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CAPF must stop slandering IPS, shows lack of discipline: Ex-BSF chief

Be it defeating terrorism in Punjab, Naxals in Andhra Pradesh or insurgency in Tripura, IPS officers were at the forefront of these operations.

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As an Indian Police Service officer who has commanded the Uttar Pradesh Police, the Assam Police, and the Border Security Force, it is distressing for me to see the discontent and indiscipline among certain sections of officers of the Central Armed Police Forces cadre.

It is a total tamasha. A section of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) cadre officers, perhaps under the influence of some vested interests, have embarked on a virulent campaign against the Indian Police Service (IPS) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in social and print media, filing contempt cases and writ petitions against the central government with a view to edge out IPS officers from the CAPFs. They have also written to Home Minister Amit Shah, and met BJP general secretary Ram Madhav and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla seeking their intervention in the matter. Their main argument is that IPS officers do not have the expertise to lead the various CAPF organisations and that, due to the deputation of IPS officers, promotion prospects of the CAPF cadre officers are adversely affected.

What went wrong

Both the IPS officers and the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) cadre officers are to blame. A number of IPS officers on deputation to the central forces have preferred to serve at the headquarters, spending minimum time at the frontiers. There are officers who give an impression of avoiding tough assignments. The MHA has contributed to the disharmony by promoting, in quite a few instances, IPS officers to the rank of Director General of Police (DGP) for extraneous considerations. One officer was made the DGP because he had helped change the electoral fortune of a serving minister. Another was promoted under the influence of a chief minister, and so on. These officers naturally failed to deliver.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB), by virtue of its clout at the Centre, has every now and then imposed on CAPF organisations DGP-rank officers who had not put on the uniform for 25 to 30 years. No wonder, these officers could not win the confidence or loyalty of the force. These examples, however, do not take away from the vision and leadership that the IPS has given to the CAPF organisations, helping them occupy their place in India’s internal security.

CAPF officers are also aggrieved at the delay in granting the financial benefits due to them after a Supreme Court order in February gave them Non-Functional Financial Upgradation (NFFU) and the status of an Organised Group A Service. The NFFU orders are being implemented in accordance with the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) policies and the Recruitment Rules of respective organisations. The Narendra Modi government has generously agreed to a one-time relaxation in residency period to give the benefit of NFFU to a larger number of officers. However, a section of CAPF cadre officers is still unhappy. This is inexplicable. Last week, the Supreme Court reiterated that its earlier judgment allowing the grant of NFFU and OGAS to the CAPF cadre will not affect IPS deputation to the CAPFs.

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Losing trust, forgetting history

During my nearly six-year tenure in the Border Security Force (BSF), I never felt like an outsider. I was for the force and the force was for me. While serving in Punjab, when terrorism was at its peak, I was confident that the BSF personnel entrusted with my security would fight until their last breath before any harm comes to me. This bonding appears to have weakened. In fact, there is suspicion in place of trust, class feeling in place of camaraderie.

A force that forgets its history and tries to erase the memory of its great commanders can have no future. CAPF officers would do well to remember that all central forces, except the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the Railway Protection Force (RPF), were raised and nurtured by IPS officers. If these forces have generally given a stellar account of themselves, it is under the leadership of IPS officers. Poor specimens are always there, and so are occasional failures. The Indian Army’s ignominious defeat in the 1962 War with China does not detract from its excellence.

Certain incontrovertible facts need to be placed on record. Terrorism in Punjab was defeated by a dedicated group of IPS officers of Punjab Police and the CAPFs. Operation Black Thunder, one of the finest anti-terror operations undertaken anywhere in the world, was planned and executed by IPS officers. The Naxals were defeated in Andhra Pradesh by the state police and its Greyhounds led by IPS officers. The insurgency in Tripura was put down by officers from the same pool, as was terrorism in the Terai area of Uttar Pradesh.

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It’s calibre that counts

The leadership of an armed police organisation requires a number of traits. Knowledge of nuts and bolts is desirable but not enough. The officer must have the vision, the ability to plan strategically, courage to lead from the front, be able to inspire and motivate and hold his own in a group where senior-most representatives from different wings of the government – secretaries, chief ministers, bureaucrats and others – are present. Only the finest police officers of India can play that role. As regards to promotional opportunities, CAPF officers are better off than officers of the Indian Army.

Article 312 of the Constitution of India provides for the creation of All India Services common to the Union of India and the states. A certain number of posts in different police organisations of the central government are filled by IPS officers allotted to various state cadres. The IPS officers are inducted in the CAPFs by virtue of their calibre and excellence to ensure a vital link with civil authorities and state governments. As supposedly stated by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the All India Services “bring about an optimum and uniform standard of administration throughout the country”.

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Time for govt to step in

The content and tenor of the slander campaign against the IPS show a lack of discipline and decorum. In fact, the writings and actions of some CAPF cadre officers amount to a breach of the Conduct Rules and even incitement to disaffection. This is unacceptable. How would the cadre officers react if the subordinate ranks start a similar campaign on social media against them? There is no place for trade unionism in our uniformed forces. There is a robust system of grievance redressal in place within each CAPF. The MHA too plays a proactive role in resolving their grievances. However, no grievance can justify the kind of campaign we are witnessing on social media by a small group of CAPF cadre officers.

The Narendra Modi government needs to undertake immediate short-term and long-term measures to deal with the problem. It must ensure speedy implementation of the Supreme Court’s decisions and, at the same time, put down with a heavy hand all manifestations of indiscipline. It should also set up a high-powered committee to go into the multifarious problems afflicting the CAPF – problems of leadership, promotional opportunities at different levels, shortage of resources, lack of training, optimum strength of these forces, and other relevant issues. Letting things drift would have disastrous consequences.

The writer is a former Director General of Border Security Force

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  1. If an IPS officer wishes to head a CAPF such as BSF or ITBP as its DG, then he should spend the better part of his youth training with that specific unit soon after his commissioning as an IPS officer, rather than catching pickpockets or organising VIP traffic movement in Mumbai or Chennai, which is mostly what police does.

    It is extremely unfair that an IPS officer spends 20 years as police officer in Karol Bagh, Delhi or Park Street, Kolkata and then takes up the post of DG ITBP one fine morning with zero experience of tactical or battlefield experience of the high Himalayan terrain where ITBP operates.

  2. A square peg in a round hole … that’s how I can describe IPS officers in CAPF or BSF.

    Border Security is not just patrolling or laying ambushed or taking measures against smuggling , human trafficking or illegal activities of the civilian kinds , it’s about detailed knowledge and experience on the OPERATIONS OF WAR and handling live situations right in the forefront .

    Only when one gets blooded in war or war like duties , he/ she can be considered ‘ fit for command of troops’.

    IPS officers are a big sham in such environment. They are highly self-centered , politically motivated and interested in soft postings by virtue of their service conditions .

    The Indian Army must groom CAPF or BSF by cross attachments at very young stage ( 2-6 yrs stage 1 ) and (9-12 yrs Stage 2 ) and training at JC – SC and Staff College levels in order to achieve professional excellence.

    The concept of turf control is equally to be blamed for such massive neglect of the primary and secondary role or poor equipment profile and training .

    The bureaucrats who sit in MoH are equally responsible for not having hands down experience in management of the CAPF or BSF . They feel they know it all … but they are far actual reality and would fail to understand the nuances of tactical Ops- Ops Art – Strategic Ops and interoperability in a very dynamic war like situations

    Lastly , who cares ?

    • Jai Hind Sir,
      I do agree with you that the Deputation of these IPS officers over the CAPF’S personal’s hurt the sentiments of the CAPF’S Soldiers, These IPS officers are coming as DG’S of the Forces for just 2 years, Enjoying the perks of it and always try to refrain himself from the Demand & problems of the CAPF’S soldiers.
      The CAPF’S Soldiers are doing their Duties at forefront of the Borders of the Nation and day by day sacrificing their lives but still they don’t have the Martyrs status.
      Lastly sir You have said right that Who Else care about it becz there is no value of CAPF’S soldiers in the eye of Government.
      Jai Hind sir
      Your Regards
      Ward of Bsf Personal and Soldier of SSB.

  3. The author has given biased opinion on the judgement delivered by the apex court. It would have been better had he listened to the voices of his own IPS fraternity before penning distortion of facts. His own clan who have not allowed their conscious die down , have openly admitted & declared that IPS have not added any value to the CAPFs functioning. If they are so keen to come in central forces have guts to initiate a separate & an exclusive cadre of IPS who can opt for these forces immediately after passing out from NPANPA rather writing all IPS officer to join CAPF they will be given choice posting and there intrest will be taken due care. High time for the cadre controlling authority to hand over command of central forces to the cadre officers.


  4. The author has given biased opinion on the judgement delivered by the apex court. It would have been better had he listened to the voices of his own IPS fraternity before penning distortion of facts. His own clan who have not allowed their conscious die down , have openly admitted & declared that IPS have not added any value to the CAPFs functioning. If they are so keen to come in central forces have guts to initiate a separate & an exclusive cadre of IPS who can opt for these forces immediately after passing out from NPA. High time for the cadre controlling authority to hand over command of central forces to the cadre officers.

  5. IPS trainee on completion of training sent to State Police Services to serve in the State allotted. CAPF officers on completion of training serve only in their respective services such as CRPF, BSF, etc. They must be given full opportunity to occupy the higher ranks and even high command. These CPOs are playing the role of both police and military. These personnels should be conferred IPS as given to State Police Service Officers. This will bring dignity to CAPF and may attract youth towards this services.

  6. The author of this article has a mediocre calibre which is expected from an officer who is an IPS. As always these IPS officers are good for nothing because the only thing that they care about is their interest be it political or monetary. As seen the author is pointing out the Indian Army officers are not capable of leadership so I kindly urge this jack ass IPS officer to turn the pages of history and see for himself that who has got the abilities to lead from front. stop taking credit for what you have not done and obviously are not capable of doing. Officers from Indian Armed Forces go through rigorous procedure called SSB if you dont know and clearing that speaks volumes as to what that person is capable of. on the other hand these IPS just clear the civil services exam and an interview taken by the same type of people who consider themselves as they are the kings and top guns of the country.
    Grow up from your own vested interests and let the deserving officers lead. and stop saying that you lead from the front because you dont. all the risks are taken by officers and men under you and you sitting in a arm chair pass on mediocre and out of the mind orders and risk the lives of men who lead from the front.

    • I can clearly understand that you are high on cheap liquor and has got no clear understanding of what the author has written. Dogs like you bark every now and then but understanding of the situation and topic is not your cup of tea. Where the hell did he write that armed forces lack leadership quality. In the whole goddamn answer he was referring to CAPF. Just after seeing the word ARMED in the CENTRAL ARMED POLICE FORCE you started barking like a mad dog as if SSB and UPSC civil services are conducted by your BAAP. And bringing the comparison of civil services and army recruitment board is completely irrelevant. Educate yourself dude, behave like a human. Don’t bark . People like you are good at misconstruing and misinterpreting the ground realities, don’t be ignorant. And also you are saying that UPSC recruitment is just an exam…. I can understand that you don’t have balls to clear it. You need not come and bark on social media and get your ass shoved by people like me. Just don’t be so ignorant goddamit.

      • Fools and retarded heads like you are ruining India. If you are good at clearing exams then go and teach in colleges. CAPFs need officers who can lead them and provide strategic guidance. A army general is able to do the same because he was also a new and young officer at some point. So he knows what leading men in tough situations mean, unlike boot licking police officers. And auther of this article should mention how many encounter did he LEAD
        when he was a dsp or an asp or an sp.. a big NONE..!! If IPS officers really want to show how strong they are in leadership, then they join at dc or commandant level and serve in the border areas.

  7. Its clear, the author is so detached from reality and reason, he will do better to keep quiet. The question is less about their capability, more about their suitability and moral right to command these highly professional and organised Forces. Do they have a divine right to parachute down at the Top, without any experience and knowledge of growing in the Force ? In the modern and emerging India, there is no need to install IPS as DGs/ SDGs/ ADGs as though they are royalty, as during British times. Come on Prakash Singh ji, times have come to shed the mentality of this mythical superiority. Though your coterie has successfully managed to name these Forces CAPF, as these are like reserve/ armed wings of State Polices, which they are absolutely not. Their roles are nowhere near to Police work, but hard-core military-like operations in combat zones. Most of the Police Officers have no interest/ heart in the job, but come with either a few months to retire comfortably in Delhi, or hopping jobs from one Force to other, as though it is just a usual day in Office.

  8. आईपीएस अधिकारी की केन्द्रीय अर्द्धसैनिक सुरक्षा बलों के ऊपर योग्यता सक्षमता सर्वश्रेष्ठता मिथ्यावादी असत्य अपराध है। जो आईपीएस अपने राज्य में आतंकवाद नक्सलवाद सशस्त्र विद्रोह, हिन्दू मुस्लिम दंगा, दलित सवर्ण हिंसा, सवर्ण धर्म उत्पीड़न अत्याचार व्याभिचार एवं नशीली दवा कारोबार, शराब माफिया, भूमि माफिया, नकली मुद्रा संचलन, चोरी डकैती लूटपाट, वेश्यावृत्ति, कालगर्ल धंधा, तस्करी, हवाला कारोबार, सड़क रेल लाइन सरकारी जमीन पर अवैध कब्जा अतिक्रमण बसागत आदि अनेकानेक अपराध निवारण समाप्त कर समूल उन्मूलन में असफल विफल असक्षम अयोग्य साबित हो चुका है। वह केन्द्रीय अर्द्धसैनिक सुरक्षा बलों का नेतृत्व करने के लिए योग्यतम अधिकारी नहीं है।

    इसलिए आईपीएस अधिकारी की केन्द्रीय अर्द्धसैनिक सुरक्षा बलों में प्रतिनियुक्ति प्रावधान को समाप्त करना संघ भाजपा मोदी सरकार का फैसला राष्ट्रहित में न्यायोचित होगा‌

  9. आईपीएस का केन्द्रीय अर्द्धसैनिक सुरक्षा बलों में प्रतिनियुक्ति एक अवसरवादी षड़यंत्रकारी प्रपंचकारी घुसपैठ है। जो जाति वर्ण व्यवस्थावादी सवर्ण श्रेष्ठता की तरह छद्म श्रेष्ठता का नीलवर्ण श्रृगाल है।

    यदि आईपीएस अधिकारी सर्वश्रेष्ठ पुलिस अधिकारी है। फिर किसी भी राज्य में आतंकवाद, नक्सलवाद, सशस्त्र विद्रोह, साम्प्रदायिक दंगे, जातीय हिंसा, लूटपाट, चोरी डकैती बलात्कार व्याभिचार हत्या वेश्यावृत्ति, कालगर्ल धंधा, बैंक एनपीए घोटाला, नशीली दवाओं का धंधा, नकली मुद्रा का धंधा, हवाला कारोबार, कालाबाजारी, तस्करी, सड़क रेल सरकारी जमीन पर अवैध कब्जा, अवैध अतिक्रमण, बंगलादेशी घुसपैठियों की बस्ती बसागत जैसे संगीन अपराध क्यों होते हैं???

    आईपीएस अधिकारी की श्रेष्ठता षड़यंत्र की तरह भारतीय सभ्यता संस्कृति संस्कार का सर्वनाश जाति वर्ण व्यवस्थावादी सवर्ण धर्म वरणासुर राजसत्ता राजनीति के द्वारा किया गया। ब्राह्मण और सवर्ण अपने आप को सदियों से जन्मजात पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी सर्वश्रेष्ठ घोषित करता है। जिसके दुष्परिणाम से जम्बूद्वीप से हिन्दू धर्म, ब्राह्मण धर्म का पतन हो गया।

    आईपीएस अधिकारी की श्रेष्ठता की तरह ब्राह्मण क्षत्रिय वैश्य सवर्ण धर्म की जन्मजात पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी श्रेष्ठता का भयानक दुष्परिणाम भारतीय सभ्यता संस्कृति संस्कार के नाश से हुआ है। भारत रोमन यवन तुर्क अरब पारसी शक पार्थियन शीथियन कुषाण हूण मंगोल चीन और जेहादी मुसलमान मुगल तथा ब्रिटिशर, डच फ्रांस पुर्तगाली से पराजित होता गया ‌ भारत पराजित शासित दास बना रहा।

    सार सत्य यह यह है कि आईपीएस अधिकारी की मिथ्यावादी सर्वश्रेष्ठता का मिथक असत्य छल कपट अवधारणा पर आधारित है।
    इसलिए आईपीएस अधिकारियों की केन्द्रीय अर्द्धसैनिक सुरक्षा बलों में तत्काल प्रभाव से प्रतिनियुक्ति घुसपैठ को राष्ट्रहित में समाप्त किया जाए।

  10. The central armed police force was raised by ips and officers from the Indian army, with time army officers returned to their own service but ips refused to do so. If ips is so keen on heading the capf then why don’t they come on deputation at an early stage as a company commander and lead anti naxal operation from the front. Rather they want to be para dropped above dig level where they hardly take part in any field area operation. For the ips it’s only a way to escape from the political pressure they face as state police officers. Time and again the capf has proved its mettle and it’s high time that the cadre officers headed their own forces. All the reasons stated are just an excuse to subdue the demands of capf officers. No doubt military leadership has proved itself time and again but the same cannot be said about police leadership examples can be cited about recent dgp level officer being suspended to multiple bribery cases pending against them. Now that the government has approved ogas for capf and the police officers can see their end in capf they are simply trying to ridicule the brave cadre officers by merely judging them on the basis of an exam. The end of ips tyranny in capf is almost over.

  11. आखिर एक दिन अंग्रेजों को भी देश छोड़ कर जाना पड़ा था।

  12. Enough is enough. Both sides, Stop compromising National Security for promoting vested interests!

    IPS Officers need to look into the areas of concerns pointed out by the author which have brought bad name to the Service of IPS.

    While there is a need to expand promotional avenues for CAPF Officers facing stagnation , it is also necessary to have IPS as a binding force between CAPFs , CPOs and State Police.

    CAPF Officers should stop the online slander and both sides must recognize contributions and sacrifices made by each other and respect each otherwise leave the uniform.

    Final Judgement passed by Supreme Court is very clear “……it is specifically mentioned that by
    granting Organised Group ‘A’ Central Services to the RPF (it
    should be read as CAPF), the rights of the IPS, if any, for their
    appointment on deputation on some of the posts cannot be said
    to have affected.Therefore, in view of the specific
    clarification/observations made in paragraph 26 of Judgment
    dated 05.02.2019, no further clarification is required. Still, it is
    observed that while deciding the appeals, this Court has made no
    observations with respect to the right of the IPS Officers for deputation, in terms of the recruitment rules, if any, as the same
    was not the controversy and/or issue before this Court and the
    decision of this Court shall be construed with respect to grant of
    Organised Group ‘A’ Central Services only.”

    Clearly Supreme Court has no where asked the Govt to amend RRs to stop deputation of IPS Officers , so the propaganda that court has stopped deputation must stop now . IPS Officers also need ponder over the concerns raised by the author of this article to maintain the dignity of their service.

    Such childish fight has degraded dignity of uniformed personnel and hope good sense prevails and national interests are not sacrificed for narrow selfish vested interests.

  13. Great article written at a time when all the services are only looking at their selfish interests and not to the theme of nation building for which they have been created. Army crying for Orop despite a staggering pension bill, civil services for more perks despite their known inefficiencies and red tapism, and now the ever swelling ranks of CAPFs for more money and power. An average Indian is getting poorer and more miserable, but who is concerned? All that officers of CAPFs want is getting the highest salary.
    Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the Indians, there are still some voices against these never ending apatite of government servants who want to evoke sentimentalities of their constituency to promote their cause.
    Why must Indians pay more? Why must another 500 Crs go for a ram statue when our hospitals stink?

  14. Writer’s own loyalty to his IPS brethren comes aloud in cleverly crafted article. Can’t we set aside his views as another glaring example of conflict of interest ! Nuts and bolts are all CAPF officers know of. If this Ex-DG of BSF carried just this impression of BSF officers, little is left to logics.Secondly, repeatedly zeroing this disgruntlement as handiwork of a small section of vested interest, he is undermining the gravity of undercurrent. Britishers used to think similarly of the resentment in their colonies around the globe and lived in thought cocoon that sun never sets in their land. A Messiah of police uniform,he should shed his IPS past to judge holistically the real problems. A colonial an feudalistic mindset gives much crunchy joy of ruling disciplined ‘nuts and bolts’ and then also abuse slyly. A deep introspection would pave the way to conclude that it is only legitimate bare minimum claim of ‘have nots’ granted through Apex court that CAPF cadre officers are fighting for.

  15. Sir, ,
    First of all ….served with u in BSF and had high regards for what decisions u have taken while in PB or Delhi.
    But this article is biased and not on true facts. Few points –
    1. Why associasion if allowed for IPS and not for CAPF?
    2. Pay of Army and IPS is always on higher side. U can check from pay slips.
    3. Even u went to Court for Police reforms. Then why we r indisciplined?
    4.Having served for more than 25 years, I have never seen ___ leading from front? lists of past Police commemoration days can verify it? But on the contarary- almost all who served in conflict areas have got medals for gallantry?/?
    These words were not expected from ur side sir.

  16. Why and how the conflict arises ?
    Well meaning article though half heartedly written one sided story and the writer Intentionally evaded to address the core issue !
    Distorted and exaggerated facts on Punjab terrorism. Dear writer, please recall that one IGP rank and approx two dozen SP rank officers from CAPF were working (from front) day and night in coordinating with extraordinarily large fleet of CAPF and Army units deployed in Punjab to end terrorism. In case you have addressed Punjab/Andhra/Terai problems as written, then how the problem within their commanded areas is taking ugly turn day by day.
    On your views on Unionism, yes unionism must not be in police whereas you yourself in your capacity of police officer was part to such unionism being member of police association. Please understand that you are really missing that the
    Real problem arises when heads of CAPF behaved indifferently in implementation of judgement from Apex Court on OGAS to benefit officers of CAPF.
    What a way to look after their own officers fighting most difficult fight with enemies within own countrymen in J&K, NE States, LWE areas in most inhospitable situations.
    अपने ही घर में काहे की सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक ?
    Quality leadership must remain unquestionable and everywhere?
    There is no option to quell anti social elements, bandits, Naxal without force and officers are doing as part of duty but once the boots are hanged, some of them becomes protagonist of human rights just to avail ghora gadi etc etc. Is this right approach of leadership !!! Strange is that how the beneficiary of OGAS since 2006 are not aware on mandate to implement same in true spirit for CAPF. This amounts to step motherly behaviour with CAPF. Overall the article is much below the dignity.
    Recalling the lines;
    तू इधर उधर की न बात कर,
    ये बता कि काफ़िला क्यों लूटा,
    मुझे राहजनों से गिला नही,
    तेरी रहबरी का सवाल है,
    Please be a interlocutor to solve issue on implementation of OGAS as per DoPT mandate.
    Charanjit Singh



    • We respect very much to jawans Food/Mess level curruption shameless plunders of CAPF cadre who dismissed Tej Bahadur Yadav on Verified Qualified service stage. Plz shut your gready currupted officershahi and injustice nature at the earliest mean. Tq very much.

    • We respect very much to jawans Food/Mess level curruption shameless plunders of CAPF cadre who dismissed Tej Bahadur Yadav on Verified Qualified service stage. Plz shut your gready currupted officershahi and injustice nature at the earliest mean. Tq very much.

  18. Mr Prakash Singh has expressed his baised views in this article.He was former DG of BSF hence also responsible for non-implemention of organised group ‘A’ service status to CAPF officers who are OGAS since 1986.He has never guts to take responsibilities for his own faults and now advocating for induction of IPS officers (who have aptitude for normal policing duties only) in specialised border guarding armed forces ie.BSF,ITBP,SSB etc with impudence which is beyond logical for common citizen.
    As an all India service IPS cadre management is done by central government and this service is being provided chances to participate in central staffing scheme with other central government’s organised group ‘A’ services only.Government of India has never given a birth right to any AIS officer(including IPS officer)to head the organisations but these All India service officers are playing dirty game in which they continue suppressing other central services in respective cadre management by framing faulty recruitment rules of their choice and illegally occupied most of the top posts.Mr Prakash Singh never commented on legality of these illegal occupations.
    As a former police officer Mr Singh never questioned on his own fraternity members(IPS) including his son who have been part of illegal service association while as member of police force/service.Forming of illegal service association,non-implementation of court orders,manipulate the govt officials at every level in ministries/government of India are great statesmenship work of IPS officers in his outlook?His successors(IPS officers) have destroyed the established grevience rederssal system of these CAPFs for their own selfishness but mr Singh type persons always protect deeds of ips officers in the name of pseudo specialisation and constitutional arrangements.
    Now the question is restoration of self respect and dignity of CAPF officer but mr singh is still silent on this matter.One thing is clear CAPFs officers are battle hardened person and will fight for their legitimate rights till they get restore their dignity
    Armed forces have distinct lifestyle.people adopts it who have a unique passion which requires a different type of matter, to take stand against all extreme odds with his men and which an ordinary civil servant can’t imagine.A person who have it only joins armed forces hence officers, men even veterans require legitimate respect.Most of them are 2nd or 3rd or 4th generations who carry forward their parental legacy by joining armed forces an early age of their life without a second thought and have immense pride in it and this pride is no where less than others.Their only and only choice is armed force which is not a backdoor entry to earn some thing to gain. Neither they join it on any reduced merit list nor by a chance .The officers and men of these armed forces are the only and only real flag bearers of their great legacy.Armed forces welcome every eligible who joins it at entry level,compet it on equal foot stage ,assimilate in force culture without privilege, catch the force ladder through professionalism and reach the top.otherwise people will only say paradropper nothing else. Constitutional arrangements ,extended policing,reserve resources of state police is only face saving exercises, seems attractive in theories and newspapers colums not on ground.

  19. Dear Print
    After going through the article it seems that author is biased on the subject simply to keep the interest of the your fraternity.
    Having commanded one of the largest border force in the world & still having a doubt abt the force specially officers & marginalising them to section shows a bit of colonial mindset of divide & rule as it is not section of capf officers but whole capf officers are affected by non implementation of nfsg & nffu as per dopt norms like for other organised services.
    Here, I wd say all officers of capf are asking for their due & which were not given, thats why they went to court.
    If as per your statement that capf has robust grievance addressing system then there wd not have been need of writ & petitions.
    The generals who had been commanding these capf wd hv made ways for capf ogas status since 86 & court wd not hv been approached.
    This itself shows that there is clear lack of grievance redressing system in capf & generals hv not cared for capf cadres.
    This is proven also as suddenly rr is changed without any knowledge of cadres of capf that residency period for promotions was changed in 2009 from 5-4-3 yrs to 5 years in each rank, knowing well that promotions are vacancy based .
    Do they lacked ability & needed more time to get that experience.
    If latter is true then, who should take the blame, cadre officer who do not have any say in policy framing or the one who is at top, responsible for grooming, training as per requirement as policies are made by them.
    Definitely, it was not done due to ability, experience etc but to slowdown promotions, so that who joined younger, do not knock in future beyond post of IG.
    Writing is easy but the fact is that there are about 700 bns & 6300 coys of capf today & none of them is commanded by an ips and all of them have been doing excellent job otherwise capf wd not have been on their toes to meet its demand.
    This itself says they are working excellently, then why none of the generals could take stand for keeping the residency period to 13 yrs for Pb-4 where as army/ states & other services hv closing in the length of service for promotional benefits.
    The capf are stagnating like never before as it takes 10 to 12 yrs for promotion fm AC to DC, similarly, DC to 2ic – 7 to 10 yrs, 2ic to CO – 8 to 10 yrs in BSF & CRPF( it’s little faster in itbp & ssb due to recent expansions, which they wd feel the same after sometime).
    The fire extinguisher policy has given one force a severe stagnation & force like ssb which doesn’t have sufficient officer to command a battalion & as result officers are fm bsf & crpf are commanding there on deputation.
    What short of policy is this ?
    Author talks about article 213 for AIS. Court gives verdict based on article 14 on making same retirement age for all capf on equality.
    where are the generals of capf, who are not able to see that same exam, same induction in capf, but promotions are distant dreams in different capf.
    For commandant rank in Bsf, it takes 24- 25 yrs, in crpf 22-24 yrs, in itbp 15-16 yrs, ssb 15-16 yrs, for dig in bsf 32-34 yrs, crpf 28- 30 yrs itbp 21 yrs ssb 21 yrs.
    So, where is the equality, is article 14 not applicable to capf for promotions & only for retirement age, do the capf has to knock the door of court again, as the promotions should be equal in all capf ….. are the generals listening……. ( solution given by govt in form of nfsg & nffu under ogas but who wd implement & when & will it be in true sense)
    The nfsg & nffu brought in to bring at least pay parity with IAS scale after two years of their grade in that scale without change in rank & profile.
    Not implementing in latter & spirit will generate affection or disaffection……. whom should the cadre officers to look upon & have faith ….. towards the leadership or the court. You can make out the answer….
    Yes, you are right that it’s caliber that counts & not only the knowledge of nuts & bolts. The varied traits one needs but most important is to connect with its officers, subordinate officers & men.
    The leadership one gets by virtue of post & service are not remembered long in the force but who connects with its officers & men are cherished forever in the force.
    Why post of Dig’s are vacant since years & why not given to deserving cadre officers… why it has been few seats ( of DIG) for some time & then taken back…. why cadre officer will connect to top when it is always top to bottom only.
    Who is shouldering the burden of vacant post of these Dig’s. Here in capf, it seems the para shooting top has failed to connect with nuts and bolt & is the reason of disaffection.
    None of the generals, it seems has intimated capf cadres reg implementations of court orders on nfsg & nffu.
    Simply detailing board & going continuously for date extensions.
    will (?) generate confidence among cadre officer that too for matter which was for cadre officer since 1986 & for implementation, court interference was sought.
    What short of calibered leadership is this which wants its own (assuming ips treating capf as own) organisation officer to be deprived of their legitimate dues.
    This happens when the leadership fails to make connect with its employees, irrespective to how much calibered they are as they either do not want to understand them due to their own benefits leaving organisation & country interests aside.
    It’s the discipline which has kept capf intact & has guided to abide by the rules & regulations and maintain decorum.
    The capf cadre belongingness has been so magnanimous that all those IPS who has served in capf once, prefer to stay in capf messes despite having their cadre state guest houses speaks about discipline & decorum.
    It is also pertinent to mention that there had been no refusal of duties by any capf officers & will not be as the nation comes first for them.
    But, the fact is that over the time their(capf) care has not been taken neither on their service aspects nor on their living conditions resulting over low moral & motivation which was there earlier up to yr 2010, as it was a bit balanced by little bit timely promotions to the rank of commandant which is a threshold rank in capf which was due to rapid expansion of force in 90’s to 2010.
    Reg campaign by subordinate officer…. first of its not a campaign in social media, mainly it’s the reply in social media which has been slandering image of cadre officers who has dedicated his life to his nation over his family, their well being & education without asking any thing more which he deserves as other ogas services & as a human being.
    Writing Demi official letters to authorities in chain is a approved way to bring notice to the competent authority in conduct rules when matter is not heard in the channel.
    HM being head of the ministry wd have been written only when the matter is not being taken care & it’s not a section of officer but the whole officer’s fraternity which is almost 10 k to 11 k in capf & all are equally affected by not implementing of nfsg & nffu in its original as per Dopt orders for all ogas services.
    The subordinate officers in capf’s are better placed in comparison to cadre officers as such they are getting 3 to 4 promotions in 20 yrs ( for go’s only two promotions in 22 -24 yrs except itbp & ssb) & subordinate officers are even rising to post of DIG in capf’s. All allowances including hra irrespective of their place of posting are given.
    Only they are not getting is proper living condition on is/ lo duties as the same is provided by state where as per your statement capf need officer which is in ips only as described by you “ officer must have the vision, the ability to plan strategically, courage to lead from the front, be able to inspire and motivate and hold his own in a group where senior-most representatives from different wings of the government – secretaries, chief ministers, bureaucrats and others – are present. Only the finest police officers of India can play that role” …………
    but we failed to understand why the finest has not been able to get the basic amenities during events like elections (also) which is pre scheduled & has been going on after independence, forget about during sudden law & order problems & permanent ci deployment where capf is building its own makeshift arrangement by & large.

    The need of the hour is to connect with organisation by the generals & make rr as per ogas so that nfsg & nffu is implemented at earliest as per its originality not in distorted form which would compensate them by non functional financial upgrade at least after two years of attaining grade by IAS cadre of the same batch year & will help in restoring the motivation & moral & bring their dignity at par with other organised service.
    An organisation health is known by its junior & middle level who are actual ground workers & senior level is the reflection of output of middle & junior level. Of course, vision in policy making is the most important aspect & this is the reason why this situation has arrived as the past policy making has been driven by self/ group goals & not for the organisational goals, to deprive someone which is gain for someone. It wd be better to evolve the cadre which will be in nation interest in long run as said by shri v.g Kanitkar, first DG among all capf & now only to be implemented after the govt orders on court directions.

    • Very well said. Not only the views of Mr. Prakas singh ex DGP UP Police is biased but it seems that The Print is also biased in favour of IPS only. How can you forget the debacle like chintalnar when 75 CRPF personnel had to sacrifice their lives in one go. That was just a command failure emanating from the Top.
      Can one answer thay how IPS are allowed to continue their memberships of the so called IPS association (a kind of a union) when BSF, CRPF Acts debar any member to for or to be a part of any association or union.?

  20. Mr bhadauria.. highly dusare with your article on CAPF . Earlier i was having respect for few of our commander. Now you lost your status of respect from my side. AGAR MALI HI BAG UZAD RAHA HAI TO VO BAG NAHI KHIL SAKTA

  21. Sir, CAPFs have been made subservient to a handful of IPS officers and their rightful dues have denied since long. After a decade long legal battle when they have got order from Supreme Court and Cabinet for rightful dues why Illegal Central Association is blocking it?
    Sir, would like to read your comments on why CIPSA ( Central IPS Association) was, party in the petition opposing the grant of OGAS to CAPF in the Supreme Court.

  22. Sir, you have been a revered legend in security parlance. It is expected from you to address the core issues of this problem which has emerged in security system of our beloved country. But sadly you missed many points and even distorted many of them.

    Kindly think and check some factual errors you committed in your article
    1. You said that NFFU has been implemented in CAPF as per DoPT guidelines by giving one time relaxation. Sir, I urge you to compare pay slips of any of the OGAS officer and BSF officer who has put in same number of years in service even after the so called implementation. You will know the truth. NFFU was to bring parity with IAS batch to OGAS batch who are 2 years senior to them. Courts have given judgements to implement it for CAPF as provided by 6 CPC. Why it has not been implemented even after the judgement. How conveniently you brushed aside the genuine and legitimate demands of CAPF cadre officers in the name of indiscipline. You yourself suggest what should CAPF officers do if they don’t get what they are legally entitled to get. Only courts should decide what is legal and legitimate. They have not directed to create two types of OGAS. One a privileged OGAS which includes 52 services and other the lesser mortals of CAPF. Then why this categorization is being done by our so called leaders.

    2. You said that promotion in CAPF is faster than Indian Army. Firstly, You shouldn’t drag army in this dispute. Even if you did, you should first check facts and figures. Here also I urge you to compare pay slips of an Army officer and a BSF officer. Army officers are getting PB 4 in 13 years of service and you must realize the pathetic condition of BSF officers who are languishing in PB 3 for more than 20 years of service. Here also facts don’t support your imagined proposition .

    3. You said CAPF officers going to court is trade unionism. Then what should you say about IPS association going court as a union. Then again you misinterpreted SC judgement about deputation. SC clearly said that its judgement should be construed in regard of OGAS status to CAPF only. I urge you to read again the judgement.

    4. CAPF officers are not opposing anyone. They just want their legal rights. How can demanding their legal rights can be termed as indiscipline.

    Sir, I am still hopeful about your wisdom and generosity. As a guardian, kindly help CAPF officers in the endeavor of getting their legitimate rights. This will be a true leadership quality of a leader of your stretcher.

  23. Sir.. You have certainly been an officer of character n vision but gone are the days. Very surprisingly You too have come in for savioring your own fraternity only.. Plz tell where in the country an IPS officer is leading an operation on ground. They have only been managing their bosses more and forces less.. That’s is one of the most important reason why state police in most of the states are not able to contain and manage law n order issues. IPS officers n leadership intentionally denying the legible rights of NFFU and OGAS to CAPF cadre officers when it’s already given by judiciary n the Govt in favour of the devoided lot of cadre officers.. Is it not the Unjust behaviour shown by the top leaders of capfs who are all IPS. Are they behaving like the leader of the force or the representative of their association. And what right do they have to be in an association when the CAPF cadres are denied the same in the name of uniforms n discipline. It’s high time capf leadership should be handed over to their own leaders ..they ll take care of it.. Ips officers of state cadres are meant for the provinces n they Should take interest in improving the condition of police n law n order conditions in their home state. CAPF is not an army… It doesn’t have a ministry who stand up in favour of their cadres.. It doesn’t have a leader of its own.. It neither has its tribunal.. It doesn’t draw MSP.. etc etc etc. On what ground can you compare capf officers n cadre with that of Army. It’s a central government civil service..and what’s comparable… pay, perks, infrastructure, facilitaties ..In all these aspects Army is steps ahead of capfs more so because leaders of capf all ips.. never bothered to fight for the cadre of the forces. Cadre is devoid of its legal n legible rights even in day to day life n now NFFU n OGAS are one of those.

  24. Sir, CAPFs have been declared Organised Group ‘A’ service by Government of India since 1986. But their rightful dues have been denied to protect the vested interests of IPS lobby.
    After a decade long legal battle CAPFs have been authorised to get all the benefits of OGAS. When they are asking for it why it is being termed as act of indiscipline?

    • Writing an Article without having sufficient knowledge results misleading facts by the respected author. First see. Are few IPS coming to CAPFs are doing rightful thing? appreciable efforts of few IPS who sent correct cases but were returned by influencing. CAPFs had a full respect for all bosses but denying the legitimate rights will definitely put their integrity; Command and a Question mark on selecting wrong leaders for nation by wells e-signed examination and selection process. UPSC must rethink and redesign selection process to take positive and good leaders..Pls see from your bottom of heart and come with truth. They are doing mischevous to the CAPFs. They have lost trust of CAPF by their mischevous act. CAPFs is really surprised on their functioning in state police and we are sure they had damaged the nation in their career for their benefit as they are doing same here.

  25. The angst of the CAPF is that while the nffu granted to other 52 OGAS is the same i.e. two years behind the financial grades of IAS, the deliberately misinterpreted nffu to the paramilitaries is totally different and would delay their financial upgrades by over ten years. Why must the nffu granted to capf be different from those of the other 52 other OGAS? If there has to be any difference, it ought to be better one as they work in the toughest and dangerous working conditions!

  26. Sir i have served in naxal area of chattisgarh twice but never seen even a DySP of state police , forget about IPS . I don’t know where u have seen leading fm front.
    sir u have talked about discipline but i have never seen an IPS SP saluting CAPF Commandants wearing rank of SSP.
    Sir u have said CAPF officer are better than army in respect of promotion, even after serving in BSF as DG . Army officer get PB 4 in 13 year ,but BSF officer…..13 sal me DC bn jaye vhi bhut hi
    sir also comment on utility of IPS association

  27. sir i have served in naxal area of chattisgarh twice but never seen any DySP leading the operations, forget about IPS officer .
    sir u r talking about discipline but i have never seen any IPS SP saluting Commandants of CAPF wearing rank of SSP.
    sir u have said CAPF are better than army in terms of promotion even after serving as DG BSF is very strange. An army officer gets PB 4 in 13 years ,and BSF officer….pls check the facts sir.
    sir pls give ur comments about IPS association . I don’t know why they require it and why CAPF officers are deprived of it.
    Sir pls also explain why CAPF officer should not get equality with other organized group a service .

  28. “As an Indian Police Service officer who has commanded the Uttar Pradesh Police, the Assam Police,…..” Oh yeah, given your (and other IPS) leadership skills, the Uttar Pradesh police/Assam Police became a role model for India and the world !!!! Very correct, absolutely correct, no denying it !!

  29. झूठ की चाशनी में डुबोकर, तथ्यों को अपनी सुविधानुसार तोड़ मरोड़ कर , और असत्य परिकल्पनाओं में पिरो कर, जो यह लेख प्रस्तुत करने का प्रयास किया गया है, वह लेखक की मानसिक विकृति और संकीर्ण सोच का एक जीता जागता उदाहरण है। महोदय ने बड़ी ही कुटिलता के साथ अपने साथियों के अनैतिक कार्यक्रमों के प्रयोजन को न केवल एक नैतिक चोला पहनाने का प्रयास किया, बल्कि इस अन्याय के खिलाफ जिन लोगों ने आवाज उठाई, उन्हें द्रोही करार देने की भी साजिश की। मैं अभी भी समझ नहीं पा रहा कि अगर यह प्रजाति, इतनी ही ज्यादा सक्षम, काबिल और दूरदर्शी है तो, इनकी यह क्षमता और दूरदर्शिता अधिकारी वर्ग के निचले क्रम में योगदान देने को क्यों तैयार नहीं होती, क्यों नहीं यह जमीनी स्तर पर, जवानों के साथ खुद को जोड़ पाते हैं, ऐसी क्या वजह है कि इन्हें आईजी और ऊपर के पदों में तो इतनी ज्यादा अभिरुचि है, लेकिन जब बात करते हैं कंपनी कमांडर की, तो वहां पर इनको अछूत लगता है और इससे बहुत दूरी बना लेते हैं? तो क्या यह केवल मलाईदार पदों की हवस है, क्या यह केवल मुख्यालय के वातानुकूलित कमरों की मीमांसा है, या फिर केवल उच्च पदों पर बैठकर, राज चलाने की अभिलाषा, कि जमीनी स्तर पर काम करने को बिल्कुल भी तैयार नहीं होते। इन्होंने तो बड़ी शान से कहा कि यह बल के लिए बने थे और बल इनके लिए था। पर यह बात केवल कथनि में ही क्यों दिखाई देती है और करनी में क्यों नहीं? क्या कारण है कि आज भी यह अपनी सुविधा के लिये, अपने ही द्वारा बनाए गए, इस सामंतवादी व्यवस्था को त्यागने को तैयार नहीं। आरामतलबी की ऐसी लत लग गई है कि इससे बाहर निकलने के लिए सोचना भी इनके लिए मुमकिन नहीं । और आज जब यह लग रहा है कि उनके इस एकाधिकार पर कोई सक्षम, सबल, और यथार्थवादी सोच के साथ, बल के अपने अधिकारी, दावेदारी प्रस्तुत कर रहे हैं और बल की बागडोर थाम लेने को तैयार हैं, तो उस न्यायोचित अभिलाषा को कुचलकर, साम, दाम, दंड, भेद, येन केन प्रकारेन, अपना वर्चस्व बचाए रखने के लिए, यह दूषित प्रयास किये जा रहे हैं, और यह लेख भी इन्हीं प्रयासों का एक अंश है। पुलिस में किसी किस्म के यूनियन बनाने का कोई अधिकार नहीं है लेकिन आईपीएस एसोसिएशन है, जो इनके निज स्वार्थ और पैशाचिक मीमांसा के लिए, न्यायालय के भी निर्णय के विरुद्ध, इनकी तरफ से न्यायालय में जाकर वाद भी दाखिल करती है। परन्तु इस विषय में इनकी कलम से एक भी अक्षर नहीं लिखा जा सका। आखिर कैसे खुद को कैसे नंगा कर पाते। जो भी कुर्बानियां और बलिदान, विभागीय अधिकारियों ने दी, उसका पूरा श्रेय अपनी छाती के तमगों में लगा सकें, येन तो इनकी तो आदतों में परिपक्व हो चुका है। विभाग के अधिकारियों के साथ, हमेशा से ही, दोयम दर्जे का ब्यवहार किया जाता रहा , और यही कारण है कि इस तथाकथित उच्च वर्ग ने विभागीय अधिकारियों के समक्ष अपनी विश्वसनीयता और सम्मान भाव को खो दिया है। हमारे राष्ट्रचिन्ह का अधर वाक्य है, *सत्यमेव जयते * अर्थात सत्य की ही जीत होती है। यह मेरा परम् विश्वास है कि इस बार भी सत्य, हमेशा की तरह, असत्य और अन्याय के तिलिस्म को तोड़ कर, नीति और समभाव के साम्राज्य को स्थापित करने में सफल होगा।

  30. The content of this article are highly objectionable and they are false. Reasons-
    1. The Print is name of known media so responsibility is much more than others. When very few knew, then Shekhar Gupta ji has made his voice loud on the subject of CAPF.
    2. CAPF were OGAS since 1986, but who denied this, till date. You all know.
    3. Who opposed openly in the apex court, the one who is member of that association.
    4. Now, who is not implementing this, as per the order of DOPT and making all unwanted communications to delay the legitimate rights.
    5. If a same judgement can be implemented in RPF, in true spirit, then why can’t it be done in CAPF. It means IPS association doesn’t want it.
    6. Being in Uniform IPS can form association but CAPF can’t from the same association, why?
    7. Right to equality is a constitutional right and to ask for this, it’s an offence in the eyes of IPS association.
    8. Right to express has been categorisely mentioned by the Apex court and when CAPF are expressing, it’s against the rule. Whereas when The print is publishing this article, it is the right to expression, strange.
    9. At least, now it should be the eye opener for the Govt that how badly and with such ill intention, some handful powerful person in uniform have been creeping for and willfully denying the LEGITIMATE RIGHTS of uniformed ground soldiers, which have been confirmed by Hon’ble DHC, Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Cabinet.
    10. Today not even in one state they can suggest where policing is at its best. The Government is having most untrust worthy belief on them and so for anything or everything, only CAPF are called. Be it any election or any L&O duty. Whereas both are their prime subjects.
    11. Hope, the print will take note of this and in future, such biased, unjustified, untrue, false, willfully disobeyed articles will not get space in your well known platform.

  31. If the IPS officers are so eager to head the CAPF to contribute positively and lead, then please have a scheme where they can laterally enter at the level of SP (after 5 years of IPS service or so) and spend time in the frontline with the CAPF troops for the rest of their service career. Earn their respect, grow up in the system and then take a shot at the top leadership position. Respect cant be earned simply by parachuting into the top positions and spending time in a cosy HQ setting. I don’t buy it.
    There may be exceptions that some IPS may lead very well etc, but those are just exceptions. Plus I would advise them to first lead and fix the state police system, i.e. a primary job for them. Even decades after independence, the common man dreads to interact with the police at all levels. This is serious failure in part of the IPS leadership (there are exceptions but again exceptions are rare). This is shameful, given that they can form associations and share a place with other all india services who practially govern the country. So advice for a IPS officer, please fix the state police services first and then think of other insitutions. The common man desperately needs it. Good Luck !

  32. IPS officers equipped with powers of law, closeness with statement can make changes or overrule Honble SC. Can conveniently drag SC directions. Can fight case in SC. It’s members still head the same CAPF officers. But when powerless CAPF officers frustrated with no option due to powerfuls powerful games can’t even take help of social media?! Bcoz it sounds trade unionism to vested ones. Ok, then let CAPFs remain graceful and implement the SC order in true spirit as obtained by those, with requirement of perceived justice who went to SC as top commanders, govt did not do anything. With these superficial half hearted, misconstrued steps are those offcrs satisfied who went to SC?????

  33. Such a view from a man of your repute is unfortunate. Playing role of Dhrithrastra doesn’t suit your persona. You didn’t mention a single reason in your article as to why now the IPS officers are considered personae non gratae in the CAPFs. Your view is imbalanced. Use of words Tamasha, Trade Uionism , Disaffection etc. in your article , and provoking the authorities to take action against the officers who are raising their voice to get their legitimates are totally uncalled for. You should have refrained from doubting the integrity of the CAPF Officers. Their Conviction and Commitment towards the Cause of their Motherland do not require any kind of certificate. At least not from you.

  34. Dear sir, if BSF isn’t disciplined enough and UP police is more disciplined than CAPF, your statement is nothing but a stuff to be laughed at. It shows your intention to suppress a genuine cause.

  35. It is a matter of shame for CAPF Leaderships that CAPF Officers were forced by them to go to court for their legitimate demands.
    Problem starts with V pay commission. Prior to V pay commission an CAPF officer may be promoted to the rank of 2ic the grade which was above SP and below SSP after 12 yrs of services.. Initial pay of SP, 2IC and SSP were 3750,4100 and 4500. Time bar for an IPS to promote to the rank of SSP was 14 yrs.
    Similarly an time bar for IPS for promotion to the rank of DIG and IG were 18 and 24 yrs and for CAPF officers it was 20 & 24 yrs. Hence there were almost pay parity.
    During V pay commission all post with initial pay of 4100/ had been upgraded to NFSG but grade of 2ic had been downgraded to SP grade. Time bar for promotion of CAPF officers remained same whereas for IPS it was reduced to 13 yrs for NFSG, 14 to DIG 18 to IG. Which widened the gap between two services.
    Fifth pay commission never stopped NFSG for CAPF, but MHA and Pers Directorate led by Police Officers abruptly stopped grant of NFSG to the CAPF officers. Which was the major reason for discontents and against the spirit. Later on, DoPT and MHA also clarified that NFSG is applicable for CAPF officers also.
    Under command always looks upon their leaders, but if leaders themselves were the hindrance, only option was the GoI and court of law. Leadership also failed during sixth and seventh pay commission. It is for the betterment of the nation and CAPF if such discredited leadership should leave the forces.

  36. In which fantasy world are you living in? You Blame other IPS officers and you yourself don’t know the truth?
    It’s a joke of the year that CAPFs promotion is better than army?
    Bring in BSF you couldn’t even see this grievances of BSF officers but only take credit of their tireless work day in and day out at the border.
    Your knowledge need to be refined and you must stop misguiding the public this way.

    Please remember that OGAS and NFFU was court and Govt. of India approval.

    So Nuts and bolts is not gonna go down well. Time has change and it is unfortunate that old man in old school could not see this reality.

  37. Thanks respected sir , for speaking as IPS not as DG BSF ( who has been treated as fatherly figure) in CAPF. DO u know the meaning , role and responsibilities of DG CAPF? Is to promote IPS or promote CAPF being a head of Organization. I don’t found any SP who has been promoting the CAPF throughout the country or giving them what they are authorised for, in terms of accommodation , vehicle intelligence or anything.
    And u want to be treated as GOD and Government of INDIA in the CAPF best rooms in mess for you and for your distant relatives or known persons.
    You don’t opt or go the IPS mess or district guest house and always want to misutilizes the CAPF resources. On the cost CAPF officers who are living in semibuilt structure during govt duty.

    U don’t know what is the OM , relaxation and SC clarification but writing big thing on this news paper . We. Are not expected this about the print. It seems the print is diverted from ethos and culture for few small gain. Or may be forced by the some so called devine personas who treat themselves as GOD and Government of India.

    We are not against the IPS. we just want our rights which was denied by the IPS i.e u. We are neither indiscipline and nor creating trust deficit. It is only done and created by you guys.

    So stop creating fake write ups ..
    If u are true leader plz write about IPS Association role responsibilities and funding and locus standi of this association in the case .

  38. Mr Prakash unfortunately You being the DG BSF still don’t know about BSF and rather CAPFs. This is the reason CAPFs Cadre officers were aspire to be DG. You had written “Modi government has generously agreed to a one-time relaxation in residency period to give the benefit of NFFU to a larger number of officers”.Do you know How much relaxation Govt had given? It’s only 1 year and that is benefitting only 1 to 2 % of officers in totallity. IPSs officers are still adamant to change RRs of CAPFs and not implementing NFSG & NFFU in true spirit which is very shameful on the part of Commander of respective CAPF since DG is leader as well.I request you to guide DGs of CAPFs to shows big heart & more professionalism and to implement ruling of SC & DHC in letter & spirit. I think by mere wearing rank a commander is not considered as commander,he must show that he is fighting for their rights. I hope being DG BSF for Six years you must be knowing more about BSF but sorry you still know very less about BSF.

  39. Mr.Parkash Singh you have given distorted facts in your article. It is high time for IPS officers to gracefully hand over the command of each force to respective cadre officers. IPS have not repeat not nurtured these forces. Rather IPS are credit snatchers. IPS have walked over the sacrifices of cadre officers and attained re-employment at the cost of career prospects of Officers and men of these forces. As regards recent order of Hon’ble SC, you are misguiding your own IPS lobby. Just go and seek opinion of SG of India.

  40. Mr Prakash! you have lied by writing that promotions in CAPFs is better than Indian Army.Pl compare the statistical facts of both of these services.The reality says that officers have earned single promotion in their 16 to 18 years of service.Your so called visionary IPS brethren,who had commanded the forces, had failed to foresee the stagnation in these forces.The CAPF officers are not slaves.They are raising their voices becoz the paratrooped commanders have dealt their grievances in malaise manner.We are in the democratic state.Now, the voices of CAPF officers cannot be muzzled.

  41. Quoting Hon’ble SC
    ” No observations are made by
    this Court in the Judgment sought to be clarified with respect to
    right of the IPS Officers for deputation, in terms of the
    recruitment rules, if any, in the various CAPFs.

    Therefore, when
    the said controversy was not there, there is no question of any
    clarification as sought by the application.

    Even otherwise, it is
    required to be noted that in paragraph 26 in the Judgment and
    Order sought to be clarified, it is specifically mentioned that by
    granting Organised Group ‘A’ Central Services to the RPF (it
    should be read as CAPF), the rights of the IPS, if any, for their
    appointment on deputation on some of the posts cannot be said
    to have affected.

    Therefore, in view of the specific
    clarification/observations made in paragraph 26 of Judgment
    dated 05.02.2019, no further clarification is required. Still, it is
    observed that while deciding the appeals, this Court has made no
    observations with respect to the right of the IPS Officers for deputation, in terms of the recruitment rules, if any, as the same
    was not the controversy and/or issue before this Court and the
    decision of this Court shall be construed with respect to grant of
    Organised Group ‘A’ Central Services only. “

  42. Officers have made a numbers of representations to respective DGs against the manner in which the scheme of NFFU is being implementated.Pl ask your brethren IPS heads of the CAPFs that how many have been examined in quasi-judicial manner.
    Secondly, you cannot make a sweeping statement that promotional prospects in CAPFs are better.You have lied in your article.Officers in CAPFs have earned single promotion in 18 to 20 years of service.
    Thirdly, as our heads have failed to manifest vision which has led to the acute stagnation,the voice of the officers of CAPFs cannot be said to be an act of indiscipline.We are in the democratic state.The officers of CAPFs are not slaves and their voice against injustice cannot be muzzled.

    • Mr. Prakash Singh sir, such a biased opinion was not expected from a learned personality like you, who is the pioneer of police reforms and a legendary in the field of internal security. I have been a very big admirer of you but your recent writing on this issue has compelled me to think twice that have you really commanded BSF for 6 years?
      Sir, after a decade long legal battle CAPFs have been authorised to get all the benefits of OGAS by Delhi High Court as well as Supreme Court. After the verdict of SC, Government of India through its cabinet decision approved the OGAS status and all consequential benefits to CAPFs. Now instead of implementing the orders of SC, the CAPF leadership is trying to betray it’s own officers by misinterpreting the rules as per convenience of some lobby (you can actually use trade unionism for them) & made the mockery of the judgement of DHC & HC. They have no fear of contempt of court. This was the time when CAPF officers were expecting fatherly guidance and support from their top leadership in execution of SC judgement in its true spirit and restructuring of respective cadres in scientific manner so that CAPF cadre officers can serve with dignity and pride but when they asked for it you are terming it as an act of indiscipline?
      Is it not the Unjust behaviour shown by the top leaders of CAPFs who are all IPS? Are they behaving like the leader of the force or the representative of their association? And what right do they have to be in an association when the CAPF cadres are denied the same in the name of uniforms n discipline? It’s high time that CAPF leadership should be handed over to their own leaders ..they will take care of it.. IPS officers of state cadres are meant for the provinces and they Should take interest in improving the condition of police and law & order in their home states. CAPF is not an army… It doesn’t have a ministry who stand up in favour of their cadres.. It doesn’t have a leader of its own.. It neither has its tribunal.. It doesn’t draw MSP.. etc. On what ground can you compare CAPF officers and cadre with that of Army? It’s a central government civil service.And what’s comparable… pay, perks, infrastructure, facilitaties .In all these aspects Army is steps ahead of CAPFs more so because Army has its own leadership while leaders of CAPFs are IPS who never bothered to fight for the cadre of the forces. Cadre is devoid of its legal & legible rights even in day to day life and now NFFU & OGAS are one of those.
      One more thing, DHC gave it’s judgement in 2015, Supreme court upheld the judgement on 2nd February 2019. At last GOI also accepted it & approved on 3rd July 2019. In stead of implementing NFFU & OGAS in its true spirit which has already extended to about 52 Organised Group A Services (OGAS) CAPF leadership is playing red tapism and making mockery of justice which has given by the Apex court of this country.
      Now please tell, how & to whom we should approach to get justice?

  43. Few highlights maybe make in view of the above article.
    In the first places, the question of blame game by Ex DG is not expected. He knew very well the reasons of grievances of CAPFs cadre officers, are not happy because OGAS and NFFU which was granted to CAPFs by the Supreme Court and GoI has not been implemented in letter and spirit.

    For information of readers there are total 52 OGAS services in India. And the last is CAPFs recently by court order and cabinet ministers approval of Govt of India it has been given to CAPFs too.
    But IPS DsG are not implementing it in true spirit of the court and is not in resonance with benefits of other 52 Group A services (or OGAS)
    So a question arises naturally in the mind of cadre officers if they are step soldier or second class citizens? Why is CAPFs not treated or given the benefit of OGAS like other OGAS services? Why this discrimination with other services?

    Is not the court order legitimate and aren’t they (IPS DsG) duty-bound to implement it without manipulation? Rather than doing that they are blocking the career of 12000 cadre officers only and only to serve their vested interest i.e deputation. Are they i.e IPS bigger than Court and Govt.? Ex-DG doubts on integrity of CAPFs is not of genuine assessment rather a reflection of the typical mindsets of how to undermine the grievances of CAPFs cadre officers.

    Many experts of our country are of the views that IPS doesn’t hv any experience in CAPFs and therefore shouldn’t lead CAPFs. We need to serve the nations with the merit of a rich experiences of CAPFs cadre officers. IPS maybe good in their own job where they have experience but not in CAPFs. they must know that they can’t be masters of all. Time and situation has evolved overtime and one need to accept that.

  44. Promotion prospects in CAPFs are better then Army ……Ha..Ha…Ha……That’s why CAPF officers with more then 21 yrs service are still looking to reach the PB4.

  45. He ex_DG Mr Prakash try to speak like a scholar with bureaucratic mindset. But his analysis are one sided and non-realistic.
    The Govt and Court granted NFFU and OGAS to CAPF cadre Officers, but where is it?

    He said it is being extended…..But if so why are cadre officers of CAPFs aggrieved? The extension which he claimed has been granted
    to CAPF was a manipulation and not in true spirit of OGAS. Everyone knows this. That is the reason CAPFs took to social media and other platform….. Because truth has been forcefully confined in the four walls of the house.

    Regarding deputation and respect, CAPFs are loyal subjects….And they welcome and respect their seniors. But when the highest court i.e SC as well as Govt. has granted your rights and benefits, is it not his duty to implement it rather than diverting the topic? Is he bigger than the Honble SC and GOI? Why such mindset?

    Lastly Why blaming Past IPS officers. That was never an issue. The issue now is about court order and it’s implementation in true spirit.

  46. Are the cadre officers for counting nuts and bolts?When CAPFs are organised since 1986 then who deliberately denied it fr vested interest? Deputation will not b affected but within the definition of OGAS , dear sir! are you claiming that 52 services will be governed by OGAS and defination of OGAS will be different for CAPFs? Don’t you see anything wrong in the attitude of IPS DsG of CAPFs? If not then you are promoting organisational baises .Have you seen such anger in past frm these disciplined officers? If not ,then you should have thought what grave injustice is being done with these officers posted in most disturbed and remote areas.Are you nt in favor to punish the culprits? I have always seen you as a role model of policing but let me convey you with all due respect that you have projected yourself as a member of one group where majority is involved as oppressors fr vested interest.

  47. Respected Sir, you are one of the three or four best DGs of BSF, those have contributed their best for betterment of the force. The force is still having a huge respect for you and will. But the resentment of the cadre officers are true. Once the SC and Govt has given their nod ,why there is a delay in implementation? Secondly why not changing the RR of a and draw uniform SR for all CAPF. Why a DG of one force denied to sign the proceedings before he proceeded to retirement. Bring the head of the force it is the duties of individual to give best and possible Welfare to troops under command including officers. But IPS Association filed a case against the decision to grant OGAS to CAPF. Why? If they are really commanders than what should be their the cadre officers to get their legitimate and long pending dues rather than creating hurdles at each stage.
    I agree that very few IPS officers have accepted these forces as their own n did something but most of them came, stay and left with all nonsense schemes, policies etc. You have rightly said that FORCE should not forget it’s glorious history …Yes Sir you are right the glorious history of BSF includes Shri KF Rustamji, Brig BC pandey, Shri RK Wadhwa, Shri Vivek saxena, Shri Purohit, Shri Vinod Sharma, Shri Channel , Shri Rocky, Shri Jitendra, Shri Jabbar, Shri Vinay, and many unsung n forgotten bordermen. You will be agree with me that it should not include a DG who came here for 2 year….enjoyed with wife and left the force without any remarkable reform or even noticable efforts. I hope u will agree with me that NFFU and NFSG are required to be implemented with a new uniform SR for all CAPF and not as per existing RRs of respective force. One more thing ones vision can not be tested wihout providing opportunities , I hope u understood sir .Though I can not agree with your all views but as a DG I have huge respect for you. Regards sir. Jai Hind.

  48. Once a leech, always a leech…It’s for the people to notice that apart from policing, IPS officers are capable of everything…The writer writes that there is no place for trade unionism in uniformed forces but conveniently let’s ot pass that ips association is the epitome of unionism…Yes, the capfs were raised by ips officers and there is no denying their contribution, but the time has come when they moved on…The capfs now have a rich stable of cadre officers who have been and are ACTUALLY leading the jawans in different theaters across the country…It is a fact that almost all ips officers are into capfs just to stay at a particular place of posting…There are officers who have never even held an independent districts but are ig operations and whatnots…They are brilliant, true, as is evidenced by them cracking one of the toughest exams in the world probably but that is not what capfs require…And they are least bothered by it too…And for heavens sake don’t bring the army into the picture…They don’t need to be rolled into this mud…

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