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Ambedkar appointed RSS man as his election agent. That’s how close the two were

Ambedkar visited an RSS training camp in 1939 and was impressed by the culture of equality and absence of any discrimination that he witnessed.

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This is with reference to Hari Narke’s article ‘No, Ambedkar was not impressed by RSS or in an alliance with it. Arun Anand is wrong’ published in ThePrint. The writer has made certain false claims and has ignored the historical facts, which clearly establish that Dr B.R. Ambedkar and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh had a close relationship.

The writer’s claim that Babasaheb did not have a favourable view of the RSS is based on Ambedkar’s speech on 14 May, 1951. The fact is that the elections in which the Scheduled Caste Federation, set up by Ambedkar, had a pre-poll alliance with Bharatiya Janasangh were held in 1952. Narke has tried to deny it by quoting the Federation’s manifesto before polls. The manifesto is said to have mentioned that the Federation wouldn’t have any alliance with Hindu Mahasabha or the RSS.

Interestingly, Anand’s article never mentioned an alliance between the Federation and the RSS. He had talked about the Federation’s alliance with Bharatiya Janasangh. In fact, RSS has never been a political entity and it has never been in electoral politics as it is a social organisation. So, it seems Narke tried to deviate the debate from the real facts by ignoring the context in which this alliance took place.

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When Ambedkar drifted away from the Congress

This context has been explained well in Transfer of Power and the Crisis of Dalit Politics in India, 1945-47(author: Bandyopadhyay, Sekhar, published by Victoria University of Wellington ): “Ever since its beginning, organized Dalit politics under the leadership of Dr B. R. Ambedkar had been consistently moving away from the Indian National Congress and the Gandhian politics of integration. It was drifting towards an assertion of separate political identity of its own, which in the end was enshrined formally in the new constitution of the All India Scheduled Caste Federation, established in 1942. A textual discursive representation of this sense of alienation may be found in Ambedkar’s book, What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables, published in 1945. Yet, within two years, in July 1947, we find Ambedkar accepting Congress nomination for a seat in the Constituent Assembly. A few months later he was inducted into the first Nehru Cabinet of free India, ostensibly on the basis of a recommendation from Gandhi himself. In January 1950, speaking at a general public meeting in Bombay, organized by the All India Scheduled Castes Federation, he advised the Dalits to cooperate with the Congress and to think of their country first, before considering their sectarian interests. But then within a few months again, this alliance broke down over his differences with Congress stalwarts, who, among other things, refused to support him on the Hindu Code Bill. He resigned from the Cabinet in 1951 and in the subsequent general election in 1952, he was defeated in the Bombay parliamentary constituency by a political nonentity, whose only advantage was that he contested on a Congress ticket. Ambedkar’s chief election agent, Kamalakant Chitre described this electoral debacle as nothing but a `crisis’.”

In politics, one year is a long time and one must not forget that Ambedkar had quit the Congress government in 1951. And the Bharatiya Janasangh, the Socialist party and the Scheduled Caste Federation (SCF) contested elections jointly in the Central province. (Dr Ambedkar aur Samajik Kranti ki Yatra by Dattopant Thengadi; page-169, Lokhit Prakashan)

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Ambedkar appointed Thengadi as election agent

The second claim made by Narke questioning the proximity between Dattopant Thengadi and Ambedkar should be settled by the fact that Thengadi was Ambedkar’s election agent in Bhandara polls. Only close confidantes are appointed as election agents by candidates. So there shouldn’t be any doubt about proximity between Ambedkar and Thengadi.

Thengadi wrote a number of books on Dr Ambedkar’s life and work which were translated in multiple languages and gave the other side of the picture which the Left historians and chroniclers had brushed under the carpet and is now understandably raising the hackles.

Narke’s objection to the fact that there existed a close relationship between young RSS pracharak Dattopant Thengadi and the Scheduled Caste Federation is addressed well in an Organiser article dated 13 November, 2019: “Once a group of some Dalit leaders, associated with the Scheduled Caste Federation of Babasaheb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, asked him as to why he has appointed a Brahmin, Dattopant Thengadi, as general secretary of the Federation. Hearing this, Baba Saheb said: ‘The day anyone of you becomes a bigger Dalit than Thengadi, I will make you general secretary of the Federation.’ These words reflect his trust in Dattopant Thengadi, who closely worked with him particularly from 1952 to 1956. This incident was shared by Thangadiji himself with former organising secretary of BMS Shri Krishna Chandra Mishra at Bhubaneshwar airport. Thengadiji had come in contact of Babasaheb through Shri Haridas Babu Avale, Shri Rajabhau Khobargade, Shri RS Gawai and Shri Haraba Gondane.”

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The importance of oral history

It must be declared here that the above mentioned facts are based on ‘oral history’ whose importance can’t be negated. “For decades, oral history has provided an alternative to conventional history, filling gaps the latter leaves in the wake of its demand on being ‘written’. Often those who write this written history herald from the ‘elite’ classes and therefore, fail to sufficiently represent the views and sentiments of the masses. The absence of texts, such as diaries and journals, especially by commoners, only exacerbates this gap, giving rise to what Eric Wolf, an anthropologist, called ‘people without a history’. Oral history tries to remedy this. In particular, it has proved instrumental in an in-depth comprehension of historical events such as the Partition of India.”(Importance of Oral History’ by  Tridivesh Maini and Shyamal kataria, Observer Research Foundation, September 1, 2011).

Some of the other irrefutable facts which Narke ignored, as it busts his theory of Ambedkar being anti-RSS, are that Ambedkar did visit an RSS training camp in 1939 and was impressed by the culture of equality and absence of any discrimination.

RSS and Ambedkar held similar views about Communists.  Ambedkar is a known critic of the Communists in India and so is RSS. His views on Partition and radicalism in Islam also reflect clear ideological synergy between the two.

In a nutshell, it is not Arun Anand who is wrong, but it is Narke who needs to go back and see the facts in the right context. Quoting facts without context wouldn’t help have a constructive debate on this issue.

The writer is a member of the Delhi State RSS executive. The views are personal.

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  1. Very unfortunate article, print is giving chance to prove RSS is not a terror org, its proved that whatever happening in India its because of RSS Ideology which spreads hatred among community. its doesn’t need any research work.

    • It’s not surprising to see comments from you guys. Terror activities are not caused by RSS but Isis, Al Queda, Taliban all over the world. The facts are too bitter for you to swallow.

    • It’s not surprising to see comments from you guys. Terror activities are not caused by RSS but Isis, Al Queda, Taliban all over the world. The facts are too bitter for you to swallow.

    • Actually RSS are not dengarous as you sound. Taliban, Isis, and Al Queda have been terrorising the whole world.

  2. The history of RSS’s relationship with Ambedkar is not relevant now.
    Firstly is not the same idealistic organisation that it was then and there was no BJP in those days to give the RSS a political colour.
    Also the SCs do not now have tall leader like Ambedkar who can negotiate on behalf of the whole community with authority.
    Relationships if any will be defined by local dynamics in a cynical and amoral matter.
    The debate therefore is irrelevant.

  3. So much narration exhibited by many commenters,on my most loving ,intellectual,yoddha of indian socity, DrBaba saheb Ambedkar, what to mr Natke ,or Atul jj to say and explain narration that shows Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkars critical level of thoughts,that every one is quoting How he was against RSS,HINDU ideology was prevailing ,RSS,has back ground of core Nationalist Congrss Ideology, that no one wants to study and endorse fact that DR hedegevars journey begins with congress freedom india movement he is pioneer of RSS, and to run Rashtra Dharm, samajic seva around d country ,coz In those time and today also all knows that congress was badly supercided by some opportunist, group,was lead by mr Gandhi,was most cruel entity amongst all those who made many hurdles in reformation policy of Dalits, n deprived class, that most living Dr Ambedkar was making efforts, Dalits separate electoral was apposed by mr Gandhi, he was aggrieved separate electrol for muslim n sikh,but not to Dalits ,and was agree to give voting rights to Dalits ask ask why? he was most jealous of Most loving Dr Ambedkar leadership of Dalits,Now RSS Has same cause that Mr Gandhi bei g Suprim leader of congrss has taken many decisions against Dalis and Hindu ,and favoured to Mudlims which ends in Partition RSS birth took place to interrupt anti national entity ,1925, most loving dr Ambedkar was most effective leader during that period,has his own ideology against Hindu karma kand fanatic fundamentalist, like today mullas having control over muslim community ,like that so called pundits of Hindus were against Dalits to give equal status . Most loving dr Ambedkar past studied life explain that he was having well educatedBrahmis group around Him and they all were of RSS Ideology which not affected most loving dr Ambedkar but he has received good co operation always from them , Mr Thengadi was Prachardk of RSS,as all knew and was introduced by mr khobragade ,mr gondhane ,who were civilised scholer in Dalit socity,and close once to most loving dr Ambedkar, and became election rep,agent of most loving dr Ambedkar for his Bhandara election,in 1939he has attended congregation of RSS and appreciated their working ,yet not RSS has said on it ,who r we,to quote,or in a what capacity we r stating about most loving dr Ambedkars presences in congrgassion, of RSS, Hinu Rashtra,concept, who has brought ,there r many organizations in the country who loves the nations,and their ancient values ,civilization in vedic culture it is INDU, has great good mankind spiritual, cultural civilization, where four verna systems was established on superior desrving merit basis .that all know ,but crukes has hijacked system to their ancient father property which is prime cause to destruction of Indu cultur and civilization,and huge discrimination rooted in socity still today and ofcourse,Mahatma jyotiba phule,shahuji maharaj,and dr Ambedkar who sacrificed their life for uplifment of Dalits ,besides having threat ,danger to their life most loving dr Ambedkar has apposed partition, and if it so he was in demand for total population exchanged, he was the first person, to apposed J&k separate a autonomous state,with separate flage n constitution ,he has brought Bill to produce in parliament to oppose Hindus bad prevails systems against Women liberty, which Muslim. Womens does not have, these all about most loving dr Ambedkar to know that he was pretty much in love with country, and that land of country ancient recognized INDU land,Meanse todays HINDU,many has jealous and discriminate, to threaten Muslim of Hindu Rashtra, but make sure DALITS,wereWarriors,they were most religious,most Artistic n scholar in Battlefield, most dangerous front line fighters,in those time , look at Rishi walmiki, Adivasi I hetitance Kalidasa,likemillions of living legends Dalits, were born in poor family but wrote highest history better than Brahmins, or fourth Verna,HINDU (INDU) was since ever accepted religion and cultur being way of life which was known HINDUSTHAN, then what it is?? ,it is most superceded, elaborated, of HINDU RASHTRA, (indu is hindu,sthan is place,rashtra means Hindu Rashtra,=Hindusthan ) that already accepted, universally so why scared of Hindu Rashtra, now days no onehas a guts to humiliate, torture, or discriminate,being Dalits,if it so it has befitingly retaliated in huge by strong brave,Dalits ,in india, COMMUNIST philosophy and Ideology it self explains Communal+nist, this communalisam,was never part and originated Indian socity,but it is out side Ideoligy, diluting Indias most ,richest civilization by dicremanting ethos, values of country,which was tarnish,apposed by most loving dr Ambedkar, Comunist is a danger and worst threaten to socity, that no dalit likes it ,but communist Naxels diverting some educate ,learned ,educate Dalits to anti national activity in India ,tukde,tukde,Azadi Gangs, jansangh,and sheduled cast federation with pre poll aliens contested elections in India today RPI Athvale followed same foot print of dr Ambedkar,

  4. आर एस एस. जिस तरह काम करती है, उसको *द प्रिंट* जैसे मीडिया ने बढ़ावा नही देना चाइये, सभीको पता है कि झूट= संघ यही गन्धी कुविचारधारा है इनकी, इस मीडिया से भी ये गुजारिश है कि ऐसे फेक और फालतू विषयो पर आर्टिकल्स को पब्लिश करके आप संघ का काम तो नही कर रहे हो ऐसे विचार मन मे आते है।#
    ऑथेंटिक रेकॉर्ड हाथ मे लेकर बात करो।

  5. I started following the print for its truth and good articles, but I will unfollow after this article which seems it is also creating propaganda with false evidence or no evidence.
    Theprint should avoid such kind of false writings.

  6. घृणा और दूरियां बढा़ने वाले लेख अब भी न लिखें वामपंथी। समय प्राकृतिक संतुलन के लिए अन्यायी धाराओं व धारणाओं को समेट देता है।

  7. What a shameful writing. The RSS will go to any level to spread misinformation. No a new term is coined, “oral history”.
    All the misdeeds of the organization are based on oral history and still engaged in creating a divide in the country on caste and communal lines. Oral history is beneficial for those who want to twist history to suit their say.
    And why is Print engaging itself in spreading such misinformation.? Don’t stoop so low for attracting eyeballs. namaste

  8. Dr. Ambedkar was never in favour of RSS which is still against the scst and OBC. Mr. Anand is misguiding the people who belong these communities.

  9. India be made Buddhist country was the thought of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, and therefore, he alongwith lakhs of people converted to Buddhism, in the year 1956, in Nagpur, and on his petition, Royal Mahar Regiment was established in Indian Army, which is at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India, and the Constitution of India is based on Buddhist Theory, and it will be better for all the people and India, that India be made as Buddhist country like it was during the rule of Emporer Ashoka.

    • don’t be stupid ….yes he did convert to buddhsim but he never proposed that india should become a buddhist country…..becoming a buddhsit country doesnt mean that there will be no discrimination and violence….look at sri lanka and myanmar ..there have been numerous instances of genocide and sectarian violence against minority religions in both these countries despite being buddhsit countries…i am sure if ambedkar was alive today he would have converted back to hinduism or become an atheist !!!

      • Sir be specific……babasaheb ambedkar had not take the dhamma of buddha suddenly he had read it for 35 long years and he had taken all doctrines of buddha…..and for your information as you said about sri lanka and myanmar if you know they are following the mahayana Buddhism where there are many irrelevant beliefs……but Babasaheb in India established a navayana where the respect was to the doctrine of buddha that is “Dhamma”.So for your final statement the main reason for ambedkars conversion to Buddhism was because he had seen the peak level of discrimination in Hinduism and he has mentioned it in his writings and speeches also………..and it is never said babasaheb was a theist……..please go through his writings and speeches,Mainly “buddha and his dhamma” and 22 oaths that he gave when he took buddhas dhamma officially……..
        Thank you

  10. Can I have permission to read riddles in hinduism in rss shakha?in which babasaheb expose the rss and bjp’s so called heros ram and krishna .

    • 🙏🙏🙏
      Spreading of non-factual doses of oral history about Dr. Ambedkar’s RSS affiliation is a conspiracy to avoid exodus of liberal Hindus from Hinduism to Buddhism. And it also a anti-communist and anti-Muslim political propaganda in row of JNU, JMI, NRC, NPR, CAA etc….
      This is a process of assimilation of rebellious thoughts developed within, same as of incarnation theory of Brahmanical God’s.

  11. Actually RSS wants to co-opt and appropriate Dr Ambedkar,who is the main obstacle in making the India,”Hindu Rashtra” which is the main shendage of RSS! While refuting the pOints made by Arun Anand Mr.Hari Narke has advanced documentary proofs,but I would like to remind Dr Anand Teltumbade’s statement here,he said “turning a deaf ears to facts is a practised art” with RSS people . Oral history,is nothing but “kujbujaTantra” whispering campaign vile propaganda which is very poisonous weapon employed by RSS. To say RSS is a social and cultural organisation is the big joke of twentieth and twentyfirst century! People are not as much foolish as RSS deem they are! It is a mask put on by RSS! Dr Ambedkar said Hinduism is a political ideology and warned us “If Hindu Raj becomes reality it will no doubt be the greatest calamity for this country,whatever Hindus say,it is incompatible with the values of equality,liberty,and brotherhood,and incompatible with democracy,we must prevent India becoming Hindu Rashtra at any cost ! Hence RSS wants to saffronise Ambedkar and deradicalise Dalit,OBC,AdIvasi Bahujan! Mere visiting RSS shakha does not mean to accept or support it’s ideology” Ambedkar never visited any RSS shakha’it is a fictitious and fabricated fact! Whatever Fatto pant The gadi wrote is the printed version of “oral history” RSS people know it very well if they do not saffronise Ambedkar and turn the “Dalit community in their fold
    Their dream of making India “Hindu Rashtra”will never come true! Atulji accuses Hari Natke Sir of diluting the debate ignoring the estblished facts from so-called oral history !! Iwold say that RSS people are triggering unnecessary controversy and plank for debate and discussion by making Rss Ambedkar relations a focal point and want cunningly to shift and deviate the focus of criticism confining to RSS And Ambedkar!
    As per Atulji if RSS is a social organisation what social
    ConstructiVe work it is doing in this backdrop of corona virus crisis,at other time it boasts of rushing to the help of the people in the times of natural calamity,Is RSS seen doing some welfare activities for the people,where it is hidden ? Is RSS doing something For millions of migrant workers who are stuck and facing starvation,the poor needy and venerable section of the society who are in the dire needs of food,shelter,water,medicines ! No doubt some non governmental institutions,generous philanthropic persons and and groups of compassionate citizens are making every effort to serve and providing possible help to this suffering humanity ! But where is the Great Social Organisation having 54000 shakha and millions of activists,who boast and bluff that ,they can be ready in three minutes,while military of india will take six months to be prepared! I think this question must be asked to RSS and it’s Prachar and like Asunhi And Atul ki repeatedly ! RSS show your constructive,social work on the ground!! What are you doing in these times of great natural or you say man-made calamity,in this unprecedented national crisis! You are no where because you are pure political organisation making Word “Hindu” and Hindu Religion” your poisonous weapon to mislead and misinform the Hindu Samaj” i think this question should be asked to Arun ki and Atul ki ! I say it is ingenious effort to divert the entire focus of criticism on RSS,people like Arunji and Atulji are making utmost effort to engage the thinkers,academics,orators,
    historians,writers and while “Bahujan Intelligentsia”
    I would like to request Hari Narke Sir and other intellectuals and social activists not to get engaged and trapped into this net and waste your time and energy! Especially request after giving answer to Atul ji please stop this discussion! It is a diverting tactics ! Instead ase all should keep asking the question to these RSS ideology prasar and,what RSS is doing in this times of national crisis,is it helping poor,needy,farmers,workers,migration labourers and articles and settings should be published on the constructive works if done byRSS if not it should be exposed because millions of Hindus are suffering ! Where is RSS! I think after the “CORONA” is gone they wlii surface with their divisive shendage of Hindu-Muslim and spreading the more formidable virus of “hatred” than corona! We may be able to find the vaccine on corona,but it is quite difficult to find vaccine on virus of hatred! Thanks Sir ! If possible z “the Print” should publish the constructive and humanitarian work of RSS in present times!

  12. Hello,
    That day arun anand and now you rajiv tuli
    Why don’t you write your false articles in ‘Panchjanya’
    If you think that you will get more audience
    in writing for the print.
    Then write with proper proof.
    Dont makes us fool.
    Dr babasaheb ambedkar opposed every single element related to hindutva and hindu rashtra.
    RSS is a pro hindutva organization.

    Dr Ambedkar never ever supports any volunteer Or organization in relationship with RSS.
    So please write truth
    and give it’s relevant proof
    with photographs.

    and ‘ThePrint’ if you continue posting false articles
    then I’ll boycott reading from your channel

  13. Hello,
    That day arun anand and now you rajiv tuli
    Why don’t you write your false articles in ‘Panchjanya’
    If you think that you will get more audience
    in writing for the print.
    Then write with proper proof.
    Dont makes us fool.
    Dr babasaheb ambedkar opposed every single element related to hindutva and hindu rashtra.
    RSS is a pro hindutva organization.

    Dr Ambedkar never ever supports any volunteer Or organization in relationship with RSS.
    So please write truth
    and give it’s relevant proof
    with photographs.

    and ‘ThePrint’ if you continue posting false articles
    then I’ll boycott reading from your channel

  14. Let any analysis happen about RSS
    Fact is RSS will grow bigger and better in times to come
    No.left petty liberals can stop it
    Namo vatsale mathru bhoome

  15. Yes RSS and Ambedkar was on same page working on same thing and there missions were same.
    Infact RSS just now changed its aim and mission, So from now on RSS will fight for
    1. “annihilation of caste” will burn and ban all veda, purana, shastra, smritis.
    2. Will have mass conversation ceremony to Buddhism, will deploy all its pracharak for same.
    3. Will promote inter-caste marriages, infact RSS is now thinking to make it compulsory.
    4. For all those who won’t convert to Buddhism, RSS is thinking to get post of Shankracharya and Purohit of all the temple in india reserved for Dalits for next 50years, then 25years for Shudras, then 25yrars for Vaishya.

    So proud of you RSS, for passing all these resolutions. Thank you.
    Jai Bheem

  16. RSS doesn’t discriminate. In fact RSS believes every one living in India is culturally Hindu and religiously they might be something else. That’s a great ideology.

  17. ‘It must be declared here that the above mentioned facts are based on ‘oral history’ whose importance can’t be negated.

    The meaning is in the absence of written evidence, RSS fabrications and myths must be accepted !

    ‘Some of the other irrefutable facts which Narke ignored, as it busts his theory of Ambedkar being anti-RSS, are that Ambedkar did visit an RSS training camp in 1939 and was impressed by the culture of equality and absence of any discrimination.’

    Give us a break ! Golwalkar wrote the whole world should come to India and learn how to order society with 4 castes. Ambedkar wrote the Annhilation of Caste. He wrote an article condemning the Ramayana.

    According to this RSS joker, Gandhi, Bose and even communist Bhagat Singh was with RSS. Why not add Nehru ?

    Shame on The Print to give space to fascists.

  18. What is going on print? You are constantly trying to trying to joint dots between Dr. Ambedkar and RSS. Stop it, your intentions are clear. I thought you were somewhat of a decent source of information and not propoganda channel. Utterly disappointed.

  19. Ambedkar asked Dalits hindus to convert to Buddhism. RSS spreads Hinduism. How can they have same views?
    Fact remains that Ambedkar viewed Hinduism as discriminatory and illiberal. RSS glorifies it. Two parallel lines can never join.

  20. You are absolutely right. In fact Mr.Hegdewar told my grandfather at a railway station that RSS should be closed for the benefit of Dalits. My grandfather’s best friend was witness to this. “It must be declared here that the above mentioned facts are based on ‘oral history’ whose importance can’t be negated.”-author.

  21. Convenient to say it’s oral history. As if the events relate to an era prior to writing. As if there were no press reports of the events.

  22. RSS pracharaks can twist history to suit their interests. Ambedkarism is a good merchandise to woo the Dalit voters. Many Dalit leaders under the present dispensation are siding with RSS aka BJP just for few crumps of high office thrown at them. Bulk of the Muslims in India are converts from Dalits. RSS is targeting them and are decimating them. Bulk of the casualties in the covid 19 reverse migration are Dalits. Ambedkar being a maharashtrian might have connected well with the Marathi high caste configuration of RSS at Nagpur. But he was distrustful of RSS throughout his life. RSS today in the age of scientific temper believes in Varna system. The writer tries to whitewash the RSS core beliefs by hijacking Babasaheb. They will of course fail in their ill advised endeavours

  23. This is another “GREAT LIE” uttered by communal organization rss, whatever this rss man write about Dr.BR.Ambedkr is all false, Ambedkar is a person who criticised the Hindu religion which is caste system based on cruel man’s Manusmriti, meaning less practices, discrimination, injustice, and he also burnt the holy script Manusmriti pubically as revolt against this inhuman Hindu religion, it’s really shame to them those who are trying to hijack Ambedkar to defend their “communal crimes”, Ambedkar never accepted the Hindu religion throughout his life, he converted as “BHUDHISM”. we knows the cospiracy of this rss, we are also knows that you rss peoples are “GREAT LIERS”.

  24. आप के पास गलत जाणकारी है ,सर बाबासाहेब ने Rss का विरोध किया था।

  25. Hari narke is true so please don’t post of these cheap people arun anand
    And how arun anand says that dr.babasabeb
    Impress by rss equality
    For your kind information
    rss has never invite muslim community to join there cheap sangh
    The writer is wrong but the print team should stop writers like arun andnad

  26. Baita ! Hum teri tarah andh bhakt nahi hain. Humko malum hai ki baba sahab tujh jaise gadhon aur RSS ke baare me kya sochte the isliye faltu ki bakbas kahi aur karna. Aisa lag raha hai ki tere dimag me gover bhara hai jo itni gandh faila raha hai.

  27. Nobody gives a shit about manusmirti but you fellow musalman brothers practice sharia law in 21st century.

    • Savarkar said the most important scripture for hindus after vedas is manusmriti. 100% of rss followers are followers of savarkar.
      Coming to sharia, can u be a bit more clear? What did u mean?

  28. The Print!!! Please stop inviting these desperate propagandist authors. Ambedkar strongly rejected brahminical hegemony. The ideologies of Ambedkar and RSS were poles apart. This is just a failed attempt at fiddling with history and luring dalit voters.

  29. Now I am very much convinced that ‘the print’ is a fake news factory. I am unsubscribing it, everyone should do the same. Is desh me fake news aur godi media he bhare pade hai. Shame on you The print.

  30. Lajiv tuli please have some balls hope u dont have that one lulli… opinion hai kya ye bhi? y spreading fake stories?


  32. RSS always tried to absorb Ambedkar but there is so much Ambedkar literature is available against RSS and Hindu Mahasabha that the RSS agents had to take sheltar of Oral History. This so called. Oral history of RSS is nothing but gossiping without any evidence. There no evidence of Thengadi being close associate finds in writings and speeches of Dr.Babasahwb Ambedkar. This whole argent is based on some claims by Thangadi and RSS mouth piece Organiser and some third party. Don’t judge Ambedkar by there third party evidences and so called oral history. Judge him by his ample writings and speeches available.

  33. So RSS supports Ambedkar’s assertion of destroying Hinduism in its current form and making it an egalitarian religion??
    Do all the Brahmins in RSS supports such views?
    In what time frame is it expected that RSS would have a Non-brahmin chief?

    If RSS strongly abides by purans,vedas and manusmriti we the Ambedkarites have equal right to call out such atrocious religious texts.
    Hinduism in its current form is hierarchical and does not accomodate the aspirations of SC/STs/OBCs.
    RSS should limit itself to be an organisation of Brahmin class which is 3% of entire Indian population instead of becoming a spoke person for all in the name of Hinduism.

  34. Organisation of equality ?? Where only a “chitpavan brahmin ” can become a sarsangh chalak. Leave Ambedkar probably you should read” Why i cannot be a hindu ” by a dalit who left rss and his experiences with your so called equality !

  35. Why did the RSS not hoist the Tricolour at its Nagpur Hqrs from 1950 to 2002?
    Why did Veer Savarkar seek clemency from the British when he was jailed in Andamans?
    What is RSS’s contribution to India’s freedom struggle?
    How many RSS chiefs have come from the backward, suppressed and weaker sections of the society?
    What are the views of RSS on women empowerment?

    • because hoisting a flag was banned till 2004 under the flag code of india
      br ambedkar has appreciated savarkar on multiple occassions in writing you can check
      hedgewar was himself present in dandi march and has written in his book that british were the foe of every hindu
      rss chief point is fully valid
      rss has a women wing too where they are too taught self defense

  36. Both belongs to Nagpur then how many times Ambedkar visited RSS headquarter.
    It is shameful for RSS that it even today is not able to produce one person from SC category to RSS pramukh.

  37. What views did RSS have on Ambedkar burning manusmriti? Did RSS have any untouchable official at that time? Did RSS offered any key position to Ambedkar in the organization? Did RSS and Ambedkar have similar views on muslims in India? What did RSS think of separate electorate for dalits in India? What was RSS’s view on Hindu Code bill?

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