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Mayday, Mayday — How Modi govt led India into a perfect storm

Triumphalism, premature declaration of victory meant no one checked if India had enough vaccines, oxygen, remdesivir, bringing us back to a crisis where we need foreign aid after four decades.

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The timing of the headline of this column on 1 May is purely coincidental. It isn’t meant to be some kind of a play on words either. It is, unfortunately, the best description of the state of distress India is in. It’s calling out to all major nations for assistance, from oxygen to N-95 masks, to oximeters and vaccines. And when these arrive by the giant cargo-plane load, we have central cabinet ministers tweeting in joy. Until a few weeks back, they’d be dismissing any suggestion of the ‘new’ India seeking foreign aid with contempt.

We aren’t scoring a point. We can’t afford to. We are all in it together. It is, in fact, to be welcomed that the government is open to foreign aid in such a colossal national emergency, and is also seeking it.

The European Union and the UK have both said they are responding to requests from India. The UK’s assistance is coming from its Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), and the US’ from USAID. Modi government’s ministers are hailing these as shining examples of shared values, friendship and so on. We learnt this growing up in our humble small-town homes that when your kitchen runs out of sugar, you are not ashamed of borrowing a cup-full from the neighbour. As the neighbour might in need.

Our situation is a little bit worse than a household running out of sugar. When both Imran Khan and Xi Jinping rise generously to offer assistance, you know you are in a bind. If you read between their lines, one is telling us we aren’t such a big power compared to it that we pretended to be. The other, patronisingly, is showing us our place in the region.

Especially as, at the same time, it also calls a meeting of the subcontinent’s foreign ministers to discuss mutual cooperation. Subtext is Covid assistance.

The message to our immediate neighbourhood, which India protectively seeks as its own zone of influence, is that we know how you all need help with your Covid counter-measures. Don’t count on India. At this point it is India that needs help from the world.

What China means to say is, see, India cannot even ship the vaccine doses and pharmaceuticals you ordered earlier. Of course, it was said that the meeting was open to India’s foreign minister too. That was just some unsubtle turning of the knife. That’s the reason we say, no harm seeking assistance from your friends and saying grateful thanks when your adversaries are sneering. In perfectly nice and decent diplomatic jargon.

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What are we then arguing about?

Here is a proposition. While offering help to another country in need requires a big heart, it equally needs one to seek it. That level of humility cannot come from a closed mind. Because then you’d be a North Korean, Cuban or the current Venezuelan regime. And yet, if we can have such a large heart and an open mind when in a murderous quagmire, would it have hurt if we had displayed some of it earlier? Particularly when we were declaring victory over the virus and declaring ourselves the ‘Vaccine Guru’.

The prime minister told the world that India was its pharmacy when less than 1.5 per cent of our population was vaccinated. I would welcome letting Serum Institute of India (SII), our largest vaccine manufacturer, fulfil its contracted foreign orders, or even our government gifting some to friendly nations and talk about ‘Vaccine Maitri’ (friendship).

Large nations should do those things. But only if those large nations also look within and ensure they’d not be out in the world market looking for the same thing they gifted away. Do you give away a katori of sugar to your neighbour if that is all you have left?

Once again, this isn’t so much a lament about the fact that we sent away a little over 6 crore doses that would have come handy now when our vaccination centres are logging desultory, pedestrian daily numbers.

Another 6 crore, for a population like ours, would have cushioned us for a couple more weeks if a real vaccination drive, of the kind India needs right now, begins. But, the fact that we kept sending these away while not placing orders with our two brilliant domestic companies to scale up production and keep stockpiling for domestic needs, underlines terrible over-confidence.

We know that placing these orders in advance would need faster price negotiations, maybe that margin price of Rs 150 or about $2, when the UN was apparently paying $3, was seen to be a big political win. Also, an order of the necessary volumes would have required payment of sizeable advances and run the risk of audit trouble later. Those are things bureaucracies worry about. Not a leader who came to power on the promise of cutting through these.

What we have right now is a self-created perfect storm. We have this algebraically confusing differential pricing where the Centre pays one price and the states another. I’d have no argument with what price the private sector charges or pays as long as enough doses are available with the government.

Second, there is the age-group based policy and pricing confusion and distinction. Third, the Centre has had to finally pay the sizeable advances the two manufacturers had asked for much earlier. If only this decision was taken in time. And, finally, after all this, there aren’t enough doses. While the programme gets opened to all adult age groups this May Day, most states won’t have enough to provide their share for the doses.

How perfectly does it echo the familiar old story of the man in a village caught stealing onions? He was held guilty by the panchayat and given a choice of eating a hundred onions or shoe-beatings. He chose the onions first, gave up after ten, the shoe-beatings next, quit after ten, went back to onions, and so on until he ended up having both.

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Trickle-down economics never worked, President Joe Biden said in his address to the joint session of Congress earlier this week. He also tweeted that economics would now grow bottom up and middle out. There will be many sharp, and smart voices countering it, with equally sound intellectual arguments. It’s an eternal debate in political economies.

But one area where the trickle-down effect can’t be contested is leadership. Leadership trickles top down. And the more successful the leader, stronger this downpour. Triumphalism, premature declaration of victory goes straight into the heads of the teams also.

That’s why nobody checks if you have enough vaccines, oxygen, remdesivir, even paracetamol in store or not. Because there isn’t one major country in the world where the virus hasn’t returned with a second wave. Everybody celebrates victory, and refuses to see the signs of trouble as they emerge.

Delhi’s test positivity rates didn’t go from a ‘goodbye Covid’ 0.23 per cent to 32 per cent overnight. This kept growing over four weeks until it exploded. Nobody woke up. The top leadership was busy winning elections and dissing federal counterparts just when India needed unity and consolidation. The headiness trickled down.

Not even the explosion in Kerala and Maharashtra woke anybody up. It was seen as a problem of two distant states. If we were hoping that our state boundaries will protect us from a virus that treats the oceans with contempt, we were setting ourselves up for slaughter. And, bringing India back to a crisis where it needs foreign aid after four decades.

Of course, that still doesn’t mean our triumphalism has subsided yet. If it were so, we won’t embarrass ourselves again by using our top diplomats to complain about foreign media coverage of the gravity of this crisis, what brought us here, while we seek and accept help in the same crisis, from the same countries.

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  1. All current situation,(all would agree unanimously) is created by the govt.,who freely indulged carelessly in Election campaign & horseracing in the greed of power & seeking personal glory by vendetta on people criticizing them.There are multiple veiled scams in financial ,social,economical comfortably & conveniently committed by the party to deprive the nation from necessary health care system ( atleast post- 1st covid wave) by spending multi crore exchequer ‘s hard money on non priority projects…only to boost their image.It is very unfortunate that still voters has not learn any lesson from current situation for which the party & govt.not only responsible but..also heavily Accountable to the nation..in particular..

  2. When India offered help to US, Italy , UK etc they were not shameful. These journalist just look opportunity to criticise Modi.
    Has Sekhar Gupta ever used his columns to ask his followers to wear mask and maintain social distancing.
    Has Sekhar Gupta ever questioned on the preparedness for second wave. A good journalist has to be ahead of time. When he will write on his failure.

  3. True it is ! India is at its worst condition which would be never before if this government stays more.

  4. I don’t agree that India should not had shared vaccine with the world and used it for its own people. India is pharmacy of the world and had India showed the selfishness it would had affected the Indian pharmaceutical business for ever.

  5. We get the rulers that we deserve.One look at the comments section tells us why we only deserve incompetent bigots to be our ministers.We will continue to wallow in darkness and not all the fire raging in all the funeral pyres across the country is enough to remove the darkness in our minds and see the obvious truth-We have been had for a ride for seven years.When all this Prime minister is interested in is image building and PR and everything is done only with the next election in mind, however inconsequential, this was bound to happen at some point or the other.If it was not corona virus, make no mistake, something else would have happened eventually landing the country in trouble.Charlatans get shown up for who they are. eventually. India is probably the only country in the world whose Covid strategies (if there were any)were getting formulated with zero input from scientists .It was all based on the whims and gut feeling of the supreme leader.

    Serum Institute took all the risk and got a license from Oxford and Astrazeneca for making their vaccine and mass produced millions of doses even before knowing whether it was ever going to work and as soon as the trial results were out and the vaccine was shown to work, supreme leader decided to use it for his PR and image building around the world ,rather than use it for the primary purpose of protecting the country’s citizens.The massive scramble that was on between countries to secure vaccines for their populations, the EU-Aztra Zeneca vaccine row all should’ve been adequate warning for any discerning leader.But ,not for our narcissistic, image loving PM and his bigoted cronies. We fully deserve what we are getting as a country.

  6. I was just going through the comments people before me have left. Around 3/4th of the people are negative towards the article. They are defending some fictional honour of a megalomaniac leader who has time and again shown his incompetence to run the Government.

    Assuming that this is not the famous troll army of our own govenment – if people still think Modi is not responsible for this catastrophe, then I say YOU DESERVE THIIS. You chose this, you and your family members deserve to DIE on the streets begging for oxygen, and medicines. If this is the mindlessness you have then you deserve what is happening to and around you!

  7. Ofcourse PM Modi wasn’t prepared for it,but none of the countries in this world are , irrespective how much developed they are.
    We need to account that we have a population of 1.3 billion and our health care system will take ages to support such volume ,we can’t compare our crisis management with the countries like New Zealand which has a population of 49 Lakhs.
    Then again our political mindsets have become so polar that even the so called intellectuals ,flag beareres of truth journalists have forgotten the basic notion that with the single word which they will utter publicly will be believed by some quantity of masses if not all and because of this fact they should feel some sense of responsibility and avoid any propaganda or false narratives.
    With so much money behind every social and political driveforce we need accept that this is how it is going to be form now on ,nothing was,nothing is and nothing will be in black and white ,but grey is the color for each and all ,its upto you to decide if which shade of grey is lighter !!

  8. Your opinion is hard hitting fact which stares at the face of
    al the governments across all spectrum of ruling class be it state govt or central govt. Ex president of US used to say “” buck stops here ” today ironically even central govt and state are passing the buck. People are losing their loved ones amidst this politics. Responsibility for this mayhem should be fixed on those who possess extraordinary power but failed in protecting lives citizens.I would urge citizens of country not to be blind supporters of any political parties be it congress or bjp or any other political outfits.issues based support which matters walfare of the people is need of hour before voting to elect public representatives.

  9. I feel like puking reading the comments, you guys have lost your sanity. Had it been anyother country, we know whose head will roll. Keep dreaming about acche din, because ye jo din hum dekh rahen hai iska kaaran andhbhakts hai.

    • Pls stop this trash “the misprint” tabloid. You talk only trash about BJP government. You guys should be sent behind bars. Thankfully our law and order is not that strong. Wind up your operations and leave this land before you all get trashed and thrashed.

  10. Actually what does this article wanna prove and how it is timed, just a simple question to Mr Gupta ” what’s your contribution in this pandemic” only criticism.
    We are yet tot fail, but articles published by such anti country man will make us fail.
    “Kuch Accha na bole sako, tho atleast buro mat bolo”, and one more thing Shekar ji Apne Tikka liya hai ya Nahi????? Apka sawal may apka jawab Hoga…

  11. We are desperate and in real mess so far covid crisis is concerned. We should have stock piled oxygen Ramedisivir and other medicines anticipating 2nd wave .

  12. This is a storm that is a fact.
    All the modi bashing is fine, but I doubt whether this time really only modi is at wheel. He was at wheel last time and did excellent. Then chores of cooperative federalism, and how Health is a state subject and center other than epidemic control act no locus standi on control of the ship. When first wave subsides control was handed back to the “STATES” what they did with it is nothing but Truimphalism on Modi’s success and politics in each and every aspect of handling of pandemic.
    Let me know how States, Courts, and Politicians will react if he take back the control of the ship.
    Lastly the picture on the article don’t you think CMs of major Covid striken states should also make the cut it is every bit there failure as well.
    I saw some people here blaming SG about talking after the fact but it is far from fact. Numerous CTC were done where he rung the bells about low Covid testing and highest positivity rate in Maharashtra, Kerala MP when Central teams were deployed from time to time but it was seen as tool of state shaming by opposition although these included BJP and Non BJP ruled states.
    SG you like politics, but don’t you think more than anything politics has failed people in this crisis?
    May god bless us, May god bless India.

    • We gotta blame ourselves. We all are contributing to the crisis by not taking precautions. This Modi bashing continues irrespective of the situation, centre or statye controlled. They all just need an excuse.

  13. Negative reporting or pinpointing shortcomings is very easy .SG article lacks in respect of 1. Covid having international ramification and how other countries have dealt it, and how successful other countries were w.r.t controlling second wave of covid 2. It was without any concrete suggestions with regard controlling the second wave. 3. How third world countries having spent bare minimum resources as a percentage of GDP on medical infrastructure since independence could have thought of alternative ways to control the covid. 4. What role communities, judiciary, state /central legislative and state/ central executives could have played in a better way.

  14. You urban naxals in the print always tried to spread negativity. Do not worry May day will come again in 2024.

  15. It is leader who sold jumlas of achhe din have to take blame and first provide relief to all patients. Then give Bhushan.

  16. Shekhar : Your reporting is normally very balanced. However I find of late your facts are quite mixed up and you are projecting your hallucinations as news ! I was very impressed 3 episodes ago when you mentioned that an announcement of the Army managing this huge logistics exercise was imminent as this gave hope and balm that we will see normalcy return to this otherwise intensely incompetent and political blame-game, scoring brownie points and shoddy display of apathy etc which has done nothing to bolster the confidence of the hapless citizens of Delhi who are locked indoors and silently praying that they should never need a RTPCR test or god forbid a hospital spell. Please research your facts/opinions before putting them out. Regards.

  17. Remember, India also gave other countries vaccine, medicines when they were in distress. I don’t think anybody is saying we are atmanirbhar in everything. The PM also said we need to become atmanirbhar, he didn’t say the other. I think by mentioning the tweets of ministers you are tweaking the message of PM to justify your Mayday title.

    • Any views about rallies by Amit Shah and Modi in Bengal, when they were expected to be in capitals and make plans to tackle COVID situation.
      On exam day, you go to exam hall and nowhere else

  18. Basically the mind set of us Indian people have led to this to really be frank. Resources everyone knows the state, preparedness on govt front when lessons learnt issues of past pandemic were in news govt should have worked on it. And us it was a alarm bell to be more alert with precautions. But our over confidence and lack of knowledge to learn from past pandemics to make everyone aware failed. Everyone failed in every field in awareness and preparedness. Pointing fingers at each other it has not only become habit but a culture instead of projecting solutions so that it will help not only each and everyone but overall Govt and India

    • Idiot it’s not propaganda. 1 year of covid experience , 1 year of time still government did no preparation to counter this .now they are just busy in elections . All resources are available only In news . On ground people are dieing in mass. Up cm idiot is in his on dreams . Achhe din yahi Hai I ke

  19. Everybody knew the 2nd wave of Covid-19 is coming. Not preparing for the same is really foolisness. It is also sure more waves will come. We musy learn & be prepare for the same

  20. Right now it’s a war. So whether it’s Shekhar Gupta or any Indian,or any over clever politician for the sake of our mother let’s all come together.
    We have our hero’s in our Industrialists. One such although he was not favourite, is Mr Mukesh Ambani, so also many others. The Doctors, the nurses,and most of India.
    This uncalled for article, when I had held Mr Shekar Gupta in esteem has in my eyes and many others brought him to a common bogey man. Now is not the time to be cynical and sarky and analytical – leave it to the experts the analytical part. If you have the courage of your convictions, do all this later when things normalise. A simple apology because no man is God, is ok if you are human enough.
    We as a Nation must all come together.
    A lone man who may not be sleeping at all is fighting for all of us, so all of us pitch in this War in which ever way we can. A prayer for all, irrespective of political orientation please ensure the Captain is not let down and may more deputies emerge even if they are from other parties.
    Jai Hind

    • Bhai modi could be hero only in comics but in real life he is and uneducated illitrate fool, even he he is not capable of being a sarpanch how cloud a country like india make him a PM .

    • I really hope he slept properly. A sleep deprived person is likely to take lots of very dangerous decisions as we have seen in the past seven years.

    • Well said. I concur. Blaming and pin pointing is an easy game. No nation can be our comparison as we outweigh their population. IT is new wave with new challenges, and stand with the government to do the needful rather than stabbing from back.

      Be Indian first, support and do what you could too enhance the situation.

      Don’t speak false news and panic the public. Share useful information that could help the next and affected.

      Jai Hind!

    • Sure .Lets all sing Bhajans, may be that is what will prevent COVID..
      Khoon nahi khaul raha kya neta logo ke attitude ko dekhkar
      Kisi ne bola k we made a mistake. Everyone is justifying and putting blame on others. When u claim short sighted victory, u shd have the guts to also admit ur mistakes

  21. Very Well said, Mr. Gupta. I am a fan of your articles and news clip. It is amazing to see how people still have blinders on. Too bad India doesn’t have a viable opposition.

  22. It is gross negligence of the govt not to cater for covid second wave. Actually emergency be declared and President rule be imposed forthwith to save the manslaughter.

  23. The problem with your writing is not that you have all the right to cricise but it is malicious and this is why you could not manage to know the Views of Govt. also from Horse’s mouth.

    • What are u saying man..Has any neta from any state, centre came forward to admit that they made a mistake and are taking corrective action. And do u really expect Any Indian politician to talk sense. What do u do when u make a mistake in your professional job. You admit the mistake and take corrective action
      Do u think BJP will have guts to say that we were wrong

  24. There is a proverb ” Nothing succeeds like Success”. Series of election wins have turned the head of ruling party. Over-confidence led to arrogance and complacency. Monumental failure to handle Covid crisis and unbearable human tragedy can only be phrased as ” Nothing fails like failure”.

  25. I totally agree with your displaying the facts on your post…. Many of Indian fellow are still blinded by the false propaganda and duel nature of current modi govt which promote hatred in communities, hiding the actual data, threatening the media outlets with dire warnings, Pressurising the independent body’s to run for elections to gain power over certain states.. In return nobody should ask them for their failures to curb covid deaths, poor health care system… Harr cheez k leye to Nehru aur indira Gandhi to responsible nhi h na.. They are the ones in power for past 7 yrs plus see what all rubbish they have done already.. Wake up indiaa

  26. Media and opposition parties trying to find opportunities to blame the government instead of being united and to address the issue. Pathetic opposition and paid media

  27. Wathi, criticism ngakta afaba suggestiondi amata toude lurba matamda mateng pumnamak pinagdbani ok

  28. Hi Shekhar Gupta,
    I have read many of your articles.
    It is understandable you are biased and freedom.of speech allows you that.
    When will you start thinking from a larger country’s.perspective with responsible journalism instead of just political overtones in your articles. Coming from NDTV is very much understandable…. What would you have done as a leader?
    I am not trying to say

    • As a leader, one should have banned large gatherings regardless of possible electoral outcomes, not bandied a premature victory, listen to experts and prepare for an inevitable second and third wave of the epidemic.

  29. Anti Modi Journalist , hand in glove with Parnav Roy NDTV & Congress stooge.

    Its Pandemic , which could be controlled with Social behaviour & adequate Health infrastructure.

    Has Modi Govt has closed Hospitals since 2014 , did not allowed private companies to set up Hospitals……No

    That means Health infrastructure was in Bad shape since 1950………and no one cared to improve it.

    Social Behaviour…….it is Modiji as PM who made people aware of Swacch Bharat. On his appeal Kumbh was shelved. On his appeal in 2020 . Complete India saluted Health workers.

    Foriegn Aid…….. India also gave crores of Vaccine to diffrent Countries Free on Humantarian ground. So what if other countries are helping us with Medical equipment.

    Its Congressi mindset people who are looting the patients thru expensive Ambulance , Oxygen Cylinders , medicines.

    • What was he doing in WB. Wasn’t it his responsibility as a PM to be more concerned about COVID rather than a victory in a state. BJP is getting in to the same arrogance which swiped congress out.
      No Neta is ready to admit the mistake. With position comes responsibility, you cant only take credit when things are okay and leave it to others when things are bad

  30. I went through a lot of comments. Looks like you don’t have much of a good reputation. Also I didn’t hear indian media shouting warning before pandemic. You see it’s way easy to discuss what went wrong, but the critisism will be welcome when we come out of this trouble. At present with all the crisis, you sound like a complaining baby and nothing more than that. Store your journalist mind for few more months and let’s finish the fight. Till then hang on tight or simply help each and every one you can.

  31. Till date I have seen only outside teeth of elephant and regular viewer of cut the clutter but as Shekhar Gupta like people got the Chance to dimanise Government, they have started in unpresidented way Through The Print and shown his real teeth. I have seeing from last 1 month, he continiously using his media presence for creating negativity and hatred. I suffered in Covid and admitted in Government facility for 10 days, you never except such a service from Government authority. I will Give 9/10 to Government. But people like you elephant in room come out and see, Indians are not fool and we don’t expect greater governmental responce than present from any of other party including your favourite Rahul Gandhi. Stop such malacious writting, and do just gernalisum which people expect from you.

  32. This is disgusting !!
    I can’t believe in this strom instead of making articles to build people’s hope many publishers are jsut posting negativity and people are losing hope beacause of you guys.
    Ohh this is not your fault, you people need to post this sh*t cause of the fundings.

    • If only words could prevent someone’s life, then maybe yes.
      Right now its chaos and complete collapse of Healthcare and administrative system

  33. Rubbish…India is not in the midst.of. a financial situation …it is a pandemic which if not stopped here can create a huge death wave globally
    So if countries are coming forward to help India it is meant to save India and themselves . My two cents….smell the coffee….and learn to be Indian first….we will be back to where we belong shortly…very shortly…and all this aid will be repaid with interest. And idiots like you will continue to whine with your spineless agenda

    • And where do you think we really belong? A country that can’t provide basic medical facility liked oxygen to its ill citizens?

  34. Paid article by a corrupt journalist.

    It is a well known fact that ‘The Print’ and Shekhar Gupta are no great fans of the PM. They keep trying to find opportunity everytime, even during a pandemic, to malign and run down the PM, knowing fully well that they are not going to succeed. People are aware of the agenda of ‘The Print’ and media of their likes and also journalist like Shekhar Guptaji. They have not been able to digest the fact that Modi has been democratically elected as the PM of the country, not once but twice. I really feel pity for SG, who is not going to succeed in creating a false narrative about the pandemic, vaccine etc. this time around. India stands strong with the PM in fighting Covid and we are definitely going to win.
    Jai Hind!

  35. SG has touched on a painful theme : false pride goes before a fall. Without naming it, it is Hindutva Hindu pride; others do not have that issue.

    Yes, India instilled a policy of not accepting foreign aid, 40 years ago under Congress rule. But it had to be recanted during Hindu nationalist rule !

    In 2019, the UAE offered the Kerala govt. flood relief and Modi blocked it. Hence, it is a valid question for Keralans and other Indians to ask what made the change now ? Who reduced India to this helplessness ?

    Yes, Pakistan and China have offered to help, and you feel they are sneering. But that is bound to be the case when you were strutting around like you are a world power and showing off Hindu supremacy. India’s international rise was actually during MMS’s first term, when India was clocking 10% growth, but he was always low key, he never boasted. The recent respect for India (after the early Nehru period), even in Pakistan, was coincident with MMS and even APJ Abdul Kalam. They created respect for India not by boasting but letting the bat speak for itself.

    And it is not just Pak and China that are sneering now, so are the Australians and western papers. No doubt they have sympathy for the plight of Indians, but they all say Modi govt. is responsible for irresponsible behaviour. Nobody likes vain, boastful people, everybody is happy at their fall. Even Israeli newspapers say the same (see Haaretz article : ‘Modi is Guilty of Mass Negligent Slaughter in India.’ ).

    The bhakts are of course enraged with the bad publicity India and their godman is receiving, and in their frustration, they blame the media and demand positivity. They are of course culprits and partners in enabling the rule of criminals and demagogues.

    The actual problem is more than Modi. The failure can be traced to Hindutva ideology and its trappings. That is what the media needs to discuss. Instead of pointing out that India has reached this low point due to Modi, you need to explain it sank to the bottom of Third World nations in many measures of development – due to Hindutva ideology.

    Even if one leaves aside Modi’s personal, murderous record, the demonetisation scam, CAA-NRC, and farmers bill, and just considers his engagement on Covid, from the outset I could see the Hindutva ideology skewed the govt. response, unlike in any other nation. If we call recall, Covid was seen as a golden opportunity to attack and defame Muslims. Even Israelis did not have such an approach. In other countries, like UK or NZ, they engaged with all communities and persuaded them to cooperate. If you threaten people, they will not cooperate.

    The entire BJP press engaged in the anti Muslim tirade at the start of Covid, and Modi kept silent – till the UAE started deporting Modi’s bhakts who got carried away with the Hindutva propaganda against Muslims. After the Tablighi episode, Modi encouraged Vedic mumbo jumbo – clapping utensils to let off vibrations to scare off the virus, and lighting lamps. One past president of the IMA even said the vibrations triggered a quantum mechanical effect in the universe which undermined the virus ! It was teaching people to show awareness of their Hinduness, and not awareness of how Covid is spread. There is a video of Modi’s bhakts lighting lamps and banging utensils in balconies in the UAE; they were actually showing off their Hinduness. After that, there followed a period of ministers and BJP MPs promoting Covid papad and go mutra. Harsh Vardhan released the charlatan Baba Ramdev’s Coronil as a cure. Ramdev had initially claimed WHO had approved it, but WHO denied it. After this came, the unplanned lockdown and ‘migrant’ labour suffered misery. This was shown round the world. Then when the vaccine came, thanks to foreign technology, the BJP used that to show off. Modi proudly told WHO that India had exported more vaccine than it had used. He declared we are the vaccine guru and had saved the world. His bhakths started writing how we were unselfish unlike the western countries. So now you need the same countries (who you were running down earlier) to help. And as SG says, when the foreign deliveries come, the BJP will be ticking that as an accomplishment ! The shameless hyper nationalist Arnob says the positive news is the whole world is standing with India ! Likewise bhakts are writing that due to Modi’s international standing, the rest of the world is forced to help India !

    Hindutva has sunk India so low that we are lying in the gutter and saying the whole world admires us. Arundhati Roy has written Hindutva taught ‘vote as a Hindu, die as a disposable’. The shame of India is not corona, it is Hindutva.

  36. Print is only have agenda to create anti-national sentiments. You take bribes from China and puke all the time

  37. Shekhar it is true that our country is in terrible health crisis and Modi Govt has erred on many account but your column express your personal biases more then the facts. Not expected from a journalist of your stature.

  38. Disagree…..this nation and its people are always giver and less takers…..nicely said about sugar story however even if we get one spoon of sugar from our neighbour, while returning we send, one +one = two spoon of sugar…. we never forget our unwritten liabilities……this a country and its people always pray to God ” Lokha Samastha Sukhinobhavandu” (whole world and it’s leaving and non leaving things must stay perfect and healthy)….. People need to work together in current situation instead of criticizing against anyone as noone is perfect……Please try to contribute and try to educate ten people on Covid protocol every day instead of sending wrong messages to society…… Do not worry we will return everything before next Perfect Storm……

  39. This is time is for finding and suggesting.a solutions..not for fault finding … The long term and prudent solution is vaccination…making more vaccine factories and complete the full vaccination in six months instead of 12 to 18 months… complete in six months is not a impossible target..but we need to have. Audacious goal..the MH haffkine vaccine production is a step in right direction but the vaccine plant needs to be expedited and we not sure what this is waiting on..media should track vaccine production and deployment real time and report .. that would be a part of the solution here

  40. Shekhar: Isn’t the same, shameless “triumphalism, premature declaration of victory” and chest thumping that you engaged in, when you wrote this piece here in The Print as well as on Twitter, “India isn’t having a picnic. But our drains aren’t choked with bodies, hospitals aren’t out of beds, nor crematoriums & graveyards out of wood or space. Too good to be true? Bring data if you disagree. Unless you think you’re god”? Here’s the link, if you have forgotten your own piece. Read it, and judge for yourself your own integrity, if you haven’t sold your soul already. https://theprint.in/national-interest/covid-hasnt-gone-viral-in-india-yet-but-some-in-the-world-at-home-cant-accept-the-truth/404178/

  41. Where those straegic analyst were before 2nd. wave of pandemic.
    It is a failure that non of the world bodies anticipated this mutant and it’s severity of spreading infection.
    But I definitely agree that unitedly we will conquored the war with present leadership and help from international community.

  42. Shekar ji where was your concern when govt was begging to take vaccine
    U Liberal journalists and intelligentsia spread fear and made it crumble now u blame govt
    Some on ypu rogues..

  43. Great topic… “Mayday, Mayday — How Modi govt led India into a perfect storm”.. With the help of Presstitutes like you… 👍👍

  44. the print said no covid 2nd wave in January
    now they are blaming central hahahaha
    central government already sent notice to chattishgarh and maharashtra for 2nd wave ..
    every party leaders and rakesh tikait and farmers are to blamed

  45. Come on SG we know your affiliations , when he was fighting alone last year, you and your cronies were making fun of him for Thali and Diya , he not only succeeded but got you vaccine in time, even then they said Hum vaccine nahin lagwayenge , so called farmers were gathering at Delhi borders in huge numbers , you and your friends instigated them . Is the whole responsibility lies on him then what for your State Govts are meant , AR this hour when whole nation is fighting you are only busy finding faults

  46. I think not only Modi but every leader are to be blamed..
    if u blame modi only then let the cg control the covid and state government will enjoy cupcakes and chai

  47. Information in today’s era needs to be fact based and not opinion based. Print as media is much needed but with correction that they put things Fairly. Many items above are rightly put across, and my biggest frustration on nda is, passing blames to state govt now, when they see things miss managed centrally

    Problem with india is , congress is absolutely no no anymore for state of national level and BJP has not proved much except heavy hand for implementation. So what’s the choice left.

    I see our country moving towards situation like many latin American countries. Scary

  48. It’s not only a failure of Central govt but also failure of all the state govts. Unfortunately in our country for politicians every calamity is a new opportunity to earn funds. So, whenever crisis like this happens there will always be a distress call in the end Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

  49. Iam reading your news from past 6 months …you are always blaming the present government and nothing else …I think you don’t have any other work other than targeting and narrating a false story which is not acceptable
    Below you are requesting for donations and monetary to run your business…but at the same time you are blaming government for taking international help
    Shame on you
    In this pandemic time suggest something else or Shut your business and sit in home

  50. This Newspaper is definitely a part of sleeper cell as someone rightly pointed out. Always offering platform to anti national voices. What to say of pseudo intellectual anti national journalists like SG. As if State Governments are there to only to grease people like SG to write such articles. State Governments have first responsibility towards their people. What about that? Don’t they have resources and mind of their own? Who prepared for this eventuality all these months gone by. The don key that you are SG. You are not intelligent enough to brainwash even the common man. A rickshaw puller in many places can have better reasoning than the likes of SG and RG. The time calls for joint efforts which you d..on keys do not have to contribute to. People like you and media like this should be thrashed with ch…ppals.

  51. Not.a time to find faults..and demotivate the admin further .. this is a time to find suggest solutions..so that we win this war and come out of it quickly… vaccination vaccination vaccination..why is the media not asking questions that what are we doing to expedite vaccination…are we building more vaccine factories..what happened to the haffkine project..MH has the approval from the centre..where is the factory stuck now…how can we expedite vaccine to the people at low risk…why vaccination is not happening at housing society level. These are the questions to be asked now.

  52. Supreme court should put modi, shsh, yogi, election commissioner, all CM in 01 year rigorous punishment in tihar jail

  53. Shekhar ji,
    Please let us know truthfully how you would have written this article had you been the coyote or kitchen cabinet of the PM enjoying free foreign trips and perks! Please come out from Lutyens and be happy with the ‘nationally’ lesser evil. (People like me fear the Italian mafia in India and the Gazwa-e-Hind).

  54. It is heartening to note that Mr. Shekhar Gupta is at his job of critisizing Modi , the job assigned to him by anti-modi paymasters for which he is suppose to keep aside his experience of at least 50- 60 years as observer and overseer of Indian politics and the way of working of Indian administrative apparatus.

    why to forget “we the people of India ” are not surprised when China invades and the capture the area ” where not a blade of grass grows ” , or a PM whose Election is set aside imprisons lakhs of political opponens over-nightand where PM says only 15 paisa in a Rupee is most probable destination in welfare state of India. After getting formal independence from colonial power country and party (Congree ) is saddled gleefully with a dynasty which overrun every institution and for decades and runs the country s government in a line of succession which even Babar , the founder of Mughal regime had not contemplated while he was crossing the Hindukush mountain ranges.

    For decades the dynastic governments run the government as ” mayee -Baap sarkaar ” and set up some small infrastructure – Roads , hospitals, schools , colleges , Universities . medical colleges hospitals, are some how made in limited numbers as show -pieces , not keeping in view the enormous requirements of billion -plus population . And when that dynastic Government is removed by the people they release their army of retainers to criticize any person Be it Modi or X,Y,Z for doing his job after so many constraints and legacy problems.
    Had any one in fraternity of know-all journalists had made forecast of so much devasting second wave of Corona where every fifth victim requires oxygen support ? During normal days earlier, say one in 40-50 patients required oxygen support and suddenly 20 % of in- patients required it , it is bound to create a problem for any one , Be it any person other than Modi. The current wave of Corona can be mitigated by following strict restraints by all citizens . Come up with practical solutions that can work in short time.

    Not journalists , but members of BJP parliamentary party can remove Modi and Mr.Shekhar or any other journalist knows it very well that , those honorable members are never going to oblige him/them . We the voter of India will decide in 2024 keeping in view the over all performance of five-ten years and not of only for the month of April May 2021. We compare also with our past-masters which we rejected twice not far ago. .

  55. How can you be biased and make Modi and his goverence responsible for everything that happens….being a responsible media house you should ensure and educate people to follow guidelines and ensure protective protocols are maintained…rather the words and the statements used only shows how biased you are towards this democratically elected government and also shows the hateredness that you want to create about this government.Plz change this and let’s all stay responsible towards our actions plz.

  56. Your claim to be with the country in these stressful times would have been accepted, if and only if you had said a few words of appreciation, when our country was helping other countries…. Remember every country that has come forward to help us today was helped by India in last 8 Months… Your srticl sseemsvas if all this is happening because of your journalism….comeon

  57. Absurd news, when Modiji took initiative and imposed lockdownblast year the covid was controlled. When he left the individual states to take charge, the pandemic went out of control

  58. The article though sheds light on certain correct facts and it seems to put the complete blame on the central government.

    The fact the Opposition parties were also canvassing with big rallies in all rhe states is being ignored.

    The fact that the state governments have a larger role to play in preparing the health infrastructure.
    Availability of more than sufficient oxygen in state like Kerala is credited to the state government and leadership.
    Absence is the responsibility and mistake of the Central government.

    On the issue of vaccinations no one highlighted and made a big news item of how the raw materials for making vaccinations was not coming in since early 2021.
    Yes our companies are unable to keep their commitment to international governments but for reasons beyond their control.

    Also the fact that no media house raised any alarms or highlighted the non preparedness of the governments and the infrastructure.
    They did not fulfill their responsibility and did not do any kind of investigative journalism to highlight the same.

    We as a society failed.
    The leaders are expected to show the way.
    But if they dont and we still do something then we can put the complete blame on them.

  59. All coment were from peacefulls, librandus, leftistand zihad lover.
    Population was the biggest ever enemy of and in coming future it will remain same.

  60. Totally exposed the hidden agenda. INDIA sent vaccines to everyone in need. Started own vaccine production. Added 100000 beds. Amd is still managing the sitiation pretty well considering the complex population of our INDIA. Our fatalities will obviously be higher coz of our huge population. U cant compare INDIA with any other country. And it is also common sense that nothing can be scaled up overnight. Yet we have managed quite well on most fronts. Right from PPE kits to ventilators. It is the misfortune of our country that we have in our country some great thinkers and well wishers who are playing a different agenda. But this article exposes the Agenda clearly for all to see. Thanks.

  61. Funny how you don’t have the courage to mention Modi anywhere in the article.. grow a spine pal..🙏🙏🙏

  62. They say a wise man learns from others’ mistakes, a fool learns from his own. Only Modi never learns. His constant desire to seek credit is his biggest weakness. He claims victory prematurely and refuses to acknowledge anybody else’s contribution which exposes his absolute lack of understanding of governance and international relations.. Time and again, be it demonetization or GST, Dokalan or the Ladakh intrusion by the Chinese, he has had to eat humble pie by claiming victory to soon. Only difference being that this time it has come with the blood of over two hundred thousand and counting lives.

  63. In first lockdown spell, the self proclaim Victorer group put the reason for lockdown is ( nearly 6 to 8 months) required to develop the required medical infrastructure to face the future consequences. Where does it? What the group is done these period which erases million peoples basic life means. We can understand the status of their preparedness by these way like the proverb “Oru paanai sotRuku oru soRu padham ” Not only this alone for their entire administration

  64. I think The print needs to find a life…. No matter what to write to shout we r with Modi and BJP. So divert your energies in something constructive to the nation instead of causing tension among people during such difficult times.

  65. All the while when The Print was busy spreading that the so called “sanghi” vaccine was not needed and that Indians have natural immunity and how vaccinating mass population can cause great harm , there were people who were really working for the humanity.Time would answer your propagandist reheutorics Mr.Shekhar Gupta, you know the most interesting thing with time is that it passes.. it’s bad time for lot of Indians but yes india will stand and fight back strongly an dthat will be a tight slap to the faces of vulture faced journalists like you. I know tum tab v propaganda hi chalaoge per koi baat nahi tumhe satchitananda ki prapti ho yehi iccha hai.. Jai Sri Ram

  66. Going for the kill, it’s pretty obvious… Bharkha Dutt, Rana, Sardesai, Guha ,Thapar and Host of anti Modi media walas waiting in the wings… It’s a golden opportunity . All of you did not raise a finger at China for spreading the virus. You did not comment on various World leaders when their respective Countries were struggling with second wave and third wave and so many deaths especially in US with better health facilities. But Modi should go. We thought SG is slightly better. No Sir he is part of band wagon.

  67. This portal is run by a deep asset funded by China who also doubles up as a Pakistani mole.

  68. Right from the start he is the Prime Minister , He did mistake to every indian by demonitisation, by abrogation of article 370 for Kashmiris which is the only muslim state of india , NCR, CCA lastly violating rules of law and order by political rally etc etc . He will be remembered as the most mistaken Prime Minister of india that indian have it all .

  69. Yesterday Rohit Sardana made this world a little better by dying. We hope Arnab Goswami, Navika Kumar, Rahul Shivshankar, Rajat Sharma, Sudhir Chaudhary, Anjana Om Kashyap, Rahul Kanwal, Shekhar Gupta, and many others of their kind, follow the suit.

  70. Stop spreading the propoganda to malign Narendra modi.If there is no corona wave in the neighbouring countries of india then how could corona is having a affair with India.It is serious issue to look into.Young India please have look at it.

  71. Dear Shekhar ji,
    You said ‘I would have no argument with what price private sector charging…’.
    Why? Are private sector free to profit whatever they want? Are they above any guideline or rule?

    Yours, Sincerely,

    • My economics book says that private sector must be allowed to charge and profit as much as it wants.

  72. It appears that HINDUSTAN now requires the help of CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM nations in its fight against COVID !!! Ha…ha…ha…so much for “Nationalism”. No “Patriotism” is going to save you now. No “Dharma” is going to save you now. You are all doomed. Congrats Bhakt Buddhus.

    • Nationalists always work in the interest of the nation. It’s anti nationals like you who spread panic and profit from selling fake drugs and hoard life saving oxigen. Ultimately it would be nationalists who would do their best to defeat the Corona. Parasites like Shekhar Gupta can only criticise and do nothing.

    • All knowledgeable pandits only talk about lndians failure to combat 2nd surge of covid.&blame Modi govt. I would like to ask why most Govt. Inthe world also failed to combat the surge? This is a pandemic. Mankind has not yet any answer to this problem. Instead of finding fault of Modi why do you not try &suggest better solution to the problem we know you all. Seen you all. DTOP PREACHING VENOM.

    • chuslims and christians countries can go f**k themself .Hindus are spread in all countries if the virus spreads or goes out they will also suffer with us.So it serves their interest and No allah or Jesus will be able to save them.So much for faith in allah and jesus ha ha ha

    • And China is Buddhist, Shinto, Confuscian. Japan is Taoist. All religions & lands come together to help humanity. We are not a Hindu nation or a brown race or any of that sort. We are the human race.

    • Someone / Some govt is trying to throw mud on Modi about Corona but the fact is illiterate n useless and thankless people who have never followed what he said, never wore mask, no social distancing and not come out of home, etc etc n this is endless. They did kumbh mela , they did what they liked without bothering for anyone n now they put blame on Modi. Their own thinking has brought our public to this situation.

      They start remembering note bandi etc etc n start finding so many faults with Mr Modi.

      May God give them brains to understand that if He was not Pm, half of our country would have perished. His sincere and hard work has saved us from a big big big problem.

      This is all deceiving game plan by some other country. So wake up n understand

    • Yes shekhar, tell the other side too where people are freaking dying because of incompetent Modi.


      what did you say? There is no other side to death?

      Never mind a bhaktz gonna be bhakkt.

  73. Shame on you “sold out prestitude”…dont all the educated people know how vile journalists such as you are responsible in destroying a Nation by spreading malicious news to instigate some of the naive citizens …that too at such trying times! In your opinion, keen to know how Raul, Sonia or anyone else would have handled this crisis?! Dont we all also know how the Corona virus was tweaked in the Wuhan lab to wreak and unleash havoc in the countries that pose a threat to China…such an cowardly biological warfare! And cowardly boot licker prestitudes such as you succumb to those cowards to spread false news and hatred in this Nation…what a shame!!! Please find a life and do something worthy for the needy of this country instead!

    • If Corona virus was tweaked in the Wuhan lab to wreak and unleash havoc in the countries that pose a threat to China, what was your supreme leader, aka, VISHWAGURU, doing? Taking a sabbatical in Kedarnath with photo-ops? If anything can be called an ultimate disaster, it is people like you who call others boot lickers but still indulge in the same for your gratification with your so-called leaders. This government has dragged India into an abyss of darkness from where there does not seem to be any escape, other than destruction. Answer back if you have the guts!!!!

    • Ms Aloo Tikki Singh has suggested that funerals should not be filmed without the consent of the grieving relatives. Logistically difficult if fifty cremations are taking place simultaneously, some on pavements. Shri Anupam Kher has written a namby pamby column of how we should not politicise this immense tragedy, go back to being one happy Hindu Undivided Family. Is that the sanitised version of journalism you would want Print and many fine others to go back to.

    • Any body would have handled it better than a prime minister engrossed in self glorification and winning elections giving last priority to saving lives. Acts omission and commission, holding election rallies, not stopping Kumbh Mela, do not call for very high intelligence or great leadership provided you have empathy for the people and not just single minded commitment to your party.

    • Why do counter view to BJP always startby criticizing Pappu and Sonia, who are they. In today’s time they are nobody. People of india dumped them long time ago. Stop using them in conversations, it just makes a week argument when you are blaming and out of power and unpopular leader. It does not matter whose fault it is, but the buck stops with PM, since he is the elected official of the country

    • This guy’s a complete idiot. The moment he realizes that the wind’s blowing in Modi’s favor, he will change again. Finally he’s the great Shekhar Coupta

    • You did your paid job as BJP troll army or BJP media cell??

      I know Shekhar Gupta’s sweet-bitter pill is very hard for you to digest. India is back to begging for foreign aid or at least extending its begging bowl for foreign aid under the Messiah Modi…… this is the reality……

    • Shoo you blind bhakt. You have done enough damage already. Don’t spread your tutored lines anymore like a stuck record when we have death and disaster all round us.

  74. The poor and pitiable Pradhansevak harping on a desire to become a Vaccine Vishwaguru and champion Vaccine Maitri has fallen flat on his face and facing flak from all quarters.

  75. Thats rich coming from journalist like you who shamelessly reporting fake news about coup and who has a lots of unaccounted property. It would be great if you can share this scheme of getting rich with us .China which shamelessly hid details about Wuhan virus and responsible for pandemic were able to go scott free. How well did welfare countries like Canada ,European countries able to handle it?
    Pakistan itself goes around begging for aid
    This is all about power politics if you are militiarily strong and control narrative you can get away with anything .So all these examples you state are irrelevant. No one is doing better on this one. Modi was wrong to allow rallies but either ways you would have blamed him claiming its fascism is coming. You were the same people who spread narrative that vaccines were dangerous you should be equally held accountable .You encouraged farmers protest .This is same variant infecting Delhi. You promoted that as it served your interest so keep you moral highground to yourself.You as media publication should also introspect and look inwards the same advice which you dish out to others

    • SG, it seems like all the left lutyens liberals are up in arms against modi and that too in those hour of human crises. You SG, Rana ayub, barkha, arundati, karan, axar etc., are all in the same boat. Shame on you guys. We have a national disaster and you SG in particular are leading the these bandwagon of moral criminals.

  76. Of course by storm. Because India developed it’s own vaccine within a time frame at par with developed nations. Because the first wVe of 2020 had very least effect in terms of spread and mortality as compared to world figures. Because India added 1000000 beds in hospitals within the lock down period 2020 to augment. Because it saved humanity by supplying life saving medicines to the world.

  77. In your last column you said there’s nothing wrong in India accepting the aid during crisis. Other countries, such as Italy, China also has to ask for aid during height of the pandemic. Now, in this column you’re saying our International standing is going down.
    Other thing, I really doubt this time we need monetary help. This COVID surge is a logistical nightmare. Hence we had to take international help.

  78. Shekar ji did you anticipate this kind of Corona onslaught. Be truthful, I am sure you didn’t. Retrospectively all decisions, policies can be whether of Nehru or Modi can be proven wrong. Question is how do we help common man immediately. Do you have plan, then please suggest.

  79. An early thought ( before reading the column. ) Delhi is every bit as prosperous as Bombay, as far as government financing is concerned. LG and MC BMC are both senior mandarins. What if Mr Baijal had taken comprehensive command over the entire gambit of medical and other resources, personnel, and coordinated the response as Mr Chahal has. Undemocratic, perhaps, because there is an elected government, but considering how shabbily it has been treated, Dilliwalas would not have complained. When a public authority is functioning effectively, citizens are not going to dot the is. 2. The other takeaway from OTC which has relevance for the government in general is how well things work when one central control room is dismantled and 24 are set up in the wards. Whether it is power flowing to ministries in Delhi or the sharing of power between Centre and states, it is the undermining of this elementary principle of management or administration through over centralisation and micromanagement that has created so many Mayday situations.

    • With foresight / hindsight, so many things could have been done differently, helping save lives, reduce human distress, economic hurt and deprivation. Consider just one : Vaccination. For months, the world waited as teams, Oxford – Astra Zeneca especially relevant for India, raced against time to bring a safe, efficacious vaccine on the market. Pfizer and Moderna were almost certain to deliver. Sputnik V proved its sceptics wrong. India needed two billion doses for its citizens, apart from global commitments. To be administered in 2021, without waiting for Santa Claus on Good Governance Day. How difficult was it to create a core team to deliver this result. At about $ 15 billion, not frightfully expensive either. 2. No matter how this is spun domestically, this story is not playing out well to a global audience. Contrary to what may have been projected in the first election campaign as India being a land of scams, we had been steadily rising in the world’s esteem. Not so much in terms of what successive governments had contributed but what such a large collection of talented, hard working people had achieved, at home and abroad, when given even a half level playing field. A lot of that has been undone. We should slowly start the process of regeneration.

  80. SG, at least during these dire times we expected you to be honest. The headline of this piece should have said ‘How Modi led India into a perfect storm’, not ‘How Modi govt led India into a perfect storm’.

    • Offcourse PM Modi is responsible for the Covid crisis in the world and in our country. It is PM Modi who made this virus and let it spread across the globe and it was not china. Everything happens in India is because of PM Modi. Also according to the journalist country like Pakistan is feeling proud for lending a helping hand to us. Offcourse the journalist must be happy for them.

  81. An eye opener article hope everyone including BJP supporters take note take from this and start asking questions from Modi Government.

  82. The mild tone of your piece is miles and miles away from capturing and expressing the anger felt by the people. Have some courage to give that anger a platform. You are embarrassing yourself with this frightened critique.

  83. Mr. SG, till yesterday you were busy playing a cheerleader, praising most of what you are criticizing now. What a creep. Yesterday Rohit Sardana made the world better by dying. Why don’t you follow the suit to make the Indian journalism a little less bad. But before you do that, run one more episode of your cut-the-clutter to say that Modi’s popularity has grown after the second Covid-a9 wave.

  84. Please don’t your stress yourself we don’t this kind of contents at least on these day!

  85. Print is only trying to blame government. It’s not govt, its people and pharma lobby that are responsible for this. How come neighbouring countries don’t have even 50% of the cases whereas in our country, it’s increasing. Don’t crib about government. People are aware of your selective outburst.

    • The same Pharma and Healthcare industry is working day and night to produce required drugs..Who are you idiot..From some other planet kya

  86. An excellent article, though some of us would find the ground reality very prickly and pinching. I would like to refer to a clever trick played by the Centre by transferring a large part of its burden of vaccination cost to states. There is no rationale to justify this. In any case, availability of vaccine rather than its cost is the most vital factor. But the issue is why does the Centre want to save cost and shift it to the states, when it has made an allocation of Rs.34000 crore in the current budget for vaccination? This is beyond comprehension. Total requirements of vaccines will not exceed 2 billion doses for a nation with population of 1.35 billion. If average price of vaccine is taken at Rs. 225 per dose ( mean of Rs.150 per dose for one half and Rs.300 per dose for the other) as quoted by SII Pune, the total cost would come to Rs. 45000 crore, which is Rs.11000 crore in excess of the allocation made in the budget. This can be easily borne by the Centre having total budgeted expenditure exceeding Rs.34 lakh crore for the current year. It may please be noted that India has spent Rs.59000 crores to purchase 36 fighter aircrafts from France, Rs.40000 crore to purchases Anti-Missile S-400 system from Russia and invested more than 4 lakh crore for recapitalization of loss making public sector banks. Undoubtedly, all these were essential, but isn’t saving lives of 1.35 billion Indians also essential? Alternatively, let me put the arithmetic this way. The Centre simply buys 100 crore doses at Rs.150 per dose and doesn’t bother what happens to the states and consequently to our young generation of 18 to 45 years age. It will have to spend just Rs.15000 crore leaving unspent balance of Rs. 19000 crore of the allocated budget!!! For what purpose and for whom?

    • Consider a weighted average cost of Rs 1,000 for two doses of vaccine per citizen, public § private. One trillion for one billion Indians. $ 13 billion. With Centre, states, well off citizens going Dutch. Compare that to 1. the loss of precious lives; 2. the economic costs of lockdowns, curfews, restrictions. Vaccines is the last thing where penny pinching is justified.

    • Does’nt state also collect tax and and cry fedralism when it suits them can’t they also intervene. State govt also charge huge tax. What does state govt do with that money BMC is richest municipality where is all the money gone?
      Even the IAS officers so called steele frame of India what have they done? Shouldn’t they be held accountable or they are the permanent establishment not to be touched?There is zero administration on ground this morons who enjoy VIP like life live in bungalows when it comes to resolving basic needs fail miserably and are smug that no one can touch them.
      Govts just looks like goon who collects taxes from middle class Even goons atleast provide security

  87. Seems to be an attempt to grab power by maligning Modi and India. Big politicians and anti Modi forces have conspiracy with China and Pakistan it appears.

    • @Mahabaleshwar Pandit: Power grab with an opinion piece? Hope you’re being sarcastic. Sure hope you’re kidding.

  88. A few points are in order to cut the clutter from usual left liberal anti Modi slant in the article. 1- Second wave was way beyond anyone’s expectations including that of Shekhar Gupta. He was praising Modi just a few weeks before on Covid. The wave was extremely severe in a short time leading to massive unprecedented demand on the health system, which had cracked even under the first wave. It is also openly agreed by Dr. Trehan on NDTV that even private hospitals where scenario analysis was done more professionally never anticipated this rush for oxygen, medicines or beds in such a short time. So if Modi said we won war against covid, it was for the first wave and everyone knew that further waves were possible and Modi always cautioned about masks and social behavior. 2- Indians have been extremely careless about basic protection of using double masks (covering nose and mouth), general hygiene and social behavior. 3- Vaccine is supposed to be an additional protection against the fatality and not a license to go back to pre Covid behavior. 4- We have now suddenly discovered in the last 2 weeks that vaccines work like miracles and everyone in India must get vaccinated soonest, if not tomorrow itself. 5- Vaccination program will run for at least 1 year, if not 2 and how much ever one shouts about it, that is the reality. Assuming we have 280 crores vaccines ready in stock, we can not vaccinate more than say 50 lacs persons in a day all India! This will itself tell us the timelines required for vaccination. 6- Price of the vaccine is the least critical issue. Those who can afford it will pay for it and those who cannot will stand in either State govt or Central govt queue.

    But the current crisis is a wonderful opportunity to bring image of Modi down by few notches, which is of course, par for the course. No one is bothered about it and least of all, Modi himself. But people on the street should not misunderstand the issues or get wrong picture of realities and difficulties in the management of this pandemic at policy, administration and operational levels.

    • Thanks for that.
      Press – including international media – is behaving as if India is China where you can control the population!
      When Modi imposed the strictest of national lockdowns early on in the first wave – everybody cried foul. The likes of Burkha Dutt were showing how India is a poor country with the poor left out.
      Now Modi is giving the opportunity to the states to do something about their outbreak and suddenly Modi is responsible for what is happening across the country? How?
      Maharashtra didn’t have elections – yet has the highest caseloads across both waves.

      No govt – whether in a developed or developing country can have the capacity to overcome a pandemic like this. What Modi is doing is the best in the given circumstances.

  89. With due respect to you Guptaji, let me ask you one question.. Now all worthies are having the benefit of hindsight and are eager to pass judgement against Modi Govt.. But did anyone of them (including you), sounded the alarm bells in advance? Reams of newspaper have been spent reporting farmer protests, State elections (initial phases) etc.. Even opposition leaders including Rahul, Priyanka, Mamata etc were into aggressive campaigning.. Why didn’t any of the know – all media and their wise editors think it fit to remind the government or the general public of the possibility of a corona second wave?
    If you can’t contribute anything positive, atleast stop spreading negativity alone.

  90. We have had the worst display of brazen triumphalism the last three months from this government. With utter disregard for caution, it has permitted the Kumbh when last year the same set of ministers shouted themselves hoarse branding the Tabhligis as anti nationals. The Prime Minister and his Home Minister have exhorted the crowds to turn up in large and larger numbers during every election rally. The vaccine drive has sputtered to an embarassing stop even as cases are piling up daily. Yet denial is the only official statement from the government.

    If the pandemic is the crisis we are battling from outside, the overdosing of Atmanirbharta is the crisis plaguing us from within. From vaccine suppliers we are reduced to vaccine beggars. The Emperor is in his new clothes and is praised by his sycophants. So intoxicated is he in their encomiums that voices of the people are not heard by him. Sadly, it is the country that cries at being exposed to the world. He continues to strut.

  91. Why print is always having news as perspective of international community. The only decision went wrong is not ordering vaccine earlier and exporting vaccines without sufficiently vaccinating ourselves. US and European countries were also scrambling for beds medicines so nobody has the infra to handle such situation.

  92. Is is surprising that no one came with vitriolic comments on Mr Gupta for exposing apocryphal images of a world leader.

  93. Shekhar Gupta is an inveterate ‘Trickle-down-ist’, as against the disgusting people who demand that Govts do something about healthcare, education, employment, essential services, basic rights of every citizen: such people are swept aside by Gupta as ‘povertarians’. I visualize Gupta with his mouth eternally open, head thrown back, waiting for trickle down of covid vaccine, oxygen, To demand anything else would after all be ‘povertarian’. After Ambani Adani and other fatcat cronies of Modi have had their fill, hopefully Gupta will get the dried up leftovers that are permitted to trickle down to him and others of his mind.

  94. Discalaimer: NOT in defense and with malice to none

    It sounds like closing in for the kill; abysmal journalism, very obvious! Sad.
    Criticize everyone, which you may feel is YOUR job.
    What is your contribution these days to redeem the situation except for finger pointing (then again your sole job eh?)

    I expected better from The Print.

    Tailpiece: Is this creative journalism? just asking.

    • Journalists do not exercise executive authority. So blaming them is even more unfair than blaming the Opposition. They keep us well informed, including about things which governments all over the world wish to keep hidden from the public. Reporting the news should be truthful, views everyone is entitled to express, so long as there is no cross pollination. Difficult at such a time to shower praise, or provide alibis. That is the PIB’s job.

  95. Health is a state subject. It is the duty of the state governments to work upon the constitutional obligations. But they were busy in their extortion or advertisement activities.

  96. Not just these five loud mouthed blatant liars ,can make the dead talk but will be haunted,power hungry,,hatred and vengeance can let them sleep well,,HOW,,,,the country is ashamed how this govt has let the country down by just two at the top bragging about the crowds they attracted and ignoring what the country has been brought to its knees by power hungry insatiable lying leaders,,,who will forgive them for their sins??

  97. Every where in the world the government has failed to anticipate the enormity of the virus but I have never heard their media or the citizens insulting their own leadership around the globe.
    And no country or the global media has dated to write against any nation or leadership.
    It is only our own vested interests who are hell bent on removing the present government by any means have done this disgrace.
    We can also understand why the global lobby wants to rack up this issue and create this gloomy situation about India as they want to capture Indian market for pharmacy and Modi didn’t permit them to do so.
    Why the so called second wave has not affected our neighborhood.we all are geographically have same level of Immunity.
    I think it is well hatched conspiracy against our nation by the powerful Lobby and few countries and it is Shameful that our own few vested interests are helping them in destroying our country and economy just to grab power.
    Let’s hope that the public understand this and not fell prey to such vultures.
    Jai hind

    • Well said.,. It is very true that we are not bother for our country. They want to come to power and sell our country to the other countries. Days are not far off. Because of this God has sent the virus in the world to make people realise their mistakes and make the world a happy place to live for all leaving selfishness. We should change our constitution to make our country great in the world. There should be a limit for freedom to everything. This is my opinion.

  98. let us also count our blesings. nobody is accusing the govt. of corruption in this regard. what would have happened if some of the ministers had tried to make money on each imports or whatever? don’t tell me it has not happened in the past.

  99. Can you be honest, Mr Gupta? And confess that you too were triumphalist during the first wave, in these very columns? As Arundhati Roy reminds us in her most recent essay.

  100. shekarji
    let us be fair. even you in one of the earlier cut the clutter declared victory and almost said that but for commentator’s bad luck the worst is over. please go back to that cut the clutter and admit that you are wrong.
    or perhaps it is commentator’s bad luck afterall !!!

  101. You fell victim to triumphalism yourself, and hugely influential as you are did the leadership take this as a vindication of their policies?

    Our drains are not filled with bodies, our hospitals have not run out of beds,” wrote one prominent Delhi editor. “Our crematoriums and graveyards are not out of wood or space. There is not even a cricket field-sized sliver of India anywhere that might help you make a convenient or macabre comparison with the Spanish Flu of 1918.” He added “that good news, or absence of expected bad news, is the truth that so many in the international community, and also within India, seem unable to handle.”

  102. China which shamelessly hid details about Wuhan virus and responsible for pandemic were able to go scott free. How well did welfare countries like Canada ,European countries able to handle it?
    Pakistan itself goes around begging for aid
    This is all about power politics if you are militiarily strong and control narrative you can get away with anything .So all these examples you state are irrelevant. No one is doing better on this one. Modi was wrong to allow rallies but either ways you would have blamed him claiming its fascism is coming. You were the same people who spread narrative that vaccines were dangerous you should be equally held accountable .You encouraged farmers protest .This is same variant infecting Delhi. You promoted that as it served your interest so keep you moral highground to yourself.You as media publication should also introspect and look inwards the same advice which you dish out to others

  103. Thats rich coming from journalist like you who shamelessly reporting fake news about coup and who has a lots of unaccounted property. It would be great if you can share this scheme of getting rich with us .China which shamelessly hid details about Wuhan virus and responsible for pandemic were able to go scott free. How well did welfare countries like Canada ,European countries able to handle it?
    Pakistan itself goes around begging for aid
    This is all about power politics if you are militiarily strong and control narrative you can get away with anything .So all these examples you state are irrelevant. No one is doing better on this one. Modi was wrong to allow rallies but either ways you would have blamed him claiming its fascism is coming. You were the same people who spread narrative that vaccines were dangerous you should be equally held accountable .You encouraged farmers protest .This is same variant infecting Delhi. You promoted that as it served your interest so keep you moral highground to yourself.You as media publication should also introspect and look inwards the same advice which you dish out to others

  104. You are right it was central govt and in particular Mr Modi should lead by example and if central govt not doing opposition led by state govt should do it. We were failed by both.
    Mr Modi here looks vulnerable of all criticism as he did not stop campaigning even though number of cases surpass earlier daily peak .
    In terms of vaccination drive you yourself was saying that public is not come upfront in getting vaccinated on top of it there was an article in print suggesting expiration of vaccine in absence of use. It was due to some biased argument by some of the opposition leaders as well as lower cases during months of Jan/Feb and March, now everyone wants vaccines. This govt did another mistake by asking everyone above 18 to get vaccine it should continue its earlier plan (vaccination by age group) it will ease down pressure on staff handling vaccination drive as well as reduce chaos.

    At the same time you can’t be bias by ignoring number of cases compare to last time, this rise in cases is not totally due to election you can clearly see all the states have similar increase in numbers so increase in numbers is not due to election. These many cases can not be handled effectively by any govt in the world on top of it number of patients require oxygen increased dramatically that leads to more deaths.
    I hope collective response without hiding reality will definitely help in tackling this unavoidable situation.
    Mr Modi clearly damage his image and give an opportunity to everyone who opposed him to attack.

  105. Looks like “The Print” don’t have any other news other than criticising Modi government.

  106. Biased reporting. Even USA and Europe took help from India earlier due to this pandemic. So what does that mean. Use your brain and don’t be biased. This type of pandemic has occurred for first time in the century and it will stay for long. Let’s see who else will take help from whom in future.

  107. Useless and politically motivated articles. How much was paid to you for this. Any political party will try for vote and victor when situation was became normal . Who will know that the situation get worsen. My dear writer the time is not to write this shit but to help the country. You never know what’s the future. Do good karma and get fruitful results

    • What do you mean by saying how will they know..When u r employed by someone it is expected from your to be ready..Make scenarios, be prepared for the worst. That is why people vote for someone believing they will take right steps for the betterment of country
      If govt is helpless, better to not declare victory also, if u think all things are happening on its own.

  108. The Chinese virus has ended up showing how naked the Indian “emperor” truly is. If this doesn’t open our collective eyes, our country and its people are doomed. It is not as if they are incompetent- they are frankly dangerous, because they are doubling down on their incompetence and refusing to see reason.

    I have 4 suggestions and all of these is to the RSS – if they wish to save their reputation of being “nationalists”
    1. Replace this PM with Gadkari. This PM cannot unite the country behind him. We cannot have the ugly spectacle of states fighting the centre and vice-versa. No one trusts this PM.

    2. Ask Gadkari to form an all-party govt. This will unite the political class. People with serious experience to man important ministries.

    3. Ask the new PM to appoint 2 domain experts – one for managing Covid and the other for the economic fallout. Source vaccines from wherever you can, at whatever cost but vaccinate all adults by Dec 2021. Keep the economy running so that after we don’t fall too far behind China.

    4, When the WHO declares an end to Covid pandemic call for new elections.

    The RSS is bigger than the BJP and the nation and its people are bigger than everyone else. To save the bigger cause, smaller causes can be put on the back burner. A true “nationalist” would understand.

  109. India needs to set up dedicated think tanks with regards to long term economic, foreign , defense, health, space program , land reforms, water sharing, border management, infrastructure policies. Their exhaustive work should become reference point for successive govt. Till such time we will keep addressing one disaster after another. Why not copy rouge state China at least for forward planning. PM should use talents like Scindia, Mukul Roy, Jr.Sinha, Gulam Nabhi , MJ Akbar to assist him.

  110. Mr. SG, you were always appreciative of Modi’s election winning ability. You never criticized his poor governance. Had you done it as a senior journalist, not only you would have done justice to your profession, but also other journalists would have taken the cue and done the same thing. Now the nation suffers..

  111. He is good for nothing , he was never a hero or common people’s neta. He was an employee of RSS, a poor mislead boy run away from home in search work filled with hatred and jealousy towards world. He managed capitalists for funding his event managment and rallies. Well it worked ! Thts it ! And this is only story. I am sorry for every common man who believed this venomous snake, who is good for none.

  112. You leave in this country or some where else. Instead of who is wrong or who is right..pls give your contribution in strengthening the fight against covid. All the other countries are also in the same stage. Bit thier media knows what to broadcast and what to not. But unfortunately in India, media is trying show all negetive news and trying put people still further under stress. Please stop spreading such news and work for betterment of society. There is a responsible govt and they will take all required actions to come out from this pandemic.

  113. Articles like this are all part of a coordinated last ditch attempt in concert with many internal & external vested interests, to somehow try & bring down the democratically elected Indian Government, & replace it with a pliable, tin pot, corrupt hodgepodge conveniently led by a half wit dimwit dynast.

  114. This situation is not about leadership failure, it’s our own failure and being of the largest populated countries it’s impossible to control. did u write a single article about how it’s going to second wave is going to hit india and precautionary measures to public, because you do not have idea of forecast, you only know to write an article blaming someone after the pandemic happens…this is the time to be with unity and support each other and government.

  115. You must understand that common man does not care about the so called media. that is the reason bjp/modi is winning. We understand that if central govt ask information then, you will say that govt is trying to control. now if that goes out of control, then you will see that govt has failed

    if it is successful, the state govt has done it well. if not bjp/modi has failed. when modi/bjp negotiate centrally for vaccine, then federalism is compromised, when told to handle by state, then it is a failure of central govt

  116. What?! No hateful comments by Sanghi Trolls of BGP(Bharatiya Garbage Party) IT Cell!! It seems they do not work on Saturday.
    Modi and Shah and their uneducated and dimwitted andh bhakts have brought this nation to a calamity. Time for these criminals to go.

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