Friday, May 26, 2023
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With his speech, Modi did what Xi and Trump couldn’t — made India greater than the pandemic

Modi’s ‘Janata curfew’ speech showed both resolution and restraint. He led from the front and asked Indians to make gratitude part of public culture.

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When it comes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is not the medium that is the message. It is the man himself. And when he seizes the moment, there is mega impact. To put it in a nutshell, Modi’s ‘Janata curfew’ speech was an astute and extraordinary convergence of 5 M’s — man, moment, message, medium, and, of course, Modi. Together, they made magic, leaving Indians spellbound.

The speech had Modi’s stamp all over it. What critics would be quick to point out as another of his feats of event management. Turning the curfew into a nation-wide movement. The opposition, which hates Modi so much, may well say that his address was nothing but another illustration of dramebaaz Modi

But this is neither the time to be uncharitable, nor overly political. The fact is that we’re in the second, possibly third, stage of the pandemic already. The dreaded novel coronavirus has crossed our borders and spread deep into our country. Cases are going up by the hour globally, as are fatalities. Over 244,500 worldwide and 10,030 dead. In India, we have more than 200 reported cases and four casualties.

That doesn’t mean that we should be complacent. There’s only a thin line between individual contact transmission and catastrophic community transmission of the virus. The latter is when it explodes, becoming truly viral. Showing how our metaphors have, in a cruel manner, come back to bite us.

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A new ‘war’

In the first place, Modi’s speech, both sober and statesmanlike, was addressing our possible inactivity (karo na) or smugness when faced with coronavirus. While we should not panic or start hoarding supplies, the need of the hour is to be vigilant. Only a watchful, attentive, and compassionate society can save itself, the Prime Minister implied. Hum svasth, jag svasth (if we are healthy, so will the world be). Modi couldn’t have been more correct.

Once we accept that the surge in the malaise has to be prevented, the next logical step is social distancing. That is the only way to slow down the spread, to round off, if not flatten, the spike of infections across India.

But, unlike China, we are a democracy, not an authoritarian state. Curfews can be imposed, but only in wartime. Modi remembered how he had experienced India’s wars in the past. Blackouts, darkened windows, community patrolling. He urged Indians wholeheartedly to participate in this new war, this time against a virus, by joining his ‘Janata curfew’.

In my view, this was the most brilliant part of his speech and strategy. The 7 am to 9 pm curfew, called on Sunday, 22 March, serves at least two important purposes. It enforces social distancing voluntarily. And it also unites the populace, giving them a sense of national purpose and direction.

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Gratitude and compassion

Pandemics are cruel. They not only decimate large swathes of the populace, but bring economic activities to a standstill. In such times, panic and pandemonium often ensue. Modi led from the front, giving Indians a sense of urgency, agency, and hope in combating this unknown and still not well-understood enemy that has invaded our land.

Empowering the common man and woman, giving them a way to counter or contain the disease, and filling them with hope and inspiration—these were the greatest achievements of Modi’s speech.

Modi did not neglect another couple of important virtues that we Indians need to instil in our daily lives and flag as a part of our public culture. Gratitude and compassion.

The former for all those who serve us and do their duties in these troubled times—public servants, health, sanitation, and civil supply workers, security personnel, and, yes, though he did not mention it, our leaders. We need all of them to keep the nation functional.

Modi urged Indians not only to join the Janata curfew, but also to clap, shout or make noise at 5:00 pm to show our appreciation. From our doorways or balconies. Tali baja ke, thali baja ke, ghanti baja ke. Some critics asked how many Indians have balconies—this is the level to which Modi critics stoop, making asses of themselves.

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Giving and taking

Modi also asked us to demonstrate our fellow-feeling and duty towards those who are worst affected by the coronavirus. Those who will lose their livelihood or wages also deserve our help. By not cutting wages, by supporting neighbourhood shops or hawkers, by continuing to take care of those who are dependent on us, we will tide over the crisis.

Some say that Modi had nine asks, one for each day of Navratri, corresponding to a Goddess or Shakti. Be that as it may, we need not bring religion into the picture unnecessarily. Only avoid congregational prayers. While our largest and most popular shrines including Tirupati, Vaishno Devi, and Siddhivinayak, have already shut down, it is time for mosques, gurdwaras, and churches also to join the curfew. Even for Shaheen Bagh and other such Muslim protests to disband. Lest contagion renders them pointless. When our very lives are at stake, what liberties are we fighting for?

Modi said, “You’ve never disappointed me whenever I’ve asked you for something.” This is how great leaders manage the masses. By giving in the guise of taking or taking in the guise of giving. Modi has proved himself a master of both. When it comes to the pandemic, he made us feel that we can win against it. He rose to the occasion to be greater than the pandemic. This no other world leader, from Donald Trump to Xi Jinping, has quite managed to do.

Modi began by addressing us as “mere pyare deshvasiyon”—my dear countrymen. I would say that at the end of his speech, most of us would have said, “hamare pyare pradhan mantri-ji”—our beloved Prime Minister.

The author is a Professor and Director at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. His Twitter handle is @makrandparanspe. Views are personal.

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  1. Being anti-Modi is not an issue. During this hour of crisis where it is a question of life n death talking nuisance should be dealt seriously. Some minorities challenge the authorities n create chaos. They should be hit below the belt.

  2. I wanna to tell you pm sir you are right sir but i and my fellow students are not satisfied because our exams are also late so please solve our problem then i and my crew satisfied your decision 21 days are long period of time please some think about it. If God is not satisfied on us then he wanted to punish us we don’t stop him it is God’s rights

  3. All those shouting for economy, tourism and stuff like that. Dudes You will have to first be alive to see such thing.. Social distancing is the only thing that acn help and self curfew is the only thing we can do.. So please use ur brains instead of criticizing the government.

  4. I think Covid 19 has already entered into third stage in India as seeing the past scenerio in Italy , China and Iran, it is hard to believe that ina country like India with a population of 1.3 billion and population density of 423 persons and a comparatively poorer health facilities it is still in second stage. ICMR should widened the testing rate as you can not be satisfied with only about 12000 sample in India. Even though mass testing can not be done but patients with flu like symptoms should be tested. ICMR has revised it’s policy lately. There are some asymptomatic patients in our country who may be transmitting the disease in the community level. Indian government may be hiding the true numbers just to not panic people. That’s why a Janata curfew is imposed to prepare people for the worst because they knew the REAL conditions in our country. India is heading towards the worst conditions and may be it will be the next hotspot of coronavirus. Modi ji should do about mass testing before e it’s too late! !! ! ! as the cases found in the Pune and WB and Chennai shows community transmission clearly even though they are denying that. Stay safe and be prepared.

  5. That PM does not have the decency to translate the speeches to Indians in their own languages and speaks in the language of Pakistan. Even till today trains were running and Hindians used it to travel free without ticket. A Hindian got down in TN testing positive and no one knows how many he has infected in the process. This is nothing but a coverup of BJP and government machinery conspiracy to spread the disease all over India.

  6. Our PM Modi’ji Humble Appeal to India is meant for ‘Prevention is better than Cure.’ He tried his best and I think it’s a great success. The message understood by all the Indian People though they may be Literate or Illiterates. Very good initiative!

    • No he did not, he was sleeping for 3 months and filthy India Railways were allowed to run full till yesterday. A Hindian got down the train in TN testing positive and he has probably infected 100s in the process. This is what Delhi is all about.

  7. Corona is a punishment sort Of warning for humans who have taken away rights,freedom of other creatures birds,animals,trees living freely on the planet due to our rising population.Scratching their spaces, looting scarce resources for our greed clamming 4,to 100 flats, houses,lands,plots for a family of 4 to 10 members. Mother Nature will make a justice with those who has an equal right to own a planet by reducing human burden over “Home” earth, if “intellectual” human does not understand their responsibility. Mother Nature will show Earth is their home too by reclaiming it from human.

    • I am all the way from Guyana and I couldn’t agree more with this also to see your PM caring so much it’s better than a lot of leaders in other countries trust me

  8. Corona is a punishment sort Of warning for humans who have taken away rights,freedom of other creatures birds,animals,trees living freely on the planet due to our rising population.Scratching their spaces, looting scarce resources for our greed clamming 4,to 100 flats, houses,lands,plots for a family of 4 to 10 members. Mother Nature will make a justice with those who has an equal right to own a planet by reducing human burden over “Home” earth, if “intellectual” human does not understand their responsibility. Mother Nature will show Earth is their home too by reclaiming it from human.

  9. @gopal yeah forget about this damn fancy speech…..think about the economy! Atleast on the financial terms there would be no crisis! Imagine! do we Indians deserve such a steady economy and a no riot peaceful country. I guess not. Because as per the new india cow dung and urine can cure Corona virus 😂 Congratulations for PM extraordinary words and ofcourse who cares for any action. We should demand less…. Nuture this virtue.

    • wonder why does it bother you when a few people drink cow urine or dung! It has been going on for hundreds of years, as much as you like your free speech and democracy learn to respect others who want to do their thing be it drink donkey’s piss. The PM and other Ministers have not uttered such things so why should it tickle your backside?

  10. In addition to “Janta Curfew”, Section 144 and Entry-Exit ban should be put in place from Sunday for at least 2 weeks particularly in the metropolitan cities hosting thousands of returnees from abroad many of whom have flouted quarantine orders.

    If the virus somehow enters the countryside, India is DOOMED like Italy.

  11. Modi’s speach? It is the worst blabbery the world has ever heard. Now the world is 100% certain that India, a great country is led by absolute Idiots.

    • Is that so? If you think so and you really are an Indian you are part of the genetic garbage this country has produced. Go take a hike Charlie

  12. I strongly feel that one shouldn’t feel bad for being called Modi hater or anti national for that matter when u don’t think twice before branding any Govt supporter as BHAKT.
    I’m sorry, u used that word, and it is pure hypocrisy.
    Peace ✌️

    • Call us modi hater or anything, but think twice before branding as Anti nationals.

      You are not authorized to tag people whether they are nation conscious or Anti nationals.

      Moreover, if you have the mindset of addressing a particular section of society as Anti nationals. You are better to be called Antisocial.

  13. One more Modi bhakt who is trying to glorify his master. May be he also will get nominated to RS. As the PM he could have announced the economic package for country rather than stopping with Janata Curfew. But what else can you expect from him.Empty vessel makes lot of noise.

  14. Stop praising him…. Lets talk about the falling economy…. It would be no suprise if modi led govt puts all blame on corona virus….. This virus might be a boon for failing bjp government

    • Why dont you talk abou the Mosque meet ups and the varous anti – CAA protest . What social resposbility do you think the muslim community has when they claim to be true citizens ? They are proving to be nuisance and no citizens .

  15. What job is in the pipeline? Rewards can come quick, say 4 months, as it was for the former CJI.

  16. The speech was pretty short of substance in my opinion. The PM could have:
    1- Mentioned the course of action to revive the tourism and aviation industries.
    2- Dispelled the rumours that have led to massive losses for poultry business
    3- Announced funds for informal workers who are avoiding contact or announce stringent actions against people who do not pay salary to informal workers for corona-induced absence; rather they were left purely to the mercy and sympathy of their employers
    4- Announced free testing and expansion of testing facilities

  17. I’m sorry for being a little tepid towards this article of an over glorified speech. Calling for peace and harmony in a time of crisis is something all leaders must do. Anything less isn’t acceptable, but by its mere mention doesn’t qualify it for a participation prize. You need to start having better benchmarks for people in politics. Having said very few across the political spectrum actually set that benchmark. Technically this speec didn’t speak about measure- fiscal or medical , to bring things under control. So let me summarise the speech ” we’re in trouble, we have no cure yet, you are good people, maintain peace and harmony, stay home on Sunday- clap hands at 5pm”. Whoever thinks this content is revolutionary- stop kidding yourselves. The writer who wrote this, you are needed in journalism as much a fish needs a bicycle.

    • While I agree that the article is high on glorification, you are missing the point. Have you heard that a finger that wipes away your tear is much more important to you than the 10 fingers that actually do so much for you. I find your idea of making grand financial annoucements at the time fo crisis a wrong approach. Fiscal measures can be done without an 8PM live show on TV. The curfew is not about peace/harmony. It is about reducing the community spread on a holiday. Reducing community spread itslef is a 2 tn USD package. It also give a chance for people to do something for their country by simply doing nothing. Most people are not hi fi like you. They look forward to these nudges and indications.

      • “A single finger that wipes your tears during your bad times is much better than the ten fingers that come together to clap on your success.”

        That is the saying. He’s the Prime Minister. His job is to manage governance, not give feel-good speeches. And how this author is fawning over Narendra is a cause for concern by itself. Ever heard of the phrase ‘rose-tinted glasses’?

        • god forbid, if you have a problem in your company, and you are CEO. What do you do . Of course do the things like financial decisions etc, but it is also important to communicate with your people. Since he has a big following, he is doing it. Also since what he is saying is a very important thing which normally people would not obey, it is good if he says it. Be that as it may, i still feel that the rose tinted glasses effect is there in the glorification. Also if his words can save even 1 percent of his following from contracting the disease it is huge.

  18. Modi should have addressed real issues and provided reassurance about the steps being taken. His speech was not what the nation was looking forward to 🙂

    He should have at least addressed the following and taken some hard stance on

    1. Concequeses of intentionally not revealing your travel details and hiding from checkups at airports.

    2. Steps and measurements being taken by the Govt and Authorities.

    3. Steps / Progress on medications in the worldwide community and in India. Inventory / Infrastructure available for treating Covid 19.

    4. Plan / Aid to individuals / small businesses in case we are on lockdown beyond a few weeks.

    I am sorry, but the speech was nothing but a sham which did not give hope nor did it address relevant issues.

    • The speech was the precursor for all these steps. In a democracy like ours, you first need to prime people on what is coming.
      A complete lockdown or strict enforcement of rules may well take armed forces deployment.


    • On one hand you blame that govt did not do enough to spread foreign travellers, how may countries did? On the other hand you are finding fault with his effort to slow down the community transmission. Dont find fault for finding the sake of finding fault. Instead see Rathak’ s post lists things that could have been addressed.

    • Either u r not the part of social media Or news .India was amongst few countries who took timely steps.economic woes r all over world.indicators r Dow Jones biggest stock exchange lost the all recovery in one week which it made in 5 years.follow daily news states r taking measures for all things.people returning from all parts of world are praising action and measures of govt.

  20. Modi’s speech was about prevention. But what things central govt provide or plan to who one falls sick? Modiji could have given this moral lecture earlier if he had realized the gravity of situation.

  21. Modi is a good wartime PM a la Winston Churchill. Modi should revert to his current avatar, not the Hindutva zealot avatar.

  22. The author is a well known Hindutva sycophant. The reality is India is going to be hit hard – it is coming. India has a very large population, 4x the population density of China, a poor health infra structure which was run down especially during the BJP govt.. , and the economy is in the doldrums. It does not help to have a culture which believes in cow dung gomutra. It is a country which wastes money on statues and go shalas, and NPRS. The Modi deification reflects a deep Hindu inferiority complex – somehow or other, Hindus want to claim we are one up on China and US. As usual, there is no substance.

    • And u r just a Hindu bashing guy who instead of seeing positive in creating awareness for staying in isolation for all is the best remedy, u r busy in finding the loopholes and just complaining

    • “A poor health infrastructure which was run down by the BJP government”… Where did you get this fake news?… Lol

      Ayushman Bharat, Jan Aushadhi….

      And the last part of your comment has nothing to do with the matter at hand, except prove that you are a Hindu-hater.

      Even your fellow comrade “Communist” China is promoting traditional Chinese medicine to combat Coronavirus, which at the very least provides symptomatic relief if nothing else. Links are not allowed to be commented as far as I know, otherwise I would have given the link here.

      Some people have gotten overboard with “cow urine” ignoring the other myriad of Ayurvedic treatments for pneumonia. But what more do you except from a state where Commies ruled for 34 years and all these knowledge have been forgotten? It should be prudent to remember here that “Hindutvavadis” from no other state created such a ruckus about cow urine during this Corona crisis.

  23. For the benefit of us “Modi haters,” would any Modi bhakt care to explain what is the difference between a valid criticism of Modi and hate? Or is it that whatever Modi does is right and all criticism just hate? To quote a famous bhakt, the nation wants to know…

    • There isn’t much difference between the two. “Modi hater” or “Pappu chamcha” is a synonym of “Modi criticizer” with a negative connotation much like “Modi bhakt” is one for “Modi supporter”.

      Though why you want to know the distinction between the two is beyond me. Has anyone prevented you from hating Modi in a democracy?

      • Actually, yes. Try being openly critical of Modi without having a swarm descend upon you. Simple Google search throws the definition of freedom of speech as “Expression of opinion without fear of retaliation”. Hating is easy. Being on opposing side and yet hearing each other out, that’s what is missing today.

    • In this humble Modi bhakt’s opinion, when a criticism has a point in it and no venum filled adjective, it is fair valid criticism. It is often the misplaced adjectives and punch lines, which makes the haters so dispeakable. Hope this will mellow your hate, brother Suresh !

      • @Santhosh: Oh sure. In that spirit, is calling Rahul Gandhi “pappu” or Manmohan Singh “Maun Mohan Singh” valid criticism? Or is what you say only applicable to Modi?

        @Nationalist: When criticism becomes hate, we are indeed in the world of George Orwell’ 1984. I’ve long suspected that we are on the way there and this only confirms that. Regarding your last sentence, I’d say that with people like the UP Chief Minister around, this is only a matter of time.

        Thanks to both of you for enlightening me.

    • You are intelligent enough to know the answer because you are intelligent enought to understand the problem. Just leave out the bias and smokescreen created by political opponents who use his religion/profession/ caste/marital status to abuse him by weaveing stories portraying him as the one eyed monster that is out to eat up the minorities and on the other hand by carefully potraying one sided account of clashes and abusing him. The haters dont find statements like “Minorities have first right over indias resources” wrong. The haters say he is always wrong and that appears to make him stronger and endearing to the masses who are symphatetic to him because so many people abusing this guy who is trying his best.

    • I strongly feel that one shouldn’t feel bad for being called Modi hater or anti national for that matter when u don’t give a duck before branding any Govt supporter as BHAKT.
      I’m sorry, u used that word, and it is pure hypocrisy.
      Peace ✌️

    • I strongly feel that one shouldn’t feel bad for being called Modi hater or anti national for that matter when u don’t think twice before branding any Govt supporter as BHAKT.
      I’m sorry, u used that word, and it is pure hypocrisy.
      Peace ✌️

  24. Nothing to glorify this speech – you might have liked because this is the first time our PM has come up with a speech when common people are in distress. This is the first time the speech was not ripped with dramatic words and actions. This is the first time there were no hopeless jumlas in his speech with fake promises that the government will do this and that for the society and common people!! But as usual 8pm speech must have some turn and twist in it – it was there! Sunday kerfew and then drumming each others back! Sunday conveniently because non working day – he cannot offer even a mask to the poors, how can he take such big responsibility of daily pay of a poor! One intension is clear, he have to prove his theory to the world – if that cost us anything! A glorified picture of empty roads and people drumming, will make the headlines how people obey his dialogues!! Shame that he never thought of us – if death does not come of Corona, people will die of hunger – that is the state of economy today! You cannot ask to stay at home when people are totally deprived of their earnings! But shameless still spending crores of our money towards nasty politics of MP, but there is not a penny of relief in anything for common people! Bloodsuckers – you have lost your accountability – we don’t care anymore what you say! We know to take care of ourselves!

    • Somebody above asked what is the difference between modi criticism and midi hatred. Please read the responses to that. This is an ideal example of Modi hatred. As an educated citizen, one should ask what he can do for the nation, not what he can get free from the country just because of his birth !

      • This author is so blatantly obsequious ! Please rise above stupid words, the speech that PM gave was something that can be expected of me not the PM.
        I don’t think by now anybody in this country is doesn’t know about Corona and hiw it has been killing people, I don’t think anyone is happy about it, everyone of us is sympathatic towards the patients and wants to be safe himself. He is the PM, the emotions that he is showing is just like anyone of us, it can be maximum be 5 mins of 40mins speech, in the entire speech he did not mention what are steps taken for the poor to protect them, the medical facilities, the hard hit small businesses, the punishment for negligence etc. You, the Author please write articles with such beautiful compliments for each of us like you did for PM, if his sentiments were so extraordinary to you. Looking forward.

      • @santosh I think if you love the nation you must isolate your biased opinions for eternity. That would be a great service to the nation believe me.

  25. Wov. Looking at the comments, looks like bunch of NDTV onlookers have migrated to The Print to spit as much venom as possible on Modi. People who cannot come out of their shadow religion should look to Italy and Iran. Absolute leftist are free to look towards China. Rest can be proud to themselves as true Indian.

  26. yes the curfew will become a super success. Every indian is made to feel like a warrior with modi’s speech. we will break the virus chain if are at home for thr 14 hours on sunday. Modi has grown in stature with this speech.

  27. While Modi’s speech was reasonably good, this paranjape guy’s article is absolute test_es licking stuff.

  28. Looking above comments,it become difficult to contain Corona.Relegious people should look to Iran.left to China.

  29. What speech did you watch. Is Modi a magician or something. Every time he talks people act as if he is a god! He said nothing relevant! He is the only Prime Minister to never talk to the press in a live setting. He spews nothing of importance in his speeches and has provided no real leadership! India is in a financial and now medical crisis and he is acting as if everything is alright as long as you believe what he says! The worst Prime Minister of any country!

    • Even worse than the chain of failures UK has produced since Margaret Thatcher stepped down ?

      • @santosh you are very persistent! Just answer one question why hasn’t he been in even one live press conference till date, it has been 7yrs now?

  30. Why PM missed out to appeal to reduce large social gatherings lik wedding, religious function etc. Only a day ago a resident went on to block the road inside our residential colony and organised family function where the guests were not only their family members but even some neighbours. They neither bothered about their own guest but not bothered about other residents.

    • Don’t you think the onus is on the common man too to show you social responsibility? We can’t always be looking at the government to do everything! In this fight against the deadly virus…….both the government and the common man have equal role to play. And our role is pretty simple…… social distancing. Weddings parties even religious gatherings can be postponed. The lower rung of the society will be hurt the most……. But let us all concentrate on social distancing to flatten the curve. Modi bashing and whataboutary can be left for later. Though there is nothing spectacular in the content of the speech, the emotion was spot on. He has made each one of us as equal stake holder in this fight.

  31. All the comments show that a good chunk of your readers are congenital Modi haters. It is to your credit that you carry such articles.
    Be objective, bold . You are funded by many. Let them not pull strings.

  32. This article seems to have been written by a bhakti doesn’t see what’s the master stroke
    This is the only time indians are seeing him otherwise he was roaming all around the world. He should have addressed from the parliament along with other opposition leaders would have sent a collective message to the country. After his message there is a message circulating that it’s a master stroke as after 14 hrs of Janata curfew the virus would die and india would be free such a foolish thing being forwarded by probably bhakta.

  33. Sure a great step but thats what he is there for,thats not modi’s feat thats the feat of indian prime minister!
    This article make you sound like another bhakt

    • this is the level to which Modi critics stoop, making asses of themselves. PRINT

      Imagine Maun Mohan Singh as the PM with such a crisis.

      • He would have spoken less acted more like a real statesman uike current PM who can be equated to empty drums make more noise. On social distancing PM very clearly said to curtail big social gathering which is fine, but keep quite on big political gathering in Bhopal when the party members and front runner CM went berserk in the name of celebration. Like Atalji unless PM shows his displease in public what is the use of blaming Muslim who contune falter when they did not stop after noon Friday prayers

  34. I am trying desperately to be polite in what I write because this is sick. Here are four points which have been articulated already. First, how do you know community transmission is not already present? The amount of testing is far too small to reach any such conclusion. Second, even the number of deaths may not be accurate as many deaths are recorded as other causes. This is the same strategy followed to under report the number of deaths due to hunger or malnutrition. Third, there is no acknowledgement of the work already being done by many state governments, most notably Kerala. The speed with which Kerala has acted should put other states and the centre to shame.
    Finally, the much touted Janata curfew is a cruel joke for many in our country who live four or five in a single room and who live day-to-day. They can’t practice “social distancing” or work from home (like us privileged) nor can they take a single day off. Many go to work even when sick.

    What we need from Modi is not a moral lecture but a massive effort to increase testing, which can help identify the hotspots and proper treatment of the infected. This is going to be difficult for us anyway with our awful health infrastructure but a moral lecture is no substitute — except, of course, for Modi’s devoted bhakts like Makarand Paranjpe.

    • Mr. Paul, Even in the hour of need, your sense of hatred is beyond you as an Indian. Bankruptcy of wisdom is at its peak.

  35. Blah blah blah . all talk of which he is a master. Put these things into practice. Leave alone the sunday gatheri gs. What about tje grand gala event the bjp is going to organise in ayodhya

    • Why don’t you add your imagination so that we, the lesser mortals, can enrich ourselves? Typical Bong culture, knows very little but pretends they know everything.

  36. I could see few sick comments made by none other than SICKULARS off course..
    Keep barking you idiots..
    And hats off Honourable PM for taking lead from front in such pandemic situation and leading the way.

    • Are you stupid? A 1 day curfew you think led by the idiotic PM will solve this? Yes and when everyone goes back to work the next day and life goes on, the virus will spread from person to person faster than you can ever imagine.
      1 day curfew solves nothing, especially when people take to the streets at 5pm banging on utensils like monkeys, barely standing 1 foot away from the next individual, perfect way to spread the disease.

    • It is a trial madam , didnt you noticed compulsory and forcible shut down in Wu Han. people has to be prepared for long shut downs ,

    • Kya aap Roz Ghar par rehne ke liye taiyaar Hain?
      Corona Ka toh pata Nahin par saare Naukri wale log toh Sunday ko hi curfew main participate Kar sakte hain

  37. Just as one doesn’t need blind criticism, blind eulogy of this kind too is not needed. The truth is that the performance of this government has been underwhelming. Instead of sorting itself out we have a head of government, misusing his immense popularity, to keep asking sacrifices from ordinary persons increasing their difficulty. So far this government has shown no inclination to put itself and it’s machinery at inconvenience to serve the.people from whom it asks so much.

    • Due to this type of mentality Italy is now in phase 3 and requesting the world for not going out of their home . But no we r soo much genius we give a damm to them and critising government.
      Pls it’s a war between human against a virus so all we have to do is to be united and listen and follow the experts.

      • Let’s hope for your sake and for the sake of all affected by this virus, the government does it’s bit by increasing healthcare expenditure from the measly amounts it now spends. Would probably be more effective than people clapping their hands at 5 p.m

    • You can think only this way.. you are tuned to think this way… Btw Hindus offer prayer everyday including Sunday

    • Because Sunday is the holiday and all of us Indians get into the habit of going out. Hindu places have shut down, do not try to give this a communal flavour.

    • Yes Modi wants to save Christian lives, who would otherwise attend Sunday mass. Ideally India’s weekly holiday should be Tuesday/Thursday and not Sunday which is a Christian custom anyway.

    • A Christian could go to church on any day, Sunday was chosen because it will have a lesser economic impact and is more practical

  38. I don’t know what is written in this article. But there is only one way to react to the wording of its title – – Sick !!

      • I will use the word “sick” again: only a sick mind can compare Narendra Modi with Jawaharlal Nehru. I will sum it up this way : Jawaharlal Nehru tried to bring out the BEST in everyone ; Narendra Modi is bringing out the WORST in everyone. A common Hindu is behaving in a mean manner ; the highest judges are behaving in a mean manner ; biggest businessmen are behaving in a mean manner ; governors, policemen, everyone is behaving meanly. This is Modi’s new India! And a sick man like the author of this article is rolling on ground in ecstasy singing praises to a man who in last six years has got more than a 1000 Nehru jackets stitched on poor Indians’ monies.

        • It did not bother you the country was looted right, left an centre when Congies were in power. It did not bother you Indian poor had no toilets and no cooking gas. The poor did not have any bank account either so that in their name, money allocated were lost on the way. And you feel India was doing very well in Congress rule. There is only one way to react to your comment, you are a MORON.

          • Rafale is a loot, demonetization killed small and micro businesses, GST killed them further, ONGC. LIC, and other strong PSUs which were all built by previous governments have bleeded, RBI has bleeded lakhs of crores, lakhs of crores were forgiven to corporate friends. What use are bank accounts and gas connections when people are losing jobs, have no money in pocket, have no money to buy a second cylinder? Cylinder price has gone up from 400 to 800. I may be a moron, but you are sick!

        • “Jawaharlal Nehru tried to bring out the BEST in everyone”
          And what did that BEST really achieved for the people of India ?
          Hunger ? Corruption ? Brain drain ? Mediocrity ? Incompetency ? Low intellect ?

          Clearly, the BEST really was not doing any favors for us. So why keep doing the same thing ?

          I am a 20 y/o kid and even I can see all of this with perfect clarity.
          I wonder what kind biases are stopping you from accepting the truth that 60 years of Congress rule has converted us into low intellect beings who at best can work as slave labor for MNCs.

          You might be comfortable with this status quo, but a lot of people in this country are not.

          • Heat, I wonder if you will get to read this ; saw your comment just now, and the subject line has already become too old. But I will say this anyway : what “low intellect” are you talking about? There is a solemn institution in Delhi by the name, Nehru Library and Museum. I hope I have got the name right. Do you know who is one of the new Trustees / Directors? ARNAB GOSWAMI. Yes, that half a penny worth Modi Chamcha! I will leave the rest for you to figure out. Mark my words, and they will sound more and more sound as Modi ji continues in his chair – – “Mr Modi is bringing out the WORST in every Indian and this country is hurtling towards ROTTEN DECADENCE, if not complete Destruction.”

    • Indians are sick of people like you. They hope people like you will catch one way Samjhota Express and stay there for good..

      • If Indians like me are driven out, the new name of India will be : BARBARIC REPUBLIC OF FOOLISH INDIA.

        • HaHa too full of yourself. Frankly India is so full of humans it doesn’t matter who lives or dies. Despite India’s glorious first PM and so many after him to the current one, India remains a third rate country from which many wish to escape. It all first started when engineers and scientists working, in the glorious government temples that India’s first PM eulogized, realised that the emperor has no clothes. Plenty of hype zero substance. The ones who remained, attained nirvana by chanting the first PM and his family’s name.

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