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Modi-Shah’s BJP has taken India’s politics of vendetta to a new level

Indian politics is caught in a vicious cycle of ‘do unto others’, and the BJP has escalated it by weaponising CBI, ED, I-T, TV channels and social media.

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It’s been an unlikely couple of weeks when, even in the season of Kashmir, Narendra Modi and Imran Khan have yielded space to three mere initialisms: CBI, ED, I-T.

That is because we have seen a flurry of the high and mighty raided, charge-sheeted, questioned (the Indian media somehow prefers the more sadistic ‘grilled’), and marched in and out of courts.

Nothing that happens even in Kashmir right now, or another rant from Imran, or a friendly slap on Donald Trump’s wrist by Modi, can beat the images of middle-aged CBI officers hitching up their trousers and climbing the walls of P. Chidambaram’s Jor Bagh home for immediate news and tamasha-value.

This brings back to me a late evening conversation and a treatise on what drives “us politicians” by a formidable practitioner of the craft. Let me also clarify that it was a totally alcohol-free, one-on-one dinner, and therefore, not at any elevated levels of ‘spirituality’.

“Why do we invest our lives in politics,” my host asked. “Why do we endure the dust, heat, bumpy helicopters, ‘dhakka-mukki’ (push-and-shove), court cases, arrests, to get this thing called power? Is mein aisa kya current hai (what is this irresistible pull)?” he said.

Not the money, he said. After all, even after you made all your money, you couldn’t really enjoy it. “In our politics, you can’t be seen to be rich,” he said, explaining how even your cars, homes and kurtas had to look modest. Even your families couldn’t be seen flaunting jewellery, or splurging.

“Then why do you do so, what is this ‘current’ of political power and wealth if you can’t even enjoy it,” I asked.

Yehi aap nahin samjhogey (this is what you don’t understand), Shekhar Gupta ji,” he said. Then, he went on to explain what happens when you get power. You do to the guy you defeated exactly what he did to you. Not even so much to him, but to his people.

“We know who his people are, in every district, every village,” he said. “We send our police, vigilance bureau, whatever after them. For those we really want to target, we may even keep a kilo of illegal opium or a murder charge handy.” Then what happens, he asked.

I said, “obviously, when your victim suffers, you get your revenge”.

“See, you don’t understand us politicians (rajneta log),” he said. When we hurt these people, they go running to their bosses and say, huzoor, bachao mujhe (sir, please save me). Then, their leader says he can’t, because he hasn’t got the power any more. The torture he suffers (jab woh tadapta hai), that is our fix, he said. “Tab dil mein jo thandak padti hai, uske liye 5 saal dhakke khaate hain (the incredible pleasure we get from our rivals’ helplessness to help his own is why we work so hard at our politics).”

Please do not jump to the conclusion that it’s another anonymous story, because I promise to tell you who he was. Please stay with me until the end. Because, there is a twist in the tale.

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This conversation took place almost two decades back. Much has happened since to build a large enough body of evidence to teach us how right he was.

At this particular point, we have P. Chidambaram in custody, he and his son Karti accused in the INX Media case, Bhupinder Singh Hooda and former treasurer of Congress Motilal Vora charge-sheeted at the age of 90 in the Associated Journals Ltd land allocation case, Kamal Nath under I-T probe, his nephew accused of receiving a bribe for the AgustaWestland helicopter purchase and arrested for bank loan fraud, Sonia, Rahul Gandhi and key aides under trial in the National Herald case, Karnataka Congress stalwart D.K. Shivakumar under ED’s scanner, and so on.

In 2015, not long after the BJP came to power, a corruption case was filed against the Congress’ Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh, and his home was raided on the day of his second daughter’s wedding. He had to rush home from the wedding venue, and even cancel the celebratory lunch.

Praful Patel is living through frequent trysts with the ED on a bunch of cases; several of Mamata Banerjee’s party colleagues and loyal police officers all have ‘dates’ with the CBI they can’t exactly be enjoying.

Then, you can go back. Within two weeks of coming to power in the summer of 2001, Jayalalithaa charged her predecessor M. Karunanidhi in a Rs 12 crore ‘flyover scam’, had his home raided at 1.45 am, and the dramatic visuals of the old man being hauled down the steps would still shake you up.

At various points of time, Lalu, Mulayam and Mayawati were charged by CBI, ED or I-T, irrespective of who was in power, NDA or UPA. It is just that the cases waxed or waned depending on whether they were playing ball with the Centre or not. Check the archives of the weeks leading up to the no-confidence motion against the UPA on the nuclear deal.

The latest to join the group of these usual suspects is Raj Thackeray, now accused by the ED of allegedly having made fake deals and making Rs 20 crore out of the wreck called IL&FS.

Do the forensics on each one of these cases, you will find a pattern. In each, the party now in trouble had done something similar, when it was in power, to the current incumbents. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi faced legal and criminal challenges for a decade, the former spending three months in custody on a ‘fake encounter’ and murder charge (cleared later). Do note that Shah too was pulled out when caught up in a child’s wedding.

One of the two judges who ordered a CBI probe against Shah did so two days before his retirement. He was facing a CBI probe in what was called the provident fund scam in Ghaziabad. The CBI cleared him soon enough, and then Akhilesh Yadav’s ‘secular’ government made him the chairman of UP’s state human rights commission. A wedding interrupted, a judge in a hurry two days before retirement, and a reward afterwards. Sounds familiar now?

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There is no point getting into who threw the first rock. Because we are now caught in a vicious cycle. What used to happen in the states two decades ago has come to the Centre. The BJP has only taken it to another level. First, by this triple weaponisation of the agencies, a few TV channels and social media. And second, by leaving the side-door open. To anybody willing to defect to it.

This is precisely what my host that evening had said. This was the pattern in our rougher, state politics. Badals versus Amarinder, Mulayam versus Mayawati, Jayalalithaa versus Karunanidhi, Devi Lal versus Bansi Lal versus Bhajan Lal. Now this has come to New Delhi.

I am not about to break the promise I made to you earlier, to tell you the name of the political stalwart who gave me that master class in the modern realpolitik of vengeance and sadistic joy. It was Om Prakash Chautala, then chief minister of Haryana, and the conversation took place at Haryana Bhawan. And where is he now? In Tihar Jail.

He and one of his sons are serving 10-year sentences for corruption. Because their politics of vengeance caught up with them, as have the voters. In these Lok Sabha elections, their party, which won a majority in Haryana once, secured just over 1.8 per cent votes. I look forward to a fresh chat with him once he comes out to ask what he thinks of where politics is headed.

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  1. A chaiwala and a stock broke wil not amd can not grow Inia. Do not waste time on these unpads. If all they want is Hindu ntaion that is dirt poor, may be that is all they wille do.

  2. Nicely elucidation on vendetta politics, the order of the day!
    Only two impulsive reactions:
    1. The title should have ended with ‘low’ rather than ‘level’.
    2. The twelfth paragraph should have ended with ‘tail’ rather than ‘tale’.

  3. So it’s clear. ‘Vendetta Politics’ is flavour of season. Already Shekharji & Manmohanji have spoken about it. Expect more in coming days from usual suspects!!

  4. To the contrary, I would argue that Modi and Shah are not doing enough vendetta politics. I don’t mean their personal vendetta. I mean the vendetta that the vast majority of Indians like me have for the congress leaders. For the fraud, corruption, divide-and-rule-communal politics and the cultural genocide that they committed on India, I would like to see most of the top congress leadership behind the bars for the rest of their lives. I don’t think Modi and Shah are doing enough. People on the NDTV are blatant in their biases; but Shekhar Gupta’s biases are coming out in subtle ways.

  5. I had hoped shekar will write very unbiased report worthy of his experience and insight. Even if this is vendetta, first let us analyse how this country was built low ranking on honesty and highly corrupt. All of us are part of this maluce

    Short cutting, bureaucracy amassing wealth on greed of people, building illegally, obtaining fake degrees, adulteration in food, even after 70 years driving without helmets, without documents, driving license and willing to bribe to get away

    Name it, no ending to the list. This is the society from which these leaders come who are patrons of our misdeeds

    I stead of lauding this cleaning up shekar is calling this vendetta because this rot has deeply penetrated journalism and what should have been the fourth pillar has collapsed. Shekar and group of his generation should start working together to help culprits behind bar and demand faster juditial process and Cleaning the rot

  6. I hope Modi and Shah get the Justice they deserve for murdering and being involved in murders on so many people in Gujarat. The rumours say even their own cabinet starting with Parikkar. If Modi /Shah are involved in any illegal activities then I hope our justice system catches them at some point.

  7. If the purpose serves the end , it is good. Had these stalwarts ever been brought to book.
    Remember booking a common man under that intimidating section of IT Act, brought by Sri Sibbal and latter struck down by Hon’ble SC, for writing against Kirti Chidambram regarding his unexplained rise to more than 100 Cr club without any worthwhile business or work.
    At least these are being exposed and facing judicial scrutiny even if in internecine war.

  8. Shekhar Gupta is very very wrong and highly biased in his views. But, even if he was right, every single one for whom he is shedding tears here richly deserves all that he/she is getting. It amazes me that he is attacking the BJP/NDA/ Modi/ Shah in ‘support’ of these arrogant, ‘Nothing and No one can shake me’ once powerful men/women.

  9. Let them all use this beautiful vendetta against each other and let them all suffer eventually!
    Most of them are corrupt to the core looting the people – all of us know who is what and how much they looted. We do not need any ED or CBI or even the courts to tell us who are guilty and who are not.
    We are just trapped in vicious circle and chain of money making game. From getting tender to establishing an industry to getting promotion and plum posting the politicians are invariably paid. And then these monies are recovered in multiples either from the people or from the state Treasury. Politicians made almost every body connected with them corrupt.
    As and when they are booked, they don’t introspect their deeds, they just shout at the people indulging in vendetta and getting them booked and vow to trap them when their turn comes – and thus this goes on!
    But come on! Indira ji did this against her own people too – the own people a bit appearing reluctant to do certain things for her. She remained The Champion of the game!
    So, Shekhar ji, Chutala ji would have ready answer for you and you too know the answer from any of the Chautalas!
    The larger question is where is the end of this game. Modi ji created the wave and aura of a corruption free country. There appears to be no concrete roadmap. Yes, undoubtedly some system is taking place making unholy transactions difficult, but the poison tree is so deep rooted that much greater efforts are needed to uproot it.
    Govt deptts having public interface, especially the deptts handling revenue and taxes, are still largely corrupt and these deptts remain channels of huge corruption. These need to be sealed and fixed properly and rigidly. Some retirements here and some terminations there are welcome but there has to be fundamental systematic change to curb it.
    But still larger the question – then who will fund the party and why? And where from the money will come for elections which are becoming dearer day by day? The ruling parties get more and more funding from every quarter and the reason is anybody’s guess! Even an honest politician’s party need money and no money would come without costs.
    If at all we really want an end to all this, all of us – really all of us – have to get together ponder over and try doing this!

  10. Who cares! All of them are bad apples.

    Why is this sob story on what one filth does to another of his ilk matter to a lowly citizen, the victim, who ultimately bears all the suffering of the politicians actions and inactions with silent impotency?

    Why don’t you write on what terrible devastation they have wrought upon the lives of the common man, whose interests they were supposed to uphold?

    Why don’t you write on how these villains have squandered and killed the spirit of the country? These are the dark ages of Indian democracy. You are not doing much help by peddling stories of moral filth.

  11. During the UPA regime, the general perception was that corruption at top echelons was normal. This was a far cry from what the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, had supposedly said – those corrupt will be hanged from the nearest lamp post. Under successive Congress regimes, no one was ‘hanged’, not because there were no lamp posts, but because the political will was missing.

  12. But crying ‘vendetta politics’ will not take the Congress anywhere. The UPA government’s alleged acts of commission and omission, especially under Chidambaram as the finance minister, will come back to haunt them. As the case against him unfolds, more skeletons will tumble out of the Congress’ cupboard, revealing the loopholes in governance that encouraged corrupt practices.

  13. Under successive Congress regimes, no one was ‘hanged’, not because there were no lamp posts, but because the political will was missing.

  14. Does this columnist want the high-profile politicians to go scot-free? The problem is the Indian judicial system which takes years /decades to decide on cases. There is enough circumstantial evidence against current individuals who are facing ED/CBI inquiry. Banks give fraudulent (bad) loans, politicians loot when they are in power. Surprising that the columnist wants no action to be taken and terms the whole issue as vendetta.

  15. Interesting piece by Shekhar Gupta; it looks like he is building a case ( about vendetta, revenge…) should he also get questioned in due course. Rumours are rife that Christian Michael of Augusta Westland game and his associates( one or two turning approvers) are going to reveal names of all those who were beneficiaries of crores of rupees spent as bribes or comfort money on the media. It’s likely that quite a few familar names may get thrown up; after all Augusta would not be foolish enough to splurge money on non entities.!

  16. Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist, Barnala (Punjab)

    This week ‘s “National Interest” column by Mr.Shekhar Gupta dwells on the topical issue of taking vendetta politics to a new level under the patronage of the duo of NaMo-Amit Shah of BJP.

    Gupta Ji, I do not see eye to eye with you on the issue in question.

    I am of the conviction that the BJP’s duo has offered new dimensions to this cult of vendetta politics . First of all, the duo’s selective
    witch- hunting of political rivals and adversaries aims at attracting the masses to divert and digress their attention from the sensitive,
    real and burning issues as well as the failures of the nation’s polity.

    Secondly, this political vengeance is used as a tool by the duo just on the eve of elections during the election campaign to paint rival parties in the poll fray as black and tainted to reap electoral mileage and upperhand. Timing is of paramount significance so far as employing this tool to
    win polls is exploited. The law enforcing agencies-CBI, ED and CVC etc. soft-pedalling such cases are oiled so to become pro and hyper- active during polls at the instance of the duo. It is so because duo leaving nothng to chance always is keen to win every election by hook or crook.

    Thirdly, the totalitarian regime can go to any extent stooping very low asking these agencies selectively to target political adversaries/ rivals under the garb of the rule of law and norms.

    Fourthly, the duo is very conscious and shrewd enough not to either mention or expose any illegal/ wrong doing of their party or anyother
    allies’ party too. The rule of the law in the nation varies from man to man and state to state because all are not equal before law.

    The Union Governments ruled by other parties and alliances/fronts before this authoritarian rule cannot be totally absolved of this malady
    of employing agencies against political parties / rivals having difference of opinion but up to a limited extent of ensuring votes in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on certain issues or making them abstain away from voting. These regimes did not fritter away energies and time on this design to endanger wider and lofty national interests just to emerge victorious in polls.

    No matter, even if the majoritarian regime at present pursues this targetted and selective politics of vendetta, it must ensure that the nation stands to gain and the stature/ glory of the law of the land is boosted up. Then toeing this risky line of action is worth going in for.

    But ironically, the nation facing the music on various fronts needless to repete the problems and maladies staring the nation, the regime is indulging in petty , trivial and hollow pursuits. The time is not at all ripe to waste time and energies in such like hopeless and worthless
    witch- hunting games because the nation’s polity is face to face with challenges of critical, crucial and graver proportions.

    If the regime wanted to see the nation free of the menace of corruption why did it allow economic offenders like Neerav Modi, Mehul Chokusi and Vijay Malliya ( just a few instances) to flee the nation and go scot free so far ? Where has the regime’s resolve to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks banished ?

    Why is NaMo feeling shy of admitting his gross failure and running away from his responsibility to bring back black money deposited in foreign banks ?

    Why is NaMo scared of apologising to the masses for his ill- conceived and badly executed policy of demonetsation and erratic GST resulting in untold hardships- miseries for the public and utmost futility ?

    Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
    Pom Anm Nest,Barnala (Punjab)

    • Sharma ji, you want us to believe that BJP is on a vendetta of a vastly greater scale. And, yet you then mix it with attacks on GST, majoritarianism, policy execution, and host of other issues. In effect, you undercut your own arguments by mixing it with your political views. As a freelance journalist, you will convince more people by going after details to make your case. Go and look at the case filings and interview people involved in these cases to uncover or publicize real evidence. There may well be a good case to be made that this is vendetta – but the way to go about proving your case is not to indulge in political attacks but to report on the actual details of those cases.

  17. Vendetta based politics is effective in a polarized atmosphere and for that we can thank the media as well. However, complaining about it is much more harmful than you realize. We already know that India’s incompetent and unreformed judiciary is incapable of delivering timely justice. Just the delays will ensure that there is no final word. However, what you can do is to publicize the details. That should be the job of responsible media. We can make our own judgments once facts are made available. For instance, the fact that Maoist books were found in an accused is not relevant from an evidentiary perspective bur certainly relevant in judging a person’s proclivity. If the evidence of shell companies and the evidence of the chain connecting them can be shown then we can decide on our own if Chidambram is indeed corrupt. By focusing on the politics of these cases, you are generate cynicism and further the cycle of retribution. By focusing on the evidence, you can help break this cycle and build renewed respect for integrity.

  18. 1. Let us not worry about the motives of these cases, and focus ONLY on its merits. That AS and Namo might be motivated by vengeance — even if they are — has nothing to do with whether Chidambaram is guilty or not. The case against him appears to be very strong.
    2. I don’t understand why you want this trend to end. It is good. Let every politician who is on the wrong side of the law fear what might happen to him when he loses power. The problem with Congress people was their illusion of their invincibility. Which is now in a shambles. If this is vendetta politics, lets celebrate it.

    • I am also puzzled that these journalists don’t seem to realize that the fight against corruption has to start somewhere. The likes of Mr Gupta seem to be suggesting that corruption at that level is a right and part of the package. And there is no option to fight but only to join them.

  19. We cannot really isolate politicians from we normal citizens, the idea of statesmanship does not come easily in real life or in responsible leadership to us fellow citizens and humans and, unfortunately we have to live through this until a time, when leadership and statesmanship starts breeding a newer culture of ownership on responsibilities over feeling of ownership on positions.

  20. Interesting to read indeed. But one thing is sure: Please don’t give certificate to PC that his current questioning only on vendetta. If Chidambaram is clean, which many do not believe, let him come out clean. Like how Raja and Kanimozhi came out or how Dayanidi Maran is considering himself clean. All because these are highly influential people, who can influence everything, literally everything in this country and CBI or ED had short tenure to provide evidence to catch them. All these came out on some fringe elements of no proper evidence by court. By the way, Lalu Prasad was incarcerated only by Congress regime and later he became part of them. People and media cried wolf, when Chidambaram was called for questioning by CBI. But the same media was enjoying day in and out with TRP when Modi was grilled for multiple days. It is like media decide a person is innocent, he is innocent if not crook. It is like the greatest villain of Hindi film Ajit or Amrish Puri were given positive role in a movie, still it takes first 30 minutes to take our mind frame whether they are actually really good samaritans in the movie or may be villain in the end. One’s character defines who he is. And based on Shekarji, Chidambaram is saint, unnecessarily troubled by Modi-Shah in revenge game.

  21. What a state of affairs, all the honest people are being targeted. The holi temple of PSU are being raided and all this to harass a few currentwalas who are not after money, their lifestyles are modest and even their families can not show off the wealth.These are the honest souls friendly with another lot of honest people who live off their handouts and are known as members of khan market and Lutyens club. If Chidambarams and Ghandhis were as clean as the claim the court would have thrown out their case, the very fact that bails have been given, means they are not spotless. how things well be proven and in how many years only the future will tell.

  22. Modi -Shah are obliged to take the corruption cases to the conclusion and that is the mandate people have imposed on them, I don’t have doubt that favours were accorded to Karti Chidambaram.

    • Yes, I agree with you. But what about the corrupt in their own parties? What about the corrupt they have picked up from other parties solely for the purpose of electoral gains? If they carry to conclusion action against all these people I will agree with you wholeheartedly.

  23. Shekar acts like bhishma pita..who patronises UPA cronies who swindled SG above board…pls touch yoir conscience..i m neturalist not bjp wala

  24. Do you from your heart really believe that all the political names mentioned in your article really dont deserve to be in jail along with all their family members for the rest of their lives.
    I think you still exist in the Lutyens Delhi world of pre-2014.

  25. You seem to be making an indefensible argument, Shekhar.
    Would you say that O P Chautala is in jail because of revenge politics?
    Or, tht Lalloo is in jail because Modi hates him?
    Or that Prafull Patel is being investigated because of political vendetta?

    When Shekhar Gupta begins to write partisan essays such as this then one wonders what the motive could be…. Maybe a visit from the ED/CBI and others would unravel the mystery.

  26. Very anecdotal. However there is a mismatch between the title and the script. Modi-Shah have been projected as key villains, but the story is dominated by various other villains. It is like Hindi movies. Whether it is Pran, Prem Chopra or Ranjeet, the role and behaviour stay the same; none manages to take it to the next level.

    • Aap meri generation se hain, aisa lagta hai, from the villains you have named. There must be younger actors who now do the rough stuff.

  27. That’s all fine, Guptaji. Still Modi-Shah empire may be no match for the Indira Gandhi University for political crafts where this brand of politics originated from.

  28. Shekhar Gupta, are you trying to make us believe that Chidambaram is as clean as a pious saint? Do you want the Govt. to let him free? He appears to be a nasty and notorious politician who coined a phrase “HINDU Terror” to the detriment of National image. In how many countries this Hindu Terror is active Mr. Gupta? Can you please elucidate? (just give us the names of the countries).
    Mr.SG I once had a very high respect for you. But then you drifted and you started hobnobbing with NDTV as a result of which you were regularly seen on NDTV in cahoots with likes of Pranoy Roy (who also is in docks) and other staff members. Why don’t you issue a certificate of innocence to him as well? I can go on and on but please deal with what I have said so far.

  29. In your opinion, is Om Prakash Chautala wrongly convicted? If yes then ypu must get him absolved. If not then how can you call his incarecration as “politics of vengeance” catching up? If anything we need more of such “vengeance” to ensure that these guys become less corrupt.

    Politicians today have no fear of judiciary as they control the investigative system through massive corruption. Judiciary is also corrupt but thats another story. How do you see their act ever catching up to them if not through this vengeance based politics?

    • Dimaagi sehat ke liye akhrot khaya karein aur gehri neend ki aadat daaliye. Seems like you and the lot commenting here don’t comprehend things very well.

      • I feel this is what you need most since you’re unable to comprehend the basic premise. If a politician commits a crime then he/she should face the justice. Chidambaram did everything to implicate Shah in Nusrat Jehan encounter yet he failed. Now it’s his turn to face the justice. If he is innocent then he can also be freed like Shah. If you can’t understand this then don’t bother to lecture others….

  30. If one finally come to conclusion that the witch hunting is a game every person is power plays against his or her opponents, then for a common man, it is just plain helplessness that our political system is taken over by scoundrels under the facade of democracy, using various dimensions like caste or sub caste or region etc. Under this scenario, if Shekhar thinks we should have sympathy for anyone, he is mistaken. In fact, it gives sadistic pleasure that this time, this one is hit and the show continues. If Modi continues long enough, he will finish his hit list soon and then we will a clean slate!! Hopefully, politics would have changed qualitatively by then and we get decent, professional, educated and committed people in politics like in the days just after independence.

  31. Modi- Shah duo should now stop this vendetta politics. This is governed by the law of diminishing returns and would prove to be counterproductive. The NDA-III regime will not be evaluated based on how many politicians they arrest and send to jail but on it’s performance on the economic front. With worrying signs of a deep rooted recession looming large on the horizon, this will harm the BJP more. Growing agrarian distress, rising unemployment, declining GDP growth rate- just 5% in the June quarter, this is a disturbing scenario. If it goes out of hand, nothing can save this government, irrespective of whether Chidambaram and Co go to prison or not.

  32. What BJP is doing is the same as what the others did earlier. So why do you call it “taking it to another level”. It is all same level only.

  33. Shekhar Gupta starts with a grand narrative, which swiftly and precipitously descends into complete banality as is normally the case with all his writings. So we learn from him and Chautala, that for politicians it is not the money nor the power but revenge the principal motivation and reward for the rough and tumble of politics. I am afraid Chautala is not the best source for this insight. The Jats and many other farming communities, have engaged in blood feud spanning generations as a way of life, not just for politics. It is a safe bet that Chautala and his ilk would have indulged in this irrespective of their profession. Quite apart from that, Shekhar is kind enough to inform us that they all do it, so nothing new with ED, CBI and other raids. Thanks for this priceless wisdom.

  34. Also help us understand why stalwarts like Chidambaram (of course he isn’t) become corrupt when they are so rich… what roles do their sons play?

  35. In this process of enjoying the “ current “, we seem to be taking our eye off the ball of national endeavour and achievement. The economy is sinking like a stone. School children are being fed roti or rice with salt in their midday meals in school. If the western media accurately reflects what the world thinks of us – one suspects Foreign Offices are even more brutal in their assessments – India does not seem to be delivering on its true potential. Some dark arts are part of politics and realpolitik all over the world, else our Editor would have made a fine I & B Minister. At some point, what is peripheral should not overpower the core.

  36. To justify his own thinking, Shekhar Gupta has extrapolated the mindset of Om Prakash Chotala whose corruption charges have been proved and he is in Tihar Jail. It’s obvious that Shekhar Gupta couldn’t find any leader in BJP to justify the narrative he tried to built through this post. Time will tell if Shekhar Gupta is himself afraid of CBI and ED for some wrong doings in the past. May be Shekhar Gupta is sad as his past masters are now at the door of Tihar jail. Whatever may be his compulsion to write such post, people like me who were confused so far about Shekhar Gupta’s loyalty would benefit by reading this post.

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