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It isn’t the economy, genius. India proves it by voting for Modi again and again

Flurry of economic reform suggests Modi realises his muscular nationalism script is getting jaded. Chances are he'll try for economic recovery but stick to what's worked.

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In his 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton immortalised the line, “It’s the economy, stupid”. Does this work in Narendra Modi’s India?

In election after election, across democracies in the world, the line has been repeated. The transnational appeal of the idea was also understandable because James Carville, the famous political “consultant” who coined it for Clinton, also advised dozens of leaders across the world. A kind of globalised, American Prashant Kishor. And, whatever the language or idiom, the logic passed the test of time.

Or it did, until lately. For almost a quarter century, a leader who promised or delivered a better economy won, or was re-elected. In 2016, this was the promise that brought Donald Trump to power, as also Modi in 2014. But that seems to have changed worldwide now. Let’s look at India.

After Modi’s first two years, the economy has stalled, and then declined. The stall began with demonetisation in 2016-17. Lately, India has had at least 7 out of 8 quarters of growth decline. Negative growth is rightly blamed on the pandemic, but it isn’t as if this patient was in the pink of health before the virus struck. On almost every economic and even social indicator, India has been posting a decline. It shows in our crashing rankings on all key global indices.

Now, we know that Modi won power in 2014 on the promise of massive economic growth, jobs and development on the ‘Gujarat Model’. But barring, say, the first 24 months to some extent, he has never delivered on that promise.

If the concept of “It’s the economy, stupid” worked, he should not have swept the Uttar Pradesh elections of 2017. By that time, demonetisation had already deflated India’s economy; job losses, and trade, rural and farmer distress had set in. It didn’t bother anybody but his hapless opposition and marginalised editorialists like us.

By the summer of 2019, our economy had already been in a tailspin. Worse, joblessness was already reaching a high that would be alarming in a democracy. Some of the data was so embarrassing that the Modi government had to either hide it, rewrite it, or change the formula and produce friendlier data, as on GDP numbers. Every economic indicator had gone wrong except one: Inflation. And yet, Modi returned with a larger majority in that election.

It is still exactly a month before we will know what the voters decide in these five assembly elections. The numbers obviously won’t be what Amit Shah is counting after each phase in West Bengal. But whatever these are, one thing they won’t reflect is the state of India’s economy.

It will be the first year of negative — double-digit negative — growth in our independent history. And while this may be blamed on the pandemic, it destroyed so many lives, jobs and savings because it came on top of three lousy years. In normal politics, this would have made these elections a walkover for the opposition. They will be anything but that. Which will make us question that 1992 Clintonism.

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So, what is it that works for Modi, if not the economy? Or, how does he keep winning in spite of the economy? The fact is, it isn’t an India-specific phenomenon. Donald Trump, whatever else was wrong with him, lost in spite of the economy being in a pretty good place. It helped him retain and increase his voters. But other considerations weighed on the minds of a larger number of voters. The issues of identity, colour and class, and the virus, for example. Biden’s promise wasn’t an economic boom.

At the other extreme is the Putin phenomenon. In fact, this week’s National Interest was sparked by this Ruchir Sharma column in the FT, where he talks about how Putin has not only made Russia sanctions-proof, but continues to keep winning despite insignificant economic growth. We record all the qualifications on Russia’s electoral process — ours still is much cleaner in spite of some vote-filled EVMs hitching a ride in a candidate’s car in Assam. Yet, there is no denying that he’s widely popular and will win a fairer election as well. How is he able to do this without growth?

Putin is riding the deep insecurities of a people scarred by much instability, political and economic, preceding his rise. For them, therefore, stability becomes the first priority. The economy can wait.

If we were to build on this, stability brings nationalistic self-esteem. Putin fought off many separatist or religiously inspired forces, insurgency and terrorism, “taught the upstart Ukrainians a lesson” by grabbing Crimea, stood up to America, and probably even played it in the Trump period. Under him, Russia is back to being a power that enough of the world still holds in awe.

How does it matter that its economy has shrunk relative to the rest? Even compared to the emerging markets. For comparison, it is just about 60 per cent of India’s at $1.7 trillion (in 2019), with no hope of catching up. But, if the nation is together, can punch above its economic weight in its neighbourhood and in the global balance of power, it is because of stability and leadership. The economy is about my self-interest. I can sacrifice it for some time.

Apply the same parallel to India. By 2014, India still had the scars of 2008 (26/11) and much terrorism that preceded and followed it, going right back to the early Vajpayee years. It was like two decades of humiliation with a much weaker neighbour hurting us often, at will. All India would do, from Vajpayee to Manmohan Singh, was to go complaining to America and the rest.

On top of it, we had a prime minister so weakened by his own party that he had been reduced to a caricature of that high office. Plus, the discourse across the board was all about corruption from the opposition, and inequality even by the ruling party. Between 2003 and 2009, India had built enormous pride and optimism with a booming economy. That optimism brought the UPA back to power. In the following years, it was fully reversed. It was an incredible election where the ruling party also campaigned complaining about inequality and poverty instead of its economic successes.

For the Modi proposition, if the promise of taking the ‘Gujarat Model’ nationwide was the engine, this widespread negativity provided a 200-knot tailwind. Through these seven years, he’s mostly failed to deliver on the first promise, the economy. But, on the second, national pride, standing up to terrorism from the neighbourhood, on restoring the majesty of the prime minister’s office, he scores 10 upon 10. May be even 11 upon 10. Remember, we are only talking about his voters.

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The belated flurry of economic reform would suggest Modi has figured that his script is getting jaded and that he needs a new one. He will try for an economic recovery but still stick to what has worked for him so far: The three-pronged offering of massive, efficient welfarism for the poorest; hard, visible infrastructure-building; and harder, cast-in-Hindutva nationalism.

The engines of the economy, left to idle for long, take time gathering pace. It is likely that India will get a great year anyway on the back of a terrible one. Some equivalent of the stock markets’ dead cat bounce will come in. The larger, more widespread economic gains take time. They also, inevitably, increase inequality first. Usually, it’s some successor who will benefit from this. So, can’t count on it.

Modi gets this. The question is, do his challengers get it? Much of their attack is still over economic distress under Modi. Two large areas, identity (which includes religion and culture) and national pride, they’ve ceded to him altogether. Check out the Congress and Left parties’ flip-flop on Sabarimala to understand the point on identity. Or the manner of questioning over Uri, Balakot and Galwan. These underline their faltering on nationalism. Economic distress brings insecurity, but it isn’t a fraction of the visceral emotion a perceived threat to identity or national pride brings. This is why demagogues across the democratic world keep winning. The reason we’d prefer to say at this point: It isn’t the economy, genius.

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  1. Sounds @The Print has started censoring content much like their Islmo-leftist monopolistic brothers (Google, Face book, Twitter..) who are nothing but robbers, data thieves & freedom of speech killing scoundrels!!

    • Reality Check: Reading your incessant, vacuous rants and invective against The Print, I think you are sorely in need of a Sanity check !

      • @Kili Jolsiyar: Reading your incessant rants against splendid Hindus & BJP makes you eligible for pisslamic slave land Pakistan & Xinjiang!!

  2. Shekhar Gupta is saying the obvious. 7 years have gone by, and India’s economy has gone down, ever since demonetisation. Modi promised vikas and ache din. It was a tomorrow that never came. Do we have to wait the full 10 years or another 70 years to see Modi is a failure and is not up to it ?

    Even the dumbest bhakts know the economy is in the doldrums, but they will retort angrily that the only people complaining are the ones with black money to hide.

    Shekhar Gupta then finds it inexplicable how Modi gets elected and why people believe him. Modi’s appeal is only to Hindus – not all, but a big enough majority to sustain him. The minorities – Sikhs, Muslims and Christians – have no illusions and they see reality without the baggage of showing pride that the Hindu is lumbered with.

    I have stated that there is no mystery about Modi’s continuing support as of now – Hindus believe Modi is standing up for them, as if one needed this. Many Hindus believe the minorities were suppressing them ! As the French scholar of India, Christophe Jaffrelot, remarked, the majority community in India has developed a minority complex.

    With these two items settled – the parlous state of the Indian economy, and the reason for Modi’s support – the only question remaining is ‘where next for India ?’ Is it possible there will be a course correction and Modi will focus only on economic recovery and not waste the party’s mandate on fanning social hatred ?

    On this, I had an interesting discussion with a Muslim. On the distressing issue of attacks on minorities, I offered that it was not sustainable, it will have to tone down once people did not have the money. Once the economy is in a dire state, the silver lining for the minorities is that it will act as a natural brake on the focus on hate – so I thought. He replied ‘no, if the economy goes down further, our situation will get worse, because their frustrations will increase and the hate will have to increase to mask the failure’.

    That was food for thought. Yes, I can see that. Worsening economy will not lead to course correction or create a flow of economic genius (no John Maynard Smith will rise from the Sangh !). Instead, Modi and Shah’s genius for polarisation and organising hate will burn with more intensity. In that field, they are endlessly inventive.

    I wonder if anyone has thoughts on ‘India, where next – course correction or irrecoverable decline ?’

    • India is on the right track. It was on the wrong track earlier , with Nehru’s nonsense of secularism, socialism & non=alignment resulting in anemic growth and minority militancy. It was ridiculous that Muslims who walked off with 1/4 of land keep demanding more & more and giving nothing in return. They refuse to assimilate. What they and secularist Hindus, even more, need stick. India did course correction in 2014.

      • Harry: As is to be expected from the BJP IT Cell operative assigned to The Print, you spew your usual, fact free, jingoistic gibberish in response to a very thought-provoking comment from Mr Akash. Fact is Harry, you and your itchy-groined shaka intellectuals are like the proverbial frog in water that is slowly getting heated up – you don’t realise it before it is too late to escape.

        On every indicator you can think of: economic, defence, corruption, inequality, healthcare, unity of the country, soft power, capital flight etc. etc. India has done terribly under the Gujarati Führer. Let us scrutinise a few indicators.

        ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE: The WORST period of the Dr Manmohan Singh regime was better than the BEST period of the Modi regime, even before the COVID crisis. Indeed, on 11 out of 15 indicators that reflect the health of the Indian economy, MMS trounces the Führer easily. Ref:

        The above statistic pertains to the formal sector of the economy. But as everyone but the Führer knew, 82% of Indians work in the informal sector of the economy. That was devastated by the idiotic policy called demonetisation. You see, your all-knowing Führer knew more economics than Dr Raghuram Rajan and Dr Urjit Patel and trashing their advice he ended up crashing the economy. The informal sector is the backbone of the Indian economy and it is yet to recover from that self-goal. Additionally, in the week preceding the declaration of demonetisation, I personally saw hordes of Gujarati bagmen shivering in the November cold of Switzerland. Incidentally I live in the border of France, Switzerland & Germany. So some important people were tipped off weren’t they such that the “Patel Paisa” was safe wasn’t it?

        DEFENCE: Rafale procurement scandals, award of Rafale maintenance contract to Anil Ambani, a Gujarathi with zero experience in the aerospace industry. Additionally, Amit Shah’s provocative speech about recovering Aksai Chin provokes the Chinese and India loses territory in Golwan valley. And then the shooting down of the fighter plane and capture of the Indian pilot… India gave itself a bloody nose.

        INEQUALITY: India ranks among the bottom 15 of Oxfam world inequality index. The top 10% of the Indian population holds 77% of the total national wealth. 73% of the wealth generated in 2017 went to the richest 1%, while 67 million Indians who comprise the poorest half of the population saw only a 1% increase in their wealth.

        HEALTHCARE: India’s health budget fourth lowest in world. Afghanistan and India set aside the same share for health in their budgets

        UNITY OF THE COUNTRY: With lynchings of Muslims, Dalits and violence towards the former 2 communities as well as Christians and tribals, India’s unity is under severe strain. Indeed, Naxalites control large swathes of the country.

        SOFT POWER: Believe it or not, India amassed quite a large reservoir of soft power thanks to figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Dr ManMohan Singh and even to an extent Ms Indira Gandhi. I work in international relations and I can for a fact tell you from own interactions with diplomats and politicians that India is losing its soft power edge over China and Pakistan. By becoming like China and Pakistan : authoritarian and playing with religious fundamentalism.

        But as Mr Akash above writes, even the dumbest bhakth knows that the economy is in tatters – although there may be odd genius like yourself Harry – who refuses to read the writing on the wall. But as long as people like you can derive pleasure by thrashing a thirsty Muslim child who wanders into a temple to drink water, I guess it will take a bit more time for the extent of the rot to sink in.

        You know that you are in a sinking ship Harry, but console yourself by saying that I am still sitting at the end of the ship that hasn’t sunk yet. The only question, as Mr Akash alludes to is: how many more pogroms will be inflicted on Muslims to keep the illusion that the Modi ship hasn’t sunk yet?

        Your spectacularly pathetic and singularly jingoistic posts makes one feel that you truly want to believe the myth that you are living in the utopia that Führer Modi is creating for you and your Hindutva friends. As the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote:

        “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

          • Mr Raghuraman: Thanks for the response.

            In fact, I have come across figures ranging from 80% to your 94%.

            Here is what some sources say:

            Observer Research Foundation: 81%

            International Labour Organisation (ILO): over 90%

            Economic Survey of India : 93%

            NIITI AYOG: 85%

            But rather than quibbling over the exact number – which may never be known – we can surely agree that whilst the formal sector is the visible part of the iceberg, the informal sector is the more massive, invisible hulk of the iceberg. Most Indians who worked in the informal sector were impoverished by Modi’s demonetisation and are yet to recover.

            However, as Shekhar Gupta points out, that does not necessarily mean that they have ceased supporting Modi. Just as many poor, blue collar whites who were bound to be adversely affected by voting for Trump nonetheless voted for that charlatan, the Hindu vote usually goes to Modi. Clearly, Hindus don’t seem to care whether they will get their next meal or not as long as they can cause Muslims to suffer.

            As Adolf Hitler once said:

            “What luck for rulers that men do not think.”

        • I shall correct you only on one point : you called demonetisation an idiotic policy.

          That implies it was an honest mistake, a miscalculation, the intention was noble, but it was poorly executed.

          However, the reality is it was a cynical calculation to control the money supply for the UP election. It did not matter to them that the Indian economy and the daily wage earner will be shattered. Modi was able to pose as an incorruptible strongman, out to punish the rich black marketeers. Minorities were not taken in, but most Hindus were taken in by his spiel of fighting corruption. Modi made a dramatic announcement saying if all the black money was not weeded out in 58 days, we could hang him. We know 1 year later, 99.9% of the money came back. By that time, Modi had moved on to his next lie, and people forgot about the previous one, as they were mired in the next crisis – GST roll out.

          Demonetisation was not a case of a good idea poorly executed. It was wickedness of the first degree. A person capable of killing 2000 Indians to win an election, will have no qualms about looting. He is an artful liar and he knows he can continue – as long as Hindus accept the lies.

        • In the comparison between MMS and Modi, here is a simple statistic.

          I was at a dinner table, and people were grumbling about the petrol price. It is pinching. I remarked this is another Modian disaster. In 2011, petrol reached Rs 45/litre and the BJP shouted against MMS. International oil prices in 2011 were on average $111/barrel. Now we have oil at 63 USD/barrel but petrol in India is Rs. 95-100 / litre. They were puzzled and wanted to know why I saw Modi as a disaster. I mentioned 2002. One person looked at me and said ‘Oh, you are thinking of that time’. In other words, that was 19 years ago, what is the relevance ?

          I explained the relevance is that the leopard does not change its spots. In 2002, Modi showed his character, and many endorsed it. Indians believed his lies about the Guajrat model, and voted for him out of communal enthusiasm, so now you have to accept all the baggage that comes with an uneducated demagogue

      • If India did course correction in 2014 for anaemia, is their evidence of vibrant growth since ? And has the majority’s militancy and mob rule helped growth ?

        Please cite your evidence of galloping growth since 2014.
        And is secularism replaced with something better ? Where has fascism been a success ?
        Do we have to wait 10 or 70 years to know what is the result ?

        PS and don’t reply back with Moplah rebellion.

        • Mr Akash: In addition to his fetish with the Mopla Rebellion, Harry, our resident BJP IT cell representative assigned to The Print has a new way of venting his anger when his intellectual impotence is laid bare – he will now ask you to take the Samjhauta Express !

          Harry is a classic example of the bhakth of today – a Neanderthal whose hatred of Muslims is so intense that he will not balk at becoming the next Babu Bajrangi at the drop of a hat. He is proof the mass radicalisation of Indian society that Führer Modi and his saffron henchmen have accomplished.

          But it must indeed take a phenomenal amount of stupidity or perhaps blind faith in Führer Modi to not see the writing on the wall with regard to India’s economic troubles. Capital flight is peaking; inequality has increased; crony capitalism has been institutionalised; once well-functioning industries such as the Leather industry are now in doldrums due to cow slaughter bans; FDI has tapered off as investor confidence in the Führer’s economic policies have vanished and so on. And I am talking of issues that had been flagged before the Covid crisis struck in early 2020. And yet, a reasonably educated chap like Harry will not accept the truth – as long as the Führer organises pogroms, he gets Harry’s vote.

          As the American satirist H.LMencken (1880-1956) said:

          “The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots”

          • “The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots”.

            That thinking was in the Goebbels you quoted. Lying and convincing the masses is the secret to hold power. It is a breathtaking cynicism where one is knowingly wicked and is not ashamed.

            At some stage, Modi will go. But I think his end will be unceremonious – maybe worse than Advani’s. His legacy will be forgotten as other demagogues like Shah and Yogi will jockey for position.


  4. Indeed, it is not the economy that won Modi elections. It is won by injecting venom into his bhakths, with repeated doses, till they become brain dead.

    • An outstanding comment Spinner saab ! And a perfect diagnosis of the dire situation prevailing in India under the tutelage of Prophet Modi – the toxic venom propaganda and hate are normalised, internalised and accepted as the norm by repeated doses.

      As Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Göbbels (1897-1945) famously said:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State”

      Clearly, Modi has understood that Göbbels’ dictum applies perfectly to the Godse worshipping, gomutra swilling, cow dung consuming cretins of the BIMARU belt. As long as bhakths can thrash a helpless Muslim or lynch a Muslim cattle trader, they do not mind living a life in the poverty and filth of BIMARU. Maybe they are still waiting for the Rs 15 lacs that Prophet Modi said would flow into their accounts from overseas banks!

    • ‘injecting venom into his bhakths, with repeated doses, till they become brain dead.’

      That is a good one, a very quotable description of bhakths and how they are produced !

      • Facts is Mr Akash, India is going through “mass radicalisation” and soon, large swathes of the country will dance to the tune of the Gujarathi Messiah. And Muslim blood will be shed in the process.

        As the Scroll writes:

        “It is now clear that if you are Muslim in Narendra Modi’s new India you can be arrested for selling shoes, taking part in a protest, talking to or walking with a Hindu girl, driving a cattle truck, cracking a joke – or not. If you are a Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Constitution means little and the law can be twisted in any manner to imprison you. Criminality is irrelevant. It does even not matter that you may be a victim, not the perpetrator. Such is the ever-growing reality for Indian Muslims … The mass radicalisation of Hindu India explains Modi’s enduring popularity despite governance disasters, autocratic behaviour and record economic contraction. As long as Hindus are willing to believe that a golden era that reflects their glorious, ancient tradition is at hand, that redemption is at hand after centuries of oppression and that the pampered Muslim is being shown his place, Modi is likely to prevail”

        See: “The mass radicalisation that India does not acknowledge”

        The Scroll article brings in another vital explanatory variable that accounts for Modi’s success, at least in North India. So far.

        • ‘As long as Hindus are willing to believe that a golden era that reflects their glorious, ancient tradition is at hand, that redemption is at hand after centuries of oppression and that the pampered Muslim is being shown his place, Modi is likely to prevail”.

          Correct, that is what is behind Modi’s support, it has nothing to do with the economy or reality ! The Scroll says it directly, Gupta says it indirectly.

          Many Hindus have the feeling of frustration that India has not found its place under the sun. This has grown due to international travel and migration. They have seen the west, and also seen Singapore and Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea, and UAE etc. come up. The RSS-BJP have assigned the cause for India’s under performance to minorities, Nehru, British and Muslim rule. Whereas the actual cause is the creation of an unequal and uneducated society with the caste system – which you can say Congress and Nehru did not tackle. The RSS-BJP also does not want to solve this, in fact they want to enforce the Vedic caste system of an imaginary golden era. This system makes India uncompetitive with the rest.

          But delusions are ultimately unsustainable. At some stage, the Hindus will realise there is no golden era at hand. Reality does intrude into delusions eventually. And it will not take another 70 years for them to realise.

          I think the bhakts here like Harry already know the reality, they are in denial as they have nowhere to go. They are trying to put on a brave face.

          You cited Goebbels belief that a state must lie to grip of power. But what happened at the end ? He put his 6 children to death, and committed suicide with his wife, as the Red Army neared Berlin. He said that the state will have power and legitimacy as long as it has control of lies. The delusional 1000 year Reich, the golden age for Germany, ended in just 13.

          In the case of Nazi Germany, the Soviets, Americans and British brought an end to the delusion. In India’s case, the economy will end the delusions.

        • @Kili Jolsiyar: We are so happy to see Pakistani media Scroll CRY HARD With LIES & whataboutism!!

          • It is clear you cannot refute Kili because you do not have his intellect and knowledge.

            Your low intellect shines with the selection of your name. Rahul Khan Vinci. It embodies low IQ, frustration and anger. You do not have to post anything, we can judge your quality from the name.

            The question is ‘what is the cause for your rage ?’ Is Pakistan or Kili unnerving you ?

            If the rage is because you feel India and Hindus have not made it big, and Modi is changing that, and you have confidence in that, then why do you rage ?

            If you really had belief in what you believe, you will say Modi’s performance on the economy speaks for itself. On the other hand, when you rage, it means you know India has failed, and it is due to you and Modi – and not due to Nehru, Gandhi or Kili.

    • @The spinner:
      We have seen how Islam injects love in Pakistan/Bangladesh!! So they continue to kill Hindus since 70 years!! The Hindu population there is devastatingly down while Sunni Muslims are breeding like Ra-bits in India!!

      No one in India has thrown venom yet or else Sunni Muslims will have the same fate as Hindus in Pakistan/Bangladesh!!

      • I have heard your RSS whataboutery and fabrication before. Can you cite the percentage of Hindus in Pakistan in 1947 and now ? How many took up the offer after CAA for Indian nationality ?

        I have heard statistics from Sanghis which are not credible – just like all the other nonsense they fabricate. Let me hear from you, then we can can take it from there.

        • @Akash: No point discussing with blind & deaf of the terror book!!

          Just blame RSS, BJP, Hindus.. as a jungli pig’s pass time.. and join nAllah floating in Mosques made into toilets in China!! Do take along your Pakistani brothers & Sunni TRASH in India!!

        • I personally haven’t so far seen a single authoritative, scholarly or academic source that Hindutva followers can quote for the decline of population of Hindus in Pakistan. Earlier Bangladesh was part of Pakistan, so the original Pakistan would have included the population of Hindus in Bangladesh. And many Hindus in Bangladesh migrated to India, that could have caused the decline in Bangladesh. But we need hard data before knowing something is true or not.

          I wish in India English educated elites could be more rational and skeptical with the information they receive, but instead they are ready believers for fake news and whatsapp forwards.

          • @Vinodh: Ideologically blind people like you can’t see the REALITY that Islamo-leftists/Woke own the majority of Indian & global media!! These corrupt hypocrites own Google, Twitter.., Indian Express, FT, WAPO, NYT, BBC, CNN..

            So how are you expecting any HONESTY??!! They ONLY do propaganda against Hindus/India or China… as well as some other non whites who refuse to bow down before these evil supremacists??!!

            Want to check facts yourself?? Just type on Google: why is Biden inviting war with Russia. You will get mostly pro Biden (Islamo-leftist!) trash & NOT articles saying the truth against Biden!! Now do the same with a search engine like “duckduckgo” & see the MAGICAL difference!!


    Former Pakistani PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto famously said:

    “If India builds the bomb, we will eat grass or leaves, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own. We have no alternative”

    Turned out that smart Pakistanis were not particularly interested in the acute indigestion that eating grass and leaves would have given them. They left the country in droves to seek greener pastures, especially in the West. Something similar is happening in India as well.

    Fact is, upper middle class Indians as well as rich Indians, particularly the very highly skilled are quietly leaving the country. And taking their cash with them. Capital flight during the UPA 2 regime from 2009-14 period amounted to USD 5.4 Billions. In the first 5 years of the Modi regime, USD 45 Billions has left India (ref: and that is a 9 fold increase. To these legal outflows, one must also add the colossal illegal outflows through over- and under-invoicing, hawala, Participatory Notes etc. etc.

    The middle classes, the rich and NRIs might shout loudly about backing Modi, atmanirbhartha, national pride, Hinduism and so on. But when the chips are down, they may not put their money where their mouth is. They know how to invest, where to invest and where not to invest. They shrewdly calculate ROI (Return On Investment) of investing in the Vishwaguru or even staying in the Vishwaguru as it digs itself deeper and deeper into the Hindutva hell hole. The economy matters to those who have something to lose or for that matter a lot to lose. India’s poor become the foot soldiers of Hindutva; the rich, and in particular NRIs may become cheerleaders or support Modi & Hindutva from afar, but they will never get their hands dirty. To them the economy matters and they know how to separate Hindutva rhetoric from ROI.

    Alas, that does not appear to be the case for many poor Indians, especially in BIMARU. BIMARUvians have fallen for Moditva and Hindutva lock, stock and barrel, despite the hardships imposed on them by Modi’s singularly foolish policies like demonetisation, GST, lockdown at short notice and so on. They seem to like the Modi propaganda machine and the message of Hindu pride it emits. But unlike Pakistanis, they wouldn’t mind eating grass and leaves as long as Modi is in power!

    As Hitler’s Propaganda Minister under Joseph Göbbels said:

    “It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion”

    “The rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious”

    Not surprising that Modi borrowed a leaf out of Göbbels’ book. But then, the RSS was inspired by Hitler’s Nazi ideology wasn’t it ? In any case, it has worked in North India.

    • The middle class and upper middle class who are nationalists have parked their money – and children – abroad. They will have the best of both worlds : live in rich, or democratic and developed countries and feel they have a leader who brings respect to Hindus.

      The foot soldiers of Hindutva get burnt in trains and crushed under falling domes. But they get the chance to lynch some Muslim or harass some Christian women on trains, and thereby feel they are somebody important with power and authority.

      The leader has got his private, customised jet and a new suit to wear everyday.

      But alas not all the middle class and upper middle class will be able to escape to America. Most will have to stay in India and clap for Modi and say ache din will come tomorrow.

      • Mr Akash: Thanks for the excellent response.

        Yes, many middle class and richer Indians have done their own version of Quit India. That crowd clearly knows which pastures are green and which are not. Indeed, despite all their professed love for India, they will do everything to get the coveted “green card” of “Amrika” rather than donning the “green beret” of the Indian Armed Forces. Indeed, the NRIs are vital enablers of capital flight from India. Long distance nationalism has its own set of advantages for the NRI – you don’t need to get your hands dirty as there is no shortage of lumpen and expendable foot soldiers in the BIMARU belt to do your dirty work. Additionally, you can revel in the mirage of Hindu pride.

        But Hindutva is rapidly replacing secularism for the NRI crowd even here in the West. The diaspora and especially North Indian NRIs tout Hindutva ideologies with increasing belligerence. The RSS has many shakas in the US where people use their democratic freedoms in the USA to meet and work towards the destruction of democracy back in India. Hindutva’s beef police are now spreading their tentacles all over the place, slowly but steadily. In 2019, German police were called to bring calm to a fracas between North Indians from Keralites during the India Food Festival in Frankfurt because Keralites had served beef curry. In the small French town straddling the German, Swiss and French borders where I live, the Sri Lankan Tamil chap who runs the local Indian restaurant is a friend of mine. He has of late had Indian tourists berating him for not speaking Hindi and serving beef and non-vegetarian dishes in his restaurant in France! I try to regard these incidents as anecdotal but increasingly, there are more and more such episodes of jingoism on display. They are no more anecdotal but the average.

        Sadly, India’s image outside the country is increasingly the image of Hindutva and an autocratic Delhi University graduate who has the temerity to think that he can step into Nehru’s, Shastry’s or ManMohan Singh’s boots. I work in international relations and the image of India that I get from my conversations – formal as well as informal – with diplomats, international civil servants like myself and so on is so tremendously different from what Indians think of the country’s status outside. As The Economist wrote, “Only Indians think that their country’s image has improved”.

        In an earlier post, you had mentioned about the rape and murder of 8 year old Asifa Bano in a temple in Kathua by the priest and his accomplices. You have a more recent incident from a temple in Dasna where a 14 year old Muslim child, an illiterate ragpicker wandered into the temple to quench his thirst. He was brutally assaulted by two Hindus – one of whom kicks the boy in his genital area “to prevent him from making more Muslim children”. Would any Sikh gurudwara have attacked a thirsty child asking for water ? Would any mosque or dargah have done that? As a Hindu – albeit a very lapsed one – I feel truly sad Akash saab. I do not anymore recognise the country of my birth.

        Just a minor correction: The Führer has purchased not 1 but 2 customised Boeing 777 jets costing a whopping USD 1.18 billions!!

        PS: I have a few comments on the assault on the thirsty Muslim child at the Hindu temple “Dasna temple priest’s inflammatory comments on the Prophet go viral, Delhi police file FIR“ . The comments there from people who defend this depraved act of violence will simply stun you. If you could, please do comment there as well. You can access the article at :

        Merci beaucoup.

        • How are Hindus doing in Stolen Hindutva lands of Papistan/Bangladesh??

          Are they still alive like Sunni Muslims in India??!!

          • Why haven’t you gone to war to get back the Stolen Hindutva lands of Papistan/Bangladesh?? Amit Shah says he will get it back. You can volunteer to join that expedition for recapture.

            Beating up some isolated Muslim instead, only projects frustration and cowardice. You may imagine the world sympathizes with ‘the awakened Hindu’, but all you have done is spoil the image of India. Your Hindu anger appears phony and just a mask for wickedness.

            Are Hindus still alive in Papistan like Sunni Muslims in India??!! Well I presume they are. Otherwise why did Modi and Amit Shah make such a show of conferring citizenship to them ? Once they come over, you have the answer you want to hear about your question. There will be no Hindus there. After you have achieved that, you can think of your reversal project, the recapture of Papistan to settle Hindus there !

            But don’t worry, the reality is hardly any have come over to India since CAA and the ones who came many years ago have not got the papers ! They will flounder in Indian corruption and bureaucracy. And the other reality is there is no possibility of reconquest of Papistan. You also know this.

            You can flounder with your frustrations and delusions. But the option to come out is also there – use your intellect. There is some free will.

        • I can believe your observation that Hindu militancy and vigilantism are spreading abroad, with your example of the Sri Lankan restaurant in France. I never imagined Indians would adopt vigilantism abroad, but if you open shakhas abroad, I guess that was bound to happen.

          Two very recent incidents confirm that. Firstly, Hindu groups in Australia assaulted Sikhs over the farmer’s protest, and an Australian senator asked for the VHP to be curbed. Secondly, a Hindu on an Air France flight started assaulting Sikhs on board for the same reason, forcing an unplanned stopover in Bulgaria to off load him. There is a video of him shouting Modi’s name on the flight and saying ‘Hindus are awakening’. There were complaints against Republic Channel and Arnob, in the UK, and he was fined by the TV regulator there. The UAE and Gulf countries deported some Indians for hate speech on Twitter. Complaints against Dr. Aarti Mirchandani, a principal of a Medical College who said on video that hospitals should not to admit Muslims with Covid, were sent to a foreign country’s health ministry, warning that recruiting Indian trained doctors is a risk for their health service.

          I thought Hindutva Nazism will be confined to India and would not spill over as it did from Germany to the rest of Europe. We have two nuclear neighbours, so Indians cannot get carried away go for war. But you never know – if it is drummed into your head that you are the vishwa guru and the world was Akhand Bharat once, such delusions may lead to even devastating wars.

          For me, the lowest point in Hindutva’s trajectory was the gang rape of a 8 year old in a temple by a priest, his son, nephew and police. They came back to see if she was alive for another go. I do not need any more evidence on how far Hindutva enraged Hindus are willing to go for the ‘Hindu golden age’.

          On the Dasna temple priest’s comments, that is part of the trend in upping the ante. Two weeks back, another priest issued a video saying APJ Abdul Kalam was a traitor, and he had many Hindu vaiganiks assassinated, and he made Pakistan a nuclear power.

          I shall have a look at the article on the Dasna priest, thanks.

          I would not be dispirited by the advance of fascism. In Tolstoy’s War and Peace, one person notes when the wicked join hands together, the righteous have to link their arms to resist. The mob does not have intellect, they have a cowardly rage, but intellect will prevail in the end.

    • The biggest headache, problem in India is the 5 BIMARU states. They monopolize everything in New Delhi. They drag down Indian Economy so much that there is nothing you can do except “carry” them by the coffers of the rest of the county. Since that is unlikely for long, India shall remain economically what it is today or get even worse. The UK, EU fight is nothing you have seen yet!!

    • @Kili Jolsiyar: SO?? WHAT are you waiting for?? MOVE!
      TAKE along the Sunni TRASH drinking Gaumutra here since 1947!!

  6. Mr Rohit: That rant of yours : is that an expression of Hindu culture ? Or just your own Hindutva culture?

  7. Bill Clinton was one of the top IQ President in the 250 years history of the USA. Given his IQ, calling folks stupid is not hard to understand. But a stupid can not call another stupid. This apples in India too.

  8. Cant you understnd moron? Brand Modi came to power on his branding. Strong leader, strong on defence and forein policy and vikas. How many highways were built by modi and before? What about toilets and bank accounts? Compare before and after modi. He is seen to be doin a half way decent job, compared to earlier regimes. Strong politically incorrect decisions like article 370.

    Add to the fact, there is NO opposition figure that can take him on. Baat khatam. He will keep on winning for ever

    • Hindu militant: When you bray about Modi:

      “He will keep on winning for ever”

      the follow-up question is: Is he immortal?

      Additionally, I thought that Mullah Adityanath was waiting to push him out with an even more militant type of Hindutva. Shouldn’t you be supporting Mullah Adityanath since you unabashedly claim to be a Hindu militant ? In fact Adityanath even endorsed a chap who wanted to dig out the corpses of dead Muslim women and rape them. A job opportunity for you there perhaps?

      • “Dig out the corpses of dead women and rape them”

        Isn’t that written to do that in the Quran/Islamic scriptures for their love of Hindus & non Muslims??!!

    • It would have been more helpful if alog with the bank accounts, we got the 15 lakhs of black money that Modi promised to bring back from abroad.

      Instead, we had a demonetisation excecise in India to flush out black money and 99.9% of the currency returned.

      Show your courage at the LAC or LOC, or go back to the shakha to show off your cowardice !

      • why do you need 15 lakhs ? fukat me? I dont need to go to LAC, I send intellectuals like you there. All left liberal pseudo intellects, libtards, I send to fight

        • Why did Modi promise 15 lakhs ? He said the previous govts. had looted from the common man, and he was going to slay corruption and bring it back for the common man. Where is it ? Modi is looting the public on a bigger scale, routing pubic money to a falied Ambani, buying 2 planes for himself, wearing a new suit everyday, his karyakartas are travelling by helicopter…. where is the money coming from for these, when the per capita income is now lower than Bangladesh ?

          Thanks hindu militant for confirming your cowardice. You will be an excellent mob fighter, but you don’t have the courage to show your Hindu militancy at the LAC. For that, you need to send someone else. That is how the RSS works.

          • Well said Spinner saab !

            In addition to the facts you mention about the vainglorious Gujarathi Führer and his expensive tastes, there is one more very worrying trend in the Indian economy under his watch: massive capital flight.

            Both foreigner investors and Indians themselves are taking their investments and wealth out of the country by means legal and illegal. In an earlier comment to this article, I had actually cited figures to show that capital flight under the Modi regime has increased 9 fold to a whopping 45 Billion USD. And that was before COVID struck and the Führer’s policies sent the economy into a nosedive. Indeed, all the credit rating agencies have all downgraded India and India’s bonds are just a tad above junk status.

            But all this rational economic and political analysis is water off the duck’s back as far as Hindu Militant and the vast bhakth army is concerned. He is a member of the Modi cult and a Babu Bajrangi clone. Babu Bajrangi boasted that he found great delight in setting fire to innocent Muslim women and children during the Godhra pogroms, Hindu Militant and his ilk do not necessarily regard the shedding of innocent Muslim blood as a crime. And when the people themselves want Muslim blood to be spilt or Muslims to become second class citizens in their own country, what can you and I do Spinner saab?

            That is what Modi has transformed India into.

            Welcome to the Vishwaguru.

  9. Bring back Ballot 🗳 box system, fake votes and corrupt Indian politicians and political system, We only have daylight looters and gold diggers in our office…! India 🇮🇳 gone with the wind .!

  10. If Shekhar Gupta type journalists could understand what makes voters to vote Modi, Congress would have never been defeated. Nobody is stopping Modi haters to use any strategy that they think can defeat Modi. However, one thing is for sure, before Shekhar Gupta type apply a strategy, they must have credibility among voters. Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders would continue to loose voters confidence if they continue to believe in propaganda based on lies and manufactured stories. Voters would believe a message only if it’s relevant and has substance.

    • I for one only see @The Print; Shekhar Cupta’s content scantly because they along with NDTV, Scroll, Wire etc. are Congressi anti Hindu & ant India; almost Pakistani/communist/Chinese sponsored Channels!!

      The only thing interesting to watch in their content is the comments section!!

  11. I was confused by the notion that petrol had become very costly at Rs 100/litre but yesterday in my small town, they was a traffic jam at 6pm. Keep in mind that people usually leave office by 4:30 pm here and are home by 5:30 pm. So atleast half of the traffic are just people roaming around the town for entertainment purposes. That got me thinking either petrol is not costly at Rs 100/litre or people have become richer in my town and India in general inspite of the faltering economy.

  12. If you are best in economics , why your economy is going down and you have to request to users for support

    • @Prashant: Exactly!! Well said!! Sounds the Congressi/Pakistanis & Chinese have stopped sending them cheques!!

  13. Fact check your data. Also talk about the pros and milestones that our economy is achieving. We understand that intellectualism, liberalism and one-way secualrism doesn’t allow you to do so. But you can atleast try or just showoff. Maybe you’ll be a lesser marginalised.

  14. Economy doesn’t matter because war is essentially between savarna’s and obc’s. It is about political power as well as grievances about reservations in jobs. Savarna’s being most intelligent group are most adept in co-opting allies from depressed groups. Mandal finished congress and whatever was left was destroyed by saboteurs inside.

    • Very succinctly and correctly put ! Hindutva is competition between savarnas and obcs, but Muslims and Christians are the bogeys, and nationalism is a fig leaf for maintaining savarna privileges. The savarna will not say it, he will mask it as love for ‘my country’.

      Political power for the few = money for the few.

      It is a society that does not accept the concepts of democracy : equal rights and opportunities. Ambedkar had described India’s caste culture as a system of graded inequality. The savarnas strongly believe in it.

      • @Akash: Will you let us know what Dr. Ambedkar said so about Islam /Christianity & WHY they are dangerous for diversity in any nation??!!

        Don’t bother!! I know you won’t because you are a hypocrite liar!!

  15. 2 rupees for your filthy article. Most of life has changed after 2014. We know who print and wire working for.

    • Rahulgandikepapa: You snort :

      “Most of life has changed after 2014”. Gone down the drain you mean ?

      And which faction of the Godse worshippers are you working for ? RSS? VHP? Ram Sene?

    • Jab isne modi ko support kiya toh tum kaha the. Aur hum opposition wale ko jitna blindness nahin utna tumhe kyon.

  16. Dear print, Earlier India was more fool by voting again and again for 60 years rule of upa and now it’s only 2 terms are of MDA government and some of them couldn’t digest it.So it’s shows frustration and loyalist nature of This article and media

  17. The article is written with only one objective: to defame Modiji. Writer intentionally neglects his achievements. I am a common man. I am putting here my own experience. Article creates impression that there has always been a decline in Indian economy in BJP regime. Sincerely, neither I, nor people around me felt so. As a prime minister of our democracy, his has taken many decisions which will have far reaching positive impact on our society. In my opinion, his most important job were (rather they are still) to form a cohesive, emotionally bonded society. India became “country” after 1947. But unfourtunately, our society has yet not received enough maturity to become a “nation”. Congress did very little in this direction. Leftists have been trying hard to confuse people and keep us in “heterogeneous society”. Implementation of CAA, act against CAA are few steps Modiji took to make our society healthier. Last point. I read posts of some of my Muslim brothers. I am fully convinced that mind sets of many of them are “prepared” by shrewd leftist writers. Writer of artcle appearing in the print is a good example of this. My sincere appeal to all Muslim brothers and sisters, please read “Modi, muslims and media” by Madhu Kishwar. Go through the opinions of gujrati muslims. This book will give you real picture of Modiji’s personality

    • Sir, your analysis is brilliant. Indeed Modiji has created a brand new India the likes of it we couldn’t have imagined earlier. There is so many ch work on infrastructure for example, so many airports – granted these were functioning even before 2014, but now they are under efficient control of our Uber businessman from our foremost state Gujarat -Shri Adani. We have so many companies, we keep hearing about 5 trillion economy etc. We are doing so well that we can even pay easily for 100 Ra petrol. It’s all good!

      • Loved your brilliant repartee Mr Patel !

        I think Mr A.M.Gosavi is able to live on air, unlike most Indians who have a hard time getting the next square meal. But then, a blinkered, blink member of the Modi cult will sell his mother to get Modi elected. He will wipe his own posterior when his Prophet sits in the toilet.

    • What about low crime rate?
      What about incidence of rapes?
      Why do so many undertrials stay in jail for a long time?
      Why do court cases proceed so slowly in our justice system?
      Why do we have to pay bribes in state government offices (even BJP ruled states) for many public services at state and municipality levels?
      Has poverty reduced? Have many people have been pulled out of poverty?

      With “emotionally bonded society” have all these really improved drastically after 2014? I think these parameters define a progressive nation.

    • Tell your Modi to legalize homosexual marriages in India. why he isn’t doing that.if he is so progressive and don’t give me shit about congress didn’t do this or that or what is happening in Pak etc the usual BJP shit.

  18. Yeah Hrishikesh well said. After seeing all the data’s regarding economic downfall, degradation,loss of lives and livelihoods, demonetization, severe poverty, food crisis ( go check the new schematics, India stands below Bangladesh in the list), fall in GDP and many more that were beautifully served to you in a golden spoon, this is what you contribute. Keep aside the thoughts and mantras ( Jay Shree Ram) that you have been fed by your so called Hindu Netas and Mantris and for god’s sake be UNDECIDED for atleast once in your life. Then you will see the clearer picture. India does have another name called ‘Hindustan ‘but does that make it only for Hindus. Then tell your beloved Game- changers to withdraw the word Secular. Let’s see how they perform with only the votes of Hindus. Or better tell them to install EVMs that would only allow and identify Votes from Hindus. And one more thing my friend, idiots are not those who shout on the streets, ..idiots are those who try to see the world through Party- coloured BLINDFOLDS..

  19. Where were you 10 years back?. Oh Sorry, you’re just another pawn of Congress Army. Have you asked the same question when Congress was ruling or you were you busy protecting the King?. Major Developments are clearly visible but Humans have a nature stick to that one particular mistake. Journalist’s always look for holes but never try to fill those instead they keep poking and poking and then the hole becomes the major issue. Try to be less skeptical and more trustworthy.

  20. Rather unsurprisingly the article is called national interest…however as usual its about modi backers being cast as driven by religious motives and generally less informed or educated than Shekhar himself…so much for self promotion…I wish these media guys could find fresh really neutral writers

    • Mr Ramankutty Balakrishnan : If you want to read articles praising your Gujarathi Prophet, go and read the RSS Observer or Swarajyamag or any number of exemplars of India’s paid media. They will only sing praises to the Prophet. Or better still, soak up in Arnab Goswami’s hot air. There are plenty of such rags in the Vishwaguru. Clearly, critical journalism is not what you want.

      Mr Balakrishnan, despite your alluding to be a well informed, educated man not driven by religious motives, you still live in a country where, thanks to the certifiably daft policies of your Gujarathi Prophet, almost every economic indicator has gone downhill. Were you perhaps in some sort of Rip Van Winkle type slumber when the Prophet deployed hare-brained policies like demonetisation, ban on cow slaughter, GST, diversion of precious resources to building temples, statues and the like, losing of territory to the Chinese, squandering India’s vast resources of soft power ?

      Mind boggling indeed that a man from God’s Own Country would display less education than an itchy-testicled gaurakshak from BIMARU.

      • No wonder Keralite Hinds keep their mouth shut. Thuggish secularists like Kili are trying to shame that. What Ramankutty Balakrishnan and other Hindus in Kerala need is to show Middle finger to Secus like Kili, telling them that this our land, if you don’t like our empowerment catch Samjhota Express.

    • Absolutely correct!! Mr. R. Balakrishnan!!

      @Print does write about National interest!! What they FAIL to mention is that they are talking about national interest of either Pakistan, Vatican or communist China!!

      • Reality Check: Journalism is not the same as propaganda. Journalism is meant to be critical, fact-based and probing. Hence, it is not the duty of relatively responsible publications like The Print to function as mouthpieces of the Modi regime. There are multitudes of Indian news outlets that pay tribute the Führer and you could switch over to one of them. Swarajyamag, Arnab Goswami’s hot air shows, the RTSS Observer etc. would better suit your leanings.

        • Oh really??!! You know something about journalism??!!
          Journalism is NOT licking arse!! It’s presenting all sides of the picture, not just one side!!

          @Print, Quint, Scroll, BDTV are NOT journalists but propagandists, liars & presstitutes!! I must agree though that @Print is a bit better than the other Islamo-leftist fascists!!

  21. Sekher Gupta has rightly said economy is not doing well under Modi. According Mr Gupta economy started faltering from 2015-16 onwards. Does that mean economy data were so badly cooked by prior government that everything started falling apart even without Modi tinkering with economy? How can one justify celebrated governor of RBI, a reputed economist, had no idea of myriad scams affecting banking sector? Certainly Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Chokshi scams did not start post 2014. Then came demonitisation. Did it flatten Indian economy and suppressed demand? Intriguing because does poor always use 500 rupee currency note? Besides, currency could have been exchanged, provided it was honest earning. Does this flattening of economy means most of Indian economy was running on unaccounted money? Then came COVID, economy shrunk even further. But so did economy of many countries. Modi may be a bad economic manager, could he be paying price of someone else’s sins?

    • No, Modi is not a bad economy manager. His understanding of India’s poor is better than any of his opponents. Shekhar Gupta knew nothing about how a poor voter thinks and votes for Modi.

      • I think both central and state governments alike are bribing poor voters with freebies and direct transfers. This does not help the nation long term, as taxpayer money is wasted on welfare…it is not really pulling the poor out of poverty. These inducements are keeping the poor permanently in the villages and small towns, and prevents them from migrating to cities in search of factory or service jobs. How can poverty reduce if they just do agricultural jobs or simply idle away time in villages?

        Modi has to do what China did – extensive industrialisation and capitalism which gave the village poor many jobs, so they migrated out of villages and small towns to earn better incomes and pulled themselves out of poverty. China has not totally eliminated poverty ( despite some propaganda) but they are likely to reach that goal in 5-10 years.

  22. Why Modi is winning… You seem to be puzzled with not finding an answer for that?

    It’s ‘Demography’- you fool!
    Indian Hindus do Not like appeasement politics and they understand that it’s a huge danger for them and their next generation.

    Luckily the larger public of India has understood this and the long term impact changes that Modi is trying to bring in with every move.!

    Clinton called you right..’you stupid column writer . 😀🤦

  23. It is not always economy. Economic indicators will start improving a decade later. It is the structural and social reforms along with national pride which Modi has begun. Indian citizen are very smart they always know what is right. Don’t be surprised if Modi comes again in 2024.

    • BJP policy states that no one above 75 can be voted to PM. Modi would be 74 in 2024. He’s not coming for a third term.

  24. Economy grows not by the lawmakers but by the hardworking people of the nation. People work hard when they know the country is led by an able administrator.

    Modi ji may not be the best skilled person for the job but we know he’s not a corrupt person. Naturally people have a strong liking for a clean person because that will boost their morale.

    Economy will certainly improve under Modi ji.

  25. Sir,
    You jurnalist never spoke about religion conversation tacts used by others. Never spoke about problem faced by Hindu religion. Never spoke why government is taking money from Temple’s and having government administration only for Hindu? Never spoke about giving salary to Maulavi only. Never spoke about how population percentage of muslims is rising surprisingly in India that one fine day if not opposed the Muslim Identity politics then there will be red blooded civil war in country. So first speak about this and DO NOT TELL US ONE SIDED WRONG COOKED STORIES.


  26. Shekhar Gupta is quite clear that the economy has declined. He shows all the indicators point to a down turn, which started with deomonetisation.

    ‘Lately, India has had at least 7 out of 8 quarters of growth decline.’ Now we are slated for -9% growth. Covid is a factor but China is posting +4%.

    Often when a company or a business goes down badly, it does not recover. You build accumulated debts and other problems. Modi govt. will be fighting fires, like spending for defence of the LAC. The rest of the time, he will be setting parts of the country on fire himself to win elections.
    Modi’s bhakths cannot digest that. They live in an alternative reality. But the outside world knows India’s promise is over. Capital is fleeing and no great FDI is coming in. Companies leaving China have not come to India. The economy has gone out of the BJP’s hands, they have given up, now we do not hear as many slogans about development.

    SG asks ‘So, what is it that works for Modi, if not the economy? ‘. The answer is obvious. Making Hindus feel they are winning against Muslims. The French political scientist and expert on India, Professor Christophe Jaffrelot of King’s College London says that Modi and the BJP have created a minority complex in the majority. That works. Actually, people from the majority community like SG should be strong enough to tell the Hindus to stop comparing with the minority.

    As usual, SG mixes in praise for false achievements. ‘For the Modi proposition, if the promise of taking the ‘Gujarat Model’ nationwide was the engine, this widespread negativity provided a 200-knot tailwind.’

    The Gujarat model had nothing apart from beating up the 9% minority. It was an act of cowardice. If there was so much development in Gujarat, why did Modi build a wall so Trump could not see it ?!!! By writing make believe about a Gujarat model, SG makes Modi credible.

    ‘Through these seven years, he’s mostly failed to deliver on the first promise, the economy. But, on the second, national pride, standing up to terrorism from the neighbourhood, on restoring the majesty of the prime minister’s office, he scores 10 upon 10. May be even 11 upon 10. Remember, we are only talking about his voters.’

    Again national pride only is against Indian Muslims. Modi cannot stand up to China. He is meek in front of Xi.

    The comparison with Putin’s nationalism and Modi’s (that both do not have economic growth , yet keep winning) is invalid. Putin has done much better than Modi. Russia is back to being a power as SG notes. Putin has wisely settled the insurgency in the Muslim localities like Checynya. Initially, he went for war but he realised he could not win and terrorism will come to Moscow. Now he has settled with the Muslims like the Chechens and Tatars. Grozny the capital of Checynya has been rebuilt by Russia with a grand mosque (see the videos, it looks like Dubai now). Putin has declared that Islam is the second religion of mother Russia and it will have an honourable place, and he will not allow cartoons of the French type. Muslims have been in Russia since Catherine the Great. He does not want to have Turkish and Saudi Imams, he wants local ones. Putin has thereby a settled a problem that could have drained Russia. Modi has not done that. He is ruling Kashmir with the gun, and letting vigilantes attack Muslims throughout India. Whereas he could have done the same as Putin and used the Indian Muslims to settle differences with Pak.. Hence, you cannot compare Modi with Putin – the latter is far cleverer than Modi even if not a democrat. Putin is an educated person. The other false comparison is that Russia’s GDP is lower than India’s. It is, but its population is 144 million, India’s is 1.2 billion. It is the per capita income that matters and Russia is much ahead than India – the people are well fed and healthy, and not famished like Indians. If Russia’s economy did not grow much due to Putin, it is not as damaging as India’s shrinking economy due to Modi – Indians are living hand to mouth, and any shrinkage destroys us.

    Shekhar Gupta’s last remark is ‘This is why demagogues across the democratic world keep winning. ‘ He does not have the courage to say Modi is India’s demagogue and that is the basis of his success so far !

    • So you are angry because he wrote a polite article instead of spewing vitriol? Your arguments about Putin are all wrong. Russia’s per capita GDP is higher because of rich moscow region. Most people there earn ten thousand rubles per month. And that is like ten thousand rupees. Their problem with muslim countries had little to do with religion. Those areas were ruled by Russians for a long time before soviets took over. Modi is not ruling Kashmir simply with guns as recent DDC polls showed it. As for standing up to Xi, putin himself is only bullying small states around Russia. And chinese have gone back from most of the places where they made incursions in 2020. Whatever you say, Gujrat is really a better industrial place than many parts of India. I also know Modi is resposible for much mess in India, but your arguments paint a more malicious picture. If whole India was suffering greatly, Modi’s Hindutva balloon would have burst already. It is going to burst anyway. And since I do not have enough time, I am not talking about minority appeasement during UPA rule.

      • I always listen Minority appeasement during Congress era but failed to understand what really it is..? If they were appeased why they are poor still ? I find all the Reservations in jobs and education are reserved for Hindu castes..then what is appeasement..?

        • Muslims, Sikhs , Christians, Buddhists and other minorities fall in general category in reservations.

          Due to reservations in education, OBC and SC have uplifted themselves into salaried white collar jobs. They are prospering. The minorities are going to be the real backward classes. In 10-15 years they will slide into extreme educational
          backwardness. Most of them today already languish in blue collar jobs and dirty/dangerous jobs. Most minorities are self employed. Of course studious minorities will get good degrees because of innate talent to do well in studies but these types of students in minority communities are few because of lack of access to educational opportunities.

      • I don’t get the gist of the post. How am I wrong ?

        I said there is no point equating Modi with Putin, India with Russia. India’s situation is dire. The economy is reduced to a parlous state, in a country where the baseline per capita income is low. If it falls, the middle calls become poor and the poor starve. India is over populated with 1.2 billion and lot of youth coming to the job market – supposedly a demographic dividend. Russia as 144 million, a 1/10 of India’s population and it is the biggest country around. Their problem is vanishing population.

        I said that Putin chose to integrate the Muslim regions intelligently by creating goodwill. Modi does not have the intelligence for that.

        ‘Whatever you say, Gujrat is really a better industrial place than many parts of India. ‘ Explain why Modi built a wall in Ahmedabad to shield Trump’s sight.

        You yourself say Modi is responsible for the mess in India, so how I have been malicious ? You say Hindutva baloon will burst, so how am wrong ? It seems you know but you do not want me to point out Modi is the cause for India’s failure.

    • Your argument is flawed. You are a Hindu. You do not like Modi hating muslims. There are many like you. Not all Hindu Indians vote for Modi and BJP. But Modi is winning. There can be many reasons. One thing I can say is Modi is addressing problems of 600 crore dispossesed by his schemes. You may pooh pooh it, but what government gives goes to recipient hundred percent. dont undermine this.

      • ‘….but what government gives goes to recipient hundred percent. dont undermine this.’

        No one is denying that Modi is popular amongst the majority of Hindus. Shekhar Gupta has noted that this is despite Modi’s failure with the economy. Gupta is at a loss to understand this, but then he gives some vague explanation about how national pride has a powerful tug. I say that ‘national pride’ of the BJP is only communal pride, and that is the sole reason for his support. It is not sustainable for ever.

        As for crores who got bank accounts, there is little point if they are empty. Where are the 15 lakhs of black money to be brought from outside ? We only saw defaulters who shared platform with Modi in Davos have escaped.

        Why can’t you accept support for Modi is just communalism ? Why are you ashamed to say it , why do you have to bring in weak explanations of schemes for 600 crores ? Why is SG ashamed to say it ? There are many Modi supporters who are proud of their communalism.

        • @Akash: “..‘national pride’ of the BJP is only communal pride..””?
          So what is Islamic Pakistan??: The definition of secularism in Islam & Sunni Muslims??

          Who were those who voted for Pakistan but stayed in India??
          Was it secularism, bigotry or Sunni Muslim love for drinking Gaumutra??!!

          Just wonder why there has not yet been the Chinese style re-education for brainwashed Sunnis still in India!!

  27. you even dont have to read their articles anymore, you just see print and shekhar and you can know its just anti agendas there no facts.

  28. absolutely right, you even dont have to read their articles anymore, you just see print and shekhar and you can know its just anti agendas there no facts.

  29. I haven’t read the whole of this piece as it’s no brainer Economics isn’t Shah-Moodi’s cuppa. They breathe politics, they eat politics, they drink politics and, ahem, they …… politics. For them politics trumps all other considerations, economy is no exception.

    That said, when was that the government ever contributed to the country’s economic growth? Except may be for Sardarji’s Big Bang door opening ceremony, India owes its growth story to our entrepreneurial young, and the IT engineers whose sweat alone turned the dollar tap on. Otherwise, the government’s contribution ever only produced the Hindu rate of crawling!

  30. Open your eyes and introspect about the fact that why majority of Indians world over love and stand by our Prime Minister. You will see that the facts are exactly the opposite of what you have imagined in the last 7 years. People of India are not as dumb as you think. Dumb people are ones who are the loudest on the streets. Intelligent people just go and vote for the right person. Journalism is not about spreading hatred. Try and be a little transparent. I know it’s a little difficult for you. But better late than never.

  31. I don’t know why so many people are brainwashed by the bjp politics. Modi is the fakest politician I’ve seen till date, he plays politics of diversion and never addresses the elephant in the room, always beats around the bush. All his speeches are hateful, all agendas are religion Oriented divide and rule.
    He doesn’t have slightest of shame, doesn’t care about healthcare and education, the real development initiators for a country like India. If this simple thing is not getting inside the citizens brain, then I fear for the future of the country.
    PS: not all BJP critics are congress supporters, stop assuming. Rahul Gandhi is incapable, but manmohan singh was much better. Criticising the government is the role of active responsible citizens. Do it.

  32. It’s funny how every article by the print is anti bjp. The writer is a known congress loyalist but when you say bjp won because of right wing politics you are doubting those people who voted for bjp and by so you are doubting the intellect of the majority. Didn’t have the patience to read the whole
    U paid slaves

    • Nothing to doubt about we all (means people with brains) know as quoted by scientists that only 1 % of people are capable of being smart
      So u know choosing BJP may or may not right but it definitely not soo start to think that what majority chooses is right.

  33. Great perspective
    I think there is no 1 reason why modi is winning but yes shining economy is definitely not one of them

    No alternate yet in the centre

    Strong rooted organization (bjp + RSS), this is real, full credit here

    Electoral charm and churn

    Lies (or promises leading to
    Peoples’ false hopes for fake ache din)

    Godi media making dedicated andhbhakts

  34. Nah .
    Well tried but you’ve got to try harder The Print All this is getting old . Try harder , so far you’ve only been 10% successful in your agenda .

  35. Shame on you Sekar and your coterie of leftists editorial group. I myself being an IITian can proudly says that we achieved much more stuff that was never achieved in last 70+ years of freedom. You won’t understand that ever. Shame.

    • Which school have you been is doubt is you and modi went to same school than I agree with you anyways chai pakoda will be the choice for future generations

      • Look around you, JERK….see how the Infra structure of this nation has transformed, you lived in an era of single lane self proclaimed highways to where we are now…..Keep sulking, your sulk makes it even more pleasing !

      • @Steven: Chai pakora are delicious!! Make some & you too will have a job!!
        You & other leftists/fascists can continue to sulk while this nation is being transformed for good!!

    • Modi surely has succeeded in transforming grey matter , whatever little was there in the skull of his supporters, into dung, if you want any proof of it then you need to just scan through the comments section, to observe how people with an IIT have descended to defend their supreme leader.
      The harebrained stupids take any criticism of Modi as an act treason and question the Deshbhakti of editor.
      Stupids don’t even know that media person’s job is to ask tough questions to keep leaders and government in check ? Wasn’t Indira Gandhi criticized ? Wasn’t Nehru opposed, wasn’t Atal ji criticized ?

  36. The demonetisation was done solely to win UP election by weakening money power of opposition by making 500/1000 notes useless. And that goal was achieved. Taking advantage of fickle memory of people, the supporters came out with justifications to save master’s move. And they have been doing so continuously. Come on guys at least use your grey matter as was advised by honourable PM . अगर भगवान ने कुछ (भेजे की तरफ इशारा) दिया है तो उसका इस्तेमाल करो।

  37. SG is right.Economy doesn’t matter anymore.A wise man once said “religion is the opium of the masses”. This should be converted to identity politics is the opium of the masses.Talk about Sabarimala in Kerala, Jallikkattu in Tamilnadu ,CAA and Bangladeshi infiltration in Assam and visit temples of electorally important castes and make catcalls of Didi in Bengal-job done. Distract and divert the people from real issues like petrol/diesel prices, demonetisation and GST fiascos, the farmers protests, the decline of India in most global rankings that matter,Chinese occupation of Indian territory etc
    The old adage says, you can fool some people all the time and all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. In India ,you can fool a lot of people all the time.

  38. What an interpretation and justification of your undigested victory of Modi? Why do you think that your perspective is correct over Millions of People who voted for this Government. But while trying to portrait your frustration in illutionastic way you have touched one right point that is economic is subsidiary for us when there a question of Identity, Heritage, Self Respect and peaceful co-existence.

    @The Print, why don’t you use your expertise towards solutions of the issues. Why don’t you try to adopt some constructive approach. All your analysis is roaming around your repeatedly defeating Ideology and Winning Chain of Modi. Why there is so much hatred that till time you are not ready to accept him as your prime minister. Not it has been 7 Years.

    Also, learn to put Trust in People of India and their will.

  39. Such a useless article, looking at the headline, I thought it was going to be a well research article with some good insights. Apart from global gyan which can be found at any media outlet, I didn’t find anything interesting.

    In future, I hope you can lead with the term ‘glocalisation’ on how during elections, the ruling party is using the narrative of the local issues, infusing it with national issues to drive their agenda to win th elections.

  40. The print = BIAS. Bunch of dissatisfied souls.kv
    Lol marginalised and hapless..y do you “print” guys think you were ever important or u are media champs

  41. Sekhar Gupta and his ilk have to make a living, too. And if her has to do that writing “smarter than anybody else” articles, so be it.

  42. I feel that it has more to do with the fact that there is no strong opposition leader in India at present. Common man is just not able to see Rahul Gandhi as PM. Whatever Modi is doing or not doing, people assume he is still a better choice than Rahul Gandhi.

  43. Sir you fail to see the trees in the woods. Even after pandemic the middle class and poor suffers a lot. But still the gig economy offers them alternate jobs. Only those who think they are born to do certain type of jobs suffers. Inflation, poverty, Un employment and rising in equality are the permanent features. Modi provided JAM, made AADHAR successful and the money goes in to the account of Direct Beneficiaries. Service Sector is expanding, Roads and Transport sector develops and also the communication sector. Earlier the traders made complaints against amazon and others and now realizes that every body has their own market. Fuel prices rising but people now use their vehicles only for essential. Now mobility has increased. Demonetization and Pandemic has taught tough economic lessons to everybody. Everybody knows these problems were not created by Modi and nor he can solve it fully. He is not corrupt and makes some attempt. He talks to the people and most important not to the journalists. These are the reasons for his success.

    • yep .. that’s what my understanding has been for last 7 years .. exactly same. If a simple student like me gets this point then why don’t these losers get it.

    • If national sentiment was so easy to chanellise, then why Indira Gandhi lost after winning Bangladesh war?
      Modi is honest, diligent, crafty and truly focused on improving India and Indians. Mistakes are forgiven but wrong intentions are not. Modi reins supreme on the collective conscience of the nation.

  44. The truth is that India has lost its secularism and its democratic ideals under the Modi Government, which has been also verified by a Swedish study. What good is nationalism when the country loses its identity as a diverse state of numerous religions, the govt openly discussing ban on religious conversions, when this diversity and the fluidity is the essense of our nation? And those who complain that there is no one else who can be voted, let it be known that there is an option called NOTA.

  45. The Print media is very biased to one particular religion. Whatever they do wrong but Print Media always show them right this is the reason today Print media is begging to people for funds to run its anti national media. Hope they are getting most of it funds from Arab country.

  46. “It’s the economy, stupid” was coined by Bill Clinton’s aide James Carville during 1996 presidential campaign. Here there m to be some misunderstanding bout it. The rival in the presidential race, George Bush Sr. who had won the war called “Desert Storm” against Iraq, and had driven Sandam Hussein out of Kuwait didn’t appeared to be paying u attention to the bad economy. All Carville meant by “It’s the economy, stupid” was that it was the economy that would decide the election, and not the victory in war against Iraq. He never meant that the economy trumps other considerations all the times. In places like India and Russia, nationalism and other issues impress the others more than the economy and crimes. In India some 43% MPs have criminal charges filed against them. It is just a matter of different places, different circumstances, different voters. The “quality” of voters matters greatly too. Uninformed, politically immature voters are known to vote against their own interests.

  47. Modi ji is really doing good under the banner NDA, it will take some more time to transform India to an expected standard, but I am sure success will come soon in all front whether it may be infrastructure, road, health education etc. Congress can not do anything, they do not have any vision. Northeast India is improving a lot under Modi rule, what Congress could not deliver due to backward mentality.

  48. Dear Mr ‘Shaken’ Gupta, your false narratives have got so rejected that you are getting no sponsors, and are begging for financial support (right there under your article). Need I say more?
    And you admit that Indians are voting for Modi ji again & again, and you still believe you alone are wiser than the country of a billion brains. The joke’s on you.

  49. Economy is not that great or have not seen strategic growth under BJP, but it not that worse either as portrayed, It was covid year, people were happy to be alive, numbers of 202 0 doesn’t mean much anywhere in the world.

    Economy will play a role in 2021, Inflation is key factor which affects people’s budget, so that is an important metric for government to keep in check.

  50. Modi is winning only due to journalists like you and corrupt, communal and jihadi opposition in India. The day journalists and channels start neutral and merit based coverage and opposition come out of its only agenda of Modi bashing, any Govt may start fearing. So first prepare worthy opposition who can shed jersy of pseudo secularism and really start thinking about county first, Modi nd Shah will start his days counting.

  51. Bohot paise milte hongey itna ulta likhne kyun bhai……
    There is no fact produced in the whole news.
    Have you the GST recovered data it’s breaking all its previous records as fas Economy is concerned.

    There is no loss happened to Common man in Demonitosation. I don’tunderstand why you are supporting the people who was looting the country by TAX Chori money.

    In Total it’s a FAKE news……

  52. Where were you guys hiding when minorities were playing identity politics and politicians were pandering them by playing appeasement politics. When the same thing is done by hindus you guys were up in arms, What do you expect hindus to do, it was not started by BJP, path was laid out for BJP.

  53. No left party will talk about the nationalization of indira gandhi and the price the country is paying till now ;

  54. Remove the EVM’s from elections and you will see a very different result. Modi is using the same formula as the British use when they ruled India divide and rule and unfortunately this still works for the Indians while the whole world is trying to be strong on the economic fronts . This government has sell out 70% of the the public sector properties. Modi government has made almost all the Indian media their pets as the ambani said the most valuable thing in 21 century is information and technology. The godi media keep worshipping the Modi while he sells out all the India and filled the pockets of his rich friends . May the God give some sense to the Indians in this ,and they can see the light before it’s too late and the whole nation is ruined.

  55. i did not expect anything better than this from shekhar ; after all these were the people who were selling lies that second cyclinder who will pay ; incidentally he had his own introspection after 2019 loss. Interesting confession by him and yogendra yadav in They cannot take it back even if they want now

    True, modi has a socialism without the corruption so that the money reaches the pocket of the people. So all the intermediaries are crying hoax. Why must govt give food in the school which only enriches the principal, teacher, govt official and politicians. Transfer money to the account. Obviously many have lost job in the black economy.

    Maharashtra govt has made all registration of govt over internet with aadhar/pan, no money for touts and corrupt official. If our economy has come down by 2% due to demonitization that means the black economy has come down.

    Hope india learns the concept skill rather then mindless knowledge which will only create educated unskilled labour who will become puppet of external vest interest selling poverty of india. Best example is the farmer bill, where the farmers protesting for the benefit of trader who have been the leech for decades

    Most of our journalist want to sell hot story. In trade, one is winner and another is looser. If interest rate goes down business cost goes down but the retired / saving people are screwed. If the food price goes up trader/ farmer make money but consumer loose.

    To have an economy where all are winners, the society has to make a slogan that they will give more value than what they take ; that is the only way, the growth will happen in a great manner

  56. For common man Ultimate outcome in any election reflects what the common voters perceive about contending parties in a given election.So every election can be episodic event its results termed as “people –mandate “ .But political events /outcomes are not simply episodic event only. There is pattern and glimpse of continuity also. The voters of India have been searching to replace the congress party—which was born in colonial India to advance and safe –guard the British colonial interests by an Englishman . It had that historical roll and it performed that job to the complete satisfaction of its British masters and its SELECTED LEADER—JLN was fully rewarded for its services to the EMPIRE .( 11 out of 13 members of CWC wanted Mr. Patel a s first PM , but that was over-ruled by the British Viceroy and MKG. ) In many of the states of India it was permanently dethroned as early as in 1967 itself. It never got individual majority at center in any election since 1984 s elections. That is cool 37 years by now. Its decline ,and also , rejection by the voters , is not normal wear and tear that happens over time. In coming period Modi Ji BJP will be able to get people mandate will depend not only on emotional or nationalist narrative . the factors that bring a any incumbent Government to seat of powers are —
    (a) General movement of growth numbers , control of inflation, easy availability of household consumables, possibility of security and continuity of employment.
    (B) visible growth of infrastructure , industrialization , growth of educational infrastructure, means of communication—pricing and availability of telecommunication, availability of connectivity and internet , intranet etc. availability if banking and financial services etc.
    (C) in General peace and tranquility in internal environment and no threat of terrorism , extortion and blackmail by powerful individuals / group of citizens in the name of being religious minority or ethnic pressure group.
    ( D ) external security, and over all image of the country .
    ( E) Handling of Corona epidemic that devastated not only India but major part of whole world . Was Indian leadership trembling on onset of epidemic and how during that period how Chines incursions and threat was met .
    ( E ) Non-corrupt image of Leader and its team-members.
    These factor create an image whether Government is working for the people or not .Should voters vote for the same government or not ? Please evaluate Modi Government on these points and write whether the MAN is going to win or loose next election . If you find any point for evaluation irrelevant or Not Important — ignore that point .

  57. Your narrative is based on easily misrepresented statistics ie GDP growth in % .Please try and check the actual numbers ie size of the economy (NDA first term economy grew by almost 1 $ Trillion from 2 to 2.97 ! i e in spite of demonetization) yes second term is a mess now world over for obvious reason . Second issue you is whatever be the size of economy how much of it actually add to the benefits of masses ? for instance most money spent by govts on developments (Infra projects ) and populist welfare schemes adds to GDP directly or indirectly as numbers but do they pass on benefits to the masses ? .Modi seem to be the most hated and abused PM ever !! But going by his electoral success Modi is perhaps the darling of the most of voters as well . Why ? The opposition got to offer something better than development Modi is promising ! So as good journalists try and find facts to prove schemes of Govt are not reaching masses and no development is taking place .Modi and BJP will get wiped out if this is the case sooner than later ! BJP are too toxic for our simple society but voters seem to consider them as necessary evil to fix India ?

  58. If economy is below 6% growth people will go for Modi…You are saying don’t worry trust Rahul.. If it is 6?to 9 then ok you can take risk.. of above 9% then it is good job…. It is still economics stupid… but Rahul friends abroad did not figure the lower limit and stilll Modi…. haha lol

  59. You too are a Demagogue in the field of journalism.

    I guess its a matter of survival for both you and Mr Modi.

  60. The congress couldn’t even give a bank account to a common man and u talk about economy !

  61. U talk about economy? But u wouldn’t mention the jobs created/stabilized by Msme and mudra loans ! U wouldnt talk about the control of inflation barring petrol..U also wouldn’t talk about the interest on home and the giving of basic amenities like Housing , yearly farmer money etc Also no mention on the sales of automobiles and gst…if economy was so bad why does it have a record collection??

  62. If the economy of the whole world is sluggish and down hill, why blame only PM Modi. If our industrialists like Mallya and others are honest, is Modi to be blamed? Criticism is very easy, have you suggested any solution to improve productivity and subsequent jobs for the masses ?

  63. The Print knows everything. It can tell all where the PM is wrong and what he should or should not do. It can tell the running establishment how to run the country. It can even guide the world leaders how to win elections and run their countries. It has a panacea for economic boom.

    But the only thing it does not know is how to sustain journalism and how to stop its decline The PM is to blame for their fate!

  64. The Print knows everything. It can tell all where the PM is wrong and what he should or should not do. It can tell the running establishment how to run the country. It can even guide the world leaders how to win elections and run their countries. It has a panacea for economic boom.

    But the only thing it does not know is how to sustain journalism and how to stop its decline The PM is to blame for their fate!

  65. What is the rationale for your argument? That some message or logic worked in another country, so it should work here in India? It’s so passé. Almost 1970s. Modi is neither Putin nor Clinton or Trump.
    He is Modi. And he does his politics his way and no other. What you, Shekhar, are refusing to acknowledge is that Modi has bypassed your ilk. He, and BJP, connect to voters directly. They have been doing so for many years, and all those years, you and your friends have put your head in the sand and think that your opinions matter. They don’t.
    At his basic, Modi is a Karma Yogi. He does his duty, which, in politics, is to participate wholeheartedly. The people of our country instinctively recognize it. No matter who rules us, we Indians have maintained that core connection to our heritage, and we know a great leader when we see one.
    Sorry to compare, but our people instinctively recognized Gandhi as a Mahatma. They didn’t need any sanction from anyone. Similarly, we recognize a Karma Yogi instinctively and we associate with him or her. In case of Modi, such association is through votes.
    Unless you, Shekhar, with all your intellect, try to understand the basic principles of India or Sanathan tradition, you will always operate in a vacuum and will therefore be rightfully panned for that.

  66. Seems SG was forced to write this piece … without facts… If you had to write this, why not point our very clearly on what went wrong and what went well during Modi’s governance. I don’t see that in this article. This article seems to be dictated rather than contemplated. criticism is good, but slander is not.

  67. For u economy is number game and display in chart, but the reality is it’s empowerment to people which this govt is doing. The way work across happening is clearly visible by the citizens. People don’t know what GDP growth and what is economy but they knows what benefits they getting, the way of transparency in system, less corruption, touching cultural values and resolving long pending social issues are major trigger for this govt. So analysis is not only blame govt but see the reality vs past govt performance.

  68. Modi’s formula for winning elections time and again is very simple. A movie in india becomes box office hit not because of people who sit in the balcony and read articles in The Print. It is successful because of the multitudes that sit in the galleries and who do not want more than an evening’s respite from their dreary life. Look at all the election sloganeering devised by Modi. They are catchy and so meaningless that they cater only to this lot. He does not enter into any debates lest he be confronted by meaningful questions. A generation of students have been weaned off their inquisitiveness by being constantly fed on a heady mix of religion and nationalism. Demonetization was accepted by the common man because he thought that the rich suffered more than he did. The success of the UP elections in it’s immediate aftermath bears testimony to that. Like he has developed an election winning juggernaut and doesn’t need the votes of the minorities, he has slowly isolated himself from the need to rely on people capable of thinking. But the farmers’ agitation and protests of the unemployed are slowly gaining ground and sooner rather than later people will realize that hunger is a great leveller against which all his victories will seem nought.

  69. We people of india Make them Win. And also make them win in 2024. It’s democracy people of India want them to rule. We know what is right and what is wrong don’t try to teach us. You people can’t able to see development due to cataract in your eyes.

  70. Feel sorry for all those people …who I feel are not loosers but incompetent….whether they are in the field of politics … journalism or bussiness…..they keep cribbing…n just criticing Na MO…..won’t work…better prove ur own credentials…in watever field u are…..tho they might be happy living in there own psudo circle …let them be……try finding gud thing in a successful people……dont pitty too much…about ur self …..gud luck try ur best…..

  71. the most important change BJP has brought about is the abolition of the monopolies. Anybody can sell to anybody. there is no need for the farmer to sell to a small trader who has to sell to a large trader and then to a monopoly who then distributes. The abolition of the channel has distributed the trading profit from a few to many. More people are transporting goods from the producers and selling direct to the consumers. A lot of extortion is eliminated. Law and order has improved. The current government has created channels of communication and channels are reacting to issues. That has reduced terrorism and common trade has sprung up. The number of jobs has reduced but means of livelihood has increased and free trade is visible everywhere. The monopolies with political patronage who used to suck out a lot of profits have reduced and the profit is getting shared around

  72. All his well after may 2 { 3 ideots ]
    Madev [ Saif Ali khan ]

    South Will bring Light ( Noor ) to North Almighty Will Protect All Indians from wrong thinking towards fellow Indian Insha’Allah

  73. All his well after may 2 { 3 ideots ]
    Madev [ Saif Ali khan ]

    South Will bring Light ( Noor ) to North Almighty Will Protect All Indians from wrong thinking towards fellow Indian Insha’Allah

  74. You are always writing to malign India. This is nothing new from you. You always write against Modi, coz your So Called AAKA are unable to feed you freely.

  75. Shekhar has always been a closet congressi (sometimes an open one). Let me tell you something. I am a Modi voter because he is the only one who promises to protect hindu interests; BJP is the only party that has a vision of making India a global power through development. Congress has sworn to a destructive ideology – destructive to Hindus and India – starting from the Moron Nehru and continued by his family. They hate Hindus and want to exterminate us in our own land – look no farther than the communal conflict bill they tried to pass which would have made Hindus the default guilty party. And look at the secret pact they made with China and destroyed the Indian industry. The economic development you claim between 2003 and 2009 was partly the result of Vajpayee’s actions and partly due to unsustainable economic gimmickry like MNREGA. Here is the bottom line reality – at the moment, all parties except BJP are out there to either enrich themselves through looting and corruption or destroy Hindus by playing on the internal fault lines. I see no alternative to BJP for the foreseeable future. I am not the only one to have realized this simple truth.

  76. Again at it.. Guptaji !!

    Narrative peddling on Saturdays 🙂 What are those narratives? That..
    1. Modi government is anti-muslim, anti-farmer, anti-democracy etc.,
    2. Modi government is short on talents
    3. Modi government has failed on economy

    However times you try to peddle these, they will fall flat. These attempts come with a statutory warning – ‘they are self-destructive and can be damaging to peddler’s reputation’.

    In your recent ‘off the cuff’ with Sanjeev Sanyal, he had clearly said that economic reforms are a matter of sequencing based on real status of economy which is dynamic. Only when they are correctly sequenced, reforms succeed. Modi government is wise and not in a hurry to introduce economic reforms all at once and risk failure. It is the only central government till now which has a ‘lessons learnt’ vision.
    Remember the mistakes of 70 years and they have proven costly in terms of our progress and development (social , economic, political, administrative.. you name it). None of you journalists point out these finer points and always carp on the difference in China and India. Shame on you. Failure of real journalism in visualising the big picture !!

    Progress and development of a country is a Marathon, not a 100 mts dash.. Mr. Shekhar Gupta. All parts of a nation have to work in tandem and smoothly till the glory is achieved and continue thereafter.

  77. Modi h isiliye aapki dukan chal rha h . Modi gya toh berozgaar marega …
    No personall attack .. it is for every modi and hindu haters and des drohi tukde tukde gang

  78. Economic success was never a criterion for Indian masses. If that was so the January party Government was very successful on economic front but did not last long.Modi knows it very well.In India we need emotional agenda for survival at power.Like Garibi Hatao,Sab ka saath sabka Vikas etc

  79. In 2024 Prashant kishore will face lots of competition from the lutyen’s media for the job of poll strategist to advice the opposition parties against Modi. After writing such a column media houses in India cry there is no freedom of expression under Modi. Shame on our media to subscribe to western intellectual mindset.

  80. As the author says since the opposition is clueless in confronting it seems the so called liberal, secular lutyens media has taken over the job of opposition to spin a web of negatively in this country against the Modi government. But how many Shekhar Gupta,Mr& Mrs rajdeep, jyoti Malhotra deride Modi the people of this country in spite of perceived failures believe only in Modi and no other politicians to government us.

  81. Since I do not understand politics, election outcomes even less so, will leave that to the experts. Although one would not trust Rahul Kanwal’s MOTN surveys as reflecting the true heartbeat of India. As with so much else about our democracy, it is election results alone that give us an accurate picture once every five years. The intervening period can sometimes a gigantic PR exercise. Results from the states have been distinctly mixed. 2. How Russia’s bare chested, tough guy global image helps heat the homes of ordinary Russians, put food on the table, is tough to figure. A majority of young Russians wish to emigrate. See the extent to which young Punjabis are willing to go to start a better life abroad. America’s 11 million undocumented workers apparently include one million from India as well. The global rankings, feedback are now coming in so thick and fast, the Foreign Office is simply trying to shrug them off. If the world matters so little, we should not have invested so much effort courting it in recent years. 3. Economy ke baare mein toh ab kehne ke liye bacha hi kya hai. 75 million Indians pushed into poverty. The middle class slimmer, trimmer by 32 million. Family consumption baskets shrinking, even for basics. A reality check on defence spending. At some stage, questions arise about the legacy. Not looking like the Golden Age of the Guptas to me.

  82. Bank accounts,housing,cooking gas,Water,DBT,corruption free governance are Modis gift to the poor who have not got them in the last seven decades.Thw massif people are grateful to the PM.None of them know of economics these int,GDP,and all the high- brow talk of intellectuals.Mdi is popular with the mass of Indians who are poor and he will continue to win if he attends to their needs.

  83. It’s funny how every article by the print is anti bjp. The writer is a known congress loyalist but when you say bjp won because of right wing politics you are doubting those people who voted for bjp and by so you are doubting the intellect of the majority. Didn’t have the patience to read the whole but in the beginning U.P. elections were mentioned. Bjp came in power only because of religious politics or it was mainly because of the way bsp and sp had ruled the state? No harm in criticism of the ruling party but we shouldn’t forget what other parties have done, corruption to the core, dynastic politics, extortion, lawlessness to name a few.

  84. Woh looguen k khoon ka souda kar k jeetta hai, hindu samajte hai modi ko vote de kar woh shahid eak hindu rashtra banayenge per woh bhai ye nahe soochte keh woh ye kabhi nahe kar sakte kyu keh aazadi se pahle desh riyasathuen mai hota tha aur un mai kuch sikh riyasath , toh kuch muslim riyasath aur kuch issayie riyasathien b thay jo khud apni marzi se india se judaen aur ab agar modiji chahate hai ki woh india ko hindu rashtra banaye toh un riyasathuen ko pahle alag chhodhna hoga jo keh impossible hai so better is to think about development and do vote for a party who work for development . Jai hind . Jai congress

  85. It has been a slow journey for India, which was decidedly left a poor Nation by Western foreign rulers when they left India in 1947. It has seen many ups and downs since Independence of only about 70 odd years, with nearly 50 of those years as a closed economy, when it did not pursue any emphatic economic policies for development and growth.

    India has chosen a form of democracy with a multiple(intended) party system even for allowing alliances of convenience confined to geographies with the exclusion of stated principles of the party, allowing for parties even with only about 30% of the votes to form majority Governments in the States and the Centre. Then we shout hoarse at the top of our voices asking “whither democracy”?. That debate is for another day.

    The narrative of democracy, economy etc. is not always as defined in a few pages of print or a few bytes of data. Is it that some “genius”, “experts”, “journalists”, “Intelligentsia” wants to define what is democracy and what is good for the Nation to the exclusion of 133.9 crores of Indians who feel the everyday life and decide what is good for them?

    Let us not assume that somethings are more right than the other. Everything is not always reflected in data in India, though data analytics is the go to mantra. It is OK if the data is OK.

    Consider this.

    As an example, let us take one aspect of women’s employment and look at some situations in India. One fact that is very important to note is that every citizen in the “developed world” has a unique identity and every employment even as a housemaid is reported through this unique identity such as a social security number, in the USA. The data is near dead accurate. The USA reports unemployment rates weekly to monitor its economy which is not done through measuring inflation as in India.

    In India, many employments, mostly of women, are not recorded. For instance, more than 80% of the house holds in Bangalore, my city, employ maids. Have you ever seen a database for such employment? About 30% of road side vegetable and fruit vendors in my locality are women. There is also an iron lady (a lady who irons clothes) in my colony. I play golf (which is an economy that affords employment to a considerable number of men and women) considered a sin by many and resented as a snobbish sport. There are many caddies (employed in golf courses) in Bangalore who hail from UP, Bihar, WB and Assam. Most of them live single with their wives tending the small plots of land back home, cultivating seasonal crops, some vegetables and rearing a cow (buffalo) or two. I wonder if these employments are accounted for. Nobody here reports these expenditures / incomes.

    Tailpiece: India is still unique. It requires Genius of a different kind to take it forward.

    • I do not see the connection between the subject of the article (Modi’s popularity and shrinking economy) and women’s employment. But since you raised, I read that World Economic Forum recently ranks India 143 out of 155 for women’s advancement and equitable pay.

      Is your conclusion that only Modi has the genius to take India forward ? If we count all the maid servants, then the economy is doing well. It sounds like the pakoda seller argument.

      • Hi, the spinner ( with a doosra?),

        THAT is the point. We have to look beyond the tip of our noses, and the lengthy statistics and reports produced ad nauseum by organizations with an agenda using faulty data.
        We sure require a special genius to see India beyond the media reports.
        Who is the Genius? I did not nor am I naming anyone. Every Indian is free to pick the genius she / he wants to take the country the forward.

        Tailpiece: I do not suppose that any Indian can deny that a hot cup of tea and hot crispy pakoras are the sublime snack combination anywhere anytime.


  86. The Print and other media are talking incessantly about economy and jobs in the context of elections. I suggest that they should conduct a detailed survey as to how the people are surviving and the nation running, inspite of the ‘very bad’ economy and ‘joblessness’. If we are to go by the media’s dire assessment of the situation, a significant portion of the Indian population should have ‘vanished’ from the face of the earth by now

  87. @Shekar Gupta
    What really is your purpose behind writing this unsought article?
    Serve India by writing an article next time on who amongst the available choices is worthy of replacing Modi. If not, let Modi do his job!! He has been flawless so far.
    If Hindutva is the key to get that position of power with which you can uplift the nation, let it be so. He is not using that key to brutalise the non- Hindus.
    If you have an agenda, I hope your conscience justifies it while thinking of poorest in villages who do not have clean water, toilet and social protection.

  88. Shekhar narration is for few and not for masses, dedicated voters of Modi. What he said about economy is though not untrue, but Govt is not oblivious of it.
    Left leaning commentators fail to appreciate the gains of the govt but hinge their opinion on drawbacks only as if some alternative govt would deliver the panacea. They are per-se opposed to nationalism in any form of the goverance, conveniently forgetting the Communist nationalism. Could they also write anything negative of the said doctrine without cost? If there is no nation, what is left out is fragmented areas. Yes, a strong Opposition is must in a democracy which is non- existent/ weak at the moment. It has to shun the negativity and attack the Govt on issues and policies alongwith their alternative vision.

  89. I think rather than criticising the government, which BTW somehow needed, but can’t get the outcome. If current government isn’t working up to the mark then we need hope and positivity from someone else, cause criticising someone spreads negativity and negativity never brings positivity. I think other parties except BJP doesn’t know the skill of getting attached to people and that could be the reason for them to fail.

  90. I wonder why marginalized editorials are unable to see so many AIIMS, IITs, IISERs, etc created by this govt.. It is their own myopic vision which is responsible for their marginalized plight…

    • Well said….so called Liberal SECULARS have been frustrated that inspite of all their orchestrations of Award wapasi, blocking of Shaheen Bagh have not resulted in affecting the Popularity of Modiji.

      Hence, the constant verbal Diarrhea thru these articles!!

    • Governments doing anything is laboured by high cost (6th pay, 7th pay) and / or inefficiency. It’s only entrepreneurs who can lift masses out of poverty , insanity.

      Further BJP leader said Savarna votes don’t matter. Modi and Khatter have introduced 75% reservation policy in private sector in Haryana. If Haryana had its own currency it would have collapsed.. Common currency rupee ensures rest of India feeds Haryanvis.

      Socialist or welfare economics lead to shrinking markets and therefore prosperity.

    • They say there was never a GOLDEN ERA. This applies for India’s economy perfectly.
      Trying to attribute all the economic decline, wholely to Modi, the “marinalised” opposition and the jounalists are unsuccessful, so far.
      Only “knowledgeable” middleclass (what is their number?) understand this jargon of economy. The Poor are never bothered about the indices. Politicians are dealing them with populous freebie schemes. The Rich know how to make money even in the troubled waters.
      Things may change if marginalised jounalists STOP following the marginalised, hapless opposition idealogies!

    • They say there was never a GOLDEN ERA. This applies for India’s economy perfectly.
      Trying to attribute all the economic decline, wholely to Modi, the “marinalised” opposition and the jounalists are unsuccessful, so far.
      Only “knowledgeable” middleclass (what is their number?) understand this jargon of economy. The Poor are never bothered about the indices. Politicians are dealing them with populous freebie schemes. The Rich know how to make money even in the troubled waters.
      Things may change if marginalised jounalists STOP following the marginalised, hapless opposition idealogies!

    • They say there was never a GOLDEN ERA. This applies for India’s economy perfectly.
      Trying to attribute all the economic decline, wholely to Modi, the “marinalised” opposition and the jounalists are unsuccessful, so far.

    • Exactly True.
      Because these people know only how to defame nation and how to cry foul. That’s the reason they are marginalized. They are blind to all good things happening. Economy is a part of big picture not everything why these doyal media didn’t see initiative to serve food for poor in pandemic? It is not witnessed any where in the world.

    • I am unable to understand that why marginalised editorialists like you believes that your analysis and perception is correct over a million of people of India who voted for the Government. But you really picked a point and that is very accurate, about Pride, Indentity and stern reply to our neighbour.
      What life has meaning with so much of wealth where there is no pride, no Identity, No Self respect. If we agree to your point that economic situation comes far later than these things for a Nation Particularly like an India who is living ancient Civilisation on earth.
      Come with solution to the situation, don’t just try to figure it out Growth of Modi and his winning race. Get out from defeated mindset. Do some constructive with your expertise and intellect. No one is ready to hear your cry. People is smart enough to recognize your hatred behind your intellectual discourse.

      @ The Print, Try to accept intellect of People of India. Do your work without hatred yaar. Accept the situation and move on for some constructive work towards a Great Nation India.

    • Hi there, hope you are in good health, Pawan, just setting up buildings of concrete and naming them IITs isn’t enough, we need good teachers and professors, who are allowed to place their independent thoughts and not battered upon or threatened for losing their job on doing so, which unfortunately is happening today. People like you and me only see one side of a coin, and not the other, just open the TV at 9 pm and see what is going on, people are becoming more and more intolerant agressive and violent, now you can’t disagree with someone otherwise you will get beaten like a mad dog. We need independent media like this one because they are the one who are left to speak truth and we should support or atleast don’t blindly accuse them for biasness.
      Thank you.

    • Well said. Shekhar is himself shaking constantly….and so are all the so called LIBERAL SECULARS!!

  91. I feel like this print media is very much biased and always tries its best to show Indians and india down in one or the other sense.

  92. Eventually, the time based on level of tolerance for a battered lifestyle, it will be the economy, stupid!

  93. You are Right. The Duo is strategically planning to acquire votes & to extend their Empire throughout the sub-continent. They are using every bit of information for vote conversion. They have one major strength: Now no Opposition Leader exists in India who is a good Orator. In our country people cast votes to Good Orators & Best Traitors. Let us see the Future.

    • Article is biased and may be by someone who has no vision or understanding of economy and comparison. Get well soon writer. You are Sick.

    • I wonder why there are so many ” Andbhakts ” out here trying to hide the failures of Modi government , they never did something for this country whatever they did is for themselves .

  94. Today’s Indian Politics is bereft of Ideology and Ism. The so called Democracy and mockery of Poll is nothing but managing the event thru good marketing and selling pitch. The minimum choice to gullible voters is to identify the “Lesser Evil” and availability of a “Sound Alternative”.Unfortunateky, on both the counts Mr Modi is way ahead of its fragmented,fractured opposition that is making his job much easier and cooly thriving on TINA factor. Economy or Nationalism or Religious narratives, he is using it prudently like an ace Captain of IPL and ODI.We,the”Aam Janta”as usual at receiving end as a spectator of the “Great Indian Political Circus”. Long live Indian Democracy and faulty Polling system.

    • A little less democracy would do no harm to the health of the poor Indians. The poor need pure water and electricity. They need toilets and a roof on their head. India had democracy for the last seventy years and what did the poor get in return, a bunch of pappus, momotas, and laloos?

  95. Hope everything will be in a good phase within two to three years, all reforms will takes its own time to bring fruits. Simply blaming BJP and Narendra Modi for all reverses are a planned game by majority of medias and they have not a clue who will replace BJP government and they are not bothered if no one else there to rule India what they dream as happened in Cyria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan without a strong government.

    • You are absolutely right. They prefer a government who lets Kashmir bleed, show indecisiveness towards the issue of Triple Talaq or worse – minority appeasement, lack of infrastructure after 75 years of independence and most importantly – NOT being dependent on the Luytens media for their survival.
      The poor are getting the money they deserve, those who are absconding are being brought back to face justice, there is NO corruption scandal after 7 YEARS of government and the government has an ideology.
      Why shouldn’t I vote for the BJP and Modi in the next election? Paricularly when I see Pappu denigrating my democracy internationally. Something which his family had relied upon to make tons of money.

  96. You are delusional. When I look back on your assessment in past, you were backers of Modi on the economic agenda. You still have hope (probably because of your investors). Good luck!

    Btw nice try to cover up the image of Ashoka university after Bhanu Pratap Mehta and A Subramaniam’s exit to appease your capitalist friends. You promised to follow up but I think after Mehta made it clear about reasons for resignation, there is no scope left for you to defend trustees of Ashoka University.

  97. wow!!!!
    point that the genius SG misses is that what good is a booming economy when 90 percent of india doesnt have tapped water, gas connection or a toilet??? This is what Modi understood… people vote for him coz he can deliver these efficiently… economy is also not growing coz he has shut off the tap of the easy money from Public sector banks…. tell me one great new corporate that emerged during MMS era to have survived as of now… zilch…… get some perspective dude

    • An analysis of the scheme’s performance based on data from the government’s Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell showed that while the number of LPG connections across India increased by 16.26% in 2016-’17, the use of gas cylinders increased by only 9.83% – lower than the rate recorded in 2014-’15, when the scheme did not exist.

    • Making govt. Sectors private cutting off pensions why dont u understand how everything modi govt. is selling 60 yrs of job done now throw them away like that …

  98. Ok, so nationalism supported by surgical strikes, Balakot, Doklam etc. Is a political ploy. Hindutva is a bad thing for a country teeming with Hindus, and because Islam is in danger even though less than 1 in 5 Indians follow Islam. Pushing out economic migrants is anti Islamic. Economic reforms are missing in action but farm reforms are anti farmer. Dynastic rule is a political whip. Schemes like swachh bharat, ujjwala, make in india are jumlas.. and so on. At least we have something being attempted. The alternative is that all that’s being done is crap, Modi is a murderer and all these bjp guys are blood sucking right wing hindu nationalists bent upon destroying india. Who would you vote for?

  99. Issues of hurt pride, nationality that believed in getting rid of minorities and promises of stability and economic boom are what brought the National Socialist party to power in the inter-war years in Germany. Let us imagine that the Nazis did not conduct the holocaust or did not go to war, would they then have remained in power for many more years? Would they have influenced other Europeans – in Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Greece, France to also turn right-wing than be ruled by the Soviets? I believe that is a serious possibility. The only reason it did not happen was the war (and especially the Holocaust) stripped the Nazis of legitimacy and gave USSR and Stalin the needed halo to influence events beyond their borders. So unless some cataclysmic event happens, the current wave of right wing politics is here to stay worldwide – not just in India. Blaming poor opposition politicians is pointless – swimming against the tide is generally very very difficult and victory follows only when the tide changes. As time goes by, more and more politicians in India will turn to the current brand of winning politics thereby leading to accelerated decline of left wing politics. Till a cataclysm takes place! (most likely due to climate change or massive inequality)

    Poor economic outcomes in India is not the fault of RW politics – it is because Modi and his economic team are incompetent people. Demonetisation is not from the RW play book – it was pure megalomania. If Gadkari was the PM, economy would be doing better. India will actually benefit from such a change – but the BJP benefits from the Modi cult. Hence my assertion that the current rulers are pseudo nationalist- they don’t care about the nation – they only care about continuing to be in power. This power will be the downfall of the RSS, eventually.

    • ”nationality that believed in getting rid of minorities ” India wants to get rid of illegal Muslims from Bangladesh, that is all. And what is wrong with that? No Arab country accepts illegal Bangladeshi or Pakistani or anyone, Muslim or not, in their country.

  100. Don’t you think people are fed up of your negative thoughts when they see the Modi govt doing things. You can possibly understand people need hope and pride while you ponder around findingsomething negatiive. Was always akeptical about Congress govt when economy says it is good it is non tax payers benifited no more, now not only regular tax payers are supporting but govt is pushing everyone to build the nationand not just keepin having the cake and some one else pays for it. MVA has cheated the people and is evident by the way they are running the govt. So they will be obsolete in next elections

  101. There is no reason to insult a politician. No person becomes a politician in a democracy unless people/citizens votes for him/her.

    If India is poor, it is because of backward and illiterate citizens. If China is the richest country on the planet today and it’s economy produces large number of jobs to its people, Indian people should think what it’s democracy has done for it?

    North Indians are obsessed about Temples and religion. What they don’t know is India will remain a 3rd world country in 21 st century. Killing and raping minorities, mob lynching, insulting farmers is not the way to go forward for India.

    Modi is a backward intellectual and he is right for illiterate North Indian Hindus.

    • I agree India deserves what they vote for wake up targing minorities and focusing on making temples will not benifits the population. After bjp government has come to power the economy has gone to dogs but yet majority votes continue to go to them. If in 2024 modi still is elected India will be worst than some backward countries

    • It’s against pseudo-secularism and against Hinduphobia , idiots .

      Its for statesmanship , security against 2 very hostile and vituperative neighbours . Almost all industrialists and knowledgeable people say we’re going on the right path .

      It’s against bringing in a palpable misfit into power , who’s surrounded by sycophants , who by themselves have no political standing .

      It’s inspite of the economic downturn . inspite of all the drawbacks mentioned . Many of these drawbacks are biased .

      Its because the majority is reacting against the several decades of being suppressed by those who were in authority purely because of appeasement and minority threats .

      Its a counter reaction to threats from muslims , lies of leftists , and deceiptful conversions by christians .

    • Isko koiee pav khilaoo …iske dimaag mai zaada pav lag raha hai, you dont have rituals so you feel other religions backwards ….. Better you live india before posting such comments

  102. Doesn’t IBC, MPC, GST etc also be considered as economic reforms. Labour laws were passed 6 months back, but it’s work was already started in the First Term.

  103. You are rightly so a marginalised reporter. Deep within you know you and your ilks, have never once reported on positive work done. (Yes there are negatives but right on positives too)

    1. GST has been a huge success.
    2. RERA has been a success but more power needs to be given to regulator.
    3. IBC has brought justice to defaulters and money back to banks and people.
    4. Striking of thousands of companies and directors of companies who have not filed annual returns.
    5. Infrastructure being built. DFC, First Rover Way, Road Projects, cleared all stalled projects in Maharashtra like Navi Mumbai Airport, MTHL, Coastal Road.
    6. Development in remote areas like Laddakh, Assam, J&K making India more accessible.
    7. Not in your wildest effing dream could you have thought of Article 317 and making Kashmir part of India.
    8. PLI schemes for making mobile in India.
    9. Digital Payments and Data Usage India is number 1 today.
    10. Much more to write but in interest of time.

    • You have written what I have been writing on SG’s Youtube posts for over 2 years. However, neither he nor his team have made a single editorial where they have counted on Modi’s positive reforms, all in one go. Positives about modi come in bits and pieces. Mostly its just criticism.
      However, I have to hand it to SG that his has been the only channel to cover in some detail the banking reform i.e. IBC. It was unimaginable before to create such a law to retrieve lost capital from fraudulent businesses. His has also been one of the few channels to cover the infrastructure development led across the country by Nitin Gadkari.

  104. You are rightly so a marginalised reporter. Deep within you know you and your ilks, have never once reported on positive work done. (Yes there are negatives but right on positives too)

    1. GST has been a huge success.
    2. RERA has been a success but more power needs to be given to regulator.
    3. IBC has brought justice to defaulters and money back to banks and people.
    4. Striking of thousands of companies and directors of companies who have not filed annual returns.
    5. Infrastructure being built. DFC, First Rover Way, Road Projects, cleared all stalled projects in Maharashtra like Navi Mumbai Airport, MTHL, Coastal Road.
    6. Development in remote areas like Laddakh, Assam, J&K making India more accessible.
    7. Not in your wildest effing dream could you have thought of Article 317 and making Kashmir part of India.
    8. PLI schemes for making mobile in India.
    9. Digital Payments and Data Usage India is number 1 today.
    10. Much more to write but in interest of time.

    Kya aukaat hain aapki to question him and that too with oppositions who are either cartoons or goons.

    What have you so far done for your country.

    • IBC has not brought justice to defaulters. It has only brought scope for directors of those companies, to borrow again, after a year or two. Recovery under IBC is far less than the total dues. Such miniuscal recovery does not help banks much. It is one among the few ways that BJP govt has facilitated the corporates and it’s men, who, in gratitude, bought electoral bonds. It is this black money that has enabled BJP buy MLAs. It’s a huge fraud.

  105. In India , general elections are based on people’s perception not based on GDP figures. Indira gave Garibi hatao perception to masses and sailed through despite fragile economy, having more than 100 percent of tax bracket.Rajiv Gandhi and INC has also sailed through based on perception built around him, though the he gave worst ever economic crisis to nation as India has to pledge gold reserve later. If current Indian economy is doing so bad based since last 7 years,how come it is not reflected in price rise of goods, food grains, inflation, budget deficit,forex reserve,foreign investment,fdi,wages, direct benifit transfers and other multi billon social sector funding ? People in power knows better how to win election much better than jurnos.

    • Wah!! he is also my PM.But why can’t I say it’s a moral duty to vote for him since I’m a Muslim.Glad I live in Kerala.Seems like u elect him again after I read the comments.Even ‘The Time’called him as India’s divider in Chief. RIP bro.Your statement itself is a nonsense how can a leader of some country that too the largest ‘democrazy’ can stand for a religion?

    • You Shouldn’t do that. If you like modi idealogy there’s is nothing wrong in voting him. Voting him just because you’re a hindu is bullshit and that’s how most people think and let the nation down sometimes. Almost 80 -90 percent of politicians are Hindus. If you are thinking like a hindu they why don’t you vote other hindu members. Hindu voting a hindu, muslim voting a muslim, christian voting a Christian ( Voting based on religion) are the worthless and dumbest persons who don’t even know whom and why to choose. Vote a person based on your belief and their ideology not based on religion.

  106. What are the alternatives? Rahul Gandhi?? Arvind Kejriwal?? Udhav Thackeray?? Mamata?? Being a cry baby and raising problems without giving solutions, does nm or help. Modi wins because of his integrity and corrupt opposition. Get this soon before you get more marginalised.

  107. There is a time lag between voters punishment and economy decline. Somehow even if the economy declined, the hope for better economic conditions is there still strong

  108. Muscular nationalism gets strength from economic reforms, so don’t get confused – reforms are here whether anti-India people block roads or publish articles in the 6th page of WaPo/NYT.

  109. Worst journalism, rubbing personal and paid agenda is what I can see here. We the people of India voted our prime minister with highest majority because he will do right things and he is doing it well. The writer of this looks like a hater of our prime minister from opposition party like Congress. Journalism at its worst. In this covid times and post, Modi proved he is the best. If it could have been a Congress government our country will be sitting beside begging country like Pakistan. Using freedom of speech for personal agendas using public platforms is what Congress and it’s followers did. We have seen worst times in Congress rule and don’t want to see it again. Jai Hind………..

  110. Considering the author’s past record there is every reason not to believe this analysis. Still remember his masterly performance on national television during the results of the Bihar election. The trends and results wrongly showed Nitish losing the election for which this esteemed author began to list out the reasons whilst making the analysis. Soon the true results were made apparent to him and the channel on which he was pontificating. He now had to reverse all his theories and come up with reasons for Nitish’s victory. So much for political analysis and opinion writing. The truth is all these jaded opinion writers and ‘ marginalised editors’ just don’t get what’s happening on the ground. Else they too would be winning elections or at least be making accurate predictions. This article needs to be taken with the proverbial pinch of salt.

  111. I can sense praise in criticism. If it is 11/10 for voters, then aren’t you a voter? Economic boom happens at certain time due to technological advancements like in the case of IT boom and that forces the govt policies to be favorable to get benefited, irrespective of which govt is in power. Afterall govt is of the people. Govt policies, how much ever good or bad they are, can’t be entirely responsible for growth as other elements are also majorly involved in it like technological advancements, resources, etc. People working on the ground matter much more than the govt policies. People should have nationalistic approach as the nation has to grow, and global approach if the world has to grow.

  112. What about India’s gdp rank in 2014 is 12 th and in 2019 it’s 5 th?what about india having world’s 4th largest forex reserve?what about BSE bull crash?what about the mesmerizing pandemic performance by india inspite of such a large population?what about world bank and un prediction that india will destroy due to pandemic now they are predicting that india will be the fastest growing economy?what about pushing china back to it’s position not like neheru who donated so called unused land to china to maintain hindi chini vai vai?what about global egensies prediction that india will surpass Japan in 2025?what about global giants manufacturing plant shifting from china to india?….and many more if i tell this you will consider me as a andh bhakt.You will never praise these things because this will not fit to your liberal agendas.So kindly shut your mouth and keep quiet and yes not try to use your conservative ideology.

  113. After reading article I was analysing something but once I read comments it seems he will win again and again because people became blind.

  114. it is very simple to analyse . despite economy going down and down, BJP is keeping moral high it is because Minister have no power to mince even a single word. All ministers are riding on the back of Modi. This man has huge connect with the people. There is no concern to increase the per capita income to an extent it can be rather it is the skill of Prime Minister that he has the power to please who carry bowl without trace of alm. what yogi is doing is that he is venturing into small artisan activities where income is up to Rs. 5000 per month. UP which contributes 20 percent of the population and large swathe of land cannot boast of contributing of contributing 20 percent in GDP. BJP is banking on low income group to keep giving small small benefits which are repeated overtime and consuming revenue not to be used for social development of other income groups. factually Indias economic structure is very very weak and even in another 50 years it cannot match China as on today situations.

  115. What about India’s gdp rank from 12 to 5 between 2014-2019?What about india having world’s fourth largest forex reserve?what about global forums prediction about india will surpas japan by 2025?what about india perform mind-blowingly out of expectancy of world bank and un,who predicted india will be destroyed now they are forecasting that india will be the fastest growing economy?what about global brand’s manufacturing units in india?what about pushing china back to it’s position not like neheru who donate the so called unused land to china to maintain hindi chini vai vai?…….and many more things if i going to count you will say me andh bhakt.

  116. What about India’s gdp rank from 12 to 5?What about world’s fourth largest forex reserve?what about global forums prediction about india will surpas japan by 2025?what about india perform mind-blowingly out of expectancy of world bank and un,who predicted india will be destroyed now they are forecasting that india will be the fastest growing economy?…….and many more things if i going to count you will say me andh bhakt.

  117. If Modi is so clever, why the flurry of buying up politicians all over India, wherever he can ? It doesn’t work in Kerala but is guaranteed to produce results in almost any other state. Hindutva is no character-building exercise, quite the contrary in fact. Why massive misinformation campaigns, targeting of opposition politicians (who could not be bought), why speak of Jesus in Kerala and Jallikattu in TN, Sabarimala, temple hopping (including in Bangla desh) and religious blather of Modi, the cover up by long white beard which everyone knows is a pose to fool people ? People have rightly adopted a cynical attitude to politicians in general, and Modi in particular. Ruin democratic institutions , corrupt judiciary, abuse all arms of Governance to settle scores , no honour, no integrity – this is Modi way to win elections.

  118. Sekhar gupta,
    See the price of land in kerala before and afterDM. Now a common man is able afford purchase of land to build a house. Containers of notes were sunk. And only minority was prospering in kerala before. Every year real-estate prices were ballooning at @ 25% in Indian metros before Modi and see now. Your favourite parties had not only looted the country to the tune tens of lakhs of crore, they had restructured NPAs to show false economic activity, killing our PSBs. How can you be blind to the minority appeasement politics followed. They procreate like without count without bothering for how will they live: at the cost of majority? So long as teaching to kill all others or convert is the attitude forethought ful Hindus will not allow these foreign funded antinationalism to prosper. After where will Hindus go if they become majority. No place. Why Islamic countries are not sympathetic to their own refugees. So agenda is clear.

  119. People of India became scape goat to Modi words. Its very sad to see no forceful opposition to Modi government. Democracy is killed by strong leader in ruling party and weak opposition. Modi mantra to kill congress is.
    nothing but killing survival of opposition force who will show his mistakes. RSS is moving away from BJP and calling their men from BJP to RSS. Modi captured all independent institutions like courts, sebi, rbi, ED etc and made few media as his slaves.

  120. Sekhar gupta,
    See the price of land in kerala before and afterDM. Now a common man is able afford purchase of land to build a house. Containers of notes were sunk. And only minority was prospering in kerala before. Every year real-estate prices were ballooning at @ 25% in Indian metros before Modi and see now. Your favourite parties had not only looted the country to the tune tens of lakhs of crore, they had restructured NPAs to show false economic activity, killing our PSBs. How can you be blind to the minority appeasement politics followed. They procreate like pigs without bothering for how will they live: at the cost of majority? So long as teaching to kill all others or convert is the attitude forethought ful Hindus will not allow these foreign funded antinationalism to prosper. After where will Hindus go if they become majority. No place. Why Islamic countries are not sympathetic to their own refugees. So agenda is clear.

  121. The big advantage for PM Modi and the BJP is the total lack of any credible alternative and the rather lacklustre profile, aptitude and capabilities of the sole alternative Mr Rahul Gandhi, which the only other viable National party, INC ,can think of.

  122. This article has been authored by Pidi media. Pidi is the name of pet dog of Raul Vinci. Days of Antonia Miano, Raul Vinci, Pinki and gang are over. We are already a victim of an economist PM, fuctioning under tutelage of an Italy born lady. Since the lady is not conversant with ground realities of our country, she was highly dependant on advises of parasitic presstitutes and in return this gang was getting rewards like Rajyasabha seats, Padma awards, bengalows in posh areas. Our present PM is son of the soil, he gives no values to this gang members , so they are barking in sheer nightmairish nostalgia. Old habits die hard. I have already stopped subscribing to The Business Standards since it contains articles authored by Shekhar Gupta who has now become nostalgically confused. You cannot derive any coherant facts from his article. I have also stopped subscribing to Dainic Bhaskar since it gives space to hindi verson of article authored by Shekhar Gupta. It appears that he aspires to join Modiji camp but he has not been able to impress him. Keep on trying guy.

  123. for voters to vote differently, they must have credible alternatives. rahul gandhi, kejriwal, mamta, pawar? seriously?

  124. Editorialists like Shekhar Gupta need to understand that the days when urban naxals and jihadists like himself could hoodwink the Indian people are now a distant memory ( and Thank heavens for that). Yes, Indians care much more for self respect and national security than lopsided economic growth that made scamsters rich

  125. This is spot on! But, strangely enough, a few days ago your 50 words editorial about Mamta mentioning her Gotra had exactly the opposite view. The point u made there is that what matters is economy and development, and she should stick to that! And I do agree with the point that it is NOT the economy stupid! What at play is hard Hindwata nationalism and “bellow the radar” (Shivam VJ) messaging.

    • In WB Mamata’s mention of her gotra is regarded as a Modi victory. Before everything was for minorities: even budget for madrasa education was much larger than for govt schools. Now she is reduced to hindu ‘card’.

  126. Good take. Though you missed one important reason of many fairly economic centric men voting for him. His new reform are mostly from the bucket which is believed to make this bad (give jerks), *{ first go but slowly make things better than before. GST, Farm reform, both lies in same bracket. Demonitisation was a bad take though it was necessary too as understood by many.

  127. There will be a new hot issue to keep the nationalist spirit on the boil so that the votebank remains intact.Now forget about other nations take our own states.Economy is no issue,corruption is absolutely no issue,party switching for personal gains is not at all something matters for voters who elected them.Look at our states Bihar.Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka,Tamilnadu,Madhya Pradesh.Tainted representatives are elected with huge majority and enjoy the forbidden fruits of power with immunity.Who cares about economy?

  128. People who do not see the “facts on the ground” read their own “narrative on the wall” “in national interest” write such articles.
    Facts on ground –
    – People who see economy do not matter in voting
    – People see that they have got bank, electricity, water, road, gas, subsidy for houses, DBT in the bank accounts. These people vote and elect the leaders. To deliver what matters to people is knowing pulse of the people. This makes people vote for you. Mind you all this is delivered without discrimination but SG will not see this “writing on the wall”
    – Nationalistic postures – We have pride in India and we see what government does not and maintain our pride. Weight of visa, government response i.e. Vande Bharat, vaccination drive makes us proud of our citizenship.
    – Military response unites Indians not makes us vote for Party A or Party B. Hence, author is wrong to assume military responses elects a party

    Your inability to see genuine issues of non-Muslims makes unreliable for the citizens and applying false equivalence makes a bigot.
    I can go and on with objective and logical arguments why your ilk should be marginalized for lack of talent and objectivity and thereafter endangered animal and ultimately extinct.
    Eventually, you serve no purpose other than writing “narratives on the wall” in “your own interest”.

  129. Congress is a fallen past. Nationalism emerges in MODI’S way. Sickulars and antinationals have a bad time…

  130. So typical of Shekhar Gupta! He reserves his harshest criticism for Congress even while writing about the evils of the current government. He acts like a Modi-Apologist even when criticizing him. Either, he is literally blinded by his infinite hatred for the Congress (understandable), or, he is just a glaring example of “intellectual slavery” of what used to be one of the saner voices until even a decade ago..! #Pity

  131. Hi Guptaji , since you know everything why don’t you join as a strategist for opposition for 2024. Elections

  132. The rule since independence has destroyed us as a society to such an extent that we have reconciled to the reality that everyone in power has be corrupt.
    The media, the intelegencia and even common thinkers have not been able to accept the fact that Modi with all his positives and negatives scores so much higher on the personal integrity that it is becoming more and more difficult to defeat him.
    With every passing day the people are getting more and more convinced that he is not robbing us. nor facilitating or overlooking the robbery of public funds.
    His actions not withstanding his personal integrity is above questioning.
    Surprised why the resistance to acceptance of the fact

    • WTF! Dude Rafal he is not even talking PM cares funds zipped his mouth no RTI can be filled if filled then answered by PMO only political bond they removed the provision of knowing who donated to which party no accountability of it farm laws are clear in favour of the big corporate petrol, diesel prices all time high even when the crude oil prices were on lowest dude where that money go (don’t say government needs money for projects and all projects were announced before that and they collect from other sources as well) where are the jobs why ssc not hiring on time why the profitable assets are being monetized even there is a good collection of taxes what happens in delhi I you can’t win then conquer no respect for the public voted if government means LG then why there was even polling so many farmers died but not even an empathy common man I know TV media shows him in a bright light it’s not your fault but please see other side of the stories as well

  133. All other countries are two party systems. India is multi party. Hence Modi wins even with 30% vote. The highest Congress ever got was 42% in 1984 after the death if Indira Gandhi. 305 seats does not mean 60% vote. It still means 30% vote with a multi party opposition..

  134. Popular saying is we get the leader we deserve. We want natinalism against indivialism. We want to see visible infrastructure like temples and statues but not hospitals and schools or colleges and even high quality teachers. We only care for gdp numbers but not income inequality. We want freebies and more free stuff. We want reservations instead of equal oppurtunity for all. We get our current goverment because we voted and asked for this.

    • You do realise the more roads are being built and more tracks are being laid, right? You assertion of temples and statues is just plain hinduphobic.
      Health care is improving, infra is getting better, but just one temple being built (Ayodhya) colours your view so much!!! Get well soon…

    • By infrastructure, he didn’t only meant temple’s. He meant road, highways , railway, toilets, etc too. He meant that if you see things around you looking beautiful, you believe that everything is going fin even if it is not. A common man sees progress in terms of living standards. Not every one is going to vote for a temple! Do not try to colour the narrative in your perspective .

    • We have got a lot of development also under Modi. Good roads, electricity, cooking gas, railways, metros, corruption free subsidy delivery, medical insurance, etc. A lot of that is also going to poorer people. Just go and look at how UP is transforming radically. It’s not the 1990s anymore.

    • It might be worthwhile to check the allocation to health and education under multiple governments. Maybe things like Ayushman Bharat, universal vaccination, Jan Dhan, etc. do not merit a mention.

  135. Assuming that Shekhar is true to his words, who is the alternative to Modi?
    Rahul? Kejriwal? Abudllahs? Mamata? Devegowda? Thakare? Who else? Shekhar, you are silent on this.
    The reason, as I see, is that politics considers negativity of the other side for propaganda.
    It does not propagate the positive side and the qualities of the elected reps, especially the PM. Add your suggestions to this and see the change. Once this attitude of the media changes, probably things would look different.
    Negativity kills growth. Media and Opposition should be constructive in opposing. Let it highlight the drawbacks of the government.
    But everything that the government does is wrong is like dishonoring the mandate received by it. I think Kejriwal has picked up this point.

    • You seem to not understand how a democracy works. We need to constantly keep elected leaders in check and under scrutiny. They are not your relatives or loved ones, they are here to do a job, and that’s it. Otherwise, it turns into an elected autocracy – which India has, to some extent.

  136. No matter what Islamic Jihadists supporters among Indian Print media and missionaries sponsored Leftists spread fake news about Modi & BJP , Hindus will keep voting Modi & BJP , because people like Shekhar Guptha and his colleagues, who don’t mind selling and dividing India to Islamic Jihadists will make 1947 Partitioned back again .

    • You sound funny reddy. Your beloved mr. Modi ji is already looting and selling the country, while trying to divide n conquer. I’m just saying 🤷‍♀️

      • If he is looting and selling off beef-eaters that is good for nation, may nor be good for you or your master.

    • Worst journalism, rubbing personal and paid agenda is what I can see here. We the people of India voted our prime minister with highest majority because he will do right things and he is doing it well. The writer of this looks like a hater of our prime minister from opposition party like Congress. Journalism at its worst. In this covid times and post, Modi proved he is the best. If it could have been a Congress government our country will be sitting beside begging country like Pakistan. Using freedom of speech for personal agendas using public platforms is what Congress and it’s followers did. We have seen worst times in Congress rule and don’t want to see it again. Jai Hind………..

  137. Finally this Lyutens doyen admits that he is a “marginalised editorialist”. It will serve him and his ilk well to introspect why.

  138. Modi can be only defeated in sweet dreams. NDA in 2024 335 seats. Opposition just doesn’t have any positive agenda. See the mess in MVA in Maharashtra, their only aim was to check the rise of Modi and Amit Shah.

    • MVA govt is doing well. People have accepted. In the next assembly elections BJP will not cross 50 seats out of 255. You are not living in Maharashtra, refrain from making such statements.

      • MVA is just opportunistic alliance. In next election only BJP & NCP will remain force, Congress and Shiv Sena will be history, because only Pawar has brains, in spite of being most corrupt among three is company.

    • Today’s Indian Politics is bereft of Ideology and Ism. The so called Democracy and mockery of Poll is nothing but managing the event thru good marketing and selling pitch. The minimum choice to gullible voters is to identify the “Lesser Evil” and availability of a “Sound Alternative”.Unfortunateky, on both the counts Mr Modi is way ahead of its fragmented,fractured opposition that is making his job much easier and cooly thriving on TINA factor. Economy or Nationalism or Religious narratives, he is using it prudently like an ace Captain of IPL and ODI.We,the”Aam Janta”as usual at receiving end as a spectator of the “Great Indian Political Circus”. Long live Indian Democracy and faulty Polling system.

      • I’ll just suggest one thing to The Print
        Just look back and see all the posts have u ever praised abt the current government or the person linked to it. It has always been only hatred. A suggestion. People won’t believe u if u do this kind of one sided writing, even if u speak truth or lie. So be impartial and speak good if it is good and bad if it is bad. Believe u me, u have already lost the ground wht u cd had, have u done neutral reporting. Learn frm AajTak and all

        • Per my opinion, Print is always biased..They are not able to digest the winning of Mr. Modi…..The country has suffered for many years with the previous government taking no action on the burning issues which the current government is resolving now… Print please provide some constructive ideas how we can build a nation.. and how we can improve the economy. You say that the present government is dividing the nation ,which is an absurd statement. Don’t try to brainwash with your biased journalism…In the past seven years of the present government, can you post atleast few positive things you observed, if you were to report in your true journalism….Your hatred is much more dangerous than the neighbours…

      • As long as “votes filled EVMs” are available in ready hands for corrupt bureaucrates, it is difficult for voters to decide their choices in “Pseudo democratic” Indian elections.

        • Bjp has always won elections by maintainig their agenda,divide and rule, next is hindu muslim, otherwise they have done nothing in terms of growth nor have understood economy..

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