them understand the life of solider…Anybody and everybody can talk for their survival and any thing about it.. Otherwise make policy of serving nation for atleast 2 yrs in defence for all , irrespective of his back ground, region. Or Who ever gets chair, should have experience of defence life for atleast 2 yrs.

  19. NDA govt is looking for chowkidar to defend India & moving towards it . Today’s world is looking for a smart army to take on any threat any time but present govt is not looking at that forgetting that because the 13 lakh army stand firmly on the borders the rest of the population sleep peacefully . Hence bickering by politicians must end for better results .

  20. I am in total agreement with Gopal.
    Imagine 50% of GDP on pay and pensions. What will be left for the farmer, health care, education, infrastructure.
    Lt-Gen Menon did not consider doing away with ” Servant” Soldiers. All armies , including Pakistan have done away with the British Practice. He has also not considered reduction of Army strength, with increase in technology. No thought of UAV,s, cyber warfare, . Pakistan is making UAV,s, where as we are buying them, without infrastructure it.
    Army, right from time immemorial has not concentrated on technology.
    Government must also think of integrating the security forces,like BSF,CRPF,etc

  21. Chanakya had solved the problem of Guns vs Butter a long time ago. One sixth of the kingdom’s revenue should be sent on it’s protection. The Mauryan empire was the largest known in the sub continent…he couldn’t be wrong. There was no pensio at thst time. The empired developed without any problems. Why can’t we follow it?

  22. Its not good for our nation and brave shoulders ,shame on this decision , Pension is a only way to survive the whole life with their family how can they cut the pension ration . If PM and president are not able to give pension to a shoulders its really a shame decision .

  23. All politicians and their family members and relatives must be subjected to strict audit by professionals hired from outside the country and any wealth owned, which is not justifiable by the means they have declared, must be confiscated. Average MLA and MP and the high ranking public servants working closely with them, at least about 25,000 at any time are making at least 100 crores each a year – that’s 25 lakh crores per year. Where is the money for education, healthcare, defense, and development?

  24. Short Service Officers who are inducted into Defence services with Exactly Same testng procedures
    physical standards are forced to Leave service with No retirement Benefits When such a treatment is being met out to brother SSC officers why not similar thing be done for Permanent commission officers After all our country is facing a ln economic crisis and an unprecedented situation

  25. Short Service Officers who are inducted into Defence services with Exactly Same testng procedures
    physical standards are forced to Leave service with No retirement Benefits When such a treatment is being met out to brother SSC officers why not similar thing be done for Permanent commission officers After all our country is facing a ln economic crisis and an unprecedented situation Defence Forces officers should be the first to forgo there pension and luxurious canteen Golf club Luxurious govt provided vehicles and Clubs in order to save the common man the taxpayer from sleeping without bread The move to reduce and end pension should be done immidiately as is the case with other civilian officers like IAS IPS IFS they also dont get any pension

  26. ‘જય જવાન જય કિસાન ‘ આ સુત્ર ના આધારે ભારત દેશ નો મુળભૂત પાયા મા જવાન અને કિસાન રહેલા છે પરતુ આપણા કમનસીબે જવાનો ઉપર અધિકારીઓ અને કિસાન ઉપર વેપારીઓનુ રાજ છે દેશ માટે સૌથી વધારે મહેનત અને બલીદાન જવાન અને કિસાન આપે છે પરંતુ આપણા દેશમાં સૌથી વધુ શોષણ આ બન્ને નુ જ થાય છે સરકારની યોજનાઓનો લાભ આ બન્ને સુધી પુરો કયારેય પહોંચતો નથી આ બન્ને વર્ગ એવા છે કે જે પોત પોતાના કામમાં વ્યસ્ત રહેલા હોય છે જે વ્યસ્તતા નો લાભ રાજકારણ, વેપારી,અધિકારીઓ જેવા વર્ગ ઉઠાવે..
    આ વિધાન ‘જય જવાન જય કિસાન ‘બહુ સમજી વિચારીને બોલવામા આવ્યુ હતુ
    જે દિવસે જવાન અને કિસાન પોત પોતાનુ કાર્ય કરવાનું બધં કરશે ત્યારે રાજકારણીઓ, અધિકારીઓ અને વેપારીઓ સારી રીતે દેશને સંભાળી લેશે એવો ઘણા લોકો ને વિશ્વાસ છે
    ઓલ ઈસ વેલ
    સબકા સાથ સબકા વિકાસ

  27. As an Indian, if you want to live in peace, please do not meddle with the Armed Forces, the only Institutions which are on duty 24/7 whether it is war or peace time. They are the last hope during natural calamities within the country which is on the higher side now. Any meddling with their pay and allowances, pension or any other perks to be curtailed would be at the cost of National Security as it would demoralise those are serving now as those who espire to join the Defence Forces to serve the Nation. Then it will be too late when the adversaries are waiting to grab our land that too with the help of enemies /anti-social elements within, to regain the diminishing trust on all concerned authorities.

  28. Destruction of indian military system, if there is no pension than military will became like civil police, Highly skilled souldiers will shift from military to other options and only rubis will remail in military , you can’t compare military duty with other ,these are the reasons:-

    1) this is 24×7 hour duty, you may be call at any time on work.

    2) No social life.

    3) No personal time.

    4) Hard nature of duty.

    5) No option to deny for any work.

    6) Very frequent Night duty.

    7) living in harsh weather condition.

    8) No stability in life, due to very frequenty transfer

    9) Mentally toughness of duty.

    10) life without plan, Because of not granting if leave as per plan.

    80% of souldiers are doing their duties in hope of pension, rest 20 % are unqualifies chamchas.

    CDS Bipin Rawat brightening his political future, nothing else for country.
    Destructing indian military system.
    Modi ka CHAMCHA

  29. Bloody hell! Cut the perks and pensions of political functionaries! Cap the assets of political parties and anything excess should be transferred to Armed Forces Welfare. THIS WILL SHOW YOUR BLOODY COMMITMENT!

    • Government should not think defence is business organisation.. already we are getting least pension even lower than a central government clerk.. same government promised orop but gave one rank five pension.. this is nasty treatment to poor defence personnel

  30. We’re fast becoming like Pakistan – fast erosion of democratic values, fast erosion of a free society and unnecessary reverence to armed force to the detriment of our country.

  31. Instead of reducing the pension of defence forces government should stop the pensions of politicians, former MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT,state legislatures and the like who are well of people.

  32. Military or veteran are part of society and they can’t be treated differently. India is not USA or UK rather most populous country with little resources. I know many of my relatives retired from army and Air force they themself accept in private that defence pensions are increased extraordinarily. Why people forget that ITBP jawans or BSF or CRPF are not contributing less to the security of Indian borders than army or airforce etc. But they are not under OROP or many other benefits given to defence forces though 2 -3 of them are on Border with china and Pakistan. In india millions and millions of young peole ready to join armed forces at meager fixed salary if given chance or even half but is given to present dispensation . Millions of armed forces retired without any war or contribution to war but still enjoy very lavish benefits. Such system creat frustration in the society. So I am fully against indiscriminate shower of praise on forces and they are simply doing their duty like millions of other Indian may be in civil, law-enforcement and private jobs .everyone contribution is equally sacnosat to society.

    • Ek baar army, airforce and navy ko one week ki leave ek saath de do pata chal jayega ki civil Or defence m kya antar hai…

    • You are probably not aware of the salaries and perks of CAPF .
      Kindly take pain of knowing the same before your comment on the pensions and perks of Indian Armed forces.

  33. A MLAs or MP’s tenure is just five years and this makes him eligible to draw handsome pension throughout his life. His poor attendance and nil contribution in parliament is never taken into consideration and he continues to receive his pension without problem. I believe he gets multiple pensions depending upon the number of times he became a parliamentarian. (Please correct me if I am wrong). A three times MP gets there different pensions at the same time. And if inbetween he happens to be a MLA he is eligible for that pension also. This is a sheer loot of the govt. coffers.
    And the same politicians are talking of inducting youth in the army for short tenures sans retirement benefits. When it comes to them then they want all the benefits along with pension and that too because they happen to be MLAs or MPs for just five years.
    They are hypocrites of highest order.

  34. A major chunk of defence pay and pensions budget is consumed by defence civilians (serving and retired). All the cost cutting measures being suggested for the combatants (uniformed personnel) only. The Defence Civilians enjoy perks entitled to civil officials as well as military personnel. They control the bureaucracy and also have strong unions to protect their interests. Whereas the uniformed personnel are no body’s baby. Even the higher military leadership has disowned the foot soldier for their own interests and career progression. Its a serious matter and needs to be handled carefully to maintain morale of the soldiers in field in the long run.



  37. The real intent of appointing a CDS is now clear. Merely to formalise the acquiescence of the Military to the bureaucracy.

  38. Is it a case of reaching for the low hanging fruits in an emergency or taking a path of least resistance? Both undesirable.

  39. Instead of defence pension, the pension of bureaucrats, IAS, IPS, other all india service etc should be curtailed. Defence is a sensitive matter and it should not be touched .

  40. The defence of the nation is cost to the safety of the country hence any cut must be borne by the country, not the soldier alone. The attitude of our governments has been weighted against the soldier from the beginning, this is the only country where tbe soldier is not only expected to die to defend the nation but also to pay to cover insurance of his own death.

  41. I beg to differ on the views of the authors.
    There appears to be a blind side to it all where the Govt and all the protagonists who are screaming about ‘ Pension Bill’ of Armed Forces are willfully ignoring the ‘ pensions of Civil Servants,CAPFs & even RPF who have been granted OROP’ !
    They also ignore the fact that 40% of defence pensioners are civilians paid out of defence budget!
    It’s utter nonsense to pedal such articles which only add confusion in the minds of readers!

  42. Why all civilian staff working in defence establishments , dockyards, etc are given canteen facilities?? Cut their facility first..I hope canteen facility is strictly for former and present men in uniform …

  43. 1. The highest perks and salary must be the right of all our jawans and officers in the defencr services. All others musr be lower in rank and salary.
    2. All the IAS, IPS officers and all politicians , ministers must be posted at the front for 5 yrs. to guard our motherland. Only then, they will realise what is required to be in the defence services.

  44. The Defence has been singled out in your article, especially OROP and pension of defence personnel. It would have been better to do some home work on all the central ministries/ departments and also pension and allowances of Central Govt Civilian employees. Do you know that 7 CPC has extended undeclared OROP to all civilian employees, past and present, by introducing a new formula of pension fixation, notional fixation of pension in all past pay commissions. The expenditure on pay & pension has equally increased for all employees after implementation of 7 CPC then why defence is only being talked about. Because uniformed personnel are bound by Armed Forces Acts and have no voice, they can be toed the way you want. It is shame on a country who feels pay and pensions of its Armerd Forces personnel is a burden on them.

  45. Every year, past seven decades, our govts flaunted miniscule defence budgets before the world. See, we are so peace-loving that we don’t modernize our armed forces, nor do we produce our own armour. After every success on the battlefield, we lower the status of our forces in public. Our first PM wanted police with lathis to defend our borders. When we lost territory to the Chinese in 1962, he reportedly told the parliament that ‘it was just a barren piece of land where nothing grows’.
    People are jealous of even our small perks like the CSD. But no one talks about the NPAs and loss- making PSUs.

  46. What can we, ex sermen can say, sir. We are being labelled as *Indian dogs*. Dogs never deny(ed) the duties, and always obey(ed) the orders, but have to be depend on the oweners mercy for food, to survive even in our gray years. If you give, we eat, otherwise, we ready for starving with silent. Thanks, Sir.

  47. I am a central govt pensioner. No one rank one pension or similar to it isallowed to cental civil pensioners. Now 15% hike in salaries of all bank employees officers and pensioners allowed from 2017 onwards. Not only that they are also going to grant pension similar to OROP.. THE central govt employee sanctioned bonus in various ways. But nothing is given central civil pensioners. Reason not known
    As for ex servicemen OROP and extremely good pay and pension Package ration, good accommodation including family are allowed. Not only that they will get free medical treatments both in OP and IP known as ECHS. For all most all private hospitals are recognised for the purpose. But for civil pensioners CGHS where only in patient treatment is reimbursable. See in kerala only one hospital is recognised for the purpose that too in Trivandrum. No specialists treatment available. As for OP they have to purchase medicines only from one or two medical shops. Why so much differences are given between cental civil pensioners ,,, ex servicemen and bank pensioners. Why all of them are not treated equally as envisaged in article 14, 21 and others sections under Indian constitution.
    I urge to the all concerned authorities to open their eyes and settle such genuine grievances of central civil pensioners whose good amount is being paid for medical Treatments due to age and other factors.
    WHATSAPP 8921094073

  48. Rt now there’s only one organisation which gives you 100 % results without complaining about the facilities given to them .
    In case of any calamity when every other organisation in the country fails you call INDIAN ARMY to manage & they have never failed us .
    Most of the times due to the peculiar nature of service of defence personal, they have to run 2 establishment as family unlike in civil .
    Again being in civil you maintain many social contacts which help you to settle down your children a privilege not for people in defense services .
    In most of the civil service people have extra incom other than salary which defense neither gets in to it & if rarely some one is caught has to face severe punishment .
    So , it must be considered parallely & sympathetically in view of much more prevailing in the society .

    • Short Service Officers who are inducted into Defence services with Exactly Same testng procedures
      physical standards are forced to Leave service with No retirement Benefits

      • Sir for your kind info the officers are allowed for study leave in iims IITs but jwaaan is not allowed to study no permission is granted in indain air force very shcoking naaa. So he can’t apply for commissioning neither he can apply else where no study leave northing ,20years in hell ssc officer takes tag of 10 yrs experience in civil to apply with experience
        A soldier is recruited at age of 18 with pension benefit only even he wants to leave the service in 5-7 years he is not allowed , after 20yrs like a slave you’ll leave him without pension benefits
        People are leaving services because……..
        The reason you know allow the camera and media in defence only peace area truth will be known to public
        No one wants to leave his 20yrs seniority
        Have u ever heard of dr/lawyer etc leaving his profession than y soldier
        There is more than something and last he just sighs for pension after all hardships but people like you are crying for pension
        If govt can’t give pension than it must give option to people to leave them whenever they want
        I think expense on jawan is less than a ssc officer but he serves for 15/17/20yrs he should also bee alllowed to leave before

  49. The defense expenditure, particularly, on a second largest army in the world and raising demand of pension among army personnel is, inevitably, a big drain on our nation’s resources. It is far sensible to settle all the disputes with the neighbours and have a mean and lean forces
    However, the self-perpetuating politicians and bureaucracy with limited vision will not find seek a solution soon enough.

  50. Modi created CDS Bipin Rawat….responsible for LOWERING MORALE of ARMED FORCES which resulted in LOSS of GALWAN VALLEY to China…..now with LOWER PENSION , Defence Forces will be DEMORALISED further and result in China grab more Indian Territory.

  51. One of the grievances of armed forces, which has not been highlighted in this article is, equitable treatment of armed forces with civil services. Armed forces correctly feel aggrieved by the fact that they have been increasingly denegrated by the civil services since independence. One of the examples is the significant difference in the field pay of soldiers and civil servants in spite of the fact that soldiers serve in significantly more difficult circumstances. Hence, it’s important that any reform should ensure that both armed forces and civil services are treated equally.

  52. In war there is no prize for loser and hence do not tinker with existing system. Indian Army is about 270yrs old and never lost a battle except 1962that is more because of political leadership who believed in Panchsheel. Army was no priority. Inept political leadership is making statue of unity, bullet trains, unwanted welfare schemes, enslaved RBI, chained media, list is endless.. Carona has come now ,perks and privileges of soldiers are being reduced surgically from last five years. We must remember that it is the man behind the gun who always counts. Too many changes are bad for morale of troops and pl avoid.

    • Short Service Officers who are inducted into Defence services with Exactly Same testng procedures
      physical standards are forced to Leave service with No retirement Benefits

  53. Why government making huw cry for one rank five pension.. when a centre government chaparasi retire get more pension than an havaldar

  54. The 23% growth on pension expenditure is not only due to OROP 7th pay commisioner, inflation, audition of new pensioners.Short service, compulsory short service can be the best decision.increase the age of retirement ,reduction of pension would leave only consultant with lower medical category .No fit member would be available in Indian Fields.

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