Friday, June 2, 2023
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Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less

Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy.

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The wretched coronavirus story overshadows everything else in the news environment, and it is not about to go away any time soon.

But you know what, I am done with it. At least for this week. Give me my old-fashioned politics any time. But then, much of politics, barring the odd barb traded here and there, is also under suspended animation.

Therefore, we seek refuge in politics with a touch of coronavirus. On how Narendra Modi has handled the messaging on the biggest challenge of his public life. Let us begin with the messenger in him.

He has a gift none of his eight predecessors, from Manmohan Singh to Rajiv Gandhi, had: Being able to speak directly and convincingly to a large enough section of Indians who will take his word for gospel, and his order like a papal bull.

He is more than a worthy rival to Indira Gandhi on his ability to read the popular mind, especially that of his voters. No surprise that he has chosen to do all the messaging of his government by himself. He makes a bunch of statements, some platitudes, some shrewd nudges, and the rest then dutifully take over.

Within the hour of his finishing a speech, or even a half-speech like this Friday morning for the Sunday ‘9 minutes at 9 pm’ event, his entire cabinet, top party functionaries, social media warriors, RSS and BJP-linked intellectuals, all start tweeting passages from it.

In fact, after each of his four speeches to us in the coronavirus season, you could collate almost the entire text by just adding up the tweets of these key handles. When he speaks, they echo him, and nothing else. It ensures the ‘purity’ of the message. Everybody speaks in his voice.

That sorted, we come to the message itself, and how it has kept its central thread but changed in nuance. Helped along, of course, by his belief that no matter what he says or does, a critical mass of his people, and his core voters — which is a lot of voters — will believe him anyway. And even if he messes up, as with demonetisation, they will forgive him. Imagine what effect would it have had when he went on air with his Mann Ki Baat last Sunday and apologised to the country’s poor for “inconveniencing them”. Tens of crores of hearts would have melted immediately.

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Next, he will almost never say what he is going to do for you. Run your mind over his most significant speeches, and definitely the last four: Two addresses to the nation, then Mann Ki Baat, and Friday morning’s short ‘diya jalao’ message. Instead of telling people what he will do for them, he tells them what he wants them to do for themselves, and him.

From Swachh Bharat to withdrawal of LPG subsidy to the better-off, to demonetisation and now Covid-19, through all the other initiatives he has unveiled, he has invariably asked people to do something. Immediately, it makes them feel wanted, and responsible. Who doesn’t enjoy being taken seriously, and that too by such a powerful leader? He’s got the gift of seeking a sacrifice from people and pleasing them, instead of dispensing favours.

In these coronavirus speeches, he has done exactly this. In the first one, he said that he was going to ask them for a few weeks of their lives. But left it there. It was like a little inoculation to sensitise public opinion for what was coming.

He asked for a day’s Janata Curfew, which some of us had noted immediately was like a dry-run for a longer lockdown. He also asked for clapping and cheering for doctors, medical personnel, police and others providing essential services. He spiced it up with the idea of ringing of bells and clanging of thalis. You can laugh at this as much as you wish.

Can you, at the same time, discount that tens of millions across the country did exactly that, and ended up grateful for it? If at all, too many of them overdid it, for loudness as well as time, scaring poor birds and animals. The virus, in any case, isn’t even a fully live being, so it can’t be bothered with noise. Narendra Modi had neither promised, nor delivered anything. The people, if anything, had over-delivered on his call.

There is a pattern to Modi’s ‘apologies’ too. There was one in a speech in Goa when demonetisation had thrown the country into chaos; in a suitably choked voice, he said, give me 50 days. Just 50 days. If any fault is found in my intentions or my actions, I am willing to suffer any punishment given by the country. Of course, who would punish a leader for such ‘humility’?

Demonetisation was a blunder comparable with Mao’s assault on China’s sparrows. But here was such a powerful prime minister taking such a big risk — obviously with good intentions — and asking you to endure a little bit of suffering for his and the nation’s sake.

The Mann Ki Baat apology on coronavirus was more nuanced. He wasn’t saying sorry for a mess he might have created, but for the inconvenience unleashed by such a bold step, ‘to save India from annihilation by corona’. Please note that there wasn’t a mention of the migrant labourers’ exodus and crisis.

So, three lessons: First, Narendra Modi promises you nothing in his messaging. Second, he always asks you to do something for him and, thereby, the nation. And third, that he never regrets anything he has done. Never. Never a word like, I know we could have done this better.

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The fourth lesson is the most important denominator of his style. That he knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, and who he can’t ignore but can address in kind.

Translated, this means his critics, the commentariat, the so-called liberal upper crust and elites, will ridicule him for the juvenility of his ideas. There will be hundreds of memes and funny social media mentions about ‘taali and thaali’, ‘diya and mombatti’ and so on. He couldn’t care less. That is not the audience he is addressing.

The other audience he isn’t addressing but can’t ignore is the poor. He gets his majorities because they vote for him. But they do not control the discourse. Plus, the poor are smart, politically irreverential, and more questioning. Why risk it with them? The middle-class voter isn’t any of this and she sets the agenda. If she was more questioning, why would she be out on her ‘balcony’ with a thaali or a candle?

For the poor, Modi’s outreach is through direct and efficient delivery: Cash, LPG, toilets, housing, and there must be more to come. The message is not needed when money can work. His direct delivery of benefits to the poor has been phenomenally better and less leaky than anything in the past.

A criticism we hear, and in fact express often, is that Modi is infantilising India’s people. How else do you describe this taali, thaali, diya, mombatti, go-corona-go and other stuff we feel embarrassed about? But you know what, Modi knows who we are. Or, why would we rush out on the streets with thaalichimtas and bands celebrating the humiliating retreat of corona? We even circulated WhatsApp links believing that this mass clanging would kill the virus. On Friday, an eminent doctor, a former head of the Indian Medical Association no less, spoke some mumbo jumbo about how the diyamombattis would empower our ACE2 receptors to crush coronavirus into chutney.

This obviously went too far for him too. In his next speech, therefore, he made a strong pitch against superstition. In Friday morning’s, he brought in caution on people herding together on balconies and streets, reminding them of the need for social distancing.

Anyone who says he can read Modi’s mind is either a liar (most likely) or an avatar of Einstein. See this from where Modi sits. If I were to see this, here is what I’d say: Oops! These people are infants. But obedient infants. Every now and then, they might go too far in their zeal to obey, but I can caution them.

Modi is winning. Why should he be complaining? Or bothering with usual suspects accusing him of infantilising his voters when they are happy being just that: Obedient infants?

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  1. It was mentioned in the article, that some of you(liberal gang) would feel embarrased by the thali clanging and clapping and bells ringing. May I ask who is watching that you’d feel embarrassed? Fed on a gravy of thoughts since childhood that much of Indian practices are worthless and embarrassing as compared to western or even eastern (as long as its foreign) tastes, you people start feeling embarrassed about what the world would think. I could help with that. The “non-Indian” people have gone on record in videos and stuff, loving the unity and SWAG of the thaali clanging and clapping of Indians. Your inconfidence in doing anything that foreigners (western or eastern) have not done before (in other words doing anything unique) is not a problem that majority Indian folks share. I salute the first guy in each colony or locality who started beating that thali with his chammach as if he/she was in the middle of a punjabi wedding or thinking it was time for aarti in the mandir. Kudos to that guy. And then the people around him/her joined in. What a F***in celebration… It was awesome… but then some guys would feel embarrassed. What to do, you’re so brainwashed, feelings of inconfidence & embarrassment is just a consequence. You should go see a shrink. Get a good one, a Japanese or French doctor maybe, definitely not an Indian one. How can he/she be good? They’ll probably would just prescribe beating thalis twice a day. Get treated abroad, they’ll take care of you self doubting and inconfidence problem.

  2. Finally, I was able to find the name of the disease many are suffering from. It is called “Modi Derangement Syndrom”. The fact that they are forced to live under Modi dispensation makes them feel so tormented, they become deranged. And what do they do? Declare anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their worldview as “Obedient infants”. Reminds me of birthers, how they felt miserable while they were forced to live under Obama administration and how they went berserk. Same is the case with these Modi haters.

  3. He, Who Will Not Reason, Is a Bigot; He, Who Cannot, Is a Fool; and He, Who Dares Not, Is a Slave.

  4. Mr. Gupta, I’ll tell you what gift Modi has got. He has got the gift of fooling majority of Indians. They are so blind in their devotion to him that they cannot see the obvious. He is remarkable for always managing to divert the attention of the blind public from the real issues our nation faces and the failures of his govt. There are ample examples of this but no use listing them here. His actions are a prime example of a megalomaniac. In the last six years of his “rule”, not a single achievement can be counted which has really benefited the Indians as a whole. What’s the use of his so called “gift” of understanding his voters when our nation has been pushed to the dark ages because of his decisions or rather say, his whims and fancies?

  5. at these difficult and challenging times, it is expected of a journalist of your stature to provide better content on the contemplation of guiding your readers as how best the society could direct its efforts to wriggle out of the mess we are into. As much as politician, a journa has as much responsibilities and I wish you would redirect your efforts to write on something such. People in this country are not ….. They are intelligent and wait for political transformations at the right time. They understand what you say and said in popular and it you journo community which has made them sensitive to such issues(power for yourself) instead of serving the nation’s call. Unfortunately some like should fall for such low is makes it difficult to digest.

  6. One may say anything one likes. BUT, simply compare Modi’s five plus years’ governance to just the TEN year UPA fiasco, with scams and scandals galore., propped up by the Left now, and Mulayam then, surrendering meekly to Karunanidhi for anything he desired, for Oxygen. With that record, one shudders to even think of a UPA with Rahul at the helm.. And, as admitted, albeit grudgingly by Mr Gupta himself, Modi has indeed done handsomely over his predecessors. Why should he worry about what the likes of Rahul think and say? Hasn’t Rahul already ‘proved’ himself with Rafale, et al…, and losing election after election.?

  7. Well-written. Our preference for melodrama (“nautanki”) is well-known (just look at the success of make-believe Bollywood potboilers), so it is hardly surprising that politicians will exploit that weakness.

  8. Here you seem to have understood the way Modi operates. That’s how it should be. Criticize but appreciate what’s right and that makes a balanced journalist.

  9. I too really fail to understand the reason you always criticise Modi for his actions, never heard you praising, strange.

  10. No one can absolve PM Modi and hos govt for inaction about lack of planning , communicating, allocation resources, collaborating with states when information, warming and alerts were available about 2 month before the actual lock-down date. This is criminal negligence and should be held accountable in the public court. PM Modi can’t continue to harm people and cause death due to actions of commission, like demonetization, or omission like in the current pandemic. THIS CANNOT BE CALLED DEMOCRACY WHEN AN ELECTED LEADER ACTUALLY IS WORKING AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA.

  11. Ha ha, remember the time when these brave and intellectuals were in front of Indira Gandhi.
    Famously, when she asked to bend, all these brave hearts CRAWLED.

    • agree.No one is an intellectual here. Its all about giving the moral support to the people who are fighting against the corona pandemic. Some people would not take part in this exercise because of their own religious lockdowns that they have been under for several centuries, but its for the psychological strength of the masses that this was asked for. There might not have been any scientific proof that lighting up diyas would fight corona better, but the way people observed it is like a collective conscience waking up during these “boring” times. People will have something to do, even if it feels silly to some.

      • Lighting candles was exclusive prerogative of bleeding heart liberals. When they burnt candles at Waghe borders, or when Afzal Guru was being executed, it was okay to burn candles because that was for a much bigger cause. But showing solidarity with health workers, police etc.? Only low life can do such a thing.

  12. I am a fan of you for your indepth analysis of all the current topics. But I really failed to understand why you always criticise Modi for all his actions . You association with NDTV which run programmes for 24/7 to denigrate Modi is not appreciated by many like us even you being one of the best political analyst in the present environment. So my request will be that you should be more objective while criticising Modi because in the opinion of most educated elites having indian value system like Modi as the best prime minister in the present scenario.Good luck

  13. Hello, I have been fan of Mr. Modi and great supporter of his vision and actions. I believe India is in safe hands of Mr. Modi.
    At the same time, we need to be realistic and have responsibility of vigilant citizen.
    I have been closely following Mr. Gupa’s cut the clutter program as well as his recommended daily briefing of Mr. Trump.
    It is flattening to note the stark contrast on how seriously public information is taken by US as compared to India. How India, a superpower and 5th largest economy and leadership of quality of Mr. Modi, can afford to leave crucial public information job to joint secretary level persons like Mr. Lav Agrawal. US president trump, US FDA president Dr. Fauci and top leaders of all relevant departments are taking pain of press conferences of more than one and half hour daily to assure US public about their thinking, action plan etc. The charisma of top leaders like Mr. Amit shah, Dr. Harshvardhan etc can go a long way to boost morale and preparing the public to fight the deadly pandemic. Government of India and BJP shall look at it.

  14. Shekar Gupta, you are a Congress chamcha like your fellow NDTV crowd and will poke fun at BJP and its Leaders. But we do not care, Modi will be re=elected 3rd time and great things will happen.

  15. bhai itna criticism kisi aur nation mein karke dikhao. China se ask questions, and magic vl happen. USA if u dont know, see few last press meet.

  16. I did not vote for BJP last time as the local candidate in my area belonging to opposition was better. However the rantings of pseuds and so called liberals in opposing Modi blindly have made me ironclad now in supporting him irrespective of certain minor shortcomings as otherwise these pseuds may destroy the country. who cares for these pseuds educated in capitalist USA but left leaners and products of
    arrogant culture of Asian College of Journalism etc.

  17. You have concerned yourself only with messaging part here.But he is also working hard.Consider the way he has taken all state govts on board in this fight.Is it a crime not to forsee an engineered exodus in Delhi? But he was quick to respond with relief measures.He is transfering 1500 rupees in 3 installments to women holding jan dhan accounts.There is 3 months free ration.There is control room with dashboards manned round the clock by ministers.Entire bureaucracy appears galvanized. World is praising the way we are handling this.A leader is all these plus his ability to communicate with his base rather expanding base!

    • agree !
      Its in our genes to condemn our own Nation. These critics vl keep doing their thing, India vl keep doing what they think is right for them.

  18. World moves in self interest. Supporters know perfectly well why they are supporting all these. It is another matter that pursuit of self interest may not always result in happy ending.

  19. Modi always implementing his unpopular economic policies in crash landing exercises not soft landing methods to avoid colateral damages. His way of life. Late PVN as a PM he solved many critical issues Punjab terrorism, dirty mandir /Mandal politics in a amicable manner. Modi track record as PM highly unpredictable and impulsive in nature. Unfortunately we have to live such politicians. Instead of solving people’s hardship this government added woes/miseries is well known fact. Instead of lighting people’s livelihood he asks for total power shut down against Hindus customs and convention. Till we go to bed Hindus never switch off lights in kitchen and Pooja room. Certain calling today’s modi call related to numerology . Numerology is western concept and how come so called hard core hinduvita forces embraced by Western cultural heritage. To divert unplanned lock down hardships to the citizens rulers adopt different tactics like clapping, lighting etc etc. People fed up with tamashas of rulers gimmicks.

    • dear bakri he never said anything abt hinduism to do wid candle or thali.. its ur anti india brain cell deciphering it in that manner… peace… u may go to h…

    • dear badri he never said anything abt hinduism to do wid candle or thali.. its ur anti india brain cell deciphering it in that manner… peace… u may go to h…

  20. PM Modi asked people to sacrifice for the nation for his one wrong after another wrong act saying it was for building strong nation. It is a sad story that people have sacrificed their common sense and suspended their logic for him. India continues to suffer year after year for his failed leadership but people continue to love and trust him. When India wakes up from dogmatic slumber, a very comfortable state of based on unexamined assump­tions, will realize the colossal damage to democracy and their economic well being.

    Guys Think ! Look at the facts and make your judgements.

    • Yes, very true.

      Shekharji praises Modi’s ability to understand different audiences and to talk to them accordingly to impress upon them for votes or for building his image,. Shekharji conveys the obvious fact that this strategy has worked well till now. However, he misses to underline the long run damage it will cause to Nation as a whole and to the Indian mass too in their ability to think analytically.

  21. Modi and his devotees follow the diktum: “Kutte Bnokte Rahte Hein Aur Karvan Chalta Rehta hai..”
    Modi critics, his haters and so called ‘intellectuals’ ( NOT ‘infantile’), even if accepted the truth of this situation, could hardly stop ‘barking’ because: IT IS IN THEIR NATURE !

  22. Could not expect this pathetic journalist to understand the meaning of word ‘solidarity’. And if your journalism was any good, you wouldn’t be writing for the print, Which only liberal losers seem to follow.

    • We do not want solidarity through stupidity, encouragement of pathetic superstitions, and chanting of mantras. Tell us what (1) are the arrangements for screening (2) the arrangements for PPE for staff (3) number of beds and ventilators (4) number of testing kits (5) what is the time scale, when is the peak (6) possible medicines and vaccines (7) plan for the economy, especially for the poorest who are the majority.

      And telling us what he will do is not dispensing a favour. Someone who becomes a PM has to show a national plan in an emergency. We see that in other countries.

      • Sadly we don’t deal in hard facts, we lull people in a make-believe world with soothsaying.

        One would have wished our beloved PM would level up with the people of this country and assure us with truthful answers in these trying times.

        • The UK and the US govts. have shortages, but they are not encouraging pseudo scientific/pseudo religious processions and cures, as a refuge. Here, these are substitutes to a scientific approach. The ex President of the Indian Medical Association endorsed this lamp lighting ceremony, saying it is derived from quantum principles ! There is no country in the world that is mired in superstitions like this. This has come because of Modi.

          Given our limited resources, there should be better planning. Countries like Cuba are showing what is possible even with limited resources. In India, only Kerala and its CM have come out with a respectable plan for health and local economy. They handled the flood 2 years back and nipah vurus well. So even with limited resources, India can do better.


  24. We people of india chose ‘ Modi’ as a ‘Prime minister’ forgetting all his criminal record because he is a Hindu.

    And Modi chose his own media to present himself as the ‘ best prime minister ‘ inspite of worst performance of our country in every sector.

    Vah modiji vah.

    • This country only disregarded Rahul Gandhi as prime minister of India, even though he is also a hindu


  26. As usual, Shekhar is showing his consummate skills in writing but he is clever by half. First of all, which of the 3 lessons he draws about Modi are also not true for any other leader? Which PM has ever said he could have done something better? Which PM has ever regretted any decision? Did Nehru regret China blunder or Kashmir imbroglio? Did Rajiv regret Sikh riot of 1984 or IPKF operation in Sri Lanka? Did Indira Gandhi regret emergency? Address to the nation by the PM are for specific events and purposes and there is no question of promising but asking for support for government actions. Modi knows what he was trying to achieve was difficult and painful for everyone. And if he said so explicitly, you will then accuse him of fake sympathy or excuses! So let us accept one thing- Modi is a smart leader who knows bucks stops with him but he can connect easily with the entire country and divide people into those into two clear parts -those who like him and those who hate him; there is hardly anyone who is indifferent to him. But the interesting part is – many of those who hate him finally end up voting for him as there is no credible alternative to Modi! Shekhar should worry about this aspect of Indian politics today rather than try to find fault with Modi! Forget Congress but no other leader from any party in India can match him.

    Anyway let us forget all this schadenfreude, Shekhar and get to the next stage after 21 days of lock down. It is clear that Modi is looking to go for partial lifting of the lock down. He will have one more event on day 21 and then in next 3 weeks he will make everything normal. There will be adequate infrastructure for supporting new cases and managing the epidemic. And life will re start with newer headaches to manage!

  27. Facts:

    PM Modis govt was in talk with Word Health Organization (WHO) on January 7 & 8 about this pandemic based on parliament questions & answer and his govt was fully aware of the situation. PM Modi’s also govt completely ignored of various ALERTS, WARNINGS and ADIVISES by WHO and COUNSELS & SUGGESTIONS by opposition leaders.
    1. January 7-8 Discussions with WHO about coronavirus
    2. January 31 WHO declares coronavirus global health emergency
    3. February 5 Coronavirus: Window of opportunity to act as per WHO
    4. February 12 Starting from Feb 12 onwards (March 3, 5 etc.) opposition leaders are asking PM
    Modi govt to prepare for tsunami of coronavirus cases in India
    5. March 11 WHO officially declared the coronavirus as a global pandemic.

    We all know event managements like March 22 and now April 5 are also late.


    PM Modi govt DID NOT PLAN or ALLOCATE resources or COLLOBRATE with states. PM Mod doesn’t care because he is trying to show that he is part of the solution while opposition parties are problem. He has also made sure that message of political opposition and civil society & activists and alert media doesn’t get through.


    PM Modi is like a software developer who leaves bug/faults in the software application while developing. When bug is discovered then he tries to solve this and become a hero and make his job secure. But when he cannot solve it then he passes responsibility of fixing it to others and indirectly puts the blame.


    In the case of pandemic PM Modi’s natural inclination is to responsibility to the states. PM Modi will be the first to take credit and put blame on others. Now we have PM Modi as savior. He becomes even more popular and people trust him more when in reality his policies and actions have harmed very people who love and trust him. And the cycle is repeated with next event or crisis.

    • Reality: 1. India has one of the lowest per capita infection rates in the world (even if you inflate the existing infection numbers by 10 fold). 2. Thankfully, the number of deaths is still in double digits. Now it is probably possible to hide mass infections, but, in a frenzied reporting culture we have, it is impossible to hide deaths.

      Key questions : The success we have had until now in controlling the virus has just magically happened? Was India randomly lucky that the virus just bypassed the country?

      PS: the software analogy is incredibly naive. It assumes “the buyers” are idiots. Doesn’t quite work that way. Neither in business life nor in Indian politics. Suggestion – stop being a coder and try to see the bigger picture.

  28. May be this task is to identify which areas are with the government and which will defy the lockdown and accordingly take better actions to make lockdown successful.
    I believe in near future we will see paramilitary or army controlling such areas as police is overpowered in such areas.

  29. Mr SG, can you imagine India facing such crisis as this under the uninspiring leadership of say Manmohan SIngh, or IK Gujral, or Developers Gowda? IN india, our lives are dispensable. Someone else would have risked deaths for saving economy. Deaths can always be explained away, as in the case of deaths due to hunger during Manmohan Singh’s time. Modi has risked his political future in handling this pandemic. Allow him some harmless theatrics.

  30. This is the time to be creative and if we are saving energy for 9 minutes then I couldn’t care less if there is a Hitler requesting, let’s do something positive instead seating doing nothing but criticising like some people does all of their life, I feel sorry for them.

  31. It is disgusting how long Shekhar Gupta wants to hang out his piece in top spot. It is narcissism of some kind. The truth is that he wants to be on the right side of Modi ji, and lots of Modi bhaktas are roped in to castigate him for nothing, pretending that he has REBELLED AGAINST Modi ji, while in reality he has only been doing chamchagiri, albeit obliquely. But boss, nothing is oblique enough for some readers like me. There is an old song of Iqbal Bano : PAAYAL MEIN GEET HAIN CHHAM-CHHAM KE// TOOH LAAKH CHALE RI GORI THAMM-THAMM KE!

    • SG’s articles are always confused, he does not have a clear stand on anything. It is not clear where he stands on Modi. He accepts demonetisation is a failure. That should be the end of the story. But then he seems to see virtue in Modi with this ‘There was one in a speech in Goa when demonetisation had thrown the country into chaos; in a suitably choked voice, he said, give me 50 days. Just 50 days. If any fault is found in my intentions or my actions, I am willing to suffer any punishment given by the country. Of course, who would punish a leader for such ‘humility’?’. Apparently, the public accepted it, and SG seems to be saying so does he ! He says Modi said it in a suitably choked voice ; ‘suitably’ means it was faked, then what merit does SG see in it, he should highlight and condemn it. SG has missed out the real cause for Modi’s appeal and his messaging method : communalism. It comes out at election time. SG is one of these people who wants to be in the Hindutva camp, but also be accepted amongst liberals. Hence, the lack of clarity or position in his writing.


    • SG is the type who wants to have one foot in Hindutva fascism, and the other in liberalism. Hence, his confused articles.

      It seems he knows intelligent people will poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti, and he himself is intelligent enough to know it is nonsensical. But since Modi couldn’t care less and has devotees who endorse everything he says, then there must be some merit in Modi and taali, thaali, diya and mombatti. This is SG’s convoluted logic. Modi has encouraged the mob to decide who to lynch, who is national, who is anti-national. Like that science and medicine will also be decided by the mob.

      • Problem with SG is – – though I don’t know him personally but have surely watched him many times on “walk the talk” of NDTV to be able to form a sketchy opinion – – that he is basically a nice guy. So he finds it difficult to put his foot down and call a spade a spade. Because passing a conclusive judgment does require some amount of rudeness. Or, on the other hand, it perhaps is his survival trick to not rub absolutely anyone abrasively. But if that is the case, then he is lacking in quality to be called a “senior journalist”.

        • That is a plausible alternative view. He is too nice a guy to hurt people’s feelings by calling a spade a spade; that is, say the truth about Modi. Or as I said, he is someone who wants to be with Hindutva or has some sympathy for it, but wants to be in the liberal camp as well, as he is aware Hindutva is not respectable and is associated with louts and lynch mobs. I have come across such people as well.

  32. Poor old journalists what else can be done other than cribbing and finding fault with everyone. hope wisdom prevails….

  33. Clapping and lighting is not solution at present time. Our people will be expecting a good government activity. Modi ji please understand for our country situation. So many people must need for normal life. …. please understand…..

  34. “When things are bad, there will be sudden pause; When your men stop, look at you, no one will speak.
    They will just look at you and ask for leadership. Their courage is ebbing;
    You must make it flow back, and it is not easy, you will never have felt more alone in your life”
    Field Marshal William Slim

    Here, what is said is more important than who said it.

    Col KL Viswanathan

  35. Shekhar writes very well. But then, Modi is all we have. He may make mistakes ( demonetization) but people trust him and forgive. That is more than you can say of any other opposition leader , notably the infant dynast. And this is a poor country with a massive population and lack of resorces and economy takes a long time to evolve. Sometimes somebody with good intentions is a good enough reason to invite support.

  36. Lives of 1 billion risked by allowing international arrivals till march 22nd although first case came to light on Jan 30th.

    His capability is questionable, he is not talking on PPE and testing.

    Every Indian should question, if you don’t ?then ..pls don’t expect anything except thalli and light…lastly Corona.

    Regarding nizamuddin, pls ask the PM on who gave the permission?

    • Thank god we are not having Congi rule otherwise we should have new mask scams and other scams in this difficult times too.

    • Don’t light diyas. One diya is good enough! And why in the world do you think you have to follow sharia laws if you don’t light diyas?

  37. Modi is disciple of Great Adhyatmik Guru Sri Sri Sri Dada Kondkeji Maharaj !!!!!!
    On 5th of April 2020 at 0900 pm for 9 minutes entire India will recite the mantra given by the Guruji having prophesy of Corona virus !!!!!
    OM ANDHERI RAAT ME DIYA HINDUSTAN KE HAATH ME !!!!! Jay ho Guru-Shishya ki !!!!!
    Dhanya Bhag Hamare Jo Aap Gujarat Se Delhi
    Padhare !!!!!

    • Well, i would think that by now you must have cottoned on to the fact that folks around you always have an inkling of what your expression shall necessarily entail, and that they don’t really care for the tenor of your critique, exactly the way they would react should some Pakiatan replace you nationality and all. You know, right that , should a war commence everyone would expect you to join the Pakistani ranks ?

    • Did any body approached and asked you to follow Sharia ??
      Did any body asked you not to light a Diva ??

      • This guy is a Andh bhakt who either working for bjp or propagating for his hindutva extremism spamming everywhere sand message

  38. After so many decades we got people’s choice prime minister what he says he says in good intension and who ever want to fallow it’s left to them please don’t oppse each and everything

  39. I do not agree with it at all, when WHO and top businesses delegates are appreaciating Indian PM efforts on fighting with COVID 19, who the hell is THE PRINT to write like this about him, I believe THE PRINT is paid by congress or communist or some anti BJP people.
    Almighty Allah is with PM Modi and sent him to protect the Bharat

    • The Print’s investors include Ratan Tata, NR Narayanamurthy, Nandan Nilekani and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – All communist.

  40. I do not agree with it at all, when WHO and top businesses delegates are appreaciating Indian PM efforts on fighting with COVID 19, who the hell is THE PRINT to write like this about him, I believe THE PRINT is paid by congress or communist or some anti BJP people.
    Almighty Allah is with PM Modi..
    Almighty Allah sent him to protect the Bharat

  41. One hundred percent agree to what you argued, Shekhar sahab We are country of Mati Brashta people , a country with corrupt minded people. And guess what, Modi is terribly successful in convincing common voters that, only the monetary malpractice is the only and the ultimate form of corruption . So hardly anybody bothers what Modi says and want his voters to do. Rather they are more than happy to follow.
    Till date, Modi has struck the right cord, that too perfectly. Time and technology is with him. and like you rightly said ,in messaging he is more powerful and effective than any previous PM except Indira Gandhi. But the major difference is Indira Gandhi hardly used religion and anti Muslim plank to woo and capture her voters.
    But truth remains , at the moment, Modi is on the top, what ever intellectuals wish or thinks, chances are, he will rule minds for years to come. But, sad part is, these successful mind games, will cost this democracy dearly. In any case, today, Vivekbuddhi is hard to find and his followers hardly qualify for a responsible citizens of this democratic country… nothing matters to them, except Modi. We are in dangerous time. For sure.

    • Rightly analyzed views.
      Surveys ( of people’s opinion) by media show that almost 70 % of population don’t use or apply their minds before they act on any information. They are taken for a ride easily by emotions.
      About 30% of population apply their mind and analyze any information in right direction.
      These 30% people get very badly trolled and face the brunt of the remaining.

      (Absence of Scientific temper is the reason)

      • Do you , sweet cheeks , tested positive for Corona ?
        No. Why are you restricting your normal buisness to stay confined within the four walls of your room ? You aren’t not afflicted.
        Determent is , sans anomalism, in perpetuum, the choicest passage, especially when at stake are your physical or spiritual lives.
        Capisce ?

  42. The great pity for India is that as long as the present PM remains messianic in the eyes of a large number of people, problems for India’s economy and democratic vitality will remain. We have a messianic religion practiced in our western neighborhood, results remain unimpressive. Sadly, that is perhaps India’s destiny as well. Unquestioning eulogising is okay for the dead – for living society it sounds the death knell.

  43. Grt language wasted in presumptive irrational, illogical arguments without substance.
    Hatred toward Modi has left the some journalist (sic!!) write like child making tantrum.

  44. Having read the comments above with due diligence, there are A few random thoughts that crossed my mind, which I wish to share with the audience. I am apolitical, no taking sides here, please!!
    The situation : Nobody in their wildest nightmares could have imagined the world in this awful situation in the space of a few months, as it is currently in!! Not Trump, not Modi, not even the crystal – ball gazing Congress. Thousands dying, world and Indian economy on the verge of collapse, mass redundancy, food and essential items shortages, you name it, you have it!!!
    Aftermath : When Modi ordered a lockdown, he reiterated that all essential services, grocery shops, pharmacies etc, will remain open. Please remember that here is a man, sitting in Delhi, addressing 130 crore people, over 31 states and UTs, over the length and breadth of India. After the chief executive gives the orders, it is upto the states and their Chief Executives (CM) s to implement that order, keeping in mind the day – to – day welfare of the people in their own states. India is a federal country, with the states having sufficient administrative powers to implement decisions, for the wellbeing of the people. Heve these CMs been able to implement the measures that were necessary? I regret to say, NO!! The states immediately closed state borders, even restricting the flow of goods and essential commodities into the state. What we’re they thinking, are they not responsible, mass – elected leaders, whose job it is to guide people through a crisis? Is it that Modi is the single people – elected leader in the country, and it is entirely his responsibility to deliver, while the rest of the state leaders are a bunch of wide – eyed naive children, who have no experience in administration and planning? If they can engineer political downfalls and constitutional crisis in different states of the Union, then they should jolly well be capable enough, to engineer the welfare and well-being of citizens of their respective states, is it not? If Modi should go for imposing lockdown over India to stop the spread of the virus, they should also go for being downright inadequate, inadept and incompetent, for not being able to think proactively, for not being able to plan ahead, on how to deal with the forthcoming situation!!
    The administrative babus go one step further. In their over – zealous attitude to please their political masters, they are the people solely responsible, for getting India into this crying situation of need and shortages, due to their lack of wisdom. Are we pointing a finger at them?
    It is very easy to blame Modi, but as commentator Mr Goutam Das pointed out earlier in the comments, how would any other political leader, from the ruling party to the opposition, handle this situation differently? Mrs Sonia Gandhi made a wise comment that lockdown was necessary, but not well-implemented. Smart observation, but could she, in all her best judgment, offer any roadmap to Modi, on how to handle the administrative roadblocks, which have resulted from the lockdown!! So is it not very easy to criticize, but very difficult to be proactive, and lead from the front, and taking all the punches of criticism, on the chin!!
    Yes, Modi is leading 130 crore Indians, and if we do not have the basic sense of wearing a mask when out in public, of holding weddings and psuedo religious – political events, attending parties and what have you, then Modi has to hold the hands of these 130 crore Indians, and guide them to their destiny, for good or for worse!! After all, every infant needs a parent, do they not?

    • Ap bhi pogo khelne ki advice dene walo me se ho ,chalo kam se kam ap prime minister ko ek insan ke naate to samjha varna log to unhe kuch aur hi samjhte h…

    • We knew about this early as Jan and when the first few cases showed, up the Kerala government started scanning, tracking and quarantining people, so the central government’s defense of being taken by surprise as an excuse for the shoddily rolled out lockdown isn’t very flattering. Modi’s incompetence at administration is on display.

    • It’s the not about the lock down – it’s about the 4 hour notice for a complete halt. More or when you get 72 hours notice for some activities that are irrelevant to contain this epidemic. One cannot have a foolproof plan when dealing with an unprecedented situation, but you can always plan ahead to minimize the pain. Again if I am raising question on certain aspects of the plan, I am not against any individual – planning and implementation is a collective responsibility. But the way things have been shaped up by the current ruling disposition that everything – plan / action is only done by one man and all that is not right currently were done by others. So naturally all criticisms are pointed to this one particular man.

  45. It is surprising to see that a senior Journalist like SG is unaware of or is simply ignoring , the changes which have occured during last twenty years in world , in the every thing that matters for the journalists to write upon. Let me list out some of them. {1} Politics is not what it used to be in sixties to nineties. Earlier voters were impressionable . They had to depend upon media– may be independent or sponsored -but today there are different varieties — print, audio, video , Tvs, Internet , Social media. Consumption of media output has gone up exponentially. No one can force fake narrative as gospel truth. Affiliations, Bent of mind and propensity to project the biased views can not be hidden by writing against the persons you dislike , by claiming to be respostary of all previous knowledge and projecting past era villains as incarnation of Godhood.
    { 2} India is no longer a poor country. Some statistics claim poverty level has been reduced to 27 % .May not be correct. add 10% more to it. Event than more than 60 % indians ,income wise, are in lowest middle class, middle-middle class, upper middle class and rich — { Rich are — of all varieties earning more than Rs. 1.5 million per years }. All these classes of persons are educated, IT, savvy, Informed , unimpressionable by any sponsored writings . They constitute the two-third majority of population. . You may not agree , but many will agree— in three fourth of India— they see m
    Modi as their leader. They do not find him corrupt or lacking patriotism, Many of those above fifty years in age can vouch for and see change in way India is being governed today , how india responds to external threats as compared with early times and regimes. This give Modi an edge. So any criticism of Modi wanes in air.
    {3} Even the figures of World wide Corona pandemic–prevalence and deaths — and Indian figurestill date , also contain some message — whether Modi and his advisers understood the threat. Deliberated on ways to mitigate its impact. Whether till date they succeeded or not statistics don t lie. Keep in view the availability and standards of health facilities in india and developed countries of Europe, USA, See how general public, Health sector manpower resources has been motivated to meet unprecedented challenge of virus.
    It is time when the world,and India, is fighting a war with invisible powerful enemy. come out with constructive suggestions . We all know tomorrow may be more difficult for economy. But Humanity will win. India will . All economies will bounce back. If some journalist are obsessed with modi, then I am not afraid to write –MODI WILL WIN.

    • Agree hundred percent me who have just crossed fifty and have the privileges of Good education and income know how this country was governed so far. Finally we are an assertive nation. People like us running a small company or leading a team know how difficult it is to make things happen. Leaders set the stage and it’s for the chain below to implement the vision Times have changed and old media journalists are struggling to adapt to the changed order They continue to believe in themselves as influences and know all experts Thanks to Google knowledge has become all pervasive.

  46. At last, someone has the righteous courage to point out that the emperor is naked. Gupta has hit the nail on the head. I doff my hat to him. Modi is fit for the mediocre masses of India. His gimmicks make the whole world laugh at him. He has relegated himself to being a butt of ridicule. I pity on Indians to have such an uncultured and unrefined PM. But then, don’t they deserve him? Fools always prefer fools. Don’t they?

    • Good for you to assume you being not a mediocre. Im an influential person and i’m not going to light a candle but rest assured that the mediocre people elected pm won’t allow its people to die like your fantasy land usa is doing saying 100000 people will die. but money is more important to us so no strict measures.

      • My dear man,
        Ummm.. Ever come across a thing called statistics.. Look this up… Total death due to cardiac issues in the US.. 56 thousand per month… Total death due to coronavirus 8.3 thousand per month… Stop drinking cool aid… Think for yourself

  47. See, all of you haters, we patriotic Indians wanted a strong in corrupt leader and we got it in modoji. For India’s sake we have a strong bold management, that’s all that matters. As for the people sacrificing, that’s the only way for India to attaint Developed world status. The Indian mentality gas to reform a lot
    Thank you Modoji and thank you patriotic Indians.

    • Buddy, you are the definition of hate.. Look are your ID… Let’s start with that… It proudly proclaims your difference from one community and one community only.. Such extreme form of hate is called xenophobia
      ..let’s then move to your post… You claim that Indian mentality has to reform and that sacrifice is what will make us great and that is this bold management… Hah.. Really.. Sending migrant labor home without any preparations… Without any support is management…..bravo… Sacrifice will make us a developed nation.. Seriously… Where are you getting these pearls of wisdom.. From your wazoo…

  48. Modi is nothing more than an actor and fake compared to some of India’s past “all encompassing leaders”. The country will rue him for the disastrous way he is leading the country to ruination. He may have political acumen, but sorely lacks in mental and statesmen type visionary acumen.

  49. वो ठीक है, पर फोटो हमारे भुजबळ साहब की क्यों लगाई आपने।
    Please Google it…

  50. PM Modi has controlled the #Chinesevirus to a population of around 70 countries. This was despite the fact that the health industry scenario is not that good. You shall never acknowledge the good Mr Modi did for India. The author will not hold guilty the #Nizaamuddin bio terrorist for increasing the numbers when India had commendedly controlled the number

  51. “Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” Who said these famous lines? Off course, Sir Winston Churchill on 4th June, 1940, when the UK was in a hopeless situation. After delivering the famous speech, Churchill said to his colleague “And we’ll fight them with the butt ends of broken beer bottles because that’s bloody well all we’ve got!” So we’re these words not a gimmick and empty rhetoric? Sure, they were. But they did serve a purpose. Howsoever grim a situation could be, never lose hope; because if we lose hope all is lost. A section of the people may be having differing opinions and doubts. Modi is not perfect. Still he is the PM, and we are fighting a war. The’ Diya Jalao’ call may be a gimmick, but it can serve the purpose of lifting morale of millions of Indians. Needless to add that after the second world war was won, Churchill lost his post following a surprise defeat in the elections. So to conclude, political differences should be forgotten when we are in the mist of a fierce war against a deadly and virulent enemy.

  52. It will take ages for our self proclaimed intellectuals and liberals to understand Modi’s direct communication with the masses. We go gaga when we see on international TV how people in countries like Italy, Spain etc cheer for corona warriers from their balconies, but sniff their nose when done in India. Candle light marches etc observed in many places on various issues, including by our JNU, Jamia. types. Liberals cheer it, but when Modi appeals for it, they ridicule. But the fact is such apparently symbolic gestures help keep the moral of populace high. Just realize, the small appeal by Modi has engaged both supporters and opposed in hours of analysis, keeping them engaged from the monotony of lockdown.

  53. I thought Shekhar Gupta was a wise man. Alas, after reading this it appears, he only knows how to chew English words. We have a situation at hand; an unprecedented calamity which can blow out of proportion and here you have a man writing and nit picking on methods which can reinforce only known an effective measure; SOCIAL DISTANCING by lock down.
    Some time I wonder, yes, we do need imbeciles to appreciate wisdom.

  54. As an implication, do you think attacking Modi on his policy positions, and associated missteps would also backfire? The opposition did none of these in the last general election, but do they have an alternate playbook?

  55. Like any good actor, he knows how to play with the emotions of his audience.. but he’s coming across as just that – fake!

    I once met a Modi voter who couldn’t understand a word of Hindi.. he said that he didn’t know what the speeches were about, but that it sounded like it was something great! That just sums up what this article says, regarding both the PM and his audience.

    A country where superstition and blind beliefs are the norm, is perfect for a man like Modi.. he can do stuff for himself, while packaging it as something for you. Two things help.. one is the efficient, corruption free last mile delivery of services (as mentioned) coupled with the lack of it earlier.. and a pliant media backed by a hate-spewing IT cell.

    Of course, beside the andh bhakth brigade the poor also backed him.. but in his handling of the virus, he has let them down.. they are the ones suffering the most.. time will tell if it’ll cost him.

    But there’s no denying that the biggest factor in his success is religion.. would Modi have been successful ìf his name was Mohammed?!!!

  56. This lobby’s heartburn is warming my heart. What this cabal does not get is the importance of national morale and solidarity in a time of difficulty. For the Marxists, even the idea of a nation is anathema. People like SG will continue to suffer from Modi derangement syndrome. Let them wallow in their own misery.

  57. Modiji is doing his work , just discussed future course with states through VC with state cms , is there any doubt about it.
    All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. These are extra curricular activities. We also need some activities from time to time to beat librandus with. Look what’s going on.

  58. When sometime in the future, and there will be one, an evaluation of this period in Indian history will be done, people will compare these actions to the comment by a well known epistemologist …when we say that there is scientific knowledge, we mean knowledge only as courtesy…No one is harking back to the Popperian view that scientific theories need to be tested under the harshest of rules and hence they should remain suppositions or conjectures but this mind numbing, gut wrenching descent into rejection of the most benign form of scientific realism is marking a new level.

  59. What a leader Modi is!!! Even Modi-haters are writing why he wins and grudgingly accept why he is so popular. Just like Modi doesn’t care for the liberal-media, his followers (obedient infants, as abused by Shekhar Gupta) also don’t care.

  60. ”Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less”
    Boris Johnson has followed Modi and made it a weekly ritual in UK.

    • Because no one knows the controlled press, the edited news and false data that is the ONLY thing people know of what is allowed to go out as news and info! It is just like his wife. Modi says nahin hai then she does not exist. Modi says no corona as we pray as a nation and no corona has entered, then all folks believe it though they see people dying from it! Modi medicine is hate and divide! Modi distraction is best plates on the streets and expose ourselves in crowds to the deadly disease and pretend we are safe as we are Bharati’s ,Real truth is people are dying, no one cares least of all Modi, migrant workers are suffering and walking to go back to family! Modi does not care! All he does is spread hatred for non Hindus! I am a Hindu and I ask each Hindu- what is it you do that defines you as a Hindu? Do you meditate? Do you do Sandhyavandan 4x a day? Do you know what is Hindu? It is Himsa se dur! Do you know your scriptures? No!! All one who pretends to be is a Hindu who hates non Hindus. Thanks to Modi the hatred spreads. He is the WORST PM of India and a bloody self centered rat of a human!! Keep roaming the world Modi, chai sab ko Pilao! Bus chai wallah to vahi rahega ! Chalo chai aa Gaya, 4 baj gay honge! !!

      • The Prime Minister, the CEO, is talking to the people on HR stuff.
        Interesting and important.

        Equally important though is a clearer picture of long term vision, actual steps taken, an acknowledgement of mistakes made and lessons learned, an appeal to all religious leaders to talk sense into their followers…

        Will this happen ever ?

  61. chill😂😂high bp..hypertension ho jaega…u r making him.more famous n important by discussing about him!!!He is the first person to create history in politics world wide…
    “U are not working right,if u dont have rivals”thats sufficient for our pm

  62. Point well made. The only issue is why can’t all the Pappus of this world learn where to hit Modi and where not. When Kejriwal can get this lesson and reap rich dividends, what is stopping our Pappu party?

  63. I just do not agree with the writer, except for the fact that Modi is an excellent orator. Like DMK honchos in Tamil Nadu, Modi could mesmerize people with his power of delivery. But in a country of our size and diversity with teeming people BPL, mere oratory will not succeed in the long run. What will succeed is how many people are satisfied with their bread and butter issues. . Happiness comes with economic prosperity. Whither our Economy, Mr Sekar? If economy fails, political system collapses. Some people can be fooled some time. All people cannot be fooled all the time. Frankly speaking, this government gives an unmistakable impression that is going bankrupt. It is not able to share what it owes to state governments from GST collections, compelling some of them to defer payment on account of salary ad allowances to its own employees, a thing never happened in the history of Independent India. Have you noticed its mindless pursuit of low interest regime: it has drastically slashed the interest rates on FDs and TDs in post office, despite the fact that there has never been an established co-relation between low interest regime and industrial expansion or greater employment opportunities. The plain truth is that this government does not have money – it is getting pauperized. This pauperization began with the Demo which shrank the economy and thus shrank the opportunities for the people. The botched up GST killed the MSMEs and thus killed the jobs at the bottom of the pyramid, accentuating the burden of poverty among the most vulnerable section of the people. Senior Journalists like you must capture the mood of the people correctly. The mood is not the one you are portraying. It is different. Lock down is absolutely essential – but should have been ordered with proper planning and consultation. The preemptory closure of a country of our size, with 85% of the work force being daily wagers, is a colossal blunder, which is wrecking colossal damage not only to the economic fabric of the country but also the social ethos – with cascading consequences. Mr Sekar, we do not want your philosophical treatment of events – which is boring and does not add to our knowledge – but write with insight based on inside information ( news behind the news) – that will be more enlightening. If not, please give up writing, for God’s sake.
    a k pattabiraman, Chennai

  64. Brilliant analysis of PM Modi’s style of functioning.Let journalists and high society ridicule him, he knows exactly what he is doing.No one connects with people the way he does.I dread to think what manmohan Singh would have said on an occasion like this.His flat monotone would have conveyed nothing.If lighting Diyas can unite people who are under tremendous pressure to keep normal life going and if it is superstition, mumbo-jumbo, so be it!

    • If you sit in your ivory tower and light divas when corona hits you please let us know. We are not that fortunate. Our dryas are within us as we go to work and try to keep two meals for our children while also trying to pay bills and educate them. My sick neighbor got no help and died. We watched as cannot expose ourselves. But no meds no testing and divas is the speech from a useless PM. Please remember as you light your divas, to not go to the doc when you get sick and give up that privilege you have. We don’t have that. No one cares in the neighborhood docs who are isolating themselves and hospitals are sending our sick home saying they have nothing to help with. This is because of the PMs lack of any action and his hands are bloody!

      • If you want to know about steps taken and future plan then do listen health secretary. He does press conference everyday

  65. It’s my opinion modi is not a good pm it’s totally false and fascist extremist hindu mind that’s why when he give idea about further its make fun

    • Extremist Hindu minds bother you but extremist Islamic minds do not. It is this selective outrage which gives birth to Islamophobia.

      • Really? No extreme should be there. But the world shuns terrorist Jihadis as that is known. But as a Hindu I am himSA se dUr! Why am I terrorizing non Hindus as a pm?? What does it say of this PM? There is nothing Hindu in his hateful thoughts words and deeds. That is what people are asking. Let us presume Muslims are jihadis. They never claimed to be peaceful dharmic souls as we, the righteous Hindus do!!

        • Parul, this is a wake up call for not to continue with communalism. You know the fruit of bad karma ? India has to pay for backing Modi’s wickedness in deaths and a shattered economy. Taali, thalli, dia and mombatti are not going to save you.

    • psuedo and muslim tum log aur kya bologey iske alawa? Fark nahi padta as it became norm to accept tum logo ka stand.

    • Dear Zahir,
      I know Muslims will find it difficult to accept Modi .So u cannot be an exception..He is the best PM of India.

    • Yes, unless there is appeasement for a community who enjoyed all these years. And look what damages this community does in containing corona virus.

    • Its not all COVID -19 in India, it is COVID-786. You guys and your blind extremists orthodox religion will always have problems with other religions (kafirs) as you guys are not peace lovers and you want to make this nation islamic state. If you have courage then justify those muslim men’s act of spitting on police and doctors and put off their pant in front of nurses and female doctors.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Modi has done NOTHING to arrest corona virus, done nothing to test when 8500 tests can be done in a day and not even 90 are being done, has not given a hoot to prevent spread in the poorest of the poor with simple medical tents with one doc even to isolate anyone out of a small juggi room so that the rest of the occupants stay safe! Nor has Modi cared to publish true numbers. It is all about Modi and how he looks internationally! Not surprising as he is just PM of Gujarat and his small mind is as small as that one selfish state. Need water for Gujarat, get it from MO, Need revenue for Gujarat, spend hoards on a cricket stadium, want to show Bharati history, show BAPs temples built with black money in the past few decades only across the world and forget the real India! He is a dictator and suppressor. Defeating Congress may be his only shining light and that is the only legacy he will take out with him. He is full of hate, believes in division, has no love for the poor and cares not a hoot for India or Indians. Now that covid-19 has spread with nothing done, he turns to astrology and tries to be a hero by lip service to foreign nations – let’s fight corona together!! Really? Again all about pretending and getting international limelight! He is THE VIRUS!! The most useless of humans to be around! God help India!!

    • You are correct. SG’s articles are always confused. He knows the educated ridicule Modi, he even knows they are correct, but his argument is Modi is getting what he wants from an uneducated, unsophisticated class, and that is what counts in the end. That is what counts for getting power in India. In SG’s four principles of Modi’s messaging success, he forgets the most important : stoking Hindu communalism and resentment against Muslims. That is the key winning card, which the other parties don’t have. It wins Modi elections, gives him and the BJP power and money. The economy, healthcare and education sink but he has followers busy with NRC and riots. SG has not spotted that – or he pretends not to see. SG is the type of Hindu who wants to have one foot in fascism, and the other in liberalism. Hence, his confused articles.

      • @rasgolla. Modi supporters are not only uneducated unsophisticated types, because basic fight in India is between Mandal & Kamandal.

        • Modi himself is uneducated – he has a forged Masters degree, no teacher recalls teaching him, no student remembers studying with him.

          By way of encouraging innovation, he once told students to come up with a stove to make tea, with sewer gas ! Absolute jahil !

    • See, all of you haters, we patriotic Indians wanted a strong in corrupt leader and we got it in modoji. For India’s sake we have a strong bold management, that’s all that matters. As for the people sacrificing, that’s the only way for India to attaint Developed world status. The Indian mentality gas to reform a lot
      Thank you Modoji and thank you patriotic Indians.

    • Response to Zahir…..

      If you donot like what Modi is doing in India…. why are you not going to Pakistan/BanglaDesh… a nation “carved out” of Bharat FOR, BY, OF MUSLIMS…. IN 1947… REMEMBER …..???







      • Why we should go to Pakistan or Bangladesh it is a democratic country every one have their views like in your view modi is hero n Congress is villain you have money to buy MLA ‘s of MP but not to spend on country when there is a virus affecting our country their is media which spoke what modiji want to speak did you saw any Muslim spitting on police why they would spread virus if their is a virus in the form of modi n amit Shah what modiji have done to Muslim first say any one thing which benefit muslim now it has become common to bjp to make a religious fight of Muslim n Hindu just don’t think as Hindu think as indian n think as gandhi

    • Those who do not know management of masses make such immature n infant like comments! These r communalinds n do not know what is n who is good for them! They like them to be used n their religion used for party’s benefits without giving anything for last 60 years, they were kept poor, uneducated n depressed n suppressed under the burden of many unethical practices! But still people feel happy to criticise the one who practices n preaches ” Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas sir Sabka Vishvas!

  66. It is so difficult for many to accept that here is one individual who has the interest of the poor and dis advantaged in mind. Gimmicks or not, he can keep people engaged and has the courage of carrying out what he believes is the best way forward. So for once, please allow him to do what he thinks is best ; there is no past experience for any leader on such critical issues, allow him to take one day at a time. Just because we look for patterns in thoughts, don’t expect this from someone who works differently.

  67. Better to use that 9 minutes to make masks for your self and other needy people around you. Kindly dont waste your time.

    • Why only in those 9 minutes, you could do it anytime you want by sitting inside your home.
      Stop complaining about those 9 minutes, they have been requested from us for a good cause!

    • Time is precious, we are using it very thoughtfully all through. Don’t wasre 9 minutes of vesry precious thing.

    • Unfortunately, we have a lot of time with us right now. No harm in using 9 minutes of those in the way our PM says

  68. if someone commits a murder n doesnt hv a guilt..u cant change such persons mind..if u r not ready to accept that u hv done any mistake..u cant argue with such person..nor can we hv any hope from such person..such people can never learn frm past mistakes n keep doing such mistakes again n again..demonitisation, gst, rbi emergency fund withdrawal, interference in court judgements, interference in rbi matters, thali thoko, diya jalao types jumlas, 15 lakh, black money, 2 crore jobs..nothing delivered..still we hv some expectation?

  69. Modi is scaling new heights of the position of indispensability. No media person worth his salt can tolerate it being played out with such fanfare real time!

    • Print, not Quint. Unlike the British, you don’t seem to be waiting for the sun to set before pouring yourself a drink

  70. Anti-national dacoit congress, its allies leaders, fake dynast family members and paid prestitutes don’t like NaMo or his work because they are anti national anti democratic rogues, more than sixty years,in the garb of democracy, these looters and cheaters practised dynastic rule, and their ass lickers only glorified these dacoits. Namo has started practising people’s democracy and started interacting with people directly, which is difficult to digest for these rogues. So whatever NaMo does in the iñterests of nation, these rogues oppose him. But we the people of India know well that congis can’t see anything beyond corruption. Congis always put their vested interests above national one, but NaMo is putting national iñterests above all. This is the only reason why congis have to mislead màsses, and in return more and more people hate these anti-national anti-Hindu LOOTERS and cheaters.

  71. So true. This country’s people deserve exactly such a leader. Cheers from the USA. We will fight and we will beat the novel coronavirus strain and we will do it without thalis and the melodrama of retarded clowns.

    • Oh, like when your people were clapping and cheering in New York? Lol, the only ones connecting thali, tali, diyas with some “cure” are the usual illiterate selves…never in his speech did he said that it’s supposed to be a cure of some sort, or a win against Covid19. But again, stupid, senseless, hypocrites like you are required for the occasional entertainment. Keep up with the bullshit.
      And oh apply Burnol.

      • Mind your language sir! NY is publishing true numbers and accepting delayed response to covid. What is Modi sharing? He jails true journalists, hides behind astrology and has done NOTHING fur the poor especially during covid. He is the worst dictator the world has had while ruling over the largest democracy. At least Indira Gandhi had the guts to declare an emergency! Modi hides behind his pretentious Hindu cloak while living in luxury and roaming the world. Shane on him!!

  72. This really is a really cheap way of thinking. It’s almost ironical that the writer is criticising the gov for publicity n politics when a single look on the websites homepage would tell you how biased/unbiased The Print really is. The only one point I can agree is that the latest 9pm request is a little overdo ( but not necessarily a bad thing since it’ll be a good thing seeing a soul after being in lockdown for so long albeit from the balcony!)

  73. Thanks SG for thinking that the majority of India is infant. You keep on rattling that Modi blundered here, Modi blundered there, but the fact is that people are seeing how frustrated you and your clan are. Just because you own this portal, doesn’t make you correct. Remain happy in your cocoon.

  74. Mr Shekhar Gupta; As long as there are shameless hacks like you, to rationalise his idiocies, and even eulogise him whenever you can, he will continue to wield enormous almost hypnotical powers over the masses. Do you realise, that all the media & SM criticism of the recent migration tragedy; did lead to at least a “nuanced ..apology”- as you choose to term it. An ego maniac thrives on adulation; and you continue to fan his ego.
    We are old enough to remember your reports that we read with admiration decades ago. I am sorry to say, you now have only one way to go from journalism – OUT.

    • Couldn’t be better! I believe so too! He is a retard and thinks that his biased comment on hon’ble PM and comparing his work to Mao reflects his inclination towards Chinese Communist Party.

  75. Salute to my captain Mr Narendra Modi..and I feel sorry to you people …..Particularly the writer and editor.

    Narendra Modi is dealing with an exceptional crisis. No PM has had to face such a situation that has impacted every part of India and every aspect of life. If a family member is seriously ill we get shaken. Here, his 130 crore people are at risk.
    Some are saying lockdown should’ve been earlier. Some are saying Army should’ve been called. Some are saying intelligence failure while some say you appease. Everyone has retrospective opinions but NONE has to bear the responsibility of 130 cr people. Only he has to

    If the lockdown doesn’t succeed then he gets targeted. If it does still he gets targeted because the economy is hit. If he didn’t call for a lockdown then he would’ve been hounded for lethargy even if it had kept the economy going. He is always at the receiving end.

    You call for a nation of 130 cr to stop work. For the poor to risk going without food. The rich cry their earnings have stopped and their lifestyles thwarted. Middle-class says ‘you’re not doing enough to help us financially.’ Again, primarily criticism.

    A 70-year old man bearing the weight of 130 cr people and expectations many times that without flinching, without digressing, without levelling accusations at other, and without giving excuses. Yes, it is his responsibility, but he too is human. The pressure.

    Despite all that he does with single-minded concentration for the nation, something that is unparalleled in our history, he never once asks for praise. One after the other he’s dealing with India’s core issues, and then to add problems comes the Corona
    This thread is simply my thoughts. I felt that if I were in his shoes I’d be terrified at the daunting problem we are facing. I’d honestly not want to be in his seat. Would you?

    I simply thought of thanking @narendramodi for his alertness, his humility, and his pragmatism 🙏🏻

    Thoughts penned not by me but express my sentiments totally….. Sure it’s the thought on most Indian citizens right now….I stand with my country and my prime minister….🙏🙏🙏

    Let’s share on our walls !!

    • How can u be so naive health workers are risking their lives day in and out all he can do is clapping and clanging we need Ppi ventillators adequate testing we are one off the countries with least testing can’t believe people in this country are this lame

  76. Narendra Modi is seeing an opportunity in the present tragedy to make people believe BIZARRE things just because he says them, so that they will get conditioned over time, and believe EVERYTHING that he says. He is trying to break down the reasoning powers of 130 crore Indians so they will never ask him ANY questions about anything he does – – whether he wants to install a Devendra Fadnavis as CM at 6 AM bypassing all Constitutional procedures; whether he wants to enact CAA bypassing Constitution; whether he wants to install a CJI who will give illegal verdicts to protect him. The list is already very long.

  77. Anybody who is on the side of truth would like Modi’s leadership. People know Modi is incorruptible. People know Modi is on the side of right. Those who hate him feel they have lost things that they had assumed their right on them. Most of them either corrupt or politically become irrelevant. It’s well known that even Shekhar Gupta don’t like Modi. The difference between Shekhar and other Modi hater is that Shekhar tries to understand though not always correctly while other Modi haters consider Modi as their enemy. Those who believe in democracy, respect people’s mandate. Those who don’t believe in democracy, criticize people and abuse them as librandus do. Librandus are the worst form of crooks that democracies have so far seen. The irony is that librandus can survive in democracies only. In non-democratic countries like china, librandus can’t even breath. Librandus are parasites on democracies i.e. they suck the blood of democracies.

    • “Bhakti in religion may be a road to the salvation of the soul. But in politics, Bhakti or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship.” – Dr Ambedkar

  78. All said, Shekhar, it’s burning where it hurts most for guys like you. No need for you to sermonise to the middle class: we don’t want anything from Mr Modi.


  79. Modi always remains busy in extracting trp for any reason. By organising open vdo meet with either different saark heads or different chief ministers, his main motive was to enhance trp among viewers. Problem is that the other parties, including congress, are never try to expose his cleaver approach. Recent toppling of MP govt proved the vulnerability of any congressman or any leader. All so-called mass leaders in congress are more twitter spavy less mass mover. See how tirelessly Mamtadidi working. Have you find a single leader like her?
    If any, rest leaders try to stop the person.
    Peoples are faded up with Modi but who the alternative??

    • Your didi is also working for her TRP. Her party has robbed millions from the poor of Bengal. And now allowing illegal migration she is consolidating her vote bank. She is no saint.
      And you want her to lead the country? GOD help India.

  80. We now have a Prime Minister in Sri Narendra Modi who has opened up several channels of communication with the masses who really matter at the hustings. With the skill of a magician or a puppeteer he can make the teeming millions in our country to dance to his tunes. He might mean well but he clearly knows which side of his bread is buttered and what he has to do to remain in office forever. The microscopic minority who have been seeing through his game right from 2014 are like mere flies that he can swat at will and can make no dent in his fortunes. As Shekhar Gupta has rightly put it scorn, ridicule, lampooning and so on are like water on a duck;s back for someone who knows his electorate like the back of his hand.

  81. A lot of enlightened, educated, literate and otherwise have expressed their curiosity and questioned ( even jeering ) if clapping, clanging utensils, ringing bells, lighting lamps/ lamps/ torches will annihilate the Corona virus.

    I’d like to question them- when labourers lift a heavy weight/ pull the ropes in pulleys together, why do they say ,” Dum laggagey haisshhaa…”

    When boatmen row their boat, why do they say , “hai ho…hai ho…hai ho…”?

    When palanquin bearers carry the palanquin on their shoulders, why do they say, ” haiyya ho…. haiyya ho…”?

    And all this in unison, together….

    Will “….haisshha” lift their weight ?
    Wil “…hai ho…” take their boats ahead ?
    Will ” …haiyyaa ho…” carry their palanquin ?

    Of course not!

    But it helps to be united and work together in rhythmic unison to carry out a task .

    It’s all about solidarity, unity , strength and determination …..

    So please think about it !


  82. I wonder how the previous ” silent prime minister” would have handled this case. God forbid this to happen in any universe!

  83. India is down on its knees about to be doomed and this crazy man talks about diyas and all nonsense

  84. Though it is true that the ‘Diya Jalao’ call is just an exercise in symbolism, it does serve a purpose. It gives a short-lived, temporary relief from the claustrophobia and boredom of the lockdown. My guess is that majority of the Indians will participate. The criticism mocking the call made by the PM will not be understood and appreciated by the masses. The opposition is in a fix. Modi has snatched the initiative and is in a monopolized limelight. There very little that the opposition can do at this juncture. All the past issues like CAA have become outdated and inconsequential. The collective mind of the entire nation is focused on only one issue . And in this scenario, Modi has no competition.

  85. Authors message is not for the readers or for the masses, more for his masters in Lutyens and the need for them to do something to stay relevant and possibly get an opportunity to loot as before.
    I don’t see any admiration or a recognition from the author for the PM who takes every opportunity to address people unlike near death PM that we had for ten shit long years..
    Wish India free of these pseudos/left leaning sickulars.

  86. use basic science then u will understand dont behave like a alian what i am thinking he is pm okay so use proper words .

  87. Apart from RSS & BJP linked intellectuals, there’s one more kind in the tribe. And that is, Modi-Bashing intellectuals. Need less to elaborate on them. This kind primarily consists of those who’ve become out of business in past 6 /7 years. And rather than causing any damage to their proposed victim, they only end up increasing his popularity further.

  88. Typical Communist way to send a message to the readers. A well written article to influence the readers in favour of their school of thought.
    The Communist school of thought has been rejected by the whole world. It prevails only in countries that are Non Democratic and are suppressed by power where people are not free at all to write such articles.

  89. Pity Shekar portrays such negativity in Modi’s tremendous attempts to keep the morale of nation high. Knows only too well that leaders like Modi are rare and INDIA could not have been more fortunate. Yet, simmering decades old hate for this man, and combined with eternal bias towards, Congress and Lutyen brethren, will bring out more such commentaries from Shekar. It is in such trying times for INDIA, that we need talented journalists to provide impetus to encourage the upkeep the moral of people. Have lived the times of Indira Gandhi to Morarji to Charan Singh to Rajiv Gandhi to Vajpayee to Manmohan (Sonia) and seen it all. This PM has the statesman like qualities and behaves like one. Remain counted, Shekar…lest you get clubbed with the Sardesais of the world.

  90. The nature of the discourse / address is a matter of judgment, a political assessment of what will work with people who press the EVM buttons. However, in a time of war, the substance of governance must remain stellar. That now centres on the medical response to a fire that continues to spread. Ensuring that essential activities for the government are not starved of funds. Just as the poorest Indians are not starved of food.

  91. What makes you think that you are the only learned wise person in India and rest of Indian populace is a mere dumb brains who have no sense of judgement? You are such ignorant fools. Can’t blame you though, you’re just earning your bread and butter because there are more dumb a** like you who think the ideology amd unrest and division you are spreading in the name of being intellectual, its cool.

  92. Even other countries did claps and thalis for their health workers. You are ignoring the boost that the health workers get out of this simple acknowledgement of general public. You are ignoring the positive feeling of being in it together. There are so many young nuclear families, away from their extended family, in distant cities. These moments do make them feel United.

    And why should government be baby sitting people ? Why should people be not taking care of each other?

    What else should the government be doing ?

  93. Shekharji, are you really running short of article ideas that you have to recite Modinama on a lazy Saturday?
    Like him or hate him, Modi is, what he has ever been: a one-man band.
    One problem for the journos, these days is that, the government ‘sources’ have largely dried up. And with that all juicy stories too, as information rarely gets leaked. And to add to the misery of the journos, Modi speaks directly to people, whether through the social media or otherwise.

    • Modi is not a “one-man band”. He has a very large orchestra playing behind him. Modi symbolizes “mediocrity on the mean side”, so he has all the mean-minded medocres supporting him. If Modi symbolized “mediocrity on the lofty side”, which is actually what a REAL LEADER of a developing people should be, because he has to lift people not only in terms of finances but also in terms of sensibility, then he would have been closer to a “one-man band” and would have NEEDED THE ORATORY OF A GREAT MAN. In his present modest frame he is making do will HOLLOW VERBOSITY, at which he is good. But he is doing tremendous harm to the people not only in terms of finances, which we all know, but also in terms of endorsing, even encouraging mean sensibility.

  94. Simple word …simple question to ask…(1).is he trying to polarize the entire masses by testing their mind ?(2) Is it a scientific approach ?(3) Has he (Mr.Modi) got some message from Nagpur at this moment of national crisis just to do the mathmatics of BJP support when his and his party’s scoreboard is nil in respect of governance ? No answer….only playing a joke with the public!!!

  95. Don’t come up with such infantile write-ups insulting to your readers and millions of Indians, who are much smarter than you are.

  96. We have a shortage of masks, ventilators, PPE and other critical medical supplies, but soon we will run short of diyas and mombattis!

  97. I heard a story in my childhood . Don’t know whether it’s true. Initially Indiraji was shy and reluctant to face a crowd or audience. Then Nehruji advised her whenever you face a crowd always think that you are facing a big gathering of cows. Then your shyness and fear will go away.

  98. An article with a negative thread running throughout and anti Modi. Start with the headline. “Poke fun”, “couldn’t care less”, then “juvenility of his ideas”, “infantilising” , “superstision” etc etc. Shekhar Gupta being such a seasoned and experienced journalist must be knowing that Modi’s address was recorded earlier before the labourer exodus began and broadcast to the nation at the scheduled time. But no. Let’s use this against the PM. And demon took place years ago but let’s bring it up also. Why not?
    The article also insults the people by saying Modi is infantilising us meaning we are to be treated as infants and juveniles without the ability to understand, reason or judge, obedient infants to be cautioned as Shekhar Gupta tells the nation . Has it occurred to him that maybe just maybe Modi is trying to unite the nation, raise morale, raising the awareness levels to reduce deaths since he cares unlike so many more parasitical politicians who are interested in their own agendas. He doesn’t take any of their names. Nor does he talk about any community and their backwardness for eg, Tablighi Jamaat and the jihad unleashed by them on the nation.
    Shekhar Gupta should look to Pak media and how they have praised Modi for his leadership qualities in rallying India against this virus. Poorly written article and self defeating. A misuse of free speech.

  99. Only anti-nationals like congressmen, communists and Religious Fundamentals oppose the welfare measures of Modi Govt. Barring them the entire India is behind modiji.

  100. Yiorigior ditto lumbabadhing garrrdu terrikka tarrrrrikkkkaaa phooonsuaglydo dhingarrrhhh dhoooom!……Ho Jaai Corona goom !!

  101. Modi is talking directly to his citizens,, nothing wrong in it.

    And the measures taken by Modi is almost everything is known to every one and he need not repeat them again and again.

    Why does the thePrint think Demonetization was a failure? that is funny. My first hand experience is it destroyed fake currency and black money , resulting in failure of Real estate business which is done using black money.

    All that the people want to know is whether the PM is working for them or not and those who believe PM is working for them will support PM. Those who are opposing PM or opposing for the sake of opposition as their position have become untenable and they end up opposing Modi, irrespective of whatever the action of the GoI.

  102. Time is ruthless and only dictator. Good oreators will come and go, only those.will be remembered as great sons of India who contribute in the upbringing the nation as one single large family and again it will be decided by History an alliance of time and not by foolish masses and political brains.

  103. Shekharji , making the people what he wants is not a good sign of good leadership. I wonder whether PM consults anyone before making such public announcements. Last time he made people to clap, thaali, bang plates (which is not allowed in many Hindu homes, as such a sound is made when 10th day vessels/thali is made to move last grain served to dead soul) etc. PM calls made large number to come out without caring about “Physical Distancing” norms which could have also spread virus in the name way like TJ events whose gathering was less than what we saw on 22 April. This time while asking people to light the sky after switching off all the lights, he has taken care to ask the people not to come out of home. However, again while making an appeal to switch off the lights, he has put the power personnel in a dizzy as they expect disruption and therefor considering load shedding between 20 and 21,10 hrs. This announcement unlike Note bandhi, had no “Gopaniatha” (confidentiality) which late Arun Jaitely used to claim. Obviously, he did not want the suspense to let out before he himself make an announcement. Yet again, it is the citizens who would take the burn when load shedding is observed, it is the old and sick people would suffer. As for his clapping call , all that is now history, it is now slapping of health workers.

  104. लगता की प्रिणट पूरी तरह से सठ्ठीया गया है
    It’s official that print has completely lost it.

  105. People are not being infantile. They have seen through the game of the likes of garibi hatao, division of country men in the name of secularism, dynastic rulers, appeasement, dole to poor in election times and how Nehru family has sacrificed for the country….. The list goes on.
    Then they found out the truth. Of looting the country, rich leaders and poor electorate and they wanted to come out of the shackles.
    Mr Modi was found. A person from the grassroot, decisive, honest and with a distinct vision. Rest is history.

  106. A grudging acceptance of reality but still without accepting the fact as to why people trust MODI.
    Can anyone name one leader who is not an allege thief.
    Shastriji had that image, but unfortunately he was there for a very short time, and then we were back to the Jamvda of power brokers.
    Let us accept that.
    Then we will know why despite any mistakes he may or may not make , he will be forgiven, until a alternative leadership with his impeccable quality emerges.
    Unless the intelligentsia can give constructive suggestion bereft of any personal gains to help him course correct and not abuse him in their THIRD RATE language, they will remain on the pages of the media that is all.

  107. Have a courage to blame all wrong deeds of every one without bias you will be lauded and listened to. If you go on banging only one side for all its wrong doings and allow others to leave unscratched of their wrong doings nobody is bothered about your lofty write ups.

  108. You criticize modiji stronger he stop doing it. people see him as a saviour among all the useless politicians .any ways I am going light a Diya .the more Congress and the gang criticsise more Diya i will light we all know modiji has good intentions. He is secular in real sence others only are secular for namesake.

  109. >>So, three lessons: First, Narendra Modi promises you nothing in his messaging. Second, he always asks you to do something for him and, thereby, the nation. And third, that he never regrets anything he has done. Never. Never a word like, I know we could have done this better. <<
    That is from a populist cookbook. It always works. It is working now.
    The populist leaders- never promise anything – the public presumes it is going to get what it wants.
    The massess, even the educated ones, want a strong leader and then handover their problems to the leader and relax.
    Our education system is didactic and doesn't train you think for yourself. All the MAs,BAs and even the professionals read from the class notes and pass exams. THe populist leader gives those a new set of class notes to cram and regurgitate.
    Why should a leader listen to the intelligentsia- they will find a way to support him/her and when they fallout they will lose their credibility like the fifth column.

  110. Yes, middle class follows what Modi asks because they believe he genuinely cares and works hard for them. They believe that he believes in the people as much they believe in him.

  111. THANK YOU. At last somebody used the right words to describe the “orator” Modi: JUVENILITY, INFANTILISING.

    In fact, he is no “orator” in the strict sense of the word. He is just a good communicator who caters to the lowest common denominator. It shows a shallow mind that appeals to the masses.

    Wonder what will happen to our republic with leaders and people like this.

    THANKS again for putting this in perspective. I am tweeting this.

      • Most Indians are not enlightened as you Bongs are, but they understand the difference between honesty and frauds.

        • Well said. People have displayed their true strength at the time of National Calamities, during Indo-Pakistan wars, reposed faith on the leaders of that time by contributing their little wealth for the Nation. When Mr. Shastriji called for sacrificing a meal in a week to overcome crisis of foodgrain supplies .Every Indian responded to his appeal. I want to remind Mr. Shekhar Gupta on his own confession of misjudgment on the Modiji’s performance after Modiji won 2nd term. Still, you want to put your own agenda of blaming Modiji for his selfless efforts to overcome the country’s problems. The Media is against Modiji for not entertaining them, pampering them and keeping them on his head. All these years Fourth Estate got more that what they really deseverd by other politicians for their ulterior motives. 12years of Modiji’s Governance in Gujrath taught him how to deal with these people.

        • Dear Shekhar Gupta,

          I have been an on and off reader of your views and perceptions and one thing that always crosses my mind and it has gotten strengthened overtime that you unapologetically sound a darbari each an every time. It is not for the first time you have displayed your imbecility in penning such article it has happened earlier as well.

          Anyways, in the initial days of RSS regime headed by its former pracharak my community viewed the elevation of Modi on the national arena with a great deal of suspicion and we gotten proved right as well. But then Muslims endured all the hardships that came along naturally with a BIGOTED HINDU NATIONALIST as head of the nation which unfortunately is also home to over 200 million Muslims and we still are suffering. We have reached a point where we although are afraid of growing division in the society but at the same time have gotten inured to it as we have perhaps internalised what your above article implies.

          Shekhar you being a seasoned journalist must be aware that Modis come and go what matters is what lasting impact such leaders have on society and in my view Modi has taken India on a path of SELF DESTRUCTION AND YOU MEANWHILE CONTINUE SINGING PAEANS HAILING MODI AS A GREAT MESSIAH WHEREAS THE TRUTH AND YOU MUST ALSO BE AWARE LIES SOMEWHERE ELSE.

          RAAG DARBARI…………

    • And to add we DON’T CARE WHAT THOSE “OBEDIENT INFANTS” think because in this nation of 95 percent bigots and fools nothing cannot be expected more.

      Now, don’t wax eloquence explaining what this nation is all about.

      • So, if Indians oppose your communal agenda, they are bigots and fools? They have chosen a party and a PM after years of being treated like pariahs in their own country.
        Why do you sound the same like those ISIS killers thousands of kilometers away in the sands of Arabia – My way or no other way?
        Convert or be ready for jaziya, Join us or get throats slit?

        • WELT, are you going to blame the whole community for the sins of few (which we condemn always)? And what communal agenda are you talking about? Have you ever heard a single Muslim speaking against the Hindus? If we Indian Muslims speak for our rights and equality, we become ISIS killers in your eyes? Don’t we have the right to speak against injustice in our own country? If we speak against the misdoings of the PM, we are anti-nationals? In a democracy dissent is always allowed. Dissent is not tantamount to anti-national. Here is food for thought for you…

          He, Who Will Not Reason, Is a Bigot; He, Who Cannot, Is a Fool; and He, Who Dares Not, Is a Slave.

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