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Nehru is the greatest PM India has had, Vajpayee an economic failure and Rao the worst

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To include any other Prime Minister in the Nehru Museum is to tamper with the soul of India.

Just as ancient Indian history is incomplete without the legacies of emperors Ashoka and Akbar, the modern history of India cannot be analysed without understanding the decisive role played by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. These two leaders were the founders of modern India. Among the two, the contribution of Jawaharlal Nehru has been so significant that it will have an impact on generations to come. Nehru pulled India out of the economic crisis after Independence. As a result, India is almost at par with other industrialised countries of the world.

Before Independence, Nehru was deeply affected by widespread poverty and the plight of peasants in India. Hence, after Independence Nehru prioritised development. He made policies keeping the poorest sections of society in mind. He decided to allocate the nation’s wealth without ignoring the poor.

According to Nehru, India was never a poor country. Its wealth was drained after 200 years of colonial rule. The basis of his socialist thinking was the plight of the underprivileged and those living like slaves under colonial rule. After Independence, Nehru wanted the direct involvement of poor people in the process of development. This way their lost self-esteem and pride could be restored. He had a conflict of interest with other party leaders regarding the establishment of parliamentary democracy in India. There was a point where he stood against his father Motilal Nehru’s Swaraj Party.

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India today is just a glimpse of Jawaharlal Nehru’s foresight. There are some critics who hold Nehru responsible for the Kashmir issue, but they forget that Jammu and Kashmir was a princely state. It was Maharaja Hari Singh of Riyat who expressed his desire to join India when Pakistan invaded the princely state.

Every Indian will agree that the education system created by Nehru enabled students from ordinary families to reach extraordinary heights. Nehru’s dream was to make a farmer’s son an agriculture engineer. Nehru also strengthened the health services in the public sector by establishing institutions like the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). But today we have destroyed Nehru’s legacy by turning educational institutions as well as hospitals to mere money-making machines.

When we think of the cherished legacies of other Indian Prime Ministers, the names of Indira Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri automatically come to our minds. Their museums already exist.

P.V. Narasimha Rao has been the weakest and most inefficient prime minister of this country by far. He opened the markets to foreign investors which in turn robbed the hard-earned wealth of Indians. The country’s economy had already been eroded to a great extent by the policies of V.P. Singh and Chandrashekhar. Narasimha Rao nervously opened the Indian market to foreign companies and agreed to put off foreign exchange payoff.

Indira Gandhi also faced severe economic crisis after the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri. But she tackled it by devaluing the currency for the first time. Indira Gandhi claimed that the Partition of Pakistan in 1971 was a political ploy in the name of religion. On the other hand, Narasimha Rao completely destroyed the secular heritage by letting Babri Masjid get demolished in front of his own eyes while he was in power at the Centre. This was similar to the Partition of 1947 which led to communal tensions in the country. Indira Gandhi showed to the world that Partition of the country in the name of religion was only a ploy by Pakistan.

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Can we carry forward the burden of such destructive legacies of Indian Prime Ministers? Would we want to preserve the memory of V.P. Singh who took Indians one step backward as a civilisation by dividing them on the basis of their caste, creed and ethnicity?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government ruled for six years. In spite of this, it could not reduce financial scams in the country. He formed a new disinvestment ministry to sell off government assets. Vajpayee used humour to further parliamentary democracy. Yet to a great extent, he has kept the spirit of Nehru alive in his policy decisions.

Every statesman from Chaudhary Charan Singh to Deve Gowda and I.K. Gujral had been ‘accidental’ Prime Ministers. It is not known why Morarji Desai was honoured with Pakistan’s biggest national honour of “Nishan-e-Pakistan”. To include any other Prime Minister in the Nehru Museum is to tamper with the soul of India, which lingers far and wide, from Gangotri to the Arabian Sea. Nehru ultimately passed away one and a half years after China’s betrayal in 1962, shaken to the core.

This editorial was originally published on Punjab Kesari. Translated by Gaurav Kumar.

Ashwini Kumar Chopra is the resident editor, Punjab Kesari, and BJP MP.

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  1. To the author i would i just like to point out, some of the major contributions of mr. Nehru:-
    1. GoI wasn’t practical in its approach towards defence. It was only after sino-indian war of 1962, when Nehru led govt came out of idealistic hangover.
    2. Till 1957, Nehru led govt didn’t knew that china had built, 179 km long road thru India”s territory, to connect Tibet with Xinjiang. Lost aksai chin.
    3. Actual sense he gift wrapped so called”Pok” to pakistan, kashmir could hav been integrated with mainstream population years ago, loss of life and property which it has seen in the last 7 decades since independence, is another of Mr Nehru”s gifts.
    4. And yes, the so called “socialist approach”, it bore neither any immediate nor any long term benefits. Lack of manufacturing base in india. Not to mention other indicators like per capita income, standard of living etc.
    Lastly, at the very least narasimha rao led govt, brought in the LPG reforms, saved our economy. Created jobs, increased gdp etc.
    See if u hav some political affiliations with congress, great. Stop mixing politics with economy, not to mention other spheres of public interest.

  2. Nehru was of course great, according to the time he was PM, but he cared more of his international image and hated the private sector. Indira was strong but created dynastic culture. Vajpayee was the carbon copy of Nehru in Khaki Knickers. Manmohan was the proxy of dynasty.
    The best PM was Narsimha Rao, who although weak due to the lack of majority in LS, got rid of Punjab Problem, Babarimasjid problem and opened the Indian economy from the clutches of bureaucracy. The strength of present Indian economy is all due to PVR.

  3. The author was right. Some people who are narrow minded in economics may not understand this thing that the license raj and socialist policies were right during that time . Though economic reforms of 1991 occurred during pvnr term it was mms but not him who was responsible for that.Babri masjid issue was really a failure of his government.

  4. NEHRU.
    No one, be it Modi, RSS or any one can else alter or destroy that legacy

  5. I disagree with this. Nehru had a long reign while Rao and Vajpayee had very short tenures. The ugly license raj was prevalent in India until the 1990s. The author is not aware of the struggles of the 1950s, the 1960s, the five year plans, the criticism of India by the west, the so called Hindu growth rate, etc., This was the actual ‘feel good’ while not really being good period.

    Opening up India to the international markets was inevitable and this risk had to be taken some day, which was done by Rao. Sam Pitrodi’s telecom Revolution, satellite TV, etc., are of this period. Also, Vajpayee was able to do a lot (initiate Indo-Pak peace process, Kargil war, nuclear tests, India-Pak train, etc.,) in a very short span of time. Both Rao and Vajpayee take credit for starting India’s present growth phase.

  6. NEHRU was nothing but a lady maniac , he was the only person who created all the problem, still we are suffering. Hope before publishing such idiotic nuisance , go through detail history.

  7. It was Nehru who has paralyzed the growth and development of our industrialization process by creating some inefficient public sector companies where Air India is the brightest example. He had arranged the cut money properly by making our defense industries inefficient. He even did not believe our intelligence department regarding the forthcoming Chinese invasion for his blind believe in friendship. His gift for Kashmir Problems is required to be digested by few more generations. By liberalizing the Indian Economy, Narasimha Rao ended the license raj, that was another corrupt bureaucratic system gifted by Nehru and Indira Gandhi to this economy, leading to exodus of the Indian talents to US and other countries. Divestment of the inefficient PSUs should be carried out for the national interest to use the tax payers money more efficiently, rather than passing the same for the huge salaries of the PSU employees!…….

  8. The author seems to be ignorant of many facts about post independence history.

    Nehru may be an economic and social visionary which can be seen in IITs, IIMs, Dams and steel factories but for sure, a foolish strategist when it comes to military issues. First example is taking Kashmir to UN then military preparedness before 1962 and then 1962 China war. He had ordered IAF bombing on Mizos in Mizoram but Why he had NOT ordered IAF to bomb Chinese in Assam??

    Nuclear age started in 1945 and Space age in 1957. Who had stopped him to launch a nuclear program in 1950s? Why only after 1962 war, MIGs were bought and Nuclear and Space programs started? Why not earlier?

    If the devaluation of currency can be the answer of imminent national bankruptcy then around the world no country would have given sh**t to IMF or world bank. Does this author editor know how many currency devaluations India had in July 1991??

    Professor Sharma is correct that none of our PMs is fully perfect. Not even Modi!! Gone the times when you can conspire and fight wars like Bismarck did to unify Germany. This is nuclear and Space age. You have to keep in mind the direct and indirect cost of your action as a leader of a country.

    If foreign investors robbed India’s money after 1991 then Indians have also robbed title of their Jaguars and land rovers not to forget money sent by Indians working in Gulf countries. Do you want to say Indians robbing Arabians of jobs in their own country!!

    Mr. editor, this is interconnected world. I can understand your nervousness before 2019. You have every right to switch side or to become neutral but don’t show your stupidity in order to achieve your ultimate goal..

  9. I admire the courage of Ashwani Ji. Sitting in the company of Nehru-bashers, he has the guts to write truth.

  10. It looks like the complete article is just a paid advertisement and writer is a paid congress worker. Nehru was the biggest super failure. For his love to being pm he destroyed the Country. The nehru was just a Victoria agent. And paid media is just communist and anti national who carries the moto to spread paid propaganda. Coz normal indian is just think that media writes true. But truth is that media has always destroyed the truth in india. Writer is just foolish biased person.

  11. Eye opener for those who are proving himself greedy and sycophant of Modi government for political mileage . But all their efforts are useless as Modi don’t require these sycophants . Healthy politics is the need of the hour .

  12. Nehru was worst pm, He spoiled the very foundation of new born country…
    Thats why india is still one of the poorest and undeveloped country.. 1947 india was ahead of japan germany china etc…. See where the reached in 1st 25 years and where we reached under congress . MODI JI is best PM…… MODIJI is taking India to right direction….

  13. Nehru was worst pm, He spoiled the very foundation of new born country…
    Thats why india is still one of the poorest and undeveloped country.. 1947 india was ahead of japan germany china etc…. See where the reached in 1st 25 years and where we reached under congress . MODI JI is best PM…… MODIJI is taking India to right direction….

  14. Nehru was not greatest, but first PM of India by not following democratic principles.Had Nehru and M K Gandhi followed democratic principles Sardar Patel would have been the First PM.
    Narasimhrao bought the economy on modern lines with the support of the then Opposition, though Congress was short in numbers.
    During Atalji’s time Infrastructure got a very good boost. But Atalji could not second term.
    Congress destroyed the direction of Progress made by Atalji in the next decade.
    This is real story. It is left to individuals
    to accept or reject.

  15. Childish in content to say the least. Nehru was unfit to be the PM of India as he did not know or understand the country. He was autocratic who did not even bother to consider opposing point of view. His my way or highway attitude cost India growth and peace. Today India is in a mess chiefly due to Nehru’s ineptitude. Patel might have been a better choice since he was a pragmatic person with track record of being effective. Mr Chopra’s intellectual bankruptcy is reflected on his newspaper as well.

  16. A disgrunted BJP MP venting his anger against the party leadership, for well known reasons, by resorting to sycophancy towards Nehru dynasty. Even in doing so, he appears so poor with his facts n events. Calling India at par with other industrialised countries is brave attempt that doesn’t deserve any further elaboration. How conveniently the writer has shifted the burden of Kashmir problem to Raja Hari Singh, just to defend Nehru for his plebiscite fiasco @ UN. Poor state of Indian education and health sector has its genesis in Nehruvian policies. Being critical of PV Narsimha Rao shows that he is playing to Gandhi-parivar’s gallery. Reducing 6 years of AB Vajpayee govt to those of financial scams shows how naive the writer is on economic reform front. Many of most renowned and sustainable economic reforms happened during Vajpayee’s time. Problem with these people is that they are still reluctant to come to the term that Indian Premiership is not exclusive domain of Nehru-dynasty, others as well played very important role that deserves recognition.

  17. BJP MP deriding Vajpayee Jia and praising Nehru Ji is a surprise. Is he going to join Congress now? Socialist system followed by Nehru ran too long in India and resulted into license raj and slow progress on poverty reduction.

  18. This is fake news.Nehru gifted UNSC Permanent seat to China when in first place it was offered to india,lost indian territory to china because of laxity in defense preparedness.KAshmir isssue was also created by him as he went to UN which he would have taken by Force as india had biggeer army than Pakistan.India is Paying for All follies of Nehru till this date.It is not as that if Nehru was not there India would have in stone ages.Great minds have Always been born in india like Chanakya,Ashok,CV Ramam, short a Very biased write up.

  19. Felt like I am reading ‘ BEST MOBILE PHONES UNDER 20000 RUPEES IN INDIA IN AUGUST 2018. Only good thing about this write up is that it’s written by a BJP MP who has respect for Nehru.

  20. Yes Nehru is the architect of India which we see now. Even after 70byears we lag behind so many things, whereas countries who came into existence after us have vecome far more prosperous. But for him, we would have been a Hindu rashtra with a secular outlook.Even today in the name of secularism the majority population is blamed if they say they are Hindus and the appeasement of minorities is never ending. Its only in this country that the majority voice is suppressed to allow minorities have their way. Show me one country where, majority does not have its say. He has dumped this country to never ending darkness by dividing them onThe lines of caste, and religion. Today every person is a punjab, gujrati, marathi, madras, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, but no one says he is Indian. Such have been our policies which have failed to inculcate national pride in to every individual. Our minds have been so much corrupted that we can be purchased at the expense of the national interests. Successive govts have used divide and rule policy leading to the chaos which we are now.

  21. Brilliant write up Sir. You deserve a salute. Nehru was the best. Narasimha Rao the weakest and worst. Absolutely with you.

    Will look forward to your write ups.

  22. Nehru was the greatest PM??? I don’t know whether the editor has ever read a book on Nehru. I don’t know any great quality that describes his good personality. From Jammu and Kashmir issue to Non nuclear power. He was the wrost PM of all time. He worked only to appease one community in India. Never listen to his own minister and never trusted his army. He like the people who licked his boot.

  23. This guy is probably sidelined in BJP and hence is writing this bulls@#t to change over to Congress(I). May his wish be granted very soon by Mr. Amit Shah

  24. Everything was fine until author started to criticize PVN RAO’s policies ..

    That was need of hour. He showed courage and strengthen the base of today’s economy.

  25. Nehru was the root cause for all today’s problems faced by us. He was eager to give Pakistan, because of his short-sightedness we lost against China in 1962, Shastri had short tenure but he was courageous, Indira Gandhi was courageous but she encouraged horse trading and corruption, Rajiv Gandhi lost to Shahab Bano and we had Devegauda and IK Gujarat and Singh who were useless as rocks. Chandrasekhar and charansing were useless lot and None could eradicate poverty from India. Why India is still por because of the policies of Congress. mMS was a Gilam and now we have Namo. People expect too much from him but there is so much around that he will require another ten years to clear. The article is a pack of lies and also of substandard material. Why The Print is giving such useless material is also a question, perhaps they want to go down the drain sooner than expected.

  26. Nehru was betrayed by Indians more so than by Chinese. Claim of Nehru being “shaken to the core” because of “China’s betrayal” has no foundation in fact. Nehru had seen far worse catastrophes than death of 4,000 people including 1,000 Chinese. Nehru witnessed deaths of a million Indians each in 1946 and 1947. He presided over largest mass migration in the history of mankind. The reality was that in 1962, Nehru stood like a man he was and pushed Chinese back to pre-war position. When China briefly occupied in Arunachal Pradesh and offered ceasefire, Nehru flatly declined and vowed to fight on. That is not the behaviour of a man “shaken to the core”. Much is made of statements made by Nehru in Oct/Nov 1962 about “China’s betrayal” which was wartime rhetoric meant for public consumption and publicity. He obviously could not blame Indians (being the PM himself) while enemy was still in our territory. One has to remember that India adopted Forward Policy because of intense public pressure despite his own judgement that Aksai Chin was not worth lusting over since “not even grass can grow”. Entire political spectrum (except Communists), press and civil society wanted war. Parliament passed several resolutions asking Nehru launch war while “assuring support”. Yet, at the first sign of first trouble, they drew their daggers and stabbed Nehru in the back and the stomach. With Chinese still Arunachal Pradesh, Indian were more interested in ousting Black South Indian VK Krishna Menon than ousting Chinese.

  27. Whoever wrote this is a useless fellow not learnt his history and economy lessons well
    The person talking about prime ministers of India should have some maturity calibre. and expedience
    None here

  28. Nehru became the PM of India at such a crucial time when even most of Indians were doubtful whether we shall be able to maintain our independence and sovereignty for long. And he by his vision not only ensured that , but also helped India in developing into a modern , democratic, industrial nation having a proud status in the comity of nations. It was led on the path of sustained growth. Those who are bent upon to discredit his role are doing no justice.

  29. पूरे लेख को ध्यान से दो दफा पढ़ा ,यह समझने के लिए लेखक क्या और किस सन्दर्भ में यह कह रहे हैं? हर उस इंसान के मन को थोड़ा झंझोड़ने से १९४७ की वो तस्वीरें सामने आ जाती है,जो उन्होंने देश के धर्म के नाम पर बंटवारे के समय भुगती है। इन्होंने उस समय को एक पंजाबी होने के नाते भी ध्यान में रखा होता तो अच्छा होता।
    पहले आज के नायक जवाहर लाल नेहरू के बारे में,
    शरीर से भारतीय,पढ़ाई से अंग्रेज, मानसिकता से कम्युनिस्ट।
    देश को धर्म के नाम पर तीन टुकड़ों में बांटने वाला कलाकार।लाखों के कत्लेआम कागुनहगार। कश्मीर समस्या का जनक, तिब्बत का हऩता, अक्साई चिन,,कूकी घाटी(म्यांमार), कच्छ का छाडवेट,१९६२ की शर्म नाक हार फिर भी मूर्ख जनरल प्राण नाथ थापर को बचाने वाला,सेकेंड हैंड जीपों का घोटाला,एल आई सी, मूंधड़ा कांड, इत्यादि।
    कभी देश प्रेम और देश पहले ले कर चलें होते तो आज के दिन न देखने पड़ते।
    उनकी खूबीयो पर उनकी ज़हालतो ने कब्जा किया हुआ था, जिसका फल आज और कल का भारत भुगतेगा।
    तुलनात्मक समीक्षा ,एक पक्ष से अधूरी होती है।हर प्रधानमंत्री ने देश के लिए कुछ न कुछ किया है समसामयिक घटनाचक्र और परिस्थितियों में उनके योगदान नहीं भुलाया जा सकता।।
    परिवर्तन प्रकृति और समय की मांग है,आप लाला जी ,और रमेश जी पत्रकारिता का मुकाबला नहीं कर सकते।
    मुझे यह लिखने में जरा भी हिचक नहीं है की आपका यह लेख एक झूठ का पुलिंदा है,आप किस को खुश करने के लिए अपने स्वतंत्र पत्रकार को मार रहे हो?

  30. That’s very unfair and poor analysis of Mr Narasimha rao.He was instrumental in bringing India out of ecinomic mess in 1991.due credit should be given to him.

  31. India grew at 2% Growth Rate under the Socialist/Communist-infatuated moron Nehru while even the rabid Islamic State of Pakistan beat India’s growth by logging 6% growth rate during same time! Nehru was disaster in all respects…economic and geographic!

  32. Unadulterated crap. He was one of the worst PMs ever…problem with China, relinquishing offer to India forPermanent UN membership and above all a festering wound called Kashmir. A philandering soul who was busy shacking up with Edwina while Jinnah pulled a fast one in cahoots with Churchill to partition India. Mathai’s book has revealed it all. On the contrary P V Narasimha Rao was the gamechanger. The author is a spineless Congress bootlicker.

  33. If that is the case then why majority of indian population is still poor after so many years. Why his great policies fail to show their effect even after 70 years.

  34. It’s a acid throw on to the public and to see if it burns the mind. Or must be to see a trial if public reacts or not. Public understands the motive. Now, none can just throw shit and escape.

  35. I believe that he would have known that he will not be getting party ticket in next election otherwise he would not written this article. These politico journalists have no principles and try to fool and mislead the people by writing such articles.

  36. Yes. Nehru’s FIVE YEAR PLANS MADE THE COUNTRY FOUNDATION VERY STRONG. nobody can deny. &e was a role model for many students during 1960s.

  37. A very biased write up. The author does not give due credit to other PMs. Nehru has been glorified for a very poor overall performance. In fact he gave everlasting problems, with which the country is still grappling.

  38. I admire the courage of Mr Chopra, a BJP MP going against the party line and writing a balanced, honest article recognising the immense contribution of the greatest Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Hats off for your objectivity.

  39. A very biased write up. The author does not give due credit to other PM. Nehru has been glorified for a very poor overall performance. In fact he gave everlasting problem, with which the country is still grappling.

  40. I think he and jinna divided india.
    He accumulated so much wealth .
    He should have given every penny of his to poor . Then only he could have been great.
    Very sorry that he became pm.
    If sadar patel would have been PM india would have been a different story

    • Nehru inherited much more than enough for few generations. MotI’ll Nehru was very rich. Nehru contributed most of his inherited wealth to the Nation.

  41. Nehru was the biggest scamster. Remember purchSe of jeep for defense scam where second hand jeeps were palmed off as new. And LIC/Mundhra scamm where TTK, THE THEN Finance Minister was sacrificed. On the contrary PVR opened up econony.

    • Bigger scamster is you trying to tell others your Bhakt nonsense. Things like you and Rss bjp would not even dare open your mouth to Nehru during his life time but wait decades after his death to try to dishonor him…you are a disgrace! 2019 feku gets booted out!

      • Raj Patel,I’m sorry that you did not understand the article at all. It is completely sarcastic. The author is a BJP guy. It’s sad that anti bhakths can’t understand the simple irony.

      • Please remember the fate of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who moved against Nehru and Abdullah against their divisive policies on Kashmir, for which we are still crying…..Nehru did not have the guts to arrange proper treatment of Dr. Mukherjee.

  42. Complete bs..I didn’t read the article..I just read the Title and I have had enough..Mr PV narasimha Rao the worst??Take some history classes…He liberalised Indian economy in the 90s and that is the sole reason for our 7+ growth rate today..Nehru is the reason why we still have stone pelters in Kashmir and he is the reason why we lost AksaiChin to China …and our education system is the worst and it is the reason why we are still a developing country even after 70+ years of Independence..

  43. Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist,Barnala(Punjab)

    The fact cannot be denied that India has a galaxy of Prime Ministers !
    Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru undoubtedly is the evergreen architect of past, present and future India too !
    Pandit Nehru knew India every inch because he was a part and parcel of freedom movement and then
    under his inspiring stewardship following independence he devoted and dedicated himself in shaping
    and guiding free India’s destiny ! It was he who offered a launching pad to the nation to build and grow
    in different walks of life ! Despite manifold credits to his name,Chinese betrayal in 1962 was the most
    shocking chapter that too in the fag end of his career !

    Mr.Lal Bahadur Shastri too excelled earning name and fame all over the world as PM though his stint did
    not last very long ! The glorious victory over Pakistan in 1965 conflict, leading the nation by his own example
    and adhering to time honoured values and principles enabled him to have a soft corner in every Indian’s heart !

    Mrs. Indira Gandhi was a daring and decisive PM who left her own footprints on the sand of time ironically
    meeting a very tragic end in her assassination by het security guards !

    Mr. Rajiv Gandhi’s rich contribution in revolutionising telecommunication technology who can forget !
    We are enjoying the fruits of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi’s vision in this field who translated this into actuality in
    league with an expert in C-Dot technology Mr.Sam Pitroda !

    Mr. PV Narasimha Rao cannot be forgotten for his rich contribution in bringing back to the tracks the
    shattered economy of the nation in the way and mode he deemed fit at that ponit of time(1991).

    Then Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee too as PM made his own mark running a coalition of regional parties
    having divergent views and ideologies very smoothly and successfully !

    Dr. Manmohan Singh, being an academician during his spell as PM was expected to work wonders
    so far as imparting of affordable quality education in the nation is concerned ! There he did not
    come up to the expectations of the masses! But he had to his credit the signing and maturing of the
    popular nuclear deal !

    These PMs contributed richly in the growth and advancement of the nation according to the best of their
    capabilities and capacities in varying circumstances, phases and times in their own fashionin the annals
    of free India !

    I must say, the over all analysis of the author does not adhere to the objectivity yardstick ! None of the
    PMs mentioned above can be deemed perfect to the cent percent extent and every one had his or her
    own limitations . But they did lead and serve the nation with all their plus as well as minus points !

    Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
    Pom Anm Nest,Barnala(Punjab)

    • I fully agree with Professor Sharma. The museum should highlight both good and bad decisions of all the Prime Ministers. After all , nobody can be 100 % perfect. They might have taken decisions basing on the then prevailing circumstances in the best interest of the country. Let us not undermine any of the PMs efforts in shaping the country to a great nation. Let the present and future PMs learn from such a museum and take corrective action wherever they consider necessary in the interest of the people at large and the nation as a whole. Long live India. Jai Hind.

    • That is the fate of the people because of Hero Worship. No mention about Chinese war. The best PM so far is Narasimha Rao. Because of hero worship fr Nehru family this article.

  44. this a socialist view having little relevance in modern times of competitive markets. Nehru had a vision for the people, but what has happened to poverty even after 70 years has this been reduced significantly over the years bcos of Nehru’s policies ? Not at all. His policies were ok for that period until late 60’s, when the ‘great’ Mrs Gandhi took the a huge leap back ward by nationalizing banks, airlines insurance etc and ruining this nation, A very imbalanced piece of narrative, lauding Mrs G – she ushered in corruption in India

  45. Bad characterization of good PMs.

    India without Rao and Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister would have gone bankrupt in 1992.

    Worst PM has been Manmohan Singh, who allowed corruption to proliferate.

  46. Pandit Nehru was India’s greatest PM. PM PVNR changed India’s economic direction, for which we should always be grateful to him. He also reset India’s foreign policy after the end of the Cold War. Vajpayeeji had too many fine qualities to compress into a brief comment. Mrs Gandhi blew it all away, else she was cast in the mould of true greatness. Shastriji was taken away all too soon. I K Gujral was no “ laloo panju “, a man of erudition and courage to stand up to the thuggish Sanjay Gandhi at the height of his powers. Deve Gowdaji did no harm in the brief interludes when he was not dozing off, gave us the immortal phrase, An old man in a hurry. V P Singh will be seared in our national consciousness with images of young students immolation themselves.

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